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Do you love hags?

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kuritorisu~~ ahn~

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gays not welcome

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IRyS is a very cute hag

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she actually read it holy shit

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Yeah this one

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I love Ina!

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I expected her to not get references.
I expected her to understand references.
I did not expect her to get half of the references wrong
I guess that makes her stickmin playthough at least a little unique

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this is the thread

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IRyS is very ____

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I see nipple

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Do you think IRyS remembers planking

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Is planking still hip among the kids?

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Who's the GG Allin of hololive?

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Yes but Irys isn't sexy

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I saw the clip of Okayu saying how she kisses Korone out of nowhere because she feels like kissing someone and damn. I am not an onigiriya but it made me feel things.

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Does IRyS know even less about modern internet than Kiara?

>> No.7484791

Mogged by miko, IRyS is such a flop

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Ignorant of internet culture

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Whats to explain about a parent protecting their child from a predator?

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The fuck is that?

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I'm 38 and it shocks me that most of you are like early 20's, it makes me feel weird...

I hope you guys don't view me as some old geezer or say stuff like "Isn't it your bedtime, grandpa?"

Just let me pretend to be young like you

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I will never know what these soundposts actually sound like

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>Gura and her oji-san army
Not good

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Why is the child uoohing? Migo is cunny?

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isnt it your bedtime, grandpa?

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Previous thread(probably last one for the night)

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Yep my favorite childhood movie, Honey My Kids are Tiny.

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>Honey, my kids are tiny.

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Man, IRyS's voice is just way too calming. It's practically unfair, all of her streams are just going to be super calm...unless she's playing Apex, then it's calm with a hint of impressive patience.

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Okay now she is DEFINITELY confirmed a hag.

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>Honey My Kids Are Tiny

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I'm 33

>> No.7484862

I'm gonna say it technically doesn't count, the jannies let futamori stay up the other day, why can't this?

>> No.7484863

why are you still awake?

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>actually saw the OG Honey I Shrunk the Kids
This is not just normal hags, this is advanced late 30s haggery!

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How's Irys' play through so far? She enjoying it more or less like Gura?

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Literal sex

>> No.7484876

Honey my kids are tiny!

>> No.7484878

>Honey, My Kids Are Tiny
That's what I'll call it from now on

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You are cool grandpa

>> No.7484881

It's okay grandpa, youre 18 like the rest of us

>> No.7484883

me on the left ALSO ABAYO

>> No.7484884

Honey, the kids are abnormally small

>> No.7484885

and insomnia

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It's barely 9PM

>> No.7484890

same age here

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Irys has really cute teeth, I want her to bite me.

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have you come around to her live2d yet

>> No.7484899

Ojiisan you really shouldn't be up so late, you'll get sore bones in the morning. You might even throw out your hip if you move too much. Take care of your health now,, the days are going by real fast.

>> No.7484900

I thought it would suck but she's actually showing off her cute hag side and it's pretty good

>> No.7484904

grandpa, dont forget to take your meds before going to bed

>> No.7484905

it's ok, I'm 22 but I would bet oji-sans are better posters than zoomers

>> No.7484906

im 39, there's some of us losers here too pretending to be hip and lit

>> No.7484907

You can just say she's boring anon.

>> No.7484908

oh nyo~

>> No.7484911

29 here, time to watch some vtubers

>> No.7484913

>I'm gonna say it technically doesn't count
that's not how that works.

>> No.7484915

It's alright gramps. I'm 3 years older than you.

>> No.7484916

What's up, pops?

>> No.7484917

sweet fat cat, bro!

>> No.7484919

god, Luna's BGM is an absolute banger

>> No.7484920

time for bed ojisan
there's a gura stream tomorrow so you shouldn't oversleep

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I'm glad Mori is back, but I'm sad I didn't get to see her planned final fleet.

>> No.7484927

God yes her hagginess really enhances her cute charm

>> No.7484929

I'm 41. We were born too early.

>> No.7484931

"lost track of you" is the most creative gag in the game prove me wrong

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>> No.7484935

being an OG famirin? No, never. Her voice is the only thing that kept me going

>> No.7484937

And me 13 older than you

>> No.7484938

I'm in my early 30's and it feels weird using my mic in games now when everyone else sounds and acts like they're half my age.

>> No.7484941

This smug Shion makes me want to be cozy

>> No.7484943

She's not boring though, she's very fascinating and nice to watch and listen to. She's got Mio and Fubuki tier speaking voice and that's really good. She also has an erotic comfy side like Okayu does.

