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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7623492

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Elira LOVE!

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>> No.7629843

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

I want to strip her naked and see all her places with fish scale.

>> No.7629846

No wonder she sucks at games. That position is terrible

>> No.7629847

Tomatoes HATE

>> No.7629899

Is Elira NTRing Pomu like a dude in the military?

>> No.7629923

shhh Pomu might heard you

>> No.7629927

no NTR here im pomu and i allow it

>> No.7629944

What is this creature?

>> No.7629948

The Captain coochie was too tempting to resist....

>> No.7629950

Elira harem just keeps expanding

>> No.7629988

How shit Eliras story about Len is hilarious

>> No.7630057

hello what is the context of this image?

>> No.7630099

The Great Rosemi-sama's living conditions as described by the Great Rosemi-sama.

>> No.7630107

She described what her room looks like by drawing much shittier objects around the original picture of her on the mattress

>> No.7630204

>> No.7630266

The OP image was that image with the mattress and PC only
She edited it on stream to describe what else was in the room and the artist added them, result is OP image

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>> No.7630288

what a slut...

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>> No.7630384

"Y-you too"
How can someone stream to thousands of people and still be awkward on the phone? Pikamee asks her mom to talk to receptionists too.

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>> No.7630463

Do you guys think Pomu's crying right now cause she got cucked?

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>> No.7630480

Chat doesnt audibly talk back

>> No.7630515

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>> No.7630563

Around 1:21:15

>> No.7630594

i hate this schizo retard and i hate that they enable him

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>> No.7630643

Who the fuck is this? Another attention whore?

>> No.7630650

Have (You) done your archive reps? It's been a busy week!







>> No.7630663

Not your personal army you nigger

>caring about Petra

>> No.7630685

she has several characters

>> No.7630708

Just seems like someone who does some fan art for NijiEN and Nijisanji in general not sure why its being posted here? Funny interaction maybe?

>> No.7630730

Ok that was good, thanks anon.

>> No.7630785

>Half are chinks

>> No.7630809

Half? Try like 5/6
Sasuga NijiCN

>> No.7630841

Wdym anon that NijiEN is Virtual real all along

>> No.7630859

fucking art fags like these are just glorified simps who crave attention
just because you draw them doesnt mean youre friends with them

>> No.7630876

the way she says "nobodies surprised whatever"

>> No.7630940

And people say she's the most normie out of nijiEN, kek

>> No.7630944

NijiEU when? I can't watch them at 2am.

>> No.7630945

They're the ones giving the artist attention though? Just seems like getting jealous if you are going to be upset over that.

>> No.7630948

why you have to hurt Pomumama so?

>> No.7630967

Who is this literal who?

>> No.7630987

Mahjong soul kinda fun

>> No.7631026

Petra, please don't enable literal who schizos

>> No.7631034

Yes it does

>> No.7631040

dont you have IRYS to go watch, faggot?

>> No.7631057

They liked my comment, we're practically married now

>> No.7631058

probably one of those twitter fags who have been commenting in every vtuber tweet they see

>> No.7631070

NijiEN more like NijiESL! Seriously when are we going to get a proper British NijiEN...

>> No.7631080

chinks>mutts and SEAnigs

>> No.7631110

If they were chinks they would have a 3D already like Hoshimi got her own today

>> No.7631129

hopefully never, fuck br***sh "people"

>> No.7631144

My korean girlfriend Bora wrote a letter to the Apex EOP purple dragon, I hope the two of them will become good friends.


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>> No.7631158

Just accept the fate and boot up those vod anon, such is the way of being EUbro...

>> No.7631161

>NijiTEA branch

>> No.7631167

Petra love!

>> No.7631183

I wonder if Kani applied for wave 3

>> No.7631198

No It's literally 3/6

>> No.7631206

That's cute af.

>> No.7631265

nobody told me Pomu is a zhang

>> No.7631277


>> No.7631283

Pomu is Jewish Zhang, the more you know

>> No.7631303

>> No.7631309

its so cringey but hilarious at the same time

>> No.7631348

Jesas, Elira just can't catch a break. Maybe sand curse transfered from Pomu to her

>> No.7631355

t.schizo artfag

>> No.7631356


Pomu is the only non-chink since she is Jewish (and that's OK)

>> No.7631360

Anyone got the Kiara Pomu on hand, I'm making a collection.

