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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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She's alright.

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One of those nuggies has a fucking face on it

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>> No.7499824

Did I miss something? Shouldn't Rosemi be at work? Why is she cooking nuggies?

>> No.7499825

Release me, demon

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>> No.7499849

Maybe she's cooking at work

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I need to control every aspect of Rosemi's life, it's the only way to keep Rosemi safe.

>> No.7499889

Poor Wosemi can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to cooking.

>> No.7499915

See, told you they were fine.

>> No.7499916

I love Pomu!

>> No.7499927

Weren't they hard as rocks?

>> No.7499954

She's going to get food poisoning again, isn't she...

>> No.7499959

>believing anything rosemi says

>> No.7499974

Does she work from home?

>> No.7500004

>Intern burns down entire building, 15 dead dozens injured

>> No.7500023

Pomu seems to be getting quite a lot of fan art during the break, tiny silver lining and all that, though I miss her so much

>> No.7500030

This reminds me Ichiso finally changed his pinned tweet to https://twitter.com/kujouitiso/status/1420897206865776640?s=20
Before that he had some kancolle shit pinned.

>> No.7500085

Pomu love trumps any career shilling

>> No.7500088

She took the day off to play D&D

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>> No.7500137

Everywhere I go...I see her face.

>> No.7500146

Day off streaming. She still went to work in the morning.

>> No.7500150

i was just about to post that kek

>> No.7500179

>want my oshi to get more viewers
>also want it to be small so she would still notice me in chat

>> No.7500205

she's coping

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>> No.7500215

I love bomu :DDDDDDD

>> No.7500225

>Does she work from home?
Last week she had a stream right after her work hours, so probably, atleast some of the time

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>> No.7500277

I love this sweet horny mermaid!

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just be more creative with your shitposts bro

>> No.7500342

cute :DDDDDD

>> No.7500364

So, we all know Selen likes robots right? But I can't avoid to notice there hasn't been enough games on her schedule with robots (I guess APEX counts?). We need to fix this!

What game with robots would (You) realistically think Selen can play? I have to put realistically in there because I know the urge to say Transformers Devastation is strong but that ain't happening.

>> No.7500374

That would also explain her being able to cook chicken nuggies on a stove, versus a brown bag or microwaveable lunch.
A WFH intern position...

>> No.7500399

>Run into wosemi irl
>Terrified to scare her off, but find opportunity to help her
>She's thankful and you hit it off
>You begin taking care of her more and more
>Help decide her meals, her outfits, her schedule
>Move-in with her to take care of her
>Take up more hours to provide for her
>You're totally in control
>One day you're having post-stream rough sex
>Suddenly she leglocks you and tells you she wants kids
>You're helpless as she digs her nails into your back and holds you in
>Realize you were never in control; you are just her personal paypiggie, wageslave, and fucktoy

>> No.7500404

If she works in an office there's probably a lunch room and a lot of the time they have like a little toaster oven or an air fryer

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>> No.7500453

Zone of the Enders 2

>> No.7500469

What do you guys think of hags?

>> No.7500501

Rosemi if you're here, you need to brush a little bit of oil when you use the air fryer or your nuggets will get too hard and dry

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>> No.7500530

We don't have a single one in NijiEn, truly the worst recruitment

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>> No.7500603

She already mentioned it, but Titanfall 2 campaign

>> No.7500727

There's still a pandemic in Canada right now. Most office positions are WFH with maybe 1 day in the office a week

>> No.7500737

Realistically what we'll see is Titanfall 2. What I'd like to see, or any vtuber, is to play through the campaings of supcom and forged alliance. The community made faf to be precise since that fixes so many things and opens up possibility to do those in coop

>> No.7500771

Have (You) done your archive reps? It's been a busy week!



>> No.7500781

>playing a decades-old sandbox RTS
>playing a mod for a decades-old sandbox RTS
Fat chance. Pretty sure they'd have to navigate some legalities to even be able to use the mod on a monetized stream without risking the owner giving them shit for it.

