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What's wrong with me liking her?

>> No.7743841

she "betrayed" literal pedophiles and they're still butthurt 10 years later

>> No.7743858

feeling insecure enough about it that you need anons on /vt/ to justify your feelings for her

>> No.7743867

loli model was better

>> No.7743896

Youre a newfag

>> No.7743919

Makes people larping as oldfags feel bad because they read somewhere that she lied about liking loli. As an actual oldfag, I was excited to see her streaming and love vshoujo as a whole.

>> No.7743982

Ok, don't blogpost and stick to her general retard

>> No.7743990

You're pic related

>> No.7744031

Nothing, the fact that 4channel schizos hate you is a proof that you are right.

>> No.7744132

Nothing. Some of her content is pretty funny. The issue is she is easy bait.

>> No.7744137

Imagine actually believing this. Chincels also hate animal abusers. Apparently they must be in the right, too.

She outed herself as an insincere social climber who doesn't care about her fanbase. Being a proud nyanfag is being a proud cuck. You'll get mercilessly locked and laughed at for being her ATM while she fucks around behind your back and abandons you in the end without so much as a goodbye.

>> No.7744338

I dont care about nyanners but i like laughing at dumb nyancucks like you
you're like the sjws who constantly seek validation in /pol/

an absolute sad sack of shit

>> No.7744491

I think Nyanners is singlehandedly giving Vshojo a bad rep

>> No.7744603

Did there exist any evidence at the time that female chuubas can get away with being pedos? I could see why she'd think she had to distance herself from that stuff to get ahead.

>> No.7744659

Translation: I care deeply about Nyanners and how she hurt my feelings when she was like 15

>> No.7744685

She isn't hiding that she is a whore as good as all the other women behind 2D avatars.

>> No.7744687

She keeps "updating" her model to be uglier to stay relevant.

>> No.7744701

Vsojo doesn't have a rep
Someone post the period soup catbox

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>> No.7744739

Like we've always been saying. She will keep betraying her fans over and over again because that's her only shtick. She is the epitome of a sellout trash.
I would've considered watching Nyanners back when she was a loli and didn't look like a chinese knockoff of snuffy, but now I've lost all interest.

>> No.7744746

She is pound-for-pound the #1 English speaking vTuber on the internet. Not liking her is not liking McDonalds or capitalism. It’s adorable.

>> No.7744751

I only hate her when I'm here.

>> No.7744773

>What's wrong with me liking her?
It's degenerate to like trannies OP

>> No.7744780

HATE pink cat

>> No.7744782

The amount of tears in that post alone sure make it seem like you’ve “lost all interest”

>> No.7744845

>ITT redditmigrants pretending to be contrarian for the 4chins points
nyanners was never good and you're all retarded
consider not being faggots next time

>> No.7744849

Who is she selling out to?

>> No.7744860

Nyanners was about to turn western vtubing into woke shit with her inviting all the sjws into vtubing, during the vtweeter arc
Thankfully they all stopped caring


>> No.7744864

this is not the Gura anti thread

>> No.7744892

People who think it’s okay to grow out of your pedo-humor phase that you found funny and edgy when you were literally a child. Those monsters.

>> No.7744910

>seething pedo who took ironic shitposting about lolis seriously and is now mindbroken because it wasn't real lashes out against the one who hurt him most

>> No.7744929

They don't pay, there's no sale taking place

>> No.7744949

Nyanners does it for free, because she's a retarded attention whore

>> No.7744955

I am saying it is exactly that. Nyanners numbers relative to Twitch’s size blow GG’s out of the water.

