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Ayunda Risu

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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

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I fucking laugh so hard last night. She's truly queen of shitposter.

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Don't forget to stream Kakumei Dualism (Side A & B) bros
Side A: https://youtu.be/Dx-_i0RWwNc
Side B: https://youtu.be/euBur-z_lmk

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Squirrel lewds doko?

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OP next time include Risu's song cover links.

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Miss her already...

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Yeah mb, remembered right after posting then got held up for a few minutes before I could add them to the thread

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What's the timestamp?

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Blasting gachi music in my ears and staying up to 5am to finish my Risu fanart in time for Risu's 500k thing... My body is decaying please help me I can't take it anymore. I'm used to putting in 30 minutes into drawing per month now I'm doing many hours a night my body is literally falling apart... But if it's for Risu... I...

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Stay strong Risuner, your reps will deliver you through this

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God you don't know how much i miss her high pitched voice, it may sounds annoying to some but it felt like home listening to it.

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it's been over a year since the accident
you need to accept it and move on

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I don't want to see this.

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Maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow

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Come on man, don't tell me you're not weirded out with this rig, it's just not right.

>> No.7654720

They don't fixed the mouth on this costume yet???

>> No.7654740

Weirded out at far side angles yeah but still preferable to the old rig so I'll take it. Also a lot of the weird eye tracking and such isn't present in Tsuii's demonstration of the rig so something's off on her end I think

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It's fine, I've seen worse.

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>Somebody uploaded the Kakumei Dualism SideA+B soundpost mix I did on Youtube.
>They didn't even make their own image for it.
Hey you lazy fuck. I know you're here. If your 28 Subscriber ass is going to steal content off of 4chan, at least have the balls to admit it in your credits.

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I had a feeling that was stolen when I saw the thumbnail on youtube so I didn't even give it a view

>> No.7656278

You mean this?

>> No.7656386

The image is different but I know the audio timing is the same. They didn't edit out the blank space I left from Reine's side.
I don't even mind the repost. I didn't make it for clout; that's why I'm posting as Anon. But if being on 4chan is such a social anathema to you that you can't admit that you pulled content from here, maybe you shouldn't be here.

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Rewatching her 40k celebration, god damn this shit hits hard every time.

>> No.7658698

Why can't they do properly on risu design. Now let's see her 3D debut.

>> No.7658890

I swear, if they botch it, I'll send the contents of my nut jar to Yagoo.

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Yeah i want to see that gorgeous shoulders of hers so they better not screw it up.

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Oops forgot the picture

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Ah shit Risu's almost hit 500K I've still not decided what to draw as a gift, you guys are working on your own stuff for it right?

>> No.7659726

I haven't started yet...

>> No.7659754

Sadly I'm not a drawer

>> No.7659834

She is awake!

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I see so far ahead that I've been drawing for her 500k celebration ever since September of 2020. Foresight is important.

>> No.7660308

i did this one pretty quick, so let me know if there are any issues

>> No.7660504

it's in the mega as well. i might redo encore again because it doesn't sound that good

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Schedule tomorrow onegai~

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if we die we die

>> No.7665010

You should know the drill by now, anon.

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I love Risu but only started watching her frequently quite recently

Why does her mic quality sound like fucking ass sometimes? Like it's almost blown out just by her talking

>> No.7666153

Don't know honestly, maybe due to the mic being relatively new, she hasn't fully understand how to set it up properly because she clearly had a better grip of her older mic in past streams, or she's just lazy.

>> No.7666312

Doesn't mean a guy can't hope for it...

>> No.7666390

Hope for the best, prepare for the usual

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Anon it's not even monday yet. Usually it's monday or tuesday.

>> No.7666905

Just how the hell did you miss the word "tomorrow" in that post?

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Reminder that Risu is the best wife material and you will never get anything even close to her.

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In what world is fucking Risu of all people wife material? She is a depressed and lazy self sabotaging pranking muslim lunatic. She'd make a terrible wife. Honestly would not be surprised if she was into cucking her husband behind his back too.

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>he doesn't know anything
poor bastard

>> No.7667386

*yawn sooooo boring, you're boring anon...vAV4H

>> No.7668159

Why even live Anon?

>he lacks critical informations

>> No.7668888

If I'm not getting anything anyway, might as well get a glimpse at the best it could be to fuel my fantasies.

