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So, how would dating a vtuber be like?

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Depends on which one you date.

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>Hey Noel, I saw you had another collab with Flare
>Didn't do anything you wouldn't wanna say, did you? haha
>You know I don't mind you joking around with other girls. Maybe I could join in, haha
>You want to talk about something?
>Wait what, but I thought there wasn't anything going on between you two?
>Hey, like I said, I don't mind sharing...
>No come on, lets talk about it some more

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>Hey Ina, let's get married
>Happily ever after

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You would never have time alone with her. She will always be either streaming or on her phone. You would always worry about other vtubers trying to fuck her. You would always be worried and annoyed thinking about how many people make lewd art of them and masturbate to them.

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This, depends on which one you date. If we assume you're dating someone from Hololive you would need to be okay with basically not existing to them during certain periods of time and turn a blind eye to the yuribating they do with their coworkers.

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Like the VA behind the chuuba or the character itself?

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>If we assume you're dating someone from Hololive
Even there it depends on who you date from Hololive.

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Agreed, I just mean as a general rule compared to say, Nijisanji. Dating Okayu would be very different from dating Rushia for example.

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Don't make me actually imagine, anon...

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It wouldn't be fun. You'd have to basically accept not existing in their lives often. And you'd have to pretend she's not constantly flirting with other women on stream. Along with what others have said here. Not good at all.

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generally speaking? Annoying. If they're big though, it can get intoxicating to know that the girl you're doing is explicitly wanted by 10's of thousands of others, if not hundreds of thousands, and they can't have her, she is yours alone.

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physically speaking of course.

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Sounds awful. I wouldn't date a vtuber. Or an actress. Or a woman with a job. Or an American.

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They stream everyday but it isn't like it's more work than a 9-5. They say they "go to the office" but to do what? Ultimately meaningless meetings with their manager?

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if they're working they're not with you anon, that's the problem

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Believe me anon, if she streams 5/6 hours a day it's boting as fuck to be all quiet in your house without making a noise

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Sure, but my point is that I think you're overestimating *how much* they work.

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Idk, ask Flare

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im dating my oshi
its alright

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Imagine holding the power of chucking a million people

The power trip would be amazing

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Nobody is talking about going to the office when they say you will rarely get to spend time with them depending on who we're talking about. If you are dating Watame, or Pekora, or any girl that streams moderate to long hours you more or less just have to deal with it on top of all of the other shit they do. My post did say "certain periods of time", after all. I think everyone is keenly aware that being a Vtuber is really not as much work as most of them enjoy claiming it is.

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Some of them experience this everyday...

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You cannot be cucked by a woman.

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Then you are really fucking overestimating the time you allege they "cannot" spend with you.

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>I think everyone is keenly aware that being a Vtuber is really not as much work as most of them enjoy claiming it is.

In the case of the Holos, it can be a lot of work. On top of their streaming, they have dance and singing practices, special events, radio shows develop their own lines of products and their original songs and do promotional work. It all depends on what they want to do and how mch work they're willing to take.

Or they can be Shion or Ayame and show up once in a while for a payday.

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Why are you being intentionally obtuse about the point I'm making?
Of course as with everything it isn't a completely set in stone evaluation, I agree the work ethic varies from girl to girl. I do believe as a general rule the grand majority of their job consists of sitting at home and talking at a computer screen and they really make a point to constantly talk about the additional aspects of the job you mentioned to make it seem like it isn't exactly that. Ayame and Shion are extreme examples that probably shouldn't be considered for topics like this. They outright do not do their jobs so it would be like living with a NEET that still manages to collect a check.

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>Boyfriend of a woman who works 10 hours a day every day of the week.
>Brings works at home too
>Can't make any noise because you're a secret to her audience.
>If she's really sucessful, probably has side gigs tha takes up erven more of her time
>Has to remember the names of countless men (simps) and potentially give them GFE

Never ever unless the vtuber is Ayame but then you have to play fucking League with her which isn't much better

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You literally have no reading comprehension lmao

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Sora-chan will date every holo.

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You'd be surprised. Listen to Noel's or Choco's singing now vs 3 months ago vs a year ago.

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At first it's alright but the shit you gotta put up with will eat you on the inside.

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It's a thought that sometimes goes through your head, but in all honest I just hope that if that scenario ever happens I hope it doesn't end with sex.

I think it would be nice to hang out instead

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