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Hololive Global

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>You will never be Mori’s little brother.
>you will never grow up with Mori in the same house.
>Mori will never use you, her little brother, as a substitute boyfriend to know the boyfriend experience.
>you will never cross the line between brother and sister with Mori and have sex.
>You will never move to rural area to raise your unborn child with Mori in peace.
Why are we even here? Just to suffer?

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Nyanners has 2k more viewers than Kiara right now

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Yeah, this is the stuff.

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I'd let her suck my carrot I don't even care

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I love suspect

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muh dick

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Kiara's fans are employed

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Chicken thoughts and I'm glad I'm having them

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Anyone taking stream numbers on Youtube at face value is retarded, this site is trash

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So /hlgg/, what IS the meaning of love?

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I love Ina!

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Kiara please keep going

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this thread will be better!

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Ninomae Ina'nis is one of the dumbest girls in hololive that I’ve had the “pleasure” to watch. A sullen, dull and quiet girl, she added nothing to holoEN except, “Gee, let's blow up KFP.” Also, illegally released many classified Chickens. A real dope!

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luv me chicken
'ate KFP
'ate eggs
simple as

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Man, Kiara's stream is max chill

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I bet the people who thought Kiara can't sing must be feeling rather silly right now

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mating press

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It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay my cunny tribute.

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why are you outing me like this bro?

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Is this appropriate clothing for a school teacher to wear to work?

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[Sad News] Kiara

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Based except for that last part

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>7 holos streaming
>None of them speak English
>Hololive Global
>Global includes English speaking countries

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Anya? Anya

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Mmm sensual Kiara...

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It is when I'm the student

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kiara is literally sex, aloe was never sex.
I love kiara

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Jesus Chirst Marine

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>most popular member of the 2nd most popular ENvtuber group
>least popular member of the most popular ENvtuber group
what a shock

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more of that voice, Kiara
oooh yeah

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So Hololive is done with this arc, right?
It's almost been a year, no one is playing it anymore, right?

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Its now been exactly one week since takos have last seen Ina, how are you guys doing?

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oh yeah. i post fat cat

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She walks...

>> No.7791160

Making love to my missus, aka you Ayamefriend

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We need a sexy cover with Roboco and Kiara.

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Reminder that Mama Shark is also >imagine size just like Gura. Imagine the okayakodon.

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The Dork Knight...

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irys just brought it up

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Fuck you guys I love Kiara's singing.

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I don't care if the other thread is dead or not, Roboco mention!

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Reminder: Irys was to scared to play street fighter at the arcade because of potential 2nd players

Street fighter hasn't been in arcades for decades

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Leaving it does more harm than banning him. At least he'll have to go through the trouble of making a new account each time and setting up CC, etc. If you just do nothing then he won't stop and people will get curious by the spam and google her name.
The Streisand effect only applies to people and things that are already known by a shit ton of people

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Kiara can't help but associate RBC to sensuality

>> No.7791177

Yo that's some good art bro, thanks.

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I love Rushia!

>> No.7791180

I understand

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>A bossa nova virgin
Oh, the girl from Ipanema?

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i think kiara's chicken voice is more suited for faster songs. i rewinded back using a script and set speed to 1.5x and it is better

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Listening to your oshi after a hard day of work is one of the few good things that come out from this drama filled hobby.

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when the foreplay lasts longer than the act, you know you found someone special

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I have a feeling the images will deplete very quickly this thread too.

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look how far her ass is off of the ground

>> No.7791194

>and she likes Japanese more as a language.
and yet "Kiara" made a song with a version for each of the languages she knows. I wish she'd use her language talents for stuff like this. But there is probably some autims about how the EN's think it would be rude to make EN versions

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one of the funnies moments in Hololive is that time Ame and Gura were talking about visual Novels and for some reason Gura keep thinking Ame play lesbian visual novels and Ame just keep quiet.

