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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7523201

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First for Fish LOVE!

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Selen LOVE!

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Pomu LOVE!

>> No.7532963

Pomu Pomu Pomu 8 days since Pomu's Pomu
Pomu miss Pomu Pomu much Pomu

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My lovely fairy wife, Pomu Rainpuff of Nijisanji EN

>> No.7533025

man i fuckin hate genshin

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>> No.7533056

I don't hate it but boy does it bore me to tears. Can't wait for BotW2 so that the Japs forget Genshin entirely.

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>> No.7533076

I feel like everyone has done the same story arc 5 times

>> No.7533077

Vaginas exude a large amount of heat on normal human women, let alone on certain female solar dragons, whose body temperatures would only naturally be much higher than a normal human's. If one were to approach Selen's bare vagina, especially if she was aroused, you would probably be able to feel the heat of it on your skin. The natural heat is also probably conducive to arousal in its own right. Much like a 15 year old going through puberty and getting erections at random, a side effect of being a dragon breed is probably often, unprovoked arousal. Who knows, it may even be permanent. Selen might literally be "in heat" at all times. On top of what may be almost perpetual wetness between her thighs, her naturally high body temperature probably makes it difficult for her to wear human clothes comfortably. But then again she may get off on the feeling of being wrapped so tightly, so to speak. The sensation of her wet vagina would probably resemble putting your finger into a bath of hot honey. The juices more viscous than normal and just hot enough that you almost risk a burn. Imagine the smell and the taste of her inner thighs after one match. Wet and sticky with a musky odor and all salty-sweet from the combination of her various juices... In addition, Selen's vagina may even be larger than those of human women, or at the very least anatomically different. The vaginal walls of human women only contract significantly during sex if experiencing orgasm. Due to her dragon nature, Selen may resemble some member of the known animal kingdom in that her physical control over her vaginas muscles is much greater. It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Selen could flex and contract the muscles in her vaginal walls to masturbate and in effect "milk" a penis for all it's worth. Her cervix may even be penetrable with little to no pain experienced, a sort of inverse "knot", a way to ensure that not one drop of her mate's semen will escape her.

>> No.7533080

Punishing Grey Raven is better.

>> No.7533094

>best thighs
>best tits
>best eyebrows

what else is there

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>> No.7533113

So much for being a """lesbian"""

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>> No.7533152

Best ass and hips anon

>> No.7533164

The true goslings knew she was bi all along. The falseflaggers who had a meltdown were not real pomudachi.

>> No.7533174

Belmond just converts lesbians

>> No.7533187

Ain’t Pengu a little too young to be getting back problems is she out of shape? Like skinny little weak Asian girl.

>> No.7533198

Rosemi's pussy smells like roses

>> No.7533215

What do you mean? She is. She works for the same company as Belmond. She just has to reach out and Belmond will certainly try to make it work, since he's such an awesome guy. I'm sorry to tell you this, but as a lot of things all of the girls say and do, this is all for show.

>> No.7533233

Wanting to collab =/= wanting to fuck

>> No.7533245

She's a shipper. Is this news?

>> No.7533256

I'm not saying it's her case, but in high school a friend of mine started having back problems due to her massive milkers. I think she had surgery later because of that.

>> No.7533257

All collabs with Belmond end in sex

>> No.7533285

But he collabed to male seiyuus many times?

>> No.7533293

His dick can cross continents???

>> No.7533298

All that guy does is post a fucking picture and this thread is guaranteed shit for the next 200 posts. Amazing.

>> No.7533307

>Best body

>> No.7533314

U... Uoooh?

>> No.7533317

>The only straight NijiEN member
>The least popular and widely disliked

Really makes you think...

>> No.7533339

Why did you phrase that like a question?

>> No.7533349

>and widely disliked
By who?

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>> No.7533369

You are coping. Pomu is a lesbian just like Elira.

>> No.7533394

No she is just boring. She's getting better though.

