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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7582954

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69 kek

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>> No.7590912

O, Rosemi! My Rosemi!

>> No.7590920

>10 dollar akasupa
why is this allowed?

>> No.7590935

I like Rosemi

>> No.7590938

Pomu... :(

>> No.7590941

Wosemi-sama, I have come

>> No.7590948

Feels like the first time in a while that a thread archived before 1500 during stream hours. I missed the calmer threads

>> No.7590959

funny number...

>> No.7590963

Is this really for that ARS currency?

>> No.7590968

Not sure if satire or not.

>> No.7590979

Rosmei where are you?!

>> No.7590988

1,000 Pesos wow. How do I specifically donate in pennies

>> No.7590990

Finana is about to stream which makes me very happy!

>> No.7590999

She doesn't find the number funny anon, she is commenting on the fact her audience thinks it's funny.

>> No.7591000

Pomu qt
Pomu love!

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>> No.7591024

I hope this makes it as one of her emotes when she gets membership.

>> No.7591041

Finana cute! I want to fuck her.

>> No.7591044

Damn some of these players will literally chase you across the map.

>> No.7591051

The better and original Rosemi. Or is it better to call the weed the worse Pomu? Semantics.

>> No.7591052

Does somebody have the image where all the Niji En girls are organized to represent each color of the rainbow?

>> No.7591062

>Selen 69s white stocks

>> No.7591070

That's sweaty NA lobbies for you

>> No.7591072

Will you say about it every time somebody posts this pic?

>> No.7591079

at ojisans...

>> No.7591081

what's the average time for a 100 kill apex stream? just ballpark it, is she slower?

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>> No.7591093

ahhka soooopa

>> No.7591095

She's making up excuses to fuck her boyfriend before stream. Probably gets off on risking getting caught and disappointing her gachikoi fans.

>> No.7591099

Pomudachi you better be doing your BISH reps like your oshi wanted

>> No.7591101

She's luring prey by acting retarded don't fall for that.

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>> No.7591108

Kek. An easy way to get everyone to drop where you're dropping is equip a dive trail.

>> No.7591123

Are you guys and gals ready for a wholesome stream from our favorite seiso mermaid?

>> No.7591125

She's a commissioned emote artist. She'll do her own cutesy emotes

>> No.7591140

Lemme know how Selen does dragoons it's wosemi time

>> No.7591141


>> No.7591143

It depends on the type of lobbies you are in, hers are the swetiest lobbies I've seen, and she still plays bangalore and not seer or octane who are good for solos.

>> No.7591150

My wife is starting. Please gather.

>> No.7591151

i hope she makes emotes for Rosemi too

>> No.7591175

which legend will be her last frag?

>> No.7591181


>> No.7591188

Fuwa has guests

>> No.7591190

Yes. But technically due to different factors, most chuubas are in asia, NA lobbies are more sweaty, new patch so everyone is fucking tryhard on getting used to changes, started early so not much casuals

>> No.7591192

>> No.7591201

the "It was not a coincidence" nigger

>> No.7591207

Wosemi time

>> No.7591221

A bald wraith at that im pretty hopeful

>> No.7591223

Emma rape!

>> No.7591231

It’s my first time saying it faggot

>> No.7591253

Hey buds, how's it growing?

>> No.7591265

Hey, buds. How's it growing?

>> No.7591298

The things I would do to this fairy...

>> No.7591300

shh its gaming time now..

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>> No.7591334

God, Rosemi's so cute.

>> No.7591342

Kino design. What's the source?

>> No.7591354

Elira running yet another joke into the ground.

>> No.7591367

>controller chad
u-uh whos going to tell her?

>> No.7591375

How does skill based matchmaking work in Apex? Is it based on kills, wins, or a combo of both?

>> No.7591387

>controller rose
can she BEAT FINANA now?

>> No.7591398

its EOMM i think

>> No.7591403

Dont bully him, that was his daily wage.

>> No.7591408

Selen, looting IS the game.
t. not fish

>> No.7591414

>> No.7591420

Finana's house is on fire let's go

>> No.7591423

big brosemi hands...

