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/nasfaqg/ - NASFAQ General - Otsuaggie Edition

Thread for the discussion of NASFAQ, a financial market simulator based on trading of coins that represent the members of hololive.

https://nasfaq.biz/info - READ THIS.

This is a fake stock market game meant for FUN, not a real stock market (cryptofags will not be happy here either, no real money involved, NO you won't get better at stocks from this.).

Research 1: https://schedule.hololive.tv
Research 2: https://holo.poi.cat
Research 3: https://hololive.jetri.co/#/status

Divvies of last week as .png in case server fucks you over: https://byte.wtf/selif/99w0b5so.jpg (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (Edge) (64 hours Morty)
F.U.C.K. Reports (Market-based reports, updated weekly on Mondays):
Haaton's secret CheatSheet for wallet analysis (make a copy in your drive, add own username and user-id): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1An6CLbiQxBa-YHKSHitk2U3-9SBc-XE0d7ZCTeWp08k/edit?usp=sharing
Mikofag's humble attempt to archive some of the thread OC: https://mega.nz/folder/NeQghDqL#mSL13SdqKjKgYVjFCgF6Iw

Previous Thread: >>7691242

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happy birthday haachama

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Sell Shion onegai

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My liquid went up from 20% to 30% in a day...
Today is not a good day to splurge.

>> No.7705523

"the discord haatons are fucking cheating"

>> No.7705711

As already said put it on the thread on floor

>> No.7705826

did devs changed the rates? did 10x 10k and can't even drop a complete 10 cash, jesas honk stop getting my liquid

>> No.7705891

also script/sheet boys, is it possible to see how much you spent on this gacha? just wanna see how much i fucked myself over this and still not getting my items

>> No.7705929

Devchama said on the aggie they have plans to add a roll counter soon-ish

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>did 10x 10k
Anon your gambling addiction...

>> No.7706098

every single gains for every adjustment shall be funneled to my gacha addiction, i am officially fucked

>> No.7706214

Me too anon, I managed to go red because of all my gacha rolls

>> No.7706253

Nene needs to stop stifling her laughter

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Reminder to vote in the Poal for the Player's Choice for today's G.U.R.A. Report: http://poal.me/enhumc

Towa, Hololive, and Rushia are excluded from the list.

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I don't care about Fubuki but I don't want teafags to win...

>> No.7706518

Don't make me pull my other 10 ip's

>> No.7706604

It's beautiful.

>> No.7706659

holy shit

>> No.7707318 [SPOILER] 

Buy and hold Maririn

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>> No.7707775

Sell towels, bye Towa !

>> No.7708595

flaunt'em mateys

>> No.7708717

Now that the dust has settled, how do you rate the gacha update?

>> No.7708754

using my incredibly basic nasfaq knowledge as im a newfag to it.

i reckon botan is gonna be a pretty investment

same with aqua

>> No.7708774

NIgga what?

>> No.7708785

big potential. liquid economy can move now

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>> No.7708907

just pull better what are you doing

>> No.7708918

rolled x10 only got 4 kek

>> No.7708947

I hate it and I'm financially ruined, it's working well

>> No.7708966

Jeb took me 4m. I very much regret it.

>> No.7708985 [SPOILER] 

Network for the last 5h 27min since adjustment, including top 500 with volume above 34.
Here is a pdf containing networks for the top 30. (still wip)

>> No.7709012

no rushia/10

>> No.7709098

Is the net worth delta also since adjustment?

>> No.7709166

Not networth delta, liquid delta. Yes since adjustment, including all transactions.

>> No.7709168

Missing too many chuubas. Should've had at least one for every chuuba there's a coin for.

>> No.7709285

That abayo is accepted r-right?

>> No.7709300

brilliant babayo

>> No.7709363

Less clothing onegai

>> No.7709660

now im pretty retarded and very new to this. but as far as i understand basically big events coming up means people buy a specific vtuber making her worth more. Botan is coming up on 1 million subscribers and will most likely have some form of big event when it happens so botan = good money

atleast i think thats how it works. please correct me if im wrong

>> No.7709886

Botan doesn't sing which is concerning for me. Birthdays and anniversaries bring in big numbers because of concerts, not sentiment.

>> No.7709977

Botan will murder a family of four live on stream with her armory collection. It will be the greatest Hololive stream to this date and possibly the rest of time.

>> No.7710020

my oshi's items aren't in the pool. pointless

>> No.7710126

I really need to come up with a better system, I feel like I change my trades and check youtube, holo schedule and socialblade 10 times a day, it's not at all efficient.

>> No.7710276

300k you are wrong, let's see each other at the floor

>> No.7710318

he probably doesn't have 300k you clown

>> No.7710365

Doesn't it take like 2 days to reach 300k? I don't care come out and bet pussy

>> No.7710467

>richfags bullying new players that don't understand how the game works
I love and hate this

>> No.7710644

>from /vt/ to this /ck/ cooking
Holy shit

>> No.7710762

i have exactly 300k. i will take your bet botan gonna give me fucking GAINS

>> No.7710793

I like your spirit anon, May the shrine maiden bless you.

>> No.7710889

Ogey, so let's make the bet clear if she goes up more than 18% the adjustment after her 1m stream I lose and have to superchat 300k to your oshi. If she doesn't go up more than 18% you lose and have to send 300k to my oshi. All clear? see you at the floor

>> No.7710933

thankyou anon. i pray for victory

>> No.7710960

I'm in.

