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This one?

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This one.

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this one

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>I forgot to tweet.
No you didn't. You asked yourself if you were gonna tweet at the start of the stream and then proceeded not to tweet.

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this one

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One this?

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the saw kind of sucks

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Nah she should play Hyper Princess Pitch

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So she forgot to tweet?

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the 2hus...

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Can someone explain to me Mori's obsession with crowdfunding?

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EN should cater to niche gamers so that they'll gain more retention instead of casuals who will just watch and never member or throw superchats.

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This is why I keep saying that being an ame anti is pointless.
She's consistently her own worst enemy.

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I like this one

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This one

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Why is she playing with controller again?

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god look at those TITS

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they deserced it

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>was for everything dumb that Mori wanted to do (some of those got Mori into trouble like the persona stream)
>was basically no help for TTRPG permissions (was mostly Jenma)
>that fan letter fuckup
>the reveal that she's in charge of sponsorships and is an enormous numberfag
>membership tiers
I honestly don't even know which week >>7722418 is talking about, because there's a lot of shit.

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The 2views...

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Is she ready for children?

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Sorry bros, you took too long

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if irys is a hag why does she keep using zoomer phrases?

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blame the shit ollie art poster, it galvanized people to get off their asses

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It was mostly the membership tiers, but you could already see people getting annoyed with her for not doing a good job at all helping Mori with her audio during the karaoke (she was supposed to be the one Mori was relying on to make sure that the beat was in time, but she kept telling Mori it was when it clearly wasn't).

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>Mori is her own worst enemy
>Ame is her own worst enemy


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And one by one they fall

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Thanks anon. I avoided watching the archive. Now I can watch the worst part!

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Why is she playing on console again?

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To show she's cool and hip!

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>Knows Popeye
Not anymore...

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Irys - 7.1k
Ame - 6.8k
Mori - 3.6k

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This is why Metroid Prime had the best controls for a console FPS.

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Yeah, mine.

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Subscribe to her channel, buy her membership, and stream Ai Dee.

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The ripper when used properly can be very powerful especially with the ridiculous amount of ammo you pick up for it.

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>She learns about the suplex

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Would you let IRyS have her way with you

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mouse aim is fucked on this port and she refuses to use the mouse fix.

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my cute wife is cute... CUUUUTE!

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aw hell yeah bud

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No, no, maybe.

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it doesn't really matter much to me whether ame turns on SCs or tweets the stream, because the simple fact is that ame is one of the only other vtubers that gura will allow me to watch. i don't want to get in trouble because she gets very violent when she's angry.

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Kbm for Dead Space is fucky

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ok now I will watch your vtuber

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How do yuo do fellow cunnys?

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Gura should do a yoga ASMR where she puts the mic really close to her mouth and we listen to her breath, while we jerk off onto her on the yoga mat

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Also this probably wiped several shit dramafagging threads off the board, so no loss

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Tummy hort

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tummy hort...

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Eating chips with Watame…
Do you folks believe she will achieve her dream? I know I believe

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tummy hort

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why are u faggots so dumb

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>no blue pubes
i don't want it

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the tummy...

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>tommy horts

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>Tommy Hertz mention
oh nonono

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Toejam & Earl collab fucking when?

Also IRyS is like the only one who did the instant replay thing without getting prompted besides Gura maybe

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This, I'll only watch Gura's sidekick other than her.

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i want to punch Ame's tummy

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Gentleman, I know this is /Ameg/ but
How's Mori doing?
I love DS so I skipped my oshi, S...sorry

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based irys

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Wow she actually understood that meme

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She was very horny during the penguin game. Less horny last two streams. Ya missed your chance

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What is her dream

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IRyS understood the MLG reference.....

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Too many fucking nerds in the thread

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Tummy hort

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Nothing will beat friend's sheer confusion at this one

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based nekko

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Is IRyS the only one who actually got the MLG reference shit

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IRyS's gentle hag giggles are washing over my soul like cleansing waves even if I've seen this game ten times already

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Based Boyfriend

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>Ame slept on her tummy

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>Game literally gives you a direct path of where to go with the beacon
>Doesn't know where to go

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>meme game that /hlgg/ really hates

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tummy hort

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Back hort

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I-im not a nerd...

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IRyS was a XxX_360 player

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Okayu Catsudan 1/3

Okayu wishes a good evening to everybody, but wonders if 5 actually counts as evening. Today's the first zatsudan in a while that isn't so freeform, since she actually has some topics that she wants to talk about. She does still have a portion near the end for questions from the listeners though.

