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It's over

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Literally who?

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big black cock news lol

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no, it's based

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>Literal whore

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>Oi ! turn on the telly dat Vshowjah las is on gabbin bout her minge or som'tin

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Of course it's over, retard, it was on the morning news.

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she talked about this a while ago

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ok, what is the implication of this?

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skip to 10:53

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>"oh wow, this vtuber lady seems pretty interesting. let me look her up!"
>first video is a clip of her talking about shitting out a tampon on her ex-boyfriends face and then sucking his balls until they turned purple
thanks BBC

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I was gonna ask why they didn't also interview Froot since she's also in Bongland

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Of all the fucking agencies to interview, why do western media keep going for these whores though?

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>somehow still mog'ing Rushia

>> No.7573530

because they have 2 English members
Niji En and Holo En don't have and British members at all, so why would the BBC interview them?

>> No.7573533

absolutely nothing.

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That's QEOP's you fucking yank

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Hololive EN exists, and its far bigger than Vshojo though, hell, soon enough Niji EN will be bigger than those twitch whores too.

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none of there members are English though
why would they interview American or Canadian vtubers?
what relevance would they have to the BBC?

>> No.7573571

Excuse, bro?

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they can pretend all they want but even Ame forgets about that all of the time and references being American

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Tummy hurts.

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I'm not going to register to BBC just to watch this

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Why does she have an American accent?

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>represented the vtuber scene well

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why should western media ever touch vtubers with their nasty hands? I'd rather that they stay "uncovered" by legacy media.

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They should interview #1 British Vtuber Conner CDawgVa.

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ah shit I don't have my BBC license.

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fuck, I meant to say "not uncovered"

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apparently she's part Polish but she doesn't sound English at all

>> No.7573659

She is a Polish prostitutes living in England like all those other immigrants, not sure where she gets off saying that she is English.

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>be British station
>want to interview British vtubers for British advertising
>see popular British vtubers
>interview them without the bullshit

>be nonexistent British holo
>BBC wants interview
>have to spend weeks dealing with management
>management even wants to be there while the interview is going to strangle you just in case
>have to send the nips a fax just to get it done
>interview falls through because random manager's coffee tasted bad that day
>still end up interviewing the vshojo the next day

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she's Half Polish half British
but that still doesn't explain her accent
Polish people do not sound like her, neither do Second gen polish immigrants or Half Brit/ Half Pole

She likely didn't grow up in Britain otherwise her accent makes no sense

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Gura on Jimmy Fallon playing Among Us. Make it happen.

>converted into half cheeseburgers when yen is probably the primary denomination that these vtubers use. Brit's can't tell big numbers apart unless it's in their currency.

Bruh, why wouldn't Coco have more money after the most viewed graduation in the history of vtubing and her squeezing every collab for every penny that it's worth? It's not like Rushia is going to graduate to catch up. She'll probably beat Coco by the end of the year since she can't make any more on her old account and will be a while till she gets back up there again. It's not a race anymore but a waiting game.

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Oi where's me intaview BBC ya bunch of wankers? I'm Bri'ish innit?

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Wonderful, as if my hobby needed more misrepresentation. Now as a bong who likes vtubers I'll have to explain every time it comes up that it's more than the modern equivalent of a phone sex operator, discussing her periods with the diction of a mid-procedure lobotomy patient.

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Kek >>7572842

>> No.7573757

apricot face reveal

>> No.7573770

Can't say I'm surprised in the slightest that Vei is the first vtuber to take the BBC

>> No.7573785

Why are you not hiding your power level, lad?

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>i hope we represented the vtuber scene well
Well fuck..

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>I've never watched Froot

>> No.7573793

because it's fake

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To be fair, Vei is Polish and Brits love Poles for some reason

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He's talking about Veibae dum dum

>> No.7573836

Good. Let those western media going for Vshojo rather than Hololive or Nijisanji.

