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VShojo just can't stop winning.

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Beating the competition. VShojo wouldn't be able to do this if other corpos weren't so ungrateful with their talent.

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Welcome to vallure sayu

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Welcome holoen4 with mint sayu

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>The retard who was in Niji for all of one month and dramabaited for a year is gonna come out of all this better than fucking Mint and Doki


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wasn't she streaming with the ponkotsu wolf a lot for the past few weeks?

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I doubt she could do better than Doki. No one has pity-exploited that hard in a long time.

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>recently cleaned the air w/ roach
yup she's definitely /in/ phase

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Sayu is joining vshojo. But this is my opinion, I think Mint is waiting for the next holo en audition to come by if she fails she'll go to vshojo too. But if mint somehow by some miracle makes it into hololive then she won.

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While personally I'd get a good and positive laugh if this happened I kind of doubt it's them. VShojo tends to keep those things under the wraps until very near to debut, so Sayu probably wouldn't be hinting at it if she was going there.

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Geega dropped hints for two months before she was officially announced. I don't think Gunrun cares so long as you aren't specific.

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Pretty strong hints that it was vshojo but for some reason I just can't really see that being true. She just doesn't quite seem to be what they would want. I always expected Phase but that seems unlikely but who knows maybe Sakana cut her a hell of a deal? Honestly right now I'd maybe bank on Idol just because they're about her speed, would definitely cut her a great deal and would benefit tremendously from someone of her size coming in. Anyways I'm happy things are going well for her. She got shit on pretty hard for a long time so it's nice to see her getting herself together.

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Bet it's going to be Mythic, just to kill all rrats.

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I mean they let the colossal failure that was Rushia in.

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There is just one soon to be ex-Niji who will join Phase Connect for obvious reasons.

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That's probably the most likely one honestly

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They wanted to try playing around in Japan and Mike was a big name free agent to pick up

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Mythic wouldn't really offer her what she wants though. She's pretty open about wanting active management. Mythic just offers you sponsors and takes a cut if you take one. Everything else is on you. She wants someone to help with merch and management.

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I'm curious about the JP companies that wanted to expand into EN. They have been really silent and was expecting their first gens half way through this year.

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but none of them are doing better than doki?

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I would laugh. But this is most likely to happen than her joining vshojo or phase. Just because she squashed beef with roach woman doesn't mean it entails her a job at vshojo. By that same logic mint would've been on hololive because she's one of Kiaras rl best friends. I think she might end up signing with mythic.

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>Beating the competition
where? can you show me the stats? the REAL one where vshojo beating other company? like their total views, subs, revenue etc?

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Phase recently announced new Invaders which is basically what they call it when they poach some random vtubers piecemeal rather than doing a "proper" new gen altogether so I'd say that's probably it. Plus she's been collabing with Airi.

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>spoon feed me

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Sayu getting into a corpo means she has more to fall back on instead of constantly thinking of ways to stay relevant. She also has more saviorfags than Doki and their CCV aren't drastically different. Her design and name are more marketable and Vtubery too.

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it's impressive how literally everything you said was wrong

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>donos don't matter
>merch doesn't matter
>events don't matter
>Finana doesn't matter
>VOD views don't matter
>the status of being some Oriental's slave matters
This mindset explains quite a bit.

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Doki is the onlyone that won in the end... everyone else need to join corpos and give a cut of their money. While doki has enough support to last her years until she decides to retire if she ever tires out from vtubing without the need of joining another corpo ever again.

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what the fuck are you talking about?

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Because there's none. /#/ would be chimping out if it were true.

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Look up how Doki's doing lately outside of massive events, she's not exactly a superchat giant

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Doki is now a Canadian multi millionaire since leaving shittysanji sister

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and sayu is? are you people fucking braindead?

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It's probably a new corpo poaching her considering how much leverage she sounds like she has

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The corpos that are accepting people with established IPs right know are basically Vshojo, Phase and Idol. Even though she finally patched things with Matara, I don't really see her joining the former. Considering that she's not enough pedobait for Idol's standards and that she already has contacts with Phase talents, the safest bet is that she's going to be part of the next batch of Invaders.

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fitting that the used goods wannabe prostitute would be joining boyfriend connect

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Zero chance. There is no way she'd be allowed to share this if she was joining VShojo, plus they have already turned her down. There is a small chance it's Phase but most likely it's some tiny corpo or some fake "company" that's just a friend group.

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Yeah she doesn't really strike me as "in the clique" enough to get Vshojo. Which are also a lot more hands off than she wants. I would think Phase just because she has friends there and collabs with them regularly but Idol has been letting people just wholesale keep their IPs and join lately and are the smallest so most likely to actually offer her the best deal so that's my expectation.

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If Sayu joins shojo they would cement themselves as the worst corporation of all time, literally rewarding a dramabaiter that caused her former co-workers endless misery.
Also means Nina is basically a colossal piece of shit.

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>no proof
ok got it, just your delusion?

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I feel like it's the other way around. Sayu needs a corpo logo next to her name, otherwise she's a complete shitter. Meanwhile Doki and Mint don't need it because they are already mogging all the indies and every corpo with the exception of top tier holos.

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It's Phase Connect. She shit all over joining "Phase" at first, referring to the esports team, then did a TON of backpedaling when people thought she meant phase connect

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I just dont trust vshojo to give her a good model

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Kek sisters are going to hate it. They already disliked Mouse because 'Le poacher' shit.

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>they have already turned her down
in like 2021

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well they couldnt get doki, niji stop graduating EN, so where do you think vshojo can get more member? holoEN? lol keep dreaming

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Mint could join Vshojo tomorrow if she wanted. So could Doki. They don't need to. Sayu strictly speaking doesn't need to but it would benefit her.

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I mean that's just as likely because she has friends in the company and doesn't want to endanger the relationship she has with them. If Sakana wasn't Sakana I'd be 100% sure it was Phase but he is so I don't think its a sure thing.

