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I love Ina!

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Do girls like your oshi exist irl?

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كنا جرذان

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Which Holomem has the best anime tiddies?

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Yes she's a very genuine girl

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Which holo member has the ugliest fans?

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Gura hot.

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I made this post.
Mori Love

>> No.7769327

I love Gura!

>> No.7769329

Why is Kiara with lipstick and in black attire so damn fuckable UUUOOHHHH

>> No.7769331

Stream Sparks.

>> No.7769333

fucking pajeets

>> No.7769338

Ollie y Goblina...

>> No.7769340

Yes but I won't find any cause they're all shut ins

>> No.7769343

Post Ame in Ame outfit!

>> No.7769346

I think they are

>> No.7769348

Gura (approved) lust!

>> No.7769349

Yeah, she just stays inside all day.

>> No.7769353

Look at THIS

>> No.7769354

Robot soon.

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Yagoo? More like Ya-poo

>> No.7769359

Thanks for the pastebin, R.Ratman
Is there some image from a movie that matches for soundpost

>> No.7769360

They really are

>> No.7769362

Should have been an uzi and a knife

>> No.7769364

cool pic

>> No.7769365

Who the fuck is niner I want my nino back!

>> No.7769368

That was a truly incredible time

>> No.7769371

Dog here
(You) there

>> No.7769374

emotori is sex

>> No.7769381

I miss Ina...

>> No.7769384

Where would you even find someone like Ame?

>> No.7769386

I think so too!

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Based autistic sand niggers

>> No.7769389

I'm here to promote Anya.

>> No.7769390

we already have one

>> No.7769392

Girls like Gura exist but the chances of finding one are extremely slim

>> No.7769395

Rratman love!

>> No.7769397

How am I supposed to meet my cute hikki gf if she never leaves the house?

>> No.7769398

They sure are

>> No.7769399

The bread aisle

>> No.7769402

That is good news

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Absolute catharsis, I still can't believe she actually did it on the 7th day

>> No.7769408

Bread aisle.

>> No.7769409

The trailer park

>> No.7769411

My mind.

>> No.7769412

Incredibly OGEY

>> No.7769413

Well my oshi exists so I'd say yes.

>> No.7769418

I'm going to beat you up /hlgg/.

>> No.7769423

Ame - team chaotix
Gura - team Sonic
Mori - team dark
Kiara - team rose

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Am I reading Kiara's schedule wrong or does she have the EN Gartic Phone collab happening Thursday after her other Gartic Phone collab. Everyone else has it listed as 3pm pacific tomorrow, which should be right after whatever her hololive remix concert is.

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I just wanted to show you guys my cute sharkwife. You don't have to say anything about her but I wanted you to see how cute she is.

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That's something people say about my oshi, that she's very girly in a genuine way.

>> No.7769443

Oh cool

>> No.7769451

Master astal projection

>> No.7769461

Ame - sonic
Gura - tails
Mori - knuckles
Ina - big the cat
Kiara - Rouge

>> No.7769463

My Oshi doesn't even know I exist

>> No.7769465

Based but it's made of paper. It's gonna get destroyed pretty easily. He should've made something more durable.

>> No.7769469

Please do Mr. Koro

>> No.7769470

Do something to make her aware

>> No.7769471

*casts REFLECT*

>> No.7769476

>Mori - knuckles
Mori's gonna be voiced by Idris Elba, that's pretty cool

>> No.7769477

not living with her parents...

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That's fucking adorable

>> No.7769486

I don't think so but I'm considering moving to Indonesia

>> No.7769489

What sort of game is Sora playing?

>> No.7769490

thank you anon, this is like awakening to a new tag. I'll use my last few brain cells to look up more emotori

>> No.7769491

With me, she's taken.

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/jp/ needs their meds

>> No.7769503

Good shit

>> No.7769507

God damn pin pons always interrupting our love making.

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How can I even find someone like the orange bird lady ;;

>> No.7769513

What are we judging on? Chumbuddies tend to have massive cocks

>> No.7769514

>become a streamer and try to collab with 2views
>anime conventions

>> No.7769526

I miss Ollie...

>> No.7769528

Listen to DJ ARN!

>> No.7769529

>Only one set of slippers

>> No.7769532

How strange, I have no memory of this post.

>> No.7769533

How can a girl be girly in a fake way?