>> No.7711035

Waiting your post on floor man

>> No.7711177

s FuckAliceSenseless a Nasfaggot?

>> No.7711198

no, it's a 4cc meme

>> No.7711211

>gambling on a random schedule that is out of your control
you guys really are degens

>> No.7711431

Nothing is still up because he didn't confirm the bet on the floor

>> No.7711481

Oh fuck Pippa put a reference to NASFAQ in an official company clip comp.
What does this mean for the stocks?

>> No.7711549

my bad. confirming now

>> No.7711812

Is this you?
Waht the fuck are you trying to do fag?

>> No.7711867

what clip compilation?

>> No.7711929

Sounds like he's true to his name

>> No.7712030

Bitch breaking containment. Fucking christ, at least they are not big so even if we get a wave of newfags It's just gonna be another tuesday

>> No.7712102

Should i be selling Aqua?

>> No.7712106

I don't get it

>> No.7712127

Is Pippa the alleged femanon vtuber from here?

>> No.7712147

3:18 at the bottom, containement breaching at it's finest

>> No.7712158

Depends how many you have, I had nearly 200 so I'm selling some now.

>> No.7712175

oh THAT Pippa, now I gotta watch them

>> No.7712190

Are you sure you're not a schizo and it's a coincidence?

>> No.7712199

We have filters anyways but we also have spoonfeeders. They'll most likely just make the rich richer

>> No.7712224

from what I've seen, it's plausible that it's not a coincidence

>> No.7712226

Nothing to worry

>> No.7712299

I remember someone posting not too long ago to "go watch my wife" or something and it was a non-holo, was it a phase connect member?

>> No.7712383

Time to add PhaCon coins?

>> No.7712422

oh, no, found the post, it wasn't

>> No.7712441

Just need someone that did their blender and pes reps here

>> No.7712463

Eh, it could be either way. "FAQ" is originally a Hololive reference, but it's been adopted by the larger vtuber community as a whole, but the idea of turning "NASDAQ" into "NASFAQ" is unlikely.
If it's a containment breach, it's a really shitty one. Probably just a dogwhistle to try and get clicks from /vt/ with posts like "Pippa is secretly based?!?!" or "PIPPA IS HERE".

>> No.7712490

>secretly based
She's pretty openly based

>> No.7712516

>Just need someone that did their blender and pes reps here
Yeah, someone did his blender reps, righto?

>> No.7712566

haha... I wish

>> No.7712567

t. pippa
Fuck off

>> No.7712593

Advertise somewhere else, Pippa. We don't take kindly to shills here.

>> No.7712600

Do we add pippa here now?

>> No.7712646

someone teach me how to blender

>> No.7712669

I barely know how to turn on my computer

>> No.7712705

that clip was the most boring shit I have ever seen. Japanese girl reads Pi. ESL spouts language from 2010.

>> No.7712711


>> No.7712855

Boxheads are maybe easy since you can just slap an image on a cube

>> No.7712888

Our team is going to be nothing but utah teapots, isnt it

>> No.7713058

aguabros I don't feel so good...

>> No.7713072


>> No.7713097

>they bought aqua at 13k

>> No.7713110

consider yourself lucky if anyone gets that far

>> No.7713164

I want api/deleteownaccount/ to be a red or glitchy box

>> No.7713287

Seems like the Wednesday's bog will be harder than Tuesday's.
I'm thinking of going 50% liquid and buy everything on Wednesday until divvy night.

>> No.7713402

>not spending all liquid on gacha

>> No.7713676

Just checked on my leaderboard position.
Keep it up with gacha guys, don't stop!

>> No.7713753

Needs a $ROPE[sound=http://files.catbox.moe/notengodinero.ogg] item

>> No.7713846

Rope is all I need

>> No.7713924

This is the advertisement no one wants but everyone needs. I need them newfags to make my chests rich

>> No.7713972

Don't worry anon your flat chest is pretty hot

>> No.7714059

eh, not too many at 10.3k I'll make it out at least halfway

>> No.7714112

Big Plans, quit trying to groom people

>> No.7714131

I'll trade that gosling for this one I found recently somewhere

>> No.7714155

Don't interfere joe

>> No.7714170

I'm trying to learn how to use Blender, don't mention my name

>> No.7714234

Thank you kindly, Not Joe.
I'm not Joe, I'm just a guy trying to protect potential grooming targets
Godspeed and thank you for your service

>> No.7714405 [SPOILER] 

happy to help if I can add to collections.

>> No.7714419

Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the Numbers Review.

Here's the R.I.C.H. report for this week:
>There are 733,555 shares in circulation.
>This is a 21.32% increase from last week's volume.
>There are an average of 14,383 shares per coin.

Top 5 Volume Increases (of 46):
>Aqua :: +120.7%
>Mio :: +74.1%
>Nabi :: +68.4%
>Aki :: +53.1%
>Melfissa & Nene :: +52.5%

Top 5 Volume Losses (of 5):
>Iofi :: -38.2%
>Kiara :: -33.3%
>Watame :: -12%
>Mel :: -9.4%
>Noel :: -0.7%

Only Noel had a sub-1% change in Volume this week.

Here's the R.I.S.E report for this week:
>Starting Liquid is estimated at $56,768.68.
>This is a 10.17% increase from last week's estimate.
>Total Market Value is $5,234,191,885.84.
>This is a 34.95% increase from last week's Market Value.
>Average value per share is $7,135.38.

