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Schedule: wah..
Last: >>7514415

VIOLET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZdLXELdF9Q

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I love this girl like you wouldn't believe.

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It already feels like a lifetime

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I wanna squeeze her squishy hair

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that is it
im gonna retain semen until i marry my Priestess

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whens Violet 2

>> No.7549553

right after that coco drawing she's been working on for the last month

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I won't make it
I love Ina so much that nothing does anything to me
I can't cum to anything else but Ina
Every time I think about dragging my hard dick on her flat chest and playing
xylophone with her ribs
I cum buckets in seconds

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Where the fuck is Ina. I am not asking twice ancient ones, hand her over.

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She's petting cats in the cafe. Negrohombre made it...

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Nta but this clarifies the yagoo looking dude for me at least thanks.

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I'm taking refuge here until the next /ggg/
I listened to violet last night, i didn't get it but it sounded good.

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Will you accept the consequences of your actions?

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Welcome cunnyseur. Remember to wipe your shoes before entering.

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if i didn't need them to go to the store i wouldn't wear them ever

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as long as I finish my task, yes

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I feel like Gooru ate too much glue as child, but she makes every collab ___FUN___

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apparently she used to like eating sand enough that she remembers the texture so she might be a little dum
Ina is really fun too, they have good chemistry. I actually prefer it to gurame for the most part.

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imagine ina stepping barefoot with all her weight on your chest and stomach

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would feel like feathers

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Don't think Ina ever had a bad chemistry in any collab, she is very cute with JP senpais but all of the EN pairings are great as well (except with Calli cause she is Autism incarnate, no offense). Unironically Ina+Kiara is amazing in colabs, if Kiara ever manages to properly balance audio.

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I wouldn't say no but I'd prefer to switch roles.

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Ame was the sand eater, not Gura

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oh was it ame? huh

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>Unironically Ina+Kiara is amazing in colabs
I've watched maybe three chicken solo streams, I just can't stand her for some reason. But in all the collabs I've watched she's been good if not great.

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The Morina drawing and recorder collabs were both legitimately great

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I think Gura mentioned eating sand in I think in the Taco Bell Stream, so both of them are sand eaters.

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I ran out of schizo liquids, my detective skills have failed me once again. I have no idea on what Violet's hidden lore is, there is no hope.

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tentacles are heavy, anon
makes you wonder about the s to m ratio among the takodachi

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got some darker paper
i don't geddit

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So what are your theories about Violet? I want to hear them.

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Its just a normal song, that was laced with NUMBERS and messages to distract schizotakos for a week so Ina could have her break in peace

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I’d be willing to crack the codes if it actually correlated to something neat, like an ARG where you can learn all kinds of backstory about all the EN members interconnected. But that is FAR beyond the scope of cover and Ina, so I assume it’s just gonna be another paraphrasing of her initial bio

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generic menhera bs about being sad but not anymore cause muh love and hope

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My theory is _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ina cute___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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The only thing that I hate about Ina is that there will never be anyone as good as her ever again.

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I have some ideas but my meds are still too strong today.

I think the major theme of the song is Ina thanking someone from her past for encouraging her on her way. In my honest opinion this might be Ina talking to past Ina, but other ideas like "AO-chan" or Anenis also work. I think the feeling it is trying to convey is one of moving on from a bittersweet past into the future, which while always a departure from established things/people you know, is usually a good step in life.

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I'm playing through Soma so I can watch Ina's playthrough and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I remember liking Amnesia. I'm glad they did away with all the inventory stuff.

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She’s definitely unique in this industry. Enjoy every moment with her that you can takos

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any news on the doujin, richanon?

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That dude was just making shit up for (you)‘s. unless he wants to prove me wrong by showing proof

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i miss my wife so much already. cant wait for her to wake up and come back to me. the pills dont help anymore i need her

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My personal theory goes something like this

>> No.7552286

It's pretty straightforward.
>Ina wasn't sure about staying within Hololive
>Lists significant events that she considers "key" to her experience
>Alludes to her life before Hololive
>Ends the song promising she's going to stay
The amount of LORE in it can be speculated to hell and back but this is the underlying theme.