>> No.7791197

Yeah, I thought Kiara couldn't sing and I'm feeling rather silly right now

>> No.7791198

I like Yuna's style but I think her Kiara's need more meat

>> No.7791199

This is a very weird one to listen to at this pace

>> No.7791200

people don't like having their ears destroyed big shock

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I´m enjoying this Karaoke and you niggers can't stop me

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Wait, Lo-Fi Pekorandombrain actually sounds so much better. Like exponentially better.

>> No.7791207

What did she see?

>> No.7791209

Oh now that's good. That's more the tone she's good in.

>> No.7791211

Cringe except for that last part

>> No.7791213

Hey I like this version of pekorandom

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This is me

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>Street fighter hasn't been in arcades for decades
T. Hasn’t been to an arcade in decades

>> No.7791219

>The part where they spot E.G.G
Gets me every time

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If /jp/ eops could do it back when there were no TLs in chat, so can you.

>> No.7791223

Kiar... I'm trying to enjoy your karaoke, I really am...

>> No.7791224

>draw a boy with long hair
>call it a girl

>> No.7791225

God I love her so much.

>> No.7791226

Loved this one in the SC readings

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What are you even talking about? Every street fighter has been in the arcades. Listen I get you wanna jack off to your hag love shit but get your facts straight nigger

>> No.7791233

This is still such a weird version of Pekorandombrain

>> No.7791234

Based brobeat

>> No.7791236

You better to CONTINUE to enjoy that Karaoke, anon.
Or else...

>> No.7791237

Even if the older SF games disappeared from arcades, SFV did get an arcade release.

>> No.7791239

>Kiara" made a song with a version for each of the languages she know
German German germaaaaaan….

>> No.7791242

its been 3 anime seasons since EN debuted, and I haven't watched a single show

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Who the fuck is singing then?

>> No.7791249

Yeah, it's insane how much better it is like this

>> No.7791250

stfu weeb

>> No.7791251

I mean, iirc even the JP Holos have that mindset of having the ENs create english versions of songs.

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Agreed, she’s too slim on the bottom half. Where’s the trash compactor and the chicken ties.?

>> No.7791255

>marine puts out new MV
>already half mil views
>violet still stuck at 900k
oh nono ENbros...

>> No.7791259

I watched uh... spider isekai

>> No.7791260

Bossa Nova but yes

>> No.7791261

Japan, nigga, EVERY SF was in Arcades there except maybe the Movie game

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Wrong thread
Fuck off

>> No.7791267

I'll try to stop you, but after the Karaoke.

>> No.7791268

Pekora's singing sucks because her voice is all gravely or something but when people cover what little music she's uploaded it's always good

>> No.7791270

listener sans run!

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*cums on your rear*

>> No.7791276

...has anything decent aired since then or did the anime industry get fucked forever?

>> No.7791277

Still feels odd Pekorandombrain got chosen for an official remix, but I ended up liking this more than the original

>> No.7791278

Ina's song and MV are boring/too safe

>> No.7791279

It's more sad and tragic for me

>> No.7791281

Don't blame her, she had an orgasm everytime she heard RBC sing.

>> No.7791284

Basically a girl, I could break her in two if I wanted to. All men who are that thin deserve to be treated like women and have their bussy filled.

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>> No.7791287

and I'm confident nothing of worth was missed

>> No.7791288

every day I doubt more about Gura not being a faggot

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Get off this website.

>> No.7791293

Odd Taxi and Super Cub were good.

>> No.7791295

Irystocrats are some of the dumbest motherfuckers in the world.

>> No.7791297

I'm having a very good time bros. She's so good

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>> No.7791299

I mean Marine is more popular than Ina, nothing wrong here

>> No.7791300

Deadbeats will always be my bros, no matter what shitflinging comes between us.

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>> No.7791302

Are you fucking retarded? My local arcade has Sf2 through 5 all right there. While yes IYrS is probably older your evidence is some real garbage shit, if she had said like silent scope maybe, but you chose the literal most staple arcade game of all time.