>> No.7631367

Vods just doesn't feel the same as live.

>> No.7631372

You're retarded. Also go back.

>> No.7631386

please stop telling people this stuff elira

>> No.7631387

Thanks bro.

>> No.7631403

never, mane-san hates EU

>> No.7631426

Wave 4 for sure bro.

>> No.7631440

Doing my thread archive reps rn and kinda worried that no one did this stupid shit yet:

>> No.7631446

I want to eat all of Rosemi's eggs.

>> No.7631508

>Maybe sand curse transfered from Pomu to her

>> No.7631518

Brahsemi, am I gonna make it?

>> No.7631524

At that age I was a rabid Mikufag so I can relate.

>> No.7631536

Elira.. your waiting room.

>> No.7631541


>> No.7631542

We're all gonna make it, bro

>> No.7631546

Believe in your Bong cunny cat

>> No.7631561


>> No.7631593

I pray.

>> No.7631600

Nah we probably gonna get Niji EN males

>> No.7631601


>> No.7631615

Why does manager-san hate EU? Is it because of numbers or something else? Is the US the only viable market western for chuubas?

>> No.7631631

They're called europoors for a reason.

>> No.7631657

2 of them have dayjobs
2 of them are in school
2 of them have fucked up sleep schedules and don't wake up until the afternoon in burgerland
gomen europoors

>> No.7631668

Elira finally got to me. I give.

>> No.7631681

I think it's to do with EU population being primarily on twitch.

>> No.7631682

So no DS3 tonight?


>> No.7631689

I love Elira, Pomu, Finana, Selen, Rosemi and Petra!

>> No.7631695

Blame Canada, not Elira

>> No.7631699

Too all Europoorfag in this thread, vote with your wallet, SC more, buy all of the voice packs, take all of the custom voice packs, let them know you are rich and worthy to pander for. JUST DO IT! DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS

>> No.7631707

please, no bong chubas
I want a scottish one, maybe a fr*nch one, but not bri*ish

>> No.7631721

>not british

>> No.7631746

I unironically donate most to indo chuubas since they are the only ones that stream during EU hours

>> No.7631750

How will you describe the members?
Pomu: otaku boomer
Elira: sweaty anime protagonist
Finana: sweet horny little sister
Rosemi: walking disaster
Selen: gamer childhood friend
Petra: penguin

>> No.7631757

based unitybro

>> No.7631758

Outside of the fact that none of them live in NA, the only ones who gives money are NA and JP.

>> No.7631760

No one with a Job is staying up past 1am friend. I'm happy I can at least watch KR during awake hours.

>> No.7631769

>in my area
>there is an anon also suffering ISP problems and can't tell us about it

>> No.7631783

Elira is having a rough week again huh

>> No.7631789

petra has a cute face an an absolutely foul mouth

>> No.7631815


petra is riajuu who pretends to be nice but has a short fuse

>> No.7631817

I haven't watched enough of them to comment. I'm still enjoying Pomu's exploration of Doom. Pretty sweet to finally see the origins of the series.

>> No.7631818

The perfect combination

>> No.7631849

Has fish been on micra since selen built the obsydia house?

>> No.7631852

Elira is the love of my life

>> No.7631857


>> No.7631866

my wife Rosemi would be extremely happy

>> No.7631891

I wanted to watch Petra karaoke but she put it way too early for me...

>> No.7631894

She will be later today from what it seems on the schedule.

>> No.7631910


>> No.7631922

Come on now, we're not poor, we're just stingy. Also if they'd have something against poorfags they'd shut down those 50 philippine peso donation spam

>> No.7631939

Nope, she will tonight

>> No.7631947

Hello Mane-san

>> No.7631956


Fish gills.

>> No.7631983

You wouldn’t fuck you little sister, right anon?

>> No.7631997

Elira is the gorgeous girl who lives next door who teases you, and who you lust after. Selen is her bratty younger sister who always comes over to play with you, and who you slowly develop feelings for.

>> No.7632017

Pomu must have made another booty call.

>> No.7632021


finally more info on the random AMOGUS on the server lore hopefully

>> No.7632084

Sorry to hear that anon

>> No.7632090


>> No.7632098


>> No.7632109

My wife has great sense of humor!

>> No.7632116

Not much lore unfortunately, it was already kinda explained. Pomu made the big red one, and Bobon made the pink one in the tree, together after Selen's MC stream. Rosemi made one out of dirt on her MC stream as well.