>> No.7769534

>Kiara: Yes, but I'm too shy / retarded to approach them

>Selen: Yes, its the tomboy girl i ignored in high school

>> No.7769536

I'm convinced girls like Gura are an anomaly and the chances of finding someone like her are nearly 0

>> No.7769539

Hololive concert heist soon

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>> No.7769546

Takarasu Kiara?

>> No.7769547


But ame is yellow and the support characters for Gura.
Makes more sense Gura being Sonic and Mori Shadow.

>> No.7769549

Like Pekora sometimes acts girly because she wants to be seen as cute instead of as Pekora

>> No.7769554

The Gawr Gura method, groom them on discord.
Unfortunately they will 9/10 times be male and when they aren't male you will never meet them IRL and they will eventually leave you for some really weird schizo reason that you will never understand and then kill themselves when they hit their late 20's.
Good luck.

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>> No.7769557

When was this announced?

>> No.7769564

>short haired Anya and Reine

>> No.7769565

The only person that combats Gura's autism is Aqua

>> No.7769570

Damn, I never know what to ask when they do these kind of things, so I just don't.

>> No.7769574

Like literally just now

>> No.7769575

koro no I can't handle that mu

>> No.7769576

Ina isn't even back yet tomorrow

>> No.7769577

like a minute ago

>> No.7769578

Ew shorthaired Reine??

>> No.7769579

Just now.

>> No.7769582

It's very very real!


>> No.7769583

>short hair reine

>> No.7769584

It’s time

>> No.7769585

DJ ARN is Holostars Luna Electone

>> No.7769587

I can save her.

>> No.7769590

>You will never be Mori’s little brother.
>you will never grow up with Mori in the same house.
>Mori will never use you, her little brother, as a substitute boyfriend to know the boyfriend experience.
>you will never cross the line between brother and sister with Mori and have sex.
>You will never move to rural area to raise your unborn child with Mori in peace.
Why are we even here? Just to suffer?

>> No.7769593

Just now

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>> No.7769598

I don't like how Reine's silhouette looks...

>> No.7769599

Anya being covered even more...

>> No.7769600

I've got another question sensei.
Where the fuck are these grooming discords at? Do I just join random public discords for fanbases and work my magic?

>> No.7769601

My cock is already hard

>> No.7769603

Short-hair makes my pp the big pp

>> No.7769605


>> No.7769606

Spotted the faggot

>> No.7769609

*pulls fist back as I punch you so my fist is reflected into your face*

>> No.7769610

Mori should do the Knuckles rap for karaoke

>> No.7769611

these look so different from their base models that I couldn't even tell who they were supposed to be

>> No.7769618

Oh shiet

>> No.7769623

Reine's is guaranteed to make my cock hard

>> No.7769625

>short hair

>> No.7769628

is this some traditional Indonesian garb or something?

>> No.7769635

>Reine is Yuul
>Ollie is a dead shrine maiden or some shit
>Anya is Yuul but very short

>> No.7769637


>> No.7769644

This except it's you killing yourself in your late 20's

>> No.7769647

So they're gonna fix Anya's rigging right?

>> No.7769648

Most possibly this for Ollie at least

>> No.7769650

w-we'll get a new rigger for anya... right?

>> No.7769661

Oh man, I don't know if I'm ready for short haired Reine.

>> No.7769662

I hope you like the sword loli using this outfit all the time because it don't show her tits

>> No.7769666

will anya finally get a good rig?

>> No.7769667

I thought this was more Homostar new costumes at first

>> No.7769671

inb4 Anya gets fucked and has to hide her model again.

>> No.7769673

clearly Indonesian for August

>> No.7769676


>> No.7769677

Yep, to celebrate Indonesian independence day (Really, not joking).

>> No.7769678

Pekora can't be girly but she can be sex

>> No.7769679

Please let it be Olivia....

>> No.7769680

its gonna be the same rigger again.

>> No.7769681

She might not even have the tits this time.

>> No.7769683

She will get Gura's rigger again.

>> No.7769686

Just like gura right

>> No.7769687

Tweet says it should have a very traditional feel to it

>> No.7769692


>> No.7769700

What are you, gay?

>> No.7769701

Gura didn't so I can't imagine Anya would

>> No.7769703

Why do you think she wanted the outfit that way her tits won't be shown

>> No.7769706

How come Indonesia is the only SEA that gets Holos... It's not fair...