>> No.7500799

I pray to God that the kitsune will be a hag in her 40s

>> No.7500802

>I missed a rosemi stream this morning
God fucking dammit youtube why do I even enable notifications if you won't give me any?

>> No.7500806

love em
how could you not

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>> No.7500862

Thigh sex with wosemi! She has a tights fetish so she'd love it!

>> No.7500888

Did anyone catch this?

>> No.7500903

I hate to tell you this, anon, but trying that with a girl wearing tights is like fucking sandpaper. The friction is absolutely not pleasant.

>> No.7500911

aaaaawwwwmmm uh draygiiiiinn

>> No.7500948

>I hate to tell you this, anon, but trying that with a girl wearing tights is like fucking sandpaper. The friction is absolutely not pleasant.
Thigh fuck girls with smaller thighs.
Or stop being cut.

>> No.7500964

I have the same air fryer as Rose.

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>> No.7500974

Finana's VA-11HALL-A stream is a must watch, her voice acting and bgm timing in a lot of scenes was almost a miracle.

>> No.7500979

Can someone help me out with youtube? It shows on the bar that video is rendered for next 5 minutes yet it still chokes.

>> No.7500983

Holy shit anon when's the wedding?

>> No.7500989

so do i because i'm her live-in paypig bf

>> No.7500992

work=hanging with bf

>> No.7500998

i want to swallow pomu

>> No.7501006

Actual hags or just women over 30?

>> No.7501014

>fuck girls with smaller thighs.
I would sooner die.

>> No.7501019

Metal Wolf Chaos, it'll be glorious.

>> No.7501021

Based vorefag

>> No.7501031

yeah im sexing her rn
you guys can have her back when I'm done fucking her smooth brain out

>> No.7501035

I want to be swallowed by Pomu

>> No.7501043

>it's my own game, not the world server!
wtf pomu is one server not enough for you?

>> No.7501056

And soon she will also have the nijien server.

>> No.7501063

Transformers WFC/FOC/devastation if it was still on fucking STEAM

>> No.7501070

>Elira is streaming Terraria again
Autism powers ACTIVATE

>> No.7501073

I want to swallow pomu with my ass

>> No.7501103

She likes exploring but world server was picked clean literally years ago.

>> No.7501114


>> No.7501136

Wosemi's morning voice is so cute...

>> No.7501149

The only ones I've missed are fish's vallhalla and elira's cookie clicker. But I don't know how to even tackle elira's.

>> No.7501151

When will Pomu have her hardcore maikura arc?

>> No.7501165

She needs to hit up Minecraft 2 and go far

>> No.7501220

Finana sexposed...

She should really find proper things to do in the world server, like a build project that isn't a dirt waterfall or making an automatic farm.

>> No.7501233

If you are a Pomufag you should watch the cookieclicker, she is there in VC for like an hour or so

>> No.7501281

Someone left a comment with timestamps on Elira's vod.

>> No.7501302


>> No.7501305

There is no point working on high effort projects on the world server if they are going to move to EN server soon and nobody else is going to help her anyway.

>> No.7501338

Too bad Elira and Fish don't like minecraft that much. She needs someone to play with her.

>> No.7501341

Well let's not get ahead of ourselves

>> No.7501414

We really need an EN minecraft expert, someone who not only matches Pomu's enthusiasm for the game, but also has the technical prowess and creativity to go with it. Like Ritsukin or Belmond.

>> No.7501448

Elira was talking about maybe learning about redstone and making a fireworks show for the server yesterday.

>> No.7501468

>Fish don't like minecraft that much
Where did you get that from? She plays it every week

>> No.7501491

Why should they get their separate server? The three Minecraft servers (JP, KR, World) are already dead and void of activity enough as they are, and putting EN into their own ghetto would just dilute the number of active players even more, if anything they should merge all the servers instead so there are more opportunities for impromptu interactions.