>Foam adventures
Okayu's last attempt to affix the soundproof material to her soundproof room didn't go so well. It turns out the double-sided tape she was using wasn't strong enough, so she did some research to find stuff more suited to the task. How did it go? Okayu shows a picture with a mostly bare wall; it was a big failure. It seems that tape isn't getting the job done, so Okayu ordered a hot glue gun. She's never had a glue gun in her house before so she's kind of excited to brag about it. They're pretty common? You have one at your house? If people argued like that, she'd probably just go "Okay, well... But my glue gun's newer!". She's a little nervous about using it; she's not sure she can truly win against the foam. She'll take care to try and not burn herself, but she's pretty sure it's going to happen anyway. Just like when she burnt herself making the candied fruit, Okayu has a tendency to lose focus and injure herself. She's a clumsy cat, but she'll try her best.

>Lives - Rushia
Okayu's been participating in a lot of them lately. The first was Rushia's, and she was very happy when Rushia reached out to her; she finds Rushia very cute. She was also surprised at the coincidence of her singing the same song Senchou had that day, and found the twitter exchange funny. She shows off the picture of her getting a lap pillo from Rushia, and wonders if the fandead got mad at her. She thinks getting locked away by Rushia might be nice. Normally it seems scary, but Okayu feels like she'd be real caring and bring her ramen or whatever else she felt like eating. Okayu doesn't even go out if she doesn't have to, but she'd feel like Rushia would just come along if she said she wanted to go. You may be under lock and key, but it's not necessarily like you have no freedom. She'd just be a leech? Okayu's totally fine with that. There might be those situations where you can't even hide the contents of your phone from her; again, Okayu's got zero problem with it.

>Lives - Marine
Okayu had a good time with her group here too. In particular, she thought the part where Towa just stated that she couldn't think of a line was really funny. Towa's style of humor hits Okayu hard, but she knows a lot of the others, like Mio, feel the same way. It's the natural/spontaneous feel that really gets her; Towa is just funny. Everybody else was great too, and she liked how Senchou's cool line led back into the song.

>Lives - Towa
Okayu's been with Towa and Suichan a lot due to all the recordings for stuff likes this lately; probably why she's had a lot more Suisei stories to talk about. Stardust Song made her throat feel like it was going to burst. She listened to Kanata's take on it a lot while practicing; she's really amazed at her singing. Okayu didn't participate in Bloom, so she's happy she could sing it with Towa. She really likes the song, particularly the cool intro, and thinks it was good experience for her. Songs like SSS and Kirameki Rider also need that kind of tone? Maybe, but with all the people singing, Okayu feels a lot less pressure. She mentions how she's talked in the past about how her voice just disappears in those high group songs. Even listening to recordings, Okayu can't find her own voice.

>Gartic Phone
Okayu had a great time playing in Lamy's collab. It was incredibly funny, and she laughed so much that it exhausted her. It was her first time touching the game, but now she wants to play it with her audience sometime soon too. She thinks she'll have a public stream, but members-only participation so people don't spam it with poop or something. She couldn't find her tablet pen for the first collab, but after much intense searching, she was able to locate it. She pretty much forgot how to use it, since she does most of her drawing for things on her phone, so she needed to practice and make sure she still knew how to use it. She did this by doing some drawings while listening to Korosan's membership stream. She shows the pictures she drew of listener-san from different angles; she's curious about how he looks from the front. Did she send it to Korosan? Of course she did. She didn't draw the onigiryaa? She's the kind to have her drawing subject influenced by what she's listening to, so that's why she drew what she did.

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>5 minutes away from the boss
>ends stream

>> No.7722792

Women are directionally challenged, anon

>> No.7722795

Didn't Gura and Reine also get it?

>> No.7722796

nigga what the fuck are you talking about?

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IRyS is a thot

>> No.7722801

look at those fuckin curves

>> No.7722802

How do you sleep at night, Teamates?

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>> No.7722808

Why do the threads need to move a mile a minute? Enjoy the comfyness.

>> No.7722809

is Ame a dumbass?

>> No.7722810

Oh yeah? can a nerd do this?

>> No.7722811

this is bait right

>> No.7722812

How did she achieve that with her giant massive breasts

>> No.7722813

Simple answer: Miko hardcore minecraft.

>> No.7722814

>Tummy hort
Someone needs to give this bitch a REAL reason for her tummy to hurt.

>> No.7722816

Depends on what you mean by "bully". What characters does your oshi dislike fighting?

>> No.7722817

not even 2 hours what the fuck

>> No.7722819

>LA Noire reference
>hurr he's a good crewmate
god IRyS is so dumb

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On my sides

>> No.7722831

I'm trying to solve case right now. be quiet

>> No.7722833

I sleep on a race car, do you?

>> No.7722834

ame really needs that vacation kek

>> No.7722835

Mori still trusts J-chad with her life...