>> No.7769710


>> No.7769715

isn't treerrat also involved in some independence day event, or did I just make that up?

>> No.7769716

It’s not retard. And Human Ollie is something she wanted months before Olivia even existed, so if this is it it won’t have anything to do with Olivia

>> No.7769717

>Short hair, exposed shoulders Reine
>Short hair, possibly flat Anya
>Geisha whore Ollie
Muh dick

>> No.7769718

Generally speaking I'm not great at videogames - particularly platformers - but watching Korone play Sonic 3 and Ame play Sonic Mania makes me feel like I'm some kind of Sonic god. Are Sonic games really that tough for normies?

>> No.7769720

Ollie's headwear is probably this exact thing

>> No.7769722

I know that why i said it

>> No.7769723

Gura is a doormat, Anya is not.

>> No.7769729

Except it’s not

>> No.7769733

>Sora now fighting a horde of rats

>> No.7769735

"Olivia" is just a term I use for a human skin.

>> No.7769738

100% this

>> No.7769740

>short hair Reine

>> No.7769744

Why third worlders dress weird?

>> No.7769745

No. Remember what kind of environment vtuing is. Roomate posting is forbidden for the girl's safety, but also because your oshi's roomate is a different person, with different opinions, who participate in politics.

>> No.7769746

>short-haired Reine

>> No.7769749

I was gonna edit this photo to make the spikes the covid spikes and say "fuck the coof got her bros" but I'll just let you imagine it

>> No.7769750

What's the explanation for weird headgarbs like this?

>> No.7769753

I remember hearing something about a few of them singing for some event, but I don't watch enough ID to confirm that for sure.

>> No.7769762

>that haircut

>> No.7769763

I dig it.

>> No.7769764

Indonesia is large af, so probably easier to find talents? God forbid a Holo from Singapore. Their English accent is horrendous

>> No.7769766

Culture stuff.

>> No.7769770

looks very Indian

>> No.7769775

Japanese men literally dress up a penises, humans are just weird

>> No.7769781

wtf I love Anya now

>> No.7769782

This shit is unironically kino.
Culture and probably religion

>> No.7769786


>How to find an Ame
>hang out at a very poor area/trailer park
>see a girl walking her dog with a shirt from a gaming or anime convention (Note: girl will likely be ugly)
>try to strike up conversation about the dog without getting pepper sprayed/police called on you
>Good luck!

>> No.7769793

Yeah she is, it's gonna be some event with a ton of members though and of course it's going to be purely ID so I'm not too interested, though the possibility of Risu singing still has my attention

>> No.7769794

Reine's outfit looks like it's going to be very different. I trust Pochi though

>> No.7769796

Because most of the world has culture unlike muttistan

>> No.7769801

Ayame wife.
Stream her Hana ni Bourei cover while I go to sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGfyyU9qouA

>> No.7769804

Post art of her big tits!

>> No.7769806

I don't think Anya has enough power to convince her manager, or upper management to change her rigger.

Please grudgepost me if i'm wrong because I really do wish she would get a good rigger.

>> No.7769807

Yes, and just look how they butchered her design

>> No.7769811

I feel like I keep SEEING this

>> No.7769815

who the fuck came up with this? Nisio Isin?

>> No.7769819

Sora just defeated an army of rrats

>> No.7769821

I need that Anya

>> No.7769822

Yes please

>> No.7769827

>short hair Reine
>short hair Anya

>> No.7769828

Omg new costumes! Wait, it's ID? Oh, who cares then

>> No.7769830

Any holo who got a bowl cut would get an instant sub from me, provided I'm not subbed already.

>> No.7769832

based dai-senpai

>> No.7769833


>> No.7769837

Yup same deal as ID1 with new outfits for Independence Day

>> No.7769838

Character development is great, shut up

>> No.7769844 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7769852

Quick google search says it's some sort of buddhist chrown, used in weddings and traditional dance performances.

>> No.7769853

So this is what Anya was talking about

>> No.7769855

Reine's looks... bad.

>> No.7769860

You don't need to announce that you're gay anon

>> No.7769861

Heh. Thanks. That was pretty funny.

>> No.7769862

there are 7.7 billion humans inhabiting this planet, the probability that they exist are infinitely close to 100%.
The probability i would ever meet one? infinitely close to 0%

>> No.7769866

>Doubting pochi
Get out.