>> No.7501501

Yea and she also said that she doesn't play minecraft offstream. Except that one time when she prepared that birthday party for Pomu. She didn't even watch Selen's first world server stream.

>> No.7501502

It's more of what openttd is to transport tycoon than just a mod. The core gameplay is the same but made multiplaying functional since thq went belly up. But yeah I totally agree it would be big task to first track down who even owns the rights to the base game anymore. Getting an okay for their part from the still active and somewhat organized community is easy compared to that.

>> No.7501518

Elira's reaction was really cute.

>> No.7501537

She says that but then there is video evidence of her playing with Pomu off stream.

>> No.7501548

There are clips of them playing Minecraft off stream, so she does atleast sometimes

>> No.7501560

Was Pomu high on meds?

>> No.7501578

I'm not going to complain if they switch them. Sensei is pretty fun.

>> No.7501583

Because she was invited by Pomu probably. She's not gonna say no.

>> No.7501601

I think she suggested it actually on stream.

>> No.7501604

no she refuses to take her meds, just like her mom

>> No.7501658

How are TTKs in APEX compared to other games? Seem somewhat longer.

>> No.7501687

EN should start a sky block server for themselves and become those experts by playing that. That enviroment really forces players to figure out the technical aspects of the game. I hear they are planning their own server soon but they should really wait for the new world generation update that is still half a year away and something like sky block in the mean time could be fun content

>> No.7501699

just use lube

>> No.7501701

definitely much longer in apex

>> No.7501715

>How dare you fucking take your stupid pain meds you little bitch
Does that sound like the words coming out of the mouth of someone who take their meds?

>> No.7501756

Lazulight skyblock adventures could be pretty fun

>> No.7501757

This is a really good idea.

>> No.7501780

To be honest, yeah it does. Someone high on meds.

>> No.7501855

The dumb Japs should not talk about things they can't understand.

>> No.7501885

There isn't any activity because only block game autists and new face tourists play on old servers. They are glorified theme parks. EN needs its own theme park they would build up together as a branch, EN Minecraft arc can't happen if people from other branches keep dropping elytra and shit on them. Then autists maybe need a shared modded server but I guess that would require someone to really push for it.

>> No.7501886


>> No.7501953

How do I make soundposts work

>> No.7501956

Watching them build up to killing the enderdragon would be good content

>> No.7501981


>> No.7502006

Google it

>> No.7502025

i hate rosefags so fucking much
you are all deplorable single figure IQ retards that post the same leddit gag repeatedly and jerk eachother off
i miss pre-en2 threads

>> No.7502060

You're just describing Pomudachi before Wave 2 debuted. It wasn't any better in that way.

>> No.7502072

You can easily google that newfriend

>> No.7502078

cope dragonschizo

>> No.7502133


>> No.7502169

You know that soundposts are fairly new thing, right?

>> No.7502184


>> No.7502191

Someone get this hothead outta here

>> No.7502213

>t. posts Elira love! 20 times a thread

>> No.7502229

>fairly new

>> No.7502237

>> No.7502273

I'm Pomu idle game when?

>> No.7502289


>> No.7502302

Nijisanji dating sim when?

>> No.7502326

>Pomu was that guy who was a little too into cookie clicker

>> No.7502331

I'd tap that

>> No.7502344

If Pomu's birthday was in like oct/nov she could have gotten so many cool projects finished

>> No.7502538

Some of us have been here 15 years, 2017 is very recent in that timescale.

>> No.7502587


>> No.7502591

2017 is old enough that you can google it

>> No.7502619

Checking Elira's archive yesterday when Elira shows the idol outfit concept in her otakuthon competition winners and she is like "if I were an idol...blah blah blah". Then there are people in the chat like "vtubers are idols though" and "but you are an idol though" etc. It really seems like some people don't want to accept that they don't label or consider themselves idols even though they have said it repeatedly.