>> No.7722838

IRyS actually played wind waker

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You bullied deadbeats out.

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>> No.7722851

Using the features the game gives you is cheating.

>> No.7722852

im switching oshis to mori

>> No.7722853

Post Tower

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>> No.7722855

Huh so that's how their feet look like...

>> No.7722856

even me?

>> No.7722858

I also slept like that but I had to stop once I started watching Ame. I had legit tummy hort every day and I realized it was partially because of that.

>> No.7722859 [SPOILER] 

It's a damn shame this isn't some femanon's filthy minge, at least (You) assumed that it was.

>> No.7722863

>That one teamate in chat saying Calli's songs are cringe

>> No.7722864

there aren't enough ame ryona art

>> No.7722867

thanks for this onigiri dude

>> No.7722868

You got the catbox for this?

>> No.7722871

Her other Dead Space streams were also 2 hours of playing

>> No.7722872

Ame is probably cramming everything that she should have been working on but procrastinated on before she dips for her vacation

>> No.7722877

Ame says Mori is NOT Cringe

>> No.7722878

>that fan letter fuckup
Drawing a blank on that one. Did she fail to deliver letters to Mori or something?

Yes I remember that, that was super fucking annoying. I think I called her a deaf bitch once or twice at the time.

>> No.7722879

>he got called out

>> No.7722880

do you really need to install tiktok to make these

>> No.7722881

That's why her back is hurt, it got arched too greatly.

>> No.7722883

>tune into Mori
>she lets out the manliest scream
I-is she having fun..?

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>> No.7722885

She's in luck because I haven't learned May! What floor of tower is she on, just so I know if I should ease up on her or not?

>> No.7722889

Ahh, I've HEARD of Skyrim before!

IRyS is ultimate normie wife experience streamer

>> No.7722891

But she's cringekino, ame

>> No.7722892

Another day passes and another full day of amazing streams we had. I'm sure you enjoyed the hell out of Aqua's adorable concert starring everyone's favorite sexual and plump cat Okayu singing Turning Love together. Aqua really has come a long way and she's grown into one of the brightest idols and stars in Hololive. If you missed out on her anniversary concert you should hurry up and go check it out and watch the precious onyon dance and sing for you. After you're done with that you can head over here so you can listen to her newest original song, Kaisou Train. It's filled with love and unity and Aqua's super cute singing so don't go missing out on it.
Tomorrow is no different as we've go the reveal of both Shien AND Oga's summer outfits meaning we might be seeing some incredibly hot and dorky men in nothing but swim trunks, showing of their well chiseled abs to everyone.
Haachama had a hilarious birthday stream today and in a couple of hours she's going to be making a cake, Haachama style. Definitely something you don't want to miss unless you have a weak stomach.
There are plenty of streams to look back at and plenty of streams going on now including Miko's grand survival into Hardcore Minecraft, Amelia playing more of the terrifying game Dead Space, IRyS finishing up her Henry Stickmin playthrough for good and placating all the ojiisans of /hlgg/ and finally the return of Mori's pretty great Bloodstained streams.
What were the highlights of your day /hlgg/?

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>> No.7722903

Thank you for the update but reading Foam adventure nearly gave me an episode.

>> No.7722905

Who said you could speak

>> No.7722908


>> No.7722909

At last, i am the last deadbeat in this thread.
I will marry Mori.

>> No.7722910

>Recognized the power jump but not the sonic spring
What a confusing hag

>> No.7722912

Korone drew this
it's very nice to look

>> No.7722913

latenight streams have always had slower threads, our fastest hours are when streams happen between 4pm-8pm central time burger hours these days. both a blessing and a bane since slower threads get overrun easier but at the same time when they arent being overrun theyre pretty comfy

>> No.7722914

HoloEN2 can't come soon enough.

>> No.7722915


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>> No.7722917

Two men came around to double team her leaky pipes in the middle of the stream.

>> No.7722918


>> No.7722920

>play your own music

>> No.7722921


>> No.7722923

No, you install some video editing app named Vita

>> No.7722924


>Subaru and Unite
Okayu talked about it in her membership already, but it's so funny that she wanted to let everybody hear it. She's been playing Unite with Subaru not quite everyday, but somewhere really close to that. Okayu's really surprised by Subaru's growth while playing the game. In the beginning, all she could do was laugh at how funny Okayu's Machamp looked when running, then the next time she knew all about leveling and Zapdos, as well as the other rules. Okayu was happy with Subaru just enjoying herself, but she remembers the moment it changed. There was a match they were losing, but then they managed to get Zapdos for a turnaround. At that time, Subaru was the only one who couldn't get her 50 points in, and it would have been enough to win them the game. Sure that could have won the game, but Okayu thinks that situation only existed because the team had failed as well up to that point; it wasn't Subaru's fault they lost. She tried to joke around and console her, but Subaru seemed actually frustrated with herself, and started playing much more calculatingly; Okayu thinks this is the moment that Oozora threw away her passion for data. Then, later that night, after they had said this would be their last game before going to bed, an almost identical situation happened. This time, Subaru charged through, and just barely managed to get her points in right at the end, securing their comeback. They both got so fired up that they couldn't get to sleep afterwards, too much adrenaline in their system. Okayu really sees Subaru as Rock Lee sometimes. Is she Gai-sensei then? Probably not. Shikamaru? Wouldn't that just make her somebody complaining about what a drag everything is?

