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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

Previous thread: >>7478242

>> No.7485450

She almost said faggot, right?

>> No.7485451

Lol Petra tried to explain what gigachad means in Japanese.

>> No.7485467

I LOVE my fairy wife!

>> No.7485475

Manager-san's probably chewed her out heavily over the RE4 shenanigans. Hopefully Selen will feel better later.

>> No.7485482

I finished my workout and can doodle selen now pls give selen requests

>> No.7485485

Pomu will return stronger and more powerful than ever

>> No.7485498

Nice try, but she started this stream off fine, she just lost energy the more she had to deal with Apex bullshit

>> No.7485513

Amamiya having Selen on a leash.

>> No.7485515

Fuck off Damascus

>> No.7485523

Wearing a dress but shy about it

>> No.7485528

Selen pushing up thick-rimmed taped together nerd glasses saying "Did you know that..." with a very smug face.

>> No.7485532


>> No.7485533

Selen giving birth to triplets

>> No.7485537

Anything with Selen pregnant.

>> No.7485538

One of the first few posts after she started streaming was that she sounded sleepy. Explain why you defend manager so much. Are you dating her?

>> No.7485539

Selen in workout clothes!

>> No.7485543

Petra love!

>> No.7485544

Yeah, I'm guessing they'll have to tell her since Selen sounds like a dumb inexperienced zoomer that I want to corrupt

>> No.7485550


>> No.7485552

Yeah, and she's been streaming a shitton
Not to mention all the behind-the-scenes stuff like social media, rehearsals, and possibly material gathering.

She probably just feels a lot of pressure to be a god at apesex

>> No.7485569

anyone have any clips of the wisdom teeth insult/compliment thing yet?

>> No.7485588

Selen playing on her computer while one of her many children cries for her milkies

>> No.7485590

Selen holding an abortion document while laughing at the viewer giving off the feel of "ahahahaha you really thought I was going to keep it? ahahahaha"

>> No.7485591

She literally just woke up.

>> No.7485594

selen laying huge eggs.

>> No.7485595

Elira LOVE

>> No.7485599

For any newfreinds
>see schizo/bait post
>hide post
>pic related
Now, you have a clean thread
Enjoy the guaranteed quality experience.

>> No.7485605

Anon, your linking reps...

>> No.7485609

Concernfags are an actual cancer ruining Vtubing.

>> No.7485613

why is this board so active. it's just fake real life anime girls.

>> No.7485615

Finana and Selen, none of the others

>> No.7485621

Petra has a really cute laugh

>> No.7485626

Elira is perfect! I love this adorable stinky dragon!

>> No.7485642

Incoming in international collab. Any guesses on what it might be?

>> No.7485646

Futa Selen railing petra

>> No.7485649

So that's how you pronounce Xinqiu.

>> No.7485651

>got Team Fortress 2 perms
Oh god no. Please no

>> No.7485652

People are stupid. Learn to enjoy it and just ride the wave.

>> No.7485662

You're right, I think Pomu should just die from her cancer, right? Or are you talking about the anons talking about Selen? You won't tell me it's okay ignore one and not the other, right?

>> No.7485669

the people replying to the retard are just trying to bait in more (you)s by continuing the conversation. There's probably some samefagging too.

>> No.7485672

Since he is saying that he received the permission to announce it because he wants to do practice streams we will know soon enough.

>> No.7485685

A board for e-celebs would be just as popular.
Even a korean culture board would be.
That's just culture.

>> No.7485688

>play genshin
>no ill play serious sam
Selen is the best

>> No.7485693

A telephone game like this:

>> No.7485696

Oh god
The tf2 horde is coming.

>> No.7485702

Rokurokubi Selen

>> No.7485706

>serious sam

>> No.7485713

>Why is this so popular
>Irl anime girls

>> No.7485717

I hope she has a good time in casual servers, none of that comp shit which ruined the matchmaking. I'm still mad over that meet your match update and how Valve removed their servers from the server brwoser.

>> No.7485720

It's a tournament apparently. Could be Ibrahim's ProEvo tournament?

>> No.7485724


>> No.7485725

Pomu Pomu Pomu 7 days since Pomu's surgery.
Pomu miss Pomu Pomu muchPomu

>> No.7485726

They're grown women who can look after themselves. Worrying about them this much and arguing on behalf of a stranger when they haven't given any real indication they're in immediate danger is unhealthy and fucking annoying to boot.

>> No.7485736

It'll be stupid fun.

Now THIS is what paranoia sounds like.

>> No.7485747

Petra might be the best genshin player along Elira and she plays on ipad lol

>> No.7485749

Selen and Finana are the only ones in NijiEN who are making an attempt to stream different games.