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Oh no no Ina don't look!


>> No.7552660

tic tac toe is a solved game
you must be a retard to lose it

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Oh yeah? Pawn to D4

>> No.7553260 [SPOILER] 

you wanna play it like that?
My dick in your dads ass

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I don't know if it's related to the song but doesn't this thumbnail look similar to the art in it?
I'm currently watching it so I'll let you know if there's anything there that seems relevant

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You need to give your flaps as payment

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I'm a new IP in a dead thread.

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What do you think about Ina?

>> No.7554182

Don't worry about it
TN: (Please worry about it)

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Who's Ina?

>> No.7554434

What are your thoughts on flat chests?

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Better question is why's Ina?

>> No.7554628

they are disgusting, only cryptofaggots like flat chests, boobs 4ever

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It's always the existing IPs...

>> No.7554697

>post something moderately normal
>wait a bit
>"it's always new ips" faggots in shambles
that's how you do it

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This, was just thinking about it

>> No.7554896

Nino is better.

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Well, there's a big talk around the start about being very busy with projects and looking forward to when she'll be able to reveal them, probably teasing Violet, the birthday merch and Drawfest
Kind of similar to the 4/03 stream so that might be why it wasn't included in the song
Also, AO-chan happened to be present on this stream, coincidentally.

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does Ina know how to drive?

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>> No.7555165

Having feelings isn't menhera. What you do with them does. As far as we know Ina is very mature and level headed regarding this, and other than getting overwhelmed because of accepting too many deadlines at once and crying a bit about it she has been a class act. Compare it to other girls that just break down while drunk or end up going on rants airing dirty laundry. Ina is a completely normal hooman(tako) compared to them.

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>Asian woman

>> No.7555293

women shouldn't be allowed to drive unless it's my dick

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>> No.7555333

pretty sure she has her full license by now

>> No.7555342

No and she’s said as much. I think she has her license

>> No.7555435

>Doesn't knows how to drive
>Has a license
How? The exam is insane in my country. Are canucks just lax about it?

>> No.7555517

I don’t know about Canada but the driving test in the states is absurdly easy

>> No.7555664

ina is ina cult

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Every province is different, but in mine I had to do a written test for my G1 (you can drive with another person who has had their license for at least 5 years in the passenger seat and they have to be sober and you cant drive on highways and 0 alch limit), do a driving test to get your G2 (now you can drive alone and on highways), and then do a highway test for your full G (now there's a small alcohol limit, don't drink and drive tho.) There has to be a 1 year wait between the G2 test and the G test. If you let it expire or if it gets suspended for any traffic violation then you need to start from 0 if you haven't gotten your full G.

>> No.7555838

>all that for a driver's license
Just ride mooseseus instead.

>> No.7555871

Moose are terrifying, territorial, and tough as fuck. If we could domesticate them and use them as riding beasts of war we could have single-handedly won WW1.

>> No.7556091

Geez. All I had to do when I got my US license was take a course, take a multiple choice test, then the driving test where you only have to make a few turns and show you can follow the speed limit. I failed the uphill parking portion of the test and I still got my license

>> No.7556353

>can't even tame dumb deers
>think they can win a war

>> No.7556980

Moose are genuinely terrifying. My cousin was killed by a moose

>> No.7557232

Moose have killed more people in Canada than the total amount of people that died in Vietnam.

>> No.7557390

Beware of the meese....

>> No.7557481

>not shooting it until it dies

>> No.7557556

that's like calling saber tooth tigers house cats
you do not fuck with moose
you aren't safe even in a truck

>> No.7559050

>Moose are genuinely terrifying

>> No.7559704

>Ina hasn't made a member post
she promised...

>> No.7560010

you aren’t sorry!