>> No.7744990

sounds like cope

>> No.7745001

The only good nyanners is a dead nyanners

>> No.7745005

Twitch is a bigger streaming platform than Youtube

>> No.7745025

As an actual oldfag I thought she was an annoying attention whore when she was a vocaroo slut, I feel bad about the shit that happened to her if its true I never really paid attention, I wish she'd just cut off all the past shit she's said and done, including the tumblr phase, and truly start afresh but we all know the only real way to do that would be to abandon nyanners and make a new persona and that'd mean losing the sub headstart she got from pandering to /here/. She comes across like the typical two-faced opportunist who used this place then jumped ship when it wasn't convenient to be associated with here and the things she said and did for her professional voice acting career which ended up going nowhere. It wouldn't be the first of that type but redditors gotta have their anti-loli champion I guess. PS trap isn't a slur and her advocating that blatant lie pisses me off a lot more than the typical "think of the children" anti-loli sentiment.

>> No.7745030

Sounds like you hate America and sex and nuggies and money

>> No.7745081

Liking her means you are an SJW

>> No.7745089

imagine getting mogged by the same autistic blue womanchild in anything you try

>> No.7745151

Nothing wrong with liking Nyanners really, just like there's nothing wrong with liking fat chicks. If that's your fetish man go for it. But there's lots of women and vtubers in the world. Have some standards. Is that really what you are willing to settle for?

I like Mcnuggest sometimes I don't go on the internet asking if other people like them too. It's trash but sometimes it hits the spot. Why care what other people think?

>> No.7745158

Voice actors make shit money. Top tier VTubers don’t. She is getting bigger every day. Just to make you cry.

>> No.7745205

The most deeply insincere slop I’ve ever read. you think there is something very wrong with liking fat chicks and you care deeply what the cringing worms on this board think.

>> No.7745258

growing out of your pedo-humour is not the same as insulting your fanbase for no reason

>> No.7745272

Not for no reason, for sjw clout because she suddenly decided she wanted in with them and shitting on this place seems to be a good ticket

>> No.7745273

>irrelevant post
Who are you even quoting

>> No.7745296

I see an r^2 value of at least 0.5 but that’s just me

>> No.7745300

>this place
This place doesn't care about her. She got weebs mad because she conflated 2d and 3d and wanted to censor anime

>> No.7745332


>> No.7745334

What sane adult wouldn't shit on this place? Not that Nyanners is a sane adult, but she at least impersonates one from time to time.

>> No.7745377

and it was all for nothing since nobody actually gives a shit about muh pedo pandering

>> No.7745417

Now she's blacklisted from collabs and everyone outside of vshojo hates her
Nyanners is dragging vshojo down to the ground. I swear vshojo never had a bad rep up until her shit

>> No.7745447

Fascinating parallel universe you live in.

>> No.7745458

Remember how Melody was our little darling for sticking it to the e-thots?

>> No.7745494

If it's JUST 4chan that hates you, it's proof your right.
As in the majority of hate Nyanners receives comes from just 4chan. Which is correct, considering she's one of biggest vtubers, but gets little to no positive threads about her.
This is probably what he meant, the other anon probably expected you to understand that without specifying it, but your retarded.

>> No.7745500

actual cope

>> No.7745513


Facebook, twitter and reddit all hate her apart from the vshojo centric pages

>> No.7745519

you since you felt targetted

>> No.7745523

Because liking the pink cat is bad. Seeing her cute smiling, and listening to her soothing voice, is supposed to fill you with righteous indignation. The mere mention of her name should leave you seething, so viscerally angry that you could shit yourself.

>> No.7745541

i found a random comment thread on an old siivagunner video of nyanners responding to hate re: response to her tumblr post.

>> No.7745568

>screencapping trannies
wow you sure convinced me

>> No.7745574

op, could you calm down a little bit? Was this additional thread really necessary?


>> No.7745592

Funny you say that considering trannies are her predominant fanbase

>> No.7745606

Maybe if she didn't pander to SJWs then she wouldn't have been hated. Too bad she's a spineless cunt
I wonder if she'll change her avatar to a non-anime tranny next

>> No.7745610

Every single person who tries to shuck the Anonymous label and positions themselves as 4chan's guy or 4chan's girl is cringe and cancer.