>> No.7484944

for the anon asking about kfp baby last thread

>> No.7484950

I told you already, I'm playing MGS3

>> No.7484952

Don't worry, I'm 44.

>> No.7484954

It has grown on me like a fungus.

>> No.7484957

I dunno we had one thread a couple weeks ago where a lot of replies were 30+.
I'm 31 if it makes you feel better.

>> No.7484965

I'm 32 and I've already accepted that I'm past it. Now I follow the way of the ojisan and everything is just dandy.

>> No.7484966

hololive global? more like hololive grandpa, jesas.

>> No.7484969

I agree with the caveat that her scream is fucking trash tier which is unfortunate.

>> No.7484972

are all you ojisans wizards?

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>> No.7484975

I too love watching gura

>> No.7484983

Alright you old fucks, shut up and watch the streams

>> No.7484985

I'm only 29 and still saw that as a kid

>> No.7484986

You're cool anon
it gives me hope, I will never stop loving my oshi if someone 13 years older than me loves his oshi just as much as I do

>> No.7484988

>so much recoil

>> No.7484989

Nah, but it'll get fixed soon enough.

>> No.7484991

A question for the 35+ oji sans here, would you guys wish to be born in late 90s - early 2000s if you could?

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>> No.7484994

Oji-sans, give us some of your wisdom, I don't want to end up like you

>> No.7484996

Probably not, but I am. Shooting for archmage.

>> No.7485003 [SPOILER] 

Did you get one of these yet?

>> No.7485008

Irys doesn't know about The Law of Physics....

>> No.7485010

please post more oh nyos. i need to build a collection

>> No.7485014

That's implying that there is something that needs to be "fixed" in the first place.

>> No.7485016

Oji-sans, I am 24, does it get better?

>> No.7485017


I honestly don't see anything wrong with people who are in their 30s/40s who can enjoy something.
Fuck the retards at my age who genuinely think that it's weird for people older than them to enjoy shit.

>> No.7485019

Yes, I don't mind anymore if she didn't get a makeover

>> No.7485020

Yea, I dont think its hideous or anything, its just a completely different style that the rest of the Holos. She looked weird standing next to Ina and Mori in those collabs

>> No.7485022

not really, but her cuteness and hag status makes up for it

>> No.7485024

No but every time I hear the pick up sound I hear a faint ogey in my head and chuckle

>> No.7485028

I had to double check I didn't click the horny thread.

>> No.7485029

Watch Ollie! Or don't, I'm still disappointed she isn't playing Apex for a month.

>> No.7485031

spot the difference between the two posters above ^
and the posters below v

>> No.7485032

I'm gonna test my luck, there's still undeleted futanari porn up in the archive and if that is still up then I'm good

>> No.7485033

She's not boring. If she was nasally like Ina she'd be boring. Irys's voice is perfect for nursing handjobs.

>> No.7485034

Why would I want to spend more time being less free?

>> No.7485039

Kinda strange I haven't seen more than 2 pieces of IRyS art that are lewd
Is she too pure for lewd art?

>> No.7485041


>> No.7485042

fuck I'm 6 years away from reaching Wizard status
desu I have no interest in sex anyways

>> No.7485044


>> No.7485049

Sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

t. 29

>> No.7485051

Imagine being here and being young. You're more of a loser than me.

>> No.7485052

yea, she cute

>> No.7485053

Sure am.

>> No.7485056

Ina's far more interesting than IRyS.

>> No.7485059

design too complicated, it filters coomers

>> No.7485060

IRyS is the most beautiful girl in Hololive.

>> No.7485064


>> No.7485066

all me

>> No.7485068

This is me the CEO of a company
it's ok I won't pull my ads over this

>> No.7485072

when she's looking down she looks kinda cute...

>> No.7485075

Isn't it your bedtime, grandpa?

You have my sympathy if you have any nieces or nephews. My oldest nephew didn't know what a PSP was and I felt a grey hair grow in.

>> No.7485076

Well since you're in this thead you, no doubt, are childless. For a little cash I'll pretend to be your son. I'm 19 so it'll be like you were popular when you were a teenager and had a kid early. What do you say?

>> No.7485078


>> No.7485079

she sounds like a complete bore who never blows her nose

>> No.7485081

I like it now, human brain is a mysterious thing

>> No.7485083

Holy based

>> No.7485084

Those that lewd IRyS shall be beheaded

>> No.7485089

Nah, lost my powers a while back.
Wasn't worth the heartache

>> No.7485090

Her design almost filtered Ina.

