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Who's that pokemon?

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More fodder for the managers, what lucky guys.

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2 coffee beans have been deposited into your account

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It's Ina obviously.

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I hate when vtubers have big hats

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They're desperately trying to make their own Phase Invaders but it'll never work without a genuine star like Lumi
It's probably another ESL like Riro or Meica

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I'll laugh so hard if they got some of the talents phasecucks been begging sakana to poach

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>star like Lumi
Anon Lumi is a 3 view, shes a star in the sense the 4chan simps for her.

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I love when vtubers have big hats

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I agree, they should have multiple small hats.

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The only things she stars at is being a pickme.

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>Lumi is a 3 view
If you're going to be a number monkey about it at least be correct.

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Hopefully this cunny is better than riro

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>a genuine star like Lumi
kek she is not a star and never will be considering her cuck content

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[hava nagila starts accelerating]

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I can say that Idol wants to be phase on the PR department but doesn't quite reach there

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I have no idea. Also idol alert? I vaguely remember Kai killing dragon alert and replacing it with that, will she be hosting it still?

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Yes, but other idol girls join her to co-host it.

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Pomu returning?

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Did these retards not learn from their first mistake they brought in and plastered their pl name everywhere? Whatever, guess they will lose another staffer, or maybe this one is fucking the leader.

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>They're desperately trying to make their own Phase Invaders
Nigga other companies bring on existing talents all the time and Phase Connect wasn't even close to being the first to do so

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They literally just brought in Meica without changing anything about her actually

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>Not a single person here has any clue on who that is
As expected. The idol fanbase is too small to harbor any competent detectives.

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it was just revealed one hour ago

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I'm going to guess a PRISM project girl. Nia already mentioned she was approached by a corpo to join them but declined because she wanted to try being independent. Maybe they poached one of the other newly-indie PRISM talents.

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You guys know thats probably a new model, right?

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i hate how lumi gets forcibly paired with the other invaders just because yuri got shitcanned.

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it's a new model, so the ONLY thing to go off is if a bunch of chuubas from a specific group/corp have retweeted it, which they haven't as far as anyone can tell.

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Only Shiki is worth poaching from there, if we talking noombers.

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It's obviously Shondo.

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Yeah but Idol seems to work in a reactionary way, like they only started mentioning their contracts and cut after Nijisanji drama and went to pay off a convention after Phase

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It's probably way too soon for that to have happened even if they'd started negotiating as soon as the talents were informed of the impending shutdown

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Holy shit its Gura

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Is Idol incapable of making non-loli models?

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Didn't Idol sponsor Offkai 2023?

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>they only started mentioning their contracts and cut after Nijisanji drama
What Niji drama?

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The last time they did it wasnt it for the Russian girl that got fired for fucking her manager??

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they sponsored offkai before phase did, retard

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seriously why join jews when phase exists

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Look what country the ceo is from. the biggest hole in the loli ≠ pedo argument is the way israel embraced them

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phasefags being phasefags again

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new gen only has 2 lolis

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>genuine star
kek lumi is groomed trash and she runs a literal doxxcord

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and thats a good thing since everyone else seems afraid of them these days. i for one support Loli Corp.

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Already seething sister?

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Holy shit, it's Beatani!

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Sorry SEA bros this one is American grown 100%.

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Buy an ad

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I'll assume they are getting some indie on board rather than poaching someone from a corp

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yeah but one of those counts as like 10 of them at once

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Buy an ad with the American taxpayer's money.

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Is that Amiya?

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Everything about your post is wrong

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I can't even begin to imagine why anybody would think it's Amiya

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it's probably going to be someone lame no one expects or knows

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It looks like it could be Shondo, I'm just saying.

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They let the girls design the models, not their fault when given full freedom girls 4 out of 5 times will choose to be lolis.

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No fucking way.

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They let you design the model and pay for all equipment.

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Do you catalog-browsing, twitter-touristing, streams-not-watching, tribalnigging, likely-falseflagging ""phasefags"" even know that, beyond 3 current girls having negotiations to be invaders with Fishman, Phase won't hire anyone else in the foreseeable future?