>> No.7791305

Do you happen to have the timestamp for this moment? It was super funny but it was so long ago.

>> No.7791307

Pre-recorded stream

>> No.7791308

Too bad Pekora won't ever know this exists and mention it; I think Pekora complimenting Kiara would make her week

>> No.7791310

the act of fulfilling a marriage contract wherein a breeding pair form a mutually beneficial relationship to maximize survival chances for their children while simultaneously allowing largescale cooperation in a group

>> No.7791312

it could be even further off

>> No.7791313

I watched Talentless Nana thi-last year...
Shit. I need to watch some anime

>> No.7791314

>Botan will never finish a hag in time
>Gura will never finish a hat in time

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>> No.7791320

The anon meant a song had 3 versions, Hinotori had a german version.

>> No.7791321

>> No.7791322

Same desu
I lost any passion that I had and hololive saved me from the void

>> No.7791325

And I'm sure you didn't missed anything important

>> No.7791327

Is American hours faglord

>> No.7791330

I wish I could enjoy this too bro, but I just can't...

>> No.7791333

Reminder that Reflect was already at a million where Marine is currently. Eat shit.

>> No.7791337

>le sad chicken

>> No.7791339

I'm rewatching hunterXhunter does this count.

>> No.7791340

Ina always had shit VOD views.
She gets high CCV but her VODs are Kiara-tier.

>> No.7791342


>> No.7791344

violet is super meh, as much as kiara's singing voice giga filters me I can at least remember how Sparks or Hinotori goes despite only listening to them a couple times, I have already completely forgotten how Violet even sounds

>> No.7791346

>Listeners like you belong on a cross

>> No.7791347

Even more?

>> No.7791348


>> No.7791349

>la gallina triste

>> No.7791351

I just want to see a holo playing Isaac

>> No.7791352


>> No.7791353

Suburban burger hands typed this post

>> No.7791354


>> No.7791355

Every day I laugh at newfaggots who thinks Ame playing Otome games and not wanting to talk about it because it's embarassing to her is a new thing.

>> No.7791356


>> No.7791362

>le sad chimkin

>> No.7791363

>but her VODs are Kiara-tier.
So good?

>> No.7791364

I've been driving for the past 7-8 hours, is Kiara's karaoke the only thing I've missed today?

>> No.7791366

This unironically
(Ex: Kiara getting fucking 4k+ votes on a poll despite there only being “2k” watching the SC reading).
And no, not all 2k of those people hopped on separate accounts to double vote. YouTube literally just hides thousands of views because YouTube is shit. And this applies to everyone. I’m sure every stream’s view value should have at LEAST 3k added onto it, maybe more for bigger streams (ex Gura with 20k, maybe 6k or 8k should be added). YouTube is literally a shit website

>> No.7791367

What the fuck is that thing it broke the damn pavement get it the fuck away

>> No.7791370

This is what Coco and gen 4 did together

>> No.7791371

only if hiatus ends
good taste

>> No.7791372

>ad tristis pullum

>> No.7791374

>Premiered: 7 days ago


>> No.7791377


>> No.7791378

Don't worry bro, me and the other KFP will have enough fun for you too

>> No.7791379

Live now


Live in one hour


Live in four hours


Live in six hours


>> No.7791380

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>> No.7791383

I rewatched hibike euphonium, tamako market and dragon maid around christmas. but that's tradition by now.

>> No.7791385

Being American doesn't give you an excuse to be a bullheaded mongoloid. Japanese company. Get some taste.