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Ironmouse is the biggest vtuber on Twitch. Zentreya and Henya are the third and fourth-biggest vtubers on Twitch (Vedal is second). Shylily is fifth, then Michi (Mika Melatika forma de VSJ), then Matara. If they're live, the top slots for Twitch vtubers are dominated by Vshojo.
Source: twitchtracker.com

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vsjfag here I know matara(the one preventing her from entering) and sayu recently patched up but I dont think its vshojo. Im willing to bet its phase either way I wish her success

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Mythic doesn't do anything but get you sponsorships. They don't help with anything else. People like filian and shylily have to hire all their own staff and pay out of pocket

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damn besides henya twitchfags have some shitty taste, glad I stopped using that website back in 2017

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i mean if mysta and nina are "smart" enough they wont join vshojo and be indie instead, doki and mint just showed everyone they already big to begin with and dont need to join vshojo.

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cool of nijisanji to start an adoption program, maybe this marks the beginning of their turnaround

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Reminder that you need to divide their numbers by 10 to get real CCV

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>where do you think vshojo can get more member?
Their bottomless pool of indie orbiters?

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So it's clear everything changed as result of Sayu going to Off Kai. Great for her. Do Sayu fans notice a difference in her behavior recently?

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That would ruin their exclusive club of washed up liver failures

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Indies like Kson, Haruka, and Geega joined with their own model . It's only vtubers who jump direct ly from their ex-corpo to VShojo without going indie first who debut with a new model.

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All the ironmouse nepohire that mouse herself leaked before they join and you think gunrun is going to give a fuck about this you're delusional.

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Marginally less suicidal

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oh really? and now how that make them beating other competition like hololive?

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any more rants about whoring herself out yet or is that for next week

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not sure I want this… can we have mint instead?

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Yeah, I feel like Mouse would go ballistic over this. She's by far the most cliquey even though she tries to hide it.

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Mint complained more than once about the absence of a proper manager, so I could see her eventually joining vshojo down the road, considering how adjacent to them she is already.
Doki has just assembled a management team of like 10 people, she's 100% staying indie for the foreseeable future.

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You'll have a better shot watching NijiEN in a few days

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even if she gets into vshojo there is zero sign she would do better than doki

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>Their bottomless pool of indie orbiters?
if they do that, they already have a tons of member at this point. It just so happen that nijisanji is fuckng retarded they actually bleeding member and picked for free by vshojo, because they are treated like SHIT when they look at vshojo it look like heaven, thankfully doki are smart enough.

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She might, I'm still half expecting to see Mint in en4

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No, I don't think I will.

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Nta but You're thinking with number chimp mentality. Being more popular doesn't mean better content plus vshojo have a different type fanbase. So not everyone is for cdgct. All you watch is hololive so explaining this to you is like talking to someone who does not speak English you will never understand. Everyone has different likes and dislikes my man.

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yeah, maybe in your dreams.

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As a Vshojofag, I'd gladly welcome Sayu joining if it meant purging out the handful of Nijisisters who have been trying to latch onto Vshojo through Matara/Kuro like Jasmine or this seething sister>>77889892. That said, like others have mentioned it's way too soon since she literally only just cleared things and made up with Matara. Unless vshojo was playing 4D chess and were already thinking of hiring Sayu and then convinced Matara to try and talk things out with Sayu,(Sayu did mention Matara was the one initiated the meeting by contacting her first via e-mail) then I can't really see vshojo as the corp she's joining. It most likely is gonna phase

>> No.77890566

Oh no it's matara nepohire again, great company vshojokek

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I never said they were bigger than Hololive. They're not, they're smaller. But they are the second-biggest EN branch after HoloEN.

>> No.77890650

As someone that's regrettably been following Vshojo since its launch, there is 0 chance it's Vshojo.

>> No.77890653

Can Sayu, Pippa, and Lumi exist in the same company?

>> No.77890675

Lol phase invaders. They need more self destructive women.

>> No.77890685

nah she's going to phase, which to be fair is even worse than vshitshow

>> No.77890704

They have a lot in common, all 3 of them fake being mentally ill

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I could have believed it a couple of monts ago, but now I don't really think so. She's working overtime to reestablish her brand and making connections in such a way that I just don't see her throwing it all away in the short term, not even to join holoEN.

>> No.77890777

Mint is not going to EN4 how many times does this need to be explained to you as to why it will not happen? Well let me refresh your memory after the luna signing Riku and Yagoo made a peace offering that they will not attempt to poach an active talent or hire a former talent from each respective brand. All of this is in the form of paper work if yagoo break this riku can take him to court over "breaching their deal". And because of ho retarded the courts are in Japan chances are yagoo will lose in court due to corporate bias autism.

>> No.77890858

Mint isn't going to EN4 because she isn't good enough, that's the reason. Not whatever weird cope you're trying to come up with.

>> No.77890903

None of that is real

>> No.77890982

Mint was the pillar holding niji together with selen sister. You lost both of them and look where niji is right now. Why don't you do us all a favor why don't you hop in the shower and scrub the scabbies flakes of your vag already vagisil isn't a cure for vaginitis.

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>Riku and Yagoo made a peace offering that they will not attempt to poach an active talent or hire a former talent from each respective brand.

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Niji was a dogshit trashbin with dogshit trash talents, including pomu. Cover didn't want /b/omu 3 years ago and they don't want her ass now. Suck a shotgun.

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All this tells me is that sayu is nothing without corporate branding and is incapable of making it as an indie

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>Nijisister seethe
What vox not doing anymore cum guzzling asmr does to a woman

>> No.77891200

Tactics to join vshojo, cry and beg Matara until you make it, doesn't require any additional talents.

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>the niji refugees cries out in confusion because holofans dont want his ex niji whore

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This. Not saying vshojo was good before, but allowing nijitrash into it made it significantly worse.

>> No.77891289

Matara doesn't have any hiring power. You making it look like she's being groomed to take over ironmouse corp duties since mouse has about 10 years of life left.

