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This cybercat is CUTE - edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share, and discuss English-speaking VTubers.

>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!

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Nobody has said it yet:
Corpse is fucking cool!

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, thank you so much if you stopped by for the karaoke! I'll keep doing my best but for now i think i gotta rest my throat
also if you missed it, the whole vod was left unscathed minus one song!

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Lumi didn't stream in /asp/, did she? don't tell me I missed out on supporting her when she was an indie.

>> No.7522772

Great job! It was very fun!

>> No.7522807

CyberLive Lumi? Not that I'm aware.
I don't think anyone knows who she was beforehand.

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Pandora and Seina, learning Spanish

>> No.7523164

It was fun! I'm sad I missed the middle of it, but it was worth tuning in.

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yes lumi was an /asp/

>> No.7523549

which one?

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Looks like wolf Lumi is just a trendhopper. You're dropping her now, right anon?

>> No.7523697

for me its the bat

streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/batatvideogames

>> No.7524106

not going to spoonfeed if it's already clear she's not intent on keeping the association

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I've been here since January but I will never publicly admit "Oh yeah dude I'm from the 4chins thread"
No one should.

>> No.7524327

why would anyone do that? those that use this site might figure out but you aren't even supposed to talk about it on other sites

>> No.7524368

>you aren't even supposed to talk about it on other sites

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not the one who found her but i remember someone posted about her being in a bigger vtuber group, but she had no views because she was 'basically a png tuber'

>> No.7524891

I've got a weird username that people usually ask me how to pronounce and the fact she said it perfectly the first time made me think maybe I've watched her before, but none of her voices ring any bells.

Was it one of those groups like Atelier Live or Mythic Live where it's just some friends/associates, or an actual org? If its the former then I've got no clue and it's just a coincidence.

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>weird username she got right first try
are you me?

>> No.7525066

Honestly looking through the archives gets me nowhere and usually I'm good at archival.
I'm going to support her simply because she's goddamn cute as hell and plays niche games I like, plus she has voice training.
I don't really care if she was a literal who PNGtuber before, exposure is a tough game and most chuubas don't win it. Harsh world for the /asp/ie gang, truly.

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same here. I am glad she joined Cyberlive. I probably wouldn't have found her otherwise.

>> No.7525211

Go watch Cadence play a pokemon romhack.


>> No.7525326

Yeah I don't really care who she was, it was more of a curiosity. I hope she does well in the future, CyberLive needs to do some more shilling, maybe collab with some other orgs?

>> No.7525362

I could see it in the future, they interact with other orgs on Twitter which at least implies friendliness if nothing else.

>> No.7525367

Come watch the dandelion play Paper Mario: Murder on the Orient Express edition!

>> No.7525431

I just saw some mature lady taking some bbc wearing that exact top. I guess that's why a western vtuber would wear it.

>> No.7525515

https://www.twitch.tv/maroony rrat playing illusion of gaia

>> No.7525528

more Bully!

>> No.7525587

it was made popular by JP artists anon. stop letting people live rent free

>> No.7525718

I get having an A pose for a reference
but its unfortunate to have a model that A poses all the time
she's cute tho

>> No.7525921

Lapin is playing Ham-Hams Unite

>> No.7525924

Anyone have any recommendations for someone who enjoys people like Ame, Elira, Pomu, Selen, and Polka? I'd like to branch out from just the big companies, but with twitch being a sea of random, it'd be nice if I had somewhere to start.

>> No.7526087

lumi streaming with a male. i cant believe my hopes and dreams have been shattered this early.

>> No.7526146

I was inches from linking it, then I saw the dude lmao.
Reading his messages in the discord, can't tell who he is really.

>> No.7526159

Just started watching, this is very comfy content. One of my favorite games, and she's sweet.

>> No.7526233

would be interesting to know how these collabs are organized. all these shitty literally who males and no one will know about it before the streams start

>> No.7526249

What happened to Krimbo being in the collab? He's currently streaming, did he have to cancel?

>> No.7526299

That is what I am confused on the most.
Here is the order of operations:
She makes the schedule, it has Krimbo in it.
Previous stream, she implies its just her and Hylo in the collab, no one else.
Now, the stream delayed, and this fan VTuber is in.

>> No.7526407

Looked him up (Yasen) and he's literally a rando 10-viewer male chuuba that's a lore menhera and rebranding despite streaming less than a year.