>Sexy Mion
Okayu saw the clip of Mio talking about Okayu and her being a fervent supporter of Sexy Mion. Okayu really loves Suspect, so watching Fubuki, Mio, and Towa sing it was great; Okayu was at her limit. Towa and Mio were both so sexy, and Fubu-chan was incredibly adorable.
Okayu watched the thing with Subaru, who was much calmer comparatively. While Okayu was screaming about everything, and taking tons of screenshots of sexy Mio, Subaru just gave one comment about how it seemed like something Okayu would like. Just like Okayu thought, Mio's normally so cute and nice, but something about her height and manner secretly screams sexiness too; she loves it. Okayu was real happy to hear Mio complimenting on her for being cute and speaking her mind when she likes something about others, but even more happy to see all the commenters say it was because Okayu's an honest person; they sure are all nice. If you haven't watched Towa's live, Okayu says to go do it now. Suspect is seriously cool! Does Okayu prefer sexy women or loli? Don't make her choose! It's like asking whether you prefer cake or ramen. Both are good, right? This is the last question before onigiryaa time commences.

Just about everybody Okayu knew in her hometown had one, but Okayu wanted to go find employment in Tokyo, so she didn't think she needed one. She ended up coming back home to work at her family's onigiri shop, but then joined hololive shortly after. As a result, Okayu still doesn't have a license. Had she just looked for work in her hometown, she'd surely have one like all her friends and relatives.

>"You described yourself as a turtle in the past, but what animal would those around you say?"
A cat, obviously. There's really no other possible answer if you were to ask people what kind of animal Nekomata Okayu was.

>"I can't get the rare Okayu Hi-Chew pack. Help!"
All she can do is pray for your success. There! Now you should definitely get them, tomorrow!

>Latest craze for Okayu?
Chiki Chiki Bon fried chicken skin chips. She talked about them in the member's stream, but they're delicious. Try them!

>Have you played buffed Wigglytuff?
They sure are a lot stronger now, and not just that, they're harder to kill too. About as tanky as Slowbro, but not quite at Snorlax level yet. She sees it a lot more in ranked now than before. They also nerfed Okayu's beloved cross-chop, so she's running close combat on machamp now.

(Privatebin link here for post size reasons)

>> No.7722927

>loves elevator music
my psycho wife....

>> No.7722929

I haven't been in /hlgg/ for a while and missed the start of this meme but it fucking cracks me up every time, someone please catch me up

>> No.7722931

I don't, sorry anon

>> No.7722932

you fucking wish faggot

>> No.7722934

With anon next to me

>> No.7722935

IRyS is being pretty cute
She actually reads jokes

>> No.7722937

Mori herself is cringe, but her lyrics are pretty clever

>> No.7722940

Why is Towa always pregnant

>> No.7722941

>we might be seeing some incredibly hot and dorky men
What the fuck Ayamefreind is based?!

>> No.7722942

there is no context, that's the entire joke

>> No.7722943


>> No.7722944

you are the best person

>> No.7722946

Thank god, I fucking hate this game, the TPP keep making me nauseous so I have to switch tab every 5 minutes

>> No.7722947


>> No.7722949

There's nothing wrong with liking elevator music

>> No.7722951

She's barely played Strive, have some mercy.

>> No.7722952

Well, I'm done watching her now.

>> No.7722955

EVIL WITHIN is an okay survival horror game, I prefer 2 a lot more.

>> No.7722956

Guys Miko is streaming

>> No.7722957

suck my balloon IRyS

>> No.7722958

You've got your helium right bros?

>> No.7722961

If you have to ask that question then the answer is probably already yes

>> No.7722965

it's a guy that sends 25-50 philippine peso superchats all the time

>> No.7722966

>too shit with a controller to aim in third person
>too autistic to use a keyboard and mouse to play in third person
Why is she like this

>> No.7722967

Evil within 2 is better

>> No.7722968

Ok Mutt

>> No.7722969

Mori said they were going to stop accepting fan letters because that’s what J chad told her. Turns out J chad was wrong.

