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Watch Sora!

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Hello, i love Hololive ___________

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What did he mean by this?

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You should lay off porn

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>Anal with Link

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I missed this retard erotic ASMR
I am so happy shes back

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I dun geddit.

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Basically Kiara felt like she wasn't sure what Calli wanted, and she was having trouble following what was happening.
She also feels like her roleplay is not living up to the Tiara she wants. She's just dealing with the issue of being at the mercy of your own understanding of the DM.

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It is better that way.

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Only for a certain kind of men.

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>literally voted the best RPer by poalniggers last session
>thinks she is the worst of them all
Get over yourself you insecure sperg. Although I understand that she got confused by the dog situation but that's Mori's fault

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Chimkin for crying out loud, you need to have more confidence in yourself jfc

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Irys...the rrats...

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Previous thread

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The dog situation was 100% Ame's fault.

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I love Ina!

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ESLs pronouncing "bomb" is cute.

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Kiara love and insatiable lust!

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Live now


Live in two hours


Live in four hours


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Kiara if you are reading these threads, go easy on yourself. You are doing fine in the TTRPG. There is no wrong way to play it. Except for the way that Ame did last night. Or Gura's lol so random murderhobo hijinks. Or Ina's lack of presence. Shit, is Kiara really doing the best at TTRPG?

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do you think miko is playing a character or she is actually that stupid? same for gura.

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>Both long games
>Both streams are the 3rd part of a series
>both have (mostly) similar sub counts
>long past JP primetime vs current Euro primetime
Man, Eurofags just can't seem to show up, huh?

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I'm not ready...

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>Live in two hours
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua6udlJdsKE [Open]
>Live in four hours

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this one

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*kisses Sora*

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Am i retarded for waiting a solid 5 seconds just to see what 1501 post will be after seeing the 1500 one?

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The UWWAAAAAAH-bringer.

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Americans are at work. Kiara's VOD view counts are high because of that

>> No.7503169

They should have sex I think

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I love Reine!!!

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same tako

>> No.7503178

I mean she's the GM so doesn't really count. She also needs to tardwrangle a bit harder, especially on Gura and Ame.

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not really that stupid
yes but her stupidity is exaggerated because she tends to freeze up when she does things in front of an audience

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Watame's basically gets every Jp holo neet to watch her since she streams so late at night and is the only one left. Its pretty genius.

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Pochi's ears are actually drawn okay, they look weird because she shades it wrong.

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Goslingposters vote ame for any question at any time of day, it means nothing desu.

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their interactions were so fucking cute
I'm gonna turn into a WaTiara schizo I can feel it

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has anyone told you about Blade and Sorcery? I've heard that game is practically made for people like you.

>> No.7503199

Do you hate yourself? Do you feel as if you need to be punished? Then I have the jigsaw for you.
Come and have fun!

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11-5am JP time is primetime for watame

>> No.7503202

She's the best!

>> No.7503205

>new thread
>immediately numberfags

>> No.7503206

Migo and Gura are smart but Gura has an autism debuff.

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I'm a Eurofag and into JRPGs but I haven't gotten into these two yet. I watche dWatam's FF9 streams before the copyright purge but not once since. I'll probably give her new playthrough a chance when I get bored

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I want to hug Mori

>> No.7503223

These past few weeks I have seen an increase in Rushia posting. I want to remind everyone that all the warnings about Rushia are not a fucking meme. Do not watch clips of her. Do not listen to her. Do not attend her streams. She will fucking grab hold of your soul and never let go. Your wallet will be empty. You will own nothing. And you will be happy. Until she graduates at which point you'll kill yourself.

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I want to have post marital sex with my boy.

>> No.7503228

>Eurofags just can't seem to show up
nah i'm here. just not interested in watching kiara

>> No.7503232

what the fuck is up with Link's lips?

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I love her

>> No.7503239

Yes I'm watching Kiara and I love it when she says bomb. ESLs can be cute with certain words. Like "performance" when they put uneaded stress on the 'perf' part.