>> No.7485091

making a stream about irys while irys is streaming seems like a weird choice ollie
but I guess I respect your eagerness to be a good senpai

>> No.7485093


>> No.7485096

Do you remember when Ina brain melted when she was drawing her?

>> No.7485097

She knows FPSDoug kek i love her

>> No.7485098

Get a real hobby and participate in it as much as you can. Early investment into an art or skill will help your sanity later even if you don't think you'll use it or your career has nothing to do with it.
I started late and am playing catch up and it's a pain in the ass.

>> No.7485100

Don't feel bad anon, there are more and more men becoming wizards nowadays!
It's supposed to be a team effort until the government mandates GFs

>> No.7485101

Hell no

>> No.7485102

Still taking some time, I guess. Her voice and personality are really pulling their weightHer model isn't as ugly as Kiara's to be honest

>> No.7485103

>saying nyooo like some cute anime girl
jesus christ chumbuds are mentally ill.

>> No.7485104

You're here, kid. It's already too late.

>> No.7485105


>> No.7485110


they are the same

>> No.7485113

Not really

>> No.7485116


>> No.7485121

shut the fuck up

>> No.7485125

did she just

>> No.7485129

What's the difference?

>> No.7485131

Get permabanned

>> No.7485135

pomf doesn't work for me

>> No.7485137

>hololive doesn't have permission to play hololive songs

>> No.7485138

Not after seeing how being raised by the internet fucked you little shits up.

>> No.7485140


>> No.7485141

Can't wait for Ollie to 'analyse' the soulless lyrics of a song that IRyS had no input on and was probably just handed to her on a printout when she came to record.

>Can't even play the song on stream
What the fuck are you doing Cover

>> No.7485142

If you have a viable growing career that you can see yourself having sort of "made it" by 30 if things continue as they are, maybe. Around that time all the used up whores will be looking to settle down or if you're remotely attractive and successful you can find and groom an 18-20 year old with a smaller body count and more fertile eggs and pump her full of kids.

If that kind of stuff doesn't interest you because you don't like whores or don't want children then no not really. I guess if you're an achiever and the first bit about being in a secure moderate to good career will allow you to spend your money on lots of escapism and drugs and alcohol. If petty materialism or escapes through drug induced, numbed states don't interest you either then no, it only gets worse and time will begin to dilate more and more to the point it will become noticeable how fast time is passing. Exponentially.

>> No.7485146

I've been looking for this for a very long time but forgot what it was actually called, thank you

>> No.7485152

Why wish for a government GF when you can just wait for VR-tracked sexbots

>> No.7485154

oh nyooooooooooo~

>> No.7485157

Half-Life bros, we lost to PortalCHADS

>> No.7485159

posting like an anonymous user vs. avatarfagging like a complete attention whore

>> No.7485161

>missing all these references

>> No.7485163

IRyS sounds so cheery.

>> No.7485164

Yes really
Whether you like her voice or not is whatever but she's definitely far more clever

>> No.7485167

DUDE Everyone knows you run faster with a KNIFE!

>> No.7485168

That would had been a great collab Ollie...

>> No.7485169

IRyS was a cheater

>> No.7485170

The audio URL is right in the filename.

>> No.7485175


>> No.7485177

what the fuck, is that real?

>> No.7485179

Based old bro

>> No.7485181

Wow, she got the Missingno reference.

>> No.7485184

she actually knows missingno

>> No.7485185

no, things were better back in the 80s/90s and it's only getting worse

>> No.7485186

Open wide nigga

>> No.7485187

I think Marine got it too

>> No.7485191

>Knew about missingno from a real life experience when she was a child
Shes a hag

>> No.7485194

>Ollie isn't allowed to play Caesura of Despair or even sing it on stream

>> No.7485195

absbdbubdaskwkkwkaksnmmddmmdlwqll a

>> No.7485196


>> No.7485197

>Will be 38 in a month
Yea I guess.

>> No.7485198

I want to play Pokemon with and fuck this hag.

>> No.7485201

>Pokemon Red
>I still remember
she’s definitely in her 30s

>> No.7485204

I agree
Ina's art also doesn't filter me like Irys

>> No.7485206


>> No.7485207

She'd get copystriked.

>> No.7485208

>IRyS actually recognized MissingNO

Woah. Also it amazes me how breakable gen 1 is when you start looking for bugs.

>> No.7485210

>had a friend who played pkmn red/blue
>a 1990 game
>had to be at least 5 yrs old because people have horrible memories from <4yrs
shes 30+

>> No.7485213

No way. You kids missed out on pre-internet kino.