>> No.7533395

I liked her tiramisu stream

>> No.7533396

Lovely POMU

>> No.7533402

Straightfags don't belong in nijisanji. This is a homo-only zone.

>> No.7533409

All of Nijisanji EN has collabed or interacted with males on Twitter or stream. It's all been tame and polite with no real flirting. No idea why people lose their shit over the ideas of collabs like this.

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>> No.7533518

Just ignore all the "everyone is lesbian" shitposters. They've been at it for a while.

>> No.7533530

She doesn't fit it well with the others for a variety of reasons, and being completely straight is one of them. So yes, her being straight is indirectly a factor in why I don't like her.

>> No.7533553

Rosemi LOVE!

>> No.7533563

H***tourists + we'll soon be entering the deep SEA hours.

>> No.7533591

>no Rosemi VOD
>no Pomu impromptu collabs
Guess I'll work today.

>> No.7533609

Rosemi-sama joined Finana for Apex earlier.

>> No.7533613

Rosemi was on Finana's Apex stream today

>> No.7533627

Is Chaika a lesbian?

>> No.7533629

>he doesn't know

>> No.7533634

Stay strong Fairy friend.

>> No.7533643

Least popular on vt maybe. Her youtube and twitter are doing fine and in fact may be better than her genmates.
Personally I don't see why as I find her boring outside of collabs and interactions when she has someone or something to bounce off on and she stops being a spoilsport for 10 seconds. But she definitely has an audience.

>> No.7533667

I recall Elira mentioning that she would be in a collab on Friday at 11am ET. She said it wasn't APEX, so it might not be the international collab that Gwelu mentioned (unless she was trying to deflect). I wonder if it's part of her JP Zatsu+Minecraft stream that starts at 9AM ET (maybe a tour of the JP server?), or if it's a separate thing right after.

>> No.7533685

Geez, you make it sound like our shitposting and bitching have zero affect on the chuubas or their fan community.

>> No.7533699

Oh man, I thought Finana went all out at the begining but looks like she went even further beyond when I went to sleep.
At this point I'm really looking forward to her membership streams

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>> No.7533709

She gets along with Rosemi perfectly fine though.
I do want to see a Selen and Petra only stream at some point. Imagine the sparks.

>> No.7533743

Someone, please, teach me how to enjoy two streams at the same time. This is getting impossible, there is too much content

>> No.7533746

Her youtube hasn't been doing "fine". She was streaming to 3-5k people in debut week and can barely crack 1.5k these days. Selen is the only one of Obsydia who has maintained any momentum and depending on how strongly Pomu returns would be the second/third most popular NijiEN.

>> No.7533755

Finana was really hellbent in trying to get Selen embarrassed but it wasn't until the end of the stream where it kind of worked but Selen dipped out of chat before it got TOO lewd.

>> No.7533764

What else can she do besides masturbate on stream?

>> No.7533765


This site allows you to stack them in one window. It's good for collabs.

>> No.7533787

Just make sure one of them is a Genshin stream so then it's really just 1.25 streams.

>> No.7533790

From the Minecraft collab, it's obvious Selen knows how to goad Petra out of her shell. Any collab between the two of them will be something I will watch with great interest.

>> No.7533827

Unless it's a collab, you can't. It is indeed impossible to enjoy multiple streams at the same time.

>> No.7533853

I mean listening to what they are saying. I can't process multiple people talking about separate things. Im trying to separate stream audio to right and left ear

>> No.7533866

"I'm here for the kids"

>> No.7533881

I can't believe we might get aroblox stream. I was joking when i said it was poggers the other day, please elira, no

>> No.7533890


>> No.7533894

>I'm the first vote

>> No.7533911

This is YOUR fault, anon. Prepare to die!

>> No.7533930

Roblox is top kino, it's normal to be afraid of it.

>> No.7533934

You can make good roblox content if you know what you are doing, but Elira will probably just roll up and click on the first interesting thing she sees.