>> No.7573841

Brain reps

>> No.7573860

The interview was of Vei AND Froot
clearly you didn't watch the interview

>> No.7573862

vshojo world domination tour continues

you WILL kneel

>> No.7573879

The like them as cheap labor.

>> No.7573882

And people were worried about ZEN

>> No.7573894

Is this confirming that journos lurk here? Now I don't feel bad when I call tranny apologists here as twitter nigger tourists like the fucking filth that they are

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>> No.7573905

No amount of Froot will hide Vei.

>> No.7573942

Take your meds, they're good for you don't skip a single dose.

>> No.7573963

I hate that this could happen. The moment that a vtuber goes onto a late night show is the day I will dread.

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Here's the JewTube clip of the segment. It's pretty objective and non-judgemental, but then the British had anchor gets back on the air and ends with "...really freaky" like she feels threatened.

>> No.7574011

>anchor gets back on the air and ends with "...really freaky" like she feels threatened
She should.

>> No.7574041

>BBC now will go after them

>> No.7574045

Damn froot looks like that?

>> No.7574062

wasn't there a doompost where it mentioned about nyanners being the frontrunner of taking interviews in western media? I would say so far that it isn't too far off. Though I felt that veibae's interview today was just a 15 minute acknowledgement section to show what the vtuber community is like without pressing the media pressing any issue on whatever yabs had happened. So hopefully nothing comes out from this, whether good or bad.

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She sounds like a whore. I can see why she's popular.

>> No.7574075

>vei: vtubing is great because you dont get the harassment you might get if you used a cam
>narrator: even though vtubers get harassed and sexist comments, vei and froot said it helped them grow

>> No.7574089

>wasn't there a doompost where it mentioned about nyanners being the frontrunner of taking interviews in western media?

>> No.7574090

Bitch is mad that anime girls half her age are making 5x that she is

>> No.7574096

Why, does she actually think she got that job because of her of looks?

>> No.7574104

why does veibae talk like her career started when she became a vtuber

>> No.7574111

>hur she sounds like a whore hur
she sounds like that because most of the media she consumes is black American culture and she copies it, thats why her accent became like that

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>> No.7574136

bonghag knows slutty chubbas will be her replacement

>> No.7574213

>take your meds
ah yes, the tranny's final resort when he gets called out. No I will not take your HRT medications thank you

>> No.7574215

Wow, BBC really are dumb for going for vshitshow.

You're telling me they couldn't get someone from the UK that isn't drama prone? Shizukou exists.

>> No.7574219

because she was just some overwatch ethot before

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>> No.7574283

actually kinda unsettling

>> No.7574313

Everyday we're getting one step closer to the final yab.

>> No.7574335

literal who?

>> No.7574360

Anything is better than vshitshow.

Imagine going for veibae and then looking up her stuff only to find period diarrhoea and other vulgar whore shit.

>> No.7574374

The news isn't aimed at Children anon, adult entertainment has its place.
Plus Froot is as wholesome as vtubers get, so it's really a good representation of the 2 sides

>> No.7574384

This too, is Coco's fault

>> No.7574392

incels never get old

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>BBC news

Do Americans really?

>> No.7574407

its so easy to spot twitterfags on /vt/ it's unreal

>> No.7574421

>Do Americans really?
Do Americans really what?

>> No.7574441

What the hell is Apricot's accent? Sounds like some posh shit.

>> No.7574446

Balkan/Chilean retard.

>> No.7574465

Froot has a real British accent
she's actually from the north but she tries to annunciate whilst streaming so she sounds different
She's talked about it on stream but she definitely sounds like a northerner

>> No.7574470

I have no social media accounts

>> No.7574472

BBC? More like CBT

>> No.7574491

Holy shit it's like interviewing with Netflix about anime.
The problem is not Netflix, it's why the fuck they do it if they can't afford true experts.

>> No.7574499

name a bigger expert on the British VTubing scene then the 2 most subscribed British VTubers?

>> No.7574501

vtubing isnt owned by the japanese

>> No.7574523

Isn't Nyanners British?