>> No.7503241

Gura cute!

>> No.7503243

Everyone think miko is retarded but if i recall correctly she passed the piano puzzle in RE8 faster than any other holo.

>> No.7503244

Oh hey, it's 3d debut!

>> No.7503247

so Korone is just grooming fat cat at this point right?

>> No.7503248

complete devotion thoughts

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Euros despise Germans and Kiara's country is litterally little germany. It's her US fans keeping the hold.

>> No.7503251

They should have sex IRL

>> No.7503253

Would you a menhera?

>> No.7503256

Skyward sword character models have a severe case of nigger lips

>> No.7503257

Mori seemed so exhausted by the end of the TTRPG stream.

>> No.7503259

*cums on you*

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When will you stop?

>> No.7503262

Holy shit i died of cringe from watching Ina's last video, takodachis, i thought your oshi was a cute comfy girl, not a fucking cringefest

>> No.7503263

You should already know a good portion of the hololive fanbase doesn't like Kiara, she's literally playing a brand new buff game, yet she's getting less viewers than Ina when she plays a old debuff game barely anybody knows.

>> No.7503267

I love Rushia!

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>> No.7503271

I'm here. I'm watching Watame though

>> No.7503272

Gura's classic.

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>> No.7503281

Well, what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.7503284

Maybe cause she had to blatantly cheese Ame to safety so she wouldn't die and Gura insisted on splitting the fucking party.

>> No.7503285

it's done. it's over. fat cat has been groomed.

>> No.7503286

Flying on a loftwing thoughts

>> No.7503288

Me too!

>> No.7503289

While Mori narrates the action.

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>> No.7503291

losing your penis

>> No.7503298

>Americans are at work
If there is one thing I can say with certainty, is that her regulars show up at any hour and right now, they're in chat

>> No.7503299

rushia was cunny all along...

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nothing uglier than these shitty cosmetic lens.

>> No.7503306

>2 indogs in the top 5

>> No.7503307

just enjoy anonchama

>> No.7503308

Not that many holos know piano enough

>> No.7503309

Based and same

>> No.7503313

really nice thumbnail

>> No.7503314

Humungous cat!

>> No.7503318

As long as I managed to get her pregnant, still seems worth it

>> No.7503319

Anyone willing to post a gartic phone link to play?

>> No.7503323

how many of her fetishes will she include?

>> No.7503325

Mori narrating a sex scene, can you even imagine the levels of cringe kino?

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>> No.7503328

>Checking out an indie someone recommended somewhere
>End up thinking she's actually pretty popular because most of her streams have 1k+ views
>Look at Kiara and thinks her numbers are pretty bad
This place is corrupting me

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>> No.7503331

Skyward thoughts.

>> No.7503334

Slightly higher res cuz why not

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>> No.7503347

Same. Especially if shes this pale. SEEEXX

>> No.7503350

I liked that it was Watoto that gave Tiara the flowers. Very sweet.

>> No.7503352

Many thoughts

>> No.7503353

Kiara's numbers are pretty bad for a holo, though. Always in the bottom half and rarely gets above 3k viewers.

>> No.7503355

Averaging 100 viewers or more is considered exceptional for most metrics anon.
Streamers that consistently pull 5 digit live viewers are the outliers, not the norm.

>> No.7503356

I'm going to marry her so it'll be okay.

>> No.7503358

i want to make romantic love with mori

>> No.7503359

They're worth it

>> No.7503361

FF9 is very popular. If Kiara streamed it she'd easily have 10k too.

>> No.7503362

>Fat cat will never ask you for kisses and more

>> No.7503363

Do you know, that every single Holo so far, has nipples

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>> No.7503370

Hey you, the one watching a stream! How goes the stream, having fun?

>> No.7503378

>He doesn't snap his penis off inside the woman

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>> No.7503380

Nah, she would have 6k at most.

>> No.7503381


>> No.7503382

Subaru doesnt

>> No.7503383

Neither of them are even stupid. Gura is a little airheaded at times but she does alright when solving puzzles (see Portal with Ina for example)

>> No.7503384

Yeah, mine!