>> No.7745614

we are really getting to her, good work bros

>> No.7745633

>5 years ago

>> No.7745637

that is patently untrue

>> No.7745649

>million subscribers
>less than %1 dislikes on her videos that get hundreds of thousands of views
Are you trying to convince us or yourself? Get over it already you fucked in the head lolicon

>> No.7745650

Tell me more about your timeline

>> No.7745667

gura did it better

>> No.7745672

>I swear vshojo never had a bad rep up until her shit
She's been part of Vshojo since it was created, and there's no sign of her being blacklisted from any collabs. There's plenty of ways to criticize Nyanners without just making shit up you know.

>> No.7745692

Have something more recent

>> No.7745699

>Facebook, twitter and reddit all hate her
She must be pretty based then.

>> No.7745702

she's more than justified to remove videos she's uncomfortable with. most people grow or change as people, I'm sorry for those of you that can't experience that

>> No.7745712

Kek, that shit seems way worse than whatever flak she gets here.

>> No.7745729

Sure, she can remove videos she isn't fond off anymore.
Writing rant after rant espousing sjw talking points? That's less acceptable

>> No.7745732

How unexpected you're holobrony

>> No.7745755

she didn't become "uncomfortable with" it, it was a failed political move to get into the sjw va crowd of tumbler

>> No.7745813

cry harder. gura's first single has 10 times the views of nyanners' first single. it ahs also surpassed nyanners' most watched video. so yeah, gura did it better

>> No.7745822

it's more like repeating communist party propaganda without believing it so you don't get gulag'd, which is how things work now online if you want income unless you produce content that is politically opposed to SJW retardation

>> No.7745828

It was her personal opinion at the time, so as far as any sane person is concerned it's completely acceptable. Less so for being a pedophile who seethes over women they never met for something they did years ago

>> No.7745838

like I said posting all that rambling about lolicon was really dumb an unnecesary. I don't want to compare her to Gura because it looks like I'm tribalfagging, but if Nyanners just deleted all the things she didn't like about herself anymore silently the way Gura's roommate did things could've went way smoother

>> No.7745886

I think Nyanners needs to learn to use her middle fingers more often, like Vei. She's been on the internet too long to care so much what people think. She may not have the biggest balls, but she's not a cunt.

>> No.7745895

Honestly nobody would have much of a problem with her if she weren't a gateway for faggots like you who think fiction = reality to infest the hobby

>> No.7745903

i can't believe siivagunner is 5+ years old and still going honestly

>> No.7745928

Nothing. I don't like her all that much but man her model is cute af and that makes me want to at least watch her a bit.

>> No.7745937

I just say it because it always triggers the fuck out of lolicons. Seeing post after post trying to defend their fucked up fetish is hilarious

>> No.7745969

Nobody has much of a problem with her as it is. No one who matters, that is.

>> No.7745976

And is that how we get to the greekanon claiming that greek boy sex is a better form of lolicon?

>> No.7745987

these are the same fags that harassed that indie loli

>> No.7746003

>Durr I'm actually pretending to be retarded lol
Sounds like a Nyannerfag SJW cope
This is why no one likes Nyanners, and thank you for contributing onto people hating Vshojo

>> No.7746030

Meant for >>7745937

>> No.7746033

You know what the average person on the street would consider you right?

>> No.7746110

Freudian slip

>> No.7746166

Her new 3D model by TheArtGun with advanced tracking is even better.

And of course Nyan requested real time breast expansion as an emote feature.

>> No.7746180

Good joke now pull the other one

>> No.7746201

Everyone loves Nyanners. She is mainstream and beloved by America.

>> No.7746218

>pls don't bully me
Stop being so bullyable then.

>> No.7746255

America loves niggers and cuckold porn

>> No.7746274

>5 years ago
lmao you people are fucking pathetic

>> No.7746280

Nah, kek. I remember the hate was so bad she got hate comments on every youtube clip and twitter post and she had to private her discord. All deserved

>> No.7746326

That seems pretty reasonable. Is this what people have been fussing over?