>> No.7561358

Ina without pupils would be kino

>> No.7561612

Nene x ina besto shipo

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>> No.7561675

It's up

>> No.7561836

why cant i find it?

>> No.7561864

Maybe it's not in your region yet, I'm in the EU

>> No.7561906

Leafland never gets anything good very fast anyway.

>> No.7561955

These songs usually become available at midnight on your local timezone

>> No.7561962

I want to put my penis between the boing and the flat

>> No.7562010

I don't like nene.
she's too loud

>> No.7562153

Ass too fuckin big, ina is petite

>> No.7562377

explain why there is no 1 on 1 collab yet, lamy x ina > nene x ina

>> No.7562505

left alone and unsupervised, a 1-on-1 between Nene and Ina would quickly and uncontrollably devolve into hot, sweaty, depraved discord sex, and that's a yab management doesn't want to deal with.

>> No.7562895

I blame Ina for making me unable to see any part of a female's body without getting extremely turned on anymore, this is affecting my daily life.

>> No.7562940

Blame your own coomer brain and keep Ina out of this.

>> No.7563013

violet reminds me of this song for some reason

>> No.7563109

I'm going to cum to your slender fingers and there's nothing you can do about it Ina.

>> No.7563420

I don't really feel like watching other vtubers right now for some reason, all I've been watching are Ina VODs
Give me your favorite VOD recommendations outside of the usual game ones

>> No.7563447

She is both asian and woman.

>> No.7563492

>> No.7563551

Every drawstream
Also that members-only late night Zatsudan stream where she was drawing in the background but got nothing done so she booted the takos out and finished her drawing before next morning.

>> No.7563709

That members stream was one of my favorites she's done.

>> No.7563861

same I cant bring my self to watch anyone else.

>> No.7564096

I sometimes think Ina may be in love with us (me)

>> No.7564160

She moans my name every night.

>> No.7564201

We've got some time, going to dump the soundpost takos I've put together over the months.

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>> No.7564312


They're great, takocchi.

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>> No.7564373

Based. Do it.

>> No.7564381

Thank you.

>> No.7564406

I knew immediately it would be that Phoenix Wright jazz song without even having to open it

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>> No.7564468

>> No.7564534

And those are all the ones I've put together, but I've seen other anons put together some as well.

>> No.7564707

These are great, the 2x rail-related ones and the wave. Do you have an art Twitter or anything?

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>> No.7564809

Now that Ina has finally released her original, what other covers would you guys like to hear?
For me it's definitely Homura, I beg you, Weight of the world, and King

>> No.7564815

Nope. Just post mainly on /hlgg/.
The gifs aren't mine, the takodachi outline isn't mine, and the music sure as hell isn't mine- I just mash existing media together is all. I feel it'd be disingenuous for me to post this under an account claiming it's mine when none of it's parts really are.

>> No.7564827

Man today this soundpost hits different.

>> No.7564851

Meant for >>7564707
I may be a creative takodachi, doesn't mean I have any brains.
Anyways, here's the template.
Go nuts.

>> No.7564860

Did Ina change the color of the subtitles? It's an actual Violet color now instead of being pink.

>> No.7564888

They were violet for me when I first watched it though

>> No.7564953

Woah, slow down there partner.
Do you know how fast you were watching?
For the violet color to look pink?

>> No.7565016

I was listening to a bunch of covers from the hologirls, it gave me a desire for Ina to cover Fansa

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>> No.7565082

Is there a sound webm / mp4 version of that Kiara soundpost that keeps getting posted? The one with the cartoons in the brain.

>> No.7565139

I keep thinking about Inas eventual graduation and getting depressed

>> No.7565215

So your reps so she'll be proud of you when she can't hold your hand anymore.

>> No.7566672

Ina dose for all those takos with withdrawal symptoms


>> No.7566769

Thanks, Ina

>> No.7566834

Why is Violet not at 1mil views yet? Wtf bros I thought Ina was supposed to dethrone Gura and be the new top dog of Hololive EN.