>> No.7574538

I don't even like Vei but what a bitchy comment by the presenter.

>> No.7574560

no she's American/ Russian I think

>> No.7574562

From someone that hasn't seen anything vshoujo related except for a few clips, that is hot.

>> No.7574612

>Hololive manages their image (and vtubing by association) by slowly going to anime conventions and controlling the narrative on what Vtubing is.
>Vshoujo torpedoes this carefully crafted PR move by giving an interview to Television which spins it to "Vtubing generates tons of money"
Vshoujo is shit and anyone that defends it is retarded.

>> No.7574634

Hololive's approach is shit and anyone that defends it is retarded

>> No.7574671

Imagine trying to gatekeep vtubing in 2021

>> No.7574674

>curry meshi

>> No.7574684

Froot still sold out to the Melody clique.

>> No.7574685

The fastest way to get people in your country interested in a thing and create a potentially bustling economic venture(we are talking about a public access station owned by the British government here) is to tell people both how fun it is AND how much money they could be making

>> No.7574704

So Froot is a tranny? Kek, vshitshow's getting worse and worse every day

>> No.7574720

>adult entertainment
>period diarrhoea

>> No.7574746

>Froot is as wholesome as vtubers get
when she not cheating on her current cuck the sure yea

>> No.7574776

>He doesn't know

>> No.7574777

she is not russian

>> No.7574786

How is doing a tame as fuck 2 minute interview on the BBC torpedoing their image?

>> No.7574883

anyone interested in vtubing after this interview will google Veibae, see her stuff and conclude that this is what vtubing is about.

>> No.7574954

>6 a.m. news show
It would be a miracle if at least one sleepy wagecuck will remember to google Vei

>> No.7575074

should have gatekept more.
once western thots got into it it was over.

>> No.7575185

What is vtubing about, anon?

>> No.7575208

She actually puts on more of a Hispanic sounding affect to her voice. At times, she sounds like a chola from the barrio. She never sounds like an actual pollack to me.
She should sound like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0urqT0rtLU
or even better this:

>> No.7575257

shark cunny. which is absolutely not represented by either of these two.

>> No.7575284

Milking paypig weebs for every dime they have with minimal effort.

>> No.7575340

There's JP chuubas in Hololive who sucked more cock than Veibae

>> No.7575343

Any answer that isn't "streaming but with a virtual avatar" is talking out their ass or thinks Hololive IS how vtubing should be

>> No.7575361

>really freaky
Pure salt. KEK

>> No.7575621

By god I hope western cancer stays FAR away from HoloJP
This is the last hobby which is actually allowing escapism nowadays. If they take it away from me... that's the shit that makes school shooters

>> No.7575678

Cope and seethe, the black ships are inevitable

>> No.7575723

It had to be her of all people

>> No.7575802

>nasty old hag realising that her days are numbered

>> No.7576029

Do your reps, anons. Being a vtuber fan as an EOP is about to become the same shitshow that is trying to discuss gaming anywhere.

>> No.7576189

There's something poetic about picking the biggest, slimiest, most black hearted whore as a representative of western vtubing
She accurately represents pretty much all of them

>> No.7576232

two of the worst entity I've seen merge into this hellhole

>> No.7576510

>Froot hardly showed up
>Puts some dude on screen along with her name
>Vie forcing herself not to mention sucking dick
I don't know what all I expected desu.

>> No.7576611

Why can't vei stop being slutty? Why is she like this?

>> No.7576614


>> No.7576665

>Why a slut acts like a slut

>> No.7576710

But they didn't put Noel there what the hell are you talking about

>> No.7576827

He said western vtubers. Noel is not a western vtuber, you fucking retard.

>> No.7576870

Sorry, dyslexia at work.
You get who I fucking mean...

>> No.7577072

The absolute state of 3D broads.

