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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7509895

>> No.7523288

I'm filtered. I don't know any of these panty types.

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>> No.7523295

Finana has the best Live2D out of EN, it's so lively and fits her personality perfectly.

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>> No.7523326

Finana took chat out on a "date" in Apex earlier and is now thoroughly interrogating them on their sexual preferences. It's some kind of relationship experience at least.

>> No.7523336

Finana really assigning Petra the designated loli pantsu, huh?

>> No.7523338

>Petra wears pure pengu print pantsu

>> No.7523341

Who is she?

>> No.7523344

Cut the stream. I can't go on

>> No.7523350


>> No.7523357

Selen doesn't wear panties she has actual pants

>> No.7523369

I missed the Pomu description, what was it?

>> No.7523372

>I don't know any of these panty types.
WTF do you fap to then?
*Nude* women?

>> No.7523388

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

>> No.7523396

Her rigging is the worst just because she can't stop smiling, but I love the dopey smile.

>> No.7523411

Pomu wears a leotard similar to that of Ho*shou M*rine. See picrel. It is black and is a sheer cloth that covers her from top to bottom. Her butt is exposed similar to the degree of that of 2B. For more modesty, she can wear bloomers underneath as shown in her Streamable icon.

>> No.7523425

Turquoise with white patterns and a heart-shaped opening in the back

>> No.7523437

I knew all of them.

>> No.7523441

only acceptable answer for wosemi

>> No.7523446

NTA but i don't really care for underwear. I thought we were all like that.

>> No.7523463

Fish is so bratty. I like this duo dynamic.

>> No.7523464

what did psycho mean by this?

>> No.7523472


>> No.7523477

>and a heart-shaped opening in the back
Finana is 200% cultured

>> No.7523482

Yep. This is it.

>> No.7523483

Who has the worst rigging in nijiEN? Rosemi?

>> No.7523486

It's actually not very good since she can literally only smile. That said like you said it actually fits her quite well so she makes it work great.

>> No.7523488

that underwear is for classy (TTuTT) only

>> No.7523489

Don't you wear some thing underneath that

>> No.7523498

You sure she wouldn't go commando under her tights? To feel it directly?

Nowadays I've blown more loads to the "intimates" page of clothing websites than normal porn. I need help. At least I know more terms.

>> No.7523499

Rosemi please stop looking at this board...

>> No.7523500

turquoise with a heart shaped slut hole in the back

>> No.7523501

Elira has an inner black woman and her name is Elyrah. https://streamable.com/e7y64v

>> No.7523507

>NTA but i don't really care for underwear. I thought we were all like that.
Why.... do you..... think............ women............................................ wear............. sexy underwear..................................................... anon...?

>> No.7523512

>I've already seen most of the things you're going to tell me
Nothing can faze this horny fish.

>> No.7523514

Finana, obviously. She has one expression.

>> No.7523518

>> No.7523521


>> No.7523525

She's really proud of talking about sex and such huh? I mean, it's not that she finds it a normal ssubject, which is fine, but she really wants people to know it.

>> No.7523532

Finana is trying to take the role of a lewd older sister who you cry to and comforts you when your peepee feels funny.

>> No.7523540


She is literally there

>> No.7523555

She only needs one expression.

>> No.7523581

Haha... It must be nice to enjoy Finana being horny like never before meanwhile I'm dying from the fucking vaccine. Please fill her chat as much as you an, I want to see her happy...

>> No.7523595

drawanon here, give me the rundown on her ideas for the nijien lingerie
also her description for herself
I'd have written it myself but both my hands were busy

>> No.7523601

I imagine it's probably because she had such a sheltered upbringing where these things aren't typically discussed or something that she attaches an odd sense of pride to being sexual

>> No.7523603

Is Finana talking about pirating anime again?

>> No.7523605

hanime recent uploads.

>> No.7523614

Sorry Finana but this is my headcanon now.

>> No.7523620

Tights under bloomers

>> No.7523628

>I'm pretty up to date

>> No.7523630

>underwear under underwear

>> No.7523632

>recent image uploads
need to upload feesh on there

>> No.7523633

>Watches hentai every day
Finana definitely gets off every day

>> No.7523648

>I'm up to date
She's an actual addict...

>> No.7523652

It's hanime.tv alright.

