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treerrat, you streamed over Captain Marine's show. Explain yourself!

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I miss her old face so much.

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I love Ina!

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IRyS is
Can she be stopped?

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I love Reine!!!!

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Thats how you know its a real event dummy

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I don't love her anymore

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I love Rushia!

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Live now


Live in three hours


Live in five hours


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How old is Amelia Watson supposed to be again?
I don't recall her mentioning her age

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Haachama talks like a child...

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Marine's show today was amazing but that new song is just shite

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Is there a height limit for building in minecraft? Could chammers make the tower rise up to infinity?

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Any idea what they're doing for the TTRPG? Did Kiara or Mori say anything?
Ame will be on vacation next week and I don't think she'll be back by the 24th since she's leaving on the 15th.
Potentially 4 weeks gap between sessions?

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I miss Ina...

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Gura lust

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I masturbated to Matsuri today

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She's a zoomer.

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That's a silly question anon

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Well, everyone has their own fetish

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The most fappable holo

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I love my Mori.

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Gura lust!

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No but she surely can make my tower rise infinitely if you know what i mean

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I'm asking because I got linked this tweet.
First sentence clearly states "Somehow I'm able to stream thanks to a voicechanger, but my real voice is pretty deep".
It's a tweet from 2020 so was wondering if this was still the case.

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YOU JUST KNOW Haachama was thinkin' about that BBC when she grew that jungle tree

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>Is there a height limit for building in minecraft?
>What is it?
Complicated and depends on game and server version
>Could chammers make the tower rise up to infinity?

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Me too!

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I'm not feeling so good...

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Kiara yearning!

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Me too!!!

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Dopey priestess GET DOWN!

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Not herself, but technically whoever connects the JP servers together through the torii gates could make a portal at the top of the tower warp you to the bottom of the tower which would effectively make it infinite

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>Sends an emergency alert to your phone

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Love AND lust...

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Her character looks like anything between 16-19

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K-Kiara c-cute…

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[Sheep News] She is having a cute laughing fit

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Me too!

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Putting the portal from the JP server to the EN server at the top of Babel would be a terrible idea since it's gonna get struck by lightning and burn down

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Just got back from work. How has the chammers stream been?

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Takos are just personal onaholes for the other fanbases

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Oh no KFkeks, what happened?
Is this the so called "bird supremacy"?

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I think Ame and Mel should have an offcollab and Mel should let Ame try on her clothes and then they should do ASMR together

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Cute sheep built a strider house!

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This is what we have copper for anon, lightning rods from the new update should help with that.

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I'm gonna marry this peafowl!!

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So this is your oshi, eh Takos?


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extremely chill and laid back

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Deprecated. Please use a codec that is not a quarter century old for your soundposts.

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which holo has the nastiest toes?

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Me too!

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it wouldn't be to the EN server, it would be from the top of Babel to the bottom

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First they ignore you.
Then they dislike you.
Then they fuck you.
Then you win.

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Oh no no no elephant, bros! Completely fucked by owlchads! Stay seething

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As far as I know, Mori hasn’t said anything maybe she’ll give an update in the member’s stream tonight

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Post THAT soundpost

>> No.7787311

takoboat seems like a profitable business

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I'm glad one of my favorite artists started making Hololive content

>> No.7787320

Probably not. Compared to this stream from 2 years ago she sounds really different. Might be another voice changer i guess but who knows

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Is Haachama's tower the largest construction on the JP server?

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Continuing counting posts of past threads.
Results up to post >>7787103 (recycled OP): /hlgg/ has had 2650 threads, 46 deaths, 3998152 posts, and /vt/ post ratio of 51.3%
Data: threads https://pastebin.com/8gHwy7AY summary https://pastebin.com/rn7ngQLQ

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I want to drink Gura's crotch water...............

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i want to have sex with ppt

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>Roblox, huhaha

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I miss Ina too...

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I'm glad we have comfy chama back

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All me.

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It's the Tower of Babel anon, it's supposed to get struck by lightning and get destroyed.