>> No.7502624

I'm not that newfag that was asking to be spoonfed, you're right.
It's not like "soundposts" are a phrase that comes up outside this site, it's the easiest thing to google.

>> No.7502626

Yes, this is fairly new zoomer

>> No.7502645

It was a joke. Fleets were dead by several hours by the time that artist tweeted it.

>> No.7502646

The hololive effect.

>> No.7502677

I want this without the cursors

>> No.7502686

I like the new definition of idol. You don't have to be a traditional idol to be an idol.

>> No.7502700

What did he say

>> No.7502711

Never seen people call fish that ever. She shut down anything like that quick with her lewdness.

>> No.7502743

Said he wanted to mating press ryushen

>> No.7502747

Idols are 90% marketing. Elira has never once been marketed as a idol, and she doesn't want to be. Best not to force it on her.

>> No.7502776

If a person wants to be an idol then that's fine. Pomu and Elira have particularly pushed against it.

>> No.7502782

Good day, I love Rosemi-sama

>> No.7502783

Check the nijimale thread

>> No.7502814

>here for years
>didn't learn to soundpost
I'm here since 2011, nice cope.

>> No.7502834

Elira shutting that down was super based. I don't think I've heard anybody in NijiJP even mention the word when talking about themselves.

>> No.7502846

>her fangs when she is smiling

>> No.7502867

I mean, Elira fits it pretty well, right? She sings, knows how to chat politely, can probably dance. The only thing she doesn't do is hide her unhinged anime fetishes.

>> No.7502885

I know how to soundpost though. Was just pointing out that they're a fairly recent part of 4chan's history.

>> No.7502892

>The only thing she doesn't do is hide her unhinged anime fetishes.
/jp/'s otaku idol...

>> No.7502927

>She sings, knows how to chat politely, can probably dance.
Anon, there are millions of people that can do all those things. That isn't what makes people into idols.

>> No.7502944

Which one is the hag or are they both hags. I'll aka supra if they're hags

>> No.7502951

It's more that she doesn't want to be seen as an idol. Idols have unnecessary expectations placed upon them and she doesn't want to mislead anyone into thinking she's seiso or some sorta corporate slave. Even with whore idols like Marine they have a lot of rules for how they're expected to behave and she doesn't hold herself to that standard.

>> No.7502959


>> No.7502977

Pomu's definitely a hag and has an extensive work history to prove it.
Elira may or may not be a hag, Finana certainly called her one.

>> No.7502981

I don't think she can dance. Too physically exterting

>> No.7502993

>pointing out that they're a fairly recent
I personally think a year is already old stuff in internet years, but fair enough. We can agree to disagree.

>> No.7503008

Pomu is almost assuredly around 30. I'm pretty sure Elira is younger, she just seems older and more mature than she actually is.

>> No.7503011

>that pic
you stupid fucking nigger watch the streams

>> No.7503043

Where is it, anons?

>> No.7503045

they're all low-20s zoomers except pomu

>> No.7503047

but it's funnier to mislead newfags who didn't do their archive reps

>> No.7503055

Elira isnt that old, and Pomu's age is unknown, she has a lot of hag tastes, but might have gotten into shit at an early age. So Pomu is probably the oldest NijiEN, and might be an hag but might also be like 27 or so

>> No.7503069

Wrong image but well it is still long

>> No.7503107

Holofag mentality

>> No.7503114

Maybe uiha and yorumi where it's part of their character setting

>> No.7503135

But soundposts are at least a decade old, people used to embed sound files into their images when file embedding was a thing

>> No.7503176

I've been here from the start.

>> No.7503203


>> No.7503204

Petra I can't watch your stupid 100k cake stream at 4AM...

>> No.7503221

I remember those days but it wasn't quite the same since they were constrained to the filesize limit and often contained uh...less than legal content depending on what board you were on.
Even then barely anyone used them so you'd be unaware that someone posted an embedded file unless you were on /mu/ or /jp/. This made it even harder for jannies to keep track of the rulebreaking ones that were being spread around as normal images.