>> No.7722970

wait that's not Tortilla

>> No.7722971


>> No.7722972

thanks rice ball

>> No.7722973

can anyone give me the timestamp for when Mori talked about getting a wedgie?

>> No.7722979

>> No.7722980

>I'm hungry, I think that's why my tummy hurts
This is your detective, Teakeks?

>> No.7722981

she's not very good at video games
i'm still gonna try to bully her though

>> No.7722983

Mori will fall for my sugary goodness

>> No.7722984

old news move on

>> No.7722986

you're the highlight of my day haachamafriend

>> No.7722991

Good, I'll finally be the last teamate left

>> No.7722992

>It's actually real

>> No.7722993

This again huh

>> No.7722994

>Don't eat food
>Tummy hort
>Why my tummy hort?

>> No.7722995

its literally surreal comedy, there is no point or root of the joke its just funny.

>> No.7722996

>Irys' JP/ID collab ban is now over

>> No.7722998

Ame's filthy desk...

>> No.7723000

the absolute state of burgers

>> No.7723003

She told Mori that fan letters aren't being accepted anymore, which Mori then said on stream because she was told it was fine to share, then Kiara (and I think Fubuki?) had to do damage control once the clip started doing rounds since it wasn't actually the case.

>> No.7723006

Good, I'll be the only teamate left.

>> No.7723008


>> No.7723010

It's time...

>> No.7723012

She's doing okay.

>> No.7723013

nah, I bet she only liked that because of the edgy language

>> No.7723015


>> No.7723019

That's funny, I don't remember writing this.

>> No.7723020


>> No.7723021

im not a burger so i dont get it

>> No.7723022

really trying to push this rrat aren't you

>> No.7723025


>> No.7723026

it speaks!

>> No.7723027

AMAZING as alwasy

>> No.7723028


>> No.7723029

It's you again

>> No.7723031

Who wants to be Ame's heartbeat monitor. $100 entry fee.

>> No.7723032


>> No.7723033

I only woke up in time for turing love on Aqua's concert, but it seems that was the best part anyway. Other than that, well, I can't remember what else happened today. It was still nice though, and I'll definitely wake up early for that cake stream, haachamafriend!

>> No.7723037

I'm sure the person who knows nothing about hololive is very excited

>> No.7723040

I still prefer the first game, but yeah it is pretty decent.

>> No.7723041

>evil within
Isn't Fubuki's husbando in that game?

>> No.7723042

She was placed 2 on ps4 and 4 on pc. Lost a match to a floor 2 Gio

>> No.7723044


>> No.7723046


>> No.7723050


>> No.7723053

Ever imagine it was because the sign made her laugh?

>> No.7723055

Not gonna happen

>> No.7723056

Based stenographer

>> No.7723057

During the time during Ina's birthday, the topic of the billboard came occasionally and some anon posted the pregnant towa version of this >>7722901 which everyone but me found funny

>> No.7723059

Haachamas birthday countdown karaoke absolutely melted my heart friend, she really loves being an idol. I can't wait to get up early for her birthday cooking stream!

>> No.7723061

Did she announce this? JP minecraft WHEN

>> No.7723064

>knows nothing about hololive
Watch streams retard

>> No.7723066


>> No.7723068

Nah, that was "Mori"

>> No.7723069

Aw shit Mori found the shit singing

>> No.7723070

>I'm gonna study

>> No.7723073

knowing ame she probably liked it because of titty money

>> No.7723074

DYRBI teamates?

>> No.7723075

Laugh at New York! Laugh at it!!

>> No.7723076


>> No.7723078

I-I can explain

>> No.7723080

>Ame is ready to BTFO clipniggers

>> No.7723081

I can't wait for Sonic kino, hopefully other girls play generations or colors

>> No.7723082

is this fucking irys?

>> No.7723083

I have. Cute cope though.

>> No.7723084

God Mori is so fucking cute right now.

>> No.7723086

She's a fairy okay, she's trying her hardest

>> No.7723087

>I'm going to learn Japanese

>> No.7723089

Back the fuck off kid

>> No.7723090


>> No.7723092

Is this the first comic where a deadbeat spoke?

>> No.7723094

What's this deadbeats?

>> No.7723099

how can mori be so cute

>> No.7723102

Okay but if you'd rather her suffer I'll make it so!
Oh no... Wait, is she on PS4 only?

>> No.7723103

It'll be nice not having to hear
for ten days.
Ame is a fucking retard.

>> No.7723104

I beleeb, but that doesn't mean I think it'll happen. Does that make sense? I just feel like that's the right thing to do.

>> No.7723108

... Ame...

>> No.7723109

She's a talented artist, I love it

>> No.7723113

>always count on a motorboat!