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*smacks nips*

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I love the way she says yebbbuh

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She learns from pic related

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I was wondering what Haato was thinking making the thing out of wood. Huh.

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Could some kiddos have finally gone back to school?
It's been awhile since midday was slow

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Mods have actually been pretty active the last few days so they probably just fucked off

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She's timeless, anon.

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Tako your skin care reps...

>> No.7787437

School's back in session where I live, dunno about other places.

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>Overseas "Haaton" is very amazing. I only have the brain to throw Super Chat, but please continue to support "Hachama" with the originality of "Haaton" overseas.
jp bro...

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God bless her autism

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Wait for Kiara

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First Anya of the thread!

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I want a pocket size Risu so i can hear her giggling everyday.

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am cat and am elephant are masterpieces, but no one will ever surpass the original

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Last word was three weeks after the last session.

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Kanatas mama should give kanata J cup already

>> No.7787478

I kinda like these minecraft renders

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damn she is cool

>> No.7787486

Actually yes, I see buses and kids with backpacks now on my way home from work

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>Most Haatons on the content creation streams are japs
They are too humble

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>Watame finished streaming first than Haachama
truly the strongest idol...

>> No.7787492

The hag's fault for streaming during Risu hour.

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But her giggles would be really high pitch

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i think is a reference to hachama birthday song.

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She's the best!

>> No.7787517

And i love her high pitch giggles.

>> No.7787521

no wonder she loved that sound effect from dead space

>> No.7787525

Come back...

>> No.7787531

Ame ame ame
Ame ame ame
Ame ame ame
Ame ame ame

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Good job. Now she won't.

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esneedo feedo en sneedo

>> No.7787559

The coolest!

>> No.7787563

Elephant is that good shit nigga

>> No.7787567

It's on her hair so it's fine

>> No.7787573

With your HAND hehe

>> No.7787576

papa is gone... just like in real life...

>> No.7787593

another deadbeat...

>> No.7787595

pretty fat cat

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>> No.7787598

I want to nibble on ina's knife-ears

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>> No.7787606

Yes, by far

>> No.7787607

you reminded me I still owe Marine one load for her kino stream

>> No.7787617

waterring never disappoints

>> No.7787621

Which Holo would be best at nursing you while you're sick?
Or putting you down

>> No.7787625

ppt wants to have sex with (you)

>> No.7787626

I'm pretty sure that the Owlkeks got bullied out of these threads long ago

>> No.7787627

kek that's some good shit nigga

>> No.7787630

Damn right she is!

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>That time Ame read out my address and credit card info live in front of thousands

>> No.7787641

Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy!

>> No.7787650

I love this adorable creature

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>> No.7787662

I had a dream that I started dating the smegma femanon...

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>> No.7787666

Ahorny! Ahorny! Ahorny! Ahorny! Ahorny! Ahorny! Ahorny!

>> No.7787672

Ah, /hlgg/ in dead hours. No rrats, no posts, no fun...
At least Chama of the Haa is streaming...

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>> No.7787680

You started dating Gura?

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>> No.7787686

She will not come back before The Gartic Phone collab.

No Ame or IRyS until then either

>> No.7787688

I feel you, I was surprised to see that one of my favorite artist made some fanart for vtubers (though not Hololive)

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>> No.7787694

t. (ex-)deadbeat

>> No.7787697

Fuck I just realised that that's tomorrow already.
Kiara having 2 Gartic Phones streams the same day threw me off

>> No.7787703

Ina doko...

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>> No.7787716

>No Ame or IRyS until then either
Rehearsal HATE

>> No.7787717

The LM3 streams were great. Gura needs to find more games like that.

>> No.7787722

Hello Gura, nice post!

>> No.7787727

I am glad someone likes my soundpost

>> No.7787728

Ina soon!

>> No.7787730

>watching Everhood VoD
>Green Mage (serious) fight comes up

>> No.7787737

Did you get her to shower?