>> No.7503224

Who knows, I would never have expected Pomu to be a dancer before she said she was quite a quite talanted dancer

>> No.7503245

Speaking of that, I can't wait to see Pomu's flat chest in 3D.

>> No.7503264


>> No.7503279

I'm Pomu.

>> No.7503283

I think she's actually said she can't dance when talking about if they get 3D or someone else's 3D before and that she'd have to practice lots if they got theirs.

>> No.7503335

Just wait for her other 100k stream

>> No.7503341

Selen didn't get far enough in RE4 to meet regenerators and Iron maiden and most likely never will...the one game I cared about a vtuber playing for months and it's already gone...

>> No.7503357

/a/ sound threads are probably among my first memories of this hellhole. I will never forget them

>> No.7503375

It's okay, she's gonna stream Apex instead.

>> No.7503386

I hope Selen picks up the MGS games

>> No.7503391

Have IDs or any of the other global Nijis gotten 3D? I wonder about whatever technical requirements the the studio they must have for that must be.

>> No.7503404


>> No.7503424

Do you know that people have different personalities?

>> No.7503433


>> No.7503436


>> No.7503446

Shut the fuck up Elira don't bring your autism here.

>> No.7503456

Anon here said that she could continue playing it on switch, fucking capcom had to didn't put japanese voice in steam.

>> No.7503478


>> No.7503491

Traditional idols are what people are talking about when they say someone is an idol, and 90% of the vtuber audience doesn't even really know what's a traditional idol anyway

>> No.7503496

Or vtubers are pushing a concept so far from what it was originally about that the term is absolutely meaningless now. You have vsingers like Suisei calling themselves idols because of company branding and nothing more.

>> No.7503516

There's no way she has the patience for MGS1-4. MGS V would work ok.

>> No.7503540

The term holds way too much baggage especially with the otaku crowd. I'd rather they just don't associate and try to nip that shit in the bud.

>> No.7503546

Holy shit, Elira is so cute.

>> No.7503550

Only one ID has reached the sub count to qualify, and she'd be pretty far down the queue anyway (although having a local studio might bump her up if she wanted it). Think some VR livers have it though.

>> No.7503573

Some of the VR livers got 3D, but that's more of a Bilibili thing. Global, prior to NijiEN, only two had hit the 100k required for 3D, Hana and Bora, neither of whom had 3D debuts yet.

>> No.7503578

They aren't required to have 3D in the studio. Mashiro has been doing lots of 3D streams from his home after his debut. I think they just like having them in the studio for actual 3D debuts as they have a full range of tracking rather than just the iphone camera.
The only other non-JP's that hit the sub count requirement for 3D debut are Hana and Bora. Hana said she doesn't want one or at least doesn't want to be the first to have one because she suffers from imposter syndrome. Bora might get one but her growth has been so recent that she's waiting behind a ton of JP's in line.
The EN girls are the only ones that have shown actual enthusiasm for a 3D debut and Pomu/Elira have said they really wanna visit Japan with Finana as soon as Covid is dealt with so it'll probably happen at that time.

>> No.7503579

>> No.7503596

How come Oliver could play RE7 with English voices? Is it seriously a different circumstance for 4?

>> No.7503683


>> No.7503700


>> No.7503723

is this the most viewed lazulight clip?

>> No.7503729

She really is. Kind of makes me sad that I'll never know anyone like her irl.

>> No.7503761

The 1st one is way lower res

>> No.7503762

Oh no, Elira ia gonna get horny again.

>> No.7503789

What the fuck, no wonder people's only impression of Finana is Vshojo lite/slut.

>> No.7503805

Pikl is kinda hot tho

>> No.7503824

don't open this image

>> No.7503828

Oh yes, Elira ia gonna get horny again.