>> No.7632122

Petra: my daughterwife

>> No.7632123

Elira is childhood friend that becomes a hot girl in highschool, but in private, she is a shy and clumsy fujogirl

>> No.7632139

So is pomu coming back this week or not her last tweet about another week of pain has me confused. Sorry if Im stupid.

>> No.7632174


>> No.7632188

I would. I want to finger her gills.

>> No.7632217

Pomu: rapes little girls
Elira: rapes little boys
Finana: friendly coomer
Rosemi: menhera in the making
Selen: friendly burned out gamer
Petra: normalfag looking for a kayfabe

>> No.7632234


>> No.7632235

This reminds me that Elira once said she really want to play amogus but back then there were only 3 EN girls and you needed at least 4 to make a lobby. Maybe they could have a whole EN collab now that there are 6 girls.

>> No.7632248


>> No.7632265

I found it kinda funny how zoomer fish is when she talked yesterday about how she seen all those different games on streams but never played them.

>> No.7632276

She probably expected the stitches to be removed yesterday, but the doctor said not yet, so she's having to bear with the stitches for a while longer. Don't think her comeback will be delayed (yet).

>> No.7632278

Is Obsydia allowed to collab outside of NijiEN? Does Nijisanji have any rules on that like the other guys does?

>> No.7632281

So far Pengu is the most Seiso in Niji EN

>> No.7632294

the fairy girl......

>> No.7632299

Yes, no

>> No.7632315

No collab restrictions. Petra has a collab with Cia next week.

>> No.7632316

well at least we can see fish have a mental breakdown over the obsydia house

>> No.7632318


>> No.7632327

Ooooohhhh, her... But she doesn't stream anymore!

>> No.7632328

Ah ok, Stitches aint even that bad.

>> No.7632340

Why is that dumb whore Miku there? Elira doesn't fuck girls. She fucks young boys.

>> No.7632344

Watching Vtubers play DaS is my soul reason for living. What am I supposed to do now.

>> No.7632364


>> No.7632383

she was supposed to be taking it easy after her surgery and instead she's been calling in to streams and getting all excited on discord with people and not taking her pain meds so she's probably just not taking recovery as well as she could be if she weren't so eager to get back on the horse

>> No.7632396


>> No.7632403

You mean Rosemi

>> No.7632416

>Not Len
One job

>> No.7632418

Watching this retard to pass the time.

>> No.7632436


>> No.7632437

>not taking her pain meds
This is a good thing though, if you can get around without pain meds you should.

>> No.7632458

yeah but it also means her pain's gonna be worse especially on top of everythign else i said

>> No.7632492


>> No.7632495

I don't watch all the others streams, but Petra isn't very seiso

>> No.7632503

Watch Finana.

>> No.7632523

When was the stream supposed to happen? It's a local service disruption, probably from a tree on a powerline or something. If the stream was like at 8pm there's still a good chance she could have service back before then.

>> No.7632542

She's pretty sweet compared to her mermaid counterpart

>> No.7632553

In 3 hours

>> No.7632561

if it's your sole reason then learn the proper Dark Souls abbreviation you mong

>> No.7632564

One hour after Finana stream.

>> No.7632583

I want Rosemi to collab with Lain just to see how good they mesh together

>> No.7632593

Watching Vtubers play GeImp is my soul raisin for living. What am I supposed to do now.

>> No.7632595

I love the un-seiso penguin!

>> No.7632599

It is DaS what are you on about.

>> No.7632602

will you watch Fish Micra and her breakdown when she sees Obsydia's ghetto whore house and giant Pomugus?

>> No.7632619

>has been creampied
lol no, even the Fish is more seiso

>> No.7632631

Yes, I'm waiting for it.

>> No.7632639

So we can lewd pengu cunny then?

>> No.7632641

it is DkS actually

>> No.7632656

She's probably fine then. This kind of downtime rarely lasts more than a few hours.

>> No.7632675

Then how Can you tell the difference between DaS and DeS? Checkmate.

>> No.7632679

Dork Souls.

>> No.7632692

Dekmon Souls...

>> No.7632699

If there was a europoor nijiEN, where would you want her to be from? Europe has a lot of shitty accents

>> No.7632729

French, Dutch or Scandinavian.