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The begging squirrel can go to hell.

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Rrat away seanigger

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Hmmm I wonder if I should I wait with Posting new lewd for her 500k? Yeah I will wait.
Also Schedule DOKO?

>> No.7693406

Well she's up to something here

>> No.7693556

As if blueballing from the squirrel was not enough. Post it after her 500k celebration stream for a special ending.

>> No.7693698

Oh god.... imagine sexy Ayunda teacher tell you to stay after class cus she has something to show you.

Risu.... my dick can go only so hard.

Sound like Plan.

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>No stream today
>No Schedule
Don't tell me it's no stream week when she is so close to 500k?

>> No.7701344

Knowing her, she'll probably throw it at the last second.

>> No.7701442

Waiting intensifies

>> No.7701529

>Too busy to draw anything for 500K
I'm sorry Risu I'll make it up to you eventually!

>> No.7701563

Do any of you planning to draw Risu wearing a 500k shaped goggles?

>> No.7702322

I have normal lewd Rius art so I will just post it as 500k Congratulatioin

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>Ayunda sensei asks you to stay after class to show you something
>Your imagination runs wild and you can barely contain your excitement during the day
>Finally the last bell rings and you rush to her class
>"Here you are", she greets her, a wry smile on her face. "Let's go then"
>She leads you to the stairs and goes down to the school basement, you eagerly follow
>The place is kinda spooky, most of the lamps turned off, but you keep following the teacher
>She stops before a big steel door that looks out of place in a school and opens it with surprising strength
>"Go on in, anon", she tells you
>You hesitantly peek inside, but can't see anything in the darkness
>Sudenly you get pushed in, tripping and almost falling on your face
>The door behind you is slammed shut with a loud bang
>"Am really sorry, but I have a dream. And I am going to realize my dream tonight", you hear Ayunda's voice full of excitement
>You get up and start knocking on the door and screaming for help
>"Yes! Scream! Scream! No one will hear you, no one but me."
>As you realize the futility of your action, you stop. And in the following silence, you hear it: the faint sound of small feet slapping on the concrete floor
>You can't see a thing and the sound is getting closer. A sudden hiss to your left makes you jump
>Your movement seems to provoke the creatures, hissing and honking are now heard all around you. You realized that you are surrounded by geese
>Sharp pain in your leg makes you scream as one of them pinches you with its beak
>You kick the beast but two others attack in its place
>Geese onslaught is unending and after a while, you have no strength left and collapse on the floor, unable even to scream anymore as your flesh is slowly torn apart and your consciousness fades away
>As the screaming ends, Ayunda lets out a sigh. She fixes her clothes and walks to the stairs, the door slowly disappearing in a cloud of mist behind her
>"That was amazing", she mutters to herself ."I should do that more often"


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Okay. So MAYBE you guys are right in making a big deal of Risu's singing. Hope your oshi find herself.

>> No.7707966

That's super creepy....
Post it on Twiter for #Risu_meme.

>> No.7708450

No, thanks. Can't care less about twitter fags, and squirrel can read it here.

>> No.7708903

i've never watched a risu stream, i'm just doing this for fun

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>> No.7710978

Kinda based but also you should watch a stream some time if she ever decides to stream at a decent hour

>> No.7710981

500K tomorrow? I think I can barely, just barely finish my fanart for her in time. Would she even do a stream for it on the day it happens?

>> No.7711045

Probably not a stream on the actual day of, but maybe the day after? I do recall her procrastinating 400k celebration but I might be misremembering. Also half a million is a pretty big milestone

>> No.7711055

Probably tomorrow yeah, who knows if she'd stream it on the day but I don't have the time to do anything for her and I hate it

>> No.7714674

She said she had something in mind for 500k.
So I have some hope but not that much

You think she will read that? Knowing how lazy she is she will do TLDR

>> No.7715242

I haven't even started anything yet. I'm still debating making anything at all, but if I do, it'll probably be late, unfortunately.

>> No.7715301

Risu participate in project genesis held by Muse Indonesia this is the people who did quizzes event or whatever was it back then but they didn't unblock regional restrictions. So are they gonna do it again???

>> No.7718558

Depends on what they will show there. They have permissions to show anime, but only to ID, hence the restrictions.

>> No.7721954

Where are you sqrl?

