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>no swimsuit attire due to youtube-kun fears, bullshit
>anykara just pulled this swimsuit reveal off in its full glory
>cover management is too cautious with their approach
>no wonder why coco left and the likes of haachama are faltering

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who are you quoting?

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Haha si the Youtube excuse was a lie?

>> No.7699368

Why would you nerf swimsuits like this

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soul vs who

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I just wish that Cover would have let Marine have the swimsuit outfit she wanted.
Their excuse sounds like bullshit now that I see Niji's swimsuit outfit.

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Miko said it's not because they're afraid of Youtube but because they want to be a different kind of idols you EOP

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>want to be a different kind of idol
>does a swimsuit reveal
o-oh but I'm wearing a jacket
>shows the reference sheet and daki
>still won't take off the jacket
What is the thought process behind this?

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God I love the swimsuit with the ponitail, Shiishi is too cute
I really like Marine's too and, even if she can't take her jacket off, it's very sexy

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The thing is nijifags mass report hololive streams for anything even remotely sexual. Holofagsdon't do that to niji.

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You could have prevented this if you hadn't of sperged out on twitter water dragon.

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are there nijifags hiding under your bed, anon?

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Nijifags killed my crops...

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Where did the nijis touch you?

>> No.7699659

Please I just want tanned Matsuri back.
Stop being a such a fucking prune hololive.

>> No.7699669

How can someone be fag enough to see such a sexy outfit and the first thing that comes to his mind is sperging about it in 4ochinchin?
It's fucking amazing and Rena's one is top tier too, have fun and don't be a faggot tribalist

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Quick OP, there's more ammo here!

>> No.7699710

that why nijinigger are nijinigger
they said don't be a tribalism but have double standard
truly the most disgusting fanbase

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Please watch my cute wife over here >>7699708

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>youtube-kun fears
I don't get this.
Why should Cover be afraid of getting banned by YouTube?
All the top superchat earners are from Hololive. Shouldn't YouTube love them and protect them no matter what?

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maybe dont pirate games lol

>> No.7699786

the absolute fucking state of holobronies

>> No.7699802

it's a codeword for pressure from investors. Vtubers are big enough now that even if pajeet bot accidentally deleted your entire channel you can get it back in less than a week

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God Shachou's daughter is so cute...

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The holocaust shall be a constant reminder for holobronies that they took copyright lightly

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Please understand, they can't sell merch to Australia if they put her in a swimsuit.

>> No.7699871

That's fine and all, but Marine's """swimsuit""" alt looks so sad and pitiful compared to Shiishii's and Yorumi's that she's probably better off not even trying.

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No they're too busy scouring holo streams for any crumb of misconduct to report

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>marine has a fucking cameltoe
>niji swimsuit isn’t half as lewd

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Now this is a swimsuit

>> No.7699938

Damn, she's cute.

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>niji BTFOs holo in the swimsuit department


every fucking time, without fail

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yeah, tell selen
I'm glad I have report her re:4 copyright

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>All the top superchat earners are from Hololive. Shouldn't YouTube love them and protect
Hololive is a puddle in the ocean of YT revenue. No youtuber is big enough to stand up to them, they could ban PDP and the controversy would last two weeks at most until everyone move on.

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noraneko has a partner now

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>Those reinforcing strings in her chest because her breast are too strong for a normal swimsuit
I'm so fuckin dead right now

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I notice Marine’s literally has a cameltoe and the way the breasts are drawn make it look lewd and slick while these are just swimsuits.

>> No.7700022

Can you blame cover? Marine's stream used to get banned for having lewd thumbnails.

>> No.7700027

You can't even navigate to your subscriptions tab with that English.

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Is camel toe the new cope?

>> No.7700089

>mass reports
Had been debunked by YouTube themselves, Holobrony.

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Top superchats, all put together make around 30 millon, before taxes and YTs cut.

In the first quater this year YT brought in 6.1 BILLON dollars in revenue from ads.

TLDR YT doesnt give a shit about the SC money anon.

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Youtube CEO is a dumb woman, so I'm pretty sure hololive makes youtube management seethe

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The angry ESL typing always gets me.

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At least wait until her anniversary stream, anon. She's been saying she'll remove the hoodie during it. If it's bait, then you can start whining.

