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At 4:09:16 in Nino's visage stream Beri said this

Beri strikes me as the femcel type thats had no luck with men. Also there have been multiple times where after being asked if she was single / has dated before, she went on an embarrassed rant about not dating. Some of those times were with a heart rate monitor on too, and her bpm jumped by like 20 - 30 when she saw the question in chat.

So it's interesting seeing her possibly having slipped up with this "if im single" message. She's usually so careful not to leak anything like this about her personal life.

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mental illness

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Sir this is the hololive board

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parasocial fuck

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Sex with stinky chubby Korean femcels!!!!!!!

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Any vtuber presenting herself as a "femcel" is obviously lying and it's on you for being dumb enough to believe it
Now go back to /lig/.

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literally who?

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Sir I'm white I have my own shit to worry about.

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no idea, don't care, but >>77898609 has cock raising design and looking up a clip seems like she's deep into MGS so you just made me a fan

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Femcels don't exist

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>Every sister on this board
>Most of twitter cancel cancer
Femfags that are bitter that can't get laid don't exist, trust me bro

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you're either mentally ill or worse a woman. In both cases consult a specialist.

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she must be ugly

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Yeah, I am a femcel (The people I want to be in a relationship with only want casual sex with me and nothing more)

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The word incel literally comes from a woman