>> No.7723115


>> No.7723116

Nah but I don't care that much. We still got some nice JP collabs. I should do my reps tho.

>> No.7723118

Nice work as always. I ended up missing it because I got distracted by Watame's watchalong.

>> No.7723119


>> No.7723120

no, I think that was the horny thread one

>> No.7723121

He spoke in the horny one too.

>> No.7723122

She didn't know jack shit about the TTRPG, and that's at least in her language.

>> No.7723124

Ame is pregnant

>> No.7723130

Sorry, I won't watch liberals who spread lies like you.

>> No.7723133

> Deadbeats barely post while Mori is streaming because they are actually watching her. Never respond to bait or give yous
> Irystocrats barely post while Irys is streaming because they are actually watching her. Never respond to bait or give yous.

>> No.7723137

foam adventure seems quaint by today's standards

>> No.7723139


>> No.7723140

Yeah, with me

>> No.7723142

Holy cope, YOU watch streams

>> No.7723143

No she didn't. Also when they build the portal. Ame and Gura should've when they played. Kiara sould when she plays but says she won't. Ina is our last hope before management makes it for them.

>> No.7723145

Sonic Mania with a controller, right?

>> No.7723146

>Irys JP/ID collab ban is over
>Irys JP speaking voice is so cute
>Get excited for JP/ID collabs
>Remember I can't understand Japanese


>> No.7723149

With my child

>> No.7723151


>> No.7723152

That's fake doesnt count

>> No.7723153

Why are burgers like this? is it the fluor in the water or the chemtrails?

>> No.7723156

guess ill post the last one no one has yet until more are made

>> No.7723157

good work drawanon

>> No.7723160

Ame still not get used to big superchat...
Seriously what's wrong with this girl, it's almost a year???

>> No.7723161


>> No.7723163

where's the 3/3 my man

>> No.7723164

That wasn't Miriam singing, you only get the singing with the Fairy Familiar out.

>> No.7723166

>> No.7723167

Well said son

>> No.7723170

You two should fuck each other to reproduce new teamates

>> No.7723172

very convincing, retard.

>> No.7723174

Bloodstained is an amazing game
It just filters casuals and zoomers

>> No.7723178

>Smells Chlorine

>> No.7723180


>> No.7723181

Miko is going to the nether. next death soon.........

>> No.7723182


>> No.7723184

For real though. Sometimes when my nose is super-clogged I feel like I'm smelling something through the snot.

>> No.7723185


>> No.7723186


>> No.7723189

Don't worry, schizo#1. Teamates will still be dabbin on your ass all week.

>> No.7723190

Miko is gonna die....

>> No.7723193

I make Ame feel better.

>> No.7723194

Anon, she didn't know what bottom left was about until recently.

>> No.7723195

>Song you've been into lately?
She tweeted it, but Suichan's Kakerou is really good. Bluerose brings Okayu confidence, but Kakerou hits her in the heart with the realization that she's an adult; it's painful. You have to give up on a lot of things as you grow up, and they pile up real high, don't they? As a middle schooler, she remembered thinking how good adults were at lying, and that she couldn't trust them; now she feels anguished to think that she's become one of those adults. She's not good at lying? Well, she means more like how the teachers at school would say agreeable/affirmative things to avoid conflict and she would just blatantly state that she disagreed with things. Okayu's an adult with job-hunting experience now, and knows that she can't always be so stupidly honest in certain situations. Sometimes it's best to avoid conflict when it's not necessary. The song really does hit her in some painful areas, but she likes that about it. Songs that cause her pain are nice, just like canker sores.

>Choker goods?
Like selling her choker as official goods? She's not sure if she could get it released as an actual choker, but maybe a bracelet or something? She'll look into it. There's then a quick back-and-forth with chat about how she pronounces the word "choker".

>Excited Nyassu
Okayu has a cute story about Temari recently. Okayu's been doing a lot of work inside her soundproof room, while Temari usually spends her time sleeping up in her cat tower. Okayu finally came out after a particularly long session, and called out to her. Okayu assumes Temari was both sleepy and excited to see Okayu. Because of this, she made quite a commotion while deciding whether to keep sleeping or to leave the tower and get petted. Okayu says it was really cute seeing her so conflicted.

>Feeling like playing a long RPG again soon?
Good timing with that question. Okayu's decided on what to play next, but she's still figuring out what days to play, so she can't tell us just yet, but she will announce it soon, hopefully.

>Okayu LINE stamps?
On the way, but probably not for a good while, probably.

