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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@KosekiBijou
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kosekibijou

Next stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvALWU7ZLV8
Previous stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0ZndoA_U7A
Debut stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpAQib0T5v0

>Shorts/music/unarchived streams


>Intro/starter newpebble guide

Do not engage with diggers (trolls, doxxers, holo vs holo baiters). Hide, report and rock on.


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Biboo is in Japan! And she's back to streaming! And she'll also have cameos on Rissa's and Shiori's streams!
Next stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvALWU7ZLV8
No schedules for now.

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I want Fubuki, Koyori and Okayu to kidnap Biboo.

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It's been fifty years...

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Biboo should join the mc server but I feel she'll be too nervous around the jp senpai

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She came back...

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I just saw biboo's pre chat from when she put the frame up. She really was built for jp time kek

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And some anons were saying she wouldn't be able to wake up at 7am to stream...

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30 minutes until rock child wife

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post it here

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I thought biboo was already in Japan but she just got too japan where was she during the two weeks she subjected me to unironic cock and ball torture?

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Get in here.

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what is happening to her lol

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She's excited to be streaming again

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Doesn't sound like she got to JP literally yesterday or anything, just at some point after the others then was busy afterwards
They were mentioning previous nights and trips to the conbini and stuff

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Using new shoes when traveling is a rookie mistake

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does she sound sick?

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>Sissy Fish
??? Is she calling Pebbles femboys?

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diff mic and she's far away, kinda eepy but other than that nothing new

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it's me!

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in case we haven't already done this, this is the thread theme

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Nerissa and Biboo in Japan.

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fuck I should've checked the posts lmfao

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This might be the game that makes her rage.

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One must imagine sissypuss happy

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That fat, rotund, annoying, slippery pebble? You guessed it right, that's me.

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kek, rock brain

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We had the best case scenario, thank you universe

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Holy shit how does she have so many viewers? Is she finally inclining?

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>Stared at the controls screen like a dozen times
>"I'm reading it I'm reading it"
>Doesn't noticed the controls telling her how to turn the rock
I remember when people used to post things like "Biboo is at barely competent at games unlike other tubers since she can read the basic instructions and learn quickly, instead of complaining and getting stuck in the tutorial"...

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fuck off sapling

>> No.75895808

20k viewers watching a rock push another rock

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>replying to monkeys

>> No.75895859

Imagining biboo lost in the airport is hilarious kek

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This dork and MonHun

>> No.75895922

she got the DONGo

>> No.75895982

dork wife

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This rock... she's kinda...

>> No.75895998

Gonna need a soundpost later of her going How dare you doubt

>> No.75896010

Biboo need to get together with gura both these girls are so short they're mistaken as kids lol

>> No.75896035

is she streaming from the hotel room or from the studio?

>> No.75896047

>eating a lot more

>> No.75896070

Is she even looking at her screen?

>> No.75896086

it will all go straight to her bibooty

>> No.75896091

rock brain does not have basic processing to even play this while talking

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the sass

>> No.75896152

I love this cute dumbass

>> No.75896169

bratty rock

>> No.75896175

the JP members are going to love biboo

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I would genuinely have just preferred a plain zatsu over kusoge rageshit like this. I wish Bennett Foddy died of gay AIDS before he released his fucking shit game.

However, Biboo and Biboo noises cute, so I'm not unhappy

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A collab I want that will never happen

>> No.75896287

I struggle to think of anyone who hates Biboo. She is just lovable.

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>met koyori already

>> No.75896307

Mayodog acquired

>> No.75896308

>mayodog recommending mayo onigiris

>> No.75896333

>got mayo'd by Koyo
>met Festival
>met SODA

>> No.75896342

what was the last one?

>> No.75896355

On the flip side biboo talking is making this shit game entertaining even biboo is already filtered by it and said she should've played elden ring.

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It's owari Beebs was violated...

>> No.75896378

I think Matsuri

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Oh god, she met Matsuri. Unless Towa was there she probably got molested (hot)

>> No.75896401

Zatsu with random desperate screams? Sign me up

>> No.75896406

stinky sister

>> No.75896415

ok but did she meet any good senpais?

>> No.75896429

>Struggling to finish full sentences quickly while playing the game
>Struggling to even look at the screen and react to anything on it
Same tbdesu

>> No.75896448

Biboo IS cute.

>> No.75896455

Did you miss Soda?

