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That you will never be white

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this nigga uses bing lol

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why not duckduckgo

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Tong Sheng Kekekekeke zerg rush

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Seal cute!

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CCP member here.
They are the literal translation of Nene's and Coco's names. Tao Liny Yinyin and Tong Sheng Keke are just how you pronounce Momosuzu Nene and Kiryu Coco in mandarin.

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Kanji are Chinese characters. Machine translation (including google) will interpret something as Chinese unless there are kana (the thing that is unique to Japanese). Some Holomems names are spelled with kanji for stylistic reasons but most use kana.

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I wouldn’t say bing is good but it is FAR better than the current google.
I you are still using google then you are the retard. Use anything but google.

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Reminder that originally Nene's official lore had her originating from the planet "TaoTao"

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Thank god for the retcon, desu. The original design was cute but the new one is more sex

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I miss her "aru aru."

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They both suck. I have to flip-flop between the two because some searches get flooded with AI garbage and ads.

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not only does he use bing but he uses a bing translator
you cant sink any lower

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what could've been if china is not a communist larper shithole

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>Some text has been translated by machine
Bing is not very good, please understand

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this is true