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A fellow IRyStochad got IRyS the >>7777777 GET!

1 month celebration complete, RFA on 8/12 rescheduled to 8/14. Stream on 8/12 cancelled, but may be short-term replaced with a different format, check her twitter for updates. JOP (you did your reps, right?) or ASMR are possibilities.

>Unarchived Karaoke Archive



>Complete Hololive Originals Cover Series
【IRyS】Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 【COVER】
【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

Previous thread

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Last sticker!

>> No.7786941

are they ever going to fix her face?

>> No.7786962

Who knows? I mean, you are still around and they haven't fixed your mangled mong face. Don't know how important it is to do so.

>> No.7787030

Her face is the cutest, isn't it, Anon? Her features are proportioned and positioned with perfection! Her big glistening eyes, a single glance and my heart begins to flutter. The eyeshadow and eyeliner are just right, with long and beautiful eyelashes to top it off.

And her nose is the most adorable little thing! Her nose and ears... Oh my god, did you take a closer look at her ears? What I wouldn't give to gently caress the tip of her nose with mine and run my index finger over her lovely pointed ears while gazing into her eyes all day long.

Her cheeks fit my palms perfectly and are incredibly soft to the touch, her light tan adding just the right amount of exotic allure. Not to mention her best feature, her mouth! It's so expressive, with moist, sparkly lips that catch the light. They are so incredibly soft, there’s no words to describe the ecstasy I feel when she places hers on mine.

When she smiles, her lips reveal her lovable white fangs that seek to rip into the next cute thing she sees, and when she laughs, all her features soften even more and I feel a sense of relaxation wash over me instantly.

It's her face that I want to fall asleep to every night.

>> No.7787208 [SPOILER] 

Fixed bro

>> No.7787350

Wouldn't even be mad if she was using her old model. Holo EN management and their cringe lore they have to attach to every chuuba. Works for some, doesn't work for others.

>> No.7787725

nyaa.si/view/1408958 for a decent Nami archive, get your karaoke fix until IRyS next blesses us, seeding with 1Gbit.

>> No.7788971

Personally, I just think her face is too wide. Just using the transform tool on photoshop to narrow it a bit makes a big difference. That being said, her personality, voice and time will get anyone used to her avatar as-is as long as they're willing to give her a chance.

>> No.7789081

Surprisingly balanced take

>make controller model
>not animated
>not in a format that attaches to L2D model
When will hololive controllers arrive in the 21st century?

>> No.7790865

IRyS a cute!

>> No.7790947

Finally caught up, was kino but also dense as all heck, 4.5h. Secret secret ending from post-stream chat.

>> No.7790996

I think she wanted to end it long before the 4.5h mark but chat kept on dragging her back.

>> No.7791004

Poor IRyS feeling a little lonely in her debut, I'm glad the Myth girls gave her a lot of support, but yeah I guess that only happen thanks to the vsinger label, the next batch will likely be a full group again

>> No.7791754

It got to me when she mentioned how incredibly nervous she was, specifically the singing where she got the shakes. She's a lot more relaxed now. Not entirely, but big improvements. That's a good thing, I like her best when she's relaxed and happily chatting away.

>> No.7792151

Well natural as she debut as her own, rather than with a group. However look how Holo Gamers debuted: Each one at a time.

If anything it is reasonable to expect a couple more vSingers down the line. Maybe next year. We don't know.

>> No.7792847

So many good songs in her last karaoke. I've been replaying them on loop and I'm not even that into japanese music.

I wonder how long she was able to interact with the other ENs before her debut. It's a bit of a shame all of them are scattered across the world in different timezones. Hopefully they'll still manage to have some fun collabs.

>> No.7793065

if Nagito Komaeda and Santa Claus got into a fight, who would win?

>> No.7793246

The difference between vsinger and vtuber following covers definition seems pretty blurred, almost indistinguishable. From what I see, the go-to for vsingers seems to be a cover per week, two albums or 1 album and 1 EP per year, 2+ live shows per year. At least for the commercially successful ones.