>> No.7523654


>> No.7523657


>> No.7523671

indirectly, yes

>> No.7523677

Doesn't work with tights.

>> No.7523678

Imagine if Finana's members streams were exhentai readalongs...

>> No.7523689

>Tags talk
Oh yeah, here we go boys

>> No.7523692

Bf shitposters btfo

>> No.7523695

Manager-san, no!

>> No.7523696

All of them wear maternity panties because they're all pregnant

>> No.7523708

WHAT, Finana's favorite show is Euphoria !?!??

>> No.7523714

> the tags

>> No.7523719

Yes you do wear underwear under bloomers you bloomin' idiots
You wear bloomers in lolita fashion.

>> No.7523720

I wasn't paying attention to all of them, but Selen was boyshorts and Petra was plain penguin pantsu (like the standard loli bear pantsu)

>> No.7523722

isn't all porn technically NTR

>> No.7523731


>> No.7523741

>it's not real
>you're not actually going to commit it
People should learn more from what Finana says.

>> No.7523747

>fish talking sense to the autists that whine about NTR
Okay ryuguards your oshi is pretty based

>> No.7523750

>Finana definitely gets off every day
That doesn't follow.
She is clearly into edging and denial play.

>> No.7523751

This fish

>> No.7523752

That one anon from yesterday who didn't know that girls masturbate is in for a shock if he watches this.

>> No.7523759

Wtf finana has a fetish for timestop cum inflation?

>> No.7523760

I love the little "hentai isn't real btw" PSA she threw in there

>> No.7523772

>she hates ugly bastards
Bros...we just got filtered.

>> No.7523773

Are you in love with every puta you see in porn?

>> No.7523781

>ugly bastard

>> No.7523782

Finana underestimates how retarded fans are.

>> No.7523801

She's getting off literally right now.

>> No.7523802

>Ugly bastard
We're in, ojiisantachis.

>> No.7523809

Go away spic

>> No.7523814

I want pomu to not bathe for months so i can suck her clean. Or use her to make tea.

>> No.7523817

Couldn't be me.

>> No.7523825

>In HD
this is actually important. My childhood was 90% 240p hentai

>> No.7523841

You're right. Look at how her model is shaking.

>> No.7523845

I had to step away, what the hell happened while I was away?

>> No.7523847

I am in awe of how B B B BASED this mesugaki little sister fishey is. I shall genuflect.

>> No.7523848

Isn't this way beyond what Finana usually discusses on stream? If she was saying she doesn't want people to see her as a slut yesterday, well...

>> No.7523851


>> No.7523856

This is no seiso

>> No.7523865

Selen assigned pantsu styles to every NijiEN

>> No.7523877

It's too late. The no panties story pretty much triggered her horny

>> No.7523878

What exactly is slutty about watching hentai? Most of us do it every day despite being pure virgins.

>> No.7523879

Based Fish

>> No.7523883

>Finana is into monsters

>> No.7523886

I'm going to learn Spanish just to sprinkle more words into my dialect on the off chance you end up reading more of my posts, amigo.

>> No.7523893

>it's ok if you don't do it in real life
so she likes the degenerate stuff

>> No.7523897

Petra go back to sleep.

>> No.7523903


>> No.7523907

Is she talking about pirating H OVA?

>> No.7523910

>Orcs are overrated

>> No.7523917


>> No.7523921

>Brings up orcs
>immediately brings up Pomu
Even to say orcs are overused, that's a bit...

>> No.7523926

>Orcs are overrated
>And DON'T think about putting them with Pomu

>> No.7523929

I'm in love with the puta...

>> No.7523933


>> No.7523934

piratebros? is it time?

>> No.7523935

Pomu is into BOC (Big orc cock)? We lost

>> No.7523966

Finana loves slime girls...

>> No.7523968

You don't understand. Finana is so pure she makes even fetish talk pure.

>> No.7523992

A woman should never masturbate, and if her fiendish biology doth demand such, engage in the act at most once in a month.

>> No.7523996

Pomu...your NSFW art tag is in danger...

>> No.7523999

Aren't orcs just hentai blacks?

>> No.7524004

Not her fault. People always call Pomu an elf and Orcs are always drawn with elves.

