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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>7690844

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>Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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I’m surprised you hate the non-Hololive threads. It really opened my eyes to different vtubers that I’ve been visiting their threads.

>> No.7738048

It's little more than a virtue signal, when nobody writes about anything about them and there isn't anything to go off of.

>> No.7738214

Check the archives, people have written stories about them, saying it’s virtue signal is disingenuous.

>> No.7738629

NTA but a few of the ones posted I've never seen stories of before. We had more than a few occasions of people feeling 'baited in' by pictures/chuubas only to find out they've got no content. Happened last thread, thread before that, etc.

>> No.7738682

In fairness while there is fanfiction of nijis/indies they make up so little of the discussion and posting about them in wg that the thread op looks like a shallow show of support for them.
Besides the OP really doesn't determine what actually gets written. Like seriously the last time we actually got a fic that matched was the crossick unbirthing greentext.

>> No.7738939

But stories about nijisanji and indies have been in the rise because of it.

>> No.7738965

A kind and somewhat mentally deranged anon fulfilled a preggo Selen prompt. Monkey's pawed, it, but still.

>> No.7738973

...Have they? I've only seen Selen. I'm not doubting you, I'm just genuinely curious.

>> No.7739043

Really? I don’t think they have. I’m pretty sure that Lulu shota smut and the Beatani ones were back when the threads were still hololive, so I don’t think they’ve changed much. Either way it’s been a while and I love Nene so no complaints here

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I don’t think every thread should be hololive, but at the same time I don’t think every thread should be a chuuba that nobody’s written about. A good mix is prefect IMO

>> No.7739427

There’s more Soren fics than that one.

>> No.7739526

personally i think the choice of whom to write about should be exclusively determined by the writers themselves, and that the topic should never be approached.

but i also understand that from a reader's perspective, especially one that keeps hoping their oshi will become someone's muse one day, the lack of variety is frustrating

while i commiserate, i don't think that it should take priority over writer freedom, and the appropriate response to all topics like this should be write it yourself

>> No.7739637

OC threads on other boards that don't use a single dedicated OP image tend to use something from the previous thread. That needs a little more discretion with text instead of images, but makes much more sense than X holo or Y 2view. And this applies doubly for catfags using cropped porn as "anchors".

>> No.7739659

I really doubt that the name and pic of a chuuba on wg's op awakens people to write fanfic about them more than that chuuba being their oshi.
Maybe it'll make some of there fans come out of the woodwork to drop prompts and shit but that won't make an unknown gain more fans.

>> No.7739967

i don't even know why this is being talked about. we have no control over the OP as he's a permanent shitposter here, and the only way to gain control would be to make a thread even earlier than him, which i'm not gonna do

>> No.7740037

Lily Hopkins….

>> No.7740096

Taking your oshi to Big Kahuna Burger and ordering them one tasty burger

and then shooting them in the head

>> No.7740129

I mean it did allow people to make more prompts about different vtubers, so that’s always a plus.

>> No.7740148

Shame the guy didn't do more.

>> No.7740354

What about the fluff ones?

>> No.7740377

I'm well aware that most people are gonna invest their time into writing about someone they don't know anything about it,
that's why I like making prompts with a mix of familiar and new.

>> No.7740429

>I'm well aware that most people *aren't* gonna invest their time into writing about someone they don't know anything about it,

>> No.7740584

I'd like it if there were more fics about nonhololive vtubers from people who actually watch them. Not that what we have right now is bad but we'd get newer writers and reading their fics would help with learning about different chuubas.

>> No.7740802

And how can we foster that if some people like >>7735325 refuse anything but Hololive?

>> No.7740889

we remember that only the jannies can control what people post

>> No.7741082

Writeanon that did the Selen fics here. I love her, truly. I was genuinely happy with writing her as a loving wife, but then an anon with a wish to see more tragedy put out a prompt, and the rest is history.

If anything, I was the one who was monkey pawed.

>> No.7741084

Hate is a strong word, I don't even dislike them. I just... prefer we make threads with chuubas that are atleast somewhat well known. At the very least, I think we should make the thread using only the chuubas that already have a story in the archive. We've seen a few people get baited before, and having atleast one story will make it so that they atleast have something to read

>> No.7741111

Go back in time and kill him.

>> No.7741299

>Kiryu pissed off the chink gangs, and the entireity of china is after her head
>As her brother, you've decided to take responsibility and put an end to it all yourself
>Take her to her favorite burger place for her final meal
>Drive her to the outskirts of town
>Give her a speech about taking responsbility
>Tell her about how it will be impossible to live a happy life
>Tell her that this is the only way
>"Then do it" she says
>Pull the trigger
>Years of playing League and arthritis caused you to actually land your shot, instead of miss like you were planning to
>Oh fuck she's dead

>> No.7741745

(You) are just an average Australian teenage boy. You like to eat vegemite by the jar, throw boomerangs at koalas and kangaroos, and playfully unlatch people from their ground harnesses causing them to fall into space. One day your parents tell you that you'll be hosting an exchange student from overseas. They tell you that you'll need to treat her like a sister, since she doesn't speak the language very well and will probably have a hard time making friends. They also tell you not to be mean to her since she's most likely at least a little bit autistic, so no classic Australian bants. When you finally get to see her for the first time you're met with a short blonde girl with a pretty big pair of booba. Everything goes fine at first, she seems shy and very polite, and of course she has a little trouble with the language. The two of you even do develop a little bit of a sibling relationship. That is until one day she walks into your room without knocking and catches you in the middle of jacking off. Turns out the shy and polite thing was all an act, and unless you follow her orders to a T she'll make your life a living hell.

>> No.7741770

Begging and pleading with *insert chuuba here* to please just suck your dick once and after hundreds of times she finally agrees. What she doesn't know is that you dusted your cock in cocaine and that she's incredibly susceptible to addiction.

>> No.7741777

Reposting these Kurokami prompts from last thread. ...Again.

Your constantly friendzoning childhood friend Fubuki introduces you to her new roommate - her cousin from far away, Kurokami Fubuki! She seems cold at first, but theres something about her that draws you in... as if she's promising something that the arctic fox refuses to give... A week later, Fubuki peeks through the crack of Kurokami's door, and makes awkward eye contact with her, currently riding (you) like a race horse.

Fubuki reaches a breaking point from constantly having to fix the other Holomems messes and turns into her alter ego, Kurokami - not giving a fuck about anyone or anything anymore. It is up to you and your willy to show her that she is not just needed, but loved, too!