>> No.7533940

I wish I was a shota.

>> No.7533965

So this is how Democracy dies.
With thunderous applause.

>> No.7533973

Yeah, I'm actually a bit surprised. I thought Selen would be more of a glass canon but she's the one to handle Feesh the best besides Pomu.

She like to embarrass and getting embarrassed so I could picture her calling out members and asking them 'innocent' questions.
Also definitely more visualisation material similar to panty list

>> No.7533980

Bonbon is that much of a chad that he can convert lesbians to the other side.

>> No.7533998

Sounds like a copyright yab waiting to happen

>> No.7534005

I mean, She made the fucking cookie clicker out of all things enjoyable, so a Roblox stream might not be so bad...?

>> No.7534034

Watch the vod at 1.5 to 2x speed or use something like Holodex to watch multiple streams at once.

>> No.7534036

Hide yo shotas, she's comin

>> No.7534039 [SPOILER] 

It's inevitable

>> No.7534044

Enlighten me. I've only seen my brother make pizza in some factory

>> No.7534068

I-I don't like this image...

>> No.7534075


>> No.7534080

>> No.7534095

Cute Fish.

>> No.7534097

This brat

>> No.7534110


>> No.7534132

Fuck off

>> No.7534138


>> No.7534147

Fish would definitely say ECKS DEE out loud

>> No.7534157


>> No.7534162


>> No.7534178


>> No.7534183

Elira is the monkey’s paw streamer of NijiEN oh she’s doing a nice long stream tonight but it’s Genshin Impact. I guess she managed to make Cookie Clicker and Stanley Parable entertaining.

>> No.7534192


>> No.7534198

Selen gets 2k+ subs a day, so she should hit 100k before her draw stream!
she deserves it

>> No.7534220

Fish would be someone I can’t stand irl but I guess online she’s pretty cute.

>> No.7534222


>> No.7534223

wtf is roblox

>> No.7534227

To be honest I don't watch Roblox content, so I've only ever seen three videos of it, one being someone unironically playing some sort of cops and robbers game mode.
This video is different though, but you'll probably hate it for several reasons.

>> No.7534232

But Selen is a lunar sky dragon...

>> No.7534256

vidya for young teens

>> No.7534260

Elira, gimme some of your tots

>> No.7534262

I'd really love to meet her and hang out irl I feel like we'd get along pretty well

>> No.7534269

She's telling cute stories right now

>> No.7534282

Timestamp for when she joins VC? The VOD is still processing.

>> No.7534285

Come on bruh

>> No.7534296

I can't believe Elira went through such hardships T_T
Anyway, fell asleep during feesh collab, anything interesting happen during this stream so far or just comfy zatsudan?
Also how was Pingu-chan's stream apart from that cumshot on twitter?

>> No.7534300

anon, the age of the people (barring pedos and groomers) who play roblox are on the numbers of a clock.

>> No.7534309

Hey anon... psst.... AMOGUS

>> No.7534318

Roblox sex games

>> No.7534337

Interview with Obsydia just came out?

>> No.7534348

Damn, Elira really aiming for that shota demo, huh.

>> No.7534359

Why is Selen like this?

>> No.7534384

The juxtaposition between Petra's answer here and the others...

>> No.7534388


>> No.7534401

>Petra's ideal man
Bros how do you compare?

>> No.7534408

>Cool, mysterious, reliable
Rosemi is a fucking weirdo.

>> No.7534411

Sheltered zoomer penguin...

>> No.7534421

>Petra is a main heroine/hero fag
Also Rosemi's choice of Link is obviously because of her tights fetish.

>> No.7534423

Not really anything new or particularly interesting if you've been watching their streams, but I guess that isn't the target audience...? I feel like more interesting questions could have been asked.

>> No.7534433

Yes, she is just the best!

>> No.7534445


>> No.7534455


>> No.7534457

The lazulight one was pretty similar they seem to only ask very entry level questions

>> No.7534461


>> No.7534466

Finana sexD!