>> No.7524005

Have you guys ever seen that one where the elf girl want the orc to ravage her but the orc is a nice guy and refuses lol

>> No.7524025

believe it or not that's actually a more common trope nowadays in doujins

>> No.7524031

>Isn't this way beyond what Finana usually discusses on stream? If she was saying she doesn't want people to see her as a slut yesterday, well...
Masturbation makes you horny not a slut.

>> No.7524033

Ye, it was trash but I chuckled a couple times.

>> No.7524034


Finana has a message for all anti-NTR people!

>> No.7524039

that's everywhere on twitter nowadays though, kinda gets annoying though.

>> No.7524042


>> No.7524044

Yes, actually.

>> No.7524077

>Have you guys ever seen that one where the elf girl want the orc to ravage her but the orc is a nice guy and refuses lol

>> No.7524093

God damn now she's doing mommy baby roleplay with a spammer...

>> No.7524107

Pomu's NSFW tag in its current state is weaksauce. This is gonna be a real boon if it takes off and I'll have Finana to thank.

>> No.7524111

Finana's response to that spam... I want to be a shota with an older sister Finana...

>> No.7524123

>baby spammer

>> No.7524124

I've spent too much time in these threads and reported on reflex

>> No.7524126

Finana version when?

>> No.7524134

Someone needs to clip it and translate it to Japanese for that to happen. For some reason EOP artists hate drawing true degenerate stuff like hardcore orc rape.

>> No.7524148


>> No.7524158

Let that baby burn

>> No.7524164


>> No.7524181

Finana's army of NSFW artists might finally start looking at Pomu as well...

>> No.7524183

Her voice is so cute bros
You think it's close to her real voice?

>> No.7524185

There's that guy too, but anon is talking about Ii Orc no Hi most likely.

>> No.7524194

Damn Finana is even nice to spammer

>> No.7524201


>> No.7524216

Honestly it made me like her more.
You could tell that she found him to be annoying vermin, yet she tried to calmly treat him with kindness to soothe his earnest desire for her attention.

>> No.7524220

Yeah that's the one I was thinking of but I just checked and yeah there's like so many now lol

>> No.7524221


>> No.7524227

>Finana loves hentai
>Pomu loves eroge
What degenerate hobby does Elira enjoy?

>> No.7524245

Did someone just yell on Finana's stream?

>> No.7524252

I loved the opening

>> No.7524255


>> No.7524258

Actually yes
After the Among Us world collab that one Chinese girl accidentally streamed their post-stream Discord call and Finana's voice was the exact same

>> No.7524264

Teasing little boys

>> No.7524270


>> No.7524273

Sorry. I'll try to keep it down.

>> No.7524274

BL manga.

>> No.7524275

I heard it too.

>> No.7524276


>> No.7524278

Yes. She kept talking in it off-stream after that among us collab, and she's clearly straining when she does the onee-san voice.

>> No.7524280

I heard it too

>> No.7524287

>I watched Spider Riders when I was 4

>> No.7524288

BL, duh.

>> No.7524289

not really

>> No.7524292

Incest (with sister)

>> No.7524293

I heard it too

>> No.7524297

Spider Rider. How old does that make fish?

>> No.7524304

Damn I missed it

>> No.7524312

only canadians know spider riders

>> No.7524320

Yup, 20. Told you guys.

>> No.7524325

wtf I'm like just a year younger than her...

>> No.7524338


>> No.7524350

Yeah, actually, she has to strain to do the Finance voice

>> No.7524352

>Spider riders
ok if i were a kid this would be cool to watch, but now it looks really dumb.

>> No.7524357

Is fish talking about having orgy's?

>> No.7524361

>Nowadays I've blown more loads to the "intimates" page of clothing websites than normal porn. I need help. At least I know more terms.
Man of culture.

>> No.7524363

Either sister or mom laughing in the background

>> No.7524366

She is an esteemed BL enjoyer of the shounen variety.

>> No.7524369

It sounds like a woman's voice actually. At least to me.

>> No.7524371

She's speaking in her high register, she's just really good at it and does it in off-stream VC as well like >>7524258. If you watch around the 18 minute mark of this stream you can hear her shout "are you SURE?" and she obviously hits her pitch ceiling with that line, it's not that much higher than the way she speaks on stream. If you go back to her early streams like her debut she speaks in a slightly lower pitch.

>> No.7524373

I'm from the deep south and I remember it too...