>> No.7591437

>Finana smells a bad smell

>It's Mama and Papa

>> No.7591439

probably its someone using a VPN to get the red thing without paying for it

>> No.7591443

There's no such thing as a coincidence. The fact that Seer will be the last legend she'll kill means Selen is energetically aligned with him.

>> No.7591450

>Finana Nekopara

>> No.7591451

worse, they dedicated proper science to it
search for "engagement based matchmaking" and you should find a paper from ucla on it

>> No.7591454

>finana is sweating
oh ye boye

>> No.7591461


>> No.7591463

I already told her that I love her, what about it?

>> No.7591481

She always sounds a bit different in her voice tweets. It sounds even sexier. I didn't think it was possible.

>> No.7591483

>this is really easy!
Rosemi's famous last words

>> No.7591507


>> No.7591521

Is Rosemi becoming too powerful?

>> No.7591526

She would be good on twitcasting I think, they always sound more intimate somehow. Maybe people use their phones usually or something.

>> No.7591534

On par with her jp voice. God. That moan on that stream.

>> No.7591539

>dash to trigger
noooooooooooo you should map it to a shoulder button instead aaaaa

>> No.7591551

this plant already possesses unlimited power.

>> No.7591557

I beat Cuphead with kb+m. AMA

>> No.7591562


>> No.7591570

Played for the first time earlier to prepare for Rosemi-sama suffering and did the same thing.

Seems like the most obvious choice.

>> No.7591574

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7591587

Music absolutely kills it.

>> No.7591588

>Everyone doing endurance streams lately
Even though they all get along, I wonder if these sorts of things are driven by a fear of losing audience.
Was Selen always planning to do these types of streams? What about Rosemi and Elira?

>> No.7591610

I beat it with KB+M as well, you're not special. Fuck my keyboard ghosting inputs though, pissed me off a lot.

>> No.7591618

Would you say she is cute today as well?

>> No.7591623

Selen's 100 kills endurance stream was something she'd already planned for after hitting 100k subs

>> No.7591629

Date with Finana.... Erotic...

>> No.7591635

I think Rosemi just wanted to do a longer stream because she doesn't need to work tomorrow.
Selen & elira usually stream for longer times.

>> No.7591639

Elira has been doing endurance streams since the start. Rosemi streams so far have been rather short so idk what you mean with her.

>> No.7591645

Watch Finana

>> No.7591657

It's Friday night. Perfect time if you want to do endurance stream.

>> No.7591659

A Rosemi "endurance" stream is like 2 hours unfortunately

>> No.7591660

no, sorry, I'm watching the rose instwad

>> No.7591662

Anon they arent even on one month. Just testing waters still

>> No.7591671

endurance streams more often than not are no different from usual day of full time streamer...

>> No.7591675

Check her current stream

>> No.7591683

Elira's always done long streams, her longest is nearly 12 hours of Hades

>> No.7591684

Luv me fairy
Luv me feesh
Luv me dragons
Luv me rose
Luv me penguin

Simple as

>> No.7591692

gomen, selen for me

>> No.7591699

>trouble reaching B button
W-What? How small are her hands?

>> No.7591701

Those arent labeled endurance streams. Just normal zatsudan-lite streams is normal for Elira

>> No.7591723

No sorry, waiting for Finana's porn watch along

>> No.7591744

Elira is not an endurance streamer! Yeah she streams for 11 hours but she's not an endurance streamer! She said herself it must be true!

>> No.7591746


>> No.7591747

Apex Date with Selen

>> No.7591748


Should be this, pinkwitchfriend!

>> No.7591750

imagine her hand on your hand

>> No.7591760

Rose is way better at this game than I expected

>> No.7591762

Rosemi comparing hand sizes with her flowerbuds

>> No.7591769

Selen read superchats for like 5 hours when they opened up. She has also played other games for longer than this. Will probably end up her longest stream at this point but endurance streams are not new to her despite her insistence she can't stream for too many hours.

>> No.7591795

Selen is at 79 kills so maybe another 1 to 1 1/2 hours left.

>> No.7591802

This fucking mention about "sleep calls on discord". Is this real? Do people do that?

