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pomu rainpuff

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Built For BBC (Butch's Big Clit)

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>instantly filtering hetfags and goslings
I love her so much

>> No.7727004

barely missed mutt's law there. respect

>> No.7727061

Where's the hololive reject guy when we need him? So many pomuniggers thread running rampant lately

>> No.7727107

he's a /u/fag, he still seething that the actual good lesbian is a niji

>> No.7727126

I converted, I love Pomu now

>> No.7727187

Pomu SlayMuff

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Come back soon Pomu.

>> No.7727285

I'm Pomu!

>> No.7727291

It was not instant, dumdum. She went well over 2 months after debut, until finally dropping the nuke

>> No.7727304

For Pomu I give my mother and firstborn daughter.

Ganbatte Pomu, godspeed Pomu.

>> No.7727372

I'm Pomu

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>> No.7727711

I kind of miss him it was a fun banter

>> No.7728504

she's pomu

>> No.7728609

It's a good classic pekopic too

lel captcha: M4NH8, no cap

>> No.7728818

He is Pomu now.

>> No.7729362

Kiara collab doko

>> No.7729617

It's a Pomu eat Pomu world, and he wasn't doing the eating.

>> No.7729635

No, I'M Pomu.

>> No.7732726

another thread, another pomu to kill

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pomu rainpuff

>> No.7733354

I love Pomu!

>> No.7733437

Pomu collabing with crosssick when?

>> No.7733472

Who am I? Who are you?

>> No.7733499

Pipe down, Pomu!

>> No.7733866

March maybe..

>> No.7734003

Don't care, still Goslinging. The increased difference just makes the feelings stronger.

>> No.7734069

I love Pomu, only a week left

>> No.7734124

reminder to all goslings: if you don't look like Godot or picrel Pomu will have NO interest in you
even if you're a fem-gosling I hope you're tall
either way dyeing your hair white will probably help too, but the most important part is to get /fit/

>> No.7736414

I'm Pomu?

>> No.7738136

coming back soon

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>> No.7738619

How'd she do that to his hands???

>> No.7738639

Yes! Pomu!

>> No.7738707

hey pomu i'm begging you i'm on my knees here pleading please have your way with me tonight i am seriously begging here I am going to pass away please help sex is the only cure please pomu

>> No.7738772

>How'd she do that to his hands???
Sorry, but the fairy does not have feats to do anything like that to Omni-man.

>> No.7738899

Why is Pomu so popular in Brazil?
Eu sou Pomu!

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>> No.7739265

Do not question the fae's power

>> No.7739419

>no limit fallacy
Until Pomu shows planetary levels of power, she wont be touching omni-man

>> No.7739441

idk what she even dropped, i just know that I'm pomu

>> No.7739535

She mentioned having an ex-gf and goslings broke down because that means she's a lesbian (despite talking about men she liked during that very stream, and also not like it matters for fantasizing)

>> No.7739538

She remembers you anon, don't forget that

>> No.7739640

Pomu Pomu homu homu

>> No.7739733

Are you seriously doing power level wank in a Pomu Rainpuff thread? Fucking cringe.

>> No.7740145

Get smote nerd

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>> No.7740236

she does it

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I'm Pomu!

>> No.7743367

What's Pomu?

>> No.7743411

Pomu's big PP energy...

>> No.7743444


So what's the deal with this? I thought she was supposed to be a total lesbo?

>> No.7743451

You are Pomu

>> No.7743453

Pomu's big PP...

>> No.7743467

Hi I only ever watch Hololive but I wanted to let you know I watched a Pomu stream last night and my only thought was how great she probably fucks in bed.

You have a wonderful Oshi keep being cool Pomuchads

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>> No.7743492

She is gonna fuck you in the ass anon

>> No.7743526

Sweet sounds good. Although I do have a vagina and prefer it to anal but hey whatever works I guess.

>> No.7743528

She is gonna be a fulltime boomer shooter when she comes back

>> No.7743562

So her being an actual lesbian instead of pretend lesbian like the rest is bad... how?

>> No.7743596

A week without POMU streams is lethargic syndrome...

