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never forget, never forgive

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>make sure no one finds the body

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Let's get to 100!

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Mel was terminated 87 days ago coincidence I think not.

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This is Holo tribalists fault, they kept harassing her

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Holy shit, a vampire slayer on the catalog.

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Or they realized that there's a clear pattern going on and that Elira, Vox, and Ike weren't the first idiot trio to make defamatory videos on a terminated niji.

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what the hell happened, seriously
she denied the mel rrat so why just give up like this? Just keep denying it especially if it wasn't true

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Just like the pattern that no ex liver wants anything to do with Dookie right?

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I miss Kyandie. There was someone saying she reincarnated into V4Mirai, but that wasn't true.

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If only the organs that bullied Doki had the same sense of shame.

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I will never forgive her for what she did to Mel.

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niji sure takes its toll on livers...

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holofag harassment. they think she hurt the brand so they will attack her until she graduates just like aloe.

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Exquisite bait. I wonder how many will bite. I won't give it a (You) though

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Nobody's ever going to believe you that Holo was the ones who did that, and not the goddamn sisters.

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Sister, it's well known to any non-tourist /here/ that Nijisisters were the ones that harassed Aloe. Try rewriting history somewhere else

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might be the first niji to take an actual health break rather than a "health break" given how she (don't open) has used month old milk in her cooking streams multiple times

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Kunai actually had to do that to recover from surgery, which crippled her growth early on, and since niji doesn't provide support, she never recovered. I think Pomu had to recover from surgery for a few months, too once.

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yeah maybe i worded that wrong, i meant people taking a health break after something that'd make you think it was instead a "health break". i genuinely believe whatever the hell happened with mel is completely unrelated even though logically i shouldn't because its fucking niji, but she literally eats stuff thats only a step away from pagpag for content every other week
i would not be surprised if she had her stomach pumped and learned about a horrific tumor that formed in her inner lining or something

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>women scared someone into quitting their job
nice fanfiction

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Realistically what the fuck would a company do for her when she's on break? If she isn't streaming they can't bot her

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Pomu did, but that was extremely early on. The main difference is that it was a growing branch with only Lazulight at that point, where as NijiEN has so many livers now with a tarnished reputation at that.

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Didn’t that one organ quit because shipfags destroyed his will to carry on?

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i dont think its a form of harassment

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I think kotoka is simply hiding because dramafags are out for blood ever since the doki situation blew up. If she stream she knows dramafags will come after head because of the whole sayu thing and it seems like kotoka is someone who can't handle pressure without breaking out in tears.

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>the whole sayu thing
This reeks of the same energy as sisters saying "nijiEN had an incident a few months ago"

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Isn't she the one who ended two of her "friends" careers?
Yeah, I'd probably go into hiding as well

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And you reek of impotent rage faggot calm your tribalist mantits down, I was merely giving an observation considering everything that's been happening thus far. And it makes sense as to why she's hiding. She is afraid of being crucified. Especially if she retweeted that black screen video too.

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I just want her to lick my ears and softly sing You Are My Sunshine to me again.

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She only definitively ended one career, Zaion. There’s no real proof of her ending Mel’s career, people just strongly suspect her due to NijiEN’s extremely catty environment, the fact that she already threw one friend under the bus on record, and because she was one of the last external parties Mel publicly collabed with. If the ponpire somehow shared important industry secrets then people assumed Kotoka would probably be one to blab about it without realizing the implications or that it could be traced back to Mel.

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how hard could she be getting sued?
whatever she did, the Hololive daisenpai Mel got instantly fired for such breach as collateral damage
remember she have a history of being a unironically backstabbing bitch ON CAMERA

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>Hololive daisenpai mel
Stop it anon that's not even close

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Every time this gets asked everyone glosses over serious reasons like her mom having cancer and the fact that she was already depressed before she went on break.

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I don't watch her and I had no idea her mom had cancer. Fuck cancer

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Funny. She didn't seem able to afford any of that sympathy for Zaion before making that video.

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I have no sympathy for somebody who isn't even in the right branch to begin with.
I guess at least her and Meloco taking a spot from actual EN talents spared some from the black company but she still deserves whatever the fuck is coming to her.

Nobody cares about the sob story of a bitch who throws anyone and everyone under the bus.

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Yes and she has to take care of her. So why is it even surprising that she's gone quiet if she's depressed, we don't even know how bad it is and cancer treatment is lengthy.
I know you're shitposting but when you grow up and have to care for family members with cancer, you'll get it.