>> No.7700238

I think marine's swimsuit hoodie is hot. I like to imagine myself slipping my hand through the opening and copping a handful of tit flesh.

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You don't even know 2 languages

>> No.7700268

>debunked by YouTube
after nijinigger report?

>> No.7700333

>debunked by youtube

>> No.7700358

It's always funny when holobronies accused nijisanji as the culprit of wrong thing cover has done when in reality it's holobronies who attacked other agencies and stir up their drama
Classic niggeru behavior

>> No.7700400

it's the other way around nigger
literal who vs korone's ex-wife

>> No.7700435

cope harder lmao

>> No.7700464

>Miko said it's not because they're afraid of Youtube but because they want to be a different kind of idols
Miko is the last one who has the right to speak and act all high and mighty when she was a filthy hypocrite leech

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I want swimsuit paizuri from every busty chuuba in Nijisanji, Hololive, .LIVE, Animare, HoneyStrap, SugarLyric, VSpo, and anywhere else

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Wait, people actually blame Nijifag for Holocaust? I thought everyone know it was Cover management fault for deleting everything instead of privating all vod?

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just wait for nene's swimsuit

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I think Marine's is better, but I do miss the Holo Swimsuits we used to have. Now the only way to see Choco's Swimsuit is to go to her second channel or find old vids that Cover isn't circulating anymore.

>> No.7700627

>It's always funny when holobronies accused nijisanji as the culprit of wrong thing cover has done when in reality it's holobronies who attacked other agencies and stir up their drama
Classic niggeru behavior

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Anyone have the Kosaka twitter exchange pics?

>> No.7700657

holonigger on suicide watch

>> No.7700659

You see, Nijisanji is the cause of everything bad

>> No.7700670


>YouTube kun is fine with yorumi’s swimsuit? Is the age of adolescence over for YouTube?

Matsuris character designer on maximum overcope. It only applies to cover being scared that YouTube will yeet their channels.

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Post the other version u fag

>> No.7700695

宝鐘マリンPirate [email protected]ホロライブ3期生


You people are proper thick cunts.

>> No.7700696

it was actually because during the time cover didn’t bother asking for permissions and then when nijisanji got the ok from Nintendo, cover got exposed.

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>insane nijiniggers never stopped being insane and will continue to report swimsuits so there is a risk
>we still get big simp bucks so there's not really an incentive
There you go brainlet

>> No.7700752

Poor Matuli forever cucked by Cover.

>> No.7700781

Not that one!!!!! (It's still cute tho)

>> No.7700782


Do that shit straight away or are they still going for that milking strat

>> No.7700784

>Lose swimsuit streams because of Cover restrictions
>Lose MOTHERFUCKING COCO because of Cover restrictions
>Still goes "Fucking Nijifags" when Holos get fucked over because of Cover restrictions
How much more will you lose because of Cover restrictions before you realize that Nijifags have nothing to do with Cover being shit?

>> No.7700794

holofans are acting like nigger, i shit you not, they blame eveything bad on nijinigger and crying we dindu nuffin everytime when in reality

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Ok nigger.

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Nigger, just go to twitter or pixiv, Marine has 100x more porn you can actually jack off to.

>> No.7700864

I've never have been happier of not being a retarded tribalist

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glad my dancer fetish can now release on rena instead of noraneko.
jerking off to the cat is a twist experience

>> No.7700893

How has no one commented that Shiina and Yorumi aren't wearing shoes

>> No.7700910

That's just friendship chocolate. Stop making a big deal out of it

>> No.7700915

Coco was a dumb whore that was damaging Cover's reputation, she should have been fired at the beginning of the year

>> No.7700916


>> No.7700920

>trusting Youtube of all things

>> No.7700928

Is it normal to have heart pupils when presenting friendship chocolate?

>> No.7700951

I wish you guys would leave my man Kosaka out of this.

>> No.7700953

what the fuck dude

>> No.7700959

>That's just friendship chocolate
Where's that friendship now huh?

>> No.7700980

Leeching off Hajime of all people is kinda sad.