Alternate spin on the first one: Your friend Fubuki has a secret: she really wants to get into your pants, but is too shy and pure to actually go for gold. She tries to game the system by cosplaying as her *cough* supposed cousin, Kurokami, and seduce you that way. Shenanigans ensue, as she tries to uphold the character while impaled on your massive member!

>> No.7741824

Ui mama walks in on (you) and your gf Subaru trying to have sex. Instead of putting a stop to it or anything like that she feels like it's her obligation to join in because, according to her, Subaru is doing such a terrible job at it. Include Ui criticizing Subaru at every single thing she does and maybe have (You) react way better when Ui shows Subaru how to do something properly, making Subaru feel like she can't do anything right.

>> No.7741891

To the guy who wrote Endless Summer with Sora, thanks. Girl of Emptiness was already one of my favorite stories, and you really helped me feel for Sora in the end. Small spoilers within, so the tags will be utilized.The only criticism I could possibly have is maybe making the protagonist's internal struggle over it a bit longer. Obviously, they liked Sora, but they still kidnapped them in a way, and their choice to stay will have severe consequences in the long run. More conflict over that, if only internally, would've been nice.
Either way, another wonderful piece by you. Thank you so much.

>> No.7742109

At we got a few prompts out of it.

>> No.7742149

writeanons, what's in the works?

And for today's bonus question: For writeanons, is there any part of your works you've published so far that you are particularly proud of? It could be a whole fic, or just a single scene. As for readanons, any favourite specific scenes/excerpts from the fics you've read here so far?

>> No.7742339

I really, really am happy with how Relapse came out, the stupid Omelas fan sequel I wanted to make back when the story was fresh on everyone's minds and people wanted something resembling a happy conclusion to it. HF is still something I'm surprised I keep up with, but I feel like Relapse is something I'm particularly proud of.
As for what's being made, Anon has just now seen a vagina for the first time in his entire life and does not have time for questions. Coco's horny. May be done within a few days time depending on how badly I procrastinate/continue to rape my sleep schedule into the dirt.

>> No.7742384

I still occasionally giggle at the Indian prince shitting himself to shut up all the chuubas in the room. I don't know, I just sat there laughing at my own joke for a solid 15 mins when I first thought of it

>> No.7742639

Even though the story as a whole is nowhere near done I'm really proud of the first chapter of 'Cold Steel'. It's one of the few pieces of my work that I look at and feel good about it.

Another fic that I came to love was '¥15000 is ¥15000'. When I first posted that and read it myself, I was disgusted but over time I came to appreciate it a lot because it's completely different from anything I've ever written before but I still wonder what shit I was on when I wrote that. As for what I'm working on, that's a secret.

>> No.7742999

had a "fun" idea based on this video
At some point in her mission/bloodbath, Botan encounters a moldy boy that just lives through whatever she puts him through.
Botan herself is rather unphazed by this, and with cat-like curiosity, she decides to keep him as something between a playmate and chewtoy.

>> No.7743247

no pride in my works, they're made mostly to contribute to the thread and not be a leech

favourite scenes? honestly too many to count and i feel like picking out individuals might upset others and give them the impression their works aren't awesome too when in fact they just aren't floating around the top of my head at the moment

i will say the very recent outline of that matsuri molestation fic was downright amazing and had me swallow hook, line and sinker

>> No.7743433

>chuuba invites her friends to drink at a bar and hang out((you) included)
>you don't drink for whatever reasons(up to writer why he doesn't drink)
>everyone has a good time and call it a night
>chuuba needs a ride home
>you offer and she accepts
>help her to her house and her bed, either carrying her or supporting her while she walks
>your about to leave, but chuuba stops you by grabbing your hand
>says "can you stay with me please, im tired and scared of being alone"
>hesitate but agree and stay the night with her, either sleeping next to her on a chair or sleeping with her in bed(again up to the writer
>no sex happens(or not im not the one writing)

>> No.7743571

That's just a prompt for yet another Mio doesn't get the D she needs fic

>> No.7743609

I'm glad that Matsuri prompt was so well received, even if it was just me deliriously horny posting. At least it made a few people interested.

>> No.7743623

Woah woah woah

Calm down anon I..I..I just wanted some abuse in the story, i didn't know it would hurt other people i swear, im sorry

We're cool r..right anon?

>> No.7743680 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, of course, of course. Hey, Anon, I've got this book here. It's got this really interesting bit in it. Lemme read it to you.

>> No.7743691

it's because it wasn't explicitly horny posting and was actually a well-developed short with an interesting hook, drama interwoven with character development, and a resolution that was simultaneously... 'heartwarming', for lack of a better word, and incredibly twisted

in fact, if you kept sex references surface level only, it wouldn't be a hornypost at all

>> No.7743832


>> No.7743855

Progressing slowly but surely with the next chapter of Cover High. The supporting cast just keeps getting bigger, but it's good practice for chuubas I've never written before.
As for the bonus question, I'm mostly just proud that I've kept the series going as long as I have. This whole thing started on a whim when I submitted a prompt only to decide to do it myself, and it ended up becoming the biggest writing project I've ever done. I think the parts I'm most satisfied with are (You)r elaborate planning in chapter 2, the opening of chapter 3, and the interlude chapter.

>> No.7743875

the interlude chapter was pretty dope, gotta say

>> No.7743891

Anons here don't like it when you write stories that aren't about hololive members.

>> No.7743917

Kind of you to say. One day I'd like to have it realized as an actual story. Still plan on doing the opening journal bit sometime soonish. If I could draw Matsuri's hair to save my life I'd go so far as to have little shitty MSpaint stick-figure drawings to really sell the feel. I want it to hurt.
I really liked that interlude chapter. You're right to be proud of it.

>> No.7743965

Didn't we get one sort of like this with Gura?

>> No.7744012

Being teased by Gyura (Gyaru Gura), the ultimate mesugaki, until you finally snap and put her in her place (with your cock).

>> No.7744075

Not shocked by it, just sad that it kills discussion and possible stories of other chuubas.

>> No.7744107

its just one notrious faggot complainig

>> No.7744198

This. He's been around pretty much since the beginning of the writing thread and has even tried to make a "Hololive writing thread" specifically (it didn't get any replies and died). Either he's falseflagging to try and get more non-holo stories written or he really is just a tribalist fag who only wants Holo stories.

>> No.7744225

Reine's delicious exposed tummy!

>> No.7744250

Under the assumption you're genuine and not that nigger phoneposting, any and all chuubas are welcome here, be they indies or corpos.

>> No.7744321

Anon quick! Look through the prompt archive and reply with one you'd really like to see written!