>> No.7485760

Yeah, you can pretty much eliminate all of that cancer by hiding the original post that starts it all

>> No.7485761

>the way Petra plays genshin

>> No.7485764

I dont know what petra is doing but this is the first time im actually enjoying a genshin impact stream

>> No.7485773

I wish that Finana got a little more love for that effort. I hope she keeps doing it, because I have enjoyed it.

>> No.7485781

Oh I thought you were baiting. But you're right, fuck them all. It's not like we're their friends or family. I'm gonna be honest, while it's cool that they share their lives, I do wish they wouldn't share their problems.

>> No.7485782

You could say they are the /v/ chuubas.

>> No.7485787

Considering the game Ib is having them play will be in Japanese who knows.

>> No.7485809

Petra tried to play different games but many hated her for it.

>> No.7485828

Elira, Petra and maybe Rosemi from nijiEN. Zea, Taka and maybe Hana from nijiID. Nagi, Chiho or Suha, and maybe Bora from nijiKR. no clue on VR or JP sukoya or chigusa might be there.

>> No.7485833

People shitted on Petra for different reasons but never because of that.

>> No.7485835

I missed it, what happened to Elira's cookie VOD?

>> No.7485842

Ame seething

>> No.7485851

Isn't it in bad taste for Elira to tweet about booba right after Pomu got hers removed?

>> No.7485858

It's time, /v/ros. Selen is going to take us home.

>> No.7485864

They don't play games and just scream about trannies?

>> No.7485867

I love pomu

>> No.7485883

I love Elira Pendora!

>> No.7485888

People hate her for being a boring JP branch reject who doesn't care about her english fans or her genmates.

>> No.7485892

Give it time for it to process, it takes awhile. youtube is a small indie company please andastand.

>> No.7485897

Friendly reminder for fellow Rosefriends who are still awake. Be there or be square.

>> No.7485899

It's my first time watching Petra. Do Pengufags always just spam "Petra is cute" every time she does something?

>> No.7485904

Bots will make the streams become privated.

>> No.7485905


>> No.7485907


>> No.7485910

I dunno, this is the only thing I saw on twitter that caught my attention.


>> No.7485919

Are we talking games a lot of popular vtubers in general haven't played, or just games that differ from the other NijiEN's, because Elira is also doing stuff none of the others are really doing like Jump King, Hades, and Hollow Knight

>> No.7485920

The flat chest jokes have got to sting at least a little going forward for her

>> No.7485924

Finyanya and stinky dragon are both having fun but then you gotta have this faggot >>7485851 come and ruin the fun for everyone. Why is veetee like this.

>> No.7485933

Sounds like a Lulu stream.

>> No.7485935

Fuck Petra and her white knight fanbase

>> No.7485944

Fairy love!

>> No.7485954

she won't be flat, she'll have the best titties american insurance can buy

>> No.7485964

I don't know about the game but what's wrong?

>> No.7485967

you have to switch over from uploads to past live streams if you want to find a vod before it finishes processing

>> No.7485979

Elira Love!

>> No.7485981

none of them have gone back and looked at their vods so everyone is going after the streams since obsydia debuted

>> No.7485990

>story trying to act as serious as it can
>petra is just drooling over paimon being kawaii

>> No.7485999

Fuck no I rather she stays away from that game considering how retarded tf2 gremlins are for any type of relevance of that abandon game

>> No.7486012

Selen is playing apex, three times this week

>> No.7486024

Lmao imagine thinking a manager doing their job gives a fuck is someone is a “apex pro.” Purple Dragon Dyke fans have to be the most obnoxious mfs on this board.

>> No.7486031

Are aesthetic procedures usually covered? That's a surprise.

>> No.7486033

What's wrong with it?

>> No.7486034

some evidence points it towards the surgery having to do smth with a belly instead.

>> No.7486053

Can't wait for a perfectly scuffed but fun stream only to find a [Valve]NIGGERKILLER bot on her last match, private her VOD and never touch the game again!

>> No.7486059

I doubt it can be as bad as the Source engine speedrunners that show up whenever someone just wants to do a casual run of HL2.

>> No.7486068

>only ones
>Selen and Finana

He actually believes this.

>> No.7486070

Not really, pomudachi are worse. They might be slightly better now, but I'll never forget how fucking trash these threads were before there were too many people on NijiEN.

>> No.7486075

fuck off no one cares

>> No.7486078

Yes, but she's also playing Starcraft.

>> No.7486080

>Petra tried to play different games
In what fucking world?

>> No.7486081

Ask me how I know you're an Obsydia-only newfag

>> No.7486087

surprisingly there is a 1998 law that requires reconstruction to be covered whenever mastectomy is covered

>> No.7486090

Selen is the only sane one...