>> No.7769868


>> No.7769869

Shorthair chads were winning

>> No.7769873

It's not confirmed, but that's what it looks like. Center left two seem to be Risu and Reine
I had NOT seen this. There are definitely better Indonesian artists

>> No.7769878

I need to get some sleep.

>> No.7769882

It's how hololive remains largely scandal free, they get their most well adjusted idol to fight rrats. Thanks Sora!

>> No.7769884


>> No.7769887


>> No.7769888

Ugly ass soulles rig

>> No.7769896

Just from the silhouette alone?

>> No.7769897

Based daisenpai

>> No.7769903

I trust and love Pochi so I will not be worried

>> No.7769905


>> No.7769906

>It's not confirmed, but that's what it looks like
Risu confirmed it on her stream. Didn't mention Reine though

>> No.7769910

I don't know about power but she has officially complained multiple times according to her

>> No.7769913

I know a girl who's much like Ina, and is also a big Pekora fan. I'm currently trying to woo her over.

>> No.7769914

Lezzz goo!! It's about time for them!

>> No.7769915

Would you sex a twap

>> No.7769916

So the real question: Will Ollie's get alternate Alive skin?

>> No.7769922

Late as fuck but I love Oga's new outfit. It's infinitely better than his garbage ass OG outfit.

>> No.7769927


>> No.7769930

Having cool hats is a sign of culture

>> No.7769931


>> No.7769935

Big if true

>> No.7769936


>> No.7769940

Fuck off plate lover

>> No.7769942

isnt this supposed to be takamori's kid?

>> No.7769944

>New ID outfit stream
>people shitpost, compare numbers, doompost riggers and falseflag for days
>After that people stop talking about ID again, like usual

>> No.7769945

Trust in the Pochi, where we go cum, we cum all

>> No.7769947

You know the answer

>> No.7769948

Upcoming events

08/12 Lamy anniversary
08/12 Izuru birthday
08/13 Nene anniversary
08/14 Botan anniversary
08/16 Polka anniversary
08/16 ID2 new outfit relay
08/17 Shion anniversary
08/20 Mio anniversary

09/03 Ayame anniversary
09/04 Choco anniversary
09/07 Sora anniversary
09/08 Botan birthday
09/08 Aruran anniversary
09/09 Reine birthday
09/12 Mori anniversary
09/12 Kiara anniversary
09/13 Ina anniversary
09/13 Gura anniversary
09/13 Ame anniversary
09/16 Subaru anniversary
09/26 Roberu birthday

>> No.7769949

Only if she is as disproportionately tummy heavy as she is in this photo.

>> No.7769954

Here's your Reine bros

>> No.7769966

I'm gonna shit myself out of laughter if Anya still gets the same rigger for this one

>> No.7769968

I'm gonna need medical attention for an erection lasting longer than 4 hours

>> No.7769970

nenenenenenene !!!!!!!!!

>> No.7769972


>> No.7769975

I like them all already

>> No.7769977

>Summer outfit
>Its a suit
He's gonna be hot af with that thing.

>> No.7769979

Do people even use numbers for the ID all I ever see is when Anya has a low number for the saviorfags.

>> No.7769981

Holy based

>> No.7769986


>> No.7769987

I only watched the Kakumei Dualism stream recently while I was working so I might have missed it. Her silhouette is less obvious than Reine's and Reine tweeted this out too so I'd confirm both of them then. Did she say what it is? I just assumed an ID independence song

>> No.7769988


>> No.7769989

>does the perfect woman exist
I'll run into her AND win the lottery

>> No.7769993


>> No.7769997

With Moona and Ollie they do. Also I numberfag about the stupidly low views on Risu and Reine's new cover

>> No.7769998

Tits are even bigger then before.

>> No.7770000

Yeah. Just be talkative and decently likable and you'll make it in most groups. Just make sure to have standards, don't throw yourself at the first woman to talk to you.
Just be careful.

>> No.7770002


>> No.7770009

She could afford to personally pay her rigger + artist to get a new outfit/model for Olivia though but I doubt she'd do it since Olivia was a little TOO popular.