>> No.7534471

Maybe I should start wearing tights now...

>> No.7534472

You've just realized that?

>> No.7534477

This reminded me that I still haven't watched that Pomu Finana collab series yet.

>> No.7534493

>not mozu
what's wrong with this penguino

>> No.7534500

I always feel like these vids on the NijiEN channel are a bit overedited

>> No.7534514

>Selen prefers real men
I have a chance bros

>> No.7534523

>Elira is a fujo
oh no.

>> No.7534526

Looks like Leos to me.

>> No.7534558


>> No.7534564

Random thought but wasn't it racist for the teacher to assume selen was an ESL?

>> No.7534565


>> No.7534570

If anybody it'd be Oliver.

>> No.7534573

Change the color of his hair to blue.

>> No.7534586

>What made you want to become a member of NIJISANJI EN and LazuLight?
>What excites you the most about being a member of LazuLight?
>What do you bring to NIJISANJI that helps you stand out?
>Do you have any advice for those that might want to get into streaming?
I just checked, it's the same guy doing these interview articles and he asked less specific questions this time. Ah well. I would've been interested to see Selen answer the questions Lazulight got.

>> No.7534592

How does elira not annoy the shit out of her parents streaming so late late night

>> No.7534597

Eyes not dead enough

>> No.7534616

It's better than her being a NEET.

>> No.7534617

I thought she lived alone

>> No.7534634

Her dreams will become reality. The twitter art was a plant. She was angling for the shotas from the start!

>> No.7534635


>> No.7534642

“I didn’t really know what video games were until I went over to my friend’s house and they had a Wii. I think we played Wii Sports! I somehow managed to be terrible at even that…”


>> No.7534658

Based. Fuck /v/.

>> No.7534664

She lives with her mom and brother

>> No.7534668

based pengy

>> No.7534673

No she lives with me
t. her cumdaddy

>> No.7534677

>I opened Steam and saw Worms was 80% off. It's time

>> No.7534681

dangerously based

>> No.7534682

I'd believe it.

>> No.7534719

they gotta switch it up, on the wave 3 interview they'll be asking how many cocks the livers sucked

>> No.7534722

>I didn’t really know what video games were
How sheltered was she exactly...

>> No.7534723

elira stopped playing a gacha game just to play another gacha game offstream

>> No.7534725

Elira pls
Collab when?

>> No.7534731

>I spent 5 hours yesterday playing A3 to make sure I ranked

>> No.7534753

>I could picture her calling out members and asking them 'innocent' questions.
This made me realize Finana could be EN Tamaki. At least the "asking people about fetishes" part. She'd need to get the rest of the interviewing down, but that feels easier to learn than Norio-sensei's lack of shame.

>> No.7534775

Can you guys compete against this?

>> No.7534794

Won't this just be a copyright nightmare?

>> No.7534796

I actually hate every time Elira uses the stupid voice distorter or autotune shit.. I have to mute the stream every time. Why does she like doing this so much?

>> No.7534798

My forehead certainly can't

>> No.7534802

B-but she's a Stacy who probably has a boyfriend! I swear!

>> No.7534807

To make viewers with bad taste leave.

>> No.7534814

Elira watches Pokimane and her friends

>> No.7534823

That's not what racism is.

>> No.7534830

Dangerously sheltered. It's your job to protect her now, anons.

>> No.7534831


>t. i hate fun

>> No.7534842

To filter homosexuals and I guess it's working

>> No.7534847

Was she homeschooled?

>> No.7534863

>Playing Cards against Humanity is how I learned what bukkake was
Elira kek

>> No.7534868

She was profiled

>> No.7534869

no, I'm just autistic about sound. I can see you all love it for some reason that escapes me but whatever

>> No.7534870

That really depends on what she looked like IRL at the time. Well, it's a funny story anyway so who cares.