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Why not? It looks like shondo with a hat.

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they got eugena coonie?

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Shondo is too unhinged for idol. She's a phase girl.

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wordfaggots (you) are the worst out of all those

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Looks like a loli version of DK Graves.

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Sorry that your pagpag-fueled brown brain can't handle reading.

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Fuck, it does look like DK.

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Shondo has a very succesful indie career, why would she want to switch and make less money?

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I heard rumors on discord that Idol is preparing an offer to buy out Cover Corp, so this might just be a start to grow using established talents.

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It's kyOresu

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phase is only for desperate snow bunnies

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Maybe idol made an offer she couldn't refuse, filled with shekels. They're in a desperate need of a 4view now.

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But she literally is a star.

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I imagine some, like her, would get a bespoke contract. You can always take your pre-corpo earnings and exclude a large percentage of them from corpo income. Effectively split the "corpo bonus" and not everything..

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Might be Kiki from EIEN.

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that would be nice, Yuko would finally have a friend

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It's Beatani you fucking faggots

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Of her 5 streams prior to the karaoke relay yesterday, only 1 of them went over 1000 ccv (Manor Lords).
Emma could be a good pull. Possibly Nana as well.

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tabun maybe

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Bea completed her life as a vtuber. She's nothing but white ashes now.
Plus, she wouldn't join a filthy gaijin company and very unlikely that'd she'd be hired considering she was far more yab than 2022 Pippa

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Another Ex-WACTOR girl? They've got two of them already right?

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shondo hates all corpos and publicly made fun of idol when they contacted her about doing a sponsored debut watchalong

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what if it's one of the 3 jew girls that they are rehiring from their first gen

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weren't they expunged because they didn't make any shekels

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Then it would say "rejoining", not "joining".

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Is that including twitch? Whenever I see her there she is in 4view territory.

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it's going to be EN

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>Small corpo thread
>Phasecucks immediately descend like flies on shit to make it all about them
Why are they like this?

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Meica is bigger than that cheap whore of Kaneko Lumi anyways lmao

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Twitch counts people that have the stream muted and also counts those that have it in another tab.

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doesn't count, most of those are children that thought they clicked on veibae

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It's Chibidoki

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Are Phasecucks retarded or just revisionists?

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Small dog syndrome

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i know decent ammount of indies and still nothing comes to mind
throw some bones ESbros whos this sexy digimon?

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christ there you go again, learn to use proper words instead of talking slang like a nigger

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It says IdolEN at the bottom.
All bets are off for the ES talents

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It says EN in the image.

>> No.75188718

It's an EN talent.

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Weak mentality desperately trying to be acknowledged by holochads

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i know but i never seen this one in en scene and i don't think idol is going to grab a 1view, so i thought they hire an ES chuuba that mainly speaks english
tweet says "someone you know" so i don't think her model is a redesign

>> No.75188930

unpopular opinion but she is a way better streamer than vei.

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Kinda looks like KKCyber
t. watch all small corps and indies

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Chink detected, theyre going down the Chink Connect route
Sad, they had potential
Every agency ends up bowing to the chinese overlords

>> No.75189189

Good guess but aside from the hat and hairstyle, the new girl has a cunny bodytype, which KK isn't.

>> No.75189193

Skill issue

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It's mikeneko, it's the only way idol could go further

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All jokes and memes aside, Aviel is only doing this because of the recent bad reputation buildup Idol has received and fish calling them out.
Also some people being big mad at Israelis from current world events.

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Tiny hats are literally the worst thing imaginable. At least with multiple you're basically admitting your a retard, but you still might was well go for the classic baseball cap with the propeller on top.

>> No.75190018

oh Sana

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Rindo returns at long last.

>> No.75190505

he's also terrified people will find out he's doing the same thing he fired others for doing

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Who is Aviel fucking anon? Reveal the rrats.

>> No.75190562

Aviel is taking silly pills???

>> No.75190876

No, he's fucking the managers

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Cope harder Sakana

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They had an yab recently. One of their members had an offpako with a Holostar. They tried to edit him off but it was already too late.
Caught on 4k.