>> No.7632735

give me another french girl

>> No.7632736

Am I the only one actually upset that Selen made a really fucking awful house in Minecraft and the other girls are such big pushovers that they'd rather live in a fucking pile of shit than speak up and build something nice together?

>> No.7632753


>> No.7632761

I love Rosemi.
I love this cute dork.

>> No.7632772

Bro it's the block game. Where they live is irrelevant, and building is 90% of the gameplay so they'll build something else eventually anyways. Let the chuubas play with their cubes.

>> No.7632774


>> No.7632777

Its anime girls playing minecraft why you got complex emotions about it at all.

>> No.7632798

I want a british nijien

>> No.7632811

Probably. They'll just renovate/make a new one when they really want to. Right now the friendship buff is in effect.

>> No.7632827

I get the distinct feeling that Obsydia is much less interested in Minecraft than Lazulight so they were perfectly happy with Selen's creation. Rosemi could have added a real house to adjoin the "tree house", but didn't and just slapped another tree down instead.
We'll see if Petra ever streams Minecraft again.
No one even spends more than two seconds inside of a house anyways.

>> No.7632832

why are minecraft autists like this?

>> No.7632875

Finana and Rosemi are also lolicons. Probably bigger ones than Pomu.

>> No.7632891

Only Pomu gives a shit about Minecraft

>> No.7632906

Last night I came so hard to the idea of Selen belly bloating herself with a bunch of tea and hearing her stomach sloshing whenever she laughed super hard that it cured my erectile dysfunction and now I can get a boner again in this heat

>> No.7632911

>Finana and Rosemi are also lolicons
imagine the DMs they must send each other

>> No.7632917


>> No.7632926

Maybe if manager-san didn't bother Selen about playing the cube game, she wouldn't have made that house? You can hardly blame her.

>> No.7632947

Finana's tastes are so broad that you can't even call her a lolicon. She's just a coomer
Rosemi might be but I haven't heard her say anything in particular to give the same rapist vibes that Elira and Pomu have.

>> No.7632967


>> No.7632971

and Finana.
Elira only uses it for networking

>> No.7632991

I mean everybody starts with shitty dirt house on minecraft atleast selen has some taste

>> No.7633000

A lolicon that likes dressing as a loli. Imagine.

>> No.7633007


>> No.7633016

lmao get buttblasted nerd HAHAHAHA
t. selen

>> No.7633020


>> No.7633025

Maybe she likes to roleplay both sides

>> No.7633062

I wouldn't say that I'm upset, but after seeing the stream, I can definitely say then I won't be tuning in for Selen's next Minecraft stream for sure.
She's clearly not enjoying the game and tries a bit too hard to make the stream entertaining. Minecraft is just not a good match for her personality, I supposed.

>> No.7633068

Oh fuck off. A manager that lets their talent shoot themselves in the foot is a bad manager.

>> No.7633069

When are we getting big tits in NijiEN. Where's my cleavages..

>> No.7633071


>> No.7633079

Selen please marry me I promise I'll suck your nipples every day

>> No.7633085

Already have them newfag

>> No.7633087

NijiEN is for DFC ONLY (and elira.)

>> No.7633115

Only Rosemi will play MC anyway. She's just going to make a new house or landmark.

>> No.7633119

We already have Elira. What more do we need?

>> No.7633161

A very sweaty Elira Pendora gets up from her chair to remove her sweater during the middle of an endurance stream because there's no AC in her room and the heat is getting unbearable.

>> No.7633177

a male with buff tits to cover up the Sun

>> No.7633185


>> No.7633212

because you failed the audition

>> No.7633214

Fish is in hour and a half, contain yourself Pomu

>> No.7633222

Are you questioning Manager-san's judgement?

>> No.7633225

She literally does not need Minecraft to boost her, she already has Apex. Why would not play this shitty game be a shot in the foot?

>> No.7633238


>> No.7633269

Newfag here, what constitutes being seiso? Because if it's just acting cute I guess pengu counts but she also swears like a sailor, Selen is a toxic lizard but I don't think she has done anything even remotely lewd (besides talking about animal dicks on her drawing stream, but I wouldn't call that lewd), and Rosemi sometimes entertains her chat and is very vocal about her one fetish but I don't think she's done anything besides that (I haven't watched her ASMR stream tho, those things kinda bore me).

But yeah, I'll concede all of Lazulight are degenerates.

