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Veibae and were on BBC news, and Mousey just raised 100,000 dollars for Charity. Are we underestimating Vshojo?

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Vei and Froot

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Getting on BBC news isn't special. For any yanks/foreigners the bar is ridiculously low, we even have janitors on sometimes.

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Not really, we just never acknowledge their existence in the first place.

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they're both brits

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I know, hence the nothing special. They've had on youtubers and tiktok brits with less than a quarter mil subs, it's not a big ask.

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i was on the bbc when i was in primary school, its really nothing special

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They're as big as Hololive except they conquer twitch instead of youtube. Twitch vtubers need to be whores to succeed while the opposite is required for a vtuber to succed on youtube.

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Getting on BBC news isn't something noteworthy, but I amit that I have a lot of respect for Ironmouse. 100,000 $ is a crazy amount of money.

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>have janitors on sometimes
Wasn't it a guy for interview on technician position?

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this is massive cope

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if only mousey could raise money to hire a different artist

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>BBC News
You might aswell go suck black cocks you and your whores

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Tell me how you only watched 3 out of context Vshojo clips on youtube without directly saying it

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you should realize by now that only /vt/ holobronies have anything against Vshojo

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>>BBC News
>You might aswell go suck black cocks you and your whores

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western whore

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they're basically kpop stans at this point

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How much did ame raise?

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Mousey is a better singer than literally all of hololive, you need to stop coping.

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Stop falseflagging retard.
She's good, but only schizos deal in absolutes.

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>Mousey is a better singer than literally all of hololive, you need to stop coping.

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I knew Vei was made for BBC

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Better than Moona? Surely you jest.

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He meant for the knowledge of any yanks/foreigners, not that getting on BBC was easy if you're a yank/foreigner

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holos have been mentioned on Spanish national tv, though you dont hear about it because anglos live in a bubble

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>raised 100,000 dollars for Charity
When was this and why have I never heard of it?

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>Veibae was on BBC
The jokes write themselves.

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Today/Yesterday in an 11+ hour stream to celebrate her 4th anniversary as a VTuber

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Mouse has CVID, basically super-aids, she was completely bedridden 4 years ago, it was her 4 year anniversary and the money was for a plasma donor charity

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>fighting over why the person with the leash on your favorite bitch is better
Kill yourselves.

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>People still believe that IronWhore is actually ill
>Really think that their money will actually go to charity and not in her bf's pocket
I knew vshifags were retarded, but this is something else.

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>Equating the company that basically owns their girls, controls their lives and takes 30% of their income to the company that only tells their girls not to say the nword and only takes official merch cuts
See how that's a bit dumb

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maybe go watch her?
She was balling her eyes out when she hit 100k

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she cant even have a boyfriend that's why she's super horny

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Donations went directly to the charity
What else you got you useless cunt?

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You are so gullible, it's unbelievable. Stop wasting your parents' money on e-whores.

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oh ok, you're just concern trolling
Fuck off

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Thanks for the condoms, vcucks.
Veibae is on the BBC off screen as well.

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Fuck kiara-wojak posting

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To day is the judgment day for holobronies, they get destroyed by Vshoujou in the west and Kuzuha in the east, it ended the belief that holobronies were holding for a long time that hololive is the most popular and mainstream vtuber group in the world, both in japan and the west, the endless seething and coping threads today are some amusing thing to be seen

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>raised 100k for charity

Wow, amazing! I bet no one in hololive could ever do th-


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>Thanks for the condoms
Nobody believes you're not a virgin

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Here's the full clip

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Anon, don't do them like that. Let the vshitcucks be happy for their whore for once.

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A random child and a corporate mention with direct references to their media platforms. We are all so smart!

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I gave nothing to that one
That 'charity' takes a bigger cut for itself than youtube
Embarrassed to see hololive associated with them

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You do understand these are run through third party, non-profit sites and not linked to the creators at all other than the sources needed for OBS. So.. yea. For charity. COOOOOOOPE HARDER

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The BBC is financially propped up with the force of government pointing a gun at the heads of the British people. It is illegitimate and will crumble when forced to participate in the free market.
I have nothing but scorn for those in new media that disgrace themselves at the feet of the old guard. This is a point of shame. Fuck VShit.

>100,000 dollars for Charity
Why are VShojofriends like this?

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>really freaky

>> No.7581707

>Mouse literally takes med on stream and you can audibly hear how it fucks her up
>Donations literally went to a link directly for the charity
why are holobronies actually retarded?

>> No.7581736

Ooh... a paranoid schizophrenic

>> No.7581738

>use 3d character models
>talks to a Live2D

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No one asked vcuck

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You think the charity would somehow not notice they didn't actually receive $100,000?

>> No.7581859

I don't recall anyone saying they couldn't. The fact that Ironmouse did this without Hololive support is damn impressive.

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Uhh... so liking Hololive means I need to suck their cock over every decision even the bad ones?
I'll leave that to our most retarded simps

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>hololive support

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You think Amelia would've made even half of that if she wasn't Hololive?

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No matter how anyone feels about this, the BBC segment had a random dude whom they labelled as Apricot and the reporter also said vtubing was "really freaky" right at the end. Speaks to the shoddy level of reporting the BBC has become.