>> No.7746342

It's /vt/, what do you think

>> No.7746359

>remember when Gura was a /b/tarded /v/ermin f/a/ggot?
Nyanners started from the bottom, now the whole crew here.

Everything special about Gura came from a Japanese talent agency.

>> No.7746362

Just because you, personally, are a persistent and diligent troll and stalker with no job is not a reflection of how the uncastrated population views the extremely popular pink cat

>> No.7746383

And so do you and therefore you should love NYANNERS

>> No.7746403

Gura's roommate was more popular than Nyanners, and that's what she got her a place on the most popular talent agency

>> No.7746419

I literally found out this board exists like 2-3 weeks ago.

>> No.7746425

If you even PRETEND to be a decent human being on this site, it is enough to send people into mouth-foaming, hypersonic tantrum

>> No.7746431

you are a worthless stain on society

>> No.7746450

and you will never be a woman

>> No.7746476

>durr if you dislike the attention whore you must be troll lolol
Lmao neck yourself nyanner cuck
You won't ever get a crumb of her pussy no matter how much you white knight for the sjw

>> No.7746502

Seems like you're losing control here, better create yet another split thread that hopefully goes better for you

>> No.7746514

I’m sorry you were banned from her discord. Do you want to apply ointment on your castrations scars?

>> No.7746516

Nyanners pretends to be a """"decent human being"""", she's garbage just like all the SJWs in her discord who get triggered about traps all day.

>> No.7746531

Yeah because being a decent human being means being friends with people who harrass loli vtubers on twitter

>> No.7746546

It’s very upsetting, isn’t it?

>> No.7746549

>all these shitpost insults and you chose this one for /vt/

>> No.7746555

Don't compare Choco to that vulgar, airheaded, cunt.

>> No.7746566

>still seething about sjws
kinda cringe anon

>> No.7746570

If he was truly a stain on society he wouldn't be posting like a NPC.

>> No.7746575

You should definitely apply the ointment in your axe wound

>> No.7746590

This is the guy who cries and sucks greedily from his mother’s dried-out teats whenever Vei frightens him by talking about sex or poop

>> No.7746605

The only good SJW is a dead one

>> No.7746614

The only difference between Nyanners and any anon that can actually go outside and function in society when they aren't shitposting and fapping is that Nyanners has to hide her powerlevel on the internet because that's her public sphere.

It's sad that so many anons take that as some kind of personal attack.

>> No.7746629

And this is why liking nyanners is bad, because it invites people like this

>> No.7746654

You should unironically kill yourself nyanshit, people like you make vshojo look bad

>> No.7746658

Yeah and that includes sending her fans to harrass vtubers with loli avatars right?

>> No.7746666

people who don't act like mentally ill college freshmen? sounds good to me

>> No.7746687

Nyanners has your testes, and your wounds will never heal. She is rolling in money while you are rolling in synthetic semen and genuine tears.

>> No.7746698

Sorry this random girl on the internet hurt your fragile political opinion I guess

>> No.7746706

everyone else doesn't like her so you should join the hivemind

>> No.7746732

Yeah instead we have actual college freshmen saying there's nothing wrong with being an sjw

>> No.7746747

I hate Vshojo because of Nyanners. SJW magnet, she needs to kill herself

>> No.7746760

Based and Cringepill

>> No.7746778

>no you
kek way to prove my point retard

>> No.7746801

Everyone in America likes her. She is number 1 pink cat girl and number 1 vTuber girl in twitch. She is the number 1 selling microwave model in the country. She is selling out comedy clubs from coast to coast with her clown makeup and unique brand of humor. There is literally no one who deserves to breathe air who dislikes her.

>> No.7746830

You. You are what's wrong

>> No.7746843

You secretly like her.

>> No.7746873

Twitter loves Nyanners.

>> No.7746915

Do you guys ever get tired of posting the same shit over and over and over?

>> No.7746916

Name search her. There's always some idiot that made Lolicon their personality malding out.