They don't tend to stream games, and when they do it's usually to celebrate something, a special occasion or fanservice. Yes, there are exceptions, especially in the west, and it's not like there is some standard by which someone is a vtuber or a vsinger, take it with a grain of salt, just to give an idea of how the usual activities of a vsinger look like.

I doubt cover will debut more vsingers with EN2, but they may debut more vtubers that get a fixed amount of originals per year if they want to put more emphasis on music.

>> No.7793607

She laughed at one of my dumb pun bros

>> No.7794001

>I wonder how long she was able to interact with the other ENs before her debut
Going by the Kiara/Gura collab shortly after her announcement they chatted somewhat regularly but the night of the teaser dropping was the first they got into a call together.

>> No.7794064

Gartic Phone is either going to be on all channels or one perspective on Irys' channel.
They seemingly haven't decided yet.

>> No.7794471

I proudly present IRyS mirror force

>> No.7795319

Who here does not like cheesecake?

>> No.7795438

All my homies love cheesecake!

>> No.7795461

my body suddenly decided it hated them, well all dairy really, but I use to like them, back in the days where I could eat everything

>> No.7797497

>life without cheeseake
My condolences

>> No.7797580

Never had it, it's really expensive, hard to justify. Is it really worth it?

>> No.7797857

I'm not a massive fan of deserserts but I fucking love classic cheesecake.

>> No.7798204

The cutest cake in the world

>> No.7799328

>easy to make
>easy to consume
>can be topped in many different ways
>free graham crackers on the bottom
>you don’t need to have much of it to enjoy it
There are zero downsides.

>> No.7799353

I love every kind of cheesecake except for the burnt ones since it looks and tastes so dry.

>> No.7800060

You could just make it yourself, it's not hard; it's just that when you make it from scratch you realize how bad it is for you.

>> No.7800271

I make mine in a pressure cooker. I haven’t purchased an assembled cheesecake since I learned how.

>> No.7800430


>> No.7801570


No IRyS today

>> No.7801634


>> No.7801647

oh well she did say it was a possibility, not complaining hopefully she has a nice rest

>> No.7801792


With Mori being sick, the Gartic Phone collab might be also delayed.

>> No.7801893

That bitch kiara bullying her probably didn't help

>> No.7802122

poor Mori, hopefully she gets well soon, but yeah things may not be looking that good for the collab

>> No.7802930

Well, so long as she feels better. This could mean another guerrilla stream from IRyS, though.

>> No.7804454

>This could mean another guerrilla stream from IRyS, though.
That would be a fine consolation prize.

>> No.7805163

During anniversary stream, IRyS said she would like a hair style change and suggested TWINTAILS.

>> No.7805481

I hope Cover let her choose the artist for the model.

>> No.7805557

Just got out of ban (for unrelated things) to say that IRyS is doing well so far. She may not be doing well according to numberfags. But she's already holding on strong by herself for the most part aside from the few collabs. Here's to more IRyS goodness in the future and congrats fellow IRyStochads 7777777 get. We fucking mogged them haters.

>> No.7805658

>and congrats fellow IRyStochads 7777777 get. We fucking mogged them haters
I kneel eternally to the anon that landed that. IRyS LOVE

>> No.7805681

Nice speech

>> No.7805992

IRyS finally good for HEAD?!?!

>> No.7807141

I'm a numberfag and I say her numbers are actually great. Given all the debuffs she got
>being alone so no chance to show chemistry
>no collabs so no chance to reach out to existing holo fans
>no full mv
>kuso games played repeatedly already
>stream overlaps
She's doing fine. Her circumstances as well cannot be compared to EN1 performance last year because they were different times. People can go out now. Even EN1 fans themselves are picky in what streams they will tune in on. You see this behavior most apparent in Gura's recent streams. Irys's numbers are consistent except when she squeezes herself between big collabs.
And the most important thing to point out, all her Karaokes are above 15k CCV. That is crucial because she's a Vsinger. Her SC readings yesterday greatly implies that many just tune in for Karaoke alone. I hope she maintains the 11AM JST every Sunday sched for Karaokes. If she's consistent, her numbers will grow and it will become a staple sunday stream.

