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Returning today

Schedule: soon!

Art by: https://twitter.com/Yunaree/status/1422612509702463492

Previous thread: >>7626727

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I love this bird...

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She looks very pretty with that crown of flowers. Sasuga, Yuna!

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she panders to EOP's too much dayo

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...How? By speaking English?

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This week is gonna rock I tell you.

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Cute and funny Tenchou!

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my wife

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I saw in the other thread that the egg spammers had a bunch of threads open. Was it because Dokomi did very well or did their discord get axed again?

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Who knows what pisses off the eggs? Sometimes they just don't do anything, usually when somebody else is getting hate and they don't have enough drama babies to talk to.
It probably was due to the success of Dokomi and the fact that both Kiara and the attendees left the con very happy.

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Their worldview of everyone hating Kiara crashing down when Germans were having fun at Kiara's concert.

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>not the soundpost

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kiara love!

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Tenchou's back!!!
Looking forward to continuing the Zelda arc.

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I saw that. Has someone made a thread with an image of the panel hall? That thing was way over capacity even with the Restrictions and the intercontinental nature of her fanbase.

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They got called out about not knowing about covid restrictions.

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>KFP still FUMING that Mori had sex with Kiara.

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post your proof Mori

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Mori playing Kiara's trash compactor like bongo drums....

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Imagine getting to rub Kiara's trash compactor along with the rest of her body while giving her a massage.

>> No.7678574

I've already thought of that many times, giving Kiara a massage after she does a long stream and taking care of her.

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FUMING is a funny way to write "masturbating to the thought of"

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Im going to kill the fucking nigger who keeps screencapping our split, stick your phone in your ass retard, screencap my balls and put in your wall.

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Bottom left talk. Avoid if it'll make you mad.
I finally got around to watching Skyward Sword and man, hearing her talk about the bottom left thing makes me feel bad. Fags in this thread were spinning it as if she was talking about the community as a whole but at one point she specifically says 'I know I can't get through to the people who aren't part of KFP, but I'm asking you guys to please relax a little on it and maybe it'll catch on'. I feel bad now, hopefully the rest of the episode will pick me up and the mood won't be soured.

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Birb love!
Rest of the episode was light-hearted! As far as bottom-left goes, people made a drama-llama out of it where there really didn't need to be one. Nature of the internet sub-culture I guess.

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Holy fuck, the tail end makes my saviorfagging go wild. Her pleading with her fans to help make her chat a more enjoyable experience for her to make her more interested/happy to communicate/interact more often. FUUUCCCKKKKK she makes me feel so many god damned feelings.

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This return stream is gonna be great

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I can't fuckin wait. I was afraid when I tuned in to the concert that it was going rough, but the audio from the con stream was just shit all around and there were plenty of people interacting and having a good time during the concert. She's gonna be so reenergized and pumped about her ability to entertain by having that crowd that she's gonna be glowing. It's gonna be real good and I wouldn't be surprised if we got a huge supa reading that ended up being an hour or two longer than the games she plays that day.

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She's relatable as fuck.

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We have a rrat among us
I'm beginning to think that the account is either KFP or an anti

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Make it less obvious next time

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Screencapped to where?

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This one is great.

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kiara polka collab redo oruka?

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>Posting the traitors art
leave my board and never return

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What the hell did Walfie do? He's had no yabs to my knowledge

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Nothing, just a dude enjoying and making OC for whatever he enjoys.

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Away retard
Is just tribalism because he did gifs/art for the NijiEN girls.

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I might be a KFP retard but unity is fun. I hope she gets to stream with Nijisanji and VOMS girls. and even more of that other company

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Absolutely adorable

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i'm ready for the eventual collab

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Kiara is pro unity, so I like seeing her happy. I look forward to her collabing with Pomu And I also wouldn't mind if it became a regular thing

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The Idol Review Hour with your hosts Kiara and Pomu

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I want the 30 minutes of them simping for each other more than I want the actual content that follows. Akihabara tour 2.0 with Kiara would be cool though.

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Probs Kiara first fanart, couldn't find any other older than this one.

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What's wrong with her nose? It looks like the artist had a fucking stroke

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Shes so good at leaving that i didn't even realize she was gone. Amazing.

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I'm gonna assassinate Chonkers and take his place.

>> No.7684292

Probs gonna have to VoD anything that comes out tomorrow, but maybe I'll get lucky with the timezones. Anyway, here's birb.

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Just because Kiara isn't home it doesn't mean you can user her computer, Smoothie

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Based Smoovie, chonkers is just a fat attention whore.