>> No.7701041

here's a reason

EOPs actually watch holoJP and western side of youtube is more sensitive to these things

while EOPs don't care about NijiJP at all
>inb4 how about nijiEN
people who watches nijiEN only pretend they they watch NijiJP

>> No.7701073

>as pallid as a fucking dead body
honestly i`d rather have no bikini model than this

>> No.7701081

>Where's that friendship now huh?
Leeches don't need friends, they're all just disposable assets and stepping stones for them

>> No.7701099

>> No.7701100

>That's just friendship
>ghosting right after inclined and said she hate men and will never talk to them again
classic e-thot behavior

>> No.7701131

I summon bikinifag to make daily threads calling Cover cowards for not showing off bikinis like the STACIES from Anycolor

>> No.7701139


>> No.7701145

It literally says 友だち料です on the chocolate

>> No.7701152

what a soulless design, even marine with the jacket on is lewder than this. pathetic.

>> No.7701158

>hate men
this is actually funny when she leeched off them when she was a small timer and asked them herself for Erogame collabs

>> No.7701177

Does nobody even call out ESLs anymore?
You're just gonna let them post their shit takes, with their shit grammar?

Based, I want to suffocate between Furen and Noel's titties...

>> No.7701200

>tamaki watcher

>> No.7701205

Not done yet, you fired first so I’m firing back

>> No.7701218

Stop falseflagging. It's just pathetic. You're literally subscribed to Marine in your screenshot.

>> No.7701223

We need an official list of who the bustiest babes are from each different company

>> No.7701249

Oh thanks for reminding me to unsub from the coomer baiter

>> No.7701314

1. It's the beach so it makes sense
2. Most don't have a foot fetish so we don't focus down there.

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>> No.7701423

holy shit everything outside of /hlgg/ in this board is literal cancer filled with SEAfaggotry. kill yourselves, honestly.

>> No.7701469

I do and i find it fucking hot, also love how Shiina did her nails

>> No.7701574

>Youtube excuse was a lie?
Yes. Maybe after losing Coco, Cover is changing it’s policy. I don’t know what the OP is trying to say though.

>> No.7701604

falsefag thread

>> No.7701614

A sight that would make any holofag faint is ongoing right now

>> No.7701628

How was it a lie when they had multiple channels demonetized for months? Are you just so new you never even knew about that?

>> No.7701648

Not sure if anon is lacking awareness or is being ironic.

>> No.7701666

Hot. When does the live sex start

>> No.7701671

>Why should Cover be afraid of getting banned by YouTube?
It wasn’t YouTube to begin with. Cover probably initially wanted to go family friendly, then lost Coco over it, and might be trying to reverse course.

>> No.7701691

I want to lick Chaichai.

>> No.7701713

It was for clickbait, hence it was related to thumbnails. It wasn’t for the video itself.

>> No.7701715

anon, are these “nijifags” in the room with us right now?

>> No.7701722

So Cover themselves took down their own talents streams and demonetized their channels? That's fucked up.

>> No.7701730


>> No.7701742

the only thing shiina will ever get from leader is to get smack like a basketball she is

>> No.7701760

it was nijinigger fault, my holobronies say so

>> No.7701795

>Coco was a dumb whore that was damaging Cover's reputation, she should have been fired at the beginning of the year
Maybe Cover thought that in the beginning, but have seemed to change their mind afterward.

>> No.7701798

the definition of soul vs souless

>> No.7701851

>/hlgg/ isn't cancer
You know when you have a cat and you get used to the smell of it's shit but when anybody else visits they can smell it? That's Globaltards vs anybody who visits that shithole

>> No.7701871

It was do to clickbait likely from the AI detecting swimsuits in the thumbnail. It was from the thumbnail more than the video itself.

>> No.7701947

The definition of cope

>> No.7701949

So it was about Youtube then? You said it wasn't.

>> No.7701983

It's a nijireji beach party!

>> No.7701986

Every time I see this guy doing collabs it's with multiple women. What a fucking chad.

>> No.7702022

Youtube literally doesn't give afuck about Eniwho. They did a loli swimsuit 3D spanking and Susan didn't care.

>> No.7702023

Shiina is somehow extremely adorable yet extremely sexy at the same time.

>> No.7702080

falsefag investigation

>> No.7702100

It was YouTube, but it was not for the swimsuits in the video, but for perceived swimsuit clickbait thumbnails. If anything, removing them from thumbnails is a good option.

Cover simply used it to move in a different direction, until it was determined to be a bad idea.