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Rie is a known tranny loving whore. Even phasecucks tune her out.

>> No.75191566

kek why does Hime even try, between her Rowling rant and the homo collabs she did, that audience isn't there for her anymore.

>> No.75191749

Most of the small corpo collapsed and all the small corpo viewers immigrated into Phase.
Small corpo fans care about small corpos who would've thought

>> No.75191801

Can't identify shit.
So it is likely a new model, which only makes sense.

>> No.75191883

It's Nebi.

>> No.75192105

>veibae from temu

>> No.75192235

It's morally correct and just to always call out jews for anything they do. I wonder what the internal discussion about vtubers jews are having right now and how they can push their garbage in this medium.

>> No.75192582

From the looks of things, Seth Weinstein and Aviel sees Vtubers as a pump and dump quick scheme. The real money is in AI according to them

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Yuko redebut

>> No.75193883

Could be Shachi, been a while since she went into hiatus and recently she got some attention from the doki stuff, perfect time for her to start streaming again.

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I will never get this Phase vs. Idol thing on /vt/.
Most Phase members are close friends with Idol talents and vise versa, and both corpos are pretty damn similar in retrospect.

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I only care about Hololive

>> No.75194762

It's Orla Gan Ceann btw

>> No.75194773

But only one of them is Jewish

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Just yesterday, Idol debued Ruby Rune, a clear ripoff of Phase's Runie Ruse
Last year Idol debued Poko, a ripoff of Phase's Panko
They also poached Lumi's archenemy Menace
and Pippa made fun of Yuko by calling her the "Pee Queen" a week after Yuko disavowed her old pissing streams
Sakana even did a last-minute interview to overlap the Idol ES debuts where he said that publicizing an agency's revenue cut is 'Virtue Signaling" and Aviel is the one who started that trend in vtubing.
They hate each other

>> No.75194834

it's a shame too. she's good at being a vtuber

>> No.75194914

every small corpo hates phasefags

>> No.75194997

Only the dead ones. All currently operating small corpos beg for crumbs of Phase clout

>> No.75195065

They're both small corps with ambitious CEOs so of course tribalfags will pretend they hate each other and make up reasons why.

>> No.75195230

No wonder Rie is redebuting in Idol

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>Poko ripoff
this has been a stretch for over a year now, with no definitive proof
Its been years since they've fought publicaly, and even if lumi still wont talk to her menace is good friends with many of the new phase girls
>Pippa made fun of Yuko
One of pippa's worst qualities as someone who likes her alot desu Is how she can bring up random catalogue drama about other vtubers on her stream. This just makes pippa look really bad here.
>Sakana Interview
Also seems really immature and petty, especially coming from a CEO, but he's not wrong at all.
The revenue split tweet idol did along with some of the blitz advertising has always been a shady part about idol.

>> No.75195648

phasefags are 50% pippafags, which are 95% election tourist /pol/tards, whose personalities are 100% LE JEWWWS
classic tribalism that naturally springs up between closest equivalents
the chances that kevin pays dramafags and/or jannies to make sure the catalog is basically always shitting on everyone that isn't phase aren't 0

>> No.75195645

I have no idea how a few words spoilered turned into half the post.

>> No.75195788

looks like you didn't close the spoiler tag

>> No.75195823

Can i ask what happened to her after graduation given that graduted more than a year by now.

>> No.75195905

So what was the real reason for her leaving?

>> No.75196004

nothing shady about being public when your offerings are better than others, thats marketing 101, Sakana is butthurt he cant reveal his numbers because he probably takes way higher cut than idol's

>> No.75196017

>Ignores the Runie Ruse - Ruby Rune naming and theme similarities
Once is a coincidence. Twice is a (((coincidence)))

>> No.75196056

She just kind of quit online content crewtion altogether. She had a band or something as a PL but otherwise she straight up left the internet after her graduation

>> No.75196181

her name is Ruby Runeheart, and there is nothing similar in design other than both of them not being lolis

>> No.75196193

>Someone you know might be joining idol.
>No knows knows them

Many such cases, phase keeps winning

>> No.75196222

Nooooooooooo two vtubers can't have slightly similar names!!!! I'm going insane!!