Krimbo would've been so much cooler to have on and might actually help her if he links to her.

>> No.7526443

True, which is what I am confused on. Krimbo must've had scheduling issues or something.

>> No.7526461

wow that anon was not joking

>> No.7526569

Making a waifu chart, /a/ edition.

>> No.7526656

ive never heard hylos voice, she sounds like a discount iron mouse down to the speech pattern and weird accent

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>> No.7526723

Her face is surprisingly similar to her model's. But that might just be the work of makeup and photoshop.

>> No.7526961

I'd just start by going to 'browse' and filtering by using the 'vtuber' tag, then go hunting and see what you like. You can add other tags too.
Don't really know enough about the ones you like to make a confident rec.

>> No.7526971

Wait what schedule was Krimbo linked on?

>> No.7527008

Kaneko Lumi's

>> No.7527058

Never heard of her, and he didn't retweet it. Krimbo stream just ended though so maybe he'll jump on. He didn't mention Lumi at all though, so seems unlikely.

>> No.7527064

These days photoshop isnt too big of a thing for most cosplayers, unless its retouching colors. It's mostly makeup

>> No.7527195

I'm certainly not a fan of Hylo, honestly.

>> No.7527359

Finding "someone like [x]" is usually pretty difficult since it's a bit subjective. As far as a good place to start goes, Moriko is live right now and will probably continue to be for a good while. Endurance streamer, bit of a gremlin, pretty much /v/ if they actually played video games.
I haven't gotten to watch Leaflit much because of time zones, but she's one of the bigger ones around. Give her a look.
Maroony is a designated retro gaming mouse. Very charming, knows her stuff. Very passionate.
Koragi is a very sweet girl, plays a good variety of games. Very friendly, very cute.

Once you've watched a couple vtubers on twitch, the algorithm will start kicking in and recommend a bunch more that aren't even half bad. Most links posted in the threads have something good going for them. I can't really help out much more than that since it's 5am here, but I do hope you'll find what you're looking for.

>> No.7527416

I'm pretty sure I know who hylo was before
But yeah I think the big name model artist is carrying her now

>> No.7527840

sorry for not letting you guys know about the stream! we were setting up a lot of stuff so i was only able to post on twitter before i got distracted ;;
thank you to anyone who came by!

>> No.7527932

Don't be sorry. Be better.

>> No.7528235

>The fish /asp/ie is cute
Why are they always straight

>> No.7528264

>fish /asp/ie

>> No.7528267

post link

>> No.7528417

His voice and mannerisms
makes me feel things

>> No.7528423

I love Maroony.
I'm in love with Maroony.
I want to marry Maroony in real life.

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>> No.7528507

Gomenesai, I thought I did
gay brain, please andersan

>> No.7528533

Oh, Nanase Cain is a bro! Very cool dude. I can understand why you'd gosling for him. Good luck, anon!

>> No.7528685

>streams basically just Monster Hunter

>> No.7528704

le sheepe

>> No.7528745

He did a great reading collab on Teru's channel last night. I recommend watching the VOD, it was excellent.

>> No.7528780

Will do, he has a great voice. A shame he's h*t...

>> No.7528801

Kinda tired so I didn't made a sketch, but here's the resulting waifu chart.

And we raided my good pal kuakalakka:

>> No.7528946

>Sailor Jupiter

Extraordinarily cultured list for men of supreme taste, great job.

>> No.7529199

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t though after the dragon was rude to Tsunderia and all the crap about the company being black. I feel really sorry for the girls. I hope they leave. They deserve better.

>> No.7529447

aye, I think Ukyo set my taste for long dark haired gals

>> No.7529476

What'd she say about/to Tsunderia?

>> No.7530019

Horrible taste, we all know Ranma was best girl. Plus Mars. all the rest are decent enough.

>> No.7530701

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.7530718

Good night.

>> No.7530722

g'night shimabed!

>> No.7530761

Goodnight, Shimabed

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>> No.7530873

>same suicide guy from yesterday
>spams messages before stream
>now this

>> No.7530987

This kind of thing makes me hope no one will gosling for me

>> No.7531015

Honestly, you should see his discord messages.
These types are rough to see.

>> No.7531019

This kind of thing makes me hope someone will gosling for me

>> No.7531373

Same, I can tolerate a lot as as long as they pay up its fine. If not they can fuck off and trauma dump somewhere else

>> No.7531441

Exactly. All cash is fungible. Better it goes to me than dies with them.