>> No.7486096

>white knight fanbase

Fucking ironic.

>> No.7486101

Laptop and iPad streaming...is Petra the SOUL streamer of EN? She's cute anyway.

>> No.7486103

>Selen doesn't like gacha
literally the best

>> No.7486121

Selen did read my comment in the chat. We are basically married. Later losers.

>> No.7486128


>> No.7486130


>> No.7486131

And they’re even more trash now that Dragon Dyke fans hype up every little thing she does.

>> No.7486134

Elira is adorable!

>> No.7486136

THICC tail

>> No.7486141


>> No.7486145

Yes and yes

>> No.7486152

Well at least you tried.

>> No.7486175

Selen debuted two weeks ago, and have played 8 games, think Elira played a similar amount of different games her first two weeks. Maybe wait a few months before you jerk yourselfs dry over stuff like that

>> No.7486177

I find it endearing but it makes me cringe at the same time since she was taking a beating from overworld enemies.

>> No.7486181

She's just like Leos, he too streams from an iPad

>> No.7486182

imagine screenshotting a post from the last thread nigga what are you doing

>> No.7486198

So it's okay for EOP fans to take over a JPtuber's chat and make the streamer pander to them like they've been doing for years but we see the reverse happen everyone should bitch about it?

>> No.7486200

I know I need to take my meds, but lately it seems like there's been a little bit of animosity between pomudachi and the dragoons. Like each of them wants to spampost about their oshi, but they keep getting in each others way. I said "it seems", but I've only seen it once actually.

>> No.7486217

What are you even crying about rn?

>> No.7486222

she never even rolled on the beginner banner
this is f2p beyond f2p

>> No.7486225

Shut the fuck up

>> No.7486226

>spam to roll
>she is going to roll with paid rolls
Why is chat like that stop. Gacha is hell.

>> No.7486243

the amount of different games Elira, Finana and Pomu has played isnt that big if you go since debut, just a few from least to mid and a few more to most

>> No.7486253

Yeah, imagine spending 300$ light handed on genshin gatcha instead making good content with just your character and video game skills.

>> No.7486257

It's just people shitposting and falseflagging to manufacture an artificial fanbase war. Nobody actually cares. It's what happens in every single board and long-running thread on 4chan, it's why hololive general over at /jp/ turned to shit. Just don't reply. Don't feed the troll. This thread is very good, don't let obvious shitposting ruin it.

>> No.7486282


even SCs are fun

>> No.7486288

Who the fuck is Petra?

>> No.7486295

I'm so happy for penguin.

>> No.7486312

It's actually the smart thing to do. Beginner banner doesnt contribute to getting 5* through pity

>> No.7486313

To be honest the only time I care is when some shitty Vshojos like tranny dragon ruin stream with their presence in the collab.

>> No.7486316

>little things make her happy
maybe i have a chance?

>> No.7486325

it is strange how selenfags adopted fish into the "based freethinker that never plays gacha impact and minecraft" thing

>> No.7486329

What is wrong with her audio?

>> No.7486331

Elira's 2nd highest earning stream and its fucking cookie clicker.

>> No.7486335

>playing on a tablet
>actually having fun
Petra was soul all along. I'm feeling bad for her now.

>> No.7486342


>> No.7486344

this board and its predecessor threads have always shat on EOPs

>> No.7486352

Petra is too cute

>> No.7486361

Game has nothing to do with it. Its a zatsudan stream

>> No.7486362

I don't like it when EOPs overtake a JPs chat either. It's okay to throw a bone to them but you shouldn't turn your back on your main audience.

>> No.7486373

zatsudans get the most supas after challenges, and this was an endurance zatsudan

>> No.7486375

Very early for me but worth it for sleepy rosemi-sama. I'll set my alarm!

>> No.7486382

>drops $500 getting 5 stars
>"remember, money buys happiness"

>does one 10 pull and gets a 4 star
>"I'm so happy"
I kneel

>> No.7486383

She's adorable.

>> No.7486384

Laptop and shitty mic. Elira might fool another person into buying a GoXLR.

>> No.7486398

If Ember likes to eat plastic... Does it mean that Ember breathes napalm instead of boring fire?

>> No.7486411

Because chat I tends to pay for her rolls

>> No.7486413

of course it had suprise pomu

>> No.7486414

>tfw no happy gamer wife

>> No.7486420

Might be a different setup today cause ipad

>> No.7486421

Selen roasting people who wasted money on a dead Madoka mobage server lol.

>> No.7486428

>watch shachou make pomu in koushien
>everyone in the chat calling her cute and even some 'I'm pomu's
>feel a weird sense of pride

>> No.7486433

Finana loves genshin, she plays it every week, and minecraft is her second most streamed game, what?