>> No.7503387

Why do I get aroused by cunnies wearing masks?

>> No.7503390

>slept 4 hours
>flew back home
>ran the session right after unpacking
>at 6 am her time
she's actually a trooper for running it for the whole 3 hrs WITH a party split

>> No.7503392


>> No.7503393

>Averaging 100 viewers or more is considered exceptional for most metrics
This but 50 viewers for twitch

>> No.7503394

getting Okayu in the same gen is how Friend convinced korone to join up after all

>> No.7503397

i wonder if they actually do. they'd never have a reason to display them so rendering them is a needless risk.

>> No.7503401

*If Kiara streamed it and had been building a Japanese audience by mostly speaking in Japanese during her streams

>> No.7503402

getting realy fucking sick of retards throwing rrats without posting proofs

>> No.7503403

portal is baby level of puzzle games

>> No.7503405

Stream is going well, my oshi is enjoying the game. Kiara is very cute, so yes, I'm having fun.

>> No.7503406

You really need to update your shitposting numbers.

>> No.7503408

Didn't I tell you to actually be more accurate in your (wrong) numberniggertry at least?

>> No.7503412

I cut Rushia's off, so that's at least one down

>> No.7503415

>fat cat poster still going strong
How does he/she/they do it?

>> No.7503419

prove it, faggot.

>> No.7503422

Twitch viewers actually manage to be worth less than ones on nearly any other site outside of twitter

>> No.7503425

Western streamers wont get jp holo numbers streaming FF and Dragon Quest. Thats like saying Gura would have gotten 70k streaming FF10 like Pekora.

>> No.7503430

You cut one of rushia's nipples?

>> No.7503431

I have had sex with all of them and I can confirm five don't.

>> No.7503438

>roll perception!
>3 successes
>you see some fine titties, my dawg

>> No.7503440

How was haachama's ASMR?

>> No.7503441

Kiara is very cute today!

>> No.7503447

>Gura sings Suteki Da Ne live
>gets over 100k ez

>> No.7503448

Don't bother, the retard has been shown it multiple times, just ignore him, he just wants to shitpost about Kiara's numbers, he does it daily at this point.

>> No.7503449

that is it sicko, because of this I am going to dox the holos now.
your favorite holo is a girl.

>> No.7503450

Anon, I said views and not viewers
This wasn't a typo

>> No.7503453

Allah ahkbar

>> No.7503460

Ame, Ina and Kiara all have the same face, what's with this fucking look cosplayers do now?

>> No.7503461


>> No.7503463


>> No.7503464

I always wonder who's the guy that actually bothers to move roadkill off the road so that other drivers don't have to worry about it

>> No.7503465

Dangerously f-wording based.

>> No.7503466

another thread, another egg

>> No.7503467


>> No.7503468

Ya allahuhaha

>> No.7503469

Fuck, thats good

>> No.7503470


>> No.7503472

Did you at least drink her breast milk first?

>> No.7503473

which five

>> No.7503474


>> No.7503479

Very good actually, she did a really nice one today. Some ear nomming, candy sucking, lotion massages, breathing, told us she's our wife and such

>> No.7503481

I want to nut in Risu's asshole. That is all.

>> No.7503486

Unless you have pictures Im not going to believe this slanderous lie.

>> No.7503489

In bed, I promised to keep their secrets.

>> No.7503498


>> No.7503499

all me

>> No.7503500

Inari is great

>> No.7503502

Robocco doesn't actually. Also i think the only person that has physical proof of anyone having/not having nipples is Mori printing Gura's nudes.

>> No.7503505


>> No.7503506

Is Gura constipated?


>> No.7503507

DIdn't that one WoW streamer get 200k streaming FF or does this rule apply to holos only?

>> No.7503508

If you really loved her, you’d superchat that to her.

>> No.7503509


>> No.7503510

Sheep soles...

>> No.7503511

I think it's a job that the city pays someone to do.