Top 5 Value Gains (of 40):
>Aqua :: +91.7%
>Watame :: +41.1%
>Aki :: +35.1%
>Coco :: +34.7%
>Mel :: +32.8%

Top 5 Value Losses (of 11):
>Haato :: -24.3%
>Shion :: -15.7%
>Hololive :: -13.5%
>Nabi :: -12.2%
>Kanata :: -10.5%

3 Coins (Rushia, Civia, Okayu) had a value change of less than 1%.

Today's Numbers Review is brought to you by Luknight-Os: Cereal fit for royalty with a flavor that can take out a kaiju. You won't want to start your day without a strong bowl of Luknight-Os. Now available in cereal bars, so you can take them on the go! WARNING: Yonkisei Produce is not responsible for the development of addictions or afflictions due to the consumption of Luknight-Os. Please consume responsibly.

The G.U.R.A. report for tonight will be up as soon as it's ready. This week's Player's Choice is Amelia. The other coins to be featured are Marine, Pekora, Hololive, and Towa.

>> No.7714421

A subtick will be the only thing that'll save Aqua at this point

>> No.7714436

>Aqua :: +120.7%
>Aqua :: +91.7%

>> No.7714459

Overbought as fuck. I'd wager most of that is from the last 24 hours.

>> No.7714782

a little late on that one aren't we, nass fuck gee

>> No.7714807

what the absolute fuck is a Phase Connect and why should I care?

>> No.7714868

>Top 5 Value Gains (of 40):
>Watame :: +41.1%
I'll have to ask how you accumulate weekly numbers on coin value. I've been buying her around 6k for almost two weeks now. Or is this about specific instances of spikes and dips?

>> No.7714933

ONE... NINE...


>> No.7714977

It's literally
>[ (This week's value) / (Last week's value) - 1 ] = % change
Watame's been on a fairly stable zig-zag pattern since mid July, but this week she happened to be on an upturn when the data was collected.

>> No.7715098 [SPOILER] 

>Today's Numbers Review is brought to you by Luknight-Os

>> No.7715116

Why are people selling Haato? It’s her freaking birthday today. Am I missing something?

>> No.7715189

neuron activation

>> No.7715284

you'd be surprised how many people take the daytrader thing to heart.
Neuron activation is also kind of a meme, some people go with literally every flow just to buy back later to maximize that last inch of profit.

>> No.7715316

neither of these are Joe
doctor, I am Pagliacci
thanks for the goslings frens

>> No.7715390

you guys helped me build up mine in the first place, t'is a pleasure.

>> No.7715458

Sorry but what is neuron activation? I know it’s a monkey meme but I don’t get how it correlates to the game. Trading stocks/gambling is not my field.

Does it mean that people make decisions based solely on the red and green changes of certain coins?

>> No.7715465

It would appear I've misled myself
Happy to share

>> No.7715483

t. newfag
Do your reps

>> No.7715517

>See a bigger number than before
That's all it is

>> No.7715519

you'll see autotrader-like sell-patters on spikes of $100 dollars, and the same vice-versa with tiny dips. it's never some kind of squiggle or a crab anymore because some people leave it running, some squeeze that little something or whatever it is, but in any case people will go opposite from adjustment in most cases of graph. and for quite a long time as well.

>> No.7715525

>Does it mean that people make decisions based solely on the red and green changes of certain coins?
Big Plans, Rean, Haachama's Duck and Konnui's alt trade all coins 24/7 and are responsible for 90% of the trade volume

>> No.7715555

I see, thanks friends.

>> No.7715644

>be poorfag like everyone else 4 months ago
>"I want a portfolio with all my favorite holos!"
>nasfaq does nasfaq things, buy coin sell coin things go their way
>"I'm missing that one coin really bad but she's kinda expensive now, I'll buy her later"
>ah not this week, this and that, I'll buy her later
>her divvies are kinda shit, I'll wait for a dip
>fast forward to the boggening and it's aftermath
>you remember the past
>"hey HER price right now is good enough for me"
>end up with fucking 700
what's her name, anon?

>> No.7715671

consider your numbers checked and your trades henceforth blessed.

>> No.7715674

She got more views on Sunday than she did from her birthday stream.

>> No.7715691

>her birthday stream
It was a countdown birthday stream, not the actual main event.

>> No.7715696

>Daytrader thing

>> No.7715741

My oshicoin

>> No.7715745

My net worth has been steadily falling for 4 hours. This isn't supposed to happen, you're meant to get into the green as the day goes on. I'm scared.

>> No.7715840

Same. I hope you're doing better than me.

>> No.7715844

Prepare for the bog anon, tomorrow we'll see some nice pink wojaks

>> No.7715865

>1 Unique assets
diversify your bonds nigga

>> No.7715883

Fuck that. I'm going all in on Haato.

>> No.7715914

You're 3 weeks too late to be going all in on haato

>> No.7715917


>> No.7716027

What if, now hear me out, tax the 1% and give it to the poor? That would help to mitigate the problem with the leaderboard.

>> No.7716087

how about we tax everyone and the money gets deleted

>> No.7716105

There aren't any problems with the leaderboard

>> No.7716198

not this again...

>> No.7716246

how about we delete all towa coins from the economy, that ought to fix our problems

>> No.7716280

If this chart actually conveys the wall of text I was about to write, please let me know.

