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Is there a lore reason why they don't share a last name?

>> No.7530472

because the other one is asian

>> No.7530494

because Selen is adopted

>> No.7530562

You take your new family's name if you're adopted, asspie.

>> No.7530654

Legal name change forced after Selen fucked up Elira's spaghetti. Dragons are very petty.

>> No.7530673

They're half sisters, Selen's father was a human who boned a dragon and so either he boned two dragons or the mom had another man. I would guess a guy boned 2 dragons since one is a solar dragon and the other a lunar dragon and dragons take their mother's last name.

>> No.7530677

Their parents divorced

>> No.7530712

That's what I said retard. Selen was adopted by another family.

>> No.7530768

So your contention is that their parents had two children and put ONLY Selen up for adoption? And she still considers Elira her sister? I'd never talk to those fucking monsters ever again.

>> No.7530888

One of them is married

>> No.7530911

dragons are horrible parents

>> No.7531382

see >>7530654
if you have thousands of years of life to live you can do petty shit like that

>> No.7531582

yep, to me

>> No.7531753

Just think of Thor and Loki.

>> No.7532183

Why the fuck would they be related at all? They're two different races of dragon. The only way they could have the same last name is if one of them was adopted.

>> No.7532197

Their dad went around fucking dragons. He was a dragon layer.

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>> No.7532349

Pretty sure only Selen is half human. Her dad boned Elira's mom. So they both share the same mother but different fathers.

>> No.7532445

I thought hey were meant to be sisters?

>> No.7533444

That's fucking dumb, then.

>> No.7533486

Use that fat pig’s name so it can be filtered.

>> No.7533550

Different dads lore wise, they've said this Anon.

>> No.7533628

the other one is married to me

>> No.7533640

>Different dads
So, Elira dad get cheated on. Does this mean Selen dad has superior dick? God i wish i was Selen dad.

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