>> No.7531461

Why isn't he banned

>> No.7531512

what kind of boomer uses their real name for youtube comments?

>> No.7531683

bros i love this corgi so much i want to wrap my utility truck in this corgi. Im so tempted bros.what do yall think?

>> No.7532473

she cute

>> No.7532493

Hey, just wanna say, if you're one of my viewers who comes by on Wednesday for radio dramas and now old TV shows, thanks. I really do think this stuff is so cool, and I'm glad there's people out there who think the same. For a while, I was waffling on still doing them because they got low viewer numbers, but I decided I'd rather do something I like than worry about numbers.

>> No.7532528

I didn't know there were such streams, but I'm interested. Got a link to drop, or should it be pretty easy to find you with some quick searching?

>> No.7532560

twitch.tv/powernelson my friend. Every Wednesday we watch or listen to something from the 1950s or earlier.

>> No.7532637

I ate 4 string cheese. Also guerilla streaming Mount and Blade because I have a problem.

>> No.7532673

Awesome, just followed, I love old radio dramas.

>> No.7532754

Awesome, just followed, I love 4 string cheese.

>> No.7532935

Roach gave up in being a chuuba?

>> No.7533123

or an hero

>> No.7533266

this being her last tweet in July is kinda worrying

>> No.7533270

I'm not always able to make it but they are always comf

>> No.7534683

lumi is guerilla streaming


>> No.7534949

Follow your dreams

>> No.7535231

I want a similar gif who made that

shes hot gonna follow

>> No.7535237

Time to collect stuff and kill the super pope.

>> No.7535722

Sister thread: >>>/trash/wvt
Thank you

>> No.7536114

when I find a girl I'd want to simp to, I find another one thats more cute. The life of a groomer is rough

>> No.7536216


>> No.7536243

Attention all Vtubers! This is your new manager speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just join Tsunderia.
Minimum qualifications:
>Asian heritage
>Mentally unstable
>Ability to go on hiatus minimum three times a month
>Ability to break containment within 24 hours of debuting
That is my advice. Just throw away your pride and join Tsunderia.
Thank you for your attention.

>> No.7536638


>Thonker song hours
>pogfrog Horror Tales
>Scarf cat Pokemon Unite
>Moon girl Left 4 Dead 2
>Magical boy Genshin Impact
>Magical shortstack Lisa
>Fleshfang Apex
>Drunk ghost sis
>four-eared glitchtuber artist
>Sleepy bear Apex
>Aussie oni Phasmo
>Catgirl maid with human ears Apex

>> No.7537210

super cool!

>> No.7537370

You do know she's already made over 6k$ right? She may not have the viewers but goddamn does she know how to sellout

>> No.7537416

SEA chuubas deserve more love (no I'm not sea myself) they're cute, energetic and always thankful for having everyone in their chat

>> No.7537456

wasn't there a separate thread set up for them? i think it was called /svt/ or something
anyways you guys are welcome here if you're english-speaking anyways

>> No.7537548

Listen, my accent isn't weird, you just aren't on my level yet

>> No.7537640

nice larp, I doubt any of cyberlive are visiting these threads

>> No.7537672


>> No.7537696

wtf she does sound like ironmouse. it is cute

>> No.7537700

yeah, except it wasn't the first post from the IP of that post and the tweet was 3 minutes beforehand
would imply she's already posted here

>> No.7537705

I mean I am right here anon

>> No.7537724

chicken on twitter

>> No.7537733

Mannnn I don't sound like ironmouse I'm crying but thank you for saying my voice is cute

>> No.7537757

https://twitter.com/AyaneHylo/status/1423233827514769410?s=19 this good enough for you?

>> No.7537776

well damn, welcome to the threads I guess
tend to be slow these days

>> No.7537778

well shit, didn't expect that. I'm ESL so I do enjoy hearing all the different accents people have.

>> No.7537779

Tell Lumi I'm waiting for her GroBgermaniums.

>> No.7537790

Will do anon

>> No.7537804

Idek where my accent is from it just exists and I hate it

>> No.7537808

so which other post is yours? since it wasn't your first post in this thread today
this one?

>> No.7537815

Thanks for having me, I don't normally hangout in vt but Ive been lurking here while other threads are dead

>> No.7537833

Lumi doesn't know what that is "what the fuck is that" she said

>> No.7537849

Possibly potentially or it's another post

>> No.7537862

I guess /gsg/ memes are too obscure.