>> No.7744445

"Aqua trips while walking up stairs or something and you catch her. As red as a tomato she stammers out a thank you and then runs away.
The next day she comes up to you wearing a wedding dress and demands that you marry her because you got her pregnant. The sweet little retard thought that in the brief moment you made physical contact with her she got pregnant because she thinks that's how it works."


" Reine tracks you down through your bedroom that you sent to one of her room review streams. She found many of the things that you have made you seem very endearing to her. She eventually finds your social media or whatever the fuck and falls even more for you. She WILL find you. She WILL fuck you. High impact sexual violence is coming your way."

>> No.7744487

First one already got written pretty recently

>> No.7744516

I really like this "one!" Whoever wrote this prompt has unbelievably good taste, and if I do say so myself, a strikingly handsome appearance, too.

Fubuki contracts a fatal curse whilst fighting an evil witch and the only cure is the semen of someone she is (or isn't) in love with injected directly into the confines of her colon

Trapped in a cold, mountainous region in the middle of a hike gone wrong at the hands of a surprise cold snap and blizzard, Fubuki and you huddle around a campfire before one of you suggests that you share body warmth, which naturally leads to you going spelunking in her arse cave

It's that time of the year and Fubuki's extreme libido during mating season leads her to club a random stranger over the head, drag him into a toilet and fuck him

You're a general practitioner examining Fubuki's body in detail after she calls in sick. Despite it being a simple cold, unbridled sexual tension between you leads to you offering an unprecedented call-in service for at-home patient care. Fubuki coyly accepts, and calls you later. One quick car ride later, you're in her room and in her arse.

An extremely horny Fubuki finds a hole in a wall and deliberately overdresses herself to the point where she will get stuck in said hole. She does so. You, a passing pedestrian, see an inviting arse protuding from that wall, and investigate it with your dick.

You're Fubuki's manager and offer promotional opportunities in exchange for twerking on your pork sword

You get a boner and rape the nearest thing, which happens to be Fubuki. In the arse.

You're playing MHR with Fubuki when an upswing with your hammer accidentally sends her flying away from a perfect swag axe opportunity. In an uncharacteristic loss of temper, she throws the handheld at you, which sparks an argument which can only end in one way: you holding her down and raping her bubble butt.

After a long hard day breaking rocks in the mineshaft and breathing in coal dust, you and Fubuki hit the local saloon for a cool glass of watered-down goat's piss. And another. And one more, for good measure. Half-baked shenanigans turns into a game of cards. Since your brain is inebriated on a combination of overexposure to coal dust and what you're fairly sure is wood alcohol, your dick steps in and demands strip poker. Fubuki, whom is surprised but secretly wants it to go this way, agrees. Of course, you win by a landslide, and then you fuck her. In the butt.

>> No.7744546

Name or link? The last Aqua story was Aqua being turned into a centaur.

>> No.7744577

Really like this one

>(you) make burgers for a cover office party
>fubuki gets addicted to your liberty sandwiches
>keeps trying to find excuses to get you to make more
can take it friend or gf route (though i'd very much prefer the latter) from there depending on how close she gets to you on her path to borgars

>> No.7744602

Finished my 9k smut and no one read it so back on track to my Risu story, I guess. Though I don't see myself putting out anything beyond 3k words again anytime soon.

Is that melodramatic enough to make you give me feedback?

>> No.7744637

soz anon, but futa is a no-go zone for me. there's a couple people here who are hyper for it; don't know if they still come here, though

>> No.7744654

I read it and It was hot. I'm not good at feedback.

>> No.7744656

Considering he explicity stated he wanted a hololive theme, its obvious that he's a tribalist fag

>> No.7744665

I'm actually in the process of reading it right now and have been enjoying it so far.
the sex is hot as fuck
My only minor complaint is that IMO you made gura way to innocent. it's not a deal breaker for me though, just a comment I had

>> No.7744666

saying you nutted to a smut is like the best form of praise you can give, and i wholly recommend doing so because it makes the whole endeavour worth it for writers

>> No.7744710

Checked the archive and damn it must have been missed because it's not there. Pretty much (You) were hired by cover to be Aqua's new manager. Hopefully someone has it saved or the writer is here to post it again.

>> No.7744732

I don’t even know how it was a question.

>> No.7744733

Are you describing the relatively old series with Manager-san and Aqua's budding romance?

>> No.7744737

I think this is it.


>> No.7744741

It's alright Risu you don't have to be melodramatic. I thought it was very good, 10/10 made me nut.

>> No.7744765

That's the one! Hopefully the anon that reposted the prompt sees this.

>> No.7744799

>Either he's falseflagging to try and get more non-holo stories written or he really is just a tribalist fag who only wants Holo stories.
Anon, I don't follow you in the slightest.

>> No.7744807

What fucking thread was this posted in?

>> No.7744823

It was posted a few threads ago I think.

>> No.7744853

speaking as someone who is here around 18 hours a day every day - either i'm dumb and blind or you're mistaken

>> No.7744865

The op of the original post >>7735325 # is tribalist fag who only wants Holo stories.

>> No.7744870

I just went back to try and find it and don't see it anywhere. I've no fucking clue where this came from but I very clearly missed it. I'll archive it shortly.

>> No.7744911

Falseflag = making a stink about non-holos so writers write more about them out of spite, falling into his trap because he actually does want non-holo stories.

Tribalist = being a nigger and actually only wanting Holo's.

>> No.7744959

No, I meant more on who the anon is because I'm confused. Are you saying the OP is that anon or the person anons have been crossposting?

>> No.7745008

OH, no the non-OP dude is the falsflagger/tribalist. The OP is simply a fag that wants to see this general die.

>> No.7745012

I found it in my history only because I remember the title was called 'bubblegum' something. it was definitely in some previous wg thread because this the only thread I frequent.

>> No.7745060

the fact in question here is not whether it was posted in /wg/, but whether it was posted here recently

>> No.7745084

I'd say probably within the past week or so it was posted here.

>> No.7745090

I opened it first on August 3rd according to my history.

>> No.7745121

well fuck me dead

>> No.7745233

Fuck me, there it is. August 2nd, >>7438599
My bad then. Completely fucking missed it. Authanon, should you be around, accept my apologies.

>> No.7745291

Kanata finally gets her hands on one of those TENGA things that Holomems keep mentioning to her. She examines it thoroughly but can't quite figure out exactly what it is for. (You) decide to help her understand how it works by making her clumsily masturbate you with it.

Alternatively, Kanata is a futa and decides to stick her dick in the enticing hole, and experimenting around with it.

>> No.7745438

>Gorilla Grip Onaholejob
writeanons.......... onegaishimasu........