>> No.7534883

The reason is because you're autistic

>> No.7534885

It's not really profiling when they had evidence to believe she wasn't very good at English, even though it was a fluke.

>> No.7534889

“Any multiplayer game. Knowing I’m playing against or with others gives me a sense of comfort – Whether it’s FFXIV, Rainbow Six Siege, Tekken or L*gue of Lgends.”


>> No.7534895

Same, she's fine sometimes but she's obnoxious when she does the whole screwing with viewers/chat thing.

>> No.7534898

>L*gue of Lgends
What did she mean by this?

>> No.7534901

That's Leos alright.

>> No.7534906

How is it screwing with viewers to make a weird noise?

>> No.7534910

>I’m autistic
That’s all you had to say

>> No.7534912

I hope you get filtered harder

>> No.7534933

Bros is Elira talking about a m*le friend???

>> No.7534943

A male friend who didn't care that girls are cute
So probably a fudanshi she can sperg about penis in butt sex with

>> No.7534948

yeah me

>> No.7534960

Does it matter?

>> No.7534973


She mentioned in one of her first streams that the people she lived with know she's a vtuber and bought a cake to celebrate her debut.

Based on recent streams it's pretty clear she lives with her family. She bought her brother a melodica and mentioned that for like a week she'd randomly hear him playing it late at night.

>> No.7534981

Omori with Elira soon. Considering how bad she is with horror I wonder if she can handle this.

>> No.7535003

It's hardly a horror

>> No.7535011

Elira's a lesbian btw

>> No.7535013

Elira is cutest when getting excited over a guy

>> No.7535015

Is that a scary game? I always thought it was just really depressing lol

>> No.7535025

The "horror" is just a scary pixel monster.

>> No.7535026

She gets more JP viewers than anyone else in EN.

>> No.7535047

I've decided that I just won't play the game so I guess I'll watch her playthrough. Hope it's good.

>> No.7535049


>> No.7535050

I want to f**k Elira in her *u**y and c*m in her.

>> No.7535052

Pomu wtf are you watching

>> No.7535061

In that clip where she's talking about getting praise she specifies further that it was her family buying her the cake.

>> No.7535069

No, it’s more psychological horror.

>> No.7535078

Elira did this

>> No.7535088

I wonder if elira's brother ever stands outside of her room when the door is cracked and he just slowly masturbates to her beautiful voice and laughs as she streams

>> No.7535095

At least you bothered to change the name. I just left it.

>> No.7535100

>I want to fork Elira in her tummy and cam

>> No.7535102

She has said rpgmaker games like ib are some of her favorites. I can't remember which others she said she'd played.

>> No.7535108


>> No.7535111

Elira's anime summaries are killing my sides

>> No.7535122

This is more entertaining than the entirety of re:zero

>> No.7535124

Rezero is the most overrated anime I've ever seen like it's not bad but Jesus it really isn't good either lol

>> No.7535128

Wow you put too much effort into this post

>> No.7535130

I miss Selen. She would be streaming something like RE4 right now if not for corporate.

>> No.7535137

No, it's outright terrible

>> No.7535145

>Elira stopped watching Re:Zero for 5 fucking years because she was not emotionally prepared for her favorite seiyuu appearing in the show
This fucking dork I swear

>> No.7535147

Season 1 I enjoyed for the most part but 2 was like literally a sidequest that went on for an entire season lol

>> No.7535150

I love Elira.

>> No.7535153

Editing a clip and wanted to grab this feesh stream ending for you all. Goodnight, anons.

>> No.7535166

Love it when elira slips out of her character voice

>> No.7535177

>Won't this just be a copyright nightmare?
Pipkin Pippa's VOD of it is still up, and she literally stream Top 40 hit music.

>> No.7535179

Based dragon.

Note to self: give my future kids Starcraft as their first game.

>> No.7535188

Everything in this post is cute

>> No.7535191

rezero is shit but "cute maid girls so I like it"

babies first anime

>> No.7535196

Elira's taste is utter trash.