>> No.75196683

What makes this shady is that he publicized his revenue split while hiding that he was understaffed and didn't have enough managers while his talents were complaining about being neglected. This culminated in the Tomer situation where a single manager could have intimate relations with one or more talents because they lacked any oversight or accountability.
He also neglected to mention that this financial arrangement was funded by seed money from investors which is something none of the other small corpos his size could do.
Finally, Aviel promised to release the full contract publicly by a certain date and then decided to back out of it because he thought his contract looked bad. Now he's working with a team of Lawyers and hired the grifter Legal Cumset to proofread his new contract before he publicizes that one. Aviel should have never promised to reveal the full contract he's dug himself into a hole.

>> No.75196709

Runie invented runes, that's common knowledge

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It happened twice in a row.
If you can't see it, you're blind

>> No.75196928

>plans to reveal contract before the year ends
>IMMEDIATELY before the year ends, every talent throws a shitfit at the same time but vagueposting on their PLs and threatening graduationg
>o fug :DDD
He probably remade the contract so many times since that tweet that it's an entirely different thing by now

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>phasekeks: "I feel bad for you"
>Aviel: "I don't think about you at all"

>> No.75198204

idol is not a close equivalent to phase, it's like the worst aspects of niji and vshojo combined
I'm not a tribalist, I really like a couple of idol talents, I just think Aviel is a shitbag who is ruining their potential careers so he can wank about what a great CEO he is, he thinks of himself as the brand, not the talents
and I think we know who does the most shilling and advertising

>> No.75198378

>worst aspects of niji and vshojo
Idol has no homos, checkmate.

>> No.75198546

you aren't subtle

>> No.75198600

That is some cope when one of the talents is considering jumping ship and has been spending more time posting in Phase general

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I took the small corpo pill after being disillusioned by holo in 2022. All these groups just kind of feel the same and I ended up just watching the few people I liked, rather than watch everyone like I did with holo.
Fuyo, Jelly, Yuko, and now Runie are some of my small corpo go to's.

>> No.75198658

idol collabs with homos even if they dont have their own

>> No.75198673

which one?

>> No.75198693


>> No.75198715

two that I know of

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>> No.75198898

Dizzy is working on the other one, menacing fish about it.

>> No.75198932

coni yuko? don't see either ending up in phase tho

>> No.75198938

I don't think she's big enough to get a solo PL debut

>> No.75199085

Coni is going to V-Dere actually.
And Mozzu is going to Idol.

>> No.75199089

She was supposed to debut as an indie but keeps pushing it back.

>> No.75199446

>it's like the worst aspects of niji and vshojo combined
Which one are you describing? Idol or Phase

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>> No.75199545

>Top Talent Rin collabs with Flayon
>Bottom Talent Rie collabs with Flayon
Not sure which is worse

>> No.75199662

Juna also collabs with the racist korean fag clique

>> No.75200001

Flayon collabed with Lia, retard.

>> No.75200106

Dizzy can't possibly unfuck that relationship between Lumi and Menace, both would need to be super professional even though they hate each other like Korone and Aqua.

>> No.75200146


>> No.75200166

What about if they both have sex with me? You think that could work?

>> No.75200248

Maybe she wants Menace to help her put Lumi in her place?

>> No.75200274

It's Pikamee.

>> No.75200566


>> No.75200589

they started complaining months after this was revealed, idol was at peak of talent satisfaction at that time with talents often talking highly of management. The understaffing happened after they hired all these new gens.
>He also neglected to mention that this financial arrangement was funded by seed money from investors
he has made that clear couple of times on weekly blogs, and he also made it clear when they became profitable and didn't rely on seed money anymore.
>Finally, Aviel promised to release the full contract publicly by a certain date and then decided to back out of it because he thought his contract looked bad.
Thats your speculation, but he did say on Discord that he will reveal the old one too.

>> No.75200644

It's Quinn in drag.