Okayu hasn't taken many lately? That's fine; honestly, she feels like those members-only streams are break enough for her, since she gets to be more relaxed and goof off more than usual during them. She definitely feels like she's done far more of those streams lately than ever before, but it's so fun she can't help it. She's just had the urge lately to stream more often than not. When she has days off due to recordings and other work, she's fine with not streaming if she feels she needs to, but she usually ends up feeling like streaming on the days where she has nothing to do. She ends up wanting to talk with everybody, and eventually just sets up a stream for that night. So don't worry about her, she's totally fine.

>Angry Okayu
Okayu really wishes everybody could just come over and help her get the foam on her walls properly. Wasting an hour and a half of her time only for the foam to fall off really drove her to despair. Even someone like Okayu has no choice but to get mad at something like this. This is the angriest she's been after the Paper Mario playthrough. She wants that hour and a half of her life back!

>Like Subaru
Though Okayu and Subaru seem rather like opposites at first glance, they actually have a lot of similarities, which is why they spend so much time together. A big commonality is how light the "footwork" is for them to hang out. Even when they're busy they'll just say something like "Sorry, today's no good for me. But I'm kind of hungry right now. Want to get something to eat?" Subaru's an extrovert with light footwork, and Okayu's an introvert with light footwork. It's hard to describe, but they share something like that. Chat asks if they both used be loners before that, and Okayu says that makes the two of them sound like Precures. Fine then, they're both Precures.

>Okakoro matching rings
Did they buy them yet? Not yet. They're actually still discussing if matching rings are actually what they want. For example, they also think matching bags could be good. And not just bags, they've also discussed getting things like matching necklace, or even matching earrings. Right now they're leaning towards bags though. It's a fun thing for them to worry about deciding on.

>Upon asking to get a close view of Okayu's galaxy eyes

>Sweet English from the cat

>Okayu cooly retreats
When faced with a barrage of superchats to keep her from ending the stream, Okayu admits defeat and begs them to stop. When they refuse to relent, she realizes that it's her victory if she ends the stream She smugly brags to chat about it being her win as she rolls the end card. After about 20 seconds of darkness, she flashes the words "It's my win." on screen to taunt people. Seen here:

>> No.7723196


>> No.7723198

I love Amelia Watson

>> No.7723200


>> No.7723201

I cheered up ame...

>> No.7723203

Your least funniest work so far

>> No.7723204

huh neat

>> No.7723205

i dont want to

>> No.7723206

Are we really going through this again? Didn't we literally do this exact same shit with Mori and niggers were fucking wrong?

>> No.7723207

That was me actually

>> No.7723209


>> No.7723210

here's your fanart deadbeats

>> No.7723216

MASS EFFECT BROS [email protected]

>> No.7723217

Sorry, I'm the rare straight teamate.

>> No.7723219

She played both versions in her last stream. If you're only on pc you should have a chance to fight her

>> No.7723220

>Ame Mass Effect

>> No.7723221

Someone should make a mega of these I'm never gonna be able to catch all of them

>> No.7723223

Have fun with your retard oshi that can't take care of herself

>> No.7723227

She plays half the stream on PS4 and half on PC to give everyone a fair chance.

>> No.7723229

why did you download this image twice anon?

>> No.7723231

Yeah but I meant more for IRyS I'm sure she wants to play on the JP server like before.

>> No.7723232

Haachama's alt account is starting a singing stream!


>> No.7723234


>> No.7723236


>> No.7723237

Who would Ame romance in Mass Effect?

>> No.7723238


>> No.7723240

All Sonic experience needs to be with controller so yeah..

>> No.7723244

Mass effect sucks.

>> No.7723245


>> No.7723246

Pretty sure she was talking about me

>> No.7723247

Can’t believe Irys accused the tophat gang of being filthy kikes

>> No.7723250

jesus christ im spooked

>> No.7723253

We'll bang okay?

>> No.7723254

>doxx on the SS Trannie

>> No.7723257

Ah yes """Mass Effect""""

>> No.7723261

You don't remember IRyS asking if a tabletop game meant shit like Monopoly?

>> No.7723265

I didn't make these posts, I literally stole them from /hlg/ but I like Okayu. /hlg/ really isn't as bad as people say, they just have schizos just like we do

>> No.7723266

>I always wondered what /ss/ stands for

>> No.7723267

You know you love it

>> No.7723270

God I wish I was that strap...

>> No.7723271

>Male Shep

>Fem Shep

>> No.7723273

I unironically wish Teamates were the one fanbase that fucked off to a split instead of deadbrapps or takos.
They literally shit up the thread with
(1) gayposting
(2) ERP
(3) gosling imagespam, 300 images in 500 posts
(4) retarded buzzword meme phrases >ame is cuter than usual etc
(5) instantly dominates a thread and makes it impossible to talk about any other EN girl even though they're """"unity""""
(6) /u/shit

>> No.7723275

Mori dont trust in fairies, they are cunts that will betray you if they have the chance

>> No.7723278

Mass Effect 1 is good

>> No.7723279


>> No.7723280

Not really wrong, Mori just did her reps. She talked just the other day about how hololive and streaming has become a fun escape for her and a massive part of her life

>> No.7723281


>> No.7723282

If she plays as femshep and doesn't romance Garrus in ME2, then she's dead to me.