>> No.7524377

She's a year younger than me, in the prime age range... I'm in, this is my chance

>> No.7524393

Lords of the Locker Room by Can-Am Productions.

>> No.7524396

fishmom finally makes her appearance?!

>> No.7524397

Bro, they didn't air the anime until
March 25, 2006

>> No.7524411

Do any of my fellow zoomer Canadians here remember the online Spider Rider game
I think you could customize a spider and shit
I used to think it was the best thing ever as a kid

>> No.7524422

Finana is a true mesugaki

>> No.7524425

>If you go back to her early streams like her debut she speaks in a slightly lower pitch.
I wouldn't be surprised if she was pitching down then. I know Pikamee did the same because she was embarrassed about how high her voice is.

>> No.7524427

yeah south TORONTO

>> No.7524440

Finana is based. Her hobby is being horny.

>> No.7524446

hell yeah bro

>> No.7524455

The NSFW artists are moving.

Thank you, Finana.

>> No.7524458

Look I'm not going to pretend like I don't have the roommate info. Finana is 20. This isn't speculation, I'm telling you for a fact she is.

>> No.7524469

I need Finana and Pomu to play an eroge together.

>> No.7524471

>Did you become a vtuber to talk about lewd things?
>No, I would've done it anyway.

>> No.7524483

I wish I could've kept watching but I closed out after the tag discussion becasue I could feel myself gettign tired.

>> No.7524485

Is it true she's into sex parties?

>> No.7524486

Fuck yeah i did

>> No.7524488

Finana's model is actually super smooth when she moves slowly, like when she was doing that slight nodding.

>> No.7524491

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I've been using a compressor on Finana's stream since her Nekopara stream on the off chance I could her some buzzing or sounds... You know. And because her screams are loud as fuck. That makes low background noises quite loud.

>> No.7524497

You guys ever seen the one where illya transfers her pregnancy to an alternate universe illya and the ugly bastard dies and gets isekaid back to fuck Illya

>> No.7524498


>> No.7524499

I've had a couple shots of whiskey, so it kept me going.

>> No.7524516

11 years younger than me. Awesome.

>> No.7524533

Not that I know of. She just seemed like your typical zoomer normie girl. Posted a lot of inspiration quotes and selfies and shit. Lots about "finding the boy thats right for you".

>> No.7524548

You have no choice, chicks like finana like older men

>> No.7524549


>> No.7524556

She's going to vibe.

>> No.7524557

I feel for the male wave members who will have to dodge Fish's bullshit in the future. I'd just barely acknowledge her to not get into any trouble since she's a whole decade younger than me.

>> No.7524571

Cute, bratty little sister mermaid who is 9 years younger than me. I'm gonna have to give her a good paddling for speculating what I wear under my dress.

>> No.7524576

she always talk about how she never would drag anyone else into these lewd discussions, but she does that all the time in collabs and with stuff like the lingerie for the others

>> No.7524579

The japanese are easily the most fickle audience I know. Just look at this compared to a few weeks ago.
Petra should drop them entirely.

>> No.7524582

*chicks like older men

>> No.7524592

I'm really happy that feesh is in Nijisanji and that she debuted alongside Pomu and Elira.

>> No.7524593

Ojoubros. Don't forget about this in a few days.

>> No.7524604

What am I looking at?

>> No.7524622

>vibe. But not the Vibe Selen was talking about
>Just going to vibe and relax
>Said earlier that she means she's going to masturbate when she says "relax"

>> No.7524627

How about another joke Finana?

>> No.7524631

>doesn't know skb

>> No.7524637

How do people never get tired of these dam meme questions?

>> No.7524641

Your nijisanji reps fish

>> No.7524647

Fish is learning about SKB-bu?
>numbers thread gets bumped with Pata-nee san numbers then this is posted here immediately
At least make it less obvious you major faggot

>> No.7524659

Those aren't bad numbers. It's hard to keep the initial 20k+ live viewer newcomer buff. She's still the most popular in her wave.

>> No.7524663

Does this help?

I exclusively post in this thread.

>> No.7524685

kind of ironic how finana's chat is educating her of nijisanji.

>> No.7524689

I think I've heard enough of your 'jokes'.