>> No.7503513


make your move reine

>> No.7503515

>iphone kiddie
>another retarded post
Every single time without fail

>> No.7503517

Muhammad loved cunny

>> No.7503523


>> No.7503527

I have a gift for you

>> No.7503528

Rushia doesn't want to get pregnant yet do that wasn't an option
I got too rough in our bondage session

>> No.7503530

watoto horny

>> No.7503531

Its not nice to take advantage of an illiterate farm hand.

>> No.7503535

well you are not in bed right now I assume.

>> No.7503539

>> No.7503541

>baka my head

>> No.7503543

>> No.7503551


>> No.7503552

What are you trying to say with this post? Absolute retard.

>> No.7503554

I Know pony, you said that in the split thread

>> No.7503556

Cope, people have good reasons to hate Kiara and you know it

>> No.7503560

you're gonna get sent to the usual room

>> No.7503565

Damn, IRyS got the drip

>> No.7503567

From the thumbnail it looks like she's taking off her underwear

>> No.7503572

kiara love and lust

>> No.7503574


>> No.7503575

iBabies aren't people

>> No.7503577

Not even trying, ogey.

>> No.7503581

why does chromium keep losing the ability to display moon text

>> No.7503582

>> No.7503585


>> No.7503589

I'm just waiting for Ina...

>> No.7503591

>No argument
Average KFPhaggot

>> No.7503593


>> No.7503594


>> No.7503603

>everyone who disagrees with me is KFP

>> No.7503605 [SPOILER] 

these shoes are lame

>> No.7503606


>> No.7503608

I'm not him but I respect his dedication to Risu lewds

>> No.7503610


>> No.7503612


>> No.7503613

why do they out themselves this easily?

>> No.7503614

Kiara is a master of the Panic Fist, the rival school to the Drunken Fist

>> No.7503621

Has someone put IRyS' face on the heads of all other ENs yet?
I know I saw a Kiara morph which was amazing, any others? Stuff of nightmares man.

>> No.7503622

Pandemic fucked me over so I decided to spend 3/4 of a year relaxing and doing whatever the fuck I wanted instead, and there's like 3 of us now. I've watched so many streams, it's truely bliss.

>> No.7503624


>> No.7503625


>> No.7503627

Okay telomere

>> No.7503628

Trying too hard.

>> No.7503631

Me when the

>> No.7503636

>seething because chickens can't wear shoes

>> No.7503640

Which one would you choose anon?

>> No.7503641

Good Job chimkin!
now try that with the two Serpent guys on Sen's Fortress!

>> No.7503642

>Still no argument
Why are KFPhaggots so pathetic? They can't even properly deny the basic idea that Kiara has a lot to hate about her

>> No.7503644

She should watch Watame then.

>> No.7503645

I like your attitude cat man.

>> No.7503646

they can if they are careful

>> No.7503648

>giving out (You)s to this faggot
but why anons, why must you do so?

>> No.7503650


>> No.7503655

Mogu mogu~

>> No.7503656

>bok-bok-bok in the BG

>> No.7503659

She's the embodiment of "how do you do fellow kids" isn't she..

>> No.7503664

Ah eggcord is back.

>> No.7503665

I wish the janny that would delete bait and everyone that replied was here so that KFP finally get it through their skulls

>> No.7503667

Post proof

>> No.7503670

All me.

>> No.7503671

Of course

>> No.7503672

>> No.7503676

Holy shit KFP, just ignore the egg, Kiara is still streaming

>> No.7503678

I like that. It makes her more relatable for me.

>> No.7503679

Yeah I actually had this weird thought
Imagine fighting with Kiara. She gets so mad she hits you, you push her, she scratchers and bites and when you realize your both on the ground. You hold her down by her frail arms as she futilely strugles. Laying there you both stare deeply into each others eyes before committing to a passionate kiss

>> No.7503681

What is this, a Reader's Digest joke?

