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Behold the faces of Hololive

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>Faces of Hololive
>No Miko

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Pekora said she would quit Hololive if she were forced to collab with Miko again or appeared in the same promotional images

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Cover should've put her there. Elite Miko placed Hololive on the map with her nigger clip.

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Why is there gura but not risu?

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>face of hololive in Akibahara
>No cafe like Mikocafe
cope more

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Behold the faeces of hololive

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why didnt Korone show up?

>> No.7604735

Miko has a... Different role

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Faces of Hololive, indeed

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Go away nyanners

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that's a shark, retard

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You know, even as a chumbud I kind of wish Ina, mori, korone, noel, and/or Sora had made it on.

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They did, just not on that poster

>> No.7606648

I didn't mean Gura, or should I've put "landwhale" there to make it clearer?

>> No.7607281

There are no whales there. Are you retarded?

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blue women...

>> No.7607384

I take it you didn't see the latest Hologra?

>> No.7607694

>he doesnt know the Moona rrat

>> No.7607794

>blue background
>blue haired characters on front
>blue hololive logos
>blue date schedule
the contrast a bit off

>> No.7607895

Why doesn't Gura ever collab with Peko? This isn't the first thing they've shown them together in promo stuff.

>> No.7607949

gura hate japanese

>> No.7608040

ogey. discarded.

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Why wouldn't they put Gura, the single most successful chuuba in the company, on one of their major promotional advertisements? She's tremendously popular and Cover would be stupid to not put her front and center.

>> No.7608240

Probably because they couldn't talk to one another you stupid fuck?

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Hey you don't need to be mean to me.

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I kneel

>> No.7609815

>all blue-purple hair
Really makes you think.

>> No.7609836

Yes I do. How else will you learn?

>> No.7609879

Pretty sure Gura has once said they had something in the works after the Usaken Festival

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They want to play it smart and distance themselves from niggers. Everyone knows even saying the word brings them around. As much as I love Miko, I hate niggers, it's the right choice.

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Nice try nigger

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It's the 2 "biggest" JPs and a rep from NA and ID. Stop being a faggot.

>> No.7611756

>the 2 "biggest" JPs

>> No.7613816

Is Gura popular in Japan

>> No.7614039

She had her own personal convention, what do you think?

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This is the funniest thing to me.
Miko got a collab cafe like five minutes walk away.

>> No.7614636

like looking out of a jail cell window

>> No.7614651

How is this possible? Brapbeats told me Mori was the face of EN in JP and Gura was nobody, surely brapbois wouldn't lie to me?

>> No.7614691

the same kind that goes around spreading shit about how she's the best singer of both JP and EN?

>> No.7614691,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why leechinova moona is there? I mean if its becuz shes the biggest leech i get it

>> No.7617836

they know she doesn't care

>> No.7617996

>speaks broken japanese
>can be lewd
shes basically miko to the JPs

>> No.7620642

Not only that it's successful enough to have another one this year.

>> No.7620748

Seanig schizo maybe Miko danye has to come teach you a lesson.

>> No.7620777

God that thing is terrifying.

>> No.7620807

Imagine marrying a gremlin

>> No.7620872

literally management trying everything it can to keep a dead relationship together. Both have moved on, management should just let it die.

>> No.7621024

Ogey rrat

>> No.7621091

I don't know what Atré is but I assume they are collabing with a restaurant to do hololive themed food for a couple of weeks.

>> No.7621180

Moona was boosted by her association and has been humble about it, trying to focus on being her best. Meanwhile Miko completely leeched off it, forcing the narrative about them being best friends and then dropping her so hard after hitting a million that she refuses to even speak her name out of jealousy. Moona is the idea idol, Miko is a whore.
it's for the summer store. Cover has done a big advertising campaign in Akihabara about it and has a bunch of merch on sale for the occasion https://hololive-summerfes.com/

>> No.7621382

it's just the most popular chuubas of the three respective brands and the tard wrangler

>> No.7624890

More like the corporate face

>> No.7626808

Why are nips so cringe.
It's like the entire nation needs to have sex

>> No.7626965

it's not "like", they really need it

>> No.7627132

Is that a nip or just a weeb tourist? Picking Ame is peculiar.

>> No.7627229

>Why are nips so cringe
>Slightly brown and curvy hair
That looks more like a tourist or an expat

>> No.7627887

Imagine how surreal this has to be for Gura, going from relative obscurity, to in less than a year, having your face plastered 30 feet high on the side of a building in Akihabara.

>> No.7628008

unironically plausible

>> No.7628066

nips haven't curvy hair

>> No.7628072

>It's like the entire nation needs to have sex
Statistics don't lie. They desperately need it.

>> No.7628098

They can, depending on phenotype and such.
It's also ignoring that he could be doing it for fashion reasons.

>> No.7628134

>It's like the entire nation needs to have sex
japanese government was trying it for over a decade

>> No.7628394

is moona fat irl?

>> No.7628493

Which one?

>> No.7628533

They are all autistic, anon. Maybe except Fubuki.

>> No.7628638

The nips WORSHIP the white woman

>> No.7628694

If only their xenophobic nature doesn't filter too many people.

>> No.7628855

It has nothing to do with that. There's 300k brazilians in japan and a research by japan gov showed that until 2050 it may increase to 2m-4m.

>> No.7628884

why are there so many brazillians there
can they speak japanese ?

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>> No.7631470

There is no Korone there. Risu backed out.

>> No.7631470,1 [INTERNAL] 

moona boosted by leeching nothing more nothing less

>> No.7631470,2 [INTERNAL] 

Imagine being so pathetic you have to shitpost from an archive.

>> No.7631470,3 [INTERNAL] 

Imagine being so pathetic that you would call a fact shitposting from an archive

>> No.7631470,4 [INTERNAL] 

are you gonna kill yourself?

>> No.7631470,5 [INTERNAL] 

If you do it first maybe

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