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What define a chuuba as GFE?

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Shut the fuck up Lapposter

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Schizos don't use logic

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Don't interact with males
Yes, it's that easy, every women in the internet is GFE content if they don't have a boyfriend/husband.
>She says slurs and acts like a man
There guys that like that
>She's a bitch and always complain
There guys that like that
>She's a dirty NEET
There guys that like that
>She's a retard
There guys that like that

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As long she doesn't try to get in Phasecucknet or Nijisanji everyone can be GFE with little to no effort

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Truth hurts like sting but niji fans are more cuck than phase

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I'd like to know too since the only reason I've seen other than not talking to males is "she's nice to me". It can't be that easy. Men can't actually be that simple-minded, right?

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EN GFE is an illusion, do your reps and watch real chuubas from Japan

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If they are a woman they are gfe

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Nina was right
>"Men are easy, just be nice to them"
But even just that is a tall ordeal to a woman

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>implying not interacting with males is a bad thing
And this is why you're a virgin who doesn't know what the actual real life girlfriend experience is, let alone understanding what a simulated version of it is like.

>>75234549 basically has it right. There are many types of women and therefore types of girlfriends out there. The only real requirement is that they are pleasant to be around and loyal to you. The latter is equivalent to male collabs in the vtuber space, with some exceptions. A lot of people can put up with male collabs that are professional in nature, like having a girlfriend who has to work around male coworkers. Sane people draw the line when it comes to interactions that are personal friend in nature, like if you had a girlfriend who regularly hangs out with another guy in her free time when you only get to spend an hour with her every other day. It's even worse when you bring this up as a concern and she rages at you, confirming in her heart of hearts that her male friend is more important than you. Cucks would put up with this because they don't think they can do any better and accept the cuckoldry. Self respecting men would just get another girlfriend instead of putting up with a whore.

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All vtubers are GFE/BFE by default

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There's guys who like getting cucked, so your logic doesn't work.

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According to anons, a chuuba doing literally anything as long as the viewer can pretend to be her boyfriend, which is why their minds break at any interaction with other males.

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She actively and knowingly plays into the “girlfriend” role, whether explicitly or implicitly

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That's the secret: there is no definition. It's just a label someone can slap on anyone and then get mad about later arbitrarily.

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Guys that like getting cucked aren't men, neither human

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So all Holofans aren't human? Are you retarded?

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But enough about phase connect fans

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Yes, both are corpos for cucks. What's your point?

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What isn't for cucks then, according to you?

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Males unironically. There has been ZERO safe HoloEN talents and ZERO safe Phase talents.
Do you know why? Because women over 18 on the internet are for cucks and simps like you.

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>Males unironically.
I think that ends this conversation.

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>Posts Ina, a homocollaber
The irony

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Most blatantly homosexual post I've seen in a while, good job faganon

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>If you suck cock you can't get cucked

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When the chuuba is mentally ill enough to turn disfuctonal without her fanbase

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Active girlfriend LARP. The ones that are actually in love with their chat are scary.

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Completely arbitrary and based on the warped perception of schizos.

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>he doesn't know

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Needs to say how much she loves chat every stream, do intimate ASMR RP scenarios, tweet good morning and good night, says how she misses chat on vacation, and finally don't collab with males.
But some schizos grasp at just that last one.

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This guy be spittin facts and swallowing cum