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>> No.7724422

Anon, I think I don't like Risu, I like Ayunda very much she's charming and kind woman my ideal wife. Risu don't you dare to give negative influence to my wife Ayunda!!!!! Ayunda I'll save you from sqrl little brat.

>> No.7726774

Risu is the bratty little sister, Ayunda is the level-headed and seductive older sister.

>> No.7726958

I miss her...

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>> No.7729560

Optimism restored and my day is saved

>> No.7729634

So she should hit 500k today if she stream.
ALso she didn'r say what game will she play. Will it be something weird

>> No.7731509

It's plantator simulator.

>> No.7731532

I'm up for another acapella but the least she can do is to properly set her mic and NOT sing songs she's not confident with.

>> No.7732728

>No 500k celebration stream
So unless she decides to do guerilla at weekend it will be next week. Not really surprising, sqrl prefers not to rush things.

>> No.7732853

I am saved...

>> No.7734661

Kid under the tree with a nice view

>> No.7735175

Does Risu wear underwear?
Can she with her tail?

>> No.7735228

Stream just started and she is eating already

>> No.7735519

She's struggle.

>> No.7735531

Holy shit she is pissed

>> No.7735548

Did she fix her tracking situation during her time off?
Looks way more accurate.

>> No.7735606

She did, the mouth is actually moving now

>> No.7735707

Mouth tracking is fixed now, although still soulless it has somewhat improve from the last one.

>> No.7735805

> yell risu

Huh... So it's not just me who want the opera singing sound check happening again huh???

>> No.7735879

>She will do acapella with that setup
RIP >>7731532 this guy

>> No.7735973

This hurts...

>> No.7736259

Hey her squirrel gimmick voice is actually sounds high pitched and not depressing this time, she must be high on dopamine right now.

>> No.7737413

>gimmick voice
Take your meds.

>> No.7738883

He's right tho, she sounds happy

>> No.7739163

huh, since when?

>> No.7739208

Bceгдa были

>> No.7739380

Anon, she always have russian fans, even hee resident artfag is russian...Pic related.

>> No.7740436

Are they page for sub counts? All shows Risu at 499 000 which is impossible.

>> No.7740481

500k tomorrow?

>> No.7743638


>> No.7743725

Post full pic
I need to nut

>> No.7743850

It's on twitter in her R18 hashtag, #ayunut.

>> No.7744255

Is she the most transparent Holo, when it comes to all of them thinking their fans are disgusting pathetic losers?

>> No.7744909

Maybe today? Though I am not sure. There are no precies sub counters anymore. All most 499 000 which is impossible.

>> No.7745020

Well /vt/? Do you want to know?

>> No.7747266

how do you usually coming up with idea to draw?

>> No.7747496

NTA but It literally doesn't go beyond me randomly imagining a character in a pose that I like and keeping it stored in my memory for when I decide to draw it. Other than that, when it's more forced like when I do NSFW for example, I think of what fetish I wish to convey in this drawing and what would be something I'd consider hot, and thus I sketch out whatever comes to mind, and fix it up later.

>> No.7753426

Will she hit 500k on the stream or before?

>> No.7753850

I was nearly sure she will reach it during Story of Seasons stream so now I really don't have any idea.

>> No.7754150

I hope for the damn best as I don't have an imagination. Straight up spend 10 hours throwing lines down, may even finish a drawing before doing a new one that's entirely better.

>> No.7756175

> Acapella

Risu, english song pls pls pls pls pls

>> No.7756271


>> No.7756501

Yeah wtf

>> No.7763216

C'mon Risu, you did good singing on english song.

>> No.7767809

Imagine her singing the one she recommended to listen

>> No.7768449

For real though her rare english performances are so god damn good

>> No.7768476

I don't want to imagine, i want it to be a reality...

>> No.7770628

Risu is awake and posting in /hlgg/

>> No.7770769

Has anyone ever drawn Risu art with her wearing sugoi dekai shirt?

>> No.7770835


>> No.7771080


>> No.7771116

That is so much better art than the previous one for Papers Please. Though it did give me hope that my art may be used by her one day...

>> No.7771117

I think she just noticed it.

>> No.7771148

Oh fuck yeah a stream I can make it to

>> No.7771168

> Raining nutzzz

The worse thing I could imagine

>> No.7771285

Let's fucking goooooo!