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>falseflagging as a holochad
Classic nijinigger tactic
#cut4hex right sis?

>> No.77891336

isn't that 90% of all vtubers?

>> No.77891350

>Nijisister false flagging as holofans because nothing else they come up with has worked.
You aren't slick sister everyone can see right through your shameless soul.

>> No.77891404

I agree in terms of superchats, but bear in mind that she regularly gets like 20-50 gifted memberships per stream and the merch that she gets all the profit from. She made a point not long after her first merch run that she had no idea how insane the amount of money you could make from merch was.

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Don't use Ina to false flag Nijinigger

>> No.77891481

I really can't see it being Idol or Vshojo, Phase maybe. I think some of the other anons saying that she's joining a mini-corp (maybe even a new one) is a more likely scenario.

>> No.77891483

Personally I think it's Vchiban. Maybe VDere but that's like a 2% outside chance. Those are the only two groups (besides VSJ) that meet her requirements of both being a close-knit group and not taking half of your income.

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no english ex niji will ever be in hololive, no matter how much you shit or piss yourself about it. you will always be inferior, and you disgust me just as much as you did 2 years ago when you fags shitposted in your little /nijiEN/ echo chamber where you could attack holo talents without pushback.

>> No.77891509

She gets more than 2% of merch, she has sponsors to help pay bills, and she gets a larger cut of memberships. She's continually ran contests, added extra prizes, and added extra winner slots with paid prizes. There's a lot more to the hustle than superchats and surprise surprise. When you don't have a black company raping your face you do better.

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I hope it's this just to drive the final nail into the coffin of sisters; it'd be incredibly funny. Virtual no chance of it being the case though.

>> No.77891550

Keep coping nijitroon, it's gonna be hillarious when Doki and Mint join Hololive while you shit your pants constantly in rage. BTW funny how all your filenames are recent despite images themselves being ancient kek

>> No.77891562

Sayu and Matara mended bridges at Offkai. the war is over.

>> No.77891572

Sayu got an offer from Faze clan?

>> No.77891596

Ironmouse also doesn't have any hiring power otherwise she'd stack the corpo with her retarded friends like AiCandii. The person who hires everyone is gunrun, the owner, the most Ironmouse can do is veto people.

>> No.77891603

Yes, yes, let the seethe flow through you

>> No.77891613

comedy option, she's in glitch stars


>> No.77891662

I've seen multiple Sayu fans claim she's seems more energetic and positive so that's a "yes" I think.

>> No.77891693

It's funny how you niji refugees don't realise hololive is like a thriving first world country, and you subhumans are syrians moving in and trying to ruin it.

>> No.77891713

Nah, Matara and Michi have been great additions. Kuro's the only one who doesn't add much, but he mostly keeps to himself and doesn't hurt the big collabs, so I can't say I'm too bothered.
Now if some actual trash like Quinn gets in, then you'd have a point. Thankfully that doesn't seem like it's happening any time soon.

>> No.77891788

Nice projection nijinignog, keep seething for my entertainment KEKKAROO
Have you done your daily #cut4hex yet?

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>> No.77891803

Michi's great when she's not thirsting over the twink vampire
I've been getting PTSD flashbacks to my social media feeds when BG3 first released

>> No.77891819

Completely mind broken nijinigger is so scorned by his own kind he sees them everywhere. I love it.

>> No.77891828

Noone relevant, she's been in elira's clique for over 2 years and rosefags are coping about her.

>> No.77891871

No Vivi is joining that one just trust me

>> No.77891875

They had a regular group series, randomized Fire Emblem (Hag Emblem) with Sayu, Airi, Clio Rennie. Oyther than that, Sayu is friends with several Phasers.

>> No.77891878

Completely mind broken nijinigger is so scorned by his own kind she sees them everywhere. I love it.

>> No.77891886

bros sayu is so cute i want her in phase so she can hag all day long with wonton and airi

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Merch is without a doubt where the actual money is made, just look at Cover latest report. Hell, here's a reason why Niji takes the biggest cut on it compared to supas and memberships.
It also explains why several of the new management figures Doki hired are dedicated to running the merch side of the business.

>> No.77891909

Is there any indication that Jasmine actually watches streams? Her twitter just seems like someone who enjoys having some identity and an enemy to attack; I rarely see her commenting on interesting/funny things that have happened in a stream.

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keep it coming please

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keep it coming please

>> No.77891975

Mint maybe, Doki is never going to join. She probably literally can't because Holo isn't going to touch someone hard-terminated by another JP corpo, plus she doesn't work well in the corporate atmosphere anyway. Not everyone has to join Hololive.

>> No.77892056

maybe in a billion years when she's free

>> No.77892065

Biggest sayu fan here. There's no fucking way she is joining vshoujo.

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no problemo, nijicuck

>> No.77892129

I don't think she wants to, either. I agree with others who've said it seems she's pivoting more towards being like an EN Shibuya HAL.

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no problemo, nijicuck

>> No.77892204

Nijitroon seethe.

>> No.77892214

Reminder that Fuwamoco failed EN auditions several times.

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>no homos allowed image
>he's a niji simp
my sides are in orbit.

>> No.77892227

Where do you numberniggers source this from seriously, both sites have bots in fact it's worse on Youtube ever since they got rid of embedding on Twitch.
I feel like one of you browns came up with it once and have stuck with it since without citation. Muh platform numbers faggotry will never not look like a room temp iq troglodyte position.

>> No.77892235


>> No.77892256

>nijinegros seething and falseflagging as holofans

>> No.77892277

This bitch holds 1500 ccv and was thinking she would half to resort to porn or prostitution. How expensive is her lifestyle that it was not enough for her?