>> No.7537864

Hylo... do you not use 4chanX?
Also I think all of you CyberLive girls are cute.
The GroBgermaniums comment was a /gsg/ meme.

>> No.7537866

I'd watch you hylo but I'm a twitch frog, sorry..

>> No.7537891

I'll admit I'm pretty new yeah

>> No.7537909

Man that's fine lumi and Yuri stream on twitch so make sure you go support them

>> No.7537912

I'll probably keep shilling you guys here for the foreseeable future. Good luck.

>> No.7537945

Thank you for the goodlucks I actually do appreciate it

>> No.7537958

Do your archive reps on your groomers, I can't imagine I'm the only one turned off by interactions with a known doxfag.

>> No.7537992

Oh jeez , bo2 is my favorite game so it sucks no one owns it except a few people that follow me, but ty for this I had heard about it once didn't know it was that bad

>> No.7537993

I don't really see what they could realistically do without raising a stink, more so as he's a whale. They're kind of stuck with him.

>> No.7538001

Holy shit this guy is a nut case.

>> No.7538025

A lot of the other community members know him yeah so we can't realistically ban him, but after reading I'll definitely be doing my best to ignore him

>> No.7538077

He's rotated through all of the recent startup gens like this, none have outright done anything though some talents were obviously clued in to it beforehand. Money's money, but it at least needs enough discretion to not scare off the rest of the viewers.

>> No.7538086

I sometimes gift subs and even doing that I sometimes think if its gonna be creepy or not. Reading that nutjob's comments made me feel a bit relieved

>> No.7538096

He has only stuck to Youtube startups though

>> No.7538097

If I outbid this guy, do you think he'd lose his mind or pay more to out bid me?
Just a thought.

>> No.7538114

Probably lose his mind, he's been obsessed with lumi lately

>> No.7538139

save her bros

>> No.7538180

I will do my best

>> No.7538193

Look at your streamlabs donos some time today, I sent you one. Try not to let any criticism you read here put you down, we can be a bit harsh sometimes and I'm pretty sure at least one person here dislikes you.

>> No.7538195

I want to give hylo money to outbid him

>> No.7538228

I more so find the insults amusing than hurtful but thank you that means a lot actually and I will definitely be sure to check <3

>> No.7538239

Please keep your wallet lmaooo

>> No.7538268

its fine I probably can outbid this kid and make him never comeback and you reap in the profits

>> No.7538295

He bought Yuri an ipad

>> No.7538310

If you want to enter a bidding war Hylo is the wrong CL to send money to (yes I feel horrible saying this with her reading the thread).

>> No.7538317

he loves lumi but wont donate to her anymore because she wont doxx herself wit the amazon wishlist

>> No.7538325

just keep your money or give it to another chuuba anon

>> No.7538326

Does he donate the same amount to all of them though, and I bet he doesn't donate that much every month

>> No.7538337

Honestly no hard feelings Yuri definitely needs money more than I do so if anything please show here lots of support

>> No.7538349

I think it's whoever he thinks will give him attention?

>> No.7538464

this guy tried to groom nijisanji?
ok that is hilarious

>> No.7538547

i need better coupon ideas...

>> No.7538553

smell fetishists get the rope
joking aside, maybe a coupon for scuffed streams?

>> No.7538564

some people really hate themselves. a sane person would have banned them already

>> No.7538613

i know a streamer that had a nutjob just like that and he kept going on for two years. He wanted to know every single thing about the streamer but eventually had enough of them and banned them, actually ruined their life and how they perceive people online

>> No.7538619

Damn, that is unfortunate.

>> No.7538700

some people are too greedy. none of the streamers i have seen are so poor that they would choose to deal with such assholes instead of banning them. i doubt that these entitled rich fucks are good for the numbers either

>> No.7538721

/wvt/ - Western V-Tubers

>> No.7538736

you ok, anon?

>> No.7538745

that could work but i can't help but feel that it ight be a reskin of an /hlgg/ coupon
though, there probably is an "imagine" coupon there but i haven't checked in for a while
do you have any specific chuuba that you want on the coupon?

>> No.7538759

none come to mind right away, and I have to drive to work
just thought it could be interesting to have a /wvt/ version

>> No.7538770

Some streamers just think that they'll stop tomorrow. Next week. Next month. But some of those nutjobs are too autistic and won't get that the streamer isn't comfortable with them doing it. They don't have friends irl and think they can be friends with streamers if they shower them with money.