>> No.7503831

Did it just get picked up by the algo or something, it was att like 200k a week ago and the clip is a month old. But yeah 500k easily the most viewed NijiEN clip, of course it is a fishinnuendo one with clickbait thumbnail

>> No.7503833

I love my cute little sieso daughterwife.

>> No.7503838

I hate that Elira got me hooked on Cookie Clicker.

>> No.7503852

grrrrr that swallow sound fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

>> No.7503860

What does daughterwife mean to (you)

>> No.7503862

I'm ashamed to admit it but I have been playing it all day too. Even when I was supposed to be working.

>> No.7503863

Glad i'm not the only one.

>> No.7503871

I think of the top ten most viewed lazulight clips 9 are Finana coomer clips. Weird that she isnt inclining more from them

>> No.7503872

Maybe I should learn to draw yaoi males.

>> No.7503888

This one might be

>> No.7503892

I can't argue against that, honestly.

>> No.7503909

This was Elira's plan. Become popular among non-fujos and get them to make her free BL.

>> No.7503910

I love Elira Pendora!

>> No.7503912

Pomu is an idolfag herself and fanbase reflects the chuuba. Significant part of pomufags will act like it regardless of how she is promoted. There is a reason why like 20% of her otakuthon entries are idol outfits and why the first idea chat had for merch was a full Pomu wota gear set (which she didn't oppose). Her words about wanting to be the one who admires instead of being admired and "I am no idol" are too easy to interpret as an esteem issue and idol purism rather than a real lack of desire. She's probably going to have a hard time with this if she is really opposed to the idea.
I'm honestly not sure how much of the "we are not idols" is really "we are not idols" and how much is "we are not Hololive". Having the virtual idol label stamped here and there never stopped Mito or Gibara from doing anything they did.

>> No.7503915

Shit, I pressed enter on the captcha. I meant to say "might be another one that got picked up by the algorithm".

>> No.7503924


>> No.7503926

There is a timelag between clip popularity and viewers, but in one month Finana will have the most livestream viewers of lazulight, and only behind Selen in NijiEN

>> No.7503944

Read the comments and you'll see why. It's Vshojo comparisons.

>> No.7503947

Mito and Gibara always did (and still do in Mito's case) whatever the fuck they want. They don't care about labels.

>> No.7503948

meds, now

>> No.7503960

>Having the virtual idol label stamped here and there never stopped Mito or Gibara from doing anything they did.
It's not like its stopping them either. They'll keep doing their thing and then going "nope, not an idol" as required.

>> No.7503979


>> No.7503981

>Finana will
>Finana will
>Finana will
Anons have predicted so many things like this that never come true.

>> No.7503991

In Gibara's cases she denied being an idol even when she was in Petite Fleurs and if the term was used in a self referential way it was for comedy, like "we're supposed to be idols but we are doing this".

>> No.7503993


>> No.7503994

Do you not recognize the difference between wotagei shit and Pomu being idol?

>> No.7504027

im genuinely surprised that youtube didnt nuke this thumbnail yet

>> No.7504034

Too late. I'm calling over an exorcist for my PC as we speak.

>> No.7504042

She only spilled some yoghurt.

>> No.7504045

What is the meaning behind this image?

>> No.7504046

You’re right but anons are going to pretend how it should be for how it is. At the end of the day what matters is the bottom line. Pomu is an adult and she knows this, she’ll put up with some shit if it means protecting her livelihood in the long run

>> No.7504049

Pomu got idol related stuff because she's a wota, not because her audience see her as an idol
Also the vtuber crowd think idol means "act proper and clean, sing, dance and can't date anyone", which is why they think every vtuber who did any of those things are idols (but they're epic idols who do unseiso things unlike those cringe idols from the toxic industry they totally know a lot about)

>> No.7504071

God how I hate this face. It's so punchable.

>> No.7504075

>The community made faf
What's that?