This is all nonsense btw since Irys herself
barely check her numbers.

>> No.7807222

Now this is some pretty good numberfagging. Respect for the play-by-play, and yeah if this keeps up she can make her karaoke a weekly staple like Watame tries to do with WNF (emphasis on tries; she missed a few weeks lately due to heavy recording sessions).

>> No.7807320

I think Irys can make it work. She sings casually and knows a lot of songs already. I just realized that Irys's voice has that quality that can make it work with a lot of people. WatamexIrys can work really well

>> No.7807379

When are you going to fix yours?

>> No.7807389

Did they fixed her face? I have feeling that they made it a bit brighter to hide bad nose rigging and also her mouth feels smoother. Or have I just seriously fell in love?

>> No.7807434

Mixing in this one's terrible, but I can hear the charm. Hoping someone catches on and does it better!

>> No.7807483

She's so pretty!

Also numbers for songs and covers must be heavily influenced by how the youtube algorithm pushes her vids and that's going to be harder for a new channel like hers. I hope her karaoke streams keep being successful cause they've been awesome so far.

>> No.7807583

Still don't get why it take so long for her channel to have membership

>> No.7807595

gotta bait her into yaranaika next time now that she revealed her power level

>> No.7807599

I'm starting to notice it as well... Nah, I'm just in love with it as well

>> No.7807624

it's been smoother, i don't think she had settings right during the debut stream so we got the 240p blurred mess. It's also unnoticeable from the side profile you get for most of a stream, the ultrawide face only kicks in when she looks dead at the camera

>> No.7807805

Always has been!

>> No.7807948

I love these art pieces.

>> No.7808010

>using twintails instead of horns as handlebars

>> No.7808033

new set

>> No.7808348

Thanks! the way this artist runs their patreon is fucking annoying

>> No.7808369

Ooooh, burn!

>> No.7808385

Is this the new holocope?

>> No.7808436

I just know I end up listening to a lot of songs just because they happen to be next in the auto-play list.

>> No.7808438

the holocope thread is a few blocks down.

>> No.7808716

This, horns are literally exist only to grab them.

>> No.7808850

I can't comprehend why no r34 artist has jumped on that yet.

>> No.7809015

What do you guys think of a cover with Kiara and Irys? Do you think it will sound okay? I think a Mori-Irys cover will sound good just as long as Mori leaves the high notes to Irys. Please don't answer with hate or anything. I'm just curious what it would sound like since I can't find a vid that has tried to mash their voices yet

>> No.7809066

Not enough Irystocrat artists yet.

>> No.7809084

I think it depends on what type of singing Kiara is doing. If it’s at a lower range like so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V1EhIs-Llc
Then I can see it going over very well. Otherwise, I’m just not certain, really.

>> No.7809109

Forgot to mention that I meant at the beginning, obviously not towards the carry. Not that I dislike Kiara’s singing, just I don’t know what they’d cover together.

>> No.7809123

Eh, I probably won't be so hyped with a Kiara-IRyS cover collab. Calli-IRyS however will work well, especially when they most likely already got along well off-collab so they know how each other work their singing styles. I'd be even more hyped if an original duet song come from these two.

>> No.7809215

I'd be excited for Mori-IRyS combo. For the chicken, it'd be a good start if they got along. I'm not fond of Kiara these days but am a unityfag and can't help myself. In my book, any singing collab, be it a cover or karaoke, would be welcome.

>> No.7809245

Yeah. I just want more collabs in general.

>> No.7809248

The idea is here. Pass it on.

>> No.7810021

If the EN collab is cancelled, I'll suffer a serious case of hypoirycemia. I might not make it, bros.

>> No.7810486

You can do it, anonchama... for her...

>> No.7810833


>> No.7811021

She would do some Apex instead. R-right?

>> No.7811027

Saved, thanks anon

>> No.7811313

So there was no asmr test today, right? I was sleeping when it was supposed to happen and now don't see a vod anywhere.

>> No.7811356

No stream today indeed, she took the day off.