>> No.7787738

This actually made my dick twitch this time. All that hagposting might be getting to me...

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>> No.7787753

How do I get a gf like Lamy?

>> No.7787756

Kanata, Kiara, Watame.

>> No.7787757

>haachama still streaming

wtf, why?

>> No.7787759

but why

>> No.7787760

Olivia doko...

>> No.7787761

Hold up! You fucked up the format! Don't phonepost...

>> No.7787764

Cute Pekora feet!

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>> No.7787768

why not

>> No.7787771

Why Marine always gets these overproduced MVs that looks like Cover is paying for? Is she fucking Yagoo?

>> No.7787773

Yeah, school's finally opening here but I'm gonna stick to online classes because fuck commuting to college everyday

>> No.7787779

She's dead, anon...

>> No.7787780

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>> No.7787790

Marine is the third top earner at Hololive rn, she has the MV money

>> No.7787793

>Being nursed back to health by Kiara

>> No.7787795

I look forward to Christmas to see all the Santa fanart

>> No.7787797

Millionaire + natural born entertainer.

>> No.7787798

Block autism coming back to her.

>> No.7787801

She's coming back soon

>> No.7787806

I miss clussy posting
Take me back..

>> No.7787809

By paying for them?
Oh wait it's bait

>> No.7787815

Dumb squid stealing Towa's clothes...

>> No.7787817

Marine payed for it herself like every other normal holo.

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>> No.7787826

1 hour 15 minutes until remix karaoke

>> No.7787827

>> No.7787828

The symbol of mankind's hubris isn't going to build itself.

>> No.7787830

imagine her smell

>> No.7787831

When will you learn?

>> No.7787834

Yeah, she should take them off...

>> No.7787835

wait I missed this

>> No.7787840

>Did Takamori yuri AGAIN instead of having them get dicked by random hentai dudes like Ame, Ina, and Gura did
>Never disappoints
You sure about that?

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>> No.7787845

Is this what Ina did while on break?? Whoring herself out around ghetto..

>> No.7787847

Why is this bitch squatting on Ina's timeslot?

>> No.7787851

Is IRyS doing ringfit today?
I thought that was rescheduled

>> No.7787859

Bros... I haven't watched any streams for about a week and I don't know where to start

>> No.7787860

is /k/iara dead?

>> No.7787861


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>> No.7787865


>> No.7787866

It's supposed to be a test ASMR stream today, I think.

>> No.7787867

t. ako

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>> No.7787878


>> No.7787879

She just worked at aperture science, don't bully her

>> No.7787880

can't wait

>> No.7787881

>> No.7787885

Lol no, she'll be a fine shooter with time

>> No.7787889


>> No.7787894

Tryna get Ina numbers.

>> No.7787898


>> No.7787900

Why is Ame in a wheelchair? what did she do with sonic?

>> No.7787902

Which one?

>> No.7787906

>> No.7787909

his chili dog

>> No.7787910

>falling for her obvious attempts at hiding her knowledge

>> No.7787912

There was more than one?

>> No.7787913

The only people that didn't like Senchou's new song are dimwits with shit taste in music who wouldn't recognize a good song even if it slapped them in the face with it's cock

>> No.7787914

She's back to being mine and now stupid purple idiots are gonna make me give her away.

>> No.7787915

she's going to be back ina few hours

>> No.7787918

Squishy retard

>> No.7787921

They gave her a sex change so when they rape her it's gay rape

>> No.7787927

>> No.7787930


>> No.7787931


>> No.7787932

Her bossa nova attempts in last week's MC SC reading were great, can't wait

>> No.7787933

Mio has way more art than I thought, you’re not alone.

>> No.7787935

>> No.7787936

posting a file called "based skeleton" doesnt make your point any more valid

>> No.7787940

smol ame collab
>and theeeen
minecraft collab
>and theeeen
monkey review
>and theeen
Amedly 1-2
>And theeeen
Dead space
>and theeeeeen
Sonic mania

>> No.7787941

what happend on Flare's Gta Stream?