>> No.75200701

>Just gifted 0 memberships

>> No.75200952

>Phase's Top Talent collabs with male e-celebs, alt-right lolcows and dramafags
really speaks a lot about their brand huh

>> No.75201325

Its that one bunny

>> No.75201435


>> No.75201443

who does phase's top talent collab with?

>> No.75202117
File: 1.81 MB, 1574x765, dokibird pippa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dokibird and Fillian

>> No.75202189

>Dokibird is a male e-celeb alt-right lolcow and dramafag
Wow nijisisters scraping the bottom of the barrel

>> No.75202358

pathetic samefagging

>> No.75202396
File: 334 KB, 1920x1080, GMx_t4eXwAA1RFF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leave black corpo
>get a Filian collab
it's not a coincidence anymore huh?

>> No.75202504
File: 1.53 MB, 1334x750, 1714953902182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boobros lost
Kroutons won

>> No.75202657

Dayum Filian is going to ask her the same black corpo questions she asked Doki
Still can't believe Fishman paid for Kyoresu's booth at Offkai. Vindictive AF

>> No.75202712

Where is Idol's Dokibird collab oh yeah right here >>75202396 after she got terminated from the company LMAO

>> No.75202894

What are you calling them black? One of their bigger talents (Yuko) is liking Ky0resu Tweets on her alt, heh.

>> No.75202997

Honestly? I’m betting notVirgil, ex-KoMETA. I feel like she’d fit in a cunny corpo and would be able to do unity collabs with Muyu.

>> No.75203001
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>> No.75204461

NTR corpo has rabid third worlders as their fanbase
Color me surprised.

>> No.75204780

Phase cut is 50% which is higher than fucking holo.

>> No.75205691

Enjoy your new invader who will barely stream idolfags

>> No.75205746


>> No.75205856

phasefags are so delusional and jewcorp is a deathtrap

>> No.75206021

>fish calling them out.
What kind of schizo posting is this?

>> No.75206148

Fish appeared on a stream recently and answered some questions

>> No.75206155

Where are the full photos?

>> No.75206166

This, but they have sex with me instead while Dizzy watches from the corner

>> No.75206203

>Phase members are close friends with Idol talents
....Sorry anon, no they are not.

>> No.75206253

Yuko and Pippa are friends.
Coni and Dizzy are friends now.

>> No.75206320

>Source: My schizophrenia

>> No.75207026

Is that fucking Hylo

>> No.75207161


>> No.75207180

Only Panko has actual beef with an Idol girl (Fuyo)

>> No.75207283

Fuyo is so safe and inoffensive though, how the fuck can you hate her?

>> No.75207352


>> No.75207370

i'm sorry...

>> No.75207433

Fuyo ghosted her after the collab apparently. I think Panko should understand that tugas are 2x even more lazy than Italians.

>> No.75207501
File: 106 KB, 574x622, ezgif-5-53eb1943e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hat matches
>Hairstyle matches
>Background has fire, Hylo is a dragon who spits fire
>Pushed by Nanobites
I'm so fucking sorry, Idolbros.

>> No.75207563

Small corpo drama/fighting is hilarious. It's like two toothless piranhas fighting over a paste some bird threw up into the water.

>> No.75207591

Lumi's arch-rival...

>> No.75207607

She isn't even the top talent what are you on about retard? She is like 4th or 5th.

>> No.75207721

That's Menace

>> No.75207815

I didn't know about this one because nijisisters didn't make 10 threads about it

>> No.75207880

around this part

>> No.75207952

That just makes me wonder how Panko is like behind the scenes to flip out like that. She's also an artist and all.

>> No.75207973

not like this, Utano Pandora barely pull 3 views with the massive Opera buff, Hylo will....

>> No.75208024

Different hat. Different hair. Jacket would have to be new because those sleeves don't match. No tail.

>> No.75208035

>the other 10 or so members
Lia has been middle of the pack in 2021 and she's middle of the pack now

>> No.75208102
File: 78 KB, 256x256, 1699069282835428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assume she's like this

>> No.75208158
File: 129 KB, 1326x881, 1713112500001827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.75208194

Is no one paying attention to the fact that this is almost surely Yuri? She even tweeted hinting at it.
Hiring a chuuba who got fucked over by phase connect is the funniest shit I've seen on /vt/ yet, excited to see how this goes.