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>> No.75896492

>>75896398 (me)
Oh I must've misheard her saying Sora somehow

>> No.75896499

>mayo dog is now bad
being a contrarian isn't cool, lil bro

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She met the only good senpai. Sora.

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>male collaber

>> No.75896560

Koyori, Matsuri, Sora, Bae, Hajime

>> No.75896584

she 100%'d HAZUSHI WA SHINAI one senpai at least

>> No.75896598

Is biboo still hiding from fubs. Fubs want to lick biboo nether regions.

>> No.75896617

She met both. Current senpai tally:

BONUS Banchou kouhai

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>> No.75896679

Is she going to actually live in Japan now?

>> No.75896680

something tells me that she's having sex with ririka the moment she meets her

>> No.75896694

And I will be watching.

>> No.75896691

That incredibly fat pebble Biboo is rolling up the mountain that won't listen to her orders?
Yeah, me.

>> No.75896701

no you fucking idiot

>> No.75896711

Go back catalog faggot.

>> No.75896719

Watch streams.

>> No.75896722

she will not be allowed to leave

>> No.75896737

Imagine banchou and biboo having a conversation...

>> No.75896738

Her senpai think she's cute and she's having cute interactions. Japan arc is awesome, easily worth a missed week of streams. I'm happy for her. Living the dream.

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>> No.75896787

go back to /reddit/ homolover

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Based and same

>> No.75896816

Who is this game for, do people with autism really find these games interesting? If biboo wasn't steaming I'd would've tuned out by now.

>> No.75896820

[Enjoyable news] Biboo gets to go out and enjoy stuff.

>> No.75896880

stop falling you fat fuck, every time your dumb ass does that it interrupts whatever she's saying for like the next 30 sec

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>> No.75896887

Actual literal gamer Biboo WON a crane game!

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I can understand most of what Hajime says but it feels like my brain is lagging. Everything registers like a second late.

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Rage games are garbage and nothing more than streaming bait.

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I'll fucking do it again

>> No.75896978

good fucking lord, Biboo please just yap and ignore this garbage game

>> No.75896992

She's the worst out of any Holo at this game so far...

>> No.75897007

>Who is this game for
Streamers and funny meme compilation clips. It's not a game anyone would just randomly pick up and play unless they have an audience.

>> No.75897011

Biboo so cute

>> No.75897016

Considering is beebs she probably spent like 20,000 yen before winning something from the jp gacha rng lol. Anyways I hope she comes back she does a cam stream showing us all of her gacha spoils like ame did.

>> No.75897023

Ye olde Biboo charm.

>> No.75897029

>a professional sponsored collab means she’s a regular male collaber now

>> No.75897077

>nearly all of chat saying "both" when asked if here for the game or the chat
/v/iggers deserve rape.

>> No.75897078

>are you here to watch me roll a pebble or are you here to listen to my adventures?
There's your answer, faggots. Now get out.

>> No.75897084

Beebs doesn't rage..

>> No.75897095

Man, on one hand, being able to cute-eyes everyone is a super power. On the other hand, I can only imagine it must suck to look like a kid all the time.

>> No.75897120

>I'll focus and be completely silent

>> No.75897132

one must imagine pebbles happy.

>> No.75897144

Stop replying to the shitposter

>> No.75897152

most pebbles don't actually like Biboo

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Said figure by Mo-mama

>> No.75897164

Get out /vt/ biboo

>> No.75897180

It got the mo-mama eyes

>> No.75897184

Man, that's super pretty. Great work, Mo-mama.

>> No.75897204

So which senpai took her to a host club?

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>> No.75897214


>> No.75897213

eyy, I'm rollin' ova heeere

>> No.75897243

I can't imagine even /v/ wants this, that's just people wanting le funny streamer rage clips

>> No.75897264

Koyo took her to a hostess club. All the hostesses were actually HoloX and she just didn't realize it.

>> No.75897296

She's so cute it's unbelievable....

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File: 144 KB, 1920x1080, 1712026791112109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's like a child.

>> No.75897315

uooooooh lap and biboo at the same time dude

>> No.75897328

>sat next to a nice ojisan who makes frequent Japan trips
Literally me.

>> No.75897329

Seeing her being a hyper happy dork nerd is the fucking best. I am happy vicariously.

>> No.75897351

That oji-san? Yep, me.

>> No.75897364

one lucky ojisan

>> No.75897376

i will pass away

>> No.75897387

They had sex...

>> No.75897404

Her and I, yes.

>> No.75897414

>ojisan gave her his banana

>> No.75897423

That banana? Me.