>> No.7723283

*cums on you*

>> No.7723290

"Away with you" is my favourite Mori-ism.

>> No.7723291

t. Deadbeat

>> No.7723292

>/hlg/ really isn't as bad as people say
Listen I wouldn't go THAT far. 8/10 that thread is on fire.

>> No.7723296

I'm sure her ttrpg experience has burned that fact into her brain

>> No.7723300

oh that's nice
and thanks for stream summary

>> No.7723303

So was the ska SSS a lie or is it still in progress?

>> No.7723304

Yeah, we heard you last thread. There's been like two gosling images all thread so you might wanna try resposting this later.

>> No.7723305

Gameplay wise 1 is the worst one, best at worldbuilding though.

>> No.7723307

I post them in the Okayu thread too, anon. Feel free to post them here. I just usually assume once per board is fine too.

>> No.7723308

all me

>> No.7723309

Is Ame going to romance Garrus?

>> No.7723312

my girlfriend thinks I tongue butt, but I can't, not even a little bit

>> No.7723314

The gayposting and ERP is almost always a response to shitposts like your own, so maybe be the change you want to see in the world and stop posting?

>> No.7723315

It's originally from /mogu/ here in /vt/
but please, don't direct people to there, the wojacknigger shat that place last night.
/hlg/ is shit.

>> No.7723318

I always thought it was hilarious because I initially thought it was an edit of one of those over the top phone commercials and/or making fun of them

>> No.7723320

She has the track, but she doesn't like the sound of her voice.

>> No.7723321

Right here... who the fuck?

>> No.7723322

The only correct choices.

>> No.7723323

She wanted a better track for it so its still in progress.

>> No.7723324

Posts like these need to say their fanbase so we can laugh at them

>> No.7723326

shut up deadbeat
my oshi is superior to yours

>> No.7723327

Even if it's true, I can't monitor two fast threads. Plus this place uses soundposts, so it's better

>> No.7723329


>> No.7723337

Youtube comment>SC confirmed.

>> No.7723341 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7723345

All I care about from an RPG is how food the story and world is. I can put up with shitty gameplay if theres a good story behind it.

>> No.7723346

oh nyooo

>> No.7723351


>> No.7723356

>I miss using that word
>God damn fat SJW fucks and their equally fucking fat body positivity
Damn Irys.

>> No.7723360


>> No.7723361

Papaya... home...

>> No.7723362

now it needs a tower

>> No.7723364

All me.

>> No.7723365

fucking why

>> No.7723366

you basically described the breath of fire experience

>> No.7723367

Huh, Dead Space looks a lot different than I remember...

>> No.7723368

That's weird to me but I won't judge. For me the most important part of any video game is the gameplay.

>> No.7723369

Aren't Garrus and Thane the only realistic options for fem Shep? Everybody else is kinda ass in comparison, especially that latinx cunt that replaced Grunt.

>> No.7723373


>> No.7723374

Subscribing is easy and free. Do you not like any of her content?

>> No.7723375

John Madden!

>> No.7723376

Remaster may have fixed some of those issues, not sure how much though.

>> No.7723377


>> No.7723378


>> No.7723379

She's incapable of staying on task or doing anything productive with her time so it'll never be finished.

>> No.7723382

I was talking to Teamates, not you faggot cumbud 40 year old virgin fat ugly men who act like cutesy anime girls with your oh nyo faggotry and cun cun shit. KYS

>> No.7723383

John Madden

>> No.7723387

where's the tower anon?

>> No.7723388

It's just marker mindfuckery don't worry about it

>> No.7723389

If you're the guy who made those, stream summaries are -ALWAYS- welcome here, always

>> No.7723392


>> No.7723396


>> No.7723397

It's funny because even if Irys does know less about Hololive than debut Mori, shitposting about it will never be as serious because that argument has already been so played out that any serious attempts at it will simply seem like a parody of itself. In a way, Mori's (presumed) prior ignorance is a shield for Irys' current ignorance.

>> No.7723399

am I old if I know aeiou

>> No.7723400


>> No.7723401

>floor 2
that's not a real place, you're making it up

>> No.7723402


>> No.7723403


>> No.7723406

Holy f-word that's a tako and a half

>> No.7723409

I want to see Ame play bridge game again
Building a bridge without a single glitch

>> No.7723412

now draw her doing an ogey face

>> No.7723413


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