>> No.7745901

Calm your nut sacks, I just wanted a holo thread for once, it's been a while since we last had one

Also this is me >>7741084

>> No.7746070

shouldn't have responded, lad, you're adding fuel to a dwindling fire

>> No.7746227

Virgin Kanata is (You)r girlfriend and has recently gotten close enough to you to feel comfortable sleeping with you. As part of showing her the ropes and familiarizing her with how to handle a dick, you have her start off with a handjob, but the instant she grips it, she squeezes it into a gory pulp

>> No.7746284

bruh i'm getting second-hand dick pain reading this

>> No.7746285

Then she takes you on an emergency trip to the holo's that can use magic/make deals with powerful entities! Kanata's gotta get your dick back baby!

>> No.7746294

So tribalist

>> No.7746547

Kanata gorilla jokes are as funny and not forced at all as Rushia pettan. Though I think Reddit will appreciate them more, so please go back.

>> No.7746647

Post more Kanata gorilla jokes to piss this nigger off until he finally has another breakdown in public and gets institutionalized. It's for his own good, no one's blood pressure should constantly be so high over absolutely fucking nothing.

>> No.7746928

ah that reminds me
>Gibara and Kanata return to the jungle to embrace their inner monkey
>sniff out a nice breedable young man from the smell of his cum and start whooping and screaming
>suddenly start fighting for the right to mate with him

>> No.7747029

>Ride husband
>Life good

>> No.7747132

Kanata doing this https://youtu.be/du5dQlZtduM

>> No.7747162

This, someone said it. Hate the forced meme and jokes.

>> No.7747256


>> No.7747357


>> No.7747382


>> No.7748750

Fuck. My head hurts and my will to do anything, including living, is at zero. I want to cry but no tears come out. Only a couple of weeks left until suffering resumes and I can't seem to make the best of them.
The only thing that can keep me going for a bit is fluff from here. Thank you guys so much.

>> No.7748829

I'm glad you can find something to keep you happy amongst all the bitterness and senseless anger that seems to plague us lately.

>> No.7748879

I want you to keep going, anon. I know we are but faceless people shouting at each other through concrete walls, but I think the anons here do care for you and are rooting for you. I know I am.

>> No.7749181

Give me all your crypto while you ponder about life, I'll keep them safe for you

>> No.7749523 [SPOILER] 

Not all is bad in the world. Here, I'll give you a nice Brazilian dessert for you to make (it takes 10 minutes!).
1 can of condensed milk
2 spoon of butter (the big ones for soup)
2 spoons of of chocolate powder (doesn't need to be expensive ones)
Mix it all together in a pan with the oven on, stop once it starts bubbling because it burns quickly. You now have Brigadeiro de panela, you can eat it straight from the pot and it will lift up your spirits! Btw recipes are a form of writing so fuck off. But just to be sure, I think Pekora would love this dessert.

If it doesn't work then you're a lost cause...

>> No.7749766

NTA but thanks, Brazilchama. It's nice to have reminders that no matter how bad or dour things are, there's always at least one good person around.

>> No.7749797

Are you an idiot.

>> No.7750498

Dude that sounds unhealthy as fuck... but also incredibly delicious. I assume you only eat a few small bites of it after making it and not the whole thing because otherwise jesus christ

>> No.7750970

I suspect someone, in this very thread... Is an owl!

>> No.7751039


>> No.7751052 [SPOILER] 

Oh yeah it is extremely unhealthy, that's for sure. I make one once every idk two months when I'm craving something sweet and don't want to go to the supermarket for some chocolate bars. Generally, I eat half of it in one day and the other half the next, but I used to eat the whole thing in one sitting back in the day. It's very sweet so it would be hard to anyone not used to it to eat more than a couple of spoons, but it sure as hell is delicious.

I should mention that this is in pan form, it's basically an ingredient to a thing we call Brigadeiro. You grab some of it in your hands, roll it up into a ball and sprinkle chocolate grains onto it. Delicious as fuck and is almost always in birthday parties here in Brazil. Pic related

>> No.7751065


>> No.7751847

>Your girlfriend Ollie dies and later returns to your life as a rotting yandere corpse.
A rather obvious yet interesting idea that hasn't been done yet, I think.
Maybe for the better though, since I'm pretty sure this prompt was posted before Olivia was a thing.

>> No.7752103

Sounds hot to me, but I have brain problems.

>> No.7752318

Huh, might have to try that then when I have the chance. Seems simple enough to make and I'm quite curious as to what it tastes like.

>> No.7753518

You employ a friend of a friend who worked with preserved dead bodies and you both work to save your lover from rotting away
> You inject her remaining muscles and organs with a balsaming liquid
> You make her sleep submerged in balsaming liquid - it's not like she needs oxygen, besides, enormous doses of antibiotics will keep bacteria at bay
> You make her drink litres upon litres of tanning fluids to preserve what's left of her digestive tract and make is so it doesn't continue to absorb water and doesn't bloat the body
> You temporarily connect her bloodstream to a pumping system and slowly purify it from all of the clotted and rotten blood, finally substituting blood for another filler liquid

Then, a plastic surgeon fixes up her not so pretty skin. She still resembles a quilt but she looks a bit charming in her usual clothes.

Finally, to keep her alive even if she temporarily loses her will to live, you employ the help of a dragon-in-hiding, to ship you a magical drug that will bind her tighter to this body and allow it to be a lot more livelier than in its previous state - almost like a human.

>> No.7755909


>> No.7757027

Ina likes (You), but is too embarrassed to ask any of her friends for advice. So she turns to the worst possible source for advice, The Ancient Ones.

Cue Ina mindfucking you into being a willing thrall.

>> No.7757688

to the anon who wrote the fuckfest fic:
druged up, cock slut gura is one of the hottest things ive ever read, thank you

>> No.7758077

Making Miko straight with my right hand and slicing up raiders using a machete with my left.

Honestly I think a moment or scene that I can be really proud of writing is yet to come, or may never come at all. At the moment I’m still trying to improve and become a better writer so that I can be satisfied with myself.

>> No.7758477

Sorry man, I don’t mind if it’s there in the archive but futa just isn’t for me

>> No.7758664

What? No, I do not want to see this place die. I’m the OP and just thought I’d make a thread before the other guy does, complete with the prompt board and the anchor. I even said we could chill in the old thread before migrating, which is why I didn’t link the new thread once it hit bump limit.

>> No.7758880

I'm pretty sure that person is a tribalist in disguise, Anon.