>> No.7716333

had me check, back on track again.

>> No.7716345


>> No.7716354

why hasn't poi updated yet? isn't it supposed to update at 19:00?

>> No.7716396

aaah you have a duplicate in there reeeee delet this nephew
I used to have more Noel than Pekora. More Rushia than Pekora. Now there is only Pekora.

>> No.7716397

What if we tax the 99% and give it to the rich? That would help to mitigate the problem with the leaderboard.

>> No.7716439

/nasfaqg/ updated list of staples:
>weekly averages how do they work (outdated)
>her dividends will be any of these 20 wildly different numbers I know what you're doing and godspeed with it.
>- rrat generator (fell out of favor)
>- cosmetics (done)
>- cosmetics with BUFFS (rejected)
>- here's how the game works
>- here's how the game actually works
>- here's an effortpost trying to explain the metagame to shut both of you poorfags up
>- luv me oshi, simple as
>- vile shitposting
>- towa FUD
>- >he is unaware

>> No.7716453


>> No.7716493

then where do you guys get your numbers from? do you actually check every single youtube channel?

>> No.7716505

got it deleted, thanks bro. I thought it was different .gifs
I am three of these posts.

>> No.7716520

we get them from poi when they finish updating in 2 hours...

>> No.7716552

you don't? the guy above you on the leaderboard probably does.

>> No.7716553

mpp doesn't matter

>> No.7716577

It updates when youtube decides to update

>> No.7716582

how did I forget that fucking classic.

>> No.7716588

it has these are the final numbers for the day

>> No.7716610

if that's you Jester, you are a fucking Case Study. I raise my glass.

>> No.7716651

Get on my level

>> No.7716697

I call it "the messy manualfag"
I watch tom scott to practice english listening no judging pls

>> No.7716736

>tom scott
kek get a load of this nerd

>> No.7716744


>> No.7716757

Tom Scott is based AF

>> No.7716949

>buy what everyone is buying
>sell what everyone is selling
I did it guys I cracked the secret of nasfaq

>> No.7717037

whos the retard buying shion?

>> No.7717115

I deleted my account before going to sleep, i'm not sure if i'm coming back. Gacha kinda ruined it for me, falling from the top to the very bottom was a bit much for me.
I don't think i can send that many dickpics.
>>7703374 isn't my account.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Bye /nasfaqg/.

>> No.7717170

>Gacha kinda ruined it for me
don't blame gacha for your own crippling addiction. the only one to blame is yourself.

>> No.7717200


>> No.7717235

It was a pleasure playing with you, anon. I still don't know who you are/were, but I hope the game at least gave you some good memories.

>> No.7717240

>Has no self control
>Blames completley optional cosmetic item gacha for his complete lack of self-control at rolling RNG mechanics
Unironically get some fucking help, anon. The fact that you destroyed yourself in a game just to roll a few more times and then quit the game over it in a fit of gambler's remorse is a giant fucking red flag.
I don't just mean "talk to a friend". Call a gambling addiction hotline, get a therapist, go to a support group, something. You are mentally ill and not in the "haha take your meds" way.

>> No.7717260

>spoiler text
Damn it, so close too.
abayo nigga

market report in a seoncd. sleep deprivation hit me different than I'd expect.

>> No.7717381

>cosmetics with buffs
>he doesn't know

>> No.7717405

I cannot read this graph

>> No.7717434

Now if only my rivals could gacha their accounts into the garbage and commit sudoku...

>> No.7717449

There are two deleted accounts I can find:
Solar Flare, $6942617.61 networth a few weeks ago
brainletchama, $40272.52 networth a few weeks ago
So it's probable Solar Flare

>> No.7717486

I dunno, brainlet also seems to fit the bill

>> No.7717494 [SPOILER] 

Warning: Large Image Ahead
Good evening, welcome to the News Hour. This is your NASFAQ Market Report for Monday, August 9th.
Please reply with any art you'd like to see included if we ever make another "canvas" OP.

>> No.7717522

if anyone is wondering, it takes about 24m to get 634 items

>> No.7717579

you did not get 634 items with even 15m of liquid.

>> No.7717601


>> No.7717606

>I watch tom scott to practice english listening no judging pls
I have no idea who he is but an idea might be to watch educational videos? Documentaries even, that way you practise your skill while also learning things

>> No.7717613

Interestingly, there's a "gachaboard" now

>> No.7717657

I hope you take that steps to help solve your problems. Only you can help yourself get help to solve your crippling addiction.

>> No.7717680

i guess it doesn't count what we spent yesterday does it?

>> No.7717695

It's on the leaderboards page if you refresh. Sad that it's only added in now and not before when everyone went mad rolling

>> No.7717697

No I think it's just not in use yet, but it's there in the code

>> No.7717717

Of course the Fubuki oshicoiner is the gacha addict

>> No.7717721

oh, nevermind, >isreal

>> No.7717756

Go Ame, Go!