>> No.7633287


>not taking this as an adventage to do archive reps

>> No.7633311


>> No.7633333

Seiso is a shitty meme word that has invaded the vTuber fanbase (mostly on the Hololive front) that is used to project fantasies of being pure (no boyfriend, virgin, etc) and politely spoken (no swearing, dirty jokes, etc)

If I had to guess it came from the idolfag fandom. I don't like this word because it subtly stigmatizes the girls from being who they want to be on-stream.

>> No.7633341

If someone from NijiJP trolled as hard as Selen there would be a big shitstorm

>> No.7633360

do you think Selen will for the lack of a better word dethrone Elira from her NijiEn "leader" position or does she lack bigger vision for the group/would not be interested?

>> No.7633363


>> No.7633364

>I don't like this word because it subtly stigmatizes the girls from being who they want to be on-stream.

>> No.7633367

Seiso, just like its english counterpart "wholesome" means absolutely nothing at this point.

>> No.7633368

>Why is no one streaming early on a weekend

>> No.7633373

Elira's laugh makes me feel things. Like her Ojou laugh during omori is p great but this burst of laughter really made me UOOOOOHHHHHH


>> No.7633375 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7633376


>> No.7633381

Not Austria please

>> No.7633382

You say that, but it seems like EN zone is a clear no-aesthetic zone seeing all the random shit the server has been dumping all over the place.

>> No.7633393

Word. I also hate the word "clean" because it subtly stigmatises me for not ever taking a shower.

>> No.7633396

She's too cute and her laughs are really hypnotic..

>> No.7633399

Rosemi will be streaming in a bit!
please give her lots of love and attention today!

>> No.7633408

Newfag it's used a lot by Niji chuubas as well Hololive didn't invent the term

>> No.7633441

Kinda agreed.
But Rosemi is too much of a dork so expecting her to not go with the flow is asking too much desu.

>> No.7633464

elira streamed this morning my friend

>> No.7633497

i thought it was really funny and cute how rosemi acted legitimately impressed by it. it 100% fits her character to see a disaster like that and think "wow that's so good"

>> No.7633501

>>7633382 (me)
Fuck, I meant to reply to the minecraft autist >>7632736

>> No.7633552


>> No.7633563

move to the land of the free

>> No.7633626


>> No.7633687

Hey, non my fault my wife is so much better than everyone else in her wave.

>> No.7633734

I know it's dead hours but my oshi Vladimir Guerror Jr. just started streaming

>> No.7633787

these images remind me of the femwojak rooms that have an uncomfortable amount of detail in their rooms and some disgusting shit spread around

>> No.7633793

Elira is flat in all of the arts of her mama. Her live2D is like Anya. And her tits don't appear either way. I'm talking about Nue, Choco and other bitches with cleavage

>> No.7633817

except that Rosemi is a poorfag

>> No.7633838

She planned on returning on the 16th, but it's beginning to look like that'll be delayed.

>> No.7633868

I like this image

>> No.7633870

This picture always has sound whenever I see it, weird

>> No.7633898

She's not flat, they're hidden you dummy, do your artist reps

>> No.7633904

Makes me wonder how many anons here are named Brandon and lost it during the Terarria streams

>> No.7633931

Great number sequence.

>> No.7633955

i thought she was rich?
she mentioned traveling to europe in her past indie life

>> No.7633972

>Selen belly bloating herself with a bunch of tea and hearing her stomach sloshing whenever she laughed super hard
I never knew I had this fetish. Thanks, anon.

>> No.7633993

Petra is a brocon
also her genshin team is full of shota

>> No.7633996

you don't need to be rich to travel, anon. her family is partially euro.
that said her parents probably have good money but she's trying to be independent and her only source of her own income is a low paying internship rn.

>> No.7634002

Ah, in that case Nui/Rin!-tier EN girl never

>> No.7634029

Every Niji EN girl is great and deserves to succeed.

>> No.7634088

Agree, the EN girls really need to build something nicer/practical. Pomu's my oshi but her bridge is useless and ugly.

>> No.7634092

>> No.7634093

I can second that, sure.

>> No.7634108

My oshi should succeed and others should fail.

>> No.7634111


>> No.7634113

>her bridge is useless and ugly
It's not done yet though.

>> No.7634119


>> No.7634126

True, but my favorite deserves to succeed more.