>> No.7743646

Hang in there Itiso mama

>> No.7743679

Vtuber so cute and so fun
I love vtuber

>> No.7743684

I'd say these things have to be experienced at a good pace. Contrasted by new games so that zoomers pick-up on the charm.
And I say that as someone who didn't see the original Doom until her stream but really appreciated the similarities and differences between it and the new ones.

>> No.7743952

3d lesbians are whores compared to pure and incorruptible 2d lesbians.

>> No.7743957

I've been accidentally exposed to Pomu yesterday and I fear that I'm Pomu now
Is there a cure?

>> No.7744069

Lesbian or not 3D are all whores that just act out the pure 2D role. So I still can't see what makes her different and creates a problem here.

>> No.7744085

You just have to remember you lived well enough without Pomu to get to the point of encountering Pomu. With that said, enjoy her content and do it without delusions and you'll be fine.

>> No.7744097

Just pass on the Pomu to someone else and you'll be fine.
t. definitely not Pomu

>> No.7744153

No. Become POMU

>> No.7744174

The Akiba trip stream is maybe my favorite chuuba stream ever. It is not like she can do that again, but what is something sorta similar she can do?

>> No.7744224

Virtual anime pilgrimage tours

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>> No.7744492

>few weeks ago
>just nsubscribed from Mori's channel
>don't like other HoloEN girls
>gave a chance to NijiEN
>Pomu's stream seems good
>I think that I want to be pomu
>pomu is taking a break
>I'm alone again
>no other Vtuber on YouTube appealed to me
>subscribed to Mori again

>> No.7744517

Pomu will be back next week, so hang in there, anon!

>> No.7744998

just for fun: https://streamable.com/ygplsc

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>> No.7745353

More like Pomu Painpuff.

>> No.7745874

I.. think I miss Pomu Rainpuff the vtuber

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>> No.7746185

Pomu here!

>> No.7746199

Pomu everywhere

>> No.7746200

She still has a lot of Pikamee videos to marathon. Please understand.

>> No.7748609

Pomu please upload a short or something for the algorithm's sake.

>> No.7748680

why is she so smug

>> No.7748755


>> No.7748807

She is secure in her knowledge that she's Pomu.

>> No.7749207

the fact that is gif instead of webm gives it soul

>> No.7749229

Is this a new vtuber? I kind of like the design.

>> No.7749393

It's Pomu

>> No.7749412

But I think that's something Rosemi did before, I don't remember

>> No.7749468

Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN

>> No.7750099

Who is this?

>> No.7750856

It's me, Pomu!

>> No.7751712

That video was a joke, but she spent half that stream lusting after the big tan cat's cock.
I also remember some people saying she'd only like guys who were basically women when the ex-gf thing first came out and she said guys were cute too.
And then she spent the other half of that stream constantly shitting on the femboy(ish, not really but he doesn't crossdress so trap is an even worse word here) cat.

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>> No.7760992

Who's Pomu?

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>> No.7761235

Everyone asks who's Pomu but no one asks WHICH is Pomu

>> No.7761324

I did my reps

>> No.7761418

10 billion Pomu's when

>> No.7763376

I want to marry Pomu and tenderly care for her healing body.

>> No.7764235

I want to go on a date with Pomu in Akihabara so she can show me all the places and maids she loves and gush about them all day

>> No.7764482

I’m Pomu! <3

>> No.7764595

I want Pomu to take me to idol concerts and teach me wotagei

>> No.7765004

I want to see Pomu continue to build relationships with her peers and challenge herself to make innovative content post-wageslave life in order to make a small but notable contribution to vtubing as we know and enjoy it.

>> No.7765184

I want to become even more Pomu!

>> No.7765431


But Pomu is a pretty swell gal nonetheless

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>> No.7765995

Then who are you?!

>> No.7766226

Hard at work on projects! Could it be the individually signed wallpapers? The 100 custom voicepacks? The superchat thank you video? A highlight reel for that collab?
Busy busy fairy!

>> No.7766267

>> No.7767921

Yan pomu!