>> No.7791386

I've never heard the regular version of that Peko song

>> No.7791388

irys had a p. good zatsudan+SC reading before streamelements crapped on her

>> No.7791391

I'm watching Getter Arc

>> No.7791392

what are Haachama's opinions on Kangaroo meat

>> No.7791393

At 1:45:25

>> No.7791394

To be fair i expected ~1 week as well
t. KFP

>> No.7791395

>golden kamuy latest season
>to your eternity
Are some I'd say are worth watching.
Also the currently airing Jahy anime if you like smug tanned skin lolis. I read the manga though so I may be biased

>> No.7791396

La triste gallina

>> No.7791397


>> No.7791408

I think the most recent show I've seen was Golden wind

>> No.7791411

Who fucking cares, KFP? Just enjoy the karaoke instead of bitching about hypothetical numbers

>> No.7791412


>> No.7791414

bossa nova
chevy nova

>> No.7791415

At least wait for tako hours grudgebro

>> No.7791416


>> No.7791418

>den triste høne

>> No.7791419

Don't worry tako! Listen to Violet and other holos in the meanwhile and you'll be ok!

>> No.7791420

I love Twitter cropping

>> No.7791421

I wonder how long shes planning to go, its pretty late for her but its been too long since a real big karaoke from her

>> No.7791424

she doxxed he hands

>> No.7791425

Tenchou, stop enabling ARS SCs

>> No.7791426

>Candy Go Round
Fuck yes

>> No.7791428

Heh heh, sorry takos. Ina is busy with me.

>> No.7791432

Ooooh this is good

>> No.7791435

Hololive Nevada

>> No.7791438


>> No.7791440

the only anime season I've watched is Mushoku Tensei and that's because I'm a fan of that series for years

>> No.7791441

Oh yeah I love her candy go round

>> No.7791442

I am going to become Nasim Aghdam (2018)

>> No.7791443

Have another does of Violet, should calm you down.

>> No.7791445

>1 swedish kronor
>(red) Fuck you beetch

>> No.7791449

were they cute?

>> No.7791450

Whoa. Is that Kiara singing?

>> No.7791452

>YouTube is shit.
Yes but this is absolutely on purpose.

>> No.7791455

Candy go round bros.
We're winning again

>> No.7791456

This is probably one of my favourite archived karaokes from Kiara. I appreciate her learning how to sing these versions with new instrumentals without having any singing reference

>> No.7791457


>> No.7791458

Uuuuuooooooohhhhhh chicken.... I'm feeling things...

>> No.7791459

oh, a thick kiara I actually like. most have weird proportions.

>> No.7791462

>> No.7791463

Hot DAMN have you got a sauce for that?

>> No.7791464

she cares too much for her fans, even the smelly brown ones.

>> No.7791466

Holy shit, thank you friend!

>> No.7791467

well, well, well

>> No.7791468

what the fuck does Marine vs Ina have to do with Gura?

>> No.7791469

Ame has better karaoke than Kiara
change my mind

>> No.7791472

>> No.7791475

>> No.7791479


>> No.7791482

Watch Dynazenon.

>> No.7791483

The weirdest thing is the extreme variance. Some people lost maybe 5-10% of their live audience while some are upwards of 40-50% based on past numberfagging done. And this isn't just EN, it's been done for holos and nijis. And lately the live viewcounter doesn't even update properly. I wish there was a better alternative that wasn't Twitch, because Youtube fucking blows.

>> No.7791484

Ame has better karaoke than most holos

>> No.7791485

This actually made me hard, is that weird?

>> No.7791486


>> No.7791488

It could be worse

>> No.7791495

I can't because it's subjective. I think Noel's karaoke stands above members like Irys or Sora because I just like it more.

>> No.7791496

You tell me

>> No.7791497

Gura liked this on Twitter.

>> No.7791498

She has enough SA fans that some of those ARS supers might just be Argies spending their life savings of $10.

>> No.7791500

Respect the numbers, young Takos

>> No.7791501

>The least popular HoloEN has similar views to the most popular Vshoujo
I do not understand how this is meant to be an unfavourable comparison for EN

>> No.7791503

Candy Go Round is almost Subject tier

>> No.7791504

It's literally this every single fucking time. They never learn

>> No.7791505

Is there any hope that this girl will ever take her meds?