>> No.7504083


>> No.7504090

ya know I'd actually be scared toward any one who actually becomes a nijisanji en male now you've got senpais pressuring you to do gay shit

>> No.7504091


>> No.7504092


>> No.7504103

What do you mean? Do you think Pomu acts like a proper pure idol right now?

>> No.7504115

Finana enjoys messy hair.

>> No.7504133

"I'm a fucking horse." -Pomu

>> No.7504144

vibrator egg fiasco

>> No.7504163

One of the things I'm really looking foreword to when Pomu gets back is the DnD collab they talked about

>> No.7504164

wtf. how am i liking fish. i hate sexual stuff... but she is so sweet..... hrnnggg my heart. must protect...

>> No.7504170

Finana understands Lewdness on a cosmical level that makes me appreciate her the most, she doesnt see it as either something "unpure" or something "Silly" she sees in the most pure way one possibly can, as in "normal"; she is like the 0.001% of vtubers in this aspect, pretty much one half will scream in disgust, while the other 50% will scream in laughter, not Finana though, she will just giggle and be surprised why chat is undergoing meltdown.

This in retrospect, reveals the true purity of Finana, she behaves exactly the way she was born, with no pressure from society over "sex bad" she understands on a cosmical level that lewd things in nature are as natural as eating doritos or watching anime, hence the only time Finana got angry was when chat said she would "corrupt" her genmates, its because she doesnt see it as "corruption" but rather just being yourself, and therefore, is why her profile description makes perfect sense. "Has a heart as clear and pure as the calm and beautiful sea" from her perspective, being Openly Sexual is Seiso, its just society that is not ready and her views as "Not-Seiso".

TL;DR or in the words of Pomu, Finana is my Kami-Oshi.

>> No.7504176

i love petra!

>> No.7504180

Delete this fucking image right now.

>> No.7504195

Are you implying she's acting like an idol? Because she's not

>> No.7504201

is she openly sexual with her dad?

>> No.7504202


>> No.7504228

No anon please don't fall on to the other side, Do /u/ PiklxElira instead

>> No.7504237

I can see it, maybe not in One month but pretty soon, her innuendos and more explicit stuff will always be the things that gets the most clip attention, and eventually that will translate to viewers

>> No.7504245

You are a faggot

>> No.7504246

t. not Elira

>> No.7504253

Seriously, this really makes me mad. Why the fuck it's so difficult for those retards to understand they aren't idols?

>> No.7504263

But then Elira won't shlick to it.

>> No.7504287

There is an anon above that thinks Pomu acts like an idol, so I don't even know what that mean anymore

>> No.7504291

She's tired of all of the egg jokes

>> No.7504302

Another wrong prediction

>> No.7504306

Fish too pure to see lewdness as something she needs to hide. She's like Adam and Eve, nude before they discovered shame.

>> No.7504311

They're newfags who saw clips or the ads for Obsydia's debut most likely.

>> No.7504321

my ray of sunshine

>> No.7504323

Pomu will

>> No.7504338

v. v. v. cute

>> No.7504348

Hololive brainworms. All vtubers are idols and idol can mean anything.
(I'm fine with the latter, for the record, it can be a wide-reaching term. But there's no reason to apply it to literally every fucking vtuber)

>> No.7504352

Pomu cute. That's all that matters.

>> No.7504360


>> No.7504370

I'm an idol.

>> No.7504373

The things I'll do to her once she's back...

>> No.7504411

Will she though? Feels like a lot of bi/lesbian chicks are more into yaoi. At least that's how my sister is.

>> No.7504415

Go to sleep Itiso-mama

>> No.7504416

Good for you!
Personally I'm an idol, but in the "idolatry" sense, not the aidoru sense.

>> No.7504425

Doesn't matter, they still get the same retarded idol fans which are the real problem.

>> No.7504469

What a bitch, Petra HATE

>> No.7504480

They speak the truth and you know it. Accept Pomu in your heart.