>> No.7577367

Hey fuck you, some people work nights and finish their jobs at 7 or 8 am

>> No.7577539

>Try to be relevant so hard
>Makes fakes news like always
>People have now the internet to call out their bullshit
>Keep losing relevancy
>Try to ride the Vtuber trend and try to contact Holo
>They are ultimately ghosted like Vice media
>Get your hands on Vshojo
>Cuntnor uses this as to why hololive is such a close community and they better step up because Vshojo is taking over....

Oh sweet Cuntnor, if only you knew....

>> No.7577601

>>Be BBC
>>Try to be relevant so hard
>>Makes fakes news like always
>>People have now the internet to call out their bullshit
>>Keep losing relevancy
>>Try to ride the Vtuber trend and try to contact Holo
>>They are ultimately ghosted like Vice media
>>Get your hands on Vshojo
>>Cuntnor uses this as to why hololive is such a close community and they better step up because Vshojo is taking over....
>Oh sweet Cuntnor, if only you knew....

>> No.7577762

Holobronies go back to your containment general

>> No.7577836

I will never get used to the bad anime dub voice a lot of English language vtubers do.

>> No.7577859

>Holobronies go back to your containment general

>> No.7577978

Friendly reminder Vshojo >>> Hololive

>> No.7577981

Anime is already fully integrated into Japanese society. It's the same as Americans seeing super heroes on their cereal boxes.

>> No.7578021

>I will never get used to the bad anime dub voice a lot of English language vtubers do.

>> No.7578197

I don't like all those ears. Never post that again.

>> No.7578372

Oh, look, vshojocuck wojackposter is here, doing his best to defend his whore queen.

>> No.7578449

Friendly reminder

>> No.7578721

Vei is cute

>> No.7578895

So Veibae got infectious mononucleosis? Damn.

>> No.7578989

Yes a bunch of things that are still relevant because they got bigger

>> No.7579060

It's the GME squeeze all over again.

>> No.7579182

Sharing my hobby with the """""people""""" on /vt/ is already enough of a misery, at this point who even cares

>> No.7579217

>buck breaking channel
>white woman
what tricks does Vei have up her sleeve?

>> No.7579220

In which case they'd also be sleepy wagecucks.

>> No.7579241

>Britbongs pay for this network

>> No.7579248

The segment is extreme cringe, like Chris Chan fucked his mother cringe, but it was worth it to see people melt down here.

>> No.7579279

Only boomers.

>> No.7579316


>> No.7579340

for once BBC based>>7573659
>born and raised in england
>im english
>schzio mind blown

>> No.7579361

You say banana I say banaynay

>> No.7579401

real or shitpost?

>> No.7579442

Was an official shitpost by the BBC

>> No.7579464

It's not even the most cringe thing that BBC news has aired, I distinctly remember them running stories that tried to portray furries positively

>> No.7579500


Veibei talked about this months ago IIRC.

>> No.7579538

>Lying whore
>Kike media

>> No.7579559

Nothing will top the one time some British news channel did a segment on ganguro fashion, which ended with an interview with two suburban middle class late 20s brits who were obsessed with it.

>> No.7579606

>>Holobronies go back to your containment general

Is it because of Snuffy being a huge /mlp/ fag that the virus here started spreading?

>> No.7579647

I love Veibae

>> No.7579655

The 3D fears the 2D. Many such cases?

>> No.7579673

isnt it illegal to not have a licence?

>> No.7579787

She loves the BBC

>> No.7579848

Holochads own the board
Vcuck are just given a thread here and there so we don't have to deal with your blacked fetish.

>> No.7579865

Only if you actually have a TV that's connected to the network via satalite or cable. When I lived in the UK, we'd have a guy come round once a year, look at the TV set up in the living room that we just used for the PS2, go "yeah you're not watching TV on that" and then leave. They tried making it mandatory for everyone with an internet connection since everyone in the UK can technically use the BBC iPlayer online, but it would be a legal and logistical nightmare to actually carry out.

>> No.7579871

Well, i didnt particularly give a shit about Vshojo before but...