>> No.7524702

>Half of it with Selen and half of it going solo

>> No.7524707

When I say she doesn't know, I'm not joking lol

>> No.7524713

She is unironically socially retarded. She was probably a loner as a teen and spent most of her social life online and in games, where this kind of talk can not get you in trouble. She has no though process beyond finishing her current word when she talks outloud.

>> No.7524739


>> No.7524746

Since when masturbation makes you slut?

>> No.7524753

Same, they will be walking over a bigger minefield than they would already simply because of Finana, I pray for them...

>> No.7524754

Did you hear that? She's going to vibe, vibe vibe...

>> No.7524760

Well, most of the time they played together Finana was either looting and ignoring her, or Rosemi was dead.

>> No.7524761

This hololive reject knows more about vshitjo than Nijisanji.

>> No.7524763


>> No.7524766

She's going to vibe her clit til she squirts

>> No.7524767

>I've had a couple shots of whiskey, so it kept me going.
Yeah I was gonna drink like... at the beginning of the original collab or so but it was too fascinating.
Bottle is three steps away.
Maybe I'll start now.
Wait was it confirmed that Finana is Leaf rather than burger? Drinking stream wan in the former case?

>> No.7524770


>> No.7524771

>Finana ends her stream then immediately masturbates to koikatsu scenes of herself getting fucked by ugly bastards

>> No.7524772

Those wouldn’t work with tights.

>> No.7524774

It's cute as hell

>> No.7524775

Hey it pays the bills.

>> No.7524783

I enjoy fish's superchat readings more than her actual gameplay

>> No.7524785

you don't get in trouble for talking to a 20 year old.

>> No.7524802

are we in dead hours yet?

>> No.7524806

Fucking seafag spamming.

>> No.7524810

the title is right there, do you know how to read? Carlos?

>> No.7524815

she started out with their crowd please understand

>> No.7524817


>> No.7524819

What the fuck is skb

>> No.7524826

I think she just doesn't like people saying she's corrupting people. Like, she'll talk about lewd stuff in collabs but she's not forcing her fetishes on them, she's just talking about stuff. If they just go "FINANA!?" that's also fine enough stream content anyway.

>> No.7524845

Finana is from Minneasota.
Source: Her first keyboard stream.

>> No.7524852

Yes they do you stupid male

>> No.7524854

Elira in 6 minutes. I don't give A FUCK that it's Genshin, I will have it on in the background because her VOICE IS HOT AND HER PERSONALITY IS CUTE. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.7524858

I don't think Finana needs to know the most about Nijisanji, she has the passion for it and she embodies the spirit of Nijisanji which is what matters.

>> No.7524869

I'm sick of this game, and I'm tired of pretending I'm not.

>> No.7524877

petra's streaming in an hour

>> No.7524878

> kuzuha is awake early
what the fuck is happening today?

>> No.7524882


>> No.7524888

>1 year age difference
>ever prime age range in heterosexual relationships
Hahhahahahahahahaha oh nonononono

>> No.7524898

Is she cute? Is she fat?

>> No.7524908

Just stop watching it, like me.

>> No.7524917

who cares? she wasn't hired to be the resident nijisanji expert, and she's clearly willing to learn anyway.
she's from minnesota, like most of the hmong in the US

>> No.7524918

Elira playing a shit game. Let's go!

>> No.7524929

Anon she was talking about going out clubbing earlier...

>> No.7524933

He went to sleep early because of nerves

>> No.7524939

The fuck is a Tom Holland

>> No.7524948

I missed the stream, how did Rosemi do in Apex?

>> No.7524955

Mika...bad timing for your EOP pandering stream...

>> No.7524960

>Pulling a Tom Holland
what the hell does that mean

>> No.7524967

why would you get in trouble? She is a 20+ year old woman anon.

>> No.7524970


>> No.7524972

Then stop watching it?

>> No.7524990

It's Ange, Gundou, Utako, and Mikoto's group newfag

>> No.7525003

She is cute, and no she is not. Although she loves to stuff her face with doritoes, it seems like she sweats a lot meaning she passively burns a lot of calories. Finana probably works out.

>> No.7525004

Oh. In that case.

>> No.7525008


>> No.7525014

flat as board and very skinny, i don't remember she has nice ass tho

>> No.7525016

huh, forgot that VCC was happening soon....