>> No.7771332

Do I post my fanart now or after the stream? I still am touching some stuff up and gotta sleep now

>> No.7771414

That depends, if its lewds you can catbox them here now, if not wait until she stream. Risu might come up for the celebration tag during stream.

>> No.7771801

Good job for getting 500k Risu!
Here is some new lewds for her accomplished


>> No.7771903

HOLY TITS!! Thanks horse.

>> No.7772371

It's time

>> No.7772426

>new 1k sound
sasuga capitarisu

>> No.7772437

Looks like you'll get your answer here

>> No.7772496

it was quite a journey to get this milestone at 500k, I'm so happy for this treerrat ;_;

>> No.7772531

It really does feels like home

>> No.7772578

Comfy as hell

>> No.7772650

does anyone recognize the current bgm?

>> No.7772696

Heroine Audition?

>> No.7772725

True seiso and yago dream meme is dead now

>> No.7772894

>It should of course be wholesome.
You're not gonna send Risu a picture of your nuts, are you, anons?

>> No.7772910

That's what my "gift" to her was going to be that she just mentioned

>> No.7772942

Of course

It is wholesome, isn't it?

>> No.7773147

Risu wishes that she could find her lewds faster.
Why don't you help her /VT/ ?

>> No.7773149

the 2hus...

>> No.7773445

Can't we use general hashtag #gambarisu along with #ayunut but don't upload the full image instead crop it like this >>7771801

>> No.7774071

Huh. I am not sure. Perhaps it would be good to ask her on prisuners nights if such thing would be okay but I doubt it.

>> No.7775745

Starting. Will squirrel be able to maintain her sanity buried under mountains of papers?

>> No.7775852

tfw realized I can't draw fluffy tails for my life
Just end me already

>> No.7775950

>[KR] translator
Now, this is new

>> No.7776076

Ahhh sorry bros I can't catch the stream.


>> No.7776372

She's inclining bros

>> No.7777153

Risu, he's already dead...

>> No.7780415

Finished, just in time for the 500k celebration!

>> No.7780556

Damn, she is sexy

>> No.7780964

Hey did you drew or did you commission it?

>> No.7781244

Drew it

>> No.7781513

Do you happens to have another version of this? considering you also have a nsfw account

>> No.7781624

Sorry, not this time. The initial sketch was nude, but it really didn't show anything that could be considered NSFW. Everything was tactically covered with arms and posing

>> No.7781783

Ah too bad, oh well...So are you planning to make another pose for future endeavors?

>> No.7781862


>> No.7781932

Yes but actually no, hohoho

>> No.7783560

FUCKKK Now I'm insecure about my drawing and I want to keep drawing to try and make it better when it was already finished fuck me

If an artist doesn't envy the ones better than him, he is never bound to improve. I'll... use the pain to get better. Next time for sure!

>> No.7783677

Pachi/risu/, my favorite pokémon.

>> No.7784286


>> No.7785192

Frogman I know you're here. When are you doing a risu version of happy day?

>> No.7785887

This is exactly what I want to do to Risu.
Then crush her during mating press

>> No.7786165

Has Risu read the SCs from the Acapella yet?

>> No.7786222

She forgor so she won't read them. Better forget about it

>> No.7786244


>> No.7787355

>> No.7787868

> Do collab with all Hololive members

>> No.7788820

Nice drawing

>> No.7789035

She was in the Sports Festival right?

>> No.7789652

how do I git gud?

>> No.7789715


>> No.7789738

NTA but I'm looking at other people's art to see what I'm missing right now on my Risu drawing before I release it. This kills my soul but I'm finding a lot of stuff to improve on so it's worth it. . Trying out new things and drawing often (if you're feeling like it) is obviously the best way to go about it. Wanna see how that new shading technique you saw would work? Test it out. That cool and simple background that artist showed you? Draw it and see if it looks good. Etc.

>> No.7790046

nice, atleast you finished it.
>tfw not even sure mine will reach the deadline for the 500k celeb.

>> No.7793543

>> No.7793718

>Stay after class Anon

>> No.7794155

Is Risu's hat supposed to be an acorn? Cause the mascot's hat sure is, and his outfit is a replica of her.

>> No.7794604

No, on art from Nabi it's just a normal beret

>> No.7796988

Damn, this is so incredibly gorgeous.

>> No.7797012

Debatable, I've seen prettier threads. The blue is nice tho.