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Do one with Sparks.

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Chickenbros, at what time would I expect Kiara to stream tommorow? Late night in her timezone?

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You can figure out a pattern on her channel.

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You like Takanashi Kiara of HoloEN? Her early work was a little too "Anime Opening" for my taste. But when Goodbye Declaration came out in June, I think she really came into her own, commercially and artistically. The whole song has a clear, crisp sound, and a fully animated, professional MV that really gives the song a big boost. She's been compared to Vocaloid, but I think Kiara has a far more colorful, vibrant tone.
I think her undisputed masterpiece is "SPARKS". A song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the individualistic pursuit of achieving your dreams through self determination, it's also a personal statement about the growth of her confidence as an artist.
Try creating 50 drama splits now you fucking stupid bastard!

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Kiara stream doko

>> No.7692385

A few hours ago, 2am her time, it sounded like she was still in Germany since she was looking forward to be reunited with her cats.


So she is most likely flying today and then starting the stream pretty late her time. I'm not sure how long she will be streaming since she might be exhausted and in need of cat cuddles.

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Am I still allowed here if I really don't watch Kiara at all and just hangs out with my KFPbros on /vt/?

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As long as you stay on topic and don't anti-post I don't see a problem with it. If you follow another chuuba who mentions Kiara here and there, I could definitely see you adding something to the discussion that might not otherwise be brought up.

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That's 10 and a half hours from now.
Stay strong, KFP!

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Looks like there is a certain chance that I sat on the same couch where tenchou planted her sweaty dumbstruck ass
Basically you can all back off now, on my way to get married to her

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Nah, I just take news from you guys. I really don't have any energy to watch her 3hrs videos.

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>dumbstruck ass

did you mean to say dumptruck or

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I love Kiara

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This is exactly why I don’t phonepost

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I see that Am Sheepniggers are still coping kek
But Hey with those shitty numbers I too would be on suicide watch
try do learn how to falseflag better next time

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Luv me Kiar'

>> No.7695365

No worries anon, it's normal to be dumbstruck by that dumptruck ass

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You think Kiara met some of her cosplayers at DoKomi and took them to her hotel?

>> No.7695656

Nah, one of them would break the silence and talk about getting to hang out with her.
Most cosplayers have some level of attention seeker in them.

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I've never been to a con, but I heard cosplayers always get into massive orgys

>> No.7696052

Only 6 hours till I'm with my wife again
Can't wait

>> No.7696087

One of the best parts of Kiara travelling somewhere is that we get a rare "raw" zatsudan out of it

>> No.7696093

Oh shit, I might be able to get home in time to watch live!

>> No.7696104

I mean, the furries do.

>> No.7696252

My wife is beautiful.

>> No.7696255

This has got to be one of the cutest Kiara drawings so far

>> No.7696290

But that's my wife-to-be?
Damn it, it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding

>> No.7696319

Speaking of furries...

>> No.7696438

Furry Kiara looking pretty cute but I have no idea Mori is literally eating her.

Is this a eating pussy joke

>> No.7696548

>covid restrictions
If that pussy virus kills you, then you probably deserve to die.. Was going to happen soon anyways.
Yes I had it, and it wasn't that bad - felt like shit for two days and got over it. I'd take it over the common flu.. WAY more tolerable than that.

>> No.7696551

If watching the first season of Beastars taught me anything that's supposed to mean sex.

>> No.7696572

It happens and it's absurdly disgusting, actually vomit inducing, the catch is that it doesn't really involve anyone attractive.

The attractive people just find another attractive person and they go somewhere else and fuck like they do usually with their already healthy and active sex lives, and prefer not touch the unhygienic hordes.

>> No.7696573

Extreme biteplay gone wrong, probably.
Mori once said she likes ring-tailed lemurs but do they even have teeth capable of penetrating skin?

>> No.7696665

Are you speaking from personal experience?

>> No.7696974

How many membership stream per month?

>> No.7697347

There's about 2/month. In the last two months there have been 5, but one of those was a single stream split into two halves because she couldn't get the second movie to work.
There's unarchived members-only karaoke sometimes, mostly watchalongs and sometimes she plays games with KFP like Fall Guys or Animal Crossing (or the upcoming Gartic Phone member's only stream)

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>> No.7698044

The Mori collab is going to be cringe.

>> No.7698049

>suddenly drop a Takamori collab reading of one of my favorite manga
Ahh, but my wage reps...

