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What did the pink cat do? How did she betray people?

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I’m the biggest nyanfag here but I have 3 words for you: Nephew, delete this.

It’s embarrassing.

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went full tumblrina gamerghazi sjw for clout in an attempt to become a voice actress, which failed

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there are many more, just look around

>> No.7745722

How many times a day do you stare at these stale screenshots while Nyan gets bigger and bigger and bigger

>> No.7745766

>bigger and bigger and bigger
If she's getting bigger each day HoloEN must be outright TITANS you worship for mogging her with ease.

>> No.7745778

Good that she failed. VA is a shit gig. Being one of the most popular EN VTubers in the world is a decent income.

>> No.7745779

But furry eared girls never betray.

>> No.7745855

So, like, eighty times a day?

>> No.7745884

OP you know full well that you aren't gonna get an unbiased account of what happened from here of all places.

>> No.7745961

>The insecure holofag shows himself
You're actually acknowledging nyanners's popularity by comparing her to the biggest numbers in vtubing.

>> No.7746018

don't get surprised when people compare your exaggerated language to real, actual examples

>> No.7746029

Are you suggesting that the OP might not have been posting in entirely good faith????

>> No.7746074

lol didn't nyanners recline the last month?

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I unironically want to beat nyanners to death.

>> No.7746138

Your noodlelike limbs would go numb after the first couple blows

>> No.7746171

>real, actual examples
I won't get too technical since it seems all you can understand is raw numbers, but even within hololive itself EN is not a "real, actual example" of growth.

>> No.7746347

gura did it better

>> No.7746405

Enough to knock her out and kick her head.

>> No.7746458

That retarded, autistic nigger loving wannabe loli with a trap voice gets triggered too easily and should kill herself.

>> No.7746582

That's entirely irrelevant to the topic but I guess I should have expected a room-temperature IQ response.

>> No.7746645

Your response is room-temperature IQ, and you're european so you have celsius so its like 20 and mine is at least 90.

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Pink cat is actually pretty /fit/, she could probably take a hungry skelly manlet and easily outrun a fat neckbeard.

>> No.7746818

You really think this ugly looking NEET is /fit/?

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She got popular by making loli bait content like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCEccp4lF-g
Then later did a 180 and started saying that anyone who likes anime lolis is an actual pedo or whatever. Nowadays she collaborates with vtubers who are open about liking lolis like Pikamee and Kizuna Ai.
That's the short of it as far as I know, I'm sure there are schizos here who can give you more details. The way I figure she just went through a tumblrina phase when she was young and then got over it, but now she can't address the situation at all because it would make people angry one way or the other.

>> No.7747055

oh ok now it makes sense why everyone here hates her and I thought it was just going SJW

>> No.7747078

kek, fucking burned. That anon in fucking shambles

>> No.7747095

This is America you fucking retard. Fit means in sound physical shape. Fit doesn’t mean “hot” on this side of the pond. Though I could find photos of Nyan where she does appear to be hot, just like I could find photos of just about everyone where they looked decent.

Nyan is tall and strong and could kick the ass of anyone on this board.

>> No.7747220

provide evidence

>> No.7747228

I know what it means retard, her being ugly doesn't mean shit I just pointed it out, doesn't mean I associate it with her being fit. Stop being a schizo.

>> No.7747280

No you don’t. The question is whether she could kick your ass, you quivering castrato.

>> No.7747315

I was stalking her last week and she slapped me really hard and it made me cry. I tried to say I was sorry on discord but she blocked me.

>> No.7747421

what kind of fucked up fetish is this? she needs to take medication to play a fucking video game kek, she'd easily be raped even by a guy on a wheelchair

>> No.7747448

She unironically made you ask about her roommate bullshit which is unforgivable. I hope you got at least warned for this. Other than that, I have no gripes with her. Kyannars collab was nice.

>> No.7747543

Cope. She has a resting heart rate of 50 and weight trains while your fat ass strains to stand up.

>> No.7747555

>shark vtuber with similar backstory but is far more successful because she isn't a massive sperg is irrelevant
sorry pal, but nyanners absolutely despises blue shark loli

>> No.7747564

Bruh “medication” is her clever euphemism for fuckin weed because she is dank af.

And you’re projecting. You’re the one who does ERP ryona featuring Nyan when in real life she would claw you a new thoracic cavity with her Olympian level athleticism and martial skills.

>> No.7747654

i can bench press twice her weight and i have experience beating women, she'd be no problem i assure you

>> No.7747657

It wasn’t fucking nice! As a nyanfag nyanstan I was humiliated by my oshi’s abysmal performance in every game and realized I’d been living a lie.