>> No.7566899


>> No.7567032

why Gura dropped her spaghetti talking to Ina of all people

>> No.7567084

I'm convinced she sees her as a responsible big sister figure considering she has a job and has her life mostly in order. Also she puts up with her antics in a cute understanding way like a good big sister should. A real cutie!

>> No.7567152

I hope someone records the panel. I don't think it will be broadcasted like AX...

>> No.7567221

Your (You), sir.
That said, I'm really proud of how many views our priestess has gotten!

>> No.7567553

>> No.7567783


>> No.7568033

Link and timestamp?

>> No.7568147

I bet you don't even watch or care about either Ina or Gura and are just here for the (You)s.
I'm just happy my priestess' song is out and it came out good. All that effort paid off and I hope she learned a lot from it to deliver more songs in the future.

>> No.7568590

A quick google search gave me this
Feel free to turn it into a soundpost or something

>> No.7568639


>> No.7569104

I hope Ina eventually gets a nendo. With huge fuckin tentacles, several takodachi, and AO chan.
It would probably be more expensive since the tentacles are big, but I would instabuy it.

>> No.7569256

Me too. I’m going to pre-order her first figure as soon as it’s available

>> No.7569519

I didn't even know Violet came out. Ina couldn't have chosen an easier-to-ignore thumbnail if she tried.

>> No.7569563

You’re probably baiting but if you haven’t kept up with the Violet rollout you’re probably not that interested in Ina to begin with. So it shouldn’t be a problem if you missed the premiere

>> No.7569616

I'm starting to believe violet was finished like a month ago but Ina held with release until forced break by management.

>> No.7569636

she admitted to having a giant ass, so you're wrong.

>> No.7569665

I fuckin' love this.

>> No.7569673

>With huge fuckin tentacles
That'd be sweet, but they'd definitely be on an "effect sheet" like (pic related).

>> No.7569715

>until forced break by management
I'm starting to believe you should watch streams.

>> No.7569766

This guy has taste.

>> No.7569834

She is too busy cuddling me, sorry mate.

>> No.7569933

Two wahs... Ahhhhhh, that hits the spot

>> No.7569977 [SPOILER] 


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>> No.7570025


>> No.7570142

Disgusting, now neck yourself

>> No.7570184

I am listening to Ame's gosling karaoke songs but I keep thinking about Ina

>> No.7570298


>> No.7570805

Teamates are really a poor bunch of lads. I am glad Ina never played into goslinging too hard, the only moments I feel it very strongly is when

1. She put Takos on her lap in that one stream
2. She admits she likes streaming for/with us so much it distracts her (the one drawstream a while ago etc)

And I know these events aren't intended to be goslingy by her, its just my weakness to feel like this.

>> No.7571047

If Ina starts to lean too hard into Goslinging I’ll drop her like a sack of potatoes. There’s no style of streamer that’s more boring or embarrassing

>> No.7571142

I fucking love Ina

>> No.7571291

She doesn't play into it directly but she has also never closed that door entirely and I honestly don't know if that's even more dangerous because it isn't obvious or even on purpose but some of us still end up deluding ourselves into thinking that we might have a chance with her
It's not very common but she has still joked about the marriage applications or dropped comments like "friends can still become something else" (paraphrasing) during her valentine stream
Sometimes I feel like even she might be struggling not to enter a parasocial relationship with us

>> No.7571569

Yeah parasocial relationships can very much be two-sided, see russia, among others. I hope Ina has enough of a social life outside of Hololive (i.e. family, IRL friends) so that this never happens to her, I would much rather have a one sided parasocial love for her than the wiers shit fandeads have.

>> No.7571643

Heads empty, no thoughts

>> No.7571653

>I hope Ina has enough of a social life outside of Hololive
y-yeah haha..