>> No.75897431

The "Hologirl first time in Japan" experience.

>> No.75897430

that banana? my dick

>> No.75897455

>treating her like an actual child

>> No.75897456

that ojisan is literally me btw

>> No.75897462

that banana? a banana

>> No.75897469

I'd give her my banana too

>> No.75897482

Sorry pebbles, it was me giving biboo my banana on the flight.

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>> No.75897552

Imagine getting into a crammed traincar with Biboo and her tiny body is forced up against you

>> No.75897554

Sure but Biboo is like a bouncing puppy trying to pick up a huge stick. It's fucking adorable and you can't help but want that for her.

>> No.75897558

Big imposing giant Nerissa protecting biboo

>> No.75897582

I need more of this

>> No.75897599

biboo is a child

>> No.75897609

Furea given the banana by Inner...

>> No.75897625

Yeah, mine.

>> No.75897634


>> No.75897637

out of 10!

>> No.75897641


>> No.75897647

And my wife
Thank you for fathering my wife

>> No.75897674

how tall is she again

>> No.75897719

yeah, zatsu would've been better

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File: 251 KB, 707x1149, strawberry milk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.75897743


>> No.75897752


>> No.75897751

that's my blended LoveIt remains

>> No.75897757

yap cares nothing for your designs

>> No.75897762

That "strawberry milk"? My crushed up body.

>> No.75897776

Biboo drink some milk

>> No.75897801


>> No.75897809

Biboo and gura are around 4'2-4'5 both get mistaken as kid in western airports

>> No.75897818

And we go again!

>> No.75897832

I'm genuinely fucking tired of this game already. I just wanna hear my excited daughterwife yap about her Japan trip.

>> No.75897859

One must imagine Biboo happy.

>> No.75897968

>my height
idk if this makes her less or more fuckable to me buy its nerissa so i think i know my answer
jesus fucking christ

>> No.75897972

That Pebble? Me (I am making her stream longer)

>> No.75897971

Biboo is calling out to me.

>> No.75897979

Why are (you) like this, pebble?

>> No.75897993

>just woke up
>She starts over
She loves me most.b

>> No.75898004

Then send her a superchat to steer the conversation about her trip to japan? Most of us dislike the game too but we're just happy to finally hear from beebs to give a fuck about the game.

>> No.75898065

uooooooooooooh tiny rock

>> No.75898082


>> No.75898097

I hope she streams in JST time so I can watch her all day without staying up late

>> No.75898138

watch streams

>> No.75898143


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File: 988 KB, 612x584, 7yo[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fig4jp1.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. She's precocious for her age.

>> No.75898206

She won't she said last night she will continue streaming on her time slot. Take your bait somewhere else

>> No.75898321

Damn that bitch is huge

>> No.75898347

>tfw Rissa is 3cm taller than me

>> No.75898369

sorry schizo-sama
I am gomenasai to have triggered your autism
Please overdose on your meds and continue watching the stream

>> No.75898383

she's making me excited for my own Japan trip coming up. I've been there many times but i'm always discovering something new

>> No.75898416

Hakosu Baelzu is tsundere.

>> No.75898423

>tiny like a child
>brain like a child
age is just a number after all

>> No.75898437


>> No.75898451

Biboo has the most contagious enthusiasm of all time

>> No.75898489

>Someone said what Biboo was doing wasn't gonna work
>She gets it to work like 5 seconds later
I wish I could get a knee status on that fucker

>> No.75898500

How would you react if you saw Biboo on a train in Japan?

>> No.75898536

I would ask her to step on me. My real endgame is getting her to berate me, though.

>> No.75898551

Bae will take her to do some yabai stuff guaranteed...

>> No.75898578

Nonstop intense rough non interaction until the train stops because I would be getting off for my stop by then.

>> No.75898577


>> No.75898648

>are you lost little girl
>do you need me to show you where to go

>> No.75898656

She's so upset at me for rolling down the hill.
I'm sorry biboo.

>> No.75898692

I'd take a picture because talking rocks are really rare

>> No.75898708

why does she always stop yapping completely when she drops the ball while yapping
that's like a minute of chasing the ball where you don't have to pay attention at all

>> No.75898749

Woman moment

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File: 453 KB, 720x720, 1702260261913614.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are tagos in this thread

>> No.75898797

My chuuni gaming daughterwife rock

>> No.75898833

I'm tired dang it

>> No.75898838

Autism biboo is easily distracted. Do you watch streams? If you did then you would know.