>> No.7747714

Careful you don’t get banned for reasons of copypsta , you cringing, sobbing noodle. Anyway, America’s favorite vTuber just went live: https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners

>> No.7747726

>it's a "nyanners makes threads on /vt/ pretending she did nothing wrong" episode

>> No.7747732

You should learn to embrace the humiliation like Nyanners does.

>> No.7747737

People really hate her that much for things like that ? Come on, this is ridiculous.
>But you're a Nyancuck !!!
No, I don't like Nyanners and I don't like her content. You can't just put everyone who disagrees with you in the same category, that's called a strawman and it's something that you guys supposedly hate about SJWs, you know, the thing that you accuse Nyanners of being.

>> No.7747747

She was super young and super into 4chan memelord shit when she made that, then grew up and realized it was kinda fucked up of her to write a song about a kid being molested by 3 college guys. People are allowed to grow and change, she did a ton of other shit other than that one loli song.

>> No.7747764

I want her to stop egosearching already

>> No.7747772

yes, nyancucks have that effect on everybody
>sobbing noodle
projection off the charts lmao

>> No.7747846

You've made this post multiple times in multiple threads.

>the benghazi scandal was about a leftist SoS leaving an american ambassador to die
>used by leftists to cry about people telling them to stop making literal fake news articles pushing videogames they were paid to advertise

They quite literally don't ever have any of their own memes even before people noticed they can't meme for shit.

>> No.7747849

You literally have no gonads, you blithering, trembling, asshurt weakling. Nyan could ejaculate on you and it would break your fucking prepubescent arm

>> No.7747885

And I’ll make it as many threads as I need to as long as this retard OP keeps making duplicates because it’s a fucking great point.

>> No.7747922

I embrace my OWN humiliation, not that of my waifu!

>> No.7747978

>You literally have no gonads
what about deez nuts?
>Nyan could ejaculate on you and it would break your fucking prepubescent arm
yes everybody is well aware of the fact that nyaggers ejaculates to the prepubescent, but how does that change the fact that even woody allen would crush her mongoloid skull?

>> No.7748057

Nyan OWNS your non-existent nuts, you blubbering maggot. Now go watch her stream. I have no more time to educate you.

>> No.7748079

gura did it better

>> No.7748084

Still can't figure out whether this was a bit or if Nyanners was actually too nervous. I was hoping she'd ease up much more half a hour in, and I believed they would have more collabs. Weren't they chatting with each other as friends? But the good it did was make people soften up to Vshojo, or parts of it at least.
Still won't watch her streams though, no hard feelings onegai.

>> No.7748097

>Now go watch her stream
no thanks, gura does it better

>> No.7748118

So what. like I’m gonna tolerate fucking YouTube

>> No.7748124

Did what better? Where can I see her doing it better, anyway?

>> No.7748146

She betrayed children by allowing disgusting groomer trash to fester on her server and directly refusing to make it 18+. Literally drawing in kinds for her groomer friends to abuse

>> No.7748156

You’re watching Nyan now while dry-ejaculating from your shriveled raisin

>> No.7748201

Arrest that cat now!

>> No.7748207

if i wanted to watch retards shitting themselves i'd go on efukt, not twitch

>> No.7748211

Its just a bandwagoner who thinks numbers = quality. Real chumbuds love and respect Nyanners, they aren't so different

>> No.7748213

>nyanners is a hypocrite
and water is wet, I doubt normalfags even car and just watch her for the peepeepoopoo and sex jokes

>> No.7748216

Discordbro we already have a bait thread up, remember the schedule!

>> No.7748221

She's always nervous collabing with new people, you should see when she first met Ironmouse and the others.

>> No.7748286

You recently learned to multitab, fucking weakling. You can watch both.

>> No.7748338

I love the contrast between these threads and what's actually happening on her stream.

>> No.7748343

You mean sane people who dgaf abt 4chan don’t care if SHE BETRAY ME and find her amusing? My life is a lie.

>> No.7748404

quick rundown


>> No.7748458

Whatever you say smug discordbro
Gura did it better anyways

>> No.7748491

All the more reason to collab again if you ask me. No idea if either of them either commented on future plans but I'd at the very least watch it.

>> No.7748638

I dont hate her but would make hatesex with her if she wanted.

>> No.7749714

>she collaborates with vtubers who are open about liking lolis
More like, works with them since Ironmouse and Melody are lolicons.

>> No.7750352

real chumbuds wouldn't compare goomba with n*anners

>> No.7750376

Lurk more.

>> No.7750382

Please lurk for 10000 more years.

>> No.7750421

I would kill her if we fought you schizo

>> No.7750495

She is still anti-loli, don't let her groomers gaslight you into thinking she has changed at all

>> No.7750563

You’re a piss soaked, mincing wisp of a eunuch who would break in two in a fight with a Chad like Nyanners

>> No.7750572

people like this will destroy every hobby that you love btw

>> No.7750601

I'm fat and tall

>> No.7750642

You’re an actual worm.