>> No.7486434

>Dumps astronomical amounts of money into everything

>> No.7486440

>the stinky whale vs the chad ipad F2P

>> No.7486443

Some of the most superchatted girls primarly do zatsus.

>> No.7486449

The one with more subs than her Gen mates. That’s probably easier to remember.

>> No.7486453

I kneel to the f2penguin

>> No.7486456

is petra the only obsidya who still remembers Black Out?

>> No.7486460

Elira Love

>> No.7486464

I wonder if dragon blood is so strong that even 25% dragon (since selen dad is hooman) would retain all powers like Selen did.

>> No.7486482

just noticed the diamond ring on her dragon hand wwwwwwwwwww

>> No.7486483

Yo petra be dropping some sick beats

>> No.7486486

I like the penguin

>> No.7486503

I bet she would really be happy living with Rosemi.

>> No.7486522

I thought you guys said they were all loaded. Petra and Selen seem like poorfags and Pomu is a wagie

>> No.7486526

Chongyun is soul. long live shota

>> No.7486539

this has been way more fun to watch than I expected

>> No.7486552

They're in Nijisanji, none of them are poor anymore

>> No.7486556

It was fun to watch. Pomu love!

>> No.7486560

We only said Finana is loaded.

>> No.7486562

3rd highest, but it's not exactly a surprise, it was the same thing as the Baby Game Endurance in principle

>> No.7486563

finana and petra are my favorites, they both get shitted on the beginning weeks, so stay strong friend.

>> No.7486572

Penguin Underrated

Dragon Dyke Overrated

Rose Outdated

>> No.7486574

Petra sure does a lot of humu humus....

>> No.7486577

>I'm just going vaguely towards the quest while exploring
wtf she figured out how to play open world games

>> No.7486589

I dont believe for a second that Selen isnt rich, second gen asian living in vancouver that travels the world. Petra I know nothing about, and I dont think I have heard anything about Pomu being rich

>> No.7486607

Finana is the rich girl. Pomu is the wagie. Rosemi pretends to be poor but knows what she is doing so she is able to milk her paypigs dry. Elira probably is well off that she sustained her neet lifestyle before 2434. Selen doesn't need money because she has Apex.
Petra? Who's that? Sounds like a Prism Project vTuber.

>> No.7486611

You are right I was ignoring celebration/milestone streams.

>> No.7486613


F2P is the only way these games become actually enjoyabe, the same applies to others like GBF.

>> No.7486614

Wait a second she likes Chongyun? Watching her rn

>> No.7486617

Didn't she say something about scrapping money for groceries? She thinks vet bills are expensive to

>> No.7486623

Selen isn't poor, Ember just has expensive medical bills that she personally has to pay for instead of relying on family.

>> No.7486625

Rosebuds I don't think I can get up that early...

>> No.7486630

>i just choked on my spit
I can only get so erect Selen... Stop...

>> No.7486632

Since the board is slow now am I the only one who really enjoys the New ID hag Hyona?

>> No.7486637

the maikura one was the Pomu 100k right?

>> No.7486645

>Constantly going to maid cafes and idol concerts in akiba

>> No.7486651

Did Petra just get Yanfei?

>> No.7486655

I watch the ghost. She high energy without overloading me. She's also funny and memes with chat

>> No.7486656

Can someone PLEASE help Petra get better gear for streaming.

>> No.7486659


>> No.7486663

Whats wrong with it?

>> No.7486668

>I thought you guys said they were all loaded
I've only ever seen people say that finana is loaded

>> No.7486672

Yea, kinda funny 3 of the top 4 feature Pomu in one way or another.

>> No.7486674

Finana's family is rich and she actively takes advantage of that. Selen and Rosemi's families are most likely rich but from the sounds of it they are trying to live independently. Elira, Pomu, and Petra are unknown. Pomu is a wagie, Elira lives on her own in one of the most expensive cities in the country and Petra only speaks Japanese so nobody will ever know anything about her.

>> No.7486675

Are you watching her own your iPad?

>> No.7486676

Yeah, she was really happy about it

>> No.7486678

yeah she has a fulltime job and goes on vacation once a year

>> No.7486682

She’s learning Anon.

>> No.7486691

Gear is pointless if you don't do abyss

>> No.7486692

Maybe you should get better internet anon

>> No.7486694

It's fine though?

>> No.7486703

Good thing most of my favorite characters are 4 stars. I would never drop money to get characters.

>> No.7486707

Hello, I am second generation asian from canada.
We are not rich we are middle class, my family doesn't even have a vacation house. All things are expensive, I haven't bought full price clothing in a decade.