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How the fuck her mother having cancer is funny to you? Grow the fuck up. Yes it was unfortunate that kotoka threw her under the bus. But your beef is with kotoka not her relative who has nothing to do with her daughters drama. You are a disgusting piece of shit for that one.

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I will never feel sympathy for somebody as selfish and slimy as kotoka.
I hope she suffers.

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Remember that karma always comes in full circle you subhuman piece of shit

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Yeah, nah. Fuck off with your ESL bullshit. Funny as in "strange" or possibly even ironic that this woman posts her own sob story and cites her mental issues while utterly destroying another woman's career when they're going through similar bullshit a year prior.
There's nothing humorous about either situation, retard.

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According to Asia she's having the time of her life

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Kotoka is a snake who fucked over Zaion and very likely fucked over Mel. She's a terrible person. Therefore, she owes me paizuri and raw sex for a month. Nakadashi is mandatory. She's lucky I like gyarus this much.

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Her break feels an awful lot like niji trying to do that thing where she doesn't stream so they can sue antis for damages later, despite that not working for them kek

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>ESL boogeyman out of nowhere.
You are a seething faggot who will never get laid, nobody fucking likes you everyone thinks you're insufferable and your mother cries on her knees every night for raising a fucking failure of a son, you are alone with nobody that gives to single fucks about you and that's how you're going to die alone and forgotten by everyone else who's life changed while yours remain the same. You have to be a special breed of a piece of shit subhuman laboratory experiment to harbor this much hatred enough to make fun of somebody who's going through something as painful as cancer. Goddammit what an absolute shithole this board is.

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Nta, but your post coming down to
>you'll never have sex, incel
is peak woman and/or Twitter behavior. Maybe you should go back.

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>still doesn't deny the fact that he can't comprehend that words can have multiple meanings and usages.
Maybe take Riku's dick out of your mouth for a few seconds and go read a dictionary.
That said, I still have no sympathy for that disgusting backstabber.

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Good, stupid fucking whore

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Literally nobody likes your oshi.
Her view counts were ass even before she disappeared.
Maybe if she were actually a good person people would like her more and watch her despite being boring as hell. Turbo-cucks like you don't actually care about this shit, you've projected a false image onto a woman who literally doesn't care if her "friends" make it to the next day alive as long as she gets hers.

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Both of you faggots are disgusting imagine harboring so much hatred shit never mind is 2am for me so this mean is prime time in Jakarta this explain this whole subhuman behavior being accepted among sea.

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Hi, Kotoka.

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She isn't my oshi. There's lines I won't cross making fun of people with cancer is one of those lines you subhuman monkey.

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This post reeks of ESL.

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>nijisis having a woman moment

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You have no fucking idea what you girls did to the women Kotoka and her ilk fucked over, huh?
Call me when someone publishes her address and passport all over twitter and then harasses her in person for the next 13 months. Then maybe we can talk.

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If this board is not to your taste perhaps you can try nyfco
Oh wait

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How is hoping she suffers making fun of her?
She has caused so much pain.
This is already the karma you are talking about, just actually coming back to hit her in the ass.
Her mother is at fault for raising a terrible person as well.
What goes around comes around.
At least I still think of people as humans when they disagree with me, and humans can deserve bad things to happen to them when they have done bad things.

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Seething Jakartan spotted just like that, i I knew your ego was going to make you act out, thank you for confirming my suspicions you Dorian fruit breath manlet.

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Laughing at a flailing tard is fun no matter the nationality.

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>no mention of riku or dicks and balls
>this dickhead suddenly bringing riku dick and balls out of nowhere.
Projecting the fact you just finished cranking your hog to gayporn are you? Isn't that punishable by death in Indonesia you gay manlet.

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Still not beating the ESL allegations, sister. No wonder you're so desperate to defend that cunt.

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Only someone with cock embedded in their brain would think the way you do. Only you can make being a decent human being not wanting to make fun of her mother condition and wish her ill into your secreted cock sucking fetish. I'll tell you this again your beef is with kotoka take your frustration out on her. Her mother has absolutely nothing to do with your retarded drama. And if Sayu is directly encouraging pieces of shit like you to laugh at a woman who's suffering cancer then guess what faggot she is no different than kotoka in that retrospect. I know you're a subhuman a common decency is a foreign concept to you but that's no excuse to be fucking retarded taking your frustration out on people that has absolutely nothing to do with your /vt/ wars you seething ignoramus.

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yeah, nah. Maybe you shouldn't come to a seething columbian basket weaving forum if you don't want to see people upset at shitty people who did shitty things.

Especially if you're defending that filth who not only ATTACKED a woman who went through the same shit, but sent a goddamn horde of you sick fucks to attack her to this day.