>> No.7591807

Thorny bros... your oshi is losing to the easiest boss in the game

>> No.7591812

Goddamn Selen really is an autist that rambos everytime. If she just went rat she probably could easily gotten 100

>> No.7591814


>> No.7591833

Fish fags, defend this

>> No.7591839

not very unusual among long distant couples. I did it once. Can't say I ever want to do it again, though

>> No.7591842

She's being cute so all is forgiven.

>> No.7591848

she's not used to gaming with a controller so it doesn't count
she can probably beat goopy at tekken too

>> No.7591853

Potty mouthed rose

>> No.7591856

I used to dislike Rosemi, because I felt she was incredibly fake in her voice and her mannerisms.
But I've checked her out a few times since then and become charmed.
Either she really is this much of a ditz, or she is 100% committed to going all in on the kayfabe. Either way is hilarious.

>> No.7591857


>after a bunch of shit matches you'll be matched vs complete idiots so you won't rage uninstall the game

kind of fucked up

>> No.7591858

Some people do
I had a friend try to rope me into it once but I didn't see the point

>> No.7591859

holy fuck

>> No.7591872

God this would have been easy if the lobbies werent so goddamn tryhard

>> No.7591874

$300 for some shoes isn't much??

>> No.7591876

>she can probably beat goopy at tekken too

>> No.7591884


>> No.7591888

She's talked about buying stupid expensive shoes before, even tweeted about spending $300 on Genshin instead of on another pair.

>> No.7591905

this thread is a mystery to me. one day its insufferable with 200 ips and then next day its nice and comfy like right now.

>> No.7591913

Sorry for asking this but is $300 expensive? Like I know maybe on shoes but $300 come on.

>> No.7591920

When I started playing this for the first time earlier, I accidentally beat this boss on the first try and felt like vtubers have been memeing me for the past year.

>> No.7591925

These shoes retailed for like $150 when they came out, probably haven't been restocked in a while

>> No.7591927

Many games have hidden MMR in supposed "casual" modes anon. For the very reason you stated, to keep people playing.

>> No.7591931

Would you pay almost double of retail on afternarket for some shoes? Mind you, you can get the exact shoe without the japanese text for retail easily

>> No.7591938

Considering she says she hardly ever leaves the house, spending $300 on shoes seems like a waste.

>> No.7591957

$300 ain't shit for sneakers

>> No.7591968

Rich, buttery feesh

>> No.7591971

Look at the last thread

>> No.7591987


>> No.7591988

What shoe is worth 300 they're all made in factories for pennies.

>> No.7591990

it's because of [fanbase of the one I don't like] ruining the threads

>> No.7591992

>he's back
>screaming at all caps at Selen again as if he's relevant

>> No.7592003

the gweat wosemi sama just unleashed her mad gaming skills

>> No.7592006

Paying 300 after market for a shoe that retailed for 180 just seems stupid. It and even that special of a shoe, its just a specific coloring and added text on a mass produced shoe

>> No.7592020

"Sneakerheads" expect $800 to be the threshold of good collectables

>> No.7592021

Yeah fuck [fanbase I don't like]

>> No.7592025

Same but I have learned to just not question it and enjoy the confiness while it lasts.

>> No.7592032

Finana's sister is an even bigger zoomer than her.

>> No.7592037

holy autist

>> No.7592041

Oh, for all the new rosefriends:

>> No.7592058

Is he a known concernfag?

>> No.7592062

the gweat brosemi-bwana

>> No.7592064

Sneakerfags are some of the dumbest people I've ever encountered

>> No.7592067

Wtf. A holotourist saviorfagging?

>> No.7592070

>Imagine giving a fuck about some random in chat
Go outside, anon.

>> No.7592080


>> No.7592081

Rosemi FINALLY defeated something

>> No.7592083

okay that was a funny story fish but you're also a zoomer

>> No.7592107

it's just a rich person hobby like watches

>> No.7592108

Zoomer feesh complaining that younger sister is a zoomer. Oh the irony.

>> No.7592112

Isn't 4 bosses too few for an "endurance" stream?

>> No.7592119

>I'm an architect
Shut the fuck up. I know you're here.