>> No.7787943

Shion's face constantly looks fucking stupid.

>> No.7787946

the pirate cock....

>> No.7787947

Yeah but apart from the chorus the song sucks. There's no variation at all, and it's not like rap where the interesting bit is outside the melody, there's just nothing there. MV's good though.

>> No.7787949

Name does not ring a bell.

>> No.7787950

You are incorrect

>> No.7787953

I liked it, but can I still get slapped in the face with that?

>> No.7787954

>> No.7787960


>> No.7787963

I can't believe Haachama is playing Minecraft at 4am. Are JP Haatons sleep schedules ogey?

>> No.7787972

>removed not privated

>> No.7787974


>> No.7787975

I want to fuck her.

>> No.7787979

Someone wanted to kill all black apes

>> No.7787980

Zion's face looks like a plate

>> No.7787981

Perhaps, but it still isn't to my liking and I'm not gonna pretend I enjoy it just because it's different

>> No.7787983

killallblackapes joined the lobby

>> No.7787984

wtf this is a png how did he blink????

>> No.7787985

Got her legs crushed by the spinning block lines at chemical plant zone.

>> No.7787988


>> No.7787990

I get its night for her but cmon, not even 20% of her audience is yuros

>> No.7787991


>> No.7787995

Takamori deserve to get dicked by random hentai dudes
It's only fair

>> No.7787999

Kanata and Watame

>> No.7788001 [SPOILER] 

Why the FUCK did you let mori do this shit, kfp?

>> No.7788002


>> No.7788003

Fuck, anon you've been cursed by Watamage, the only cure is to fap to Watame.

>> No.7788005

By that, you mean that she's beautiful and that she wears beautiful decorations, right?

>> No.7788009

I like it and I don't understand why people are so mixed on it but they're allowed their opinions.

>> No.7788014

it's beautiful...

>> No.7788015

This is a stream for the 0th gen HoloEN fans

>> No.7788020

Shut up, you dare take comfy late night Kiara streams from me and there'll be hell to pay.

>> No.7788021

What will you do if she becomes sad because of your mean words?

>> No.7788030

Polka spewed racist propaganda

>> No.7788035

I guess it was just my time...

>> No.7788039

Can do!

>> No.7788041

>> No.7788042

Kind of a weird timeslot but most of her NA regulars are able to show up at any time

>> No.7788047

/pol/ chimped out because they crave attention like they crave cock.

>> No.7788050


>> No.7788051


>> No.7788053

>> No.7788054


>> No.7788055

Ina doko...

>> No.7788057


>> No.7788058


>> No.7788061

Can someone explain the door meme to me?

>> No.7788062


>> No.7788063

What is mean?

>> No.7788065

A deadbeat's secret rendezvous with KFP...
I always knew deadbeats were putting up a front

>> No.7788067


>> No.7788068

>Ame started earning more SC now that she needs to keep SC open or the button disappears
Wow its like magic

>> No.7788075

It's been 6 months since that stream

>> No.7788077


>> No.7788079

I miss AyameChilean

>> No.7788081

The 8th wonder of the world...

>> No.7788082

>> No.7788084

I think the default answer is mating press?

>> No.7788086 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7788093

Sold her my soul for this

>> No.7788095

>> No.7788096

>apart from the chorus the song sucks.
Spotted the dimwit

>> No.7788106

Haachama snuck in to Matsuris home to batista bomb her on stream

>> No.7788109

What are the biblical implications of Haachama's tower of Babel?

>> No.7788111


>> No.7788112

Not enough gravy

>> No.7788114

HM stream when? Songs might be a problem tho

>> No.7788116


>> No.7788118

It's why she stopped speaking english.

>> No.7788120

There's no way-

>> No.7788122

Where can I see this?

>> No.7788123

I'll let observe our sessions if you ask nicely

>> No.7788126 [SPOILER] 

>> No.7788130

Yeah, they'd have to play it muted like Trials. Which at that point why even bother?