>> No.75898889

>touching grass

>> No.75898916

you want a knee grow?

>> No.75898919

OK shitstirrer same for you enjoy the stream and stfu

>> No.75898933

but why less distracted when pushing rock than with no rock

>> No.75898996

Biboo is dork

>> No.75899001

>only 9 days
>missed us this much
she's so cute and needy

>> No.75899034

okay yeah im harder than usual

>> No.75899037

Biboo in pain!

>> No.75899041

I can save her...

>> No.75899052

Ahh yes, the arm dream.

>> No.75899109

>1.6m in one hour

>> No.75899137

vergil sawing off her arm

>> No.75899166

I can attest to that, I was the saw.

>> No.75899254

>Biboo wants the Devil Bringer so hard she wills it to happen in her dream

>> No.75899265

years of being an armchair psychologist tells me that her dream meant that she missed us a lot.

>> No.75899267
File: 3.13 MB, 1920x1080, fwmc biboo ryona[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fcgu87q.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do not ryona the cunny

>> No.75899456

They're just like me frfr

>> No.75899462

This made me think of the
>he ordered pickles
Just with nerissa saying something in Japanese and biboos head barely poking over the counter.

>> No.75899507

the JP girls pic of McDs looked the same to me

>> No.75899504


>> No.75899579

Slop is universal

>> No.75899582


>> No.75899637

Viewer and streamer often reflect one another

>> No.75899649


>> No.75899654

It tastes different and they've got better options IMO. Their chicken sandwiches are so good. Fries are ok and their desserts are pretty bland. They've got chicken you put in a bag of spices and you shake it to coat the chicken. Biboo would love that.

>> No.75899722

I really like this custom >we have in /gem/ where we'll never stop grudgeposting silly stuff

>> No.75899729

Ah, I've missed hearing her bweh...

>> No.75899763

Matsuri will unironically molest her. She shouldn't be allowed around Biboo.

>> No.75899770
File: 197 KB, 591x486, 1715619069508990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.75899771
File: 116 KB, 952x591, 1703658300827157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We /deadweight/ now?

>> No.75899912
File: 815 KB, 800x1380, toe-pebble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yup that's me.. You're probably wondering how I got here and well.. it all started when..

>> No.75899917

But what will Koyori do?

>> No.75900035

>Biboo's gonna take a shower then go into Shiori's room wet and wearing a towel

>> No.75900047

ironically molest biboo

>> No.75900062

I will smell her

>> No.75900064
File: 572 KB, 1357x301, koyo cute and sexy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last we heard, will play dress up and put her in see-through lingerie >>75896527, apparently on top of bullying her as described

>> No.75900147

Which one is what Nerissa did?

>> No.75900149

>chat doesn't watch streams
Imagine my shock.

>> No.75900194

It's a joke you nerd

>> No.75900206

Biboo's cold hard symmetrical nipples

>> No.75900208

uh oh stinky

>> No.75900239

Based hag knowing what we want.

>> No.75900283

Cute. Biboo love, Advent love.

>> No.75900295

this little brat enjoys being spoiled

>> No.75900328

She's literally a child

>> No.75900378


>> No.75900483
File: 2.09 MB, 1841x1039, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.75900634


>> No.75900657

I've never been more grateful for Nerissa and Shiori than I am right now hearing how much they do for Biboo

>> No.75900685

JP Makku's has shrimp burgers
Instant 10/10

>> No.75900693

Biboo has to shop in the child section

>> No.75900731


>> No.75900768

too bad she can't show us

>> No.75900778


>> No.75900790


>> No.75900818

Advent are collectively my oshi, Biboo is just my kamioshi

>> No.75900861

They have great synergy and they're good as solo too, it's understandable

>> No.75900909


>> No.75900940

Biboo cursed...

>> No.75900996

she's so cute

>> No.75901050

what did she think kuso meant

>> No.75901088

something like dang it

>> No.75901089

A type of soup

>> No.75901131

it's actually amazing how innocent she still is

>> No.75901172
File: 185 KB, 581x642, F2HwLM2aAAAaGlm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For Lamy it's the Chicken Tatsuta.

>> No.75901197

sheltered rock

>> No.75901237

I suppose most profanity is indeed used interchangeably with "dang it"

>> No.75901257

That burger looks like it has a tumor. I want to try it though

>> No.75901299

For me it would be their samurai macs or bai supachiki

>> No.75901306

This may not be the best game to play while reading chat to learn JP phrases biboo.