>> No.7811407

There's still 5 hours left until today is over in Japan. I STILL BELIEVE! Though I think she was occupied with some stuff today so she might not be able to stream at all.

>> No.7811487

Thursday is our date night so she's occupied with me, yeah.

>> No.7811640

I think the fangs work really well into her design given how much of a compulsive carnivore she is

>> No.7811666

Wait, our date was tonight? Fuck, I forgot.

>> No.7811720

>not suitable for people with food allergies
>contains animal products
>tastes disgusting
There are many downsides.

>> No.7811750

Sorry that she chose cheesecake over you Pudding.

>> No.7811770

I just agree with IRyS that cheesecake sucks
no sad backstory here

>> No.7812865

Based post, based delete!

>> No.7813085

If Mori doesn't feel completely out of it they'll just do it as a single PoV stream which is way easier on those that aren't streaming it.

>> No.7813137

Is this even a threadreader?

>> No.7815107

yeah that was always one of the possibilities according to Kiara, that they will only make an IRyS point of view, but lets wait, hopefully Mori will feel better by then

>> No.7817055

Needs more unity art for the collab!

>> No.7818204

have some unity art for the collab

>> No.7818401

yooo that looks sick

>> No.7819054

Ah, the unity...

>> No.7819207

>> No.7819400


>> No.7819576

Ina has scheduled the gartic phone collab, no other waiting rooms up yet, as far as I can tell.
could've picked a slightly more flattering picture of IRyS for the thumbnail... onegai

>> No.7819793

Mori PoV is also up, it seems like all the girls will stream it

>> No.7819920

>Actually picked a laughing IRyS for the thumbnail
Thanks Mori, you're OK.

>> No.7820012

Slightly smiling IRyS is still cute, though.

>> No.7820148

True, I should really stop browsing anti threads

>> No.7820666

IRyS looks pretty tanned when placing next to other ENs here

>> No.7820691

it's the demon side you see

>> No.7820856

And thus, my erection kicks in again...

>> No.7821463


>> No.7821676


>> No.7821760

IRyS seems to be slightly more tanned than the other girls, but then again her skins seems more clear from time to time in some of the official art, so I guess is just sun tan?

>> No.7822668

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be shading, but it just doesn't workin in a l2d

>> No.7822950

Yup, shading doesn't translate well and artists that draw art for L2D and heavily rely on shading don't do their children any favours. Flare is the perfect example, lack gets a lot out of composition, posing and lighting, and look at the headache that her skin was is? for her. Pic related, lack's art of Flare.

>> No.7823001

IRyS frame for gartic phone is up.

>> No.7823231

What's IRyS official height? Is she as tall as Mori?

>> No.7823276

IRyS 166 cm (with heels)
Mori 167 cm

>> No.7823284

Exactly between Kiara and Mori
165 - 166 - 167

>> No.7823304

so she will sleep 5 hours? unless she endures until the collab

>> No.7823454

Why do artists always draw Irys' skin lighter than it actually is? Isn't that kinda racist?

>> No.7823545

get that retarded twitter talking line outta this thread you mong!

>> No.7823666

Fine, have a (You), just go and stay go.

>> No.7823807

Is this a good time to mention that her ears can become flushed as well, not just her face?

>> No.7823815

Do we know how well Irys draws?

>> No.7823847

Because the lighter skin is the more beautiful it is.

>> No.7823883

wrong picture...

>> No.7823949

I wanna rub 'em.

>> No.7824151

I wanna nibble on 'em!

>> No.7824576

I love when this happens

>> No.7825189

We do not. Only benchmark I could find was a "quick, draw!" stream from 2020 as Nami, but that's NG to judge how good she really is at it.

>> No.7825273

We're talking Gartic Phone here, it's not exactly comparable to regular drawing

>> No.7825735

>> No.7825843


>> No.7825846

>here’s your choccy milkies, darling

>> No.7826267

I see what you did there

Neither is quick, draw so yeah

>> No.7826753

It is, we should cancel and harass them on twitter

>> No.7827175


>> No.7827229

This fucking artist knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

>> No.7827939

Say what you will about her design but I find her outfit very attractive.