>> No.7788132

high building are cock-shaped and it's basically gay

>> No.7788137

she can barely speak english so it'd be hard to tell if it had any effect

>> No.7788142

So worse versions of every holo original?

>> No.7788144

Does Ame count as a hag?

>> No.7788152

Stream Ayame's cover of Hana ni Bourei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGfyyU9qouA
Stream Gura's original song Reflect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGgEFoI9MhE

>> No.7788153

yooo new game for collab it's comming soon
En vs Jp when?

>> No.7788154

The language barrier will finally be destroyed and we can have JP and EN collabs in the world of Minecraft. Until Haachama burns it down and destroys the portal to the EN world.

>> No.7788158

I cant believe Marine slapped Aqua in front of Shion

>> No.7788160

Never, thanks to said songs.

>> No.7788161

is there a way to download soundposts with the uh, sound or do I have to go through the work of combining webms and the catbox link somehow

>> No.7788164

Nah it's awful. It barely even qualifies as "music". Shame considering Ahoy was such kino.

>> No.7788167

Remember when Haachama said she will finish by 3AM?

>> No.7788168

Ame is more daughterwife than she is hag.

>> No.7788169

Only Ina and IRyS are hags in EN

>> No.7788171


>> No.7788177


>> No.7788178

click that small icon next to the filename

>> No.7788180

How do I stop thinking about Mori 24/7?

>> No.7788183

No! She is in younger bracket

>> No.7788184

Looks like a Fortnite ripoff desu

>> No.7788190

Stop posting Ame, she's not streaming today and I miss her.

>> No.7788195

Why do you miss her she's been gone for like 3 minutes

>> No.7788196

Please post Ina, she's not streaming today and I miss her.

>> No.7788200

Man this looks like shit compared to Arena Blast. Then again you can't go wrong with reskinning classic UT.

>> No.7788205

Rate the progress today

>> No.7788210


>> No.7788214

You wouldn't get it

>> No.7788219


>> No.7788222

Go on then tell me how it's good. How practically static noise is "good music". The bass line is too sharp and loud, and goes on for too long in the beginning. The song builds up for a drop that comes way to late for the level of build up and it only happens twice. I kept listening and listening thinking "ok, the song's gonna properly start any time now, any- ah there it is-" and then it was gone! It's devoid of soul, devoid of character and devoid of music at all really. Maybe I hate the genre it's in rather than the music itself, but it's such an odd choice for a character like Marine to choose something so lacking in personality, with an MV that screams excitement and passion without the music to follow up on it.

>> No.7788223

This was posted by someone who discovered IDM for the first time. Your opinion doesn't matter and the song unimpressive as far as it goes.

>> No.7788225

No. Have this Ame instead.

>> No.7788226


>> No.7788227

The two best ENs turn out to be hags.
Remember to date, fuck and marry older girls, they are the superior choice.

>> No.7788228

soundpost player script has a button
4chanx provides a button in the post near the filename
cute save button extension also supports downloading from 4chan with original filenames

>> No.7788230

Surprised how long Haachama went with mc today, most of the time its only 1-2 hours.

>> No.7788231

Post smug chubas

>> No.7788232

What's her endgame?

>> No.7788237

Candy-go-round is so much nicer in lofi.

>> No.7788238

Cute Ame
Cute Ina

>> No.7788247

Why are you posting her when you miss her and don't want us to post her...

>> No.7788248

A nice offer but if Shion must be defiled it should at least be done by me.

>> No.7788249

It would be interesting if Cover announced EN2 and Gen6 at the same time or debuted at the same week.. Pretty would be a new shockwave for vtuber in general..

>> No.7788252

brought to you by the creators of goosebumps the game lmao

>> No.7788253

rockstar should just ban these words from chat and players names

>> No.7788255

Fucking insane/10 i hope she uses it for something once she's finished

>> No.7788259

She's gonna punch God in the face

>> No.7788260

Great Flood

>> No.7788266

Delete posts
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