>> No.75901318

In before biboo take over shiori remote to dust some hollow knight rust because she still wants to do the pantheon stuff lol.

>> No.75901435

Broseki I kneel

>> No.75901480


>> No.75901502

sheltered rock

>> No.75901506


>> No.75901543


>> No.75901564

She suddenly bought:
>2 PCs
>C2R1 Furina
>E?? Archeron
>C?? Arlecchino
Of course bank-kun would get sus. Bank hate though.

>> No.75901608

To be fair it's not something most people would think about until after the fact. After it happens once you'd understand why and wouldn't forget.

>> No.75901612

>locked doors
Friend will find a way.

>> No.75901644

For me it's the tsukimi burger. Shame it's only around for like a month or two. They also used to have these really great sweet potato shakes.

>> No.75901656

Everything is cheap in Japan right now due to their financial crisis.

>> No.75901657


>> No.75901663

superior japanese pants folded 1000 times

>> No.75901700

Everything on that list was before her trip to Japan.

>> No.75901784

>Broseki wants japanese vending machine pants
He's just like me...

>> No.75901820

>biboo in leggings
The image lives rent free in my mind and I love it.

>> No.75901849

one of the few things she has more of an excuse on, possible for people to get old as beep and never bother traveling internationally
with that said I'm more surprised mane-chan/Cover or her mom constantly calling to nag about diet and stuff didn't warn her about the most basic pitfall

>> No.75901859

Should a child really be this sexy?

>> No.75901877

skirts are cute, i wish more american women wore them

>> No.75901880

Oh okay apologies, beebs rolling on money. I hope she doesn't splurge much and save some.

>> No.75901885

long skirt Biboo
her skirt fluttering in the wind

>> No.75901951
File: 852 KB, 1700x2200, 1713081538196938.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.75901959

Get out and go to your nearest church you'll find plenty of women wearing skirts.

>> No.75901967

Same bro.

>> No.75902004

Don't worry about it pebbro.
She has a good head on her shoulders, she just wanted to go crazy on gacha since she never had the opportunity to do so before. She's very silly, but she's also a smart girl.

>> No.75902039

>sundress biboo

>> No.75902049

Just so you know, she didn't actually buy a sword or PC yet. The PC she attempted to but unclear if it arrived.

>> No.75902053

you think i'll find *hot* christian women who are cool with anime???
"hot" is looser than you think

>> No.75902060

I telling my gf they were hot since it was "easy access" and she started wearing them a lot more.
Was hot.

>> No.75902132

sounds awesome, i hope you two stick together

>> No.75902140

>my gf
get out

>> No.75902199


>> No.75902215

I actually really wished the girls were allowed to threaten us, like "I'll kill you"
because I think it would be really fucking funny

>> No.75902217

My gf? Biboo.
These damn shadow the hedgehog shorts keep getting in the way...
>the shadow the hedgehog shorts STAY ON

>> No.75902253

I wish Ina was in Japan right now; she was a great babysitter for Gura

>> No.75902307

>because I think it would be really fucking funny
Haha yah wouldn't that be funny lol
Sure pebble..

>> No.75902311

>I will never change my stream time

>> No.75902324

put a little hole where shadow's mouth is

>> No.75902355

I really hope she gets to meet Miko and Korosan

>> No.75902376

I know it sounds like it gets me off but I'm being genuine here.
Having your life threatened out of left field is really funny

>> No.75902448


>> No.75902508


>> No.75902541

>is it really that bad
I'm surprised she doesn't know natto by it's reputation.

>> No.75902572

Biboo is sucking surprisingly hard at this game. Is she like, doing a hard mode route or something?

>> No.75902591

What do you have against Mr. Hunt?

>> No.75902624

>people compare it to coffee kinda
she might actually like it kek

>> No.75902627

motherbeeper can't stand properly, baka

>> No.75902638

Chat debuf.

>> No.75902673

I hate this music.
She's barely paying attention to the game and reading chat. She isn't planning her path at all.

>> No.75902705

>I'm too busy yappin
There you have it.
>I hate this music.
It's comfy though

>> No.75902712

She's using only around 30% of her attention for the game

>> No.75902787

even if she didn't regularly mention that she wasn't paying attention it should be obvious from how she moves as if she isn't looking at the screen half the time

>> No.75902799

>It's comfy though
It got old an hour ago.

>> No.75902823

The tase itself is not that bad tbdesu. It's the texture that's bad, it's gross at first

>> No.75902848

This is your brain on zoomies.