>> No.7758977

Wasn’t in the prompt archive but I remember a while ago some anon posted a prompt about an Astel x Olivia story

>> No.7759377

I do wonder how the ratio of futa or no futa is, I've seen some major bait a couple threads back but that was overblown so I have no idea.

Your loads serve as fuel for my core. With every load I grow stronger.

I unfortunately don't watch EN all too much, but with that being said, keeping Gura's character in this basically rape scenario was tough, that's for sure. Maybe If i write about her again I'll give her some more experience and less dumbness

I feel bad for leaving it at that, Gura pleading for cock is indeed arousing. Originally I intended to have her tiny shark womb and stomach to be filled to the brim as as well as having her completely covered in dragon and reaper cum, but I ended up cutting it there at a cliffhanger, cause those are the best places to end a story. If there's one thing I regret is not adding a scene where they both jerk off to her playing with herself and dirty talking in slut form, but I feel like the two of them wouldn't really just stand there while Gura invited them in. Certainly would just take up that invitation to fuck the everliving shit out of her holes.

>> No.7759509

>her tiny shark womb and stomach to be filled to the brim
god thats a hot image

>> No.7762197

I was talking about other OP anonchama. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I understand having to make a thread early because you wanted to beat out the other fag OP.

>> No.7762557

So wait, early threads are okay now?

>> No.7762583

>early threads are okay now?
Always were.

>> No.7762685

No, that's not what I meant. The dude who started this thread hopefully only did it to try and get rid of the true early thread fag. But early threads should always be looked down on here.

>> No.7762725

Don't reply to early thread fags.

>> No.7762749

Am I blind or what? I was sure this thread was made AFTER the previous one died. Am I missing something?

>> No.7762754

Which ones? Apparently there’s different types of them.

>> No.7762800

>I was sure this thread was made AFTER the previous one died.
What? No? This thread was made early.

>> No.7762857

you guys never learn. protip - you see someone actively complaining about early threads, they're just here to cause trouble. ignore it.

>> No.7762860

Gonna assume you don't know how this website works. This thread was made like 4 hours before the last one died. A thread on 4chan dies when it is 404'd/archived, not when it reaches bump limit.

>> No.7762892


Instead of arguing over this shit, can't we just write stories?
Isn't this the whole point of being here?

>> No.7762899

You say that about everyone, even though they have legitimate complaints.

>> No.7762913

I guess I just didn't see the new thread being linked so I assumed there was none.

>> No.7763358

Aqua asks one of the older, more mature Holo's how babies are made. She decides to grab (You) and give Aqua a firsthand lesson.

>> No.7763387

You got to check the catalog more often.

>> No.7763490

Honestly I agree. Early threads, OP images, different tastes, grammar... why should we argue about that when we’re here to read and write stories? As long as we can do those two things, who cares about those minor, petty problems?
As the legendary dragon once said: Just enjoy.

>> No.7763557


>> No.7765785

As you'd probably expect from an angel-demon hybrid that proclaims herself to be a beacon of hope, Irys harbors a dark secret.

That is that her unique biology has made her extremely horny for "spiritual beings", to put it simply.
Meaning that more than angels or demons are on her sexual radar. Not even the undead or death herself are safe from Irys.
And it is in their best interest to satiate her lust, else The Hope of Hololive were to succumb to darkness and despair.
They're contractually obligated to prevent this, of course.
It should also be noted that she's a massive cock-wielding futa, but that should be obvious.
In case you aren't already aware, Nephilim weren't considered giants because of their height...

>> No.7766575

What do you look for in a fic that doesn't particularly focus on canon streaming lore or other Holomem? Trying to write smut for a very basic prompt, but I can't help but feel like I could replace the chuuba with someone else with only minor editing. There just don't seem to be many places for her identity to shine through as short and contained as the narrative needs to be.

>> No.7767549

I think if you have a good grasp on how the chuuba behaves, you'd notice that even if you drop all the lore stuff and have her do something by herself, you can still squeeze in a whole lot of personality. Sure, technically you could just replace her with someone very similar at this point, but is it really that simple? If someone falls into an archetype, naturally you'd feel like they may not feel that different from others if you literally drop like 2/3 of what makes that person them.

You worded that kinda of weird so I hope I answered correctly, my brain hurt from reading that

>> No.7767686

Yeah, I was trying to parse how to answer it as well for a bit. If we're talking smut I'd say making sure that the characters actions stay consistent with their usual personality is key. Whether they'd be more submissive or not, the things they say, and so on.

>> No.7767971

most of the holomems have very core characteristics that show themselves regardless of their situation. sufficient example is Rushia's incessant need for your love/attention, Onion's autism, Haachama's... haachama. The real skill is weaving those personalities into their reactions when having sex, and making it seem natural enough for it to be believable. Good luck, writeanon!

>> No.7768758

For the kind of one shot type smut fics that get posted here?
I look for getting them feeling right in terms of dialogue and personality. As long as they're reasonably close enough to their stream personality my suspension of disbelief can be withheld by horniness and the fact that most fics go with the 'they act differently compared to on stream' approach to their personalities.
Longer works have to do more work to actually get their personalities right and consistent but shorter stuff gets more leeway as long as they get it close enough.

>> No.7769008

>when the eureka moment hits

>> No.7769524


>> No.7769952

I-is that.........motivation?

>> No.7770047

There hasn't been much in the way of smut recently huh.

>> No.7770103

I mean we just got the Big CocoGura and MoriShion fic.

>> No.7770153

And the finale to the Mori steals you trilogy

>> No.7770280

Yeah but I made that so it doesn't count. Lately I haven't been able to count on this place to have a wank late at night. I know recycling is important but...

>> No.7770286

I know it's been mainly hetero or /u/ stuff but I'm getting the urge to write some bro vibes fics, you know something like spending time with your bro(s), or having one of them console you as you have your confession rejected by your oshi. Could be holostar/nijimale, but I'm just feeling wistful about the kind of bonds you can only have with your bros.

>> No.7770381

Working on it. Should be done today or tomorrow. Gotta workshop more of her dialog to make sure it fits. Times like this make me wish I had a proofreader.

>> No.7770401

go for it man! above all else write what you want.

that idea sounds pretty interesting to me and im sure plenty of other anons would enjoy it

>> No.7770494

Hmmm another great information.

>> No.7770540

Yeah I think it would be cool, it's not gay, just two bros hanging out. Though I think that the story would be like a bit cooler if your bro dressed up as your chuuba to console you and stuff haha. Maybe he like, lets you use him as masturbation material, nothing gay of course, just helping a bro out you know what I'm saying? He could even help you clean up by taking your hot sticky load in his mouth haha that would be pretty cool and not gay i think

>> No.7770609

>will never let it rip in kaoru's tight ass no Homo style

>> No.7770692

don't try to fucking sell me the pekora cosplay shit to me, faggot.