>> No.7486710

>Elira lives on her own
I thought she lived with her family? With all the stories about her brother

>> No.7486717

Before she joined Nijisanji she went on more than yearly trips to Japan.

>> No.7486720

Do it for her, Rosebud. Fight.

>> No.7486728

Remember to switch to 360p so Petra can stream better.

>> No.7486729

This is solely the fault of your connection.

>> No.7486731

Not all of those Japan trips were funded with her own money. Do your reps. Pomu also rents.

>> No.7486733

Her girlfriend probably worked a high-paying job and financed her japan trips

>> No.7486735

She worked a full-time job in order to save up for those trips. Different from being rich w/o having a job (prior to joining Niji).

>> No.7486738


>> No.7486747

Doesnt sound unaffordable on an average urban American job that requires a bachelor degree

>> No.7486752

It's too expensive for what it offers to be honest. With some light research you can find better stuff for less, definitely. For some reason it has become a thing among streamers, but you can definitely do better on this part.

>> No.7486757

Pretty sure she's using her own money.

>> No.7486760

>Elira lives on her own
Why lie?

>> No.7486763

>he doesn't know

>> No.7486784

Depends on whether or not you believe her brother is her boyfriend or not. It's usually immediately obvious if a Vtuber lives with family because nine times out of ten family will not respect your wishes to not be interrupted during a stream.
Yes, because she's an insurance wagie. She makes her own money.

>> No.7486786

Middle class people take vacations a lot. Im talking like millionaire chinese expats. I dont consider anyone below the multi millionaire line loaded

>> No.7486788

It would seem that way not even just from the brother stories either. She has said she watches anime with her mom, that her family got her cake when she debuted and hit 100k, that her mom tells her to say hi to the others before she has a meeting and so on, bon jovi photo that is someone elses in her bathroom.

>> No.7486793

Bros, Petra playing Genshin on an iPad is pretty based ngl.

>> No.7486800

Wtf this Dainsleif guy has a SEX voice

>> No.7486801

Selen mentioned apex gremlin!

>> No.7486807


>Petra only speaks Japanese so nobody will ever know anything about her.

petra lives with her family, her mom has knocked on ther room on some streams, she is also studying graphic design, based on things like streaming on a laptop and such, she is probably middle class too.

>> No.7486810

She can't have a boyfriend because she's a lesbian

>> No.7486820

Elira has been interrupted during a stream.

>> No.7486823

Petra has always been based. Her powerlevel is on par with Pomu.

>> No.7486827

Notice how I made a joke about her instead of asking because I really don't give a shit?

>> No.7486829

A boyfriend that plays NFL 12 hours/day every day?

>> No.7486831

Isn't Petra's laptop quite pricey? The one with these specs is like 1.5k and she bought it specifically for streaming.

>> No.7486836

Round trip flight to Japan, 1k.
Hostel 40$ a day.
1 concert 200$
Food 20$ a day
Maid cafe 20$ a day.
For a week, that isnt even 2k.

>> No.7486837

>6 am
No thanks I’ll watch the VOD when I get up

>> No.7486839

Her room is also apparently on the top floor of a house, and there's no way in hell a couple in their 20s are living in a multi-storey house.

>> No.7486842

Petra is all about scuff and jank.

>> No.7486854

ssshhh, some anons don't watch streams, let them be ignorant

>> No.7486857

>I wish the Genshin guy faces weren’t so baby

I actually understands what she means this dudes face does not match his voice.

But also Petra horny

>> No.7486858

The VA is literally everywhere. His voice is perfect for anime

>> No.7486865


>> No.7486869

1.5k is nothing. My friend is rich af and buying new $5k laptops every other year cus he thinks the old one is out of date.

>> No.7486870

Did she mention this on stream?

>> No.7486871

that's because it's kaiba

>> No.7486883

>selen is good at track & field
no narrative will make me believe she is fat

>> No.7486889

Nobody's pretending. I don't know a thing about Petra and don't care to.

>> No.7486890

Her parents probably bought it for her

>> No.7486895

Because it's Seto Kaiba.

>> No.7486912

>1.5K laptop is pricy
I spent that much on an induction burner, stop being poor.

>> No.7486923

For the latter bit, check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsbJK2pINv0
at 19:12. Up to you if you believe this is just keyfabe.

>> No.7486935

Exactly, you have the same people applying this reasoning to Pomu

>> No.7486939

The inflation where you live must be pretty high. 1.5k on a fucking induction burner? What the fuck? How much is a banana there?

>> No.7486942

I'm diamonds

>> No.7486953

First time watching a petra solo stream and she's alright, I don't get the hate. Selen and rosemi are a lot better but she's not bad or boring at all.