>> No.7592123

Selen's slowly increasing toxicity...

>> No.7592134


>> No.7592139

i would rather not, especially considering what you just said. i came here for rosemi and was just pleasantly surprised how nice it is, currently at least.

>> No.7592148

as someone from early /jp/, don't try to understand it
just don't force yourself to be here if it's terrible

>> No.7592152

It's not even a superchat, are you stalking this guy or something?

>> No.7592169


>> No.7592192

Not for the great Wosemi-sama!!

>> No.7592197

>Is this Touhou now?
Touhou stream when?

>> No.7592198


>> No.7592203

Buying sneakers to put on a shelf and not wear them is one of the most retarded hobbies out there but I'd gladly drop around $200 on a pair of shoes I wear every day.

Shoes are one of those things you don't want to skimp out on

>> No.7592231

Finana has been in a roll lately all her stuff has been so fucking good. What the heck happened Ryuguards?

>> No.7592236

Only faggots dogwhistle, you dumb whore

>> No.7592237

im ok with it as a form of shitposting

>> No.7592259

Nothing, you just awakened to her.

>> No.7592265

With Touhou being on steam now, I really want to see Pomu and/or Rosemi-sama play it..

>> No.7592266

Like they say, pay premium for everything that keeps you off the ground (tires, bed, shoes, etc)

>> No.7592271

idk im a latecomer so I missed her early stuff but sometimes it just takes them a bit to find their stride and feel comfortable streaming. once they reach the point where they're used to having an audience everything starts to get better

>> No.7592272

gaining more confidence as a streamer

>> No.7592278

Pomu's already working on it

>> No.7592285

Her sister be POGGIN' though MonkaS

>> No.7592297

This fish is actually good, i guess im seamen now

>> No.7592301

She's getting better at streaming, like filling in dead space, finding things to say, engaging with the audience, etc.

>> No.7592305

God I hate touhou (the fanbase)

>> No.7592313


>> No.7592323


>> No.7592328

stop me

>> No.7592342

Don't worry, the game will stop you all by itself.

>> No.7592348

She stopped nerfing herself. She was super new to streaming.

>> No.7592349

you're better off just getting it through Origin

>> No.7592350

pomu hosting a hisoutensoku nijiwide tournament when?

>> No.7592351

>Playing apex in plain 2021
Cringe and bluepilled, anon.

>> No.7592352

do it become a rev main like me

>> No.7592357

You won't be able to play with cool vtubers. You'll be alone and miserable.

>> No.7592358

Console players

>> No.7592361

No it wont

t. hundreds of hours and i still suck ass but keep playing

>> No.7592365

Wait a week or so for the next patch. The game right now is completely broken due to the last update. You're gonna be filtered hard.

>> No.7592367


>> No.7592371

I'd say she finally found the kind of content she likes and her streaming style, so she's compeletly free to go full retard in her comfort zone.

>> No.7592375

You will never carry Selen to victory, unless you practice.

>> No.7592382

Do it fag, you won't

>> No.7592383

This would be too based.

>> No.7592386

Finana will be forced to experience Higurashi's VNs with Pomu!

>> No.7592390

>Finana was 5 years old when the first season of Higurashi aired

>> No.7592395

the new character can know your exact health and location, stun you, stop you from healing or reviving your teammates, and does damage through walls by pressing q

>> No.7592401

Selen sold me on a battle pass... fuck this stinky dragon and her long neck...

>> No.7592404

Watch this cute niji https://youtu.be/5v1NWf3dKhw

>> No.7592413

i wanna full nelson carry fuck this damn fish

>> No.7592416

Finana is the perfect mix of sweet and lewd, she's great.

>> No.7592423

Elira LOVE

>> No.7592440

I doubt fish watched anything else than the newest season.

>> No.7592442


>> No.7592445

remember you run faster with your gun put away

>> No.7592455

Does it even have an active fanbase nowadays?

>> No.7592462

>play Apex
>get salty
>watch Selen play
>laughing at everything, even her own mistakes
>try that myself
>laugh at my fuck ups
>laugh at my shit aim
>laugh at dumb shit in the game
>not getting mad or salty
>actually kinda having fun

>> No.7592469

10 hour Rosemi stream let’s gooooooo!