>> No.7750719

Not against loli, just against watching shows where adults want to fuck them
It's not like she campaigned to cancel this show (which was shit) she just saw an ep and ditched it
This your favorite anime or something?

>> No.7751139

they are drawings dubbed by adult women btw

>> No.7751403

>She didn't say this exact thing, that means she doesn't believe it
Same garbage "fiction = reality" argument, same garbage person. Not to mention that was a reply to Mother's Basement

>> No.7753134

Trigger an entire community of racist and transphobic pedos just look at this thread LUL >>7743774

>> No.7753183


>> No.7753251

Is this the butthurt projecting Matsuricuck that got mogged in the Nozomi threads yesterday? kek sure looks like it

>> No.7753304

The more Nyanners threads that make pedos like (You) seethe the better, newfag.

>> No.7753984

Stop posting shit, faggot.

>> No.7759018

Approaching a full decade of this shit.

Wedged directly in 4chan's cranium rent free, half of you collecting your pensions by now but you're still mad she thought your kiddie pics were sus

>> No.7759130

> which failed
Seems pretty successful to me anon

>> No.7759362

"Community" is too strong a word for the people stuck relegislating this after 8 years or whatever like they're WW2 Japanese holdouts on their own schizo island

>> No.7759851

Pink cat bad.

>> No.7760598

>She is still anti-loli, don't let her groomers gaslight you into thinking she has changed at all
Good. I will continue to support this woman.

>> No.7761048

they hate her because she's from ff14 and there are a lot of blizzard fans in /vt/

>> No.7761209

She didn't do anything wrong. This is the same shithole where people brag about stomping kittens to death while wearing heels and nebulous eugenics fantasies. She's a human bean with flaws, and she hasn't gone on a killing spree yet, cut her some damn slack.

>> No.7761465

Pink Cat good. Fuck pedos.

>> No.7762131

The edgiest of the edgy already jumped ship. The only thing left here are tourists, zoomers and oldfags who are coasting on old 4chan's reputation to impress the zoomers. The edgiest shit 4chan has nowadays is all that rightoid conspiracy bullshit on /pol/ and no one is having fun there.

>> No.7762334

she betrayed the pedos of /a/ and /b/ by growing the fuck up

>> No.7762953

>2d loli= child grooming
Jesus Christ, she is really retarded

>> No.7762994

>community of racist and transphobic
You are saying like that was a bad thing

>> No.7763025

what a fucking weenie, wataten would have been way better if Mya-nee was actually a pedophile instead of the boring shit it was.

>> No.7763450

sorry for being retarded, did nyanners write this or something?

>> No.7763573

I've been around since before there was a /pol/, faggot. Neck yourself

>> No.7763964

>piss on her sister's grave

>> No.7764201

>he actually believed
Why are Nyaniggers so gullible?

>> No.7764230


>> No.7764579


>> No.7765151

Surely there's some kind of archive of the evil 4chan meanies planning this, right? Some kind of indication that this actually occurred outside the Pink slut's own head, right?

>> No.7766960

that show was pointless garbage outside of a handful of smug reaction images

>> No.7767243


>One less loli for pedos to obsess over


>> No.7768179

This has nothing to do with HoloEN, retard

>> No.7768311

she said the faggot word as well. time to get cancelled

>> No.7772360

Yes, that's why I still post on an anonymous image board, to impress people. You found me out.

>> No.7772395

>9 years ago
Now post your cringe from a decade ago.

>> No.7772567

Nyanners pulls more viewers on twitch per stream than half of Holo EN does on youtube. Seethe.

>> No.7772804

>on twitch
The cope of all copes.

>> No.7772821

youtube views are about 60% of what they actually are, they don't count many of them for some reason

>> No.7773156


Keep seething discord groomers. I will keep shitting on Nyanners and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.7773661

>xX_DaRkLorD6969_Xx - the best time to fuck a schoolgirl is before first period
Plz no.

>> No.7773992

Was pandering to 4chan's lolicons, realized that doing so means losing opportunities at serious VA jobs, denounced 4chan, but it was too late. Now she's stuck. I can't really blame her, pandering to these schizos was a dumb move since day one.

>> No.7774185

On the bright side, at least Nyanners hates herself more than anyone else here does. She'll probably kill herself in a decade or so.

>> No.7774743

>then she grew up
The time difference between her loli videos and tumblr stage was like, less than 5 years. That's barely "growing up" like you and her defenders always tend to imply. You don't just magically go from prepubescent innocence to adulthood in 2-3 years tops. Yes people can change their opinions but stop trying to make it seem like she had a huge buffer period.

>> No.7775087

People got cancelled for older shit.

>> No.7775374

>The edgiest of the edgy already jumped ship
soooo you mind telling us where they jumped off to?

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