Grow some fucking balls if you're going to get upset at a seethe thread on goddamn 4chan.

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NTA but he wasn't the one getting btfo with you whining like this

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Axia? Yes

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I'm not defending kotoka in general you stupid fucking illiterate baboon I just said if your beef is with kotoka to take your anger out on kotoka and leave those who has nothing to do with your bullshit alone. If you think making fun of her mother who has cancer is okay then you're a piece of shit simple as, out of all thing you can hit kotoka with you choose to shit on a cancer patient. I wonder how Sayu would actually feel if she knew you fags are attacking an innocent bystander for absolutely no reason other than being a schizo. If you can wish kotoka mother to die of cancer then I can wish for your mother to catch cancer and die from it too just so that you can suffer due to karma coming back towards your way. But I'm not enough of a piece of shit to do that unlike you. Making fun of people with cancer is not cool at all cry all you want and lie all you want.

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>I'm not defending Kotoka
He says, as he defends Kotoka

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Nobody's making fun of anybody with cancer, genius. Chill the fuck out. Nobody's going to find her mother and laugh in her face in her hospital bed or whatever.

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This particular castle is pretty long. Lots of secret rooms hidden behind walls.

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why is the cancer thing only popping up now? Any source?

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she tried to rebel against management and it didn't go so well
now we await a forced graduation or a petty termination

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I never saw it talked about before so in my opinion it's an attempt at damage control

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whats probably going on is:
>A: someone behind the scenes was able to prove the mel rrat was real and Kotoka is basically getting legally and spcially fucked up, in addition to almost surely in the process of being fired with the health break being a ruse
>B: this rrat is being talked about on 2chan alot, which means the JP chuuba senpaitachi are harassing her enough to where she actually needed time off and its one of the very rare "real" health breaks
Either way I wouldnt want to be in her shoes rn kek.

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I get Kotoka's a fucking terrible person man, but dont act like /vt/ drama is comparable to someone's mother having cancer, that's in really bad tastes.

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/vt/ drama? A woman's career got destroyed, she was doxxed all over the internet and harassed in person largely due to her fucking smear video and betrayal painting her as some kind of monster. Yeah, the mother thing sucks but that doesn't excuse any of the garbage Kotoka did before and never even tried to alleviate.

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And Nijisisters are still holding a year-old mistake over her head

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Why are twittards always pretending like they're black. Can that fucking stop? It's legit cringe

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Sayu didnt deserve any of that, and its fucking depressing that the vtuber community can be low enough to think doxxing is ok to do to someone they dont like. But look at it this way, she's doing much better these days and has fans supporting her through all this bullshit, it's hard but shes slowly recovering from that ordeal.

You think Sayu would like seeing her syncroknights using her as a one up against someone's mother having cancer, even if she felt wronged by them?
Think man, family members and serious illnesses should not be targets here.

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Like >>75476736 said, Holo is incapable of harassing people (even if said person got Mel fired).

>> No.75489753

You're right. I've probably gone too far. My bad. It still sucks even if it happens to people I dislike.

>> No.75489814

I'm not a sincroknight, I'm just calling out bullshit as it is, and I don't need to go over the countless instances of Nijisisters being malicious. Nijisisters are unironically evil and deserve worse than cancer

>> No.75489826

Niji and their rabid fan base didn't stop treating her like shit and would still yab about her if the company didn't royally fuck up with Selen.

This cancer thing is fake without a source. Sisters have been saying lies for ages and then ask others for source. Time to fess up. Where is the stream / twitter / anything that proves you didn't pull this out of your ass.

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They still yap about her unprovoked only to call her a rape apologist and pedophile, they just want to slander an easy target who doesn't have the fanbase to fight back hard enough

>> No.75489899

They will still do that 10 years after Sayu apologized and did better. These insecure shitheads never cared about making things right. Just being right. The suffering of others is an accessory to their own self-gratification. I wish I didn't have to be reminded they exist.

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It's all good brother I get being mad after all that's happen with Sayu. Good on you for trying to be mature about it.
If it's fake and just some nijinigger baiting I take back what I said and apologize. I'm just being real here in case it's real, I've lost someone to cancer and it's something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy.

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I don't know. This is the only thing I could find about it. I guess she mentioned it at some point on this day.
Fuck, man. I don't think Sayu would want to attack people like this either way... This whole situation is just so awful and never should've happened.

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Oh yeah remember when Kotoka taught Mysta a Japanese rape joke and he subsequently said it to Riku's face? And didn't get fired for it? That's craaaaazy

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She didnt deserve to go out like that, what a perfect model

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