>> No.7535200

I stopped watching promare when I realized the the other main character from all the marketing was a male lol

>> No.7535208

That was the only reason Elira watched it.

>> No.7535216

I'm not sure what you were expecting

>> No.7535219

Elira uses a character voice?

>> No.7535223

Eureka Seven...I feel old.

>> No.7535244

Bad taste. Lio's great.
...Although I hate when fujoshi flatten him into either a shy bottom or a sadistic shota when he's nowhere near either.

>> No.7535247

Anemone best girl.

>> No.7535248

>Elira won't watch code geass because lelouch doesn't tickle other boys and shit

>> No.7535251

>mad that she (erroneously) believes that Lelouch kisses every girl in the show
She has a problem with this and yet watches all of that other trash? LMAO

>> No.7535254

Listen to her say that she will actual ask for permission after the stream because she doesn't know where to ask

>> No.7535258

In the theaters the couple next to me was talking about it, his gf was explaining it to him and he seemed weirded out. It was hilarious seeing the girl scream at the CPR scene and seeing the bfs face be completely still.

>> No.7535263

You should watch it, it's good.

>> No.7535264

Don't think so. Sounds like how she normally talks to me. The only time she's really sounded any different is when she's tired, just woke up or actually doing a character voice like in the debut pv and the voice pack.

>> No.7535271

The ironic thing about this is that she would coom her pants over the Lelouch Rolo interaction.
Fujos are fucking disgusting.

>> No.7535272

Geass-shitters BTFO prez

>> No.7535273

Different copyright laws apply (JP vs CA), and better change of getting money out of a big-money JP company than a no-money CA company.

>> No.7535274

Shes just like our schizos that lose their mind over the thought of a niji having a boyfriend

>> No.7535279

That's half the appeal of going to watch these films in the theater kek

>> No.7535296

Whose stream voice is the most/the least close to their actual voice?
IIRC Finana is gradually approaching her normal voice and Rosemi got shit for sounding way high pitched before.

>> No.7535323

Selens voice I imagine is just her normal voice lol I don't see her going through the effort to do a fake one, Pomu I think is the one who changes her voice the most

>> No.7535324

>only watched Given and Dokyuusei
What the...

>> No.7535328

The more Elira speaks about her taste the less I respect her opinion.

>> No.7535342

It really is so fucking bad lmao

>> No.7535343

My heart.

>> No.7535347

The fact that so many vtubers put on an obnoxious fake voice really kills my boner. How am I supposed to cultivate a parasocial relationship if they're actively torpedoing the illusion of authenticity? Just talk normal you crazy bitches.

>> No.7535350

She craves hot-blooded boys supporting each other in shounen shows. There's no fun when romance is the point of the show

>> No.7535361

>black clover
Holy shit it just keeps getting worse lol

>> No.7535362

It's a rollercoaster of good stuff and then really god awful shit

>> No.7535370

I want to ban the poster who always insults NijiENs and then ends his sentences with "lol" or "lmao" from these threads.

>> No.7535375

Cringe is dead bois

>> No.7535379

Finana is using her normal voice. She has to strain to do the Finance voice.

>> No.7535383

You know what, she really is that type of fujo who is only into delusions. No wonder she only likes otome-style app games and shounen shows.

>> No.7535387

Yeah, I've noticed that guy a lot too. I think he's actually an ESL SEAnigger.

>> No.7535390

U mad bro? lol lmao

>> No.7535396

>Selens voice I imagine is just her normal voice lol I don't see her going through the effort to do a fake one,
Yeah certainly.
Well rather. I feel like Selen's voice is probably an idealized version of her real voice. She talks the way she'd talk if she'd been in charge of shit during her teenage years. She probably sounds stuffier IRL.
>The fact that so many vtubers put on an obnoxious fake voice really kills my boner. How am I supposed to cultivate a parasocial relationship if they're actively torpedoing the illusion of authenticity?
I mean if it's convincing it's the same difference, really.
It's imperfect fakeness you have a problem with not fakeness itself.