>> No.7770010


>> No.7770013

this brings back memories... muh dick remembers

>> No.7770014

I trust Pochi

>> No.7770015

I'm really liking Ollie's new model from the looks of it. I just have a fetish for long hair

>> No.7770018

are you grooming me right now...

>> No.7770020

Something about her singing an indonesian song is all she mentioned regarding the content of the project

>> No.7770025

Sorry anon she belongs to the Cocock

>> No.7770026

Yes. Ollie is wearing a traditional "dumpling crown" made of wooden skewers with spiny dumplings attached to the ends. Indonesian girls wear these during festivities and community elder males will chase them around trying to eat all the dumplings. A girl who manages to make it through the whole evening with at least one dumpling preserved will be spared the shame of her family, but those who do not are typically doomed to a live as a cheap camgirl.

Reine appears to be wearing a traditional prayer mat as a cape, probably an homage to Indonesian folk hero "Burgak Gakblagar" who is kind of like Santa Claus except he comes at Ramadan and gives the good children new umbrellas and the bad children he tattoos with a brand that curses them to never be able to leave Indonesia.

I'm honestly not sure what Anya's is though

>> No.7770027

>New Years/Winter outfit exposes his left side and entire torso
>Summer outfit has him fully covered

>> No.7770028


>> No.7770029

dickhead reine...

>> No.7770031

it will completely ruin her character if she does so I hope not. chat idiots will beg for it constantly in every stream. even streaming with a png was a gamble imo but she made it seem like a one off thing

>> No.7770033

bro same
love hair
long long hair
massive volume

>> No.7770037

That rig was one of the worst in Hololive

>> No.7770039

>Only Ollie gets special treatment
Why is Cover like this?
Ollie is the center of ID right?

>> No.7770042

Does this mean her design is shit?

>> No.7770044


>> No.7770045

Anya is going to get a better rig than goomba, isn't she...

>> No.7770050

Suits are cool as fuck. Even better that he can take off parts.

>> No.7770051

Those digits don't lie.

>> No.7770053

you will never be Japanese.

>> No.7770057


>> No.7770058

literally why wouldn't she. if they gave Gura back to that fucker why would they care about some 350k indie I mean Indo

>> No.7770059

>> No.7770060

It's a circle, if anything, don't be so retarded

>> No.7770067

did you misspell pants or will i be disappointed

>> No.7770068

ahhh fascinating, I didn't know Indonesia had such rich culture

>> No.7770070

Still has more soul then the new one.

>> No.7770072

Someone will actually believe this

>> No.7770074

Are you shitting me not being able to leave your home country is seen as a curse there?

>> No.7770077

Please listen to this.

>> No.7770079

how good is Rushia at videogames?

>> No.7770080

>it's literally an egg

>> No.7770084

Why is Bibi black?

>> No.7770086

New rigger
But she'll lose her ogey face and keep her tits

>> No.7770090

no it means most chatters have shit taste and we've always known that

>> No.7770091

Is Kiaras membership worth it?

>> No.7770092


>> No.7770094

Ha ha.

>> No.7770098

Is it time for hag posting yet?

>> No.7770100

>dicks are shaped like eggs
Well aren't you a big guy

>> No.7770102

I know the game choice is a pretty strong filter but it's nice to see Sora having such a good time with Romancing Saga 3. She's enjoying showing the game off to people who haven't seen it and discussing her next move with the ones that have. If she beats it in this playthrough then it'll be the first time beating a game she's loved since her childhood when her father showed it to her. As it stands, she has never beaten Forneus and played the second half of the game.

In short: Sora cute!

>> No.7770106

Guh, Anya needs a buff, so I look forward to seeing her new outfit. I hope they don't put shoes on her. If they do, I mean it's not like we always see her feet anyways, but just knowing in the back of your head that she has shoes on under that table just makes it feel different.

>> No.7770110

You can like the old rig and still acknowledge that it was dogshit quality anon

>> No.7770118

cool outfit

>> No.7770119


>> No.7770121

Anyone who isn't watching this is missing out.

>> No.7770122 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7770125


>> No.7770126

nahh, it'll be done by yours truly again

>> No.7770127

SaGachads are the strongest in the world

>> No.7770128

>ID discussion picks up
>Doxx appears out of nowhere
This is why I don't bother discussing SEAmonkeys.

>> No.7770132


>> No.7770133

Yeah. Don't I sound trustworthy? Grooming is only really a bad thing if you're a bad person right?