>> No.7538844

its sad that people have to abuse everything. i just want to enjoy the cute and comfy streamers without any of that shit

>> No.7538897

Found a german chuuba playing FF1 Pixel Remaster

>> No.7538975

So uh, for how long have you been on 4chan? Which boards did you used/still use?

>> No.7538993

>be terumi
>do a poverty larp
>so poor
>such mess
>simps feel sad for you and donate
>finally get enough money to afford things
>spend it on a live2D model

>> No.7539499

1 free out of nowhere face reveal.

>> No.7539517

>less than a hundred views
Did the entire German-speaking weeb population embrace chuubas for like 6 months and then mostly drop them? This kind of disparity seems to be common among German-speaking chuubas.

>> No.7539558

its normal. could be raid follows and even inactive accounts. the normie is not as dedicated as you might be

>> No.7539602

What is with this Terumi anti sperging out all of a sudden? Everybody knows Terumi is a middle-class gold digger, that doesn't make her some kind of villain. It just makes her a normal asian woman. What'd she do to you, anyway? Or rather, I should say what do you think she did in that schizo brain of yours.

>> No.7539626

I still don't know how followers translate to viewers, but around 100 live viewers is always good.

>> No.7539642

>Did the entire German-speaking weeb population embrace chuubas for like 6 months and then mostly drop them?
Honestly, I don't think they ever did at all, not really. At most, established German ecelebs like GLP took the chuubapill, but I'm still the only person in my circle who knows what a Hololive even is.

>> No.7539651

lumi going live in 7 mins with moon jelly, playing factorio


>> No.7539678

I think followers should be thought of sort of like the imprint on the landscape left by a river. It shows where the flow was at its greatest point in the past, but the daily flow depends on the weather each season.

>> No.7539683

chances the nutjob will be there?

>> No.7539714

he is also here, or at least uses ogey

>> No.7539721

thats pretty normal. why would you not make your simps pay for that stuff if you can? its potentially several thousands dollars of saved money

>> No.7539728

I remember that Mocca was mentioned in a German newspaper as being the then-largest German vtuber, whenever that article was written. But that probably changed very quickly. Who would you say is the most well-known German-speaking chuuba nowadays?

>> No.7539751

gonna skip because i cant participate on youtube if there are known schizos on the channel

>> No.7539792


>> No.7539831

if it makes you feel better she ignores a good chunk of his comments

>> No.7539835

Sorry, I should have specified indie. Who could forget Orange Woman

>> No.7539896

decided to check.. cute model but i really wish that she wasn't on youtube

>> No.7539923

anon there is barely any

unless you are terumi namesearching yourself :)

>> No.7539946

They've been using Twitch a fair bit at least. Haven't been checking numbers to really comment on how it's going for them but I feel like it's a better fit for the agency.

>> No.7539977

whenever she is using Twitch and YouTube, I use Twitch. The delay is less on there.

>> No.7540017

nice. might have to look it up. apparently i can't even change the name of this google account so im not going to use it. im always worried that i get locked out of it because i got it with some unusual methods and i had problems on my other account when i tried to edit that stuff

>> No.7540043

Whoever has the most subs, I guess.
I honestly don't follow the german virtual scene myself and only know what I know from friends who occasionally stumble across vtubers for whatever reason.

>> No.7540077

I said "anti", not antis. It just annoys me when people criticize chuubas for putting on an act for money when that is half the point of the thing in the first place. Like, no shit.

>> No.7540089

With youtube you have to create a new channel under that and you can then give it whatever name you want and chat with that, though youtube doesn't put you in the viewerlist until you actual chat anyway if you're just lurking. But as
said twitch having less of a delay is much nicer for chatting anyway

>> No.7540281


>> No.7540287

weird. i don't remember making one on the other account but somehow it says that its a "brand account". i don't really want to lose this one and i feel like it would see that as "suspicious activity" just like the other one did when i suddenly decided to edit something that i had never touched before

>> No.7540374

What do you do when you start to feel bored of watching vtubers and following the community?

>> No.7540413

probably take a break. its easy to watch too much and most things get boring eventually when you do that

>> No.7540428

Focus my attention somewhere else. Come back later if I want to. Don't watch chuubas because you feel obligated to.

>> No.7540429

Take a break or pick up a new hobby.