>> No.77892294

>nijiniggers trying to act like they didn't spend years shit talking hololive until they oshi got shitcanned

>> No.77892317

Post tits sister

>> No.77892320
File: 197 KB, 318x343, 1703175264059495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nijicuck has cuck images saved on her device
Heh, good job outing yourself cuck

>> No.77892324

the seethe over Twitch comes from SEAs who can't use it

>> No.77892338

You can tell this is the same falseflagger that appears in quite a few threads about Sayu, Doki, and Mint because they cycle through the same Holo girls as pics. Pretty sure it's not even a sister, just a dramafag that doesn't even watch vtubers.

>> No.77892345
File: 199 KB, 326x275, lovecock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how many silly claims like this have you sisters made that have turned out to be wrong?
if anything, keep saying this so it happens because the fabric of the universe opposes you these days

>> No.77892352

Dokicorp sounds like a meme to me but yeah, I don't see why she would give up total freedom to do whatever she wants, once again submit to a ton of rules, perms autism and JP management culture, just to join Holo. What does Holo offer her? She's a gamer, not an idol.

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Nice try nijiesl, but you ain't fooling anyone

>> No.77892376

been here before you
will be here after you
you are beneath me and always will be

>> No.77892403

Doki speaks Cantonese which is a skill Cover probably values greatly now that they've re-entered the Chinese market.

>> No.77892407

Sure thing dramafag. Show memberships.

>> No.77892409

>replying to multiple posts
Oh you're seething alright. Are you on your period nijisissy?

>> No.77892415

Shit man, that makes too much sense.

>> No.77892454

Mainlanders hate Hong Kongers and vice versa.

>> No.77892493

This board has an issue with too much activity for bottom of the barrel shitters. What even is her CCV average? Sub-1.5k? I don't care what she does.

>> No.77892575

You are from the Philippines trust me nobody is beneath you it can't be lower than your kind. Even Africans are above you.

>> No.77892672

>shes joining vshojo
>nah shes joining phase
>idol idol
>definitely vallure
I like how everyone is fighting for mint to join their tribe and everyone is now denying sayu is joining theirs like she has AIDS lol

>> No.77892726

She's been cozy with Phase awhile and they're recruiting invaders right now which lines up with her saying it'll take some time. It's clear she's joining Phase because friendships are more important to her than money and like I said Phase talent have been some of the only ones to support her in the past.

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>because friendships are more important to her than money

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I wish that Sayu joined my favorite small corpo so that she would be a natural deterrent to nijisisters trying to watch my girls. She is probably getting in phase though.

>> No.77893108

Anyone assuming she's not joining Phase is just hard coping or a tourist, Shiina and Airi have been staunch friends and supporters even in her darkest times, they just announced their next invader wave, which the phasefags already new was a thing, and let's not for https://files.catbox.moe/32sg7z.mp4 from a couple of months ago

>> No.77893168

>Well let me refresh your memory after the luna signing Riku and Yagoo made a peace offering that they will not attempt to poach an active talent or hire a former talent from each respective brand.
This schizoid bullshit only exists in your head.

>> No.77893179

This unironically, she fills a roll nobody else in Phase does, and fish is just as desperate for 4views as she is for friends.

>> No.77893225

This is the first time I actually hear her voice. Jesus Christ it's so grating on the ears, how the fuck can anyone stand that?

>> No.77893261

Is the role someone who fucking streams more than 1,5 hour per 3 days cuz im all in

>> No.77893274

What's the harm in sayu joining phase? Are you OK or against it what's the point you're trying to make here? Other than muh rrats. Phase and vshojo are still the two only option for her. She can do what she wants.

>> No.77893277

I feel like Sayu is already part of the Phase California clique and she's not even in the company (yet).

>> No.77893302

>both sites have bots in fact it's worse on Youtube
LMAO ennacuck still trying to push this narrative.

>> No.77893362

Yes, she's a lot happier ever since OffKai.

>> No.77893372

Unironically yes, she marathons demon hours so there will be someone to fill deadhours other then JPs and Jelly

>> No.77893393

Maybe she might want to reconsider after the whole chinkgate 2.0 going o right now, bugs already spamming fubuki and suisei like old times

>> No.77893403

>>77893225 (me)
Sorry, I just noticed I was playing a clip of Enna by mistake, my bad.

>> No.77893406

Kind of funny that she would join the place that was harassing her the most next to nijisisters

>> No.77893421

You're on denial. Newfag do your reps. Hololive doesn't want mint regardless if they wanted her they would've hired her as an extension of advent with a bounty hunter gimmick or something to take the girls back to jail. Quite frankly I want Kiara to also graduate and go to vshojo that way all the kfpiss that want mint in holo due to association to Kiara can fuck right off with her.

>> No.77893462

>exception of top tier holos.
The only holos mint and doki are somewhat competitive with are kiara/shiori

>> No.77893472
File: 6 KB, 485x84, 1687628122125843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pathetic try sayucuckis

>> No.77893496

And the sister reveals itself

>> No.77893504

>>77893225 (me)
Also I'm trans btw.

>> No.77893510

I don't feel the need to convince you, seething sister. You will eat shit in a couple of months, after summer podcast ends.

>> No.77893522

I'm phasefags and I am very for it, Sayu is a great streamer.

>> No.77893555

Why are nijisharts incapable of not outing themselves?

>> No.77893561

Chinks are impotent rage manlets. Plus mint well she had her fair share of doxxing already what can be worse than her tits and pussy being shared all over the web?

>> No.77893579

Did that come to you in a dream?

>> No.77893620

Yeah indeed you are sayucuck. Let's not roget that you need to put your prnouns to join sayu's discord. And sayu is a commiefornian herself lole

>> No.77893630

No it came to me from being on this board and the internet longer than you have been alive

>> No.77893671

>No I know because I'm a threadreader
Holy shit the fucking state of summerfags on this board.

>> No.77893741

Not begging for ex Nijisanji talents does not make me a sister you retards need to stop using buzzwords like mindless npcs when you barely know the meaning of those words retards. Cry more accuse me of being a sister like you did that other anon. I don't give a shit losers.