>> No.7702177


>> No.7702187

Youtube probably pays a lot more attention to Cover
As such the pearl clutching americans watch them obsessively for anything remotely lewd.

>> No.7702206

The excuse that swimsuits violate YouTube TOS was a lie, but putting them in the thumbnail for clickbait or whatnot and then being punished for different reasons, was the excuse to remove them completely.

>> No.7702222

Holo just has more anti's in general due to the territory that comes with being popular.

>> No.7702226

Miko is a two faced bitch liar
Also all migopis here are EOPs

>> No.7702262

We really need a platform that isn't run by Americans.
Problem is the US government pumps a lot of money into making sure US run platforms are dominant.

>> No.7702265

>The excuse that swimsuits violate YouTube TOS was a lie
Who has ever said that swimsuits violate Youtube ToS? Link to a statement.

>> No.7702317

The platforms are basically the communications arms of the US intel agencies. Made for propaganda and instant backdoors to spy on you.

>> No.7702366


only retarded EOP newfags still fall for this bait. Learn Japanese and do your fucking reps. Either that or admit you are a schizo.

>> No.7702367

The main argument was that YouTube bans accounts simply for having swimsuits (meaning it goes against YouTube policy), which was itself wrong.

>> No.7702381

How is it bait to see that Miko used to collab with males

>> No.7702407

When was such argument many in any official capacity? Link it

>> No.7702411

newfag, the only one who got their vods deleted was Subaru because their manager was a moron (and they got fired for it). The rest are privated.

>> No.7702428

>everything i don't like is bait or nijinigger

>> No.7702456

nigger you weren't even around at that time, all the fucking antis were nijiniggers, especially on the twitter and comment harassment. You fuckers had a real chip on your shoulder. That will never be forgotten.

>> No.7702462

If that happened today the Nu35P would go crazy no matter the context.

>> No.7702478

No, the holo one is
>cover is a good company if you ignore things_cover_should_do.txt
And the niji one is
>yeah they have numbers and international recognition but at least we don't have EOPs

>> No.7702502

That's what she get for shit talk Chitose.
Nigger got what she fucking deserves

>> No.7702531

reported :)

>> No.7702568

Damn, he's so fucking sexy.

>> No.7702592

how do we stop bullysanji

>> No.7702616

The only spoonfeed i'll give you is that there was a specific time where she told fans that she would start aiming for idoldom after she joined Hololive. She did not start out with the goal of being an idol.

>> No.7702629

Let them be, they'll have enough on their plate after their parent company releases 50 vtubers. Meanwhile Hololive only has to stop shooting itself in the foot.

>> No.7702650


>> No.7702698

newfag EOP's.

nah, 35p are pretty chill on that front and Miko isn't a big gachikoi target. She's more like a daughter or little sister that can be foul mouthed in a cute way.

>> No.7702704

When you think about it, Hololive would have been shutdown or become irrelevant years ago like Gamebu, Upd8, and .Live due to Cover incompetency if not because chink and EOP

>> No.7702728

how many times are you going to repost this?

>> No.7702749

you are the chink

>> No.7702760

here's your meds zhang.

>> No.7702768

Until you lose your mind and get institutionalized.

>> No.7702791

Nah, it just wouldn't have exploded in popularity and stayed second to Nijisanji. But I think they would've still been pretty popular in Area 11.

>> No.7702811

>attacked Kaida Haru
>harassed that japanese fucker who fucked Hitomi Chris because they believed in the rat that he doxed Aloe
>harassed Mizuryu Kei
>harassed fujo artist
typical holobronies behavior, we dindu nuffin, it's all nijinigger's fault

>> No.7702813

That proves we are in the dark timeline not the darkest tho since Idol-bu fucking dead which is a good news.

>> No.7702830

so until you die

>> No.7702844

Shiishii is so breedable

>> No.7702847

It's literally okay when niji does it

>> No.7702852

Holofags are so obsessed with numbers that they've decided that anybody who cares about content more than them is just a coper. The absolute state.

>> No.7702854

it's obvious you're an ESL chink from your chinklish

>> No.7702890

This thread is just proof that 35p run this place and we all live rent free in your head. Now I'm going to go watch Miko be cute while you all fling shit.