>> No.7540573

Take a break, and if you miss it, go back to watching chuubas

>> No.7540837

If there is any that I like a lot I keep watching them and simply use the threads to shitpost occasionally, if not just drop for some time and see how it goes, maybe you grew out of it

>> No.7540906

i wonder if twitch will ever get the audio and video separated on their transcodes. that and the use of modern codecs are the only things i like on youtube

>> No.7541090

Is now/the coming few hours a good time to stream? Seems like dead hours so maybe people are hungry for SOMETHING to watch. Americans are probably waking up around about now but since it's a weekday, maybe specifically on weekends it'd be a good time.

>> No.7541294

this small cat looks cute..

>> No.7541327

Does CyberLive have any c-tubers?

>> No.7541451

Fug, I went to bed before you did, kirbybed.jpg hope you slept well Shimabed

>> No.7541480


>> No.7541581

Any chuubas with edgy aesthetics? The idol stuff is boring

>> No.7541593


>> No.7541648

>Youkai png cheers (You) up
>Napping nip Pokemon Unite
>Killing intent reading Hope for the Flowers
>French awoo League of Legends
>Laughing Sheila Dark Souls II
>JP Strawberry Dark Souls III
>Italian dog artist
>Country slime drawing
>Magical girl Dark Souls III
>Snow fox Apex

>> No.7541686

>Nade overlap with Lumi

>> No.7541819

There's plenty of non-idol chuubas. Technically Charlotte is into edgy stuff, but she's such a sweet girl I'm not sure if she's what you're looking for.
There's this guy I guess, but I don't really watch him.
Maybe Orla from tsunderia.

>> No.7541957

Shiki from Prism project's past life was one of the edgiest vtubers around before she joined. So far she's hiding her power levels but have already admitted she's into guro, cuckqueaning, piss and more.

>> No.7542072

oh FUCK I just realized it but she very much was if it's who I'm thinking it was
I am not going to give any more hints beyond her being seldom mentioned in /wvt/ when she did stream and I think she posted anonymously about her stats in /asp/
I'm super happy for her if it's who I think it is though

>> No.7542074

She is super cute! (Also, she is a snow leopard lol).

>> No.7542098


>> No.7542151


>> No.7542157

I am also happy for her.

>> No.7542237

You don't want her to reveal her powerlevel too hard.

>> No.7542299

i might have to make an exception to the no youtube thing so i can watch her

>> No.7542328

But most people I ask to never had a problem with this? She might just had stopped lurking for a bit now that I think about it.

>> No.7542339

She's a corpo, it's a tad different.

>> No.7542351

says she's not online at the moment. pls be patient.

>> No.7542359

Maybe there's a way to convince them to move to Twitch?

>> No.7542509

feels weird that a vtuber that i watched few times a long time ago would still remember me

>> No.7542554

Only stats will do that, and it would require numbers for the twitch streams they do have.

>> No.7542561

A bit unrelated but who was that German loli chuuba with the tanned skin again? I can't remember.

>> No.7542591


>> No.7542609

Oh yeah, her.

>> No.7542631

Back when I used to be really into Melody and friends (before Vshojo was even a concept) Silvervale would remember every single regular even if said regular had not came to her stream in months, mind you: back then she was a 1k streamer like she is now and she still memorized regular names and what they did. I don't know if she is still capable of that.

>> No.7542691

thats pretty impressive. bet that such small but nice things help with the numbers too

>> No.7542699

I hope the vtubers I watch regularly now don't remember me desu, I'm cringe enough as it is don't need to take up space in someone's memory as well.

>> No.7542724

What if they all remember you and think fondly of you?

>> No.7542738

you sound alright anon. That mindset is respectable.

>> No.7542752

im not really sure what to think about it. im not good at socializing so it kind of bothers me a bit but it also makes me feel a bit better if someone is that nice to me

>> No.7542791

Then I should start lurking more instead of participating in the chat.

>> No.7542800

I feel this way sometimes, then I remember that Polka forgot the name of her primary EN clipper several months after he had been making clips and translating her tweets. Suddenly I doubt anyone remembers my cringe shit from the past.

>> No.7542835

Your would probably prefer if you chat, even if it is cringe in your eyes, it probably isn't in their eyes

>> No.7542854

This. I appreciate when people chat.