>> No.7486956

You are in autist central anon. There are no such things as jokes here. You are thus declared a schizo holobrony!

>> No.7486966

K-Fairy discovering nice Elira message next to her bed

>> No.7486970

How about the narrative of actually seeing her?

>> No.7486987

You picked a good time to watch. Like I've said before, she needs to pick games that are slower paced and this seems to be just about right.

>> No.7486999

>why aren't you playing on PC
>because you're a nigger
Damn Petra calm down

>> No.7487005

This blond and blue dude is literally just Dimitri from FE 3 houses.

>> No.7487008

This is one of her best streams because she is actually playing something instead of doing a JP only zatsudan.

>> No.7487016

Imo idk about a lot better loud and shouty doesn’t automatically make someone a good streamer at least to.

>> No.7487025

wait do people think she is lying when she says she rents? Why? I dont get it

>> No.7487026

holy fuck petra is so used to mobile controls that she'd rather play on an ipad than pc

>> No.7487027

he's seto kaiba and edward kenway from asscreed black flag

>> No.7487032

It's a chinese game. Are you surprised?

>> No.7487044

This post has nice digits so it must be true

>> No.7487045

About 25 cents for an organic one

>> No.7487070

tfw I know him more from that fujo mermaid anime than Kaiba

>> No.7487074


>> No.7487088

Petra is a lot more confident on twitter than on stream.

>> No.7487098

I've never felt like this before and I'm disgusted with my self but I really want to rape this penguin. I have this primal urge violate her violently while she's crying and sobbing

>> No.7487105

there is a difference with wagies going on vacation and neets going on vacations with their families

>> No.7487118

ok weirdo

>> No.7487122

For a bunch?

>> No.7487127

>I like small tiny things
>they make me happy
bros, I'm in

>> No.7487129

each to their own I guess. I just want to have happy kinky sex with her

>> No.7487135

This is perfectly natural.

>> No.7487136

what does the first part mean? I have seen maybe a third or fourth of the mint archives and dont understand

>> No.7487140

She seems to have a lot of nerves about streaming

>> No.7487151


>> No.7487152

How does she feel?

>> No.7487166

Just google cute aggression

>> No.7487167

that's a dude

>> No.7487168

Finana understands Lewdness on a cosmical level that makes me appreciate her the most, she doesnt see it as either something "unpure" or something "Silly" she sees in the most pure way one possibly can, as in "normal"; she is like the 0.001% of vtubers in this aspect, pretty much one half will scream in disgust, while the other 50% will scream in laughter, not finana though, she will just giggle and be surprised why chat is undergoing meltdown.

This in retrospect, reveals the true purity of finana, she behaves exactly the way she was born, with no pressure from society over "sex bad" she understands on a cosmical level that lewd things in nature are as natural as eating doritos or watching anime, hence the only time finana got angry was when chat said she would "corrupt" her genmates, its because she doesnt see it as "corruption" but rather just being yourself, and therefore, is why her profile description makes perfect sense. "Has a heart as clear and pure as the calm and beautiful sea" from her perspective, being Openly Sexual is Seiso, its just society that is not ready and her views as "Not-Seiso".

TL;DR or in the words of Pomu, Finana is my Kami-Oshi.

>> No.7487169

IDK I just put them on the checkout, it's never more than $1.25 though.

>> No.7487186

That's fine.

>> No.7487187

I remember now I why dislike the mc, she/he barely talks and is just a self insert, although what did I expect from a gacha story.

>> No.7487197 [SPOILER] 

Understandable you still get the bullet

>> No.7487199


>> No.7487200

To be fair, you have to have a very high power level to understand Pomu Rainpuff. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of Nihonjin wotaku culture most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Pomu's cultured outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterisation - her personal philosophy draws heavily from eroge and doujin literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Pomu Rainpuff truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Pomu's existencial catchphrase "I'm Pomu!," which itself is a cryptic reference to the fact that she's Pomu I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Tazumi Riku's genius unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Pomu Rainpuff tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they've seen within 5 as many anime as me (preferably less) beforehand.

>> No.7487205

Kill yourself.

>> No.7487207

I'm gonna hurt you... :)

>> No.7487212

>I like small tiny things
>they make me happy

She’d hate me.

>> No.7487215

based patrician taste

>> No.7487222

better lose some weight fatty

>> No.7487223

I wanna make Wosemi cry while I do lewd things to her!

>> No.7487224

Pretty based. Would do the same if given the chance desu.

>> No.7487226

nfc, the only thing that they could be referring to is the JP company she got a job for (before she pulled out due to Niji + surgery) was probably going to pay for her visa and moving expenses to Japan.

