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Yuko - dead
Riro Ron (forma de Sensawa clone) - dead
Petra the herald of the discord leak - irrelevant and struck with black company
Salome - who?
Laplus - for some reason /jp/nigs have a hateboner for her
Kobo - harassed by holodrones for daring to kneel down to the zhangs
The new Niji blue loli - forever stuck in 2view hell, apparently more drama is her answer to the "how do you plan to beat someone like Gawr Gura" interview question
Bijou the normie - very much enjoying Frieren and Fromsoft slop

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Can you become a yourself killer ?

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The ultimate Gura killer has arrived.

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>Bijou the normie
Chumbuds really think they aren't normalfags watching the world's most normalfaggot vtuber,

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It's funny because Gura's favorite things are Disney and MLP and she doesn't watch anime

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Gura is a mid 20s normie
Biboo is a zoomie normie

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the real Gura killer was Gura all along

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nepo hire, 4/4, twitch, homo

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You forgot Salami and Cocks Fagcoomer

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See? The Gura Killer Curse is real. I have proclaimed it so. Everyone that tried to dethrone her has been cursed and defeated. You are cursed across all time and space whenever you are called a 'Gura Killer'. This I proclaimed it so. This curse shall live!

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guess the list was too long for you to read

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>literally anyone debuts
>/vt/: "hehe gura killer"
>they flop or graduate
>/vt/: "hehe CURSE"

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Still got mogged by Brown Lamy

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Gura? Is that the irrelevant shitter with 1 view MV that got mogged hard by Kobo?

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What happened to that bpd loli who that schizo renpc run off to? Graduated?