>> No.7542932

>my oshi want to read my novels on stream
I am not sure how to feel about this. I am very happy I am able to provide her content, but I am afraid of what I have forgotten i have written about. The numbers say that no one has supposedly made it past the prologue. The only feedback I have gotten so far has been either to get an editor and "I have something there".

>> No.7542997

seeing my name fill the whole screen makes me feel a bit uncomfortable tho. i know that i suck at chatting so its hard for me to believe that they genuinely appreciate it

>> No.7543001

Sounds like potential cringe kino, encourage her to read it

>> No.7543014

You know what's worse than a chat with only one person's name? A chat with no person's name...

>> No.7543095

Can confirm, active chat > inactive even if it's just one dude shooting the shit. You're actively encouraging the chuuba to talk so I can lurk comfortably, please talk, please.

>> No.7543142

This. I was very discouraged once by a stream I worked really hard to prepare, but having one person chatting really saved the night.

>> No.7543153

i guess so.. maybe i just overthink it then. its just my opinion that i suck at smalltalk chats and i don't have much in depth knowledge of whatever most people are doing to keep talking about it

>> No.7543158

Yeah this, I'm at a point where I gift subs to people who chat just because I want to relax and hear the stream talk about stuff with the chat.

>> No.7543247

why is this blue cat so cute..

>> No.7543280

We're literally having a conversation right now and you seem to be doing fine! If you were to speak like this in my streams I wouldn't think of you as cringe at all!
Don't sweat it anon. Don't feel like you need to have extensive knowledge about something to talk about it, it gives the chuuba an opportunity to provide an explanation and talk about it, and then you can build off of that.

>> No.7543443

the anonymity in here helps but i guess that i just need to try get some confidence then. im always wondering if something is ok to post when im not doing it anonymously

>> No.7543466

If you're in doubt, say it out loud first, and if it sounds fine, you're in the clear.

>> No.7543766

Watch my oshi you dorks or I'll cry myself to bed because I can't shill her better.

>> No.7543781

Best way to get a chuuba to talk is to ask them to talk about something. Like if someone says something in a game reminds them of a movie or book they like, or didn't like, ask them what they did or didn't like about it, or how it reminded them if they didn't explain. Then just ask follow-up questions about that topic and you've easily filled ten minutes or more of airtime. If they ask you for your opinion, you can reply with something simple and turn the question back on them. It takes practice, but it's not difficult to get practice with hundreds of chuubas to talk to.

>> No.7543842

yea i have noticed that there are vtubers that are quiet most of the time if theres no chat activity. should just try to stop worrying since i could always make a new account if i do something too cringy

>> No.7543926

If my chat is quiet, I'll just keep narrating to myself while playing. Better than silence, since if I was going to play a game in silence, I wouldn't be streaming it.

>> No.7543937

Well, you need to shill her better because I already had that video liked and shilled on a discord.

>> No.7543983

i really appreciate the vtubers that do that even if no one chats since i have mostly been a lurker. its entertaining and probably more likely to attract viewers than a quiet stream

>> No.7544001

Unless you're in Yozo's chat because there the Mods need to reign in the streamer since she's about as yab as the coomer in chat.

>> No.7544023

i follow and watch her on twitch

>> No.7544040

Any chuuba worth their salt should be able to do that, hence why people are told to do their reps since their first streams will most likely be that scenario exactly

>> No.7544146

our chuubs are pretty good at it but on the tag index you can scroll until your hand hurts before you run out of those that probably have missed this advice

>> No.7544470

>Saffa angel Drunk Souls
>Writefag imp Link's Awakening
>That vamp JP reps
>Red bunny FFXIV
>Pink lalafell FFXIV
>Angel bun GTAV
>Very pink art fox Cabin Fever

>> No.7544953

she recently moved, she is fine

>> No.7544994

Watch facecam/nocam streamers, they are more entertaining or just not watch twitch streams at all.

>> No.7545015

But will she keep streaming? It seems that she completely gave up...

>> No.7545030

On twitch probably not

>> No.7545245

Forma de humana

>> No.7545308


>> No.7545385

I watch the chickens

>> No.7545725

Oh she's gonna love this

>> No.7545818

Kek. Speaking of that, I once clipped a moment where Yozo was playing RE Village and compared the merchant's hand gestures to the happy merchant. The clip was up for like half a day before it disappeared, and she mentioned in a later stream that "someone" had clipped it and sounded mildly annoyed. Made me laugh, though I understand it may have been kind of a dick move on my part considering it's Twitch. I just thought it was funny and didn't think about it.