>> No.7592482

Rosemi forgot she can aim, didn't she?

>> No.7592484

Ever been to /jp/?

>> No.7592489

Don't let her get in your head!
Remember who you are, anon!

>> No.7592501

Once she got used to telling anecdotes and not hyperfocusing on the game she was playing at any given time she got a lot better.
But it's still funny to imagine that she was a Hololive finalist. She wouldn't fit in at all there.

>> No.7592509

add on:

>get 8 kills
>2.1k damage
>win the game

and thats me

>> No.7592516

Godspeed anon, you are ascending beyond this place

>> No.7592519

Aren't they just discussing touhou armpits? Does that really count?

>> No.7592529


>> No.7592530

Now apply that positive mindset to the rest of life :)

>> No.7592537

/jp/ was dead before the vtuber boom.

>> No.7592545

Stop it. You're implying that video games are fun.

>> No.7592546

rosemi cute

>> No.7592551

What went wrong?

>> No.7592552

This thread alone more than doubles the posts/min /jp/ had pre-vtubers.

>> No.7592575


>> No.7592581

Rosemi is such a dork. Fuck the game, just have a stream of her fucking around for 2 hours.

>> No.7592582

Getting a handjob from Brosemi....

>> No.7592583

is that really possible?

>> No.7592597

It's a shame Rosemi couldn't stream tonight but it was nice of Brosemi to sub in

>> No.7592602


>> No.7592604

I can't wait until her karaoke tonight.
I put on my headphones, close the thread, close the youtube chat, close my eyes, lay down on the couch and simply listen to this beautiful dragon sing.

>> No.7592607

>thinking that beating a jew is impressive

>> No.7592610

>> No.7592612


>> No.7592621

I’m becoming dirt...

>> No.7592623

>so that's a crematorium, what are they cooking in there HAHAHAHAHA ah yeah that's grandma but at least she smells nice now HAHAHAHAHAHA hope we're getting brazilian BBQ after that HAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.7592627

Anything is possible

>> No.7592644

your conception

>> No.7592661

>Starts singing Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)
This Rose is pretty cute

>> No.7592666

People just want new things.

>> No.7592668

I have an ~11 hour backlog of Elira's VODs to watch. Looks like my sweaty dragon queen went crazy on streaming after that internet disaster.
Are you jealous non-FamElira anons? Because you should be.

>> No.7592669


>> No.7592677

Damn she’s inclining hard. Last time I checked she was 11k behind pingu.

>> No.7592723


>> No.7592733

>Compelled to watch 200 hours of streaming content from Elira alone every week
I love Elira, but sometimes I wish anything about her would filter me...

>> No.7592763

>No no no~
>No no no~
This rose is too cute sometimes.

>> No.7592765

I love Elira Pendora!

>> No.7592766

No, I watched them all live and made her laugh a few times without even having to superchat.
I do envy you getting to experience the streams for the first time
See you at the karaoke

>> No.7592771

I can't tell if she's faking or she's game journalist tier

>> No.7592773

talk to me after Elira goes under the knife to turn herself into a cyborg and 2 months hiatus that would follow because she drank THAT tea and destroyed her body on cellular level.

>> No.7592777

flower vs flower

>> No.7592800

what's the canon lore for why both Elira and Selen wear overalls and globes on their left hands?

>> No.7592813

those fucking names

>> No.7592819

they're plumbers

>> No.7592830

>not watching Elira from the start
Never gonna make it.

>> No.7592836

>this boss is hard!
>doesn’t even hit the target

>> No.7592841

Dude dont insult rosemi with that. Atleast rosemi is playing. Game journalists would have just started one level and stopped after that to finish review

>> No.7592845

Anon, that is Selen's claw not a glove.

>> No.7592856

They're dragons.

>> No.7592857

New patch is broken, new character is broken and controller players have an aimbot

>> No.7592858

That's not a glove, that's just her cooming hand.

>> No.7592883

Finana going GFE right now.

>> No.7592892

The left side of their bodies is draconified, but Elira tries to hide it.