>> No.7571683

Ina please go for a walk, touch some grass, no mehera arc please

>> No.7571692


>> No.7571734

She has her gaming and art friends, she'll be fine

>> No.7571896

anyone in here concernfagging about Ina's social life needs to calm down. she's fine. honestly just seems like a normal introvert. if you're gonna genuinely worry about an EN it's Gura and even she seems to be doing better after fixing her sleep schedule.

>> No.7571951

Is Rushia actually? or she just playing it up because it's profitable? (I love Rushia don't get me wrong)

>> No.7571999

Lumina didn't finish the video until last week jfc do you guys even twitter

>> No.7572031


>> No.7572071

damn i wish they animated her mickey voice lmao

>> No.7572090

this is great

>> No.7572144

Jokes on you. I'm concernfagging her lack of sleep instead.

>> No.7572178

>> No.7572180

they both were. gura's mentioned eating sand a few times but also markers and crayons and catfood and some other shit i can't think of rn

>> No.7572187

As far as I am aware she is genuine, not gonna go into roommate reps here but from what I have seen/heard she is genuinely mentally ill and really really needs to go outside more. Only worse case is Festival.

>> No.7572248


>> No.7572272

oh jesus....i had no idea
Yagoo really does pick up the broken girls doesn't he :/

>> No.7572289

this was in response to a certain akasupa chatter who started interacting with another chuba btw

>> No.7572348

oh... oh no. Binding your parasocial relationship with money is just hell

>> No.7572361

good lord :( (i don't want to derail this thread anymore i'll do my reps)

>> No.7572407


>> No.7572591

How do Koreans feel about Ina? I keep getting korean-made HoloEN memes recommended.

>> No.7572731

Why is it so easy to tell when Ina is reading from a script?

>> No.7572735

She’s signed to a Japanese company and she just released a song that’s entirely in Japanese. How do you think they feel

>> No.7572802

I'm going to enjoy Ina hugging her asmr mic and telling us she loves us while flicking my ears and the number of people that will drop her for doing that means nothing to me.

>> No.7572827

Very comforted.

>> No.7572847

>the number of people that will drop her for doing that means nothing to me.
Well of course it doesn’t. It’s also never going to happen because the majority of her audience would be opposed to it. Ina is not an ASMRtuber

>> No.7572907

I can tell you don't watch enough Ina streams because 2/3 of that has already happened and we will be getting ASMR back on the menu shortly once Ane'nis leaves.

>> No.7572913

>It’s also never going to happen because the majority of her audience would be opposed to it
I don't know what majority you are talking about but her chat is always pushing for more ASMR and calling stuff like her eating or stomach noises cute, which they are

>> No.7572998

She has never done an ASMR stream
I genuinely think you’re experiencing tunnel vision because you want it so badly. I have never seen chat push for Ina to do ASMR, it wouldn’t suit her image. Get Gura or Ame to do ASMR pandering and leave Ina out of it

>> No.7573010

Please watch some of Ina's streams...

>> No.7573019

Confirmed for not watching streams
I'm not even gonna spoonfeed you the link to the ASMR stream

>> No.7573035


>> No.7573062

Remember to use the hide button!

>> No.7573063

I’ve seen every Ina stream aside from Titanfall. I’ve probably watched her for longer than you have. She has never done an ASMR stream in the way you’re suggesting
How about you jerk off before you post again

>> No.7573079

No more (You)s!

>> No.7573135

I will continue to vehemently oppose Ina doing ASMR even if it goes against the narrative here

>> No.7573161

Not everything has to cater to your cum brains all the time. You have a million resources at your disposal to jerk off to leave Ina out of it

>> No.7573180

>Not everything has to cater to your cum brains all the time
Why not?

>> No.7573184

I want Ina to do more ASMR streams

>> No.7573269

I don't think this has been clipped yet so here, the takodachi round from yesterday

>> No.7573300

It will always amuse me that people will claim to know what Ina will and will not do because they "know her the best" and project their own values upon her.
It's almost like they put her on a pedestal

>> No.7573525

Has someone posted a catbox of Violet in FLAC yet?