>> No.7503682

I mean she do act like a mother when she play games

>> No.7503686

Nigga you literally provided 0 proof with your statement. Literally "Kiara bad" and now you're mad when people say no u

>> No.7503687

just post your dox already and get banned egg

>> No.7503689

Will the Gawr Goomba stream today be kino

>> No.7503691

I didn't know Mori's brap audio was on youtube, nevermind having 30k non-vtautist views. Serves that bitch right.

>> No.7503692

eggs are reclining....

>> No.7503697

Please understand, they stopped teaching kids to report and ignore like a decade ago.

>> No.7503701

I fucking wish. I hope there's people like me that also want to see her play Dark Souls.

>> No.7503702

Stop it.

>> No.7503703

and then she bites your tongue off

>> No.7503704

That's not me either!

>> No.7503705

Pretty much the same myself here. Life is good.

>> No.7503706

F-fuck you...

>> No.7503712

It was doctored

>> No.7503715

You think she looks down at her controller to see where the buttons are?

>> No.7503717

by that point shes into it

>> No.7503719

Don't reply properly to bait.

>> No.7503720

It's literally impossible for KFP to ignore any genuine criticism of Kiara. "MUST PROTECT MUH INNOCENT QUEEN!"

>> No.7503722

kiara your containment reps...

>> No.7503728

what does smug Kiara know that sad shork doesn't?

>> No.7503732

I am. Kiara’s very cute, I can’t believe she can just panic through fights. Her VA isn’t quite as good as the previous streams, but that’s okay.

>> No.7503733

Do you need any more proof that yesterday? When Kiara blatantly shit on KFP and invited only the artists she liked to her Gartic Phone game? No wonder her views are trash, KFPhaggots don't even watch streams
>Wanting dox
Do KFPhaggots really?

>> No.7503734

>Brapbeat copage

>> No.7503735


>> No.7503740

>post cunny from my work computer
>get denied a security clearance


>> No.7503741

When has a Gura stream not been kino?

>> No.7503743

I prefer thinking about the warmth of Kiara's chest and the soft feeling of the rhythm of her heartbeat...

>> No.7503744

>genuine criticism
made me reply

>> No.7503746


>> No.7503747

I'm gonna say it KFP and you're not gonna like this BUT you can't call me an egg as I am a teamate, so here goes:
Kiara cute

>> No.7503748

I want easy (You)s though

>> No.7503749

I blame the KFP in her chat

>> No.7503753

goslings were a mistake

>> No.7503754

I know the truth

>> No.7503758


>> No.7503760

Do you like Ame?

>> No.7503764


>> No.7503770

why? whats going on?

>> No.7503772

Scarlet Nexus.

>> No.7503773

maybe, but consider this
kiara hot

>> No.7503776

Kiara seems to be enjoying skyward a lot.
I kinda hope she tries other Zelda games.

>> No.7503777

>Can't even spell properly

>> No.7503778

>first they stole o7 from us now they steal Goslings too
Let's see what they'll take from us teachads next

>> No.7503779

I hope they get replaced with Moona permanently next time >we play divegrass

>> No.7503781

I like the wizard hat, but I wish she'd add weapons like she did with the Yakuza stream. Would be cute if she had was holding a master sword, or a shield.

>> No.7503783

shes talked about Wind Waker way back, who knows if anything will come of that.

>> No.7503784

I prefer turtles but ok

>> No.7503785

IRyS is pretty special

>> No.7503787

More like genuine cretinism lmao

>> No.7503788

the mascot plushes have been ready to go for several weeks, but everyone is waiting on gura and ame to sign off, which they can't do because they don't have fax machines

>> No.7503793

>You misspelled a word therefore your argument is invalid
The absolute state of KFPhaggots.

>> No.7503797

Trials Rising...
Scarlet Nexus...

>> No.7503799

>Anons have already forgotten him

>> No.7503804

Teamates why do you betray us...
she is! Ame too!

>> No.7503807

I'm not a tako but I think it's because this will be her last stream before her break

>> No.7503812

Oh yeah faggot? Well guess what?
Ame cute

>> No.7503816

>i love frogs
>squishes the frog
Damn, Kiara told me she loves me - should I be worried?