>> No.7592905

evil Finana arc when

>> No.7592911

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA don't make me gosling, fish

>> No.7592913


>> No.7592927


>> No.7592936

why does Elira try to hide it? is she afraid to show her dragon form to others?

>> No.7592947

Elira's a dragon tamer. She has those thick gloves similar to birds of prey trainers to protect from claws. Overall kinda fits. Selen on the other hand is a racer dragon halfbreed. She has the number tag thingy that you can see on marathon runners, her left hand is just chuuni being untransformed and is on dragon form

>> No.7592952

Aki is nice, the problem is people shittier than Aki with more subs.

>> No.7592953

it's fun

>> No.7592957

Rosemi is making some pretty erotic noises this stream.

>> No.7592969

what's the club for?

>> No.7592978

Was Wosemi a gaming journalist in past life?

>> No.7592983

Wait, are you implying this wasn't an impromptu joi asmr stream?

>> No.7592986

Feeding Rosemi my homemade protein shake!

>> No.7592991

when chat starts to get lippy

>> No.7592996

>All these Brosemi interludes
I love how dorky this Rose is

>> No.7592998

I want Selen to insult me and shittlak me in front of everyone watching her stream because aimbot controler player got me in CQC...

>> No.7592999

I'm having a hard time focusing on the gameplay because of the noises she's letting off.

>> No.7593003

Dragon tamer thingy. Like the ones on those falconry gloves.

>> No.7593006

Bashing your teeth in bloody wanker

>> No.7593007

i-is wosemi ngmi...?

>> No.7593013

Selen keeping 4k after so many hours is impressive.

>> No.7593019

She wouldn’t have cleared the tutorial if that were true.

>> No.7593020


>> No.7593026

fucking kek

>> No.7593028

she has 2 tails?

>> No.7593032

For beating up pikl when he doesnt behave. Tamers do that right?

>> No.7593034

isn't Elira also a Solar Sky Dragon herself? do her species not have claws? she's got the headwings likes Selen and even has the twin tail-like things

>> No.7593045

I can’t complain about rosemi’s play because I got stuck on the slot machine boss for like 20 minutes.

>> No.7593056


>> No.7593063

Any ideas what the fairy will do on her day back? Vr horror with salad?

>> No.7593064

Yeah, the human brain is really strong like that. You can apply the same thing with religion, philosophies, and etc.

>> No.7593066

>do you prefer if one person does all the work?

>> No.7593073

That's an ass wing anon. Weeb style wings. They flap when you crunch your ass

>> No.7593075

Finana is grooming her chat again.

>> No.7593085

Guys, come to Finana's stream to vote if you're a top or a bottom

>> No.7593086

>when you crunch your ass
when you what?

>> No.7593090

Wonder what % of finanas chat are virgins

>> No.7593103

150k for vr horror right? I forgot what she said last time

>> No.7593104

Finana doesn't like doing the work, you heard it here folks! She's a log in bed.

>> No.7593110

Finana is not a virgin. A man has put his penis inside her vagina and had sex

>> No.7593112

98 percent including her

>> No.7593125

Lewd Vtubers tend to bait underages in.

>> No.7593127

Hopefully not, don't want her to push herself on her day back. Plus the VR headset takes 8 weeks to ship.
Will probably be a talking stream or something low-power.

>> No.7593128

Gloves, Elira said before she wore one because of the whole dragon taming business (Like bird trainers) but that's something she said herself we really don't know if it's true or not.
Selen wears it's because she's half dragon/human.
Overalls no real meaning, Elira wears them because she's cute and /fa/ I dunno about Selen.

Honestly don't try to make too much sense to their lore because there's literally little to nothing and most of the recent stuff we learned it's stuff Selen or Elira randomly talked about.
Like the whole being half-sisters from the same mother, how does that even work?

>> No.7593154

Her VR kit won't come for like a month after her comeback, so definitely not that

>> No.7593158

Right: A mess of ideas that don't come together properly.
Left: Perfection.

>> No.7593161

mermaid starfishes
who'd a thunk

>> No.7593177

styrofoam drip

>> No.7593183

They're not literal sisters they're vtuber sisters because they share a designer.