>> No.7579892

what the fuck is wrong with the uk

>> No.7579900


>> No.7579931

Now these kind roasties will protest against vtuber culture because its promoting "child grooming" and "pedophilia". This is why I don't like this kind of exposure.

>> No.7579939

Many, many different things. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There were a great many reasons I left, and the happiest day of my life is when I first set foot where I am now.

>> No.7579942

It had to be vshojo. Why? NijiEN are literal whos and HoloEN's management would not let this happen.

>> No.7579944

take your meds

>> No.7580003

cope, vtuber will die because of western media faggots

>> No.7580028

>HoloEN's management would not let this happen.
They were also never asked
If they were they would say yes though, would be dumb as fuck from a business perspective to turn it down

>> No.7580039

take your meds

>> No.7580048


>> No.7580055

>promoting "child grooming" and "pedophilia"
Just try to stop being a pedo then

>> No.7580062

take your meds schizo

>> No.7580072

>Veibae gets to be on BBC
>Gura wasn't allowed on Conan despite being offered
A sad day for Hololive. vshojo won. NijiEN might pass them too.

>> No.7580093

>If they were they would say yes though, would be dumb as fuck from a business perspective to turn it down
Can't tell whether this is bait or you don't understand how incredibly fucking stupid and incompetent Cover management are.

>> No.7580101

then go tell them then

>> No.7580178

This is what normal think of vtubers. Hell, this is what boomers still think of anime. Surely you already knew this.

>> No.7580231

She has the accent of somebody whose only experience interacting with other human beans is with California's most vapid whores

>> No.7580259

>pavlovian NPC reply
Typical Vwhore golem. Thanks for paying our condoms though

>> No.7580301

It wasn't really in reaction to VTubers in general she said that
It was just the realization that she's gonna get replaced by an anime girl within 10 years

>> No.7580307

Oh no less normalfags will join, feels bad man.
No wonder vshojofags see this as a good thing since they are typical twitch zoomers

>> No.7580325

Hololive made it to the BBC guys!

>> No.7580331

Thanks for letting me live without rent in your head

>> No.7580333

>paying our condoms
Learn English retard

>> No.7580350

Based seething anchor

>> No.7580371

who owns the rights to Vivian nowadays?

>> No.7580393


Thank god you child grooming lolifuckers are welcomed in hell. Go beg your chuuba to do something noteworthy instead of bitching all your life when someone else does, otherwise I’ll gladly watch this godawful desperate faggotry of lonely fatties typing all over 4chan about how their cute little childlike chuuba is so pure and funny and you sitting alone jerking your cock to a 3ft tall, drawn by a man, animated by a man, and every choice they make is determined by a man, fake girl.
Your life is reduced to arguing about fake anime girls who are all people with boyfriends they’re fucking and moving into a mcmansion thanks to your cute superchat. You don’t matter to them, why does this matter to you, anon?

>> No.7580430

What the hell did I do? I just said I was really happy about leaving the UK.

>> No.7580469

that's a copypasta anon

>> No.7580487

I don't need to. I was implying that I'm fucking your whore twitch streamer like many people do while you donate to get a semblance of social interaction.
Incel freak.

>> No.7580517


>> No.7580523

Vshojo keeps winning.

>> No.7580544

I don't even know who you are.
And so does your favorite vwhore, you parasocial nerd.

>> No.7580587

Faggot who works at BBC and suggested to do that segment. You can out yourself now.
I know that you are fucking smiling like a maniac right now reading this thread.

>> No.7580632

Follow your doctor prescription

>> No.7580645

NTA but you really gotta do your English reps. It's neither does.

>> No.7580816

Can't believe you think Veibae uses condoms
What a retard

>> No.7580848

So we can confirmed that froot is tranny just like zen

>> No.7580880

>we can confirmed
Learn English retard

>> No.7580897

Veibae sounds pretty sexy.

>> No.7580912

Why would she be replaced when she could just get a vtuber avatar herself? Literally anyone can become a vtuber

>> No.7580939

Literally who ?

>> No.7580975


>> No.7581064

The best vtubers are hags, nothing's stopping her from becoming a based hag chuuba.