>> No.7746926

Did you forget which website this is?

>> No.7746941

She betrayed 4chan and ran away to tumblr where she blogged about how oppressed women are. The only way she could ever gain my forgiveness is if she said nigger live on stream.

>> No.7746955

Above average honesty. You get a C+

>> No.7747008

>say slanderous nonsense about a fanbase
>fanbase gets mad at her
Gee I wonder why

>> No.7747019

>betrayed 4chan
How do you betray someone that never supported you? People always seethed about her here.

>> No.7747178


>> No.7747202

Johnny, I already ordered a pizza.

>> No.7747346

That funny, because I do the same with Nyanties. Those people are the most easy to bait by far.

>> No.7747404

Fuck lolicons, literally can't have a single good Nanoha thread on /a/ because of their constant faggotry. They deserve to be shat on.

>> No.7747407

>i hate nyanners so the bubble algorithms tell me everyone else hates nyanners too
internet lol

>> No.7747409

You're not even a clipfag, because watching even one clip of Choco would prove that you are wrong. You probably base yourself off the design alone, and that makes you a faggot.

>> No.7747467

Society will never accept you jacking off to depictions of children. You will always be a bottom of the barrel sick outcast who has to keep their head low unless you want to be institutionalized or get lynched by pedophile hunters. They will not care about the intricate differences between 2d and 3d.

>> No.7747480

>eternal damage controlling a nyanner thread in a nyanner anti board
kek, you are mentally ill and should seek help

>> No.7747500

must be why there's 2 generations of women who lust after edward cullen, who is 17

>> No.7747518

Nyanners is a child to me. When do we start lynching and killing Nyanners?

>> No.7747544

It's been ten years, people change. Not everyone can be stagnant like some of you are

>> No.7747601

Nyanners only turned into shit. If Nyanners really did change she would dump the whole nyanners identity altogether.

>> No.7747619

Sure, and this explains her harrassing loli vtubers how?

>> No.7747653

How did she do that?

>> No.7747674

Look up kyutto and notice how many of them are sporting nyanners avatars

>> No.7747688

>noooo you can't just call out my fucked up pedophile rings
For every pathetic post like this Nyanners cancels another loli vtuber.

>> No.7747696

in her discord
she pandered to the mentally ill who call normies sexist, racist nazis

>> No.7747707

Unironically, take your pills

>> No.7747736


They're right. Seethe pedo.

>> No.7747750

>Noooo you can't use a loli avatar and we will harrass you until you stop
And this is why liking nyanners is wrong

>> No.7747779

No amount of seething will uncancel Kyutto. We won.

>> No.7747783

Exhibit a of why it's wrong to like nyanners

>> No.7747790

>other people doing things is Nyanners fault
I can't believe you guys made Chris-chan fuck his mom. That's fucked up.

>> No.7747794

>it's a "nyanners makes threads on /vt/ pretending she did nothing wrong" episode


No, you're just so fucking new you shouldn't even be posting.

Basedo. She always seemed like an annoying weeaboo and now with vshojo she gets to live her dreams of being a white japanese person. Woo hoo. She should stop posting multiple threads pretending to be other people though.

>> No.7747816

Only pedo here is nyanners however

>> No.7747818

Because you samefag?

>> No.7747825

Based! They're rtight. Why don't you seethe harder pedo?
Cope Pedobrony lmao

>> No.7747843

Case in point

>> No.7747859

I think it's really only the tumblr essays that most people get mat at, the rest of the outrage over her is just the roving drama addicts poking at embers.

>> No.7747860

? she's a twitch partner, and the "predebut" vtweeters who went after her are still just as irrelevant

>> No.7747897

>Why don't you seethe harder pedo?
Because I'm not a nyanners fan? I would be seething if I was a discord groomer in the nyanners discord

>> No.7747899

lol where's the lie

stay seething pedo

>> No.7747915

>> No.7747925

>Nyancuck seething so hard he samefags
You love to see it

>> No.7747928

obsessed rent free and worked into an absolute shoot

nyanners and nyanCHADs always win baby


>> No.7747947

Half the thread is a faggot arguing with himself

>> No.7747948

>Not liking her is not liking McDonalds or capitalism.
In other words, not liking Gura is based.