>> No.7698084

that illustration makes me diamonds holy shit

>> No.7698114

It's a minor detail, but I love how her weekly schedule looks like. Since it uses the same template every time, it's just very easy to read, compared to the monstrosities the other EN girls have sometimes.

>> No.7698136

Kiara still busy as always! I love how much time she gives us...

>> No.7698155

I kinda wanted a random game like pp or that cat game somewhere in there, i'll probably skip the manga stream.

>> No.7698286

Is that picture by saruei?

>> No.7698323

Stinky chimkin pits

>> No.7698329


>> No.7698332

Really great and packed schedule, looking forward to today's comeback stream as well as the gartic phone streams the most

>> No.7698460

Kinda, horrible stories I'd love to share but I better not blogpost off-topic

>> No.7698527

Now this is an artist I can really get behind.

>> No.7698657 [SPOILER] 

ooh hey look kiara and Mori reading a yuri manga
What could go wrong?
>In all seriousness that is a fucking solid schedule absolute great games and streams

>> No.7698857

I really hope they don't typecast who reads who based on haircolor

>> No.7698880

Clap clap get out

>> No.7698909

She WILL sing Hotline Bling and you WILL enjoy it!

>> No.7698924

I laughed, you very well deserved my free award

>> No.7698938

It's also fitting for her KFP theming since it looks like receipts on a clothesline similar to many diners and fast food restaurants used to do it.
Although it does have limited space so three streams on a single day are a probliem for this layout.

>> No.7698995

do you love her?

>> No.7699032

>three streams on a single day
Except that never hap- oh wait, Haachama meme review > karaoke > TLOZ was a thing
I love my hard-working chickenwife!

>> No.7699037

>All Star Artists
Who? Is she talking about her top artists? Will we finally have a Mamaloni collab?

>> No.7699049

Remember when she did a 8 hour sponsor stream, usadaken and coco meme review with a broken neck all in one day?

>> No.7699064

Coco Shitpost Review -> HoloJP Summer Festival -> 7h Shadowverse tournament
With a broken neck.

>> No.7699087

More than you know

>> No.7699089

Mamaloni and Akira (the one who made her outro) were really sorry they couldn't make it last time.
She will keep the participants a secret but I think they will be super high class. Maybe even Huke himself, would be based af.

>> No.7699097

With everything I've got!

>> No.7699111

I’ll never be not surprised at how she managed to make that tournament entertaining. She really is a good entertainer.

>> No.7699125

I only enjoy her content because I know I will never enjoy her warmth

>> No.7699215

>Bloom Into You reading
For a long time I wanted a vtuber that would make yuri manga reading streams, at least it's a taste of that

>> No.7699232

Sometimes, I'll lay in bed for a minute hugging nothing, wishing to channel my positive energy, love, and happy feelings to her. I just want her to always be happy. Saviorfagging is a hell of a drug.

>> No.7699240

Watching that tournament was like the gaijin 4koma in action. Every time I heard from her, I instantly perked up, but when she wasn't around, I instantly lost interest.

>> No.7699286

Why the fuck is she trying so hard to push her forced lesbian ship again?
We had a good run with Amelia and it came off naturally from Kiara herself while she hasn't said any compliment about Calli in a long time but still insist in pushing Takamori

>> No.7699293

>maybe we should just leave the mic on kiara and momo the entire time
At least one of the commentators had the right idea, Kiara was by far the most entertaining part of this tournament.

>> No.7699320

Mori keeps talking about her on stream. Why do people always assume it's only Kiara pushing these things?

>> No.7699330

Remember not to reply to bait.

>> No.7699393

Because most people here only watch Kiara.
New spice is good, but it's scary to rock the boat(heh) when you have both a 'joke' and artists/fans who heavily support the ship.

>> No.7699427

Falseflaggers must have a hard time here, you need at least 8 hours of daily chicken streams for 10 months to not sound like a total newfagg.

>> No.7699486

smooth chikin...

>> No.7699493

It's a hell of a commitment. That's why it makes me laugh so much when someone who hates her so much dedicates that amount of time to her just so they can shit on her.
Or, you know, they do the lazy/easy thing and just repeat some rrat that they heard once with no actual follow-up.

>> No.7699524

i just think kiara is fucking hot, hope thats not a problem

>> No.7699571

Because no one here watches Mori. Deadbeats pretty much use /morig/ exclusively now.

>> No.7699588

>implied we

>> No.7699660


>> No.7699733

Because Kiara is usually the one who takea the initiative about collabing, and the reading /u/shit manga idea came from /u/schizos in KFP

>> No.7699836

Kiara really told us how is her tought process for EN collabs. Is mori this week and Ame next week, Gura or Ina on the week after.