If I wanted to rail Astel alien butthole or fill Kanae's warm mouth with my sticky goo I'd do it with no shame because real bros share their whole lives together.

>> No.7771496

>trying to sleep
>stuck in bed with an erection thinking about making a story about fucking Miyabi
>hugging him close while he whimpers and throbs against (You)r stomach while you penetrate him, taking deep breaths as he gets used to the girth forcing his ass open
>handholding and kissing him as he twitches everytime you thrust into him, rubbing against his prostate as his legs turn to jelly
>watching him buck his hips pitifully as he ends up cumming all over his own tummy without warning, melting into an incoherent mess as you begin to rail his ass
>pulling out after the first rope is shot into his ass to finish on his still-cumming cock, letting your seed mix with his as he watches you shoot all over his groin
>kissing and hugging him in between him whispering that he wants you to do it again
To the Anon who posted that gay shit; fuck you.

>> No.7771589

You should read part 4 of the holocalypse series. There was some serious bro shit with the homostars towards the end

>> No.7771593

the evolution of the futafag

>> No.7771706

Please. Futa is gross 99% of the time, to me anyway. No disrespect to the people who enjoy it. I'd rather just fuck a cute boy who is a boy rather than the mental gymnastics of "no dude it's a girl but with a penis!". Don't put that evil on me.

>> No.7771797

Can't you people just want to have sex with women like god intended?
Also prompt idea being Eliras shouta farm boy/farmhand on her dragon ranch

>> No.7771825

I religiously follow all ongoing series in the archives, and I do appreciate the bro vibes in that chapter. I just want... more bro vibes. Platonically slapping your bro's ass, bringing them out for a random roadtrip just because, appreciating each other's gains by massaging/squeezing their muscles, having long talks over deeply ingrained issues only to laugh it off because someone farted at the wrong moment.


>> No.7771938

i feel the same way, without the sex based on arousal part
i frequently wish i was gay because while sex with a woman is great and all, my bros are the closest people in the world to me

>> No.7771999

Are you Kiara's brother or something? No one asked you how you felt, dipshit. Stop making it all about you.

>> No.7772244

Probably bait but I'll give you your (You). He's just adding to the discussion, lots of people express their interests and opinions here.

>> No.7772271

Anonchama, don't bite the hook! No, no! Anon!! NOOOO!

>> No.7773688

Matsuri chasing down a shota that's escaped her rape dungeon.

>> No.7774400

pls gimme simple idea, most of the prompts are excessively detailed

>> No.7774419

write sex aha

>> No.7774429

Dick in oshi

>> No.7774455

(You) have a nightmare and suddenly wake up breathing heavily. Your chuuba wife also wakes up and sees you crying and breathing heavily. She wraps her arms around you and lays you down again, cooing and soothing you.
(You) fall asleep in her arms, nightmares no longer keeping you up.

>> No.7774462

listening to your oshi rant about the latest gacha to you. whether you care or not, is up to you.

>> No.7774474

loving sex with Watame

>> No.7774632

fubuki smut

>> No.7774646

No, Botan smut

>> No.7774663

you're a naval officer and your ship happens to run into a gallion donning a jolly roger, combat ensues and option A: You win and lock the captain and her crew up in your ship and said captain later makes advances on you or option B: you lose and are captured by the pirates
option C: write a shitpost where during combat everyone speaks like they're in peter muskrat video

>> No.7774710

Getting married to your oshi.

>> No.7774750


>> No.7774802

I just looked that shit up and I lost my fucking sides laughing. Thank you for the amazing recommendation, anon.

>> No.7774826


>> No.7774986

i wrote this one a while ago if it counts
You're sitting at home on a Sunday, whittling a small wooden statue of a buddha. The windows are open and the cool spring air occasionally floats into your modest house. You have TV Asahi playing at a low volume, and occasionally you watch it for a few seconds while taking a sip of sapporo.
Your phone starts to ring. You answer it and it's [your favorite holo], who you are married to. She asks if you want anything from the conbini, which she is stopping at after her ikebana class. You tell her you don't want anything, but she shows up ten minutes later with a small bag full of your favorite snacks and another beer. She sits next to you and gives you a long embrace before pulling you down to the ground. You both chuckle as the verdant breeze flows through the room.
"I love you," [your favorite holo says].
"I love you too." You respond.
"I'm pregnant."

>> No.7775066

I see Irys as politely but eagerly asking her senpais for help with her situation.
When they accept she gives them the pounding of a few lifetimes. Then she's oddly affectionate like she wasn't the one responsible for leaving their orifices utterly thrashed.
Speaking o that, she's got a penchant for being called "mommy", and only listens to their cries of mercy when they call her that.

>> No.7775594

That's disgusting. Don't compare me to those homos. I don't need mental gymnastics "Just accept that it's gay and move on" Fuck off, you're a faggot and I'm not, that's just how it is. Imagine being such a fag that there's a 2000 year old religion condemning you and it's the world's most accepted ideology.

>> No.7775703

So guys, question. Have any of you finally gotten around to read some of the older stories in the archive?
I'm only asking this cause I've finally read Holocalypse after putting it off and HOLY SHIT was it great.

I loved the latest part just focusing on you just hanging around with the girls and getting to know them as well as Anon's characterization and slight reveals of his past. I also loved the part where the holostars just took you away to fishing, it really encapsulates the feeling of sharing a single brain cell with the boys as you talk about absolutely nothing of importance.

So if any of you guys wanna talk about some old stories that you've only gotten around to read then feel free to do so.

>> No.7775705

Baiting the pedophile HoloMems (Matsuri, Fubuki, Marine, etc) into a trap and beating them up, then blackmailing them. Fuck me or you'll go to jail.

>> No.7775781

caress nature's flooring

>> No.7776205

homos are less gay than you futanon

>> No.7776275

Islam is the world's largest religion and is 1411 years old. The picture attached to this post is not related to said post's contents.

>> No.7776683

Anon, you don't realise how much I want to marry you when you say such nice things about my story. Thank you so much, I hope you're looking forward to the next part.