>> No.7702930

Stop using my husband to tribalfag.

>> No.7702947


>> No.7702955

numbers are all they have left, please understand. why do you think they get so worked up over another member overlapping event streams? or why cover song view rankings are a popular thing?

>> No.7702990

In another timeline, Mel's sexual harassment scandal would have destroyed Cover for good and 774inc and Re:Act would have surpassed them.

>> No.7702993

Based king of Japan vtuber, google will bootlick them and turn a blind eyes to their loli content

>> No.7703028

>774inc and Re:Act
I don't know why 774 doesn't incline with EOP when their contents are literally the same as hololive but better and the girls are cuter

>> No.7703057

>In another timeline
More like, in another universe, because it's nipland.

Algorithm fuckery, probably. Holos got really lucky. Then again, their entire history is getting lucky as fuck.

>> No.7703059

kinda based for leeching off of nijinigs and then mogging them in the end

>> No.7703089

If we got rid of Nijinigger's all of hololive problems will be solved. Cause their responsble for every incident hololive been through.

Who was the man that sexual harass mel it was a former nijisanji empolye. Who reported hololive to capcom about permissions a fucking nijinigger. Who told susan about hololive swimsuits streams while keeping their own a fucking nijifag. Who sent coco a question about where her viewers are from a nijifag. Who trying to take viewers away from hololive en when their the reason their en branch was formed in the first place a fucking nijiniggers. Who reporeted the bl incident a fucking nijifag. Nijisanji is behind all of this shit.

>> No.7703091

>mogging them when the bane, the terror, the nemesis of hololive: King Kuzuha exists

>> No.7703105

yeah we get it, you like cock

>> No.7703109

This but with hololive instead

>> No.7703122

Don't forget, Mizuryu Kei was a Nijinigger himself.

>> No.7703128

talk shit again i dare you

>> No.7703131

The definition of rent free
your biggest nightmare

>> No.7703145

I like how the one falseflagger is either a SEA schizo or a chink.

>> No.7703157

Or even worse, it's all of them combined.

>> No.7703220

Noraneko did 911

>> No.7703239

well, Miko likes niji's cock for sure

>> No.7703243

Is there a Tiananmen Square pasta but for Noraneko?

>> No.7703244

All me btw

>> No.7703257

No but that's a good idea, I'll go write one up.

>> No.7703301

new shit naisuuuuu

>> No.7703340

>Why should Cover be afraid of getting banned by YouTube?
Are you aware that Marine is not always joking about getting banned constantly?

>> No.7703369


>> No.7703371

is niji cock the only thing that you got on your mind?

>> No.7703464

Don't pretend that the baseball buff didn't go to the Nijikeks heads this last month.

>> No.7703572

its not fears, you amerimutt chinky bullshitter. kanata clarified that.

sjws censor mainstream media/companies first. whats new about that?, you casual redditor chinky tranny human garbage.

>> No.7703616

I camp out the Niji generals constantly and I see a passing mention of the numbers being big during the draft and nothing else. Maybe there's more in the number threads, but the """people""" in there don't count.

>> No.7703639

Pick a boogeyman you indecisive cunt.

>> No.7703640

Emma has a cameltoe so I’m not sure about that argument.

>> No.7703679

Marine's swimsuit looks like shit and holofags now hate her because she's a niji according to them

>> No.7703688


>> No.7703693

No one with a brain tbinks this or cares.

>> No.7703710

Holofags don't have brains so you are correct.

>> No.7703763

amerimutt sjws and chinks gang up together under anti japan ideology. most chink shills come from amerimutt land or chinada as well. most chinks on this site are not mainlanders. are diaspora losers so called the third generations

how new are you or go back to r*ddit which is the said chinky amerimutt cesspit.

>> No.7703842

With how much muttland property zhangs are owning, he's not exactly wrong.

>> No.7703890

Everything in your posts screams you're a self-loathing mentally-ill chink. Just rope yourself already.

>> No.7704334

niji is loli overlord

>> No.7704403

>no argument
chink bug

>> No.7704420

>amerimutt sjws and chinks gang up together under anti japan ideology
Not everything is anti-Japan. You’re the guy sucking Cover’s cock in every thread huh?

>> No.7704467

There is no arguing with communist dogs. All you deserve is death.