>> No.7767986

Why does she alternate between pronouncing it pahmu and pohmu
which is the real pomunciation

>> No.7768003


>> No.7768022

>> No.7768091

Pomu gaypuff, amirite
He he

>> No.7768359

no yan pom pls

>> No.7768387

Its just her nor'eastern accent

>> No.7768390


>> No.7768428

Cute fairy!

>> No.7768924

My new homepage

>> No.7769061

I wonder why she so definitively can't join any more streams this week. Surgery related or a restriction she made on herself so she actually works on her projects?

>> No.7769186

The later. Between all the rest/recovery and streams she was on last week, she probably didn't get much work done. She mentioned on the Observation Duty 2 collab that she had only done 4 of the 100 custom voicepacks, so she's probably wanting to focus on getting that done while she still is on hiatus.

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>> No.7770524

She needs two manager-sans and a surgeon to tell her to stop streaming and stay in her damn bed

>> No.7770570

She started work again on Monday (remotely at home, but still)

>> No.7773865

Pomu is destined for greatness

>> No.7774748

>> No.7775739

It's ok, fairies can get out of the bottles whenever they want.

>> No.7780744

Probably the last two. But she really should rest more, she was still in pain a few days ago so the best thing was not maybe joining a minecraft stream for 5 hours, even if I enjoyed it

>> No.7782978

Thank you.

>> No.7783079


>> No.7783268

Fairy in a bottle

>> No.7783450

Pomu jar

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>> No.7790193

I love this fairy!

>> No.7790249

Pomu Rainpuff

>> No.7790323

What is she listening to?

>> No.7791086

Probably Mito's Skyrim utawaku. She tweeted that out near the end of the stream, and liked a clip from it about 10min later.

>> No.7791487

Hope Pomu takes inspiration from that stream, it was amazing

>> No.7791519

lesbians shouldnt be allowed to be so smug

>> No.7793792

Big Pomu Smile

>> No.7795053


>> No.7795968

Built For Pollination

>> No.7796069


>> No.7796923

Only a few days left...

>> No.7798880

>keep Pomu in that front crossflap of my underwear
>walk to work, feel tingles on my cock and her giggling from my groin
>face turns red, get a squiggly smile
>keep walking to work as she dusts and sucks my cock
>few feet away from doors
>can hear her say "oh! <3" then her gulping down loads of hot cum
>don't have time to clean up, throw apron on over the pooled semen
>work for 30 mins, Pomu keeps tugging and kicking my dick
>finally gives up
>my hot female co-workers nose wrinkles up
> "Anon, do you smell that? Smells kind of like musty bleach. .. Ugh eww"
>fuckfuck my cum smell has been wafting all over the store
>run to bathroom
>hurriedly lock stall, pull down pants
>Pomu is dead, drowned in my cum
>puffy red eyes, face is purple
>looks like she shit herself too
>decide to flush the dead fairy down the toilet
>use her body one last time as a fleshlight
>bloody skin tube with arm flaps by the end of it
>spatters of entrails and organs on stall wall
>flush toilet and go back to work
>get back to register
>forgot to wash .cum out of pants
>literally still smell like cum fml

>> No.7798959

meds & BBC

>> No.7799244

How dare you don't fucking take your stupid meds you little bitch, I can't believe you actually get delusions are you so goddamn weak you can't keep your thoughts straight?

>> No.7801206

pomu no

>> No.7801535

>people think she is bi when she lusts over Belmond or other muscular guys

>> No.7801636

*lesbian, even

she clearly likes both

>> No.7801646

>not being able to lust over guys

>> No.7801717

big strong men + godot

>> No.7801795

pomu yes

>> No.7803342

yes, pomu

>> No.7803747

>the amount of mental gymnastics from these leftover coping goslingniggers

>> No.7803940

A day without POMU streams is lethargic syndrome...

>> No.7805153

Balan permissions denied, life is so unfair.

>> No.7805268

It's for the best

>> No.7805426

Am Pomu

>> No.7808103

Pomu Sleepuff

>> No.7808325

The Navajo should've fucking finished the job

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