>> No.7747953

you're trying too hard

>> No.7747969

Seethe harder pedobrony

>> No.7747984

It's about time you take your meds and stop projecting

>> No.7747985

incase this isn't b8
she used to be a 4chan oldfag-ish regular, but decided that the culture was cringy but also destructive in relation to who she wanted to be and left to better herself.
in inc*l eyes she """betrayed""" the site that """made""" her, even though everyone that complains about this is too newfag to even remember her involvement here.

>> No.7747992

Samefag harder, if you post long and hard enough I'm sure Nyanners will reward you someday

>> No.7748000

Why try when this board almost universally loves Nyanners if not for the r/Hololive refugees and election tourists? LUL

>> No.7748023

Based samefriend

>> No.7748032

she insulted her fans to their faces for no reason fag

>> No.7748033

>nyancucks on damage control

>> No.7748036

>Why try when this board almost universally loves Nyanners if not for the r/Hololive refugees and election tourists? LUL

>> No.7748046

man these people will never ever have sex.
also >"twitter is 1 person"

>> No.7748051

Bro I'm literally her old time Skype friend I could show her this thread right now and she'd laugh at your impotent seething.

>> No.7748056

Kyuotto, even with her 12 Twitch viewers entirely consisting of her most shameless groomers, will never have a career as a vtuber anymore.

>> No.7748070

>obsessed rent free and worked into an absolute shoot
>nyanners and nyanCHADs always win baby

>> No.7748092

Nice pic of yourself Pedobrony
He's a Chad. You're just seething at someone who's here enough to shitpost and bantz with us.

>> No.7748107

>Nice pic of yourself Pedobrony
>He's a Chad. You're just seething at someone who's here enough to shitpost and bantz with us.

>> No.7748130

i'm sorry she doxxed you, went to your door, and called you a retard to your face.
>noooooooo she had an instance of bad optics 8 years ago and there's no fucking way she could've slightly adjusted since then how can i fucking cope?????????
you just do anon, you just do.

>> No.7748136

This isn't just regular delusion this is advanced delusion

>> No.7748141

Nice pic of yourself Pedobrony. Stay S E E T H I N G kEK

>> No.7748173

she thinks trap is a slur, she only got worse since then

>> No.7748231

sorry transphobe but trap is indeed a slur and trannies like you are coping

>> No.7748239

Are you sure she's not laughing at your small dick and how many times you keep trying to send nudes to her?

>> No.7748249

fuck off troon

>> No.7748299

I'm black and I have a 9 inch BBC, wh*Teboi

>> No.7748329

>long time nyanner sex friend
I always knew Nyanners was a filthy animal fucker

>> No.7748349

The amount of mental illness in this thread is worrying.

>> No.7748548

Fitting the resident Nyanners-fag is a Sub-90 IQ monkey

>> No.7748582

>nyanners antis are not only pedophiles and transphobes but also racists
No surprises here either

>> No.7748634

That's a given. Everyone hates Nyanners including your dad.

>> No.7748645

You don't have to restate it we already knew nyanners antis were based

>> No.7748677

Wtf I'm a nyanners anti now

>> No.7748752

Oh sorry, let me put it in a language you understand. Ooga booga mup duh do bix nood muh fugga

>> No.7748805

based af, go back to africa nigger

>> No.7752130

>unique brand of humor
KEK, neck yourself, not even you believe that shit

>> No.7752210

suck my cunny-loving dick dipshit, i'll post about lolis all i want and there's nothing you can do about that kek

>> No.7752705

Twitch is the main live streamer platform, whereas YouTube has it as a side thing. Yet Gura on YouTube is still getting more live viewers than Nyanners.

>> No.7752839


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