>> No.75208203

Huh? The Opera browser vtuber averages like 400-500 ccv.

>> No.75208328

It's obviously Pomu

>> No.75208332

Actually Hylo tried canceling Lumi twice.
Its more like Hylo considers Lumi her arch enemy while Lumi doesn't think about Hylo at all.

>> No.75208358

oh, so opera whim project is ending, as much as a mid chuba she is, she deserve being in a happy place.

>> No.75208367

lmao even

>> No.75208618

Remember this post you made here tommorrow, and try not to get too mad

>> No.75208631

Juna hates Airi for some reason too

>> No.75208693

if Idol is taking Nano, is purely a pr move to shit on Phase, she is not that talented to be chosen over any other indie, and she's been in a radioactive menhera arc for a while now

>> No.75208713
File: 34 KB, 867x225, 1692186592209503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what did she mean by this?

>> No.75208755

Fuck off

>> No.75208772


>> No.75208806

why would some one hate airi?, sor speasking too much?

>> No.75208877

He went on a Walmart human resources-tier "It's better for us- I mean for you if you don't talk about your pay with others" bit in response to the topic of Idol publishing their pay rates, which literally only makes sense if you're the most terminal of corpo bootlicker.

>> No.75208903

she must be talking about some of her cyberlive buddies

>> No.75208916

You know you could reword this post with sakana instead of Mr. Jew and it would still be true right? Just look at how much sakana shoves himself into phase promos and advertisements.
Vtuber CEOs in general have this insane ego where evrything is about them when it comes to the company brand.

>> No.75208964

is that true for v&u, kawaii, etc etc?

>> No.75208974

The girls are the one who made fish a meme

>> No.75208994

Not true, Juna appears in Airi's chats and they've collabed not that long ago.

>> No.75209064

I agree with you about sakana but the difference seems to be phase talents tell him to fuck off to an extent and he does whereas jewfag will rage and try to destroy any talents who dont do what he wants

>> No.75209180

Nano's been getting showered with praise by /lig/ lately, who usually hates anyone who isn't the same ten indies, so she must be doing something right.
Bullshit, I've seen fishman put into MV and advertising for the corpo since the very beginning. I used to watch them when it was just gen 1 you can't fool me here.

>> No.75209184

Lumi made a lot of enemies during her tenure outside of the corpo tardwrangling her

>> No.75209226


>> No.75209268

Oh you mean Dizzy's morning coffee?

>> No.75209294

I doubt she's making it in. That's a girl that was actually menhera and got kicked out of Phase as a result. There is no way she would make it into Idol.

>> No.75209301
File: 273 KB, 883x923, zfgdfgds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you telling me this copypasta is true?

>> No.75209356

Imagine if it's Nano, but with a new model.
Basically copy-pasting the Phase one.

>> No.75209388

nano literally just got a new model so i dont believe it

>> No.75209433
File: 215 KB, 1718x515, fuyjik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>May 1 2023
Did anon predict this one year ago?

>> No.75209436

We still don't know the full story and never will, so there's no point in taking sides on that point.

>> No.75209467

The idea of Dizzy as some behind the scenes poaching agent is pretty funny to me.

>> No.75209482

Hylo got a new model as Hades in Mythos. Doesn't mean anything. She or Nano might pull a reverse-Vesper. New model to debut instead of new model to termination

>> No.75209506

Lumi too, she admitted talking to perspective invaders before.

>> No.75209552

I fucking hope so, we need more quality drama. It would start breaking down unspoken rules vtuber hiring. Will we get vtuber draft?

>> No.75209573
File: 135 KB, 570x814, jelly O.O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw indies complaining about Phase poachbeggars weren't talking about the fans but the talents actually shilling the corpo to them in DMs

>> No.75209654

Remember when Aviel said he was going to post the full contract last year for transparency? Did he ever do that? Or was that just him saying shit for PR reasons?

>> No.75209659
File: 166 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Save tiger.

>> No.75209717

Tiger will be debuting in PixelLink soon, tho.