>> No.7770134

Worse than Ame.

>> No.7770136


>> No.7770142

Seems pretty cool, I'm excited to see what Ollie's is since the silhouette looks pretty weird.

>> No.7770143

>> No.7770145

Pochi is behind the new outfit. Expect an even more "SEXXXX" design.

>> No.7770146

Not on my watch!

>> No.7770147

It was shit i know, but this is shittier.

>> No.7770148

Put Anya's face on the rest to complete the Anyafication.

>> No.7770152


>> No.7770167


>> No.7770168


>> No.7770175

why does she look like that

>> No.7770176

It seems very Indonesian themed which i guess is the point

>> No.7770177

Watson is more based than usual today!

>> No.7770178


>> No.7770180


>> No.7770182

I'm excited to see Anya's outfit. The "boyish" hair might look really nice on her.

>> No.7770184

Shin hasn't done a holo rig since Gura's alt right? Guess we'll know if cover realized he sucks at rigging with Anya's new outfit or if they're still keeping him on payroll (god I hope not).

>> No.7770192

Chimpanzees groom eachother too

>> No.7770196


>> No.7770197

>> No.7770202

Global Anyafication will happen regardless.

>> No.7770203


>> No.7770205

click the link and find out

>> No.7770207

She would use a youtube video for her stream BGM and Coco had to teach her how to take a screenshot. You tell me.

>> No.7770209

Soulful rhombus
Soulles rhombus

>> No.7770210


>> No.7770213

clap clap

>> No.7770217

sweat drenched shirts UOOOOOOHHHH

>> No.7770221

Anon do you know what a rhombus is

>> No.7770223

I can't wait for Gawr to play APEX with Ollie and Ame or Roboco

>> No.7770225

I really like Lam's designs so I'm very interested on how she'll do that traditional/cultural ID dress

>> No.7770226

>> No.7770227

Because Anya bitched out about her rigger.

>> No.7770237

Long hands

>> No.7770239

>enter woodland mansion
>sees enemy
>scream at the top of her lungs
>runs outside
>enters again
>sees enemy

KFPs, why is your oshi like this?
Please explain to a fellow KFP.

>> No.7770242

You think Cover would care

>> No.7770244

it's a good rig Risu, but I want you to try it HAPPIER, and with your mouth OPEN.

>> No.7770245

i guess weather doesn't apply to dragons

>> No.7770250

Built for hugging

>> No.7770256

she's a woman

>> No.7770258

Lam and Pochi I know their work so Im not worried about them, Anya I have no clue.

>> No.7770261

Okay, but is Anya still barefoot?

>> No.7770272

You're delusional anon

>> No.7770277

>> No.7770278 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7770279

I would normally say cover won't care, but Anya gets JP Holo privileges

>> No.7770284

Just imagine those hands wrapped around your dick

>> No.7770285

I hope Reine has a long hair down variant.

>> No.7770289


>> No.7770292

German warfare techniques I don't know kek

>> No.7770293

You notice the hands but not how insanely pale she is?

>> No.7770294

does anyone have the Reine "why are Indonesians like this" soundpost?

>> No.7770297

It's interesting because the issues with it aren't present in the rigger's demo so it seems to be something made worse by her setup?

>> No.7770300


>> No.7770308

Get down with DJ ARN!

>> No.7770314

>> No.7770316

Why are her eyes so red?

>> No.7770319

The sexiest thing long haired girls do is tie their hair. The way their body naturally arcs when trying to tie in a ponytail. The view of their nape hidden by the volume of hair, is so erotic that it feels taboo.

>> No.7770320

Plus I don't think a bad outfit will hurt Reine and Ollie as bad as it would Anya.

>> No.7770321

Is arn DJ playing "ogey" or "more gay"? I cant tell which suits hlgg more

>> No.7770322

Gee Kiara! How Come Your Schedule Lets You Have Three Gartic Phone Streams?

Also, kind of funny that having a bikini in an image is allowed on the community post but not on stream. Even with some wrangling with management, they'll only allow it if a shirts covering it.

>> No.7770323


>> No.7770325

never seen a white rabbit before?

>> No.7770327

Why does she smile like this

>> No.7770329

Consumed too much rrats

>> No.7770330


>> No.7770331

because rabbits have red eyes anon

>> No.7770332

The good kush

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