>> No.7777082

constantly amazes me how the japanese and anglo cultural mindsets are so different and yet somehow we're the same inside

>> No.7777214

I just nutted to Foxfriend and the overly nice boyfriend
What a great smutfic

>> No.7777384

Chapter 2 of my InAmeSame fic is finished:


Here's a taste:
>Gura extended her hand to touch Ina’s cheek in turn, her thumb ghosting over Ina’s lips in a silent request. Ina did not voice her permission but didn’t move away either, so Gura moved her thumb to pull up Ina’s lip and exposed some teeth, then with the same finger, she moved down to touch Ina’s fang. The touch felt light and exploratory, as if curious how something could grow out of a normal human. It felt odd, this feeling in her chest stirring. She doesn’t know what to think or feel in this moment, but she thinks she might like Gura’s touch. Then Ina stuck out her tongue to lick the finger.

>With a sharp inhale, Gura pulled her hand away quickly, pink color tinting her cheeks.

>Ina didn’t know why she did that, but the reaction she got out of Gura was cute. She wanted to see what more she could do to elicit another reaction like it. But Gura sat up.

>> No.7777398

I kinda fucked up my experience with Menhera wrangler. The last chapter gained a lot of traction so I decided to read it and instantly regretted not reading the earlier chapters.
Just the last chapter by itself had such a big impact so I would have liked to see what the impact would have been if I read the other chapters before the ending and not after.

>> No.7778742

Orgy with all the shortstacks of hololive

>> No.7779076

Anon, I'm happy to hear that the story I wrote impacted you that, even though you may have not read it in the correct chronological order. I hope you did enjoy the series as a whole

>> No.7779303

fucking kek (in the butt)

>> No.7779405

Are (YOU) in this case a dinosaur or something unexpected in a sexual story but dead set on pounding Fubuki's butt?

Because this could be a branch to get a Tingler in here

>> No.7779574

Quite profound. Yes, I concur.

What exactly do you mean by dinosaur? If you mean dated individual, I think anal sex is a fairly new-age form of sexual recreation. If you mean an actual prehistoric megalizard, then no. No, I am not.

In any case, I most certainly am dead set on spelunking in Fubuki's ore shaft.

>> No.7779928

Suddenly, I want the shark to piss on me. Because I didn't wake up on time and prepare breakfast

>> No.7780124

I would take up so many more of these types of prompts if it was: X chubba doing Y thing to Z chubba instead of X chubba doing Y thing to Anon.

>> No.7780222

Well, go for it. It's not like you have to follow a prompt to the letter, you can just take some inspiration from the prompt and write something similar

>> No.7781264

>Suddenly, I want the shark
>to piss on me
not so based
>not eating breakfast
dude what the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.7781470

You don't need breakfast unless you're doing manual labor in the morning, really. Just skip it.

>> No.7781716

Got something for you. Also, what's with people wanting their oshi dead? Not that I mind writing those.



>> No.7782344

Heh, you monkey pawed the prompt in a good way, nicely done

>> No.7782630

I didn't think I had an oshi, I'm an omega clip fag that just watches any and all vtubers that strike my fancy. But recently I've started to notice that Gura in particular makes me unbelievably hard, does that make her my oshi?

>> No.7782781


>> No.7782883

Yes, your oshi is whoever makes you the hardest.
I have no clue how people can get hard to Gura, though. In art? Sure. In her actual streams though it just feels incredibly weird somehow. It isn't even an UOHHH thing. I just think she's genuinely too dumb to be attractive...and this is coming from someone who generally finds dumbass girls incredibly attractive (Nene, Aqua)

>> No.7783004

quite a motivating ending, using the bitterness to fuel you. thanks, writeanon!

>> No.7783015

You know you don't have to follow prompts at all. You can just take bits of inspiration that you can from what you get from here and make a story.

>> No.7783016

ITS THE PERSONALITY THAT MAKES ME HARDEST! Being loli bait and wearing no pants also helps

>> No.7783206

For a short snip of tragic fluff this was actually pretty good anon. A creative way to twist the prompt as well.

>> No.7784041

NTA but I Don't even like the horny art of her. And I find Shion insanely sexy.
I just find her rather sweet and endearing.
The only thing I'd want out of sex with Gura is to see her being cute and intimate.

>> No.7784112

Fubuki NTR, straight, no subversion, tragic and humiliating

>> No.7784131

Yes, you NTRing Fubuki, I agree.

>> No.7784176


>> No.7784190

cry me a river bitch

>> No.7784240

>cute and intimate
Pic related. I'd want to make her scream like she was playing ring fit

>> No.7784337

Learning the ways of the yandere from Rushia so you can lock down your oshi

>> No.7784381

>Anon...remember what I told you. Focus your senses - your heart. What is it telling you right now?
>"That she's thinking about other men right now."
>Good, good. What do you do in this situation?
>"Vaguely post something worrying to my fans."
>And then?
>"Find out what she's doing. Discreetly."

>> No.7784456

i laughed hard
if this were a scenario that had a chance of coming to pass, it sounds like exactly in line with rushia's personality

or matsuri's

>> No.7784521

>"No, no, no. You imply using the knife dangerously. Tell her you MIGHT kill her and then yourself if you find out she's talking to another man."
>"That seems like a little much..."
>"Then why did you ask me for help?"

>> No.7784536

>The next day
>Rushia had been grooming (you) into being a yandere for her like she is for (you)

>> No.7784543

>Good End...?

>> No.7784641

Anon, I know this thread is mostly made of straight and yuri stories so it may feel discouraging to write and post something like that, but if it helps I want to let you know that I'd read that.

>> No.7784664

You managed to take a barebones prompt, bereft of any creativity or interest, and turn it into a very entertaining short. It was a very entertaining read, and I had a smile on my face from beginning to end!

but fubuki dies so 0/10

>> No.7784712

Maybe one day. It's not that I don't wanna write it, I've just got other projects down the pipeline and that was a late night imagining since I realized there was so little (read as; fucking none) yaoi of any type. Thank you for showing interest either way.

>> No.7784745

>"Good, good, let the insecurities flow through you"
>"R-Rushia, I don't think this is good for me in the long run"
>"Nonsense, if anything bad happens to you, Rushia will be by your side. Rushia would never let anyone hurt her precious student."
>"O-OK, Rushia. Thank you."
>"I love you, Anon..."

>> No.7784790

NTA but just want you to know, if you're ever interested in an awkward one night stand with a partner you leave a cleveland steamer on in the morning, I'd be totally down with that

>> No.7784810


>> No.7784832

Scumbag I can't believe you made me look up a scat technique.

>> No.7784852


>> No.7784906

Don't knock it 'til you try it

>> No.7785031

One of the nopan girls deliberately sits on your lap to tease you. Sexual hijinks ensue.