>> No.7545834

streamers can tell who made the clip btw

>> No.7545856

Everyone can, the name stays there

>> No.7545881

I know they can, which is why I have never chatted in her streams since then. Still funny though.
She deleted the clip, so she's the only one who would remember.

>> No.7545886

Susan's playing Half Life 2 for the first time

>> No.7545887

and this is one reason why i won't ever clip anything

>> No.7545960

Why? Unless your clips suck or capture yabs, I know for a fact they appreciate clippers. My oshi has reposted at least one of mine on her Twitter, and another was featured by some clip channel and got her a little exposure. Both chuubas and content channels will often browse their Twitch clips to see if any of their fans captured good moments.

>> No.7546004

i just want to stay as a normal viewer. it would not be as fun if i had to do unpaid work or if people would start recognizing me for something

>> No.7546069

>would not be as fun if I had to
You don't have to. Don't feel obligated, most people don't clip at all. Just know that if you want to, chuubas do actually look at them and sort through them. If you don't want to be recognized, then of course it would be a bad idea. I don't give a fuck though, like I said, my clips have been noticed by my oshi multiple times and still I've never appeared in any of the back alley viewer lists and nobody seems to know I exist. Only chuubas seem to pay much attention to who clips what.

>> No.7546150

>or if people would start recognizing me for something
No one really pays attention to who makes the clip. If you don't want to make clips that's fine, but the fear of becoming recognizable from a clip is silly.

>> No.7546196

if i look at the twitters i get the feel that there are all kinds of things that i should be doing to be a good viewer. i don't really like it but i can understand why they want those things

>> No.7546227

I love this panda like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.7546265

Don't feel pressure to be a "good viewer", do what you want. The chuuba is there to entertain you and not the other way round. Remember this. A good chuuba is happy if they're making you happy, which is why they appreciate such things as chatters and clippers. It just shows engagement. Though they like anyone that watches them, the Bat even mentioned a few times that she appreciates her lurkers and finds them cute.

>> No.7546355

>no one really pays attention
I do as a viewer, but only because I feel mildly competitive over whose clips get more views than mine. It's usually super dumb/coomer moments that get the most views, btw. Sometimes not even that, it's just a moment that happened to be shared more widely for whatever reason and isn't even remarkable. Clipping is basically a gacha roll, I've found.

>> No.7546530

>Goat demon Metal Gear Rising
>Fighting anya Melty Blood
>Greek fish
>Ditz chimera cat Nioh 2
>Cute cat Bloodborne
>Beer bear Half-Life 2
>Slavbuns DDLC+
>Saffa panda Resident Evil Revelations
>Polyglot time girl League of Legends
>Legally blind bee Okami
>a cloud Metro 2033
>Red panda Cuphead
>Book demon Beholder

>> No.7546783

Nina is playing Death Trash since she was given a key by the devs!

>> No.7546786


Anime Girl Becomes Detective and Arrests Mankind

Streaming Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

>> No.7546843

Damn, wish I wasn't busy, I love Sherlock Holmes, and this game looked good.

>> No.7547029

You can watch VODs on her channel.

There's an unofficial YouTube too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9F1S9N68KN0Vr5By-5-aSA/videos

>> No.7547054

Thanks anon, will do.

>> No.7547107

You don't have to be a "good viewer", but if you have a creative outlet or hobby that you use to support the streamer(s) you like, they're usually very appreciative of it. I'd say only make stuff for chuubas if you want an excuse to make stuff, but if it feels like "free work" then just watch streams and enjoy it.

>> No.7547132

your drawing reps!

>> No.7547155


>> No.7547221

Slugma finally streaming

>> No.7547398

ok. maybe im just misunderstanding them and they don't actually hate viewers that only come there to enjoy the content

>> No.7547420

No chuuba is upset with lurkers enjoying their content, I promise you

>> No.7547437

How did /jp/ reps give her 150 viewers? She just raided Nina with that amount

>> No.7547469

Didn't watch, but it looked like she switched to karaoke after her reps.

>> No.7547968

my forma de humana... so cute..
thank you!!

>> No.7547973

I'm trying to organize a Battle network pvp tournament for vtubers since it's something that people have been playing more recently. I need a few more people to lock it in. If you or someone you "know" are interested post them here

>> No.7548022


>> No.7548034

She got raided as well

>> No.7548110

Effiez is playing some Bloodborne!

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