>> No.7487235

Translate it, weeb please

>> No.7487237

That’s like every MC in a game ever with the exception of Persona games.

>> No.7487245

Just wanna share this simple clip i made of Selen at 2am yesterday

>> No.7487269

Get the fuck out of your room, you fat fuck.

>> No.7487270

I think you'll like Alison from Maggot Baits. She has some pretty good scenes you can insert Pingu into.

>> No.7487278

If Selen is a dragon just like Ember, does it mean Selen eats plastic too?

>> No.7487286

I'm gonna make an uneducated guess that persona 5 is a mistake

>> No.7487287

>Petra shittalking the localization

>> No.7487290

Advertising and self-promotion is against the rules.

>> No.7487344

>while not actually causing or intending to cause any harm
But I do want to cause harm. I want to make her go through a traumatic experience that will cause her psychological damage to satisfy my sexual urges

>> No.7487347

Thanks for this Anonymously created clip you found on youtube amigo.

>> No.7487353

I like this pasta, a bit exaggerated but true like all good pastas.

>> No.7487356

>Selen in a track and field outfit

>> No.7487361

Selen naked sports apron onegai.

>> No.7487363

Thank you for your hard work, anon. Selen love.

>> No.7487370

Then say "ah", groomer.

>> No.7487372

>tfw you’ll never get to manhandle Pengu’s little body and leave her out of breath mess on the bed

>> No.7487390

And I mean the doujin kind

>> No.7487392

For the musically inclined anons who know moonrunes: https://twitter.com/riku_tazumi/status/1422787273142116353

>> No.7487393

Is this the start of the penguin ryona posters?

>> No.7487399


>> No.7487404

based Selenbro

>> No.7487419

Sorry anon but she already retweeted a clip of this on twitter a few days ago

>> No.7487420

Nice Pomu

>> No.7487433 [SPOILER] 

I think they started with Finana and then realized that other tags suited her better. Petra is best for it.

>> No.7487440

I like the way you think

>> No.7487448

Cute casual wear!

>> No.7487482

Selen hates Apex confirmed

>> No.7487492

Damn that’s cute. Just like Pomu!

>> No.7487496

back to darkness...

>> No.7487503

how dare you fuckin take your stupid painmeds you little bitch, I cant believe you actually got your wisdom teeth removed, are you so goddamn weak you dont need all your teeth?

>> No.7487515

No live replay?
What was the message?

>> No.7487532

I like him since he voiced Genichiro Asahina in Sekiro, the only boss that I beat the first time without having to try hard.

>> No.7487535

Im gonna marry that fairy

>> No.7487541

Another good Selen stream
see ya

>> No.7487547

my wife

>> No.7487550

cute femanon

>> No.7487551

pomu pls

>> No.7487555

P-Pomu calm down

>> No.7487568

well i'll be damned, still did it lmao

>> No.7487569

Cute TsunSelen!

>> No.7487573

Not just that, but at least one occasion her trip has been crowdfunded. Also, she did study abroad for high school and her parents presumably covered that expense. I'll stop here, I don't want this to become material for slander.

>> No.7487582

You better be female or I've got some bad news for you bro...

>> No.7487588

Petra is hitting herself. She likes ryona too.

>> No.7487596

did i say i made it? i meant a clip i found HAHAha

>> No.7487601


>> No.7487604

Go to bed, Elira. We know.

>> No.7487613

I want to impregnate Selen Tatsuki and hyperfixate on her sweaty underbelly so fucking badly dude you have no clue how much I want to smash my face into her linea nigra and just start sniffing while she does an epic gaming win and she'll cum from her epic gaming skills and I'll get that jet of fresh Selen cum smell since I'm right near her crotch and she'll finally remember that I'm molesting her while she's gaming and she'll get super embarrassed that she didn't notice and I'll jack off on her blushing face nd scream "I LOVE YOU SELEN" before falling asleep under her ass.

>> No.7487643


>> No.7487659

wasnt her last time in jp early last year? Before mint. Did Pomu have some internet presence before the maid? First I have heard of that

>> No.7487662

me too anon, me too...

>> No.7487670

elira in mika's stream!


>> No.7487683

I want Pomu to insult me when I take my meds

>> No.7487691

Just watched the Pengy stream from the beginning to now, and every time she spoke in Japanese it was only to repeat what she said in English. What is wrong with you people...

>> No.7487710

Thank god she stopped streaming this thread can finally stop being retarded.

>> No.7487712

How would Selen react if she saw this?