>> No.7717764

NTA but Tom Scott's videos loosely fit that description, definitely learned a few random things from watching him. Not a bad choice at all for someone looking for an interesting way to practice listening to eigo.
Personal recommendation would be for some stand-up, if you want some 草 and some varied accents: black pepo, Southern US, various English accents, Irish accent, FOB Indian accent; if you can think of an accent, some comic's probably got it
it's a shame it wasn't implemented in time to record addictanon's adventure

>> No.7717817

>English accents

>> No.7717835

i swear if it's another one of these "baiting mikofag into effortposting at 3am" posts, then again the graph might just be shit
qrd on my theory:
- poorfags usually daytrade, better returns in a day than divvies from what they can buy once
- the richer you get the less % you can feasibly make daytrading, so building up divvies stacks becomes not only feasible but the norm (Jester is the one case study here, his playstyle is fascinating and he's solidly in the top 50-60)
- Then when you get filthy rich and have too many divvies to buy only very good deals, you begin to take fucking everything and roll with it. 51 coins means 51 possible autotrades (civia...) you can do simultaneously
- On the very top we get into zalgotext territory of shit I won't even attempt to explain or comprehend. clearvoyance over holo movements and the activity tab, advanced spreadsheets checking the parameters you need for your daily decisions, in some cases that spreadsheet trades FOR you
- and yes if you take this to the very maximum, trying to predict divvies and the fucking algo itself, determining the exact second you should start autotrading for the perfect ROI, turning every penny, watching the market on 7 monitors with 3 different bots doing calcs for you in tuned intervals. Not even cypher is this autistic as he does spend money on the gatcha and even showed up for the aggie this week which just means (you) can potentially go even further beyond
- of course there's always s̷͉̥̮̊u̸͉̖͑r̸̢͎̦̍̀͛͒v̴̗̬̐͑̈́̔̈́e̸̳͊y̷̯͈̩͇̔́͝͝i̶͙͉̓n̶͓̤͇̔͠ģ̵͎̔ ̶̤̩̋̊͂ͅͅu̴̢̠͋̂̋̕͠s̵̝̤̬̟̔ͅe̴̱͔͖̝̝̊̑r̵̛̛̳̜̊͜ ̴̢̬̜̖̏l̷̻̙̺̉̃ô̶̗̞̓c̵̢̦͑̐ȧ̸̯̺̘͌̔͘͘ṭ̷̭̭̉̌̈́̏͠ȋ̷͖̠͚͙̙̂͑̓ö̸͎́̐̓̔n̴̺̝̺̈́̎͝s̴̛͉͍̦͂̈́̍ ̵͈̺͕̬ͅt̵͓̤͒̾ŏ̸̹̺͇͕̊͂̒͘ ̷̛̼̳̤͇͂͋ḥ̸̫͂ã̸̦̇͌͒c̶͔̭͇̮̿̍͒̆̀k̵̨͎͚̾́̇ ̴̡̀i̸̪͇̜̳͌n̷̳̟͗̓t̸̟͔̏͋ǫ̴̛̭̐̔͆ ̶̯͎̰͊̀͊̔̒t̵̫̤͙͗͜ͅh̷͖̜͒e̶̼͘ỉ̴͈̰̼̼̺̈̑̌̋ŗ̶̟̖͂̈́̃ ̵̝̀ṕ̵̢̖̹̦͙̉̓̕ö̷̻̙̪͉͓́͒̌w̵̟͑e̴̘̓̓͛̈́͂r̴̠̮̹̻̊̀̑̕ ̵̖̍͌́̈́͑s̸̥̎̿̍̑̕ừ̶̭̩͝p̷̧͔̫̭̤̆̂̈́ṕ̸̪̠̼̋͗͜͝l̵͔̞͈̩̾ỷ̵̬̺͊̀ͅ ̸̨̥̓s̶͚̿̍̕e̸̱̔͠͝r̸̤̩̮̆̀̇̊̽ṿ̴̱̤͂i̵̡̥̯̥̍͛̾̓ĉ̵̤̗́͘ȩ̵̢̣̍͋̆̔s̶̩͓̦͎̓̇̇̏̕ͅ ̷̜̳͐́͐̃̊a̶͙͔̍̀͒̊͝n̸̛̜͒̑d̶̖̱̍̋͂͝ͅ.̸̠͓͉̍̿͊̌͝.̷̢̝͖̩̱.̷̨̣̬̳̃

tl;dr: specific very good trades vs. as many profitable trades as you can spot and act on, roughly defined by number of transactions / time spent transacting.

>> No.7717879

remind me in the mornings, I won't open flashbangshop at 2:55am

>> No.7717892

is this the fabled Austrian Autism?

>> No.7717895

open it faggot I dare you

>> No.7717909

What happened to drawing azki, mogu?

>> No.7717913

newfies are fucking animals I swear

>> No.7717935

that's basically what he does, also he's a brit. If I learn english, it's gotta be brits. he also had the hacker mindset in the past and usually does his research, is transparent, and focusses on video quality a lot.

>> No.7717954

ah lord jesus b'y how ya gettin on meson

>> No.7717956

Doesn't Photoshop and the rest of Adobe CS have a slider to adjust the interface color? Could've sworn I've been looking at a nearly black interface for nearly a decade. An image in there shouldn't be any brighter than it is here on 4chinz. Unless of course you did something like make it open onto a full screen white canvas, in which case you should lay in that bed.

>> No.7718025


>> No.7718074

>time to show I care about the whole economy and delete some liquid
>only until the first item, shouldn't take that long I was lucky before
>50, 60...
>wait did the rate get lowered or something
>now I need to know
>100, 110
>throw in a single for shits and giggles
>get a dupe at 140
>then it hits me
>oshi is MIKO
I will never again touch the gacha, it's a losing game for me.

>> No.7718076

>a few weeks ago
It "happened" only a couple of hours ago.