Selen doesn't wear a glove, her right hand isn't fully shapeshifted.

>> No.7593184

Yes. Iirc she explained it somewhat on her earlier streams. A dragon who's a dragon tamer. Much like Selen being a dragon and also a dragon racer. Elira seems to be full dragon while Selen is half so Selen cant transform/hide some parts (explanation for the fangs always there too as opposed to elira)

>> No.7593189

Fish is a fucking corpse in bed

>> No.7593190

7 more kills!

>> No.7593192

Finana is doing it again, the absolute madwoman.

>> No.7593193

Finana wants you to push her down and have your way with her.

>> No.7593197

this fucking whore has had sex. not watching this cuck shit anymore

>> No.7593203

"I don't wanna do the work, almost close to not even agreeing with it, but if you're convincing enough to turn the mood, I might help do the work"
She actually wants to be molested

>> No.7593204

Dead fish...

>> No.7593216

Finana, please... Stop it. Please. I cannot take it.

>> No.7593224

>Fish casually telling chat how to get her turned on
Okay then.

>> No.7593225

Finana wants you to throw her around

>> No.7593233

She's a virgin who doesn't know shit beyond what she's seen in hentai.

>> No.7593243

Let's fucking go, Selen!

>> No.7593244

>They're not literal sisters
Anon, I think they are literal half-sisters in the lore. It goes beyond the sharing the same mama stuff.

>> No.7593253

Yeah it was me sorry

>> No.7593255

GM a DnD horror game.

>> No.7593258

They're vtuber sisters because they share a designer but also their lore is being literal sisters.

>> No.7593263


>> No.7593272

>Elira seems to be full dragon while Selen is half so Selen cant transform/hide some parts (explanation for the fangs always there too as opposed to elira)
makes sense, thanks anons

>> No.7593279

I cannot believe Finana wants me to do all the work with day to day chores. What an awful person.

>> No.7593283

What the fuck, am I missing out? I'm watching Selen here but I kinda wanna go to Finana's stream now.

>> No.7593286

Finana is starting to make me cringe with how openly she's been coming onto chat lately
Maybe she's extra horny this week because she's on her period or something

>> No.7593290

Finana is a near complete submissive, you're doing all the fucking work fellas.

I'm lazy so I get it.

>> No.7593294

The only difference from the two is that Selen actually has an "ember" while pikl is just visual. Hence why Selen talks about him a lot

>> No.7593299

Finana isn't a dead fish in bed, she just prefers someone to take the lead and be kind of forceful. If you shove your dick in her face she'll suck it. If you bark at her to spread her legs and say a dirty line she'll do it. And that turns her on.

>> No.7593311

Why do Rose and Fish insist on having the same timeslot every day?

>> No.7593323

that makes no sense they're not even the same species

>> No.7593332

Probably. I don't mind the flubbing of the Shmup sections since there seems to be an effort. The flower boss was atrocious since she shot the stem and face multiple times to know what damages the boss or not. Is she looking at chat more so than the game or does she just not play video games?

>> No.7593333

No u.

>> No.7593343

no laughing...

>> No.7593350

I prefer a power bottom over a dead fish

>> No.7593352

I wonder if Finana will crash eventually when she goes too far.

>> No.7593358

>He doesn't watch every stream that's on no matter how many overlap

>> No.7593363

Preview to the no laughing stream bois let’s see how long she lasts.

>> No.7593368

Do your Selen debut stream reps. Selen explained there about her relation to Elira based on lore

>> No.7593373

The way she talks it's so obvious she's a virgin lmao

>> No.7593388


>> No.7593389

rosemi works during the day and finana sleeps during the day

>> No.7593391

Thank god I masturbated before Finana stream.

>> No.7593401

It's not like they're targeting the same audience.

>> No.7593405

She sounds like she's trying to admit she's experienced without saying she's experienced.

>> No.7593406


>> No.7593408

Just Fish telling chat how to properly plow her into the ground, nothing too important.

>> No.7593408,1 [INTERNAL] 

Rosemi are you experiencing some pent up sexual frustration this day? Christ, I've never seen a girl moan while playing video games so much

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