>> No.7487728

Oh nooo... Anon, you came inside? You said you'd pull out I trusted youHAHAHAHA! And you came so fast HAHAHA you said you can edge for an hour when you jerk off HAHAHAHAHA! YOU LIED TO ME GAHAHAHA! It's okayyyy I lied too when I said it was a safe day HAHAHAHA DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD PULL OUT AND THEN YOU WENT CREAMED YOUR SELF IN 15 SECONDS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE THE REASON THEY MAKE FUN OF VIRGINS HAHAHAHAHAHA! Woo... bum ba ba bum, bum bum ba bum bum... Man, my boyfriend is going to be SO mad when I end up pregnant hahaha... Wait, no, he doesn't know! HAHAHA I'LL JUST TELL HIM IT'S HIS KID, HE DOESN'T KNOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*wheeze*AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.7487735 [SPOILER] 

I just found her boring before. This was one of her better streams, so I didn't shitpost. That simple.

>> No.7487736

She's probably puff out her stomach and rub it to see if it really is that hot

>> No.7487740

They don't watch her streams. They tune in, hear her speaking Japanese a bit, then tune out and jump to conclusions.

>> No.7487742

based ntrfag

>> No.7487747

Keep making these fat cheeks Penguin edits please.

>> No.7487760

double it down, look at her dead in the eye and piss my pants, wait no-

>> No.7487769

Yea I actually thought she spoke more moon than English, I took the bait too easily...

>> No.7487770

This penguin looks retarded when struggling to wink

>> No.7487775


Rosemi is doing a morning stream tomorrow! Do you think she'll brush her teeth before talking to us. i hope not.

>> No.7487782


>> No.7487783

anon, people didn't like finana at first, same as petra, just wait it out.

>> No.7487805

People still don't like Finana, they just shut up about it.

>> No.7487808


>> No.7487815

I'm not sure why so many anons hate the penguin. She's pretty okay and her model is actually funny because, using Finana's way to speak, she looks like she's always angy.

>> No.7487822

Elira is feeling horny tonight.

>> No.7487823

If nothing else, I appreciate her. She's boring to me so I get more free time in between enjoying the other 5 members of EN, I can only spend so much of my day watching vtubers Thank you for your sacrifice, Petra, and to each their own.

>> No.7487840

Ember gijinka when

>> No.7487854

Any niji that does english streams outside of niji en? Still waiting on gen 3/4 to fill out dead hours.

>> No.7487859

I actually believe that she is the most prone to being angy out of the EN girls. But that's kind of cute in its own way. She also might tend towards being stonefaced.

>> No.7487868

Every time she laughs it sounds like someone dunked her mic underwater

>> No.7487885

Hada, recently Hari too. Most of ID.

>> No.7487887

I'm not one of the shitposters but the biggest issue with Petra is she doesn't really "fit in" with the rest of NijiEN. She feels like she belongs in NijiJP with how much more she talks about that side and barely interacts with her own branch.
I really like her voice and her yumejoshi interests but I think she can improve a lot by bonding more with the other girls.
Also, she needs to fix her fucking mic so it's not constantly picking up background noise when she talks. It's so fucking distracting.

>> No.7487888

Is finana's model really the only one that can't do a face outside of being happy?

>> No.7487893

>fill out the dead hours
Manager-san forbids it.

>> No.7487910

What does she even say about NijiJP other than her first 2 streams? I see this posted so much but not a single example comes up.

>> No.7487913

From what I hear that new Tomoko look-a-like from ID speaks primarily English.

>> No.7487914

I hope it's recurrent cause it gives my neet heart a reason to wake up early.

>> No.7487926



>> No.7487930

ID ghost is on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3y23fo5lS4

>> No.7487932

The new ID wave has Mika and Hyona who speak English. I dunno much about Xia, I don't think she speaks a lot of it. Mika's streaming Cooking Sim right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3y23fo5lS4

>> No.7487953

she looks funny when she does that small mouth expression

>> No.7487965

I would guess, I repeat, it's a guess, people kind of got used to Pomu's and Elira's interactions? Like how they join each other streams and chats all the time? And they were expecting this level of interaction from the Obsydia girls? I'm actually fine with them doing their own things to be completely honest.

>> No.7487985

It's not that she talks too much about NijiJP, she just doesn't talk enough about NijiEN. Her and Elira both mention what the JP side are up to all the time but Elira also interacts with the other EN girls basically every day while Petra barely does. She hadn't even shown up in any of Elira's streams before until today, so Elira forgot to mod her in her stream chat.

>> No.7487990

Half the time I can't tell if it's shitposting or genuine contempt.

>> No.7487995

>Rosemi is going to groom her Gosling/NEET/Parasocialfag/Lonelyfags fanbase into becoming well-adjusted human beings

>> No.7487996


>> No.7488002

Anything interesting about the new ID wave?

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