>> No.7699877

Ame is on vacation next week

>> No.7699883

Forget watching streams, clearly even watching streamables is too much to ask for some people

>> No.7699892


>> No.7699903

Ame's going on vacation for ~10 days, maybe we'll see a 1on1 Irys collab next week

>> No.7700012

At least their puzzle kusoge has so few mechanics it won't matter that they will have forgotten everything by the time they pick it back up.

>> No.7700096

My issue with TakaMori isn't the pair of them doing stuff, it's that there's this overhanging thing that has a bullet point list of 'must hit' topics/jokes that come with it. I have no doubt that Kiara and Mori like to talk to each other, but upholding the 'dynamic' that eas built means their collabs become ridged and formulaic. Now the girls have to say xyz or some people mught starr asking why they didn't or might be upset because they didn't do their favorite skit/joke from the 'relationship'. I fucking hate it.
It's the same reason I hate when people come in and go 'WAIT WHAT ABOUT GURA!' during dopey, cute KiarAme moments.

>> No.7700141

Cool street art style. Not a massive fan of the nose, but it is what it is

>> No.7700147

These "must hit" topics/jokes make up roughly 1% of their streams. Learn how to filter stuff and enjoy the remainder of their content.

>> No.7700180

I want to mating-press her roommate and make sure that she carries a child. I'd be there with her every step.

>> No.7700205

Mamaloni has apparently said she's been practicing the game since the first stream, so I'd say it's a safe bet she's in

>> No.7700239

Found this video of a Australian wink game yeasterday, i would kill for her to play some sim or rts game. His videos give me brain damage.
Any game you really want her to play, ignoring permissions and her own taste?

>> No.7700297

>Any game you really want her to play, ignoring permissions and her own taste?
Mass Effect would be dope, really any Holo could play it & I'd check it out

>> No.7700346

I watch their collabs and that won't stop me, I just dislike both the community built up around it and I think Mori tends to be a bit too stiff personality-wise for me to enjoy it as much as Ina, Gura, or Ame collabs.

>> No.7700354

it's so weird how people will form this preconception of things like Takamori and then stubbornly stick by their impression in spite of the fact that it's not even accurate and wouldn't stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. But I guess that's just how it goes when you're not even watching the streams.

This is why I always try to watch streams by Holos I don't like every so often to see whether I just had a bad impression of them.

>> No.7700375

Mass Effect for me as well. I think it's the perfect comprise between what the viewers want and what she normally enjoys.

>> No.7700403

Yeah Mori is just generally really stiff. It's because she has actual autism. Not "lol she so quirky and weird" autism. The kind of autism where social interactions are like a Rubick's cube for her.

>> No.7700439

Usually collabs are streamed on the channel of the one initiating them. Meaning, it's very likely Calli was the one who asked for/set up the collab, not Kiara.

>> No.7700482

If throwing her preferences aside, sufferino through any Soulsborne is still up there
A good way to avoid stagnation is to challenge your own preconceptions after all

>> No.7700546

Mori’s said before she has phone anxiety, and I can buy that given the night and day chemistry between her and Kiara when comparing normal collabs to offcollabs. She has gotten much better at collabs lately, look at Bleach or the Recorder concert. She was kind of off during the Ender Dragon collab, but we did get some kino moments out of it like when she jumped into the void with half of Kiara’s armor.

>> No.7700623

I'm not gonna die if I watch a TakaMori collab, I'd just prefer other EN collabs because of this >>7700346. It's fine to like Mori and her streaming style, I just personally don't.

>> No.7700643

I would LITERALLY pay money to get someone to voice this

>> No.7700665

The one thing that keeps me from recommending Mass Effect fully, aside from playing like a shooter, is Kiara’s general disinterest in sci-fi. But she ended up loving Yakuza despite it being no where near her type of story; I think it’s strong cast help a lot with that, and if there is one thing Mass Effect has going for it, it’s the characters.

>> No.7700672

I think the Ender Dragon collab is because now whenever she sees Minecraft she has horrible PTSD and is in a constant state of fear of doing something wrong

>> No.7700766

Just post it on /hlgg/ during prime time and pray for r.ratman.

>> No.7700960

If she were to make it to 2 at least she would definitely love the bromance with Garrus (even with femShep it's still a bromance). And in 3 Mordin would of course get a big reaction.
1 might take a bit too long for her to get going, probably until Wrex is introduced.