>> No.7704632

two chink insects or braindead amerimutt sjws detected. its very typical for chinks or chinky amerimutt sjws to silently defend amerimtt sjw big tech like youtube and assume that japan has brought sjw stuff lmao. which never ever happens.

its really fucking awkward that chinks/amerimutt sjw trannies suddenly push the narrative that japanese companies are the sjws. whereas meanwhile in fact, cover is still using swimsuit models in japan. you cant refute me


>> No.7705395

Yeah, it's a shame that anykyara is so irrelevant.

>> No.7705484


>> No.7705582

Speaking of EN, has anyone else noticed how conservative their outfit designs are compared to JP's? Are they scared of getting cancelled by westerners? The only remotely scandalous design is Finana's tummy window.

>> No.7705665

>scared of

amerimutts actually cancel/censor everything that offends them.

>> No.7705702

Fish's mama literally said that the original design was fairly different from the end design and it was changed to, you guessed it, 'western sensibilities'

>> No.7705740

Why do you think shes so salty over not being a true loli? Thats what was taken away from her.

>> No.7705741

Marine constantly gets hit with youtube flags whenever she has a sexy thumbnail. nijisanji don't have to worry as much because it's normally nijisanji fans who do the reporting on the videos.

>> No.7705965

that has nothing to do with the decision. pekora also desperately wants her swimsuit outfit, see the video about this years curry meshis cm announcement, but cant have bc youtubes sjw standards.

stop trying to do damage control or knowingly downplay your sjw-ridden amerimuttt companies and their corporate wokeness. that doesnt make the west look any better. face the reality. your amerimutt shithole is much worse and much more sjw in a totalitarian way than youd think it is. its actually coming close to china.

>> No.7705986

I think they believe the western market doesn't like skimpy outfits, much like how they thought no one in the west wanted males until they announced LazuLight and people were upset over it. And in their defense most of HoloEN isn't showing much skin either, although Kiara's got her miniskirt and if Ina wasn't flat hers would be pretty scandalous, so it's not an unreasonable conclusion.
With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if some alt outfits or future livers are as skimpy as someone like Nui or Dola, people just need to show that they want it.
(They clearly aren't scared of being cancelled though, since Elira has talked about how she'd marry Len if given the chance and Rosemi has outright said she's a lolicon in 2 different streams without Mane-san stopping her)

>> No.7706009

take your meds.
you gravely overstate how much thought goes into anything with youtube management beyond how much google wants to kowtow to dmca and soccermoms.
youtube CEO is a figurehead because google is in charge anyway.
the moment you start screaming bronie you lose any validity you might think you have.
>aaAaAaAAAa why do they interact with anyone that's leeching aAAaAaaAaa
only here would such a rrat survive, because the average /vt/ poster is a gigantic retard that believes every rrat they see.
in due fairness, nijifag antis are all the average know-nothing could find about that. only people who do their triangel reps find out the problem was her stepdad being the spawn of satan. KUSODAD HATE.
>muh coco!
they lost coco because she wants to have no standards like vshitshow (whom I think probably modelled themselves on her and then went worse) and can't handle being expected to have standards. there isn't a valid company in the world she wouldn't end up leaving, and you faggots need to accept it and move on.
no zhang, you didn't build or save hololive. go have some more bat soup and stop agitating pooh with your disobeying him to use the real internet.

>> No.7706031


>> No.7706087

Based and unmedicated

>> No.7706100

Girls wearing swimsuits under jackets/shortpants are hotter than just showing the swimsuits. The best part of the beach is always sneakily watching chicks strip so they can sunbathe.

>> No.7706605

New cope

>> No.7707402

Reminder that Pekora was a leech, camwhore and basically a prostitute.

>> No.7707566

chink insect gets rekt

>> No.7707643

I want to fuck Marine with the jacket on

>> No.7709015

This would've been a good post if Marine had the option to take the jacket off.
She doesn't, though. She's forced to wear it, and that takes away all of the magic the swimsuit + jacket combo may have, making this post nothing but a cope.

>> No.7709329

Actually, I hate swimsuit outfits anyway. I don't want to see girls in swimsuits. And idols should remain covered up anyway.
It's a good thing that Cover didn't give into Marine's request for a proper swimsuit outfit and instead kept the jacket on.

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