>> No.7581184


>> No.7581228

>It's neither does.
At least learn how to form coherent sentences if you want to be nitpicky on irrelevant errors that don't impede the discussion, cringy redditor police.

>> No.7581280


>> No.7581304

I would rather have Melody represent VTubers desu
At least she's funny

>> No.7581357

That's pretty close to final yab territory.

>> No.7581395

Wait, Vei is british?

>> No.7581428

She has to. She isn't gonna be able to take care of so many mixed babies.
Especially when the fathers are long gone.

>> No.7581480

>Gura wasn't allowed on Conan despite being offered
When was this? They let her do the Taco Bell stuff.

>> No.7581514

Yeah if this isn’t on Chinese national television why should I care?

>> No.7581535

Gotta give them balls for not censoring Coco's name.

>> No.7581538

She's on birth control.

>> No.7581842

> nitpicky on irrelevant errors
about irrelevant errors

>> No.7581856

yes, half polish

>> No.7581952

I mean, Marvel movies are an improvement over the comics so it's not ALL bad

>> No.7582275

Hololive continues to make terrible decision. More news at 11.

>> No.7582453

>anon can't read nor share his thoughts in a format that isn't inane babble
Get fucked pablo. You're only setting yourself up to be BTFO if you play the "witty spelling card" while making mistakes yourself.

>> No.7582532

Thank you for finally using Grammarly.

>> No.7582725

What Vshojo character is that?

>> No.7582784

It's a special Nyanners clone she used once for a special event. Kind of like her version of Tokino Sora.

>> No.7582817

why doesnt nyanners use that model

>> No.7582826

>Plus Froot is as wholesome as vtubers get
Wasn't Frrot the one that commited fraud against some /k/yards then cheated on her husband?

>> No.7582855

the UK isn't part of China

>> No.7582931

That's a rrat with zero proof, but it's amusing enough to get thrown around a lot and incels will believe anything they read about a woman being a slut.

>> No.7582969

I don't think she owns the rights to it. Like it was possibly a 1-time use model made by Kizuna's people.

>> No.7583042

friendly reminder this post was made as a reaction of HoloEN debut
would you say they made vTubing worse? if so, >>>/hlg/

>> No.7583195

Emi Nitta chuba when

>> No.7583251

>Anon had a corrector but it couldn't help with his incoherent drivel

>> No.7583332


>> No.7583615

fucking lord i hate journalists

you cant convice me that they put the VShoujo CEO face with Apricot tag "BY MISTAKE" and not to fool the tons of boomers still watching TV with the old "they are all guys with girl models".

And the "really freaky" at the end.

>> No.7583643


>> No.7583651

The people watching on TV aren't going to know that "apricot" refers to the female vtuber, that is if they're paying attention at all, which they won't be

>> No.7583712

>veibae destroyed vtubing to save us from it

>> No.7583761



>> No.7583768

>"Everyone should pursue their dreams, it helped me grow as a person"
>"Really freaky"
I dont even like vei, but holy seethe lmao.

>> No.7583778

no you're thinking of trannies

>> No.7583804

Hololive weebs BTFO!

>> No.7583924

Froot didn't even talk. Fuck.

>> No.7583935

When is this slut going to start doing the same camwhoring shit that Melody does? Teasing doesn't do it for me, and I have no interest at all on her rancid personality.

>> No.7584018

>Anon doesn't even know English words, derivatives and synonyms
Kek, it keeps adding up.

>> No.7584073

She did in the full version from the BBC news channel

>> No.7584098

>The account that posted that

>> No.7584143

They were on 24/7 rolling news, they fucked up the first broadcast but when it was repeated a few hours later they fixed it.

>> No.7584168

Proof was posted not long ago by someone supposedly involved.
Do reps if you care, if not, don't post about it like you know what the fuck is going on.