Mass Effect is probably a bit too light on the exploration she loves so much. And when you can explore it's usually either brown planets or sterily metal buildings.
Still, I think she would like it, it's just missing most of the hooks she seems to be looking for in a game.

>> No.7701038

>it's just missing most of the hooks she seems to be looking for in a game.
Which is shame because the characters are REALLY good, even in 3

>> No.7701172

The Problem with Mass Effect is the shear length of this massive Trilogy. If you play just one part ,there will be fans who demand the other two. Viewer retention is really bad for long Games in general and reserving months of timeslots for this is just not worth it in my opinion.

>> No.7701279

I think she would love to play FFXV, it's very on her alley and the story isnt so bad looking at it alone as a action rpg, and the characters are pretty good. Pic related is best boy.

>> No.7701436

>Yeah Mori is just generally really stiff.
>t. doesn't watch Mori much
She normally isn't stiff at all. And half the time when she is behaving stiff it's only an act she's does to be funny.

>> No.7701447

Mori's stiffness and awkwardness can make her seem kind of fake, for lack of a better word, and that bothers me.

>> No.7701474

Speaking of FF, I caught Pekora's VOD of her fighting Seph in remake and holy shit was I on the edge of my seat at the end. Kiara really takes after her oshi when it comes to RPGs.

>> No.7701511

FFXV always made me hungry

>> No.7701525

>She normally isn't stiff at all.
She's extremely stiff in collabs and only recently is actively trying to not be.
But you can still tell that she's forcing herself hard for something like the Irys collab.

>> No.7701539

So she was only pretending to be an autistic sperg ruining Coco's meme review? Are you saying she intentionally sabotaged her?

>> No.7701566

I want to see her to shill stream SMTV just to see her get mad at demon negotiations.

>> No.7701810

From how I see it, there's a very strong performative element in Mori's usual streams, I can see why she tends towards the arts. It comes through strongly in how she delivers bits and her fascination with adding stream elements. Take her out of familiar territory and she retreats to familiar routines or silence.

>> No.7701828

Why? Because she'd mess them up often and have to kill the demons?

>> No.7701907

She'd get very annoyed at demons becoming angry at her, tricking her and taking her shit and running. Also she'd nearly cry every time she had to fuse a demon, spending minutes apologising to each component.

>> No.7701951

The problem with Mori and Ame as well is that they leave most of their personality at home whenever they collab.
Mori's biggest defining characteristic is her massive gap, she can be sweet but she can also be rough. In collabs however she doesn't dare to not be sweet which limits her greatly.
She might still be hung up about going too rough on Kiara after the Homiemoon idk but fact is she is not showing her true potential in collabs.
There is a reason why her outburst of "Goddammit, fuck my life!" in the Amon9us collab is so beloved by the JP holos. That's the Kari kakkoi they want but Mori often refuses to show this side in collabs.
She did have some moments with Gura but it's really not much.

It might just be her phone autism though since the fake sleepover with Kiara was insanely kino.

>> No.7701968

Man, she should just play Persona if she wants to do a long-term, anime as fuck rpg. Slow gameplay, turnbase combat, exploration and a lot of characters stories to go through. 'WE DO IT AS FRIENDS' base plotline. Right up her alley.
I'd also love to see her connect with Anne from 5. I feel like she could draw a lot of personal parallels from her story.

>> No.7701987

Every time I hear an SMT game get described I get irrationally annoyed.

>> No.7702035

She seems to like that fantasy medieval style, though. Yakuza won her over but initially she wasn't sure about the current Japan setting.

>> No.7702075

Not gonna happen because Fatlus.

>> No.7702081

Yeah, I know she's a sucker for that. There's a reason she talked about Tales and Ryza a lot and gave FE a shot.

>> No.7702114

Oh I always forget that Atlus is absolutely retarded when it comes to someone showcasing their game. God, I hate how Japanese companies are sometimes.

>> No.7702124

Most SMT isn't that long, Nocturne is only 50 and 4 can easily be 30 hours. Modern Persona just pads a lot more than most JRPGs, to the point where a few streams would be pure watch alongs. P5 especially has the whole vacation stretch.

Soul Hackers would possibly be a good choice. More light hearted story focused than mainline yet still only 30 hours.

>> No.7702210

>Pure watchalongs
Even better. Given her propensity to talk through most cut scenes and have fun with the chat while playing, it's be great.
Just imagine her living through the Morgana 'go to bed' hell and being frustrated she can't explore.
On second thought, maybe this is a bad idea. I still really want her to experience Anne's story though.