RNG has both highs and lows. Took me 5M to get 40 items, took my friend 700k
He said he was above NenePro. So at least 45M, the numbers checks out.
BUT i'm going to say that it's BULLSHIT you don't just disappear from top 40
Someone would have noticed a guy named brainletchama or Solar flare in the leaderboard.
if someone like mogu or bread disappeared over night we would have noticed, their neighbours would have noticed.
you don't just "sell all your stocks" in 10 hours at that level of play! I'm way below nenepro and even I can't sell everything I have in a day.

Conclusion, the story is fake and gay. Why did you guys fall for this ? No one would stupid enough to spent all of their ingame money for the same 13 items and then nuke their account. (but on the other end, hoshiyomi are compulsive gamblers and dickpic senders and brainletchama was all of the above, so maybe, just maybe it's not completely fake.).

>> No.7718106

nah it's just my f.lux being off for PS

>> No.7718128

difference is that 634 items is a much larger sample size and has more samples for the rolls to regress to the mean, not that it isn't possible to get unlucky but it's very unlikely

>> No.7718134

>a few weeks ago
That's because I'm comparing to the leaderboard copy I had from a few weeks ago (specificaly, from the /api/DeleteOwnAccount episode where, it turns out, no one deleted their accounts.)
These are the two accounts that existed then and don't exist now.

>> No.7718135

I know there was a guy named Solar Flare. He was top 40 long ago but I think I overtook him somewhere in the 50s? He for sure wasn't in front of nenepro these days.

>> No.7718157

Do we even know the exact drop rates ?

>> No.7718175

>divviefags are now in meta
Most cursed timeline ahead. I wish I could turn back time to when they were shunned

>> No.7718199

mine was about 2% for items

>> No.7718206

people in the aggie compiled a bunch rolls and everyone got around 2%

>> No.7718224

I also need the money bundle drop chance.

>> No.7718253


>> No.7718257

you can see this as each pull costing $750 on average

>> No.7718346

50% for money 2% for items. Whether the rates for the items is equal or a different split of the 2% is something that would require a very large sample size.

>> No.7718404

poi hasn't updated
>ok but poi is kinda busted sometimes
none of the dozen or so channels I checked on SocialBlade have updated

>> No.7718437

that means we get a free dip tomorrow and double adjustment up on the following day.
You still have liquid dont you Anon?

>> No.7718446

Are we getting a double day again? Very nice

>> No.7718447

this has happened before
and everyone crashed and burned. its the return of the susaning, everyone liquidate!

>> No.7718470

More than my div payout actually. Haven't been buying enough shit since then.
My MPP is ready.

>> No.7718490

It's not about POI, we need to know if it's JUST POI or is it suzan. and maybe ask ms.honk to delay adjustment if so

>> No.7718507

>Aqua is going to moon twice as hard
I'm so ready

>> No.7718515

>maybe delay adjustment
Welcome to Nasfaq newfriend!

>> No.7718528

>potential incoming clearance sale on everything
>and maybe ask ms.honk to delay adjustment if so

>> No.7718531

Youtube api hasn't updated yet which means nasfaq will get 0 if it doesn't update before adjustment

>> No.7718545

>>maybe delay adjustment
>Welcome to Nasfaq newfriend!


>> No.7718632

G.U.R.A. Report will be delayed until tomorrow due to some unavoidable difficulties on my end. It will use the data from tonight, I just don't have the time to put it all together.

>> No.7718666

hey cool the only time ill ever be seen on any leaderboard


>> No.7718667

I'm personally fine with Bogration 2:electric boogaloo, honestly. But maybe ms.honk would think perpetuate chaos isn't a balanced enough mechanic for an market simulator.

>> No.7718695

choco a cute so you get a pass
>perpetuate chaos
>market simulator
Stock market crashes are a thing. The YouTube API being shit causing one is about as organic as you can get for this kind of "market".

>> No.7718842

>Stock market crashes are a thing.
I would argue that it still an predictable thing for anyone competent. or entirely speculated to begin with. Not
>Wow tough luck man you forgot to look at poi before you gone to sleep and now all your money is gone at totally random reason, better luck next time.

>> No.7718914

>now all your money is gone
Stay poor. You have no idea what a market crash actually represents in this game.

>> No.7719100

>> No.7720013

I just did the math for 50% cash.
10,000 per 10 rolls, 5,000 completely lost (no cash, no item), 2,500 lost for the rest (500*5 = 2,500) = 7,500 per 10 rolls
45,000,000 / 7,500 = 6,000.
6,000 * 10 = 60,000 (because 10 rolls)
Rope is not a gacha drop so 634 - 1 = 633 items
You can simplify 2/100 into 1/50
The easiest way to know what the chances are to get this many items in that amount of rolls is by calculating the chances to not get this number of items in that amount of rolls.
60,000 * (49/50)^633 = 0.1675 = 16.75% chance to NOT get 633 items from 60,000 rolls (so a probability of 83.25% to get 633 items)
I didn't take into account the chances to get an item replacing a cash in my math because frankly this is too complicated for me and doesn't matter much in the grand scale of things (less 0.5%)
The distribution is a bit fucked but doesn't look impossible either. (633/13 = 48.6 of each items, the sample is way too small to be conclusive with my beginner level math)
What is weirder is that even with a script doing 10 rolls 3 time a second it would still take 34 minutes to get 60,000 rolls. Unless the script somehow did 10*10 rolls per seconds
>I lost all of my cash in 10 minutes
is a lie. even being generous and saying that he only had 20M in cash it would still be over 4 rolls per seconds.

