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I have a question to people who are less autistic and read body language intonation etc better. Which vtubers have the most glaring fake laughters you can spot? And what % of them do it from what you have watched? I wonder how popular vtubing would be if audience wasn't mostly autistic and could spot this shit from a mile away.

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You don't have to be autistic to know that Kiara's goofy chicken laugh is entirely put on.

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Kiara trying to turn her laugh into Pekora's was the absolute worse and easiest fake laugh to spot.

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Botan can't possibly be that happy at all times.

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Reine probably has the fakest laugh that i can remember, either that or her laughter is just that fucking ugly

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Thanks for reminding me to do my daily watching of Botan laughing compilations


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Korone. Specifically the small "eheheheheee~"s after almost every uttered sentence. It's painfully obvious how fake it is and that she does it to play into the whole cutesy dog shit. No one laughs like that after sentences naturally. It eventually got grating enough that I just couldn't watch her anymore. Some of her other laughs feel kind of fake too, but the ones where she loses control and can't talk properly seem genuine at least.

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Literally nobody in the world laughs like Pekora naturally

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reine? but that is a few months ago, idk how she is now coz i dont watch much reine nowadays. she prolly just nervous coz its new job and all

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Why would she make a fake laugh like that. Her laugh is something that turned me off so much I stopped trying to watch.

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>I have a question to people who are less autistic
>9 posts in thread

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I believe that she laughed like that even when she was before Pekora

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Watch one Calli collab and one Calli solo.

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Sorry, that was disingenuous. Watch one of her bad collabs and watch a solo stream. Her laughs talking to chat are genuine.

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I was convinced to watch Risu by the autists on this board and holy shit she has the fakest laugh I've ever heard. It's so bad it's almost like she's trying to let you know it's fake.

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Same here, i want risunners to explain why her laugh is like that else im just getting filtered

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There's rare times she uses a different more realistic laugh. I don't watch Peko much though anymore. But it used to come out when she'd be talking with a cute shrine maiden.

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every liver that doesn't burst into long laugh means they are faking it

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Fakest laugh belongs to the Ojou. She laughs to humor us peasants but sometimes a genuine mad cackle comes out if you say something really funny.

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95% of them use fake voices. you can't do anything genuinely if even your voice is fake.

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The only ones I believe to be genuinely laughing 100% of time they are laughing are Mio and Botan.

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Man, why do hags always have the best laughs? It just makes them even more breedable

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Some laughs are fake (forced) and some aren't. It's not on a person to person basis. You can't really fake a real hard laugh which I have heard almost every girl do a least once by this point.

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All Vtubers are emotionless and subhuman.
When they laugh, when they get angry, when they cry, it's all an act.

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This is true anon. Mio has the best and most genuine laugh in hololive and nobody can change my mind.

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I still don't get why she does her fake laugh. Her genuine laugh is so much better

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Crusade against dead air and her autism mean that's her only way to express gratitude towards viewers by humoring their dumb shit.

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Doubt it, her laugh is weird and probably filters people. She’d be doing the usual cutesy giggles if it was super fake

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Trying to humor the chat yet also want to send a message that their jokes are unfunny.

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This chick has the fakest laugh I ever heard.

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this poster hates life and has no joy

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I mean they all do fake laughs. It's essentially one of their filler words like "um" or "uh" but it has a more positive connotation for their image. It's like how if they get scared or something tense happens, they hyperventilate like they're about to die in real life. It's part of the show

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Pikamee is the most obvious.
She does the tea kettle thing all the time because she's desperate for views. She didn't use to do it so frequently.

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It depends of the moment but some of they are bad at faking it.
Using this video as example (but not entirely) that's my opinion

>Genuine but mostly keeping the voice acting


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If you aren't killing yourself every time you laugh, are you even laughing?

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>mio and irys on fake laughs
opinion discarded. good day to you sirchama.

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>Mio on fake
Neck yourself clipfag

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>Keeping the voice

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>Miko, Mio and Aqua on fake
>Risu and Kiara are genuine
Anon, OP made it clear that autistic people can't participate in this.

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>Mio and Pekora on Fake
>Thinking some of the genuines are keeping the voice acting

You don't even watch clips do you?

Anon, even others have said that they can't make Pekora laugh in public because of her fucking laugh, Mio wheezes literally to death and Botan doesn't even know what's voice acting.

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Calli is fucking pathetic, she's not even trying anymore, her paypigs are absolute retards.

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Ayame yes but Mio.. If Mio's wheezes aren't real then she's very talented at faking them.

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Her more cackling laughs are genuine because they lose a bit of flattery and become almost grating. Like the high pitch broom riding witch laughs she sometimes does. Usually a fake laugh would be put on to sound more endearing, rather than sounding like a fucking Halloween house of horror sound effect.

I love that cackling laugh btw.

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When Calli genuinely laughs, its so immediately noticable. She laughs with her gut, and her guy voice comes out.

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It was Kiara and probably still is despite the improvement. The laugh is currently obnxiously lengthened but it's nothing compared to the early days.
Look up her first collab with Matsuri and listen to how strained and desperatly Peko-like it is.

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I came here to laugh at this effort post getting mogged for being retarded. Fufufu~

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it's worse when she starts talking about something serious and still does the laugh. c'mon risu you can do better

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Only watch a handful of holos mainly;

And the fakest laugh among them is the chammer. It has come to a point that her fake laugh seems to denigrate/mock her audience.

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>90 percent of the stream is just her laughing at her own thoughts that aren't even funny
Why would anyone fake something so obnoxious

>> No.7732395

Fakest laugh

>> No.7732463

Beta testing on new laugh of Risu's evil version, She did it for new version of her voice. Watch her firework mania stream for comparison.


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Is it possible she's just autistic and that's just her nervous chuckle?

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