>> No.7791506

When did Gura stop fearing about getting bonk by management?

>> No.7791507


>> No.7791508

unison has the best MV for all hololive originals and is super unique

i think that it's got a ton of replayability although i don't know if I'd throw it in a playlist to just shuffle up every once in a while

>> No.7791509

Lighting Strikes Again - Thunder Force (Metal Squad)

>> No.7791510

Go schizo go

>> No.7791511

Takobros I now know Wah is the sound effect of crying and Ina says it because she's

>> No.7791513

Fewer people carry about your virtual titty streamers because things are opening back up

>> No.7791515


>> No.7791517


>> No.7791518

around the time I came down her throat

>> No.7791521

The development of ika posting about Violet was really sad.
>it will mug reflect
>nevermind it will mug all of mori's songs
>nevermind it will mug all of kiara's songs
>nevermind it will mug all of kiara's original songs
I hope it will hit the 1M soon. Seeing them go
>nevermind it will mug heart challenger
would just be too sad...

>> No.7791522


>> No.7791523

>KFP numberfagging hypothetical numbers instead of enjoying their oshi
You love to see it

>> No.7791525


>> No.7791526

A million thanks anon

>> No.7791527

Yes anon, you already posted it here
>>7790963 (Dead)

>> No.7791529

Looks good to me desu

>> No.7791531


>> No.7791532

You're trying to bait but honestly Ame's is my favorite karaoke out of all 5 girls. I can't even deny that, she has the same music tastes I do. Kiara's is my 2nd fave obviously.

>> No.7791533

>Every poster is KFP

>> No.7791534

WOAH THE COLORS ARE SO WOAH SO COLORFUL UUUUUUUUUH................ *I look left from the mic to read my shill notes*

>> No.7791536

Her irl ass is way bigger than model's ass

>> No.7791537

Cope, shiteater.

>> No.7791538

>getto teisto! eato da raicu!

>> No.7791539

I don't recall thinking much of her regular Candy Go Round cover, but her lofi cover has been great every time

>> No.7791540

Who are you quoting?

>> No.7791542

This soundclip should be used when people need audio for their hornyposts

>> No.7791543

I am loving this karaoke

It's literal comfy

>> No.7791546

When original ENMA was moved from being her manager to just handling Ina.

>> No.7791548

I'm not saying IRyS' songs would be crazy popular if they had a premiere, but the lack of premiere seems like a genuine kneecap for no reason.

>> No.7791549

Now post Ina and Gura

>> No.7791550

Nyanners has the summer vacation boost since 90% of her audience are kids in NA

>> No.7791551

when she realised that she's more important for Cover than some nobodies and their "bonks" are meaningless

>> No.7791552

Reposting poll, so far I have around 20 responses. Please answer the poll if you have not already, as it will determine who will be on our thread team.

>> No.7791554

She at least sings songs that I care about, not just soulless Hololive corporate garbage. And she knows how to have fun with her karaokes too.
Kiara's music choices are questionable and she also takes herself too seriously. Bitch you're singing like a chicken, who the fuck are you trying to fool?

>> No.7791557

Whoa, cool it with the antisemitism

>> No.7791560


>> No.7791563

No one paid attention to Violet, even her own genmates only randomly mentioned it on stream and didn't even tweet. Marine didn't talk about it, Gen 5 didn't talk about it who both supposedly love Ina

>> No.7791564

I AM IN DIRE NEED OF ASSISTANCE. I greatly desire clips of HoloMyth's Gawr Gura going "Oh Nyoooooooooooooooo" and would be forever grateful to receive said clips.