>> No.7828142

Bottom middle is very cute

>> No.7828688

I hope we get to see ungly IRyS (bottom right) one day but I fear she might just be too nice for that.

>> No.7831072

60 minutes until the first full EN collab, let's hope our cute Nephilim has a good time

>> No.7831403

I anticipate!

>> No.7831493

“IRyS so cool!”
- IRyS

>> No.7831818

I wonder if this concept will keep going every month, kek

>> No.7832109

IRySoCool was one of her first interactions with her fanbase, is here to stay most likely

>> No.7832297

I hope irys will keep playing with goorah offstream. shark gets ignored everytime

>> No.7833396


>> No.7833498

I can't get enough of that Camellia intro music, it just slaps so fucking hard

>> No.7833685

Easily my favorite intro.

>> No.7834085

Don't be an egg, don't be an egg, don't be an egg,,,

>> No.7834181


>> No.7834481

She's about as good at drawing as I am.

>> No.7834636

Drawing skill very relatable, and actually about as good as it was in quick, draw.

>> No.7834643

about what I expected, Cute

>> No.7834760

Is she banging against her table constantly or is someone breaking in to my house?

>> No.7834964


>> No.7835050

that's so cringe

>> No.7835117

go watch some nijis, cuck

>> No.7835230


>> No.7835402

Got a chuckle out of me, my humour is degenerating if basic shit like this is enough to get a reaction out of me

>> No.7835963

so cringe omg holy shit

>> No.7836063

>that Kiara

>> No.7836064

Irys please say something...

>> No.7836256

Jesus someone mute Kiara

>> No.7837032

Irys is being left out

>> No.7837122

she's derailing every prompt, don't be fooled by her not talking

>> No.7837152

This is not even remotely as bad as I thought it would be. Chemistry looking stable!

>> No.7837189

IRyS on the sofa surrounded by EN...

>> No.7837263

I’ve got a bad feeling about the potential tribalism spawned from this, but perhaps I just need to calm down

>> No.7837340

half of the posters in this thread since the collab started forgot to take their meds, you're good.

>> No.7837453

.... mwahaha!

>> No.7837713


>> No.7837812

>atomic Amelia fart

>> No.7837832

>what is etern
eternal Irys, eternal

>> No.7837836


>> No.7837894

>> No.7837967

Contemplate the aroma...

>> No.7837974

i can't believe kiara is keking to death

>> No.7837995

Cover all 9000 taste buds

>> No.7838396

why she's holding her laugh

>> No.7838451

Because there's 5 other people in the call and she's new to the group

>> No.7838506


>> No.7838560

More MonkeyRyS is required

>> No.7839791

The aftertalk is kino

>> No.7840006

They unironically have better chemistry just chatting than in the middle of a game

>> No.7840038


>> No.7840129

>just some wholesome exercise

>> No.7840152

Subnautica "later today" aka pic related.

>> No.7840157


>> No.7840300

>no secret ending

>> No.7840346

Such are the sacrifices one must make...IRyS....My eyes are losing function...

>> No.7840397


>> No.7840407

>no secret ending

>> No.7840419

>No secret ending

>> No.7840472

Collab pains....

>> No.7840566

Emergency secret ending deployed

>> No.7840655


>> No.7840703

irys domination/10

>> No.7840731

cute stick figures/10

>> No.7840780


>> No.7840818

I’m hoping their future collabs are a bit more loose, but I’m well aware of the ‘tism.

>> No.7840847

It's not working doc, I need a stronger dose

>> No.7840954


>> No.7841185

Thanks anons

>> No.7841297

I think the game is the wrong setup for them. A simple werewolf game would have fared better but that would leave someone acting as an MC. I know they wouldn't have been able to play other pre-approved games like MK except for MC though since Irys didn't have a switch yet. I hope she can play SMP or UNO with them. Kiara isn't annoying this time around. She tried her best but it's hard given the circumstances.

>> No.7841471

Yeah, Kiara led the conversation early on but it didn't come off harsh or anything, and it evened out a few minutes in. IRyS a little shy but it's to be expected, first time and all. I'm content!