>> No.75209766
File: 402 KB, 615x756, pcg fan tv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice fluff but lets talk about the most important thing that matters
What does this mean for divegrass

>> No.75209815

No. He's as likely to fulfill his promise as Yuko is to fulfill her donothon goals

>> No.75209840

I'll take it. As long as she's back (and with management better than VReverie).

>> No.75209944

A leak in some indie's palworld stream confirmed that pippa and nano still hangout with eachother so this even funnier kek

>> No.75209968

Reminder Sakana already sent an indirecta to Aviel in the Dizzy stream this week, saying he doesn't mess with virtue siganalers aka Aviel's whole openess contract thing. I think there might be some beef between them.

>> No.75210024

Is Fishman gonna have to slap a bitch?

>> No.75210122

>virtue siganalers
And what better way to virtue signal than to hire Nanobites. It fits too well, even if the model looks more Hylo-ish

>> No.75210126

How much are we going to have to pay just to watch two YAGOO wannabes fight in a cage match? I dont even care about their points anymore, I just want to see them fistfight.

>> No.75210178
File: 1.23 MB, 4096x2304, 1714089656221155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So far, Pixel seems all around alright.
They did had a graduation recently, but it was fully on the girl.

Also, their merch gets actually delivered.

>> No.75210248
File: 288 KB, 1920x1080, F8_l0JwWIAUeGvy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that Dizzy showed a clip on Phase Weekly and edited Yuri out
All of Gen2 was there to laugh at Yuri too

>> No.75210250

Its Rie, how is this a yab? You might as well say Ollie interacting with a male is a yab.

>> No.75210255


>> No.75210353

why shiina brown

>> No.75210369
File: 1.81 MB, 2500x3500, 1713990517444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best we can do for you is Jong

>> No.75210428

Tan from Banana Monkey island

>> No.75210441

NTA but it was after she got back from visiting her mother and grandfather in Puerto Rico so she made her model tanned to reflect that

>> No.75210527

What the graduated girl do wrong?

>> No.75210640

I thought she was asian american?
Is PR a popular retirement location or is she part spic and im missing something

>> No.75210760

Do you know what time he said this? I never saw the stream.

>> No.75210801

Please no, I hate jong...

She's American yeah, she just has family living in some part of Latin America because it's cheap.

>> No.75210969
File: 1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Nebi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much what most whores do.
Was too lazy to work, expected management to do everything for her, while she gets all the money and connections.

Even though she was the first to get a donothon.
And a 3 month break, to "fix her mental state"

Also, seemed more interested in her PL account, anyway.

So yeah, not much of a loss for the company, aside from a wasted talent slot.

>> No.75211042

A cagematch? That's boring, i want them to progressively get angrier with each other during a vtuber CEO talk at offkai to the point one of them gets up and gets in the face of the other, then punches start and the girls suddenly jump on stage trying to pull them apart while they scream "fuck you bitch" at the other girls company. At some point Pippa spits at Fuyo and Fuyo slaps her back. Just all around mess.

Dont have the timestamp, sorry. It was somewhere in the middle.

>> No.75211047

>Hylo will....
Slightly underperform but still get significant numbers from Idol's brand momentum?

>> No.75211105

>wasted talent slot
and a nice model, sad

>> No.75211211

isn't hylo doing some weird olympian god themed vtuber circle now?

>> No.75211244

Yeah she’s Hades in Mythos

>> No.75211420

Yeah, the model sure was nice.
Which cannot be said about the person behind it...

She barely ended her graduation stream, and already started a donothon on her PL channel...

>> No.75211889

>got a unique model a month ago
>nah fuck it let's become an invader in another corp with a different model that also doesn't have anything to do with the bunny theme she's using
yeah it's definitely her wow

>> No.75211902

Hylo is already still active in some microcorpo+theres some obvious discrepancies so I really doubt it's her

>> No.75212088


>> No.75212482

Better than being Chinese

>> No.75213006

>thread about idol
>co-opted by insecure phasefags

>> No.75213383

>Snowcat comes back as a Firecat in rival corpo
Absolute kino