>> No.7582412

he was the CEO,

>> No.7582563

Yeah but that version was shoddy af and he's right about the BBC
Froot's actually in this one

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Yes but I didn't know that, and the BBC news segment did not tell me that. That's my point.

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4Chan has been understimating Vshoujo for a long time. In terms of consistent viewership, their top talents are pretty much at HoloEN numbers.

>> No.7582662

You obviously didn't actually watch the video and were misled by a joke edit.

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Said this in the other thread, but if you're TV is only connected to a games console and not cable or satalite, you don't have to pay for a TV licence.

>> No.7582762

it was in the video i watched though. they edited that too?

>> No.7582851

I watched this video:
Which was the BBC Morning News segment recap of this one apparently: >>7582563
So the recap was terrible but the original segment was fine. I definitely do not think that part in the Morning News with Apricot was a joke edit, it looked like a real fuckup.

>> No.7582854

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAx2mMSHFnU ???

>> No.7582890

My bad, I take it back. Somehow this is less than even I expect of the BBC.

>> No.7582920

Yes but retarded liberal clapistanis think anything from jolly old bongland must be sophisticated because they're basically vapid suburban trash.

>> No.7582955

The full video had a Froot interview too and Gunrun was correctly labeled. You probably watched the video that had Froot's part cut and Gunrun labeled as Apricot.

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NGL, I almost had a heart attack when I saw the initials of the charity she donated to.

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>two british women, aged 22 and 23

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the 3dpd fears the waifu

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I wonder how much of that will actually go to research and immunocompromised people once the middlemen and middlewomen get their salaries. Not for profit doesn't mean 0doing it for free."

>> No.7585559

It all goes to Israel

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Ame raised over 200k with almost zero promotion and did nothing to incentivize donating after reaching 150k or she could have raised a lot more.

>> No.7585654

About 80%

>> No.7585771

they aren't even the biggest vtubers on twitch lol

>> No.7585922

The irony of a holobrony complaining about retards

>> No.7586341

The admin side of charities is an absoloute fucking bitch and the fact most charities aren't up front about this is a major part of the reason why i'd rather give cash to a homeless junkie so his isn't quite as miserable than a major charity that spends its money on a bunch of miserable assholes in cubicle and gullible middle class fundraisers, but I do hope a good portion of it in this case goes towards actual research and medicine. Not holding my breath though.

>> No.7586384

I (>>7586341) stand corrected. Cool website.

>> No.7586957

>getting tribal over charity donations
what the fuck

>> No.7586991

Holobronies will numberfag over literally anything.

>> No.7587043

Take the shojopill. At least 3 of them are decent chuubas. Not as bad as /vt/ makes them put to be.

>> No.7587169

>>With almost zero promotion

Aside from being Ame

>> No.7587301

/vt/ underestimates anyone that doesn't have millions of subs.

>> No.7587414

Anyone with less than a million subs is a talentless nobody.

>> No.7587482

The only reason those two were even in the BBC is basically and here is the kicker.

They are both BRITISH

>> No.7589148

>helping streamers get tax write offs

>> No.7590562

>>Ame raised over 200k with almost zero promotion

No promotion other than BEING AMELIA FUCKING WATSON

>> No.7595004

>Calls Anon retard
>Uses false flagging incorrectly
Only faggots co-opt Star Wars quotes.
They're right, retard. Cope more.

>> No.7595135

Last night, took her about 11 hours to get there

>> No.7601340

>Really think that their money will actually go to charity and not in her bf's pocket

proving you are talking out of your ass, she used a tiltify donor link for the charity stream last night you pillowfucker.

>> No.7601408

>>Really think that their money will actually go to charity and not in her bf's pocket

it was donated through tiltify, at least look into shit before you talk out of your ass you pillowfucker.

>> No.7601464

>Veibae and were on BBC
they are everyday, built for bee bee see

>> No.7602150

wrong IDF this is for immuno issues like CVID.

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Connor needs his Mouse transition funds

>> No.7603709

>we even have janitors on sometimes.
You're telling me they put janitors on the news... and they do it for FREE?

>> No.7605321

>they need to leverage the anituber's clout
>Ame does 230k on her own
Good for them I guess

>> No.7605463

Holobronies will numberfag over anything

>> No.7607344

That's not how taxes work

>> No.7607377

Yeah, me.

>> No.7609017

>The BBC is financially propped up with the force of government
No shit sherlock, its a public broadcaster.
Like all commonwealth public broadcasters (the CBC and ABC spring to mind) it is funded in its entirety by the government and not actually allowed to compete in the free market.
Hilariously, that hasn't stopped the major private broadcasters in Australia from complaining that ABC news is unfairly stealing thier viewers just because people actually trust what it has to say

>> No.7611066

>"really freaky"

LMAO we're underestimating the cringe, that's for sure

>> No.7611332

No broadcasters whether private or government-owned have anything truthful to say.

>> No.7611399

always knew vshojo were for the white cuck audience

>> No.7611442

i distinctly remember vshojo simps getting told to fuck off back to their twitch whores in the nijisanji and prism threads, especially after that god awful collab

>> No.7612129

That's about it. Who's the third?

>> No.7612149

Isn't Mouse very popular too? Like top 10 vtubers on twitch or something.

>> No.7612360

vshojo pullls holo en numbers now

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