>> No.7584206

Not even any proof that she was married
Just that she exchanged messages with a guy 5000 miles away

>> No.7584240


>> No.7584317

>"There is a proof, do your archive reps!"
>Does archive reps
>It's either "dude trust me" or a photo of an unidentified vagina at the end
Yep, every time

>> No.7584345

Send unidentified vag pics

>> No.7584374

Proving that is indeed the hardest part because she scrubbed any mention of that even from her hardly used FB account.
You can still visit their co-owned patch shop but thats about it.

>> No.7584529

You'll have to do /k/ archive reps if you want to find the part where she scammed /k/ommandos. Vshitters will defend this.

>> No.7584607

Slav living in bongland. Possibly halfie.

>> No.7584666

Did they pay for discord sex? I don't really see the problem with that.

>> No.7584726

This isn't kiwifarms, dipshit. You couldn't even pay me to pretend to care about this.

>> No.7584765

Cared enough to give a (You) to say you don't care.

>> No.7584772

Fucking Graelish
Why do people love him so much, he's shit.

>> No.7584871

He has the chikan smile.

>> No.7584895

retards making shit up, what’s new.

The HoloEN producer is very protective of their brand, they said it themselves in an interview. The girls pick and choose their sponsorships, no way in hell would one of them agree to go on tv for free.

>> No.7584942

going on the news isnt a sponsorship

>> No.7584953

Thanks, I will now proceed to furiously masturbate to these.

>> No.7584964

Is that fucking jerma's twitch chat at 2:03 lmao

>> No.7584979

100% news outlets will do doxxshit for clicks

Buzzfeed articles will have articles like"top 10 hottest real life identities of Hololive" and "which hospital is ironmouse at? You won't believe it"

>> No.7585125

>really freaky
Really you fucking cunt?
Mad that girls can have cute avatars while the rest of England has to look at your melting face?

>> No.7585152

>degenerate whore
>on a degenerate anti-nationalist globohomo propaganda channel that UK citizens are threatened at gunpoint be law to subsidize whether they agree with the channel's politics or not
This turn of events is less surprising than you'd think.

>> No.7585168

vei looks hot irl would bang, ngl

>> No.7585184

It might be technically against the law but the practical reality is that it's entirely unenforceable. Depending on where you live they might sometimes send "enforcement officers" out but you can tell them to fuck off and they can't do anything about it, they're not actual police officers just random bozos. It's more a trap for old people and stupid people.

>> No.7585227

The way things are going we might end up being worse.

>> No.7585306

Bro, they always say that shit


>> No.7585347

>that was over a decade ago

>> No.7585476

like brittany venti did when gura arrived on the scene and now is completely irrelevant?

>> No.7585538

I would destroy Vei, if you wouldnt bend her in half and impregnate her every year until her eggs give out you are fucking gay

>> No.7585545

She was already irrelevant.

>> No.7585773


>> No.7585858

I'm glad I helped you feel better about your English, but it's a grammar checker, not a "corrector"

>> No.7585938

Froot didn't even get to say anything though

>> No.7585990

You clearly don't know anything yourself.

>5000 miles away
Fucking lol. Of fucking course 4chan is pathetic enough to creative a batshit-crazy rrat out of that.

Honestly beyond getting a bit of a laugh out of this, if you care about that what so ever I don't know what to tell you. All this has taught me is that Froot is/was more of a loser than I thought. I've been in chat groups that had funnier and more ridiculous drama than this shit.

>> No.7586083

Give The Daily Mail a few weeks and it'll be all over the UK tabloids. The rest of the world will continue not to give a shit though.

>> No.7586371

I have a bad feeling about this...

>> No.7586445

>they say olympics will ruin anime
>mfw it's actually Vshojo who does it

>> No.7586707

gatekeeping isn't a thing anon. "waaah stop gatekeeping" is just something redditors cry about when they're getting filtered, it doesn't actually stop them.

>> No.7586714

A lot more than you fag.

>> No.7586775

>very protective yet did a Taco Bell advertisement
How does this affect any of you in any way? None of you actually go around talking about vtubers like a sperg right?