>> No.7634142

she just moved into a new apartment, she's not "poor"

>> No.7634145

>deserves to succeed
Come on now, Anon. They are all great sure, but saying that they deserve to succeed for no actual reason encourages them to be a lazy bum, so I'd have to disagree on that point.

>> No.7634147

After much thought i've come to the conclusion Petra is for rape.

>> No.7634152

It's her date spot. The longer the bridge, the longer the date will be!

>> No.7634159

She's just adding rails. It should've been done in the nether. More efficient and doesn't ruin the sky view.

>> No.7634161

why isn't the bottom bikini strap visible behind the transparent thing
also why does the right forearm apear to be behind the thing, but the hand is clearly in front of it
also it should fold if it's not grabbed from the inside

>> No.7634179

I don't consider fanart retard. Her official artist only draw her with small boobs

>> No.7634186

Kinda problematic bro

>> No.7634192

her bridge is literally a skeleton of a concept right now

>> No.7634203


>> No.7634209

why didn't Rosemi just take her old bed with her?
and pretty much all her old furniture?

>> No.7634213

you're delusional or intentionally obtuse if you think they haven't worked hard to get here and are working hard to stay here

>> No.7634224

Wearing a sweater makes everyone flat.

>> No.7634248

Pomu's grunting is kinda funny

>> No.7634256

They also have to be careful if they decide to escape, because one wrong move will spell their doom!

>> No.7634258

What could she do to make it better? I can't think of anything.

>> No.7634277

Elira is too cute to suffer internet problems like this... I need to give this cute dragon a hug.

>> No.7634291

Make a functioning railroad on top for starters

>> No.7634293


>> No.7634294

She did, but her bf is using the bed. She's in an abusive relationship. but she enjoys it

>> No.7634299

If Elira doesn't play dark souls today I'm literally gonna kill myself

>> No.7634326


>> No.7634329

Hope you have that noose ready anon

>> No.7634341

That's rough, Anon. Hang in there, she might just stream if her ISP is nice.

>> No.7634375

Real sweaters don't come with boob pockets, that's just weird.

>> No.7634383

functional rails, fence the sides, build a pretty roof, add some vines, bottom is glass, add
lanterns and pit stops. Literally a sky railroad. Will she do it? Who knows. But it's a start.

>> No.7634393

When I say I want big tits, I want someone like Tomoe

>> No.7634402

>something unfunny happens
>selen laughs
>I laugh
every time

>> No.7634435

Nothing even has to happen. I just laugh when she laughs.

>> No.7634437

That don't make sense, boy. You live so you can see it. It's delayed, not cancelled.

>> No.7634439

Remember when ppl said that she's laughing because she's nervous...

>> No.7634471

paizuri in tomoe and cammy

>> No.7634513

I am convinced that her laugh is partly a tick, yes.

>> No.7634523

This is part of why I'm glad her LN2 stream came after Finana's. Her laughter will take all the fear away, which is fun in its own way.

>> No.7634729

I just need to say, I have the biggest hardon from watching Hana talk about all this lewd stuff in her member vods. Where the fuck do I find a girl this degenerate.

>> No.7634745


>> No.7634756

Pomu in Fish's chat detected

>> No.7634762

>actually upset
Selen did that specifically to piss off people like you.
Doesn't matter anyway, EN will probably have their own server in the future anyway. Pomu is tired of exploring areas that have already been explored by others.

>> No.7634787

>Pomu is tired of exploring areas that have already been explored by others.
Virgin pussy slayer arc confirmed

>> No.7634789

Does she post them after a certain amount of time or do you have to be a member

>> No.7634806

Not that Anon, but being a streamer and playing video games all day is not a hard job if that's what you are saying.
Don't know if I'm remembering things correctly but didn't Selen say it herself that she literally phoned it in at the last minute for the audition and still got the job?

>> No.7634840

When will we have Lazulight summer art?

>> No.7634841

You have to be a member but if you want a taste to see if it's worth it there's one out there to download yourself.

>> No.7634862

>EN will probably have their own server in the future anyway
based let the 3rd worlder vtubers squabble in that old world

>> No.7634879

She probably got in because of Apex

>> No.7634913

I want Pomu to do a pet review. Petra's was kind of lacking. Or at least a Minecraft house review

>> No.7634918


>> No.7634937

i wonder who almost got in but got mogged by Selen last minute

>> No.7634952

I want Pomu

>> No.7634955

please stop being horny before it's too late

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