>> No.7525021

She's really skinny. Really flat. As for her face... eh, she's Hmong. If you find them cute she's cute. If you compared her old Tumblr account to her later instagram the amount of photoshop and filters she used later on made her look almost unrecognizable.

>> No.7525040

God I love Pomu

>> No.7525042

Feesh really really really needs to be a bit more careful if she wants to be that bold.

>> No.7525043

Unless you're a millionaire sugar daddy, people a whole generation apart won't interact and it's seen as socially unacceptable to date. We're also talking about twitter here, they make a big deal out of anything. If the males reciprocate Fish's lewd talk, they're going to be seen as creeps talking about sex to a barely legal girl regardless of their age.

>> No.7525059

The highest countries for DUIs are South Africa, Canada, and the US, so fuck no

>> No.7525080


>> No.7525181


>> No.7525183

sus haha

>> No.7525185

At least with the dox shit. She has no idea how much info is out there about her.

>> No.7525192

you seem really confused about the way talking to people works, or the demographic of vtuber watchers, or hell even the demographic of nijisanji watchers
no one will give a flying fuck

>> No.7525210

>Doxxing fish
It's those hours again huh?

>> No.7525212


>> No.7525216

>I missed the stream, how did Rosemi do in Apex?
Good enough that I have a feeling Selen is going to regard her as a personal success soon if the tutoring continues.
Rosemi started playing fighting games at a very young age so her twitch reflexes have been honed to a fine point.
Like I don't think she has done a lot of FPS but you could see that there was a baseline level of understanding of movement going on that Finana somewhat lacks.

>> No.7525232

It's a NijiJP unit made by Ange, Utako, Mikoto and Gundo. When they collab together they generally talk about porn, hentai and sex topics in general.

>> No.7525244


>> No.7525257

Are you for real? Senior employees banging college interns is practically a meme, happens at least once a year in my company. One pair even got married

>> No.7525258

I would care more but she refused to go in during Apex, so...

>> No.7525260

I am excited for my wose. Thank you anon.

>> No.7525270

There's a difference between talking to each other on stream and being generally friendly, and being flirty or pandering to shipfags. Look at any collab with Belmond and Roa, despite the age difference they're super pure like a surrogate father and daughter.

>> No.7525271

meh if she is doing it herself it is fine, but she cant take the lingerie discussion for example and do that for some of her other shit, like if she start talking about how elira would handle a hentai situation that would just go wrong immediately. Like if she has those kinds of talks in her membership streams, she would get in trouble quickly. I think in general she should stop involving the others in her more raunchy talks, especially if they are not there

>> No.7525299

I'm actually kinda worried about her, at least it seems like she barely goes outside but I can easily imagine someone in her area watching these streams and being dedicated enough to stalk and harass her. Just because she talks about lewd shit all the time makes incels think she's open to sex with literally anyone.

>> No.7525318

well now that tommy end has robbed me of cody rhodes' retirement its time to watch the fish play valhalla

>> No.7525329

>shota team

>> No.7525343

Elira just called me cute bros!

>> No.7525344

>nijisanji expert
Some basic knowledge would be nice.
She calls the newest JP gen senpais.
Doesn't even know what Nijisanji means and thinks it's a gay flag.
The only male she knew was Kanae because he had more translated clips.
Her Nijisanji knowledge is on par with average EOP holobrony.

>> No.7525351

You could always send her a Marshmallow or something. I don't think that's bad advice.

>> No.7525354

I wanna fuck elira so bad bros..

>> No.7525378

This but I also wanna marry her

>> No.7525389


>> No.7525395

She basically knows as much as Kuzuha does... probably more about the foreign branches, lol.

>> No.7525396

It's pretty dumb, Finana already lays bare everything you need to know about her, going further than that just ruins the fun.

>> No.7525401

Worst thing is, she seems to really enjoy self-doxing on purpose

>> No.7525412

Elira's Pomu is getting better. I wish she'd practice a little with it because I think she could get pretty good.

>> No.7525444

She has no filter but she isn't retarded, she isn't going to talk about Elira getting fucked on stream. I know this is really hard to understand for some of you but girls like to think about the underwear they wear and NijiEN isn't going to freak out as if she were explaining how each one of their pussies would stretch when taking an 8 inch cock.

>> No.7525488

are you shota?