>> No.7791565

>Everybody in the thread is KFP

>> No.7791566

this Nigga doesn't even watch N*anners or Kiara, he just watch the numbers

>> No.7791567

nobody accounted the "boring song" debuff

>> No.7791568

>> No.7791570

Only things Im interested is Chainsaw Man and that sequel to Madoka Magica

>> No.7791571

You see the cute lady singing over there. That's my girlfriend Kiara

>> No.7791573

Kiara's voice is really high pitch I can see how it filters people but it's still good when you get used to it

>> No.7791576

When Coco gave Cover the finger and did her own thing. Calli's also cursing like a sailor despite getting bonked for it back in like October. Limiters are being released.

>> No.7791579

literally go check a 2view streamer in youtube and check if your view counts in the live viewers. If it doesn't then your account is considered a spam account. I don't even have adblock on and they don't count my views in the live view counter.

>> No.7791580

>she also takes herself too seriously.
Is this what the voices in your head are telling you?

>> No.7791582

as lätscherte hendl

>> No.7791584

very femenine, slim fingers, long pointy nails, check it, she was counting cupons

>> No.7791585

Well yeah, they are both incredibly obnoxious.

>> No.7791586

The thing she's supposed to be known for...

>> No.7791587

Did anyone in Gen 5 even comment on it?

>> No.7791591

Who are you quoting

>> No.7791593

In my opinion if you have more than 100k total views in most of your vods you can consider yourself in a good position in Hololive

>> No.7791594

can someone post the songlist so far?

>> No.7791596


>> No.7791597

I'm going to vote but remove the fucking Gosling, he fucked up the whole cup

>> No.7791604

Why are only 5k people watching Kiara's karaoke? There's nobody else even streaming now.

>> No.7791608

She's killing it right now. High notes are really her thing.

>> No.7791609


>> No.7791610

be sure to post it again in like 3-4 for more activity

>> No.7791612


>> No.7791613

>> No.7791616


>> No.7791620

man, seeing how TGRIALS shot towards 1M, imagine it got this MV while the track was still hot
it might've outpaced Red, especially since it's so fucking replayable

>> No.7791621

>I have seen some shit

>> No.7791622

>She takes herself too seriously

>> No.7791623

Which hololive member has the largest penis canonically?

>> No.7791624

Seems good to me honestly.

>> No.7791626

>These are so much fun to sing!
At least someone is having fun...

>> No.7791628

Remember the good old days where small numbers were big and there were still number fags?

>> No.7791629


>> No.7791630

It's trash dude.

>> No.7791631

I guess, removing superchat readings, watchalongs and super short streams.

>> No.7791632

Kiara pussy...

>> No.7791635

>faggots giving genuine replies to the most blatant bait/numberfaggotry
I fucking hate you newfag niggers so much

>> No.7791637

Kiara told all of KFP to watch Ina's announcement stream and then interrupted her own stream to watch it.
Then she told KFP to stream violence.

She gave it a ton of attention.

>> No.7791638

>> No.7791639

Reminds me of when Ina had around 13k viewers and made a vote that received 18k answers

>> No.7791640

so cute

>> No.7791641

3-4 hours, how did i forget to write that

>> No.7791644

I can't believe Mori is barely mogging Calliope, even with such an expensive MV.

>> No.7791647

>It's Kiarafield
You dumb bitch I love you

>> No.7791648


>> No.7791649

I didn't watch enough anime to justify chasing "Seasons". My backlog is the size of Ame's love for animals. The most recent thing I watched is Eizouken.

>> No.7791651

Violet was good but it was a pretty safe song. What Marine put was an exceptional experimental piece.

>> No.7791652

>> No.7791653

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pictures.

>> No.7791657

Bloop.... What did they do to you. That is not a natural smile.

>> No.7791659

*cums on you*

>> No.7791660

I want her to say “based” more, makes me rock solid unironically

>> No.7791661

she didn't tho? she talked about getting bonked just before her 3 day break

>> No.7791662

Irys has done songs?
I think the algorithm is just failing

>> No.7791664

You forgot to include the views youtube takes from EN

>> No.7791665

I don't give a shit about the viewers, but I hate that the stream time doesn't update automatically anymore. You can watch a 4 hour stream, but if you got there right as it was starting it'll still say "started streaming 40 seconds ago" the whole time until you refresh.