Can someone here correct me if I'm wrong ?

>> No.7720304

At the current price, you can spend $1.7M/hour, $40.8/M/day buying all coins.
The bigger the stocks, the longer it takes to recover from the dip.

>> No.7720352

if he really did 60,000 rolls and got 633 items, that'd be a rate close to 1%, which is a tad lower than what others have observed.

>> No.7720482

Is it low enough to say it's statistically impossible ?

>> No.7720678

I would say it is, yes.

>> No.7720852

>The easiest way to know what the chances are to get this many items in that amount of rolls is by calculating the chances to not get this number of items in that amount of rolls.
60,000 * (49/50)^633 = 0.1675 = 16.75% chance to NOT get 633 items from 60,000 rolls (so a probability of 83.25% to get 633 items)
this part is incorrect, to find the odds that he rolls exactly 633 items from 60000 rolls you would put this through the binomial distribution, (60000, 633) 0.02^633*0.98^(60000-633). If you want to find the odds that he rolls 633 or less than you would have to calculate the odds of receiving 0 items to 633 items and add them all up and that would be your probability. Luckily we have calculators to do that for us like this one: https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/binomial.aspx. Still it's pretty much impossible to roll 60,000 rolls and only get 633 items

>> No.7720945

Thanks meth anon!

>> No.7720998

Honk-chama? graphs doko?

>> No.7721049

>not a multiple of 8 ina

>> No.7721070

Graphs are fine here. Refresh.

>> No.7721135

>youtube API still dead
Hope you boys have liquid for adjustment!

>> No.7721182

>I can sell my Marines at 16k and buy them back real cheap in the morning

>> No.7721235

my bad it will be fixed in an hour.

>> No.7721638

Have you tried redeeming that free financial advice for yourself?

>> No.7722010

>1334 rolls
>41 Items
Why yes, I am lucky, how could you tell?

>> No.7722335

enough with this fuckery. see you guys on the other side.

>> No.7722481

What did he mean by this?

>> No.7722519

dont worry about it, its probably nothing.

>> No.7723111

Did the market just close

>> No.7723243

yes, it happens every day at midnight

>> No.7723391


>> No.7723475

>rolled two 10 rolls and got no cash/items both times
what are the fucking odds

>> No.7723566


>> No.7723642

thats a little off if its a 50% chance to get cash

>> No.7723657

or 0.48^20

>> No.7723678

roughly 1 in a million

>> No.7723708

Isn't it 2/3 chance to get cash?

>> No.7723832

I will now buy Luna

>> No.7723933

1 in 2372331, can i get a badge for this or somethin

>> No.7723975

yall niggas bad at nummbers

>> No.7724075

this is correct
spoiler is correct, percentage is not
should be 0.000042%

>> No.7724520

there wasn't enough space when I woke up on sunday gomen

>> No.7724567

gachaboard moved to gacha page

>> No.7724677

im glad the gachaboard came too late to unveil my shame

>> No.7724712


>> No.7724778

Why is everyone selling everything and buying polka?!

>> No.7724824

There are still people unironically buying

>> No.7724840

art thou unaware?

>> No.7724970

burgers went to sleep with their traders on

>> No.7725101


>> No.7725393

you mean yuros right

>> No.7725402

Thank you for this cute drawing Yonjo. I hope its ok that i cropped it to post it alone.

>> No.7725500

Just so you know, anon, Aggie lets you download it as a psd so you can just localize the layers instead of cleaning the png for it

>> No.7725532


>> No.7726002

we're 7 hours from that. that's 42 cycles. Easily enough to sell whatever you have and be ready for the dip, then buy back in.

>> No.7726067

I'm glad you liked it even though it's a little messy. I accidentally merged all my layers before cleaning the edges.

>> No.7726167

just rose and shone in time, chocoball. time to make some war funds for the absolute carnage all the other coins? I'll keep those nice and tidy where they are, thank you.

>> No.7726184

made me check

>> No.7726199

>> No.7726286

I JWU and am once again begging people to sell Shion

>> No.7726288

so what's it gonna be, nas fuck jii? got good enough positions for a panic sale and a profit? Will you be holding to buy more because "divvies was just 4 days ago"? Or will (you) be the absolute fucking legend buying all these panic sale dips just to buy even more after susaning?

>> No.7726293

Go back to bed Angela Lee

>> No.7726303

>Will you be holding to buy more because "divvies was just 4 days ago"
this one

>> No.7726320

Post liquid.

>> No.7726327

Maybe later

>> No.7726339

according to the info ITT this'll last about 2 hours were we to buy EVERY coin. so time to sell some peaks.

>> No.7726404

Also >>7712956 >>7713089

>> No.7726467

>>7726320 hopefully going to be about 9-10 mill by the time im done selling some coins

>> No.7726485

>inb4 fucking subticks ruin this

>> No.7726537

Can subticks even save a 100% drop in views?

>> No.7726602


>> No.7726618

depends on how many views 100% are, definitely not for all busycoins, some tiny sleepercoin I could see happen maybe.

>> No.7726640

enjoy your solo market, bro

>> No.7726667

>and then everything was oversold and just crabbed.

>> No.7726715

I was selling everything anyway. The market going red as a whole would be a miracle for me right now.