>> No.7573603

Not any of those anons but whatever she does I'm fine with it. I really enjoyed her drawing ASMR and I know the content she will deliver will be tasteful and just the right ammount of lewd.

Now, what I really want from Ina is a drinking stream. Slowly relaxing, as she lets her barriers down and starts talking about more personal stuff, slips of the tongue, after a hard day of work, as she and her viewers share a drink over the screen. A tradition as old as humanity.

God I really want that. But she seems opposed to it, even if her audience seems older than average. Lamy.....Akirose.....tasukete....

>> No.7573720

Are we that cheap?

>> No.7573723


>> No.7574072

$5 is more than my daily food budget.

>> No.7574582

>> No.7574619


>> No.7574702

Ina does the only good ASMR, the pen tapping kind.

>> No.7574764

Womb tapping ASMR without protection is the only type of ASMR my dau...er...Ina'nis should be making. Also she should clean her room and stop drinking soda.

t.not Mama'nis

>> No.7574788

Ina's pen strokes are too fast and confident and it gives me anxiety

>> No.7574885

Mama'nis, I can save your daughter...
Just let me in...

>> No.7575234

Me on the left

>> No.7575353

This will never stop being fun to me. I'm waiting for something similiar to Times Square for serious amount of I WACTH STREM, I KOWN HER quality shit.

>> No.7575431

Are we being mad at cumbrains again?
Because someone did their reps after deleting their artwork.

>> No.7575455

Looks better than the last time I saw it. I think it's the color of the nips.

>> No.7575496

Face is very well drawn

>> No.7575512

Need more ribs

>> No.7575581

It looks great as long as I don't look below the waist

>> No.7575599

>> No.7575635

There is already increase of ribs agree the last time.

>> No.7575660

Yeah put a bandaid there or something if you don't know what to do. If you don't show it, the brain will imagine the rest. That's a fucking pro tip for everything you do in life too.

>> No.7575673

Hi Ame !

>> No.7575692

I know her intimately.. so...

>> No.7575709

Your tulpa doesn't counts

>> No.7575722

I want Ina to collab with Towa and someone else on APEX. Towa is a cute dork like Ina and very good in collabs, and she has been learning a bit of Korean recently

>> No.7575729

I only have Ina

>> No.7575738

Just because you know her G-spot doesn't mean you know her thought processes.

>> No.7575823

I'd love a Towa collab but I'd rather have minecraft over Apex
Nothing against the game but their skill levels are so far apart that it wouldn't be fun for either of them

>> No.7575858

ye, you don't want Ina mogging their senpais

>> No.7575893

by the way, what happened to the server merge? Was it an rrat after all?

>> No.7575927

That's a good idea too, though Towa has a smurf that she uses in these cases (when she actually remembers to use it...)

>> No.7575993

it's been a while since i've checked on her but apparently she's currently playing HK

>> No.7576081

She had a HK stream a few days/weeks ago, which was the first time she played it in a long time. She has a lot of Apex competitions with usually very fun groups, collabs, karaoke, some zatsudans

>> No.7576103

Is she continuing from where she left off last year or did she start over?

>> No.7576114

I should probably watch her more. Especially since I have the ability to enjoy Apex streams. Gotta make use of that.

>> No.7576148

I think a collab between Selen and Ina would be fun since they can both joke around and do their dorky laughs together. Also, Ina might like getting bullied by another female more.

>> No.7576159

I'm personally not a huge fan of apex but Towa being Towa makes them great. Her group with Selly, Met and Include was really fun too, if you haven't watched it I recommend watching the CR cup stream and the L4D2 afterparty

>> No.7576170

I have no idea who Selen is

>> No.7576205

thanks for the recs, towanon

>> No.7576216

Someone from Ni*i*anji EN that makes Apex fun and can draw too.

>> No.7576322

That explains it, I don't know anything about Niji EN. It would be nice for Ina to have a few external collabs, I miss a bit the time when Hololive and Nijisanji were a bit closer

>> No.7576462

I miss the oniberus collabs between Ayame Toko from way back, they used to be so cute together.
Simpler times...