>> No.7535397

Elira probably schlicks to Shinji/Kaworu

>> No.7535398

I say lol a lot but I don't really ever insult them I don't think

>> No.7535404

Could my fellow fans recommend artists to commission for art involving up to a dozen characters? Or artists that really like Pomu? Thanks in advance, in case anyone suggests something but the thread dies while I'm away.

>> No.7535405

Elira pretending that she doesn't cringe at other people is a very Canadian thing to do.

Either apply for janny or stop meta posting.

>> No.7535406

I forgot to add underage.

>> No.7535408

I say lol at the end of my sentences sometimes but I'm not here to shit on the girls

>> No.7535414

The funniest thing the kind of faggot who does this is so insecure that they add it by reflex even as an anon to deflect

>> No.7535420


>> No.7535421

Does Elira have vocal fry?

>> No.7535427

Fujos who are into secondary creation BL fanworks and fujos who prefer original BL works do tend to be different people. I think it has to do with the level of emotional attachment to the characters involved.

>> No.7535428

Elira should review yarichin bitch bu

>> No.7535434

>It's imperfect fakeness you have a problem with not fakeness itself.
Partially correct. It's the knowledge of the fakeness I have a problem with. Once you're aware that the fake exists, that damages the illusion of authenticity. And at that point you're forced to wonder how real each new vtuber's voice is. And since the voice is a major part of what makes a vtuber worth watching, that's quite damaging. Which is why I wish they'd collectively knock it the fuck off. But obviously that will never happen.

>> No.7535437

She has sex voice is what she has

>> No.7535450

Elira should review Boku no Pico with Finana.

>> No.7535463

Boku no pico is legit one of the best shows I've ever seen

>> No.7535467

Elira should review Papa Datte Shitai

>> No.7535468

>Who wouldn't want to marry Pomu? True. I've said it before, I'm waiting for my turn!
She remembers, and is waiting for Pomu

>> No.7535470

Elira didn't try hard enough to pander the Pomu lesbian shit just now. Too tired to force it.

>> No.7535472

I've been working out for a week but still have a gut, how is Rosemi ever gonna love me

>> No.7535485

Stop eating so much fatty

>> No.7535488

I think S1 was decent too. After that I just slowly stopped giving a shit about most of the characters or what was going on.
Rem confessing to Subaru honestly did nothing for me. The only "maid" I kind of liked was Frederica.

>> No.7535493

With one having the characters being more important and the others the romance itself more than any characters? That makes sense if so

>> No.7535494

Which of these girls is the most bulliable?

>> No.7535511

Yeah season 1 had cool moments but man season 2 was hard to get through it just felt like nothing that was happening mattered whatsoever lol

>> No.7535516

I think elira has the lowest self esteem and would be the easiest to make cry with words

>> No.7535523

More room to build muscle that's all that means bro.

>> No.7535526

I had really bad gastritis for a while and my stomach would be in pain any time it was empty

>> No.7535527

Petra and Rosemi

>> No.7535528

It's the fantasy aspect. Shipping two guys who are friends is different than being handed two guys fucking and getting married on a silver platter. You can't really imagine other ways they get together in the latter version. Its about the potential

>> No.7535535

Time to go bloatlord, fatty.

>> No.7535537

Don't you fucking dare

>> No.7535538

Petra gets the edge over Finana because Fish is obviously into it, which makes slightly less fun
Rosemi as well but I feel so bad for her that I can't

>> No.7535540

>It's the knowledge of the fakeness I have a problem with
What's the difference?
...you don't click on doxshit do you.

>> No.7535541


>> No.7535547

Please be kind to Elira...

>> No.7535550

Right now both Petra and Rosemi feed into their chats bullying them (they don't hate it)

>> No.7535557

Which of the girls would let you give them anal?