>> No.7504513

Almost Elira terraria time.

>> No.7504528

>niji aims for the hololive audience
>gets hololive fans
Wow how did that happen? If you want to blame someone, blame anykara for deciding numbers were more important that niji culture.

>> No.7504541

>> No.7504564

Anon, what other vtuber audience where they supposed to aim for?
And anyway, bringing in those people and correcting them on the idol thing is better than forging a new audience out of nothing.

>> No.7504581

>numbers were more important that niji culture
What is that supposed to mean? I have seen multiple comments from Japanese Nijisanji fans that love how much NijiEN are like NijiJP despite being overseas.

>> No.7504582


>> No.7504598

What exactly did they do to target the holoen audience? The closest I can see is them releasing DCL at the start

>> No.7504599

>Anon, what other vtuber audience where they supposed to aim for?
Make their own. They should have debuted males in wave 1 to filter idolfags out.

>> No.7504601

the newer comments on that video, it sounds like everyone is thirteen

>> No.7504637

ELIRA IS STREAMING TERRARIA IN 5 MINUTES! She had so much fun during her collab return stream and her cookie clicker stream yesterday, so I expect her to have fun today, too, and I'm glad! I love this dragon girl and she deserves only the best! She's so cute and sweet and funny and just a genuinely lovable dork! I REALLY LOVE HER SO MUCH! I hope that more and more people who discovered NijiEN with Obsydia's debut give her a chance, she's absolutely amazing, she's such a talented singer and so good at entertaining chat! She's also very good at making you feel welcomed and warm on the inside during her streams! I LOVE ELIRA! I HOPE THAT YOU DO TOO! I wonder if she'll beat any bosses during this steam!
She's also going to be playing Genshin in 7 hours! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but give it a try! It's good to have on in the background if nothing else because Elira's sweet voice gives you energy! I REALLY LOVE ELIRA!

>> No.7504638

3 waves of all girls and you don't see how they're courting the hololive audience?

>> No.7504668

Thanks, Elira, I'll make sure to tune in!

>> No.7504678

>Make their own.
Stupid decision on a business level.
>They should have debuted males in wave 1 to filter idolfags out.
This part I agree with. Although it's worth remembering that actual idolfags are a small percentage of the Holo audience (at least on the EN side), and most of them are probably crazy tribalfags as well. The majority just think vtuber = idol as like, a terminology thing with no other baggage.

>> No.7504685

Is male/female the only delineation between hololive and nijisanji?

>> No.7504687


>> No.7504692

I know why they think like this, it's because of hololive. But those retards being stubborn to not accept the vtubers they are watching aren't idols is just too stupid.

>> No.7504693

It's the most visible one, I'd say.

>> No.7504700

I don’t think you realize how bad the audience for men actually is over here

>> No.7504706

It seems having Fujo's in EN has made the women fans a bit uppity.

>> No.7504709

I'm surprised Finana is Selena's home diggity dawg. I didn't think they wouldn't get along but I didn't know they'd be that friendly.

>> No.7504715

It's almost time for Elira bitches

>> No.7504720

I'll take fujos over /u/fags any day.

>> No.7504729

They are retards if they can't see the difference between two agencies even when that's literally explained to their face.

>> No.7504733

Selen seems like the kind of girl that is friends with everyone.

>> No.7504734

Forged alliance forever. Server and client rework that makes it possible to still play it multiplayer despite official servers and the company behind the game going bankrupt years ago. It still needs the base game but that's like 1-2$ on steam

>> No.7504741

Every thread this image gets more and more true

>> No.7504751


> 'an international competition in which Nijisanji-affiliated livers from various countries all over the world will participate'

> this weekend

> but it's Apex

>> No.7504758

No. You're the faggot.

>> No.7504760

They are not mutually exclusive though.

>> No.7504766

It's literally just that the big groups are all female and most people don't want indies.

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