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How many giftcards you think they made with today's spam, it's already losing steam since it's a turbo nothing burger, will it be enough to pay for their pagpag this week?

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t. giftcard haver

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I just woke up. What did I miss?

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I got 3

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Kronii told clipniggers to fuck off and how they are not part of her community
Sister try to peddle it is a bad thing and have been shitting the catalog about it for more than 12 hours now

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Oh, that. Seems like something the out-group would get pissed over, yeah. Good on her though, wish more chuubas did this.

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She said nothing like that.
She told subway spamming fags to fuck off though.

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>She told subway spamming fags to fuck off though.
all of which are clip watchers. Anyone who's watched a Kronii stream in the past year and a half knows she doesnt like the meme

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Kronii should have been in niji the way she periodically culls her audience of anyone except absolute trannies. I was actually starting to like her too until she started to blow up about this stuff for no reason.

And I know she’ll pivot again once the merch sales drop.