>> No.7797018

And I somehow deleted my reply link. Meant for: >>7780415

>> No.7797100

>thread is dead for over an hour, but anon still manages to catch my mistake in under a minute
Why are you like this, Risuners?

>> No.7797166

when's the 500k celebration stream?

>> No.7797468

20 August

>> No.7797715

> Almost two weeks
Jesus Risu... I guess at least I have more time to touch up my fanart.

>> No.7797961


>> No.7800682

This is the way of the squirrel, no rushing things.

>> No.7804351

> R-risu sensei I'd like to fuck your big sexy ass and I want to fondle and suck those big tits.
> Hmmm??? Hahaha you're funny anon-kun. Now if you study hard and get a good grades I'll give it to you.
> Reary??? Okay then let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo study 15 hours a day
> Hehehe this kid.

>> No.7805667

>> No.7806246

>> No.7808768

Pocket Risu

>> No.7810449

Pocket sized Risu would be even bigger menace to people around

>> No.7811333

i just realized she hits 500K before AZKi did

>> No.7811439

AZKI barely stream so

Also /vt/ what lewd question ask Risu on her prisuner night?

>> No.7813114

Pretty sure she said that at least post it before 18th.

>> No.7813660

Before 19th

>> No.7815730


>> No.7815829

I like her new bgm

>> No.7815997


>> No.7816228

Risu is already numb with numbers

>> No.7816471

Ayunda and her jokes... Never change

>> No.7817317

Risu, I know it was meant to be teasing, but having suffered it before, that kind of shit really comes off as emotional blackmail

>> No.7817576

Risu is apathetic, she won't give a shit about your feeling.

>> No.7817656

NTA, but please install Grammarly.

>> No.7817908


>> No.7818242

kek this lazy squirrel

>> No.7818496

Gonna need artwork of Risu in that clothing

>> No.7819688

If that doesn't get released I'm going to be very sad

>> No.7819702

Holy shit this is too powerful, I didn't expect we'd get to hear both together

>> No.7819766

This is something else

>> No.7819772

For real this is so good I want to put it with the instrumental and stuff, but breaking containment isn't the play. I wish she'd give us the greenlight to mix it

>> No.7819844

just ask her

>> No.7819877

Looks like she'll let Jay do it

>> No.7819886

I was thinking the same thing but that's exactly the kind of shit that leads to "you guys can't behave so I'm not playing you my raws any more"

>> No.7819953

Yup, looks like there's some hope it'll see the light of day so I'll just have faith in her

>> No.7820033

Oh god, her mic is dying, and she has acapella tomorrow

>> No.7820036

EDMfags on suicide watch

>> No.7820128

Looks like her OBS output setting rather than mic setting

>> No.7820170

There are a lot of fucked parts it seems

>> No.7820801

>> No.7820922

How was the stream, nutters?
I'll watch the archive after lunch

>> No.7820973

Comfy and the raws sounded amazing both on their own and together, extremely worth it

>> No.7820985


If you are referring to the "tech wear" clothes I'm kind of tempted to draw her in such an outfit for a 500k viewers picture

>> No.7821100

Yup that's what I'm referring to, some of the results when I googled tech wear were pretty entertaining to imagine Risu in

>> No.7821370

Those look very cool. Pants with lots of pockets and a tight short top. I can see Risu doing parkour dressed like that.

>> No.7823580

>> No.7824579

Ayunda sounds different than the last time. It's quite fascinating how much her pitch shifts based on mood and weather.

>> No.7825274


So it seems the general theme is as many unneccessary belts, fastenings and pockets as possible

>> No.7825353

I need to see her wear that hoodie up and buttoned.

>> No.7825356

If the guy on the left had a shield he'd look cool, though he should tuck in that cock belt. The guy on the right feels like a gangster wannabe mixed with this weird military thing, just awful.

>> No.7825605

God that's 90s Liefeld aesthetic just without absurd amounts of muscles or colors

>> No.7828153

Fuck, how smug can she get?

>> No.7828173

God I need fanart of Risu in this shit it'd be hilarious

>> No.7828258

She can be VERY smug. Especially in prisuner nights

>> No.7828536

It's impressive and borderline dangerous

>> No.7831563

C'mon, at least post some girls with tight tops showing boobas.

>> No.7839006

>> No.7841782

Watching this Prisuner's night was a mistake. I no longer have any motivation to work on my 500k fanart.