>> No.77893845
File: 724 KB, 1600x800, 1709301167196218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>niji stop graduating EN

>> No.77893872
File: 90 KB, 243x194, 1691996317167808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not begging for ex Nijisanji talents does not make me a sister
Sure, but shitting on Kiara does. Now keep posting your retardations for our entertinament.
>accuse me of being a sister like you did that other anon
Why are you talking about yourself in 3rd person?
>I don't give a shit losers.
If you didn't then you wouldn't have replied KEK

>> No.77893914

just merge this board with /sp/ holy shit
reminds me of the niggerball drafts normalfags around me like talking about
>X should join Y!
>Oh no no no Bumfuckstate Coonbros! Z is joining another team!
fuck off

>> No.77894019

Her current address, social security number, passport information, any kind of personal info of her family members. Plenty of shit that is worse, but the few chinks I saw that watched Pomu were completely separated from the fujochinks that watch nijien males funnily enough.

>> No.77894061

just wait until a new holoEN gen is announced lol

>> No.77894071

As an ex-Niji watcher who moved on to Vshojo, it's just a better NijiEN in every way. Honestly this all worked out nicely in the end, just need Enna and Millie to make the hop over and we've got all the good ones. I trust Mouse not to let in Sayu.

>> No.77894085

I really don't believe that, not after she's reestablished her Mint persona to this extent. Can you imagine retiring Mint for a second time and coming up with a third character all the in the space of a year? I really don't see that going well.

>> No.77894093

You mean when the shitters post the whole dox in a day and there is no discussion to be had about it anymore

>> No.77894105
File: 149 KB, 306x399, 1602104043911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77894138

If she joins the phase, she may disappear from the catalog forever due to being irrelevant and no one caring anymore. Also, the corporation restrains her from making any drama tweet on the internet like before.

>> No.77894187

Yeah it would really suck to have to put her fans through two graduations in a single year. I wouldn't say it's impossible but I do hope it doesn't happen.

>> No.77894209
File: 668 KB, 1358x878, woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't give a shit losers.
Only a seething woman would type this garbage.

>> No.77894211

agreed on all your points.

>> No.77894256

>restraining members from making drama tweets

>> No.77894296

Sisters are antsy before Q4 drop coming tomorrow kek.

>> No.77894383

Why the fuck would Doki, a person that hired an entire management team for herself, join a corpo now?

>> No.77894439

>just need Enna and Millie to make the hop over and we've got all the good ones. I trust Mouse not to let in Sayu.
You're being too obvious sister.

>> No.77894623

>Sayu joining hag garden
Please fishman I need it

>> No.77894637

Which corpos are you calling ungrateful exactly? The only poaches this remotely applies to are the ex-Nijis.
>But Kson
She left Hololive on good terms, in spite of the chinks' best efforts.
>But Nazuna
You know damn well Hololive was right to fire her before she could do anymore damage. Anyone who says otherwise is a simp
>But Henya
Does VOMS even count as a corp? Either way, she also left on good terms. Although, I do concede that she probably wouldn't have graduated from them *as* quickly if it wasn't for Twitter freaks and troons seething about the wizard game

>> No.77894725

Maybe, but Sayu would’ve like had to have her opinion shifted on Vshojo, which i guess is possible now that roach befriended her, I don’t trust her in a corpo without a wrangler though.
She certainly has friends there but it didn’t seem like the company was willing to take her, it’s possible that might’ve changed though
This one sounds weird, however I’m only considering it because Sayu was literally just on Katta’s show, Aviel doesn’t really care at all for red flags so if he sees money in her he’ll go for it, he also has a history of letting people keep their models with his recent invaders gen which Phase has only really done on one other occasion.

>> No.77894773

Stop speaking in buzzwords you illiterate monkey

>> No.77894839

Everyone shits on Kiara
And only a virgin seething incel would be ass blasted about it. Ouch no pussy for you? How are you now? 20? 30? Not even lingered a woman once I'm your life? Sorry to be you pal.

>> No.77894903

Typo fingered a woman once in your life.

>> No.77894926

VOMS couldn't do the things Pikamee wanted, like get her a 3D.
Other anon is basically correct, VShojo's existence means that you have to treat your vtubers well, or else they can just leave and join VShojo. That doesn't mean every talent that joined was mistreated by their company, but it does mean that no one can neglect or abuse their talents while not worrying because they have no other options.

>> No.77894966

>VShojo pays for therapy sessions
Unironically the best choice for Sayu. This isn't even a slam on her. She needs help to deal with her emotional baggage. Thankfully, making things up with Matara was the first step she needed to move on.

>> No.77895016

KEK keep going sis, it's so funny watching you try your best to falseflag and failing spectacularly.

>> No.77895051

You having trouble deciding on your pronouns nijitroon?

>> No.77895145
File: 402 KB, 1198x900, reimu_vox2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oof, seething femcel...

>> No.77895146

Don't give the troons credit where it's not due. The only thing they did was cause Pika to stream less in the leadup to the announcement, but it was in the works for months before HL was even released. She graduated at the end of the JP fiscal year.

>> No.77895261

But I'm not false flagging? Do you know what a false flag is? Or do you call everything that doesn't align with your schizo hivemind views a false flag? By your logic then Your mom is a false flag because she birthed an incel with nothing worth she could feel proud for and she cry herself at night to sleep because you pay no rent and you spend your miserable days gossiping about Nijisanji and shit flinging your /v/ corporate cucks wars on /vt/. You could've been a contributing member of society but you choose poorly. You aren't even allowed to tourist Japan you unemployed bum.

>> No.77895379

It turns out BilliBilli left Nijisanji high and dry after Voxs failure. Thoughts?

>> No.77895418

Ah yes, Phase Connect, the company notable for never having talents that tweet questionable shit.

>> No.77895426

>she keeps going
It's so easy to manipulate nijisisters KEKKAROO

>> No.77895477

uh oh sister melty

>> No.77895485

So does Phase.