>> No.7586779

having standards is gay, is it?

>> No.7586789

Anime was getting shit long before VShojo existed

>> No.7586958

You don't sound like you do. You sound like you're compensating.

>> No.7587152

would suck to be in a conservative country/state, lmoa

>> No.7587504

sure sure, you sound like every simp on her tit who know fuck all about her pre debut

>> No.7587606


>> No.7587646

Excuse you?

>> No.7587994

TV news anchors are people that most of us, and even most normies, would call sociopaths. They are only focused on their career and nothing else. They don't care about art, or games, or sports, or any hobbies—just themselves and how rich they can get.

So, when a story comes out about women that can entertain people without being seen, or people who make art that doesn't involve live performance, they freak out about it. Getting successful without using a face is an affront to their existence. They cannot handle it! Saying "pretty freaky" or dismissing skilled artistic work is about as nice as they can be about it, because it goes against everything they cherish about themselves.

>> No.7588028

Allright, here's the news segment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9VHuPgZ6NE

>> No.7588076


>> No.7588309

>Vei ends the segment by saying that everyone should follow their dreams
>Reporter: "Really freaky"
fuck you

>> No.7588618

Bros, my friends are shitting on VTubers after they watched the news

I was planning on introducing them, but I don't know anymore

>> No.7588639

i'm not reading all that shitzo shit
you're high or drunk af my guy
also imagine being this wrong

>> No.7588668

im replying to a post made 9 hours ago but
>i hope we represented the vtuber scene well
vshojo needs to fucking go

>> No.7588697

who cares, this will die down and no one will even notice
if you stop making shit about it then no one will care

>> No.7588717

Inb4 churches declare vtubing a cardinal sin and is banned like Harry Potter and Pokémon

>> No.7588878

That would be actually amazing.

>> No.7588951

Idk she just looks like your average becky makeupmaxxed. Maybe I'm just spoiled from my city but she's nothing special. I'm not even counting the filters.

>> No.7589461

>we represented the vtuber scene
Holy fuck, I'm actually mad.

>> No.7589709

>Cali is marked as legal
>Texas is marked as illegal
wtf, i thought Texas was based and Cali was the cuck one

>> No.7589745

I'm the future people will think vshoujo came first and Niji/Hololive are knockoffs like oreos and Kamen rider

>> No.7589787

Oi, does Veibae have a license to be on the tele?

>> No.7589907

>the British had anchor gets back on the air and ends with "...really freaky" like she feels threatened.
Because she is.

>> No.7589948

Rushia’s is honestly still more impressive, it’s almost equal on half the damn total superchats. Her simps pay out like crazy.

>> No.7590017

>people search for vtuber they see on bbc
>see coomer clips
Oh it's like those anime hentais again.
*goes back to normal life*

That is realistically what most normies will do. However, what they will remember is how much money vtubing can make.

>> No.7590020

kek it actually is

>> No.7590111

anonchama.... you literally quoted the name

>> No.7590421

Most normies aren't going to go search for this shit. If you're sat in a waiting room and they're showing a rolling news channel and there's a one minute segment about an oragami tournament or new method of cow farming or whatever else you don't really care about do you go and search for more information about it?

>> No.7590444

maybe if I had a phone, but yeah, we will see how much, if at all, sub growth this will give her

>> No.7590588

>Gura on Jimmy Fallon
This sounds way more believable than I'd like it to be

>> No.7590608

that reporter is the most presentable British woman they could find

>> No.7590621

Vshojo will be known as the pioneers of the vtubing industry, and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.7590670

100% meds if that makes you mad

>> No.7590721


>> No.7590727

slow news day, huh?

>> No.7590743

How did they manage to fuck up and put Froot's namecard over the wrong clip?

This is what your loicenses go towards, Bongs. Are you proud of your country yet?

>> No.7590812

One of the versions has the mistake. The other is fine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAx2mMSHFnU

>> No.7590882

What do people think oreos are a knockoff of?

>> No.7590917


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