>> No.7841820

How come?

>> No.7842118

Because why would I put effort into celebrating something she doesn't care about? Just so she can share it as part of her (probably company-mandated) celebration stream?
I know I shouldn't be thinking like that, but it's hard not to after watching that, and it's poisoning my creative drive.

>> No.7842728

Jesus fucking christ the despair of yours is affecting me too. Thankfully I wasn't really drawing for Risu, just to draw, and it ended up being Risu cause I like her. You should probably draw for yourself man, that erases the random variables in your life.

>> No.7843543

>You should probably draw for yourself man
I usually do. This was supposed to be a way for me to express the happiness my oshi has brought me, but that happiness just isn't there right now, I guess.
I just wanted to vent a bit, but I really don't want to spread this mood to others, so I'll stop now.

>> No.7844762

Ok now imagine her wearing that outfit with her nikes

>> No.7844812

She doesn't care about numbers, but she will care about your drawing.

>> No.7845159

That's rough anon sorry to hear that. On the other hand I agree with what >>7844812 said, the numbers are a separate thing from the actual celebration. The stuff that comes out of it is what matters, stuff like your fanart

>> No.7846062


>> No.7846078

Risu was extra cute today, I think you're reading too much into her aloof attitude anon

>> No.7846849

Given that it was mentioned in the members' stream today, I'll try and draw tech-wear Risu.

Wondering if I should swap the boots for sneakers, I always find footwear such a pain to draw for some reason, it always requires a surprising amount of detail.

>> No.7847698

Depends on what you're going for, I suppose the sneakers might be closer to what she'd wear but maybe the boots would have the outfit look more coherent? Idk

>> No.7850950

She will care about fanart for sure, even if she's not making a big thing about the milestone

>> No.7851245

Nigga you autistic? Risu appreciates your fan art, and she gets so few of those. Do it nigger. Numbers mean nothing, but your gesture does.

>> No.7854029

That looks cool. Squirrel tummy uoooohhh!

>> No.7854652

Oh fuck I just realized acapella is in 5 hours she's doing it an hour earlier than normal today

>> No.7854861

What did she say that made you think that at all in the first place?

>> No.7855161

It was just standard talk about how she's not too excited over the numbers, well known stuff

>> No.7856347

But Gur didn't celebrate any of her milion milostones so I don't think cover forced those stuff.
Risu doesn't care about milestones but she said she care about her prisuners that's why she want to celebrate it in way that we can all precipitable like fanart review and "garlic" phone.

>> No.7856515

based risu ignoring all holojp anniv

>> No.7856646

post your WIPS for dat 500k

>> No.7856998

So the collab song project is cover medley?

>> No.7857196

Ah classic inconsiderate Risu, never bother to check anyone else's schedule.

>> No.7859919

Ahh.. I hope there's screencap material of annoying viewers in waiting room like a week ago.

>> No.7860433

Well, atleast she is streaming this time.

>> No.7860665

Damn this is good, too bad she picked a bad time to stream. She could've gotten more viewers.

>> No.7860680


>> No.7861797

Holy shit

>> No.7862160

The sudden switch to Ayunda still gets me every time

>> No.7862224

Risu you old fucking boomer.

>> No.7862268

At a certain point there will be too many schedules to check to be worth swerving around.

>> No.7862278

It was so beautiful...

>> No.7862951

Wtf is wrong with her OBS?? She needs help!!

>> No.7863033

My OBS crash


>> No.7863134


>> No.7863249



>> No.7863322

Risu rocks!

>> No.7863552

This song with heavy rain in the background creates such a comfy mood.

>> No.7863905

Is that a teaser? Please be a teaser!

>> No.7867191

Don't sleep just yet anons..

>> No.7868080

But no one came...

>> No.7868130

Oh no! Risu

>> No.7868472

do you rike it, anons? say nice things or +1 week

>> No.7868541

It's alright, I guess.

>> No.7869233

Fuck me I couldn’t wake up, how was the acapella?

>> No.7870306

I rike it. Camping in the rain was peak comfy.
Sorry, I fell asleep after the stream

>> No.7870341

>this image
What have you DONE!!!

>> No.7870422

meh. mediocre.

>> No.7870448

The idea to make this haunted me in my dream after listening to the C part. And now the image will haunt you.

>> No.7870832

Is she ogey?

>> No.7870866

Yeah just sleeping

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