>> No.7576491

I like Selen but she's not the first Niji I'd consider for a collab
Someone like Pomu would be much more her speed and they could geek out together since she's also a huge weeb, also her happy go lucky attitude reminds me a lot of Nene which Ina would also like

>> No.7576587

I agree but the subject was an apex collab and Pomu doesn't really do that that often.

>> No.7576588

>remember I haven't watched Toko in a long time
>she's actually live right now
Thank you anon.

>> No.7576807

I can't believe there's a civilized discussion of Hololive and Nijisanji here. /Wah/ truly is somewhere special

>> No.7576883

Name it headcrabdachi and spoiler any future pictures please

Your post didn't say anything about Apex so I just assumed, either way Pomu has probably played more Apex than Ina

>> No.7576965

Name it Ina and talk to it pretending it's her until it talks back and actually becomes Ina for you

>> No.7577263

Do you think if we show Anya our balls, she'll relay our messages to Ina via discord?

>> No.7577268

This is nice. I am now horny.

>> No.7577332

The one that's posting as Anya is actually Ina RPing as Anya, so yes, she will listen if you do post your balls.

>> No.7577440

Would you kindly tell me what it is?

I remember the tako,
If you're still here be proud, it looks really good

>> No.7577518

>what it is
tailless whip scorpion

>> No.7577644

>tailless whip scorpion
Now that's something new i just learned. Hope you take care of it well tako.
I'm shit as naming so ill just recommend you pulling up the random name gen, or name it something so absurdly unexpected that its funny, like Carl or Joe

>> No.7577658

I miss my priestess.

>> No.7577854

They're pretty cool little creatures. I'm shit at naming things as well. I was thinking "kumo/kumodachi" even though it's neither a spider nor a scorpion idk I'll have to sleep on it.

>> No.7577927

Kanikumo sounds pretty fun, which is just literally a mix of crab and spider

>> No.7577985

Anon... Why lie?

>> No.7578034


>> No.7578060

Ina inai ;_;

>> No.7578072

huh that's a good one might just go with that i can't think of a better one

>> No.7578077

her(our) bed

>> No.7578085

Ina Inai na...

>> No.7578114

whip scorpion kani... uoh!

>> No.7578244

For us europeans, our nights aren't the same . . .

>> No.7578284

Mutilation is a small price to pay to watch the only person i really have cared on my life . . .

>> No.7578360

And just like that, little takodachi died in the streets of rio de janeiro gunned down by kfp workers . . .

>> No.7578377

. . .mind

>> No.7578388


>> No.7578418

You idiots, the real question is where is Ina!

>> No.7578442

Kumodachi, I guess? That or you could go for Sasodari or just Sasodachi for sasori.

>> No.7578511

Everybody always says "where's ina" or "who's ina"
nobody ever asks "how's ina?"

>> No.7578543

"Hows ina?" You ask, the answer is clear for any thinking individual.

She is perfectly flat

>> No.7578608

OMG! My eyes have been blessed witrh the sigth of this masterpiece!

>> No.7578789

Im happy that ina is still vtubing out of fun, she's perfectly capable of stop streaming an live a comfortable life. We must enjoy her companny during the time being, because one day we wont be capable of . . .

>> No.7578900

|' w ' )
|w ' )
| ' )

>> No.7578926


>> No.7579291

Nina is reading the thread right now. Behave.

>> No.7579350

Who's Nina?

>> No.7579351

Sleep Ina, sleep!

>> No.7579739

>> No.7579974

>> No.7580195

Iname schizos are losing grip

>> No.7580721

this one just fucking screams tumblr

>> No.7580775

holy cringe

>> No.7580783

it's a meme

>> No.7580801

happy to say that i'm not familiar with it

>> No.7581093

Not really. You wouldn't want to se some of the weird shit gurame or takamori schizos pull

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