>> No.7702692

Collabs make her nervous but they usually don't make her genuinely stiff. A lot of Anons accuse Mori of being "fake" because they can tell a significant amount of her behavior is just an act. But what they don't understand, because they're too retarded, is that she's putting on an act for harmless entertainment purposes. They think she's actually trying to trick people for malicious or cynical reasons. They also can't tell when she's being honest. Mori has the kind of autism that throws off other autists.

>ruining Coco's meme review
Begone schizo.

>> No.7702733

Yes but nervousness makes mori stiff and in extreme cases lock up.
Just as nervousness makes Kiara talk more and faster.

>> No.7702767

Fuck off back to your cuckshed /morig/ you delusional deadbrap

I guarantee you this psychopathic fartsniffer also thinks Mori not talking for TWO HOURS in a Shadowverse collab with Kiara as Kiara desperately tries to keep a conversation going is totally fine and acceptable, and probably intentional acting by Mori (but DEFINITELY not ruining the collab)

>> No.7702788

I get the impression that out of all the Holo ENs, Mori was attracted to the "roleplaying" side of Hololive, she loved the idea of having a character lore and playing a fictional character. She also came up with this "Takamori" comedy routine and thought it was a funny idea (which it was) where the two of them had this lore relationship. I can see how people consider that "fakeness" but I can also see how it's part of what makes Hololive fun for Mori.

>> No.7702856

Shame that Mori completely sucks at acting tsundere

>> No.7702868

Even if what you say is true, that'd make it an extremely unfunny act. It's been 11 months since their debut: if she still hasn't realized that this is not how she's supposed to act in collabs, it just means she's autistic and we went in a full circle.

>> No.7702963

We became /morig/ real quick. Jesus, her past couple collabs have been fine, she’s been on an upswing lately in general, and despite what shitposters will have you believe, she genuinely likes Kiara. Quit being so doom and gloom over this shit and talk about Kiara.

>> No.7703160

Oi Oi don't be so hard on Mori. Seeing the self esteem of this incredibly talented woman being destroyed everytime by that silly blocks game is pure kino in my eyes. I wouldn't want her any other way.

>> No.7703167

I wonder if Kiara was anything specifically planned for this return stream. Would be nice if she had a few photos preapproved by Jenma to show and shared any stories from Dokomi backstage. Like why she thought to call Ame for tech support, who turned out to be sleeping anyways.

>> No.7703345


>> No.7703412

>pubic hair
That's an impostor.

>> No.7703764

but his bird-girl kiara is kinda hot
>tfw you will never sand bathe with your favorite birb

>> No.7703849

Not hairy enough

>> No.7703920


sorry I'm good now. This is also a dumb joke post. I love you Kiara. I just need to get rid of verbal diarrhea sometimes.

>> No.7704100

I hate it, Kiara is a fine lady devoid of pubic hair and any artist who draw her any other way deserve to rot in hell. Outside of that it's pretty good.

>> No.7704267

Only whores have no pubic hair. Yes that includes kids.

>> No.7704383

Less than 1 hour to see my chiken wife again. I'm so excited bros!

>> No.7704388

Before you die, give me the source

>> No.7704400

Yes, this is literally not Kiara. It's a different character entirely...

>> No.7704617

The whole thing was retarded. The VA gets a pass since she was involved in the game, but the other three are entertainers, even that anituber manlet. Just let them do the talking, it's the thing they based their career on.

>> No.7704749


>> No.7704801

she has to do a shaving stream first like the other orange woman

>> No.7704995

there's nothing to shave on her laser pussy

>> No.7705029

There’s still a few hairs left.

>> No.7705096

She got laser'd you stupid nigger, she has no hair to grow

>> No.7705107

what about her asshole??

>> No.7705203

The old lady is doing it on YT now

>> No.7705235

The way Kiara talked about it made it sound like the old lady doesn't even have anything to do with it.
The people behind it stole her music and are trying to use Kiara's popularity or something.

>> No.7705470

Ready for the penis inspection?

>> No.7705543

>Average length, low sensitivity, soft and surprisingly feminine
What would she say about yours?

>> No.7705560

I wonder if Tenchou is a size queen

>> No.7705640

I'm in the mood for some chikin.

>> No.7705846


>> No.7705904

>> No.7706023

>no pubic hair
anon, Kiara lived in Japan long enough that she probably has a full bush. and even if not do you really think she keeps up with that shit? this is a single woman who complains about having to go outside and subsists on food she gets delivered to her.

>> No.7706056

She got herself lasered to remove all hair (except for five of them).

>> No.7706469

The back of the chicken's head is LITERALLY resting on Kiara's breasts.