>> No.7841494

>a simple werewolf game
Vampirism, never ever...

>> No.7841495

I couldn't watch the collab, Kiara's voice and general loudness just annoys the fuck out of me.

>> No.7841882

I think Irys and Kiara hit it off pretty well in this stream. I think Kiara enjoyed Irys's voice. They are both big weebs too and just basing from Irys's personality, Kiara will have to try really hard to not like her. So yeah... the moment they start collabing together, I predict they will collab more.

>> No.7841947

I'm not KFP btw. I mostly watch Irys and HoloJP.

>> No.7842059

Doc I don't feel too good, my chest, I think I'm overdosing

>> No.7842114

yeah I have no issue with Kiara either, in fact I think she did really good in this collab, I may no watch her that often but she is usually really good in collabs, all the girls did good today in my opinion

>> No.7842259

>> No.7842382

You converted me.

>> No.7842396

I'm not a kiara anti or anything, I just can't help that her voice annoys me. It sucks because she can be nice, I've usually been able to handle her okay during her collabs with Calli, but tonight I just wasn't feeling it.

>> No.7842427


>> No.7842716

>a subnautica stream on top of the collab
My poor heart...

>> No.7842785

That's cool. I actually don't watch Kiara for the same reasons as well but if Irys decides to collab with her, I will watch their collab.

>> No.7843105

The best part about cheesecakes is you can make them no-bake

>> No.7843114

Subnautica frame is up, off... I won't make it, bros...

>> No.7843177

You must.....

>> No.7843208

I know... q_q

>> No.7843231

Oh, fug...

>> No.7843378

did irys really say “wanked off” or did i imagine that?

>> No.7843449

Sure sounded like it.

>> No.7843459

She did but she meant yanked off.

I hope we get some Cascada kino in an unarchived karaoke soon.

>> No.7843913

yes. yes she did

>> No.7844066

nice, I love her... I need the membership

>> No.7844660

I fucking hate being a SEAnigger for missing the collab 5 in the morning

>> No.7845035

>he doesn't skip his sleep to watch vtuber
t.seanigger [/ spoiler]

>> No.7845118

After start it was Kiara that said that they should stay in the voice chat to talk with IRyS. Rest of them wanted to mute out like in Among Us, so rrats that Kiara hates IRyS died. Get mogged

>> No.7845195

is ok, none of the girls would like to see their fanbase being self destructive, simply watch the VOD and support the girls whenever you can

>> No.7845447

That’s a really nice picture. Unity...

>> No.7847092

More IRyS

>> No.7847521 [SPOILER] 

i found irys bros

>> No.7847626


>> No.7847708

No, you found yourself

>> No.7848855

Five minutes for more hope!

>> No.7849013

Looks exactly like (You)

>> No.7849069

Woke up in time from my 1h nap!

>> No.7849256

Sleep endurance stream? Sleep endurance stream.

>> No.7849266

Guess she didn't

>> No.7849285

Amelia... wake IRyS up...

>> No.7849299

Hope has entered the building!

>> No.7849306


>> No.7849380

silly anon, you lacked hope

>> No.7849419


>> No.7849472

He's correct in way

>> No.7849500


>> No.7849510

Gonna be honest here.

What's her appeal? Besides her voice.

>> No.7849531

32:24 until kino.

>> No.7849573

Or just watch a stream and decide for yourself?

>> No.7849686

They’ll never watch a stream, it wouldn’t benefit them in their shitposting.

>> No.7849781


>> No.7849928

Time to unironically hide chat from the stream, what an eyesore.

>> No.7849940

IRyS's JWU Voice is so cute

>> No.7850083

When I close my eyes, it's just me and her, chatting away at the beach ASMR.

>> No.7850293

>sees thing

>> No.7850390

yup, that's the EN chat experience kek

>> No.7850434

Till something attacks her and she starts freaking out. PanikRyS

>> No.7850556

> wait a sec
> *checking numbers*

>> No.7850625

>fps drops in singleplayer game
>it is bad ping

>> No.7850626

>wake up
>turn on pc
>irys streaming
>25 seconds to sunbeam arrival
perfect timing
>she's complaining about game lag
lol, I got a 9900k & 3080 and it still lagged at ultra max settings.
Is sunbeam meant to be blurry like that?