>> No.77895493

The ex-Niji watcher part didn't tip you off anon?

>> No.77895523

>check thread to see where people think Sayu would go
>it’s all retards accusing each other of being sisters

>> No.77895667

You checked wrong thread. Anyway it's most likely phase based on her past streams and what she has been saying,
Her only issue with Phase in the past was financial aspect but she mentioned today she's getting a custom contract.

>> No.77895703

This is a lot of seething for someone who supposedly doesn't care.

>> No.77895859

Good to know!

>> No.77895903

Holo coming in to grab a slice of the Chinese pie tells me that they have a solid plan of approach and that the money is worth it
How kino would it be if Sayu swoops in and snubs Vox if whatever corpo she joins also enters the Chinese market? I know it doesn't make that much sense since chinkfujos aren't her target audience

>> No.77896057

I don't think it's mythic or any other agency because they don't really have a shared branding which is seemingly what Sayu wanted. She wants to be on a team.

I think the most likely candidates are Vshojo, Idol or Phase (I think phase lets you keep your IP?)

>> No.77896172

>Also means Nina is basically a colossal piece of shit.
always has been, do your reps.

>> No.77896175

Phase SOMETIMES lets you keep your IP, depending on the contract. One infamous case had an indie join Phase, then lose her IP on leaving

>> No.77896198

Yeah, Phase lets you keep IP since invaders.

>> No.77896213
File: 33 KB, 400x400, 1000002536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good think Phase has a full time therapist on staff

>> No.77896236

>People like filian and shylily have to hire all their own staff and pay out of pocket
so nothing changes on Sayu's end. best case scenario.

>> No.77896241

I thought she sold it to Phase for money?

>> No.77896243

>I think phase lets you keep your IP?
Lumi kept hers.

>> No.77896266

Yuri lost her IP because she sold it to Phase in Order to have a new model drawn and rigged, none of the other Invaders have made a deal like that and own their IPs

>> No.77896307

She sold the IP because she wanted a lump-sum for whatever reason and then tried to fuck over fans and the company so was fired.

>> No.77896320

>Also means Nina is basically a colossal piece of shit.
It would take you that to realize this?

>> No.77896383

She regularly hits 4 view. As far as indies go, she is pretty high up for most metrics of success.

>> No.77896475

In terms of actual numbers? No, she's doing well. In emotional terms? Yeah, she's talked about missing having an actual formal group of people to interact with - Mint's said similar things.

>> No.77896518

Reminder that Matara is responsible for Mint even coming back instead of doing menial jobs because of crushed self esteem. Like, talk shit, but give her SOME credit

>> No.77896553

Chat is this real? The sad girl thing isn't a joke huh?

>> No.77896606

Muumi is unironically the only reason Phase survived past year one.

>> No.77896645

Proof next thread.

>> No.77896751

I like the rrat that she's a former Niji employee and when she left for Phase the EN branch went into its death spiral.

>> No.77896760


>> No.77896850

>What's the harm in sayu joining phase?
I don't want my wife there, simple as.

>> No.77896931

>Smells fishy
Phase confirmed

>> No.77897065

still a jewish tankie cunt.
>Verification not required.

>> No.77897066

I genuinely think it's a new corpo. Vshojo is not an option right now, and I don't think it's Phase. Sakana seems like a true businessman and I doubt he will budge on the cuts, even for Sayu. Idol is probably not happening either considering they just teased their next gen and God knows what the fuck is going on in that corpo. Sayu probably knows better than any of us does and won't join a corpo with even a whiff of trouble

>> No.77897134

why does no fandom want sayu on their corpo lmao

>> No.77897173

>not phase

>> No.77897263

the feeling is mutual, I don't want my wife near any of you corpo "fandoms" unfortunately it's not up to me

>> No.77897268

The divorce was years ago bro, you have to move on.

>> No.77897312
File: 138 KB, 561x545, 1715487680968367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*we* didn't divorce her.
>Verification not required.

>> No.77897341

But enough about sayu

>> No.77897354

She is joining NijiEN so they can have a 4 view.

>> No.77897362

Because she's a whistleblower and her joining any corpo means there's a chance she'll write up a document shitting on them and then they'll have to end up in the same position as Nijisisters

>> No.77897366

She's married to us? Great, then we can get divorced because I want some of that alimony money too.

>> No.77897428

Duellog's new corpo is accepting established IPs

>> No.77897521

Because she can't stop throwing herself a pity party and inserting herself into drama every chance she gets. She's had more twitter drama in one year than Phase has in all three years of existing.

>> No.77897527

Well, then we know where we can find Mogu in just about a year and couple months.

>> No.77897550
File: 24 KB, 112x112, sayuwubonk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's your "divorce" anon

>> No.77897608

Is that Leah Asimov's boyfriend or am I thinking of some other yugioh dude?

>> No.77897621

What if it's Flork's new sadgirls corpo?

>> No.77897632

Everyone wanted to get on the next Doki, and this is why Mint wanted to wait a little longer, she didn't want to be known as trying to coast on niji-hating success, since she was still friends with many people within Nijisanji.
Matara really wanted Mint to come back faster for obvious reasons though.

>> No.77897840

Sayu, along with three others, joined NOA Talent for one of their new projects, the En branch of the same company that manages the HoloLive expansion back onto Bilibili. They already added their channels to their Discord server and took responsibility for the Hololive expansion.

>> No.77897841

>Phase has only really done on one other occasion.
Twice with buyouts in place for the other two currently in the corpo if they were to split ways

>> No.77897878
File: 3.34 MB, 346x346, 1713116516635197.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek shut the fuck up nijinog. its called a wallled garden for a reason

>> No.77897987

It's not Phase. She said her fans would be like "Whoa, she's joining that sort of thing?" and that they would be surprised by it. No one would be surprised if she joined Phase because she's closest to them of all the corpos.