>> No.7706538

>Kiara digging her talons in your back as you mating press her in a comedically oversized bird nest

>> No.7706557

Can't think of a better pillow. Lucky bastard

>> No.7706584

Must be nice

>> No.7706648

Can confirm, it's very comfy, wish you could feel this too anon

>> No.7706906


>> No.7707041


>> No.7707279

She really LOVES talking, doesn't she? Not complaining.

>> No.7707320

>become a streamer
>talk on stream
Almost like that's her job

>> No.7707342

She really does, that's why she is able to turn even the most boring RPGs into interesting streams.

>> No.7707362

It takes either a special kind of retard or a special kind of jew to get into streaming when you DON'T love talking.

>> No.7707375

I watch Ina. I'm not used to this many words per minute.

>> No.7707400

Zatsudan? Oh, you mean LITERALLY EVERY STREAM?

>> No.7707403

This thread is sure full of shit just like those chicken pants.

>> No.7707405

Deathinfecting the room?

Uh oh

>> No.7707429

Good thing I love listening.

>> No.7707501

Imagine not knowing what you wanted to tell your Oshi. I'm disappointed, Anons.

>> No.7707995

Their thoughts probly turned entirely to "I want to breed her" upon meeting her.

>> No.7708079

Fair. I guess it's pretty easy to do when it's just a thin wall separating you.

>> No.7708211

Ngl I talk a lot of shit here.
But if I ever get to meet Kiara irl, I probably won't be able to help myself from spilling spaghetti everywhere.
She's just too perfect.

>> No.7708295

I can't take this...

>> No.7708322

Kiara is one of the reasons why I wish Hitler was still around. She's retarded, a degenerate lesbian, lacking talent & confidence, and her voice is beyond annoying.

>> No.7708366

>he doesn't know

>> No.7708397

>he lacks the critical information

>> No.7708426

I'm genuinely really happy for her. I love the fact she genuinely loves her job.

>> No.7708427

>he thinks Kiara isn't the embodiment of the Aryan dream

>> No.7708448

What am I missing?

>> No.7708472

>his ken is insufficient

>> No.7708507

>he's actually asking

>> No.7708508

She is already rallying the Germans. Hitler will look like an amateur next to her.

>> No.7708515

Nothing. /vt/ is once again trying to sell you a rrat, and you are once again an easy mark.

>> No.7708588

Dude, Kiara is literally the type of person who'd fit in Weimar - she'd be sent to one of the camps in no time back in the 40s.

>> No.7708629

So I probably am gonna have to catch the vod or i might be able to watch halfway but have I missed anything interesting she's talked about yet?

>> No.7708657

She fed Jenma Schnitzel.
And she educated us on the reason why there are so many Japanese people in Düsseldorf.

>> No.7708663

Virtually no lesbian was actually sent to the camps. Lesbianism wasn't considered a threat to the "peoples body", just a phase girls grow out of.
To this days leftist homos seethe at lesbians about how 'they' didn't get persecuted.

>> No.7708672

Some behind-the-scenes talk about the convention, but generally just Kiara being extremely cute and grateful. I highly recommend it

>> No.7708675

Just went over what happened during her panels and the meet-n-greet. If you missed the heartfelt thank you she gave to her fans a minute ago, you should watch. Cute overall, but that's all of her zatsu's.

>> No.7708729


>> No.7708740

Oh come on, maybe they were a minority population compared to the kikes, but I very highly doubt that Goebbels & Himmler would've allowed fags and lesbians to mingle in the general population, when they were against the perversion bringing Germany down.

>> No.7708798

It's complete bullshit, but it's how /pol/ rationalizes lesbian porn. Ignore it.

>> No.7708863

>but I very highly doubt that Goebbels & Himmler would've allowed fags and lesbians to mingle in the general population
Fags no, lesbians yes. As I said, it wasn't considered a real thing in the first place.
Non-germans always have the problem that they assume a level of ideological "purity" that simply didn't exist.
>when they were against the perversion bringing Germany down.

>> No.7708920

Anons, your humor reps...
You're beginning to take this thing a bit too seriously

>> No.7708936

>Kiara is being incredibly cute on stream
>this thread is talking about the nazis
you need to get your priorities in order

>> No.7708969

>Goebbels & Himmler
>Goebbels and Himmler in charge of who goes to the camps
Absolute brainlet. Also the SA and SS were still full of well known homos even after the knight of long knives.