>> No.7850654

If I recall correctly, it was clearly visible for Marine.

tech-illiterate woman, please andastand

>> No.7850684

and she's dead again.

>> No.7850708

She is really bad at paying attention to her oxygen. Like seriously bad.

>> No.7850742

>save scumming

>> No.7850800

It still amazes me that she doesn't see the path up.

>> No.7850831

>It looks kinda human to be an octopus.
don't look at chat don't look at chat don't look at chat

>> No.7850843

She took a few steps on it, then jumped down to see the Sunbeam get blasted.

>> No.7850885

She's going to meet levy at this point.

>> No.7850905

She moved on from the Sunbeam exploding rather quickly

>> No.7850957

Am surprised as well. Can only assume she saw a playthrough or clip, or someone in chat couldn't contain themselves and she happened to see the comment. The game is from 2018 after all.

>> No.7850994

>she turned on sticky keys

>> No.7851072

I mean, she doesn’t strike me as someone to play up an event like that. Besides, you only hear about the Sunbeam like an hour before it goes pop.

>> No.7851087

my nephilim can't be this much of a boomer

(more accurately, she didn't turn sticky keys off)

>> No.7851098

The hell is ctr?

>> No.7851139

Mario Cart (Crash Bandicoot Ver.)

>> No.7851212

Her model looks like she is a mouth breather.

Her mouth is open all the time.

>> No.7851389

>am al gam
this cute dork

>> No.7851594

She seemed quite pleased with herself, too! This pon is so cute.

>> No.7851727

i already miss her...

>> No.7851771

My hope...

>> No.7851805

i already miss her

>> No.7851830

they stole my Hope

>> No.7851862

Sorry, bros, she had to tuck me in to sleep.

>> No.7851884

I don't remember posting this, weird.

>> No.7851923


>> No.7851931


>> No.7851933

Those were some cute sneezes.

>> No.7851947

tadaima! and blessed sneezes

>> No.7851983

I forgot my sprinkler for better immersion. I won't make same mistake twice

>> No.7852029

I feel oddly compelled to compile her sneezes in a video. Is this love?

>> No.7852084


>> No.7852192

I got a drooping stinger for ya. heh heh

>> No.7852426

>IRyS WILL craft a rebreather any minute now

>> No.7852628

>He sounds hot
Time to get larynx cancer

>> No.7852793

>comes to surface because she's almost out of air going into the cave
>doesn't refill her air tank fully
>goes back down again

She's been playing for about 6 hours now, does she even have a scanner or habitat builder?

>> No.7852849

>habitat builder
Currently collecting materials for it, but getting distracted by everything. The usual.

>> No.7852966

this guy already did

>> No.7852998

>I’m thirsty for....blood!
I love my cute Nephilim

>> No.7853011

I love how she gets into game so deep that she starts saying some completly random shit like she is in trance like kids while playing

>> No.7853108

indeed, I love how she gives names to things and creates weird stories

>> No.7853231

>building foundations
It's a start at least.
>how do I make a roof
lol. does she have any glass?

>> No.7853264

Only ever reacts to that final warning which isn't enough time at lower depths.

>> No.7853303

>completely ignores the oxygen warning
if she wasn't at 10 meters she'd have died again lmao

>> No.7853481

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

>> No.7853532

>come inside my tum-tum
I think she can find that diamond anytime now

>> No.7853562

>"I'm dripping wet"
>Already rolling my eyes at chat reaction before it even starts
>get hard regardless
It's pavlovian at this point...

>> No.7853599

First she says she's dripping wet, now she asks if you wanna come inside her tum tum. That's awfully direct Irys

>> No.7853604

>sees new thing
>"can I cut you up?"
slow down on the murder irys, it's not even a living thing

>> No.7853609

Base on what?

>> No.7853621

the foundation obviously

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