>> No.77898003

Phase is the most likely out of the three though the IP retention question is in the air. If Fishman lets her keep it then she's locked in. I think he might make this concession

>> No.77898080

>thread about Sayu
>holofags: b-b-b-b-but holo!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1!
Back to your containment thread with you

>> No.77898134

I don't know how there is even speculation on this. It's not Hololive or Nijisanji. So the only other corpo options would be Vshojo, Phase, or Idol. While Matara and Sayu made up at Offkai, it would be too soon for anything to be official. Idol doesn't make sense because they just had invaders and they're less popular than Phase. So, given Sayu's background with Shiina and Airi, Phase is the only option that makes any sense whatsoever.

>> No.77898156

For once I think Phase got someone.

>> No.77898168

>She said her fans would be like "Whoa, she's joining that sort of thing?"
She's joining a lewdtuber corp

>> No.77898230

That would leave a literal who corpo which begs the question of why

>> No.77898323
File: 122 KB, 882x277, Youtube.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.77898333

The 3 upcoming Phase Invaders are Sayu, Mint and Miki, feel free to screenshot this to repost in September

>> No.77898409

>some fucking random WHO? shit noone heard about
So Vshojo nor Phase nor Idol wanted her lmfao

>> No.77898483


>> No.77898484

The only person Mint is close to in Phase is Lia and they're not that close. They've only collabed like twice.

>> No.77898504
File: 69 KB, 228x221, 1699925354231299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sayucucks what the fuck is this bullshit? You told me Phase and Vshojo are fighting for her and then it turns out they didn't even want her.

>> No.77898537

As long as they don't stop her from fleshstreaming or showing up irl for meetups, that's a net positive for her. It's not gonna be phase, or hololive. She's way too big for idol, vallure is a meme. pixel has no interest in her. The only other one is vshoujo.

>> No.77898589

>It's not gonna be phase
What are you basing that on?

>> No.77898632

I wish people would stop putting idol on the same tier as Phase and Vshoujo. Their talents are low 3 views on average. No 4view needs to even look at them.

>> No.77898637

What the fuck even is that

>> No.77898672

Poaching is when you recruit someone who is already in a company. She is indie so this is NOT poaching by definition.

>> No.77898684

A shitpost edit which somehow fooled several retards.

>> No.77898688

IDK this could be old though? But searching for the name of the group reveals literally zero Google results.

>> No.77898689

I've googled and nothing came up. Did she join some scam scheme?

>> No.77898747

She's a good egg, has quite a few fun streams. Still a stupid name though.

>> No.77898762

None of the members in Phase strike me as someone that would get along particularly well with Sayu.

>> No.77898780

>A shitpost edit
No it's not https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeymUORA0ahfwR38ImJMtEA

>> No.77898797


>> No.77898806

Nigga do you literally not know? Do you lack the critical information?

>> No.77898809

She said it "smells fishy" but "isn't a scam"
>IDK this could be old though
I'm pretty sure it's new. Bri and Rita have never mentioned it before that I'm aware of.

>> No.77898836

The fuck are you on LMAO

>> No.77898838

She collabed with multiple of them already. Watch streams. She collabed with Phase more than with any other existing group in fact.

>> No.77898879


>> No.77898915

holy weaponized autism, I kneel.

>> No.77898917
File: 263 KB, 605x756, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck, who are these people? I never heard about any of them.
I apologizefor claiming it was an edit but I still think it was ashitpost and she was added there against her will.

>> No.77898939

From their Discord, it's a Chinese mcn company called Metishon and NOA Talent is their EN branch. Metishon is the company that currently manages the Hololive expansion back onto Bilibili. Only know of them since a lot of ex-AuroraLiveVR talents are in there too.

>> No.77898968

What the fuck is this?

>> No.77898971

Here's their website. Sayu and the others aren't on it, it looks like they have 3 CNs, 5 ENs, 3 "affiliates" and an entire graduated gen.

>> No.77898985
File: 2.12 MB, 1342x1155, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their only talent bigger than Sayu.

>> No.77899036

really hope this isnt a scam

>> No.77899054

Hey, maybe he will be able to fuck the menhera out of Sayu during some offpako. Poor sayucucks though...

>> No.77899069

Shhh, you have no idea how hard it was to withhold the urge to say Senzawa and complete the shitpost

>> No.77899088

Seems like it is. She's not on their website as shown here>>77898971. It almost feels like someone just made a website and added a bunch of indie vtubers without their consent.

>> No.77899107

Is it really that easy?
Should I quit my job and just do spicy voice acting for lonely Asian women?

>> No.77899170

someone at noa fucked up....

>> No.77899188

>holobronies btfo
>vshoujokeks humiliated
>phasekeks obliterated
>idolfags in shambles

>> No.77899234

More like Noa-body wanted Sayu lmaoooooo

>> No.77899245
File: 5 KB, 222x57, Sayu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sayu's discord account is in their server along with the rest. There's not much info in their server but seems legitimate enough.

>> No.77899257

Some Chinese company opening an EN branch it seems. Looking at the profiles with the biggest subs, I don't see anything about this company in their profile so I guess they've been preparing for a debut.

>> No.77899289

>sayu running into chink arms after what nijichinks did to her

>> No.77899290
File: 220 KB, 1647x445, 289389712782.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That same website links to the Youtube channel that lists her in the new gen.

>> No.77899309

i have before heard of noa. any rrats?


>> No.77899310

Isn't this a talent management agency like Mythic and Vshojo?

>> No.77899317

>She said it "smells fishy" but "isn't a scam"
Sure it's not

>> No.77899345

Damn, how desperate is she to suck up to chinks that are pretty obviously running a scam?

>> No.77899346

>Sayu joining a Chinese company
Oh no no no no no.

>> No.77899350

>collabing == being close
Nigger what

>> No.77899405

Doing repeated collabs with someone when they aren't corpo mandated does usually mean that said people like each other, yes.

>> No.77899406

not the fucking chinks fuck my life i cant take another year worth of drama

>> No.77899423

I mean, Phase is a Chinese coffee company...