>> No.75902957

>trying to stop it from behind instead of getting ahead of it
kek this dumb rock.

>> No.75903007

>Biboo is sucking surprisingly hard

>> No.75903032

Anon I'm 37 and I listen to mostly instrumentals. Doesn't mean I can stomach this melancholy track for hours on end.

>> No.75903056

She's unbelievably cute.

>> No.75903140

I don't think it's zoomies, this music is a bit brainrotting.

>> No.75903144

I'm 28 and I listen to instrumentals too and I feel fine with this one. Mostly because it reminds me of the meme, which I like

>> No.75903236

yeah me

>> No.75903256

she jumped in front of it like 5 seconds later
5 bazillion umaibo ping please understand

>> No.75903314


>> No.75903427

I'm not one to doubt BUT

>> No.75903510
File: 993 KB, 3292x1732, biboo instant loss 2 dk2kgr18 ero massage ok eop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dekinai-ass doujin premise

>> No.75903624

lmao I forgot about that

>> No.75903636

my ex wore sundresses a lot, those were fun times
would love to see Biboo in sundresses

>> No.75903721


>> No.75903808

I see a JP bro TLing, nice.

>> No.75903927
File: 93 KB, 482x581, look.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

great timing, fauna

>> No.75903970

this is green whore's fault

>> No.75904001

Damn I wanted it to go lower
I want to hear her talk about her trip not repeat random japanese words

>> No.75904075

I don't think there is much else to say yet
not like she can talk about her dancing etc...

>> No.75904492

She just arrived in Japan and can't talk about aything related to her 3D yet, so we need to wait more for her be able to talk about meeting the JP girls and the recordings

>> No.75904511


>> No.75904549

unironically probably would've had more leeway to get distracted playing ER like she joked

>> No.75904563

the forbidden question, wa(は)or ga

>> No.75904570


>> No.75904631


>> No.75904720

Holy fuck these are peak biboo noises

>> No.75904733

that ascended me to another realm

>> No.75904760


>> No.75904804

And it's not even October yet! What a deal!

>> No.75904823


>> No.75904868
File: 29 KB, 1196x821, which one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love when they use the moai emoji lol

>> No.75904891

you could still get DMCA'd for it Biboo

>> No.75904918

i wonder when bibo will accidentally call her mommy unironically. it's only a matter of time surely.

>> No.75905028

huge "accidentally calling your teacher 'mom'" vibes

>> No.75905117


>> No.75905149


>> No.75905197

Rebellion is genuinely the best Holo group song and it isn't even close

>> No.75905327


>> No.75905334

...Why wouldn't you just use the convenient central gutter there, Biboo?

>> No.75905408

One must imagine Sisyphus paying his taxes

>> No.75905432

Back to the start

>> No.75905448

>Biboo "trolls" chat with Biboo Tax
>gets taxed all the way back to start

>> No.75905454
File: 3.53 MB, 1280x720, sticking out your gyatt 4 nerizzler 2[sound=files.catbox.moe%2f5s2qy9.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.75905493

I can't imagine playing this game if you're not making money from it

>> No.75905522

I want to use Biboo's convenient central gutter.

>> No.75905525

I can, I like suffering

>> No.75905526

for the same reason she blindly W+M1'd into the dead end and sat there on top of the other ramp for like 5 sec until it launched her

>> No.75905530

this is true of all rage games

>> No.75905576

>blindly W+M1'd
Biboo really would be a Pyro main.

>> No.75905595

Let me guess, you like RPGs or story games where your character gets stronger right?

>> No.75905596

I felt like the central gutter would bring you directly into one launcher

>> No.75905626

getting over it actually seems kinda fun, the gravity,control scheme and concept is unique

>> No.75905633

I don't play videogames

>> No.75905634

she's giving us previews of the songs she will be singing

>> No.75905644

I like the pac man.

>> No.75905663

Guys, I really missed Biboo while she was gone.

>> No.75905666
File: 1.05 MB, 2048x2048, 1705733038140482.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do some people not?

>> No.75905671

>gets reset back to start singing and wading into an obvious hazard
>"singing makes me better and helps me focus"
a dubious claim, certainly

>> No.75905706

video games are for losers

>> No.75905720

Indeed, I have my doubts. Many doubts, for her proofs are nonexistent.

>> No.75905735

New bread:

>> No.75905754

Oh wait this game is supposed to be hell punishment or something?

>> No.75905788

ever heard about sisyphus?