>> No.7726819


>> No.7726822

gotta commit to something, whatever it is. There's enough FUD to be thrown here in either direction.
>but honk made his own scraper! (sure)
>but we're independend from poi!
>boggening is no more everything will crab (worst timeline)
>bad averages
As long as you didn't do any risky trades with bad MPP, selling looks like the play right now.
except if you were hoarding agua for 2 days now.

>> No.7726855

>entire history
>0 people had melfissa on autobuy

>> No.7726876


>> No.7727018

I refuse to sell my DAGGER

>> No.7727069

why is everyone selling? Wouldn't it only revert to yesterday's values?

>> No.7727169

No. That only happened because Marine got her channel outright banned, and the devs had to run direct interference to keep her from crashing. When Ayamy got banned she crashed HARD. She used to be worth more than triple what she's worth now.

>> No.7727210

justice for ayamy...

>> No.7727239

so the market will have no movement in today's adjustment? What's the point in selling then?

>> No.7727301

It's a good thing Ayamy and Pochi finally represent their levels of activity and viewership. There, I said it.

>> No.7727339

If you compare let's say 500k views yesterday, whatever consequence that had, to 0 (zero [NIL]) views today, which way do you think adjustment will go?

>> No.7727361

If susan doesn't update, everyone will have 0 daily views for today. That's 100% less than yesterday.

>> No.7727375

is this the mori situation again but this time for every single coin?

>> No.7727430

No, it'll all go red because the system will assume that everyone got 0 in all stats because that's the info they got from Youtube. Unless Honk and the devchamas have finally baked in Anti-Susaning Technology, it's all gonna be pic related.

>> No.7727458

so are you saying that everything that adjusted up yesterday will go back to their sunday prices and everything that dipped yesterday will dip twice as hard today?

>> No.7727470

>inb4 honk's magical own scraper works
>overselling made the price go up more at adjustment

>> No.7727494

I was just about to post this wtf

>> No.7727524


>> No.7727526

Posted it for you bro

>> No.7727544

That isn't at all what they're saying.
If Adjustments are based on comparing Today's Metrics with Yesterday's Metrics, and Today's Metrics say "You ain't got shit", and Yesterday's Metrics say "You had something", Nothing is always going to be less than Something, so this means EVERY coin will adjust down.

>> No.7727549

Ironically, Mori got views.

>> No.7727673

>followed immediately by red wednesday
nature is healing?

>> No.7727691

where's all the music channel haters now

>> No.7727701

>he is unaware

>> No.7727900

do you think she'll be green tonight? She's going down as much as the rest of the market tonight

>> No.7727940 [SPOILER] 

Buy Mori, Sell everything else. Do not believe any counterinformation about buying Mori. Heed my advice, protect your networth.

>> No.7727974

Nabi's going up

>> No.7728027

>Matuli made it to the news
She's balls deep with her lie

>> No.7728141

don't worry, I don't even care. I'll just buy that much more.

>> No.7728155

sauce? no way

>> No.7728186


>> No.7728217

spoilers: those 600k views were already counted today, thats why she spiked so hard. mori is going down like everyone else.

>> No.7728308

Imagine if this was the old adjustment time and no one had any time to sell off to prepare for the dip

>> No.7728435

>it's japanese huffpost-style RRATs
holy shit they really are JUST like us.

>> No.7728438

>Even the headline is calling her out.
Sell. She's about to lose subs, even if it turns out being nothing.

>> No.7728458

we'd already be 3 threads worth of pink wojaks deep
sold all I had yesterday, I don't trade in menhera.

>> No.7728482 [SPOILER] 

Chart comparing daily views. As always, zhonk scraper may pull something different.

>> No.7728489

Holy kek

>> No.7728522

For those looking to make OC for the thread in advance, I highly suggest checking out the GETCHA MV, as the girls are already pink for you.

>> No.7728527


>> No.7728585

Remember that today is Haachama's birthday. This is not a coincidence. This was planned.





>> No.7728592

I believe in honk to pull a magical scraper move

>> No.7728615

>Everything I'm holding was oversold by opportunists and will likely crab or barely move
>Everything I want to buy into is going to dive hard.
We're gonna make it, boys.

>> No.7728630

uhh thanks anon?

>> No.7728701

ohhh sex

i got vanned

>> No.7728717

not you >>7726184

you >>7726199

>> No.7728753


>> No.7728790

Welcome back, confess your sin.

>> No.7728796

too much sex on blue board

>> No.7728797

Matsuri... your like dislike ratio...

>> No.7728801

The numbers shocked me so hard I'm already taking the daily dump 5 hours in advance.

>> No.7728815


>> No.7728871


>> No.7728980

Check again.

>> No.7729127

hey /nasfaqg/! It's time for your random Japanese reps!
Today we will look at this image and try and translate the red line together.
It says:
This roughly translates to "$5000 in divvies again this week, holy shit"

>> No.7729133

>Haatons caused the auto-trader drama
>Haatons caused the /api/deleteownaccount drama
>Haatons falseflagged as a gambling addicted hoshiyomi
>Haaton caused the current Matsuri stalking drama
>Haatons caused the dupe drama
>Haatons started the DM dickpics joke
>Haatons somehow found a way to disconnect nasfaq from youtube api
>Haatons are shitting up the thread almost daily
There is just no way to stop them is there ?

>> No.7729150


>> No.7729160

>Haatons are responsible for the death of anime fansubs

>> No.7729202


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