>> No.77899471
File: 176 KB, 457x434, 1702451481471583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My condolences to sayubros. Looks like they have some rough times ahead.

>> No.77899493

Even worse Chinese Canadian

>> No.77899498

at least it's not ph*se

>> No.77899501

She collabs with Airi every week... why would you collab with someone outside of your company regularly and repeatedly if you weren't friends?

>> No.77899543
File: 243 KB, 621x815, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They were at OffKai too but that person looks obnoxious asfuck with entire thread of what you can't do.

>> No.77899575

What's the discord link? I went to their Twitter and their discord link wasn't valid.

>> No.77899607

All three minus Sayu are following the Twitter account and also a trans talent manager is too

>> No.77899613

For fuck's sake, things were looking so good finally and now this shit... I hope Mint finds happiness at least, whether it's in Holo EN4 or Vshojo, I'll accept it either way.

>> No.77899646

searching for Metishon Company brings up nothing. its gonna be even worse than niji isnt it?

>> No.77899725

dont worry anon, as she said shes "done her research", and sayu never makes mistakes

>> No.77899741
File: 25 KB, 618x234, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh wow, they're following Kobo who kneeled to bugs today. No other Holos in their followers.

>> No.77899797

>its gonna be even worse than niji isnt it?
The only reason I think she'll be fine is because I don't think she's stupid enough to lock herself into a shitty contract, considering her time in Niji. Didn't she also work with Google? I just want to believe she's smart enough to know what she's doing.

>> No.77899808
File: 157 KB, 558x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77899864

Anon, she joined Niji AFTER working at Google. I'm losing hope.

>> No.77899923

Link still works for me.

>> No.77899954
File: 983 KB, 1280x885, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.77899989

does she follow them tho?

>> No.77900026

She does not.

>> No.77900106
File: 23 KB, 176x176, channels4_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They have a discount lamy

>> No.77900110
File: 129 KB, 601x492, Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She does not but the rest does.

>> No.77900109

sounds like sayu fell for a chinese scam?

>> No.77900172

History repeats itself

>> No.77900222
File: 103 KB, 1510x718, 1718128918413675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their CEO

>> No.77900244

seriously i cant find anything on Metishon Company. i never even heard about noa. and im the no-life king.
anyone ever heard about them?

>> No.77900264

Vsjfag here I'd gladly take Sayu in vshojo but gotta look at how realistic it actually is>>77890538

>> No.77900285

Why is this bitch retarded

>> No.77900326


>> No.77900400

I'd fuck Miko.

>> No.77900414


>> No.77900416

>chink company

>> No.77900449

aaaaand dropped

>> No.77900471

shit taste. quinn is infinitely more fuckable.

>> No.77900549

fuck off matara.

>> No.77900572

i really hope she had a lawyer go over the contract. im genuinely scared here.

>> No.77900622



>> No.77900648
File: 2.53 MB, 720x404, juna management[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fb0kd29.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well at least it's not idol, their management is erm

>> No.77900672

lets settle this

>> No.77900744

Phase doesn't qualify anywhere near VShojo either, they're just mentioning somewhat relevant agencies that are open to receive preexisting vtubers, all of those fit that criteria

>> No.77900746

I like their girls, but holy fuck does Idol feel like a mess internally

>> No.77900755


>> No.77900843


>> No.77900866

>He doesn't want to fuck He

>> No.77900905

>He Xiamoi
Damn, going full chinese again.
I hope she at least got a good amount of cash upfront and a decent contract.
But probably not and we'll get another woe is me tweet in 6 months.

>> No.77900927
File: 53 KB, 1246x261, Metishon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did some digging and found their chinese name 算术初子, but the actual name they go seems to be Moedove/萌鸽传媒? They posted their "authorization certificate" for public view lmfao.

>> No.77900934

>literally fucking who gets both sayu and bri
how the fuck

>> No.77900999


>> No.77901040

Money. Lots of money.

>> No.77901314

searching for any of these only gives me moonrunes. i never heard their name before for better or worse. i guess we´ll just have to see whats gonna happen.

>> No.77901481

Jesus christ, I didn't expect this thread to turn out this way.

>> No.77901632
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>> No.77901707

Not for 1 second did I think it was gonna be Vshoujo or any corpo that mattered.
Any corpo that hires Doki or Sayu will have to constantly dodge landmines to avoid Niji, This includes the JP branch as well. A corpo can never tell what business opportunities come in the future and how having those 2 block those said opportunities. And when you realize just how little profit could be made from hiring Sayu along with the fact that she is a menhera ticking time bomb, the juice aint worth the squeeze. For Doki it might be worth it but no way Sayu is.

>> No.77901712

mikofags in shambles, quinnGODS thriving

>> No.77902052

>former PRISM girl Rita
How has this literal who company managed to get them? They're not huge channels but they're not insignificant either.

>> No.77902141

>project kuro
cant decide if they are dabbing or foreshadowing

>> No.77902290

Pretty sure the CEO has Hoyoverse money

>> No.77902460

Hasn't Holo said that they are not recruiting any more talent going forwards and are instead focusing on growing existing talent?

>> No.77902506

Ah, that explains Sayu then.

>> No.77902553

But Mythic doesn't actively manage talents, they just offer you sponsors and take a cut of the sponsors they find. I'm pretty sure Sayu has saud she wants a more active managment that can help her with things other than that too.

>> No.77902598

Pretty sure he's just a partner. He doesn't work there.

>> No.77902675

Nah, Holo EN4 should come this year.

>> No.77903039

I'm cautiously optimistic now, emphasis on cautiously.

>> No.77903255


>> No.77903770

i really hope this isnt turning into a shitshow. i dont know if i or sayu can take another black arc.

>> No.77903993

Guys, it's actually super smart and logical. Why join an established corpo as an average member when she can join a new one as one of the top dogs? Just ignore the major glaring scam vibes and it makes perfect sense.