>> No.7785119

Matsuri finally invites you over to her house after numerious dates with her. When you arrive, you find her in the middle of being mating pressed by her boyfriend. The boyfriend, being the bro that he is, asks you join in on the fun. You join him in double penetrating Matuli, all according to her keikaku

>> No.7785190

Better idea. Matsuri's boyfriend is actually the victim. When you enter the room, she leglocks him and with her insane loli power, keeps him from running away while you go for his ass.

Utilizing synchronised hip-swinging techniques, you substantially increase the force with which the penis inside Matsuri thrusts, bringing her to heights of pleasure hitherto unknown.

>> No.7785500

You're on a stroll through the woods, sun is shining, birds are chirping and you are strangling the defenseless green haired girl you happened to run into. You don't know what caused you to do so, was it curiosity or what, you simply had to sate your thirst for trouble, but that doesn't matter now, the girl is already dead. You dump her body somewhere and prepare to leave. On your way out you are called out by a group of girls, who happen to be the friends of the girl you murdered. You want to leave, but every attempt just makes you look more and more suspicious. You feel how you keep digging yourself into a deeper hole and the girls give you strange looks. Who knows how this could end? will you manage to get away without being discovered? will the girls find the body of their friend?.....will the green haired girl herself come back to say a few things to you about your encounter?

>> No.7785615

>Strangle Rushia to death
>Necromancer powers make her come back
>Tells the rest of gen 3 that she just had to run off for a second to pee or something
>Comes up to you and whispers that that was the greatest orgasm she's ever had

>> No.7786256

I hope this is just a reference to something or I'm gonna be very worried

>> No.7786320

don't worry, that would imply anon had ever touched a girl

>> No.7786383

I just like stories where the protagonist has a guilty conscience after doing something bad. The ensuing cat and mouse game after is very enjoyable, especially the protagonist's thoughts as he feels the walls closing in on him. Having his victim be Rushia adds even more to that if he can't find her corpse afterwards or if she shows up in front of all of them alive, the possibilities of how she could manipulate the protagonist are endless.

>> No.7786586

Getting MKUltra'd by cover to become the perfect sleeper husband for all the Holo's the moment you're needed most

>> No.7786835

Getting hunted down and raped by one of the bigger stronger Holo's

>> No.7786983

Fine, but it will be Oga and he will not use any lube on your ass. Not only that but he will do ass to mouth even tho you haven't washed.

>> No.7787041

Oh, sweet Lord in heaven...

>> No.7787051

When will the monkey's paw arc end?

>> No.7787099 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7787125

I'm fine with it if its this Oga

>> No.7787137

When people stop wording their prompts badly. The better the description the less chances of a monkey paw scenario, also more chances of it being picked up.

>> No.7787141

Male FBK is giving me serious trickster vibes

>> No.7787176

Less chances of it being picked up, you mean. Monkey's paw is a direct result of the writer having fun with the prompt. A more detailed prompt is a more restricted prompt and therefore less fun to write.

>> No.7787417

I can see the issue with micromanaging a plot with your prompt, but I don't see the issue with being a bit more clear about the context of what happens or the tone you're looking for.

>> No.7787463

I like this twist.

>> No.7787557

I am in love
thanks anon, clean write

>> No.7787997

Thanks anon. It was short, interesting and had my oshi. Couldn't ask for more.

>> No.7788193


>> No.7788529

Not sure there'll be any room for Oga since life's already fucking me

>> No.7788704

Nah life’s got you bent over and prepped for oga

>> No.7788711

I am writing a follow up to my Korone one I write yesterday. Now with a 100% more Kanatan.

Pray for my soul.

>> No.7788744

Rushia*, sorry.

>> No.7788999 [SPOILER] 

Why not both?

>> No.7789813

There's only one fic with A-chan and she doesn't even have a sex scene in it from what I remember. I guess only Reddit likes her I suppose.

Making that A-chan rape fic seems more enticing now, but I doubt I'll actually ever do it.

>> No.7789863

I thought she had one where she participated in a gangrape against you with Sora and some others?

>> No.7789889

I think that's the one he's referring to, it ends before she actually does anything

>> No.7790282

Here you have it, fresh from the oven.

I am not sorry and will not stop.

>> No.7790690

I wrote this short piece to grease my gears after not writing for a little while.


>> No.7790845

Anons, tags onegai.

>> No.7790935

My bad
Tags: gore

>> No.7791040


>> No.7791208

Rushia, NSFW?, Noncon

>> No.7793659

Dragon /ss/ should be ready by next thread.

>> No.7793910

Can’t wait to see it anon

>> No.7793977

aw yeah

>> No.7794026

I noticed this new tag recently, I'm not sure what /ss/ is but the one story I checked out wasn't really my thing and I can't tell why. Are you the same guy who made the other ones?

>> No.7794220

Is it kosher to uooooooooooooh at this?

>> No.7794290

I've made a few /ss/ ones technically, none recently.
>Pic related

>> No.7794558

What exactly is it that catches you off guard? The more recent ones are Ride and First and Last. Ride especially seems to focus on the pretty negative aspects and First and Last is...well, snuff.

>> No.7794564

Fucking kek

>> No.7794707 [SPOILER] 

Yeah but wtf does /ss/ mean is what I'm asking.

>> No.7794723

Jesus fucking Christ, it means shota sex. For fucks sake are you retarded?

>> No.7794754

Oh, that makes sense. Yeah that reminded me of what the story I saw was. It was Fubuki and you as a kid being raped by her, but suddenly she starts being all nice and shit so I dropped it.

>> No.7794771

He’s immensely retarded if he read the story and couldn’t put the two together.

>> No.7794853

I can't believe it took someone saying it outright for you to understand.

>> No.7794860

The 12 year old getting fucked was fine, but it being sweet is where the line was drawn?

>> No.7794890

It wasn't like Omelas

>> No.7794934

Okay yeah he's trolling

>> No.7794955

>Every Fubuki fic HAS to be compared to Omelas.
I hate all of you sometimes.

>> No.7794958

Raping one of the holos as revenge for when she raped you as a kid

>> No.7794993

I'm not sure. People seriously advocate for this

>> No.7795030

I haven't read Omelas. The author is a pretentious faggot who can't take criticism and adds useless shit to be edgy in his other works. I don't even read Fubuki fics in the first place, I only clicked that one to try and figure out what that new tag was.

>> No.7795060

New thread

>> No.7795111

I know the story is gonna be about Coco being in a more caring and guiding role, but I just love this image >>7793977 of her being so aggressive in sex, treating it like an actual fight.
And with that in mind, all I can think of is a Yakuza-like encounter where some little punk tries to mess with her, so she absolutely obliterates his dick to make him learn some respect.

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