>> No.7708971

kf/pol/ are bunch of autists that can't take jokes

>> No.7708976

That's why I personally like to keep a backup if all restraunts are full. Fat stacks of those protein bars, bananas, and sandwhich shit does wonders if you don't wanna wait around.

>> No.7708996

Your humor is tired and shit. I wouldn't mind, but it's starting to convince the impressional SEA teens that frequent this board that she is a nazi, the same way they believe Ollie really fingered herself. It's all so tiresome.

>> No.7709058

Yes, the National Socialists had several people of different races, not just Aryan. That's because Hitler & the other NS officers/SS believed that you weren't a threat if you were against the Commies, and thus why there are photos of niggers, Jews & Asians in-uniform. That doesn't negate the fact that fags were an enemy against Aryanism & were deemed a threat by Goebbels. Even though we call gay girls lesbians, they were still considered gay back then. Kiara isn't the type who'd don a NS uniform, so keep simping for her, nigger faggot.

>> No.7709148

Nice try, but I never said they were in charge of deportations. They only needed to decide who they didn't want in the general population, those of which were either imprisoned or sent to the Eastern ghettos(Ostland & Ukraine).

>> No.7709256

Awww, Kiara has to miss out on the friend road trips and group hangouts. That's some of the best stuff at cons.

>> No.7709301

God damn, Kiara spoils us. I love her so much.

>> No.7709437

Post em

>> No.7709470

>Many hours of content
>Wide variety of content
>Tells us how much she cares about us at every opportunity
>Shares with us her feelings
She's such a good girl...

>> No.7709489

And he got the dubs too. Absolutely unfathomably based.

>> No.7709508

Hope you didn't spill your spaghetti anon

>> No.7709509

I'm happy for you and hope one day she comes to the US so I can get something similar.

>> No.7709512

Can we organize a /kfpg/ meet-up somewhere? I-It's not like I want that signature or anything...

>> No.7709515

>you don't want a selfie?
>no thanks, i have it in my brain

>> No.7709581


>> No.7709599

HoloCon bald mein Freund.

>> No.7709612

That guy is probably necking himself right now knowing he's the only one who didn't take a selfie

>> No.7709643

Real tough. Kiara's fanbase is so far spread out around the world, it'd cost a bit for a lot of them to congregate.

>> No.7709719


>> No.7709740

Just finished some classes, what'd I miss? I probably literally won't be able to watch the VOD for a while due to Susan being a cunt.

>> No.7709759

I'm so fucking pissed that the con I went to had 0 vtuber merch. Shoutout to that AA woman who loved Lupin the 3rd who drew me that cute Kiara tho.

>> No.7709760

Kiara was very, very cute.
Also Mamatori collab next week.

>> No.7709767

mass orgy with Kiara...

>> No.7709776

on the contrary. that kfp employee knows that he stood out from the others. he will forever be remembered by kiara until the end of time as the memories of the others merge and lose their individuality. kiara is still wondering why he didn't want a selfie and she will always wonder.

>> No.7709894

>Mamatori collab next week.

>> No.7709918

Mamtori x Mamaloni...

>> No.7709924

Keep telling yourself that, samefag.

>> No.7709981

>no voice
so you're telling me that we're gonna have a momcraft stream without actually hearing her?
What a waste.

minecraft collab with her mama confirmed. Dokomi was really great. Lot's of stories. Meeting Jenma, talking with fans, going on a con with friends again, stories of previous times of going to cons in germany with friends, having to go undercover. having to ignore people who previously knew her personally at the con, etc.
She didn't get to go to an apparently really great tonkatsu place in Düsseldorf which was one of the things she was looking forward to the most. So she's gonna make another trip to Düsseldorf as soon as they open again just to eat there. She got really heated while telling that story. Must be some damn fine tonkatsu.

>> No.7710104

Anonchama... Don't you know what tonkatsu is code for?

>> No.7710108


>> No.7710155

She said that in a previous stream. She mentioned that if it was just a short segment kind of thing like other Holo's have had, it would have been fine, but with it being a real collab length, it's a lot more possible her mom (who might have even less of a filtet) would accidentally say something.
Imagine if we heard Kiara's real REAL name.

>> No.7710198

Actually I don't. Care to enlighten me?
pls no rrats

>> No.7710223


>> No.7710240

Is this how you spell it in German?
Any kraut-frens here to confirm this?

>> No.7710273


>> No.7710363

nope. It's just a phonetic transliteration of how she pronounced it.
The actual translation is "Biom".
Pronounced like "bee-ohm"

>> No.7710371


>> No.7710379

So its just chimkin retardation then

>> No.7710395

No, it's her fooling around.

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