>> No.7525499

>Doesn't even know what Nijisanji means and thinks it's a gay flag.
>The only liver he knew is Kanae
>Nijisanji knowledge is on par with average EOP holobrony.

That's not your fish girl, that's Kuzuha.

>> No.7525514

He's trying his best okay

>> No.7525516

This is one of those things management should take a more active role to keep her safe. She's genuinely retarded and has 0 social awareness, I'm surprised they let her freely talk about this shit.

>> No.7525538

she's learning pomu's body first.

>> No.7525543

can Selen stop leeching off Pomu with the whole "im pomu" thing

>> No.7525555

Actually yes I am

>> No.7525565

I wanna do my sleep reps but I want to catch Petra's baking stream...

>> No.7525566

With how much info she's given out and her retarded opspec from the keyboard and Fnf streams, as well as how open she is, a dedicated stalker could literally kidnap her with a decent amount of effort and planning.

>> No.7525583


>> No.7525599

God these gachafaggots in chat are always so insufferable lol

>> No.7525602

Eliras vocal fry!

>> No.7525613

I was thinking Elira might be a metafag with that team she's running but if she's pulling for Yoimiya then she's soulful.

>> No.7525615

Starting to feel bad for any male Nijis that collab with fish because they’ll have to tread carefully with her horny talk. lmao

>> No.7525646

Why? Just match their openness

>> No.7525649


>> No.7525650

>I am excited for my wose. Thank you anon.
So am I, anon, so am I.

>> No.7525651

Fairly sure her choices are entirely based on them being cute boys.

>> No.7525656

Why would they, just let Finana initiate and play embarrassed or escalate

>> No.7525657

Are there any Niji males who talk about lewd stuff the same way females do?

>> No.7525658

I'd be lost too if I had to try and remember 100+ coworkers.

>> No.7525677

I wasn't sure what you meant and then I looked at chat
what the fuck are these ESL fags so pissy about, trying to rush her to pull shit

>> No.7525687

Just be like Kaida: https://youtu.be/ZSBbtPf5JuE

>> No.7525713

She doesn't know Japanese.

>> No.7525714

They vicariously get their gambling fix through streamers without having to risk their own wallets. Literal leeches.

>> No.7525728

They're undercover mihoyo employees

>> No.7525744

I actually thought that fish was a little slut some time after she joined, but now I really think she lacks some sort of social awareness about the things she does or says.

I have a friend that's one of the most autistic people I've ever met and he also goes clubbing, but that's just because he wants to be part of stuff. It doesn't mean he knows how to have proper social interactions. It is pretty weird some times. At least he tries I guess.

>> No.7525747

Elira shitting on the game's false advertising with its trials.

>> No.7525749

Elira please, in still in the artifact mines

>> No.7525754

Is that the pink haired girl she was being all thirsty for on the day the obsidiya trailer was released?

>> No.7525769

>Elira shitting on the artifact system

>> No.7525774

I'm moving to finana's hometown to monitor her and stop any potential stalkers
Wish me luck

>> No.7525810

But who watches the watchmen?

>> No.7525815

I've never understood it, the CSGO streams of nothing but crates were always so bad. Now it's just the same thing but with anime girls

>> No.7525821

Good luck anon. Don't forget to not stare too long into the abyss.

>> No.7525825

I can name 97 JPs, 11 IDs, 8 KRs, and 4 VRs. And all of EN. And I have N6 Japanese skills...

>> No.7525829

No it's this one.

>> No.7525846

It's kind of sad. I tried to groom her to learn more about skb a few times but she doesn't go to there. You can superchat her about nijisanji members and she won't know even the most popular ones lol

>> No.7525854

>oh yeah and maybe zhongli
what did she mean by this

>> No.7525872

Well that's because you're a fucking NERD anon

>> No.7525889

Those are shota team anon...

>> No.7525890

I hate when streamers get forced into pulling the gacha...

>> No.7525892

elira has great taste

>> No.7525916

> Doesn't even know what Nijisanji means and thinks it's a gay flag.
That's what bothers me the most desu lol It's the most basic shit and after all this time she doesn't know lol

>> No.7525923

Idk but she's definitely not a lesbian

>> No.7525958

I can name 130 nijis at least as a eop faggot. Last year I knew 15. crazy

>> No.7525962

Mind broken Elira time!

>> No.7525967

I dont think you have to force Eli that hard to gacha

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