>> No.7535565

doxxfags deserve every single displeasure,discomfort, and mental problem that they incur

>> No.7535569

Yeah I got that feeling today as well. That forced positivity bullshit "NOTHING IS CRINGE. I ONLY CRINGE AT MYSELF." was a neon sign saying "I need to live in fantasy land to survive".

>> No.7535571

None because they don't know you and never will. When has a vtuber ever fucked a fan

>> No.7535574

Every girl will do anything if they love you enough

>> No.7535579

Elira has a known support system though and she didn't even acknowledge that one string of troll SCs. Rosemi's the one that moved away from a helicopter parent without knowing how to take care of herself.

>> No.7535583

I dislike doxfags on behalf of other people who get upset but it has never bothered me when I actually stumble across it, not even with my oshi, and I saw that on complete accident scrolling through a thread once. I just thought "oh"

>> No.7535595

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Doxshit is different in some ways, because you can "play the character" without necessarily being "fake." Every entertainer is wearing a persona when they perform, that's part of the job. I believe part of being a streamer is making that persona as 'real' as possible in order to facilitate parasocial relationships, but it is ultimately still a persona. The fake voices just make it too easy to spot the line between reality and illusion.

>> No.7535610


>> No.7535614

I imagine she'd be more upset about someone trolling Pomu now that I think about it. Maybe if you waited for Elira to show up in Pomu's chat/stream or Pomu to join Elira's stream then start bullying Pomu while pretending to be an Elira fag, I'm sure it'd get under her skin pretty bad.

>> No.7535621

Elira's fat ass..

>> No.7535634

In a sense, yeah. Most original BL works aren't long serializations or stories that spend a long time familiarizing their audience with characters before thrusting them into relationships. But in a general action series like say, Hunter x Hunter, you would get a long buildup of characters like Killua and Gon becoming friends, and as a result if you wanted your mind could easily "fill in the blanks" there so to speak. Different levels of investment.

>> No.7535637

Same. The aids scene was really good.

>> No.7535653

>Biggest tits
>Biggest ass
How can the rest of niji EN even compete

>> No.7535657

Nah, I think she's good at compartmentalizing. She is very good at ignoring stuff that would throw off others or bring down the mood of the stream. If she is by herself she is in control. Collabs are when she cringes at herself and spills her spaghetti.

>> No.7535674

>I've been working out for a week but still have a gut, how is Rosemi ever gonna love me
I'm still drunk because my job got coofed so this might be a bit incoherent.
You're euro, right?
You can lose about 1kg per week. Sometimes 3.
Your best bet is
This or

You need to train fasted if doing leangains and train without carbs if doing bulletproof.
Then run/jump rope/trompoline.
Then do resistance training (body weight or free weights or kettlebells).
Good luck.

>> No.7535678

>roblox stream
ah yes Elira's favorite things, underage boys

>> No.7535689

>discussion of how to bully and break down Elira
Huh. I'm not usually awake for these hours but I uhh didn't expect this. Is this how late night Elira threads usually go?

>> No.7535690

Do I have to move to Canada to meet women like this?

>> No.7535692

does elira have other color eyes like selen??

can't usual tell because her hair covers?

>> No.7535693

Incredibly based if that factors into her reasoning

>> No.7535697

Petra is made for bullying

>> No.7535698

I bet if you came on elira instead of inside her she'd cry

>> No.7535703

Yes hers is white

>> No.7535704

Nah. It's a west coast thing.

>> No.7535712

She copied this trait from Kureiji Ollie

>> No.7535717

Look at PIKL's eyes, that is her hidden eye. Speculation that he gave her one of his

>> No.7535725

Yes, Canada has an abundance of 2d women

>> No.7535726

You have to move somewhere with a strong asian immigrant presence. And you have to not be unattractive.

>> No.7535735

>Who ever cares about nutrition?

>> No.7535741

Selen would wrap her tail around your neck and threaten to strangle you if you don't rail her ass immediately

>> No.7535757

fuck off, Selen is not for anal

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