>> No.7791667

The only thing you're doing is missing out on quality entertainers.

>> No.7791668

Part of the reason it got such a good MV now was because it came out without one and a fan took it on themselves to right that, so I'm happy with how it turned out.

>> No.7791670

She should have debuted with "Here comes hope"

>> No.7791673

just stick to posting images, anon

>> No.7791674

Reminder that Kiara’s cat tail is a plug type.

>> No.7791676

It used to be Coco

>> No.7791683

Reminds me of Takos always numberfagging

>> No.7791684

That's the plan, I was going to post at the start of this thread, and wait until Gura started if the thread expired before she was streaming.

>> No.7791685

Finally a sex background song

>> No.7791686

W-what went wrong. They were supposed to be the Giant killer.

>> No.7791688

Fuck off avatarfag

>> No.7791689


>> No.7791692

irys is legit not a good enough singer to be labeled as one.

>> No.7791695

Things have been "opening up" for months now. Try again.

>> No.7791699

Thing I need to get off my chest1: I think candy go round is one of the worst hololive songs
Number 2: I love kiaras version of it
Number 3: I follow choco and Mel religiously and have never listened to their ASMR streams.

>> No.7791700

>Being American doesn't give you an excuse to be a bullheaded mongoloid
wait isn't that the whole point of being american?

>> No.7791705

Gura retweeted it and mentioned it repeatedly in several streams tho.

>> No.7791707

still no WAH today

>> No.7791708


>> No.7791710

well, she's doing a great job as a variety streamer at least

>> No.7791717

t. deadbeat

>> No.7791718

She got bonked so much she got used to the pain. And even started to enjoy a little bonk. It really starts her day.

>> No.7791720

>> No.7791726


>> No.7791728

Kiara I love you...

>> No.7791729

i don't like this, because it fills my mind with lewd thoughts about a ponkotsu robot

>> No.7791732

I miss her so much. Anyone else got good soundposts of my wife?

>> No.7791735

t. deadbeat

>> No.7791736

Me too!

>> No.7791738

This karaoke might be one of her best.

>> No.7791739

Cumshart hands typed this

>> No.7791740

OK now let's see more.

>> No.7791742

you didnt knew the news? blooper has down syndrome now

>> No.7791743

Man, this stream has been so fun

>> No.7791744

summer is eternal on /hlgg/

>> No.7791745

This! I agree so much Gura!

>> No.7791746

Getting bonk is different from fearing getting bonk

>> No.7791747

t. chumbud

>> No.7791748

They hated Gura because she told them the truth.

>> No.7791749

you think that's bad you should check some of the JP girls, no really, you should, they deserve better

>> No.7791750

The Iofi version of candy go round is so much better than the regular one it's not funny.

>> No.7791752

This. She also spent time after it came out reacting to it. Kiara supports her genmates' ventures.

>> No.7791758

wtf that's not a chuuba! That's a cow!

>> No.7791761


>> No.7791764

I wish Kiara would use an old telephone filter when covering lo-fi remixes, much like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NssVxzzqFM4

>> No.7791769

Bros I love watame...

>> No.7791770

I like Diorama more now that I gave it a chance

>> No.7791771

>E G G niggas

>> No.7791773

Is there even enough content on this board for a league of our own, or are we just gonna wholesale ripoff /jp/ again

>> No.7791776


>> No.7791778

It really was a dumb idea to not release a full original song or cover the first few weeks of Irys's channel the normal premiere way.

>> No.7791779

Kinda like when she did the Sparks girlfriend version?

>> No.7791780

>> No.7791782

I agree.

>> No.7791784

makes it look like she was hired for her popularity rather than her singing. She could've been a good EN2 so it's double the dissapointment

>> No.7791785

>girly hand

>> No.7791786

B-but... my Kiara don’t look posts...

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