>> No.7503820

Do you enjoy being laughed at?

>> No.7503821

Holy shit that's a big ass frog

>> No.7503822


>> No.7503823

Gives your oshi bread as a reward

>> No.7503825


>> No.7503826

Imagine waking up in the morning a little groggy to the smell of cooking and the sound of sizzling in the kitchen. You walk in to see Kiara there wearing nothing but one of your shirts, haphazardly buttoned up in the front as a kind of apron, big on her so it fits her more like a short dress. You're just in time and she plates you up a nice breakfast and has this insufferable grin on her face as if making you food while you slept in was some kind of diabolical plan of hers. She seems not to have even made any for herself and she sits across from you at the table and just grins, seemingly very pleased with herself, and starts praising herself for her genius idea of doing something as ordinary as making you food. The eggs are cooked just the way you like them, and you prod one of the fried eggs with the crust of some of your toast. A little yellow yolk runs out of it and you can hear a very faint voice saying "Kiara can't even get 2000 viewers on a superchat stream, it's only a matter of time before she's down to 1000." Kiara doesn't seem to be able to hear it and she just keeps grinning at you and resting her chin on her hands. Life is good.

>> No.7503832

>Not wanting to be squiched by that culo

>> No.7503835

Anyone got that kiaraculo?

>> No.7503836

>The reply every egg wishes they could get.
Oh well.

>> No.7503837

Do you enjoy being unable to defend your oshi from people's rightful hate of her?

>> No.7503840

>.should I be worried?
Yes. You are next.

>> No.7503842

Why is Mio relatively unpopular with the western vtuber audience?

>> No.7503843

She's going to devour you, anon... such is the fate of all KFP.

>> No.7503844

Turtles are okay too.

>> No.7503845

it's too late, your fate is already sealed

>> No.7503848

My oshi is Gura, schizochama

>> No.7503849


>> No.7503853

Stop trying to guess who I am

>> No.7503854

Nah I remember him. It's just that board culture is to ignore bait as much as possible now. It's funny how literally nothing has changed from the /jp/ days except that antis have somehow regressed and we're infested with newfags

>> No.7503858

>if she had was holding a master sword, or a shield.
wait a second she does have a sword and shield

>> No.7503861

does she do anything besides vomit occasionally

>> No.7503864

I want to be squished under Kiara's sandal

>> No.7503867

Cuddly cat.

>> No.7503868

It's so boring, I miss the KFP schizos from /jp/ those guys were cool. Feels like I'm hanging around bargain bin teamates that took the fanbase circle jerking too far

>> No.7503869

The western audience doesn't like hags

>> No.7503874

I'm watching the collab now, that's why i said turtles

>> No.7503876

It's the best.

>> No.7503879

Just got back from work. How has my chicken been?

>> No.7503881

No actual Chumbud would defend the woman who screeched at her in front of a live audience to be more like her, the biggest failure of HoloEN and read more superchats.

>> No.7503884


>> No.7503889

Whoops made an error there, oh well i know those fucks won't shut up about fucking Risu.

>> No.7503891

sound doko?

>> No.7503893

The collab was great. You are in for a good time.

>> No.7503895

very cute and very incompetent

>> No.7503896


>> No.7503897

I'm new... I only started posting here yesterday

>> No.7503902

I miss the adderrall nousagi...

>> No.7503903


>> No.7503905

Kiara seems... bad at this

>> No.7503906

Glad to see it. Thanks anon

>> No.7503908

I sometimes forget Kiara mentioning having been an air stewardess once in an early EN collab. I'm actually not sure if she was serious, but the idol part was true.

>> No.7503916

Okay, you're trying too hard anon, either your fishing for (you)s or you're a threadreader.

>> No.7503918


>> No.7503920

Why is it pronounced “Gouda”?

>> No.7503923

>Mio was told she would be fed sausages after being starved for a few days

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