>> No.7485214

No I wish I was born even earlier so I could of experienced making a game in some dimly lit garage using assembly.
I still enjoyed being a teenager and putting together hot garbage on Gamemaker 4 or I think it might have been version 5.0.

>> No.7485217

My fellows chumbuds are twice my age. I don't know what to do

>> No.7485218

Nothing wrong with being old.

>> No.7485219


>> No.7485221

Get fucked zoomer zombie leech

>> No.7485224

Oji-sans, I wish i had parents like (You) all, and actually paid any heed to my interests.

>> No.7485225

Am I really that old that people these days don't get that one?

>> No.7485230

If she's the same age I am pokemon was fuckin' big when we were kids and everyone always talked about rumors about shit like that so it'd be hard to miss

>> No.7485232

It's not cover it's YouTube's audio id.

>> No.7485235

Irys is a time traveler from 2000

>> No.7485237

damn didnt get the MW2 reference

>> No.7485239

Fuck no, I'm so happy I never had to deal with the internet in high school. I was online in my last 2 years of high school and I was like a wizard with printed shit and burnt CDs.

>> No.7485241

I was in 9th grade when Blue/Red came out so you might be far off.

>> No.7485244

I'm enjoying her stream right now

>> No.7485245

We get it youre a neet who plays PU all day

>> No.7485247

lol no

>> No.7485248

Why is everyone obsessed with IRyS's age?
You guys know the whole point of vtubers right?

>> No.7485249

I gave my zoomer niece my old gameboy. It isn't that Farfetch'd.

>> No.7485250

I'm 19 and I know that

>> No.7485251

>younger than my oshi
>give money to my oshi
>they interact with me and laugh at my jokes
>they say they love me
am i being groomed by gura?

>> No.7485253

>> No.7485255

Pls understand the game was made on 25 yens and the English versions are based on the "fixed" version of the games

>> No.7485256

*cums on you*

>> No.7485257

I'm not the anon you're replying too but am also 24 and already experiencing the time dilation and I hate it

Thank god I'm a petty materialist

>> No.7485260


>> No.7485261

IRyS can't even sing her own song on stream

>> No.7485262

there's no way people do not recognize missingno

>> No.7485267

Stop fucking gaslighting people, pokemon was 1998 in NA

>> No.7485270

Did the JP version of Pokemon even have the bug?

>> No.7485271

literally me

>> No.7485275

gen 1 is fucking held together by tape and dreams

>> No.7485279

Don't feel too bad, it's not a bad life so long as you do yer damn reps.

>> No.7485283

>> No.7485287

She's literally mommy tier anon
And that's a good thing

>> No.7485290

Just tuned in- what the FUCK is coco doing?!

>> No.7485293

I mean I think it was only a thing for gen1 so those who weren't in the loop back then might not

>> No.7485294

You young people need to get your life together before it's too late.

>> No.7485295

Gura Gura Guraaaaaaaa

>> No.7485297

What is PU?

>> No.7485298

Anon you're turning into a schizo maybe it's time to medicate

>> No.7485299

me but 10 years younger

>> No.7485300

chat is fucking insufferable

>> No.7485305

sus sus
among us

>> No.7485314

>Gura saying she loves you
Good joke

>> No.7485315

Gen1 was 96, m8.

>> No.7485318


>> No.7485323

ending her stream

>> No.7485324

I wish this ritual post would just die. What's supposed to be funny about this? Easily the lowest quality ritual post. And that's saying something.

>> No.7485326



>> No.7485331

Ame cute

>> No.7485333

Anon, do you think that the game was coded in NA and ported to JP?

>> No.7485335

I've already given up

>> No.7485336

I's been 10 years now
you need to let her go...

>> No.7485342

>> No.7485344

I played Pokemon Blue as a kid and I just turned 27

>> No.7485346


>> No.7485349

This is true

>> No.7485350

Anon my mom had me at 13 what does mommy tier even mean?

>> No.7485353

What age are the gayposter normally? Please do not larp as a cute young twink if you are not one

>> No.7485355

ritual posts aren't supposed to be funny

>> No.7485356

This thread is really nailing home that the reason I dislike IRyS is her age. I'll stick with my cute zoomer vtuber daughterwives.

>> No.7485357


>> No.7485362

Miko is talking about the Japanese Pewdiepie

>> No.7485364

I'm not young either.
It's too late, the void will consume us all.

>> No.7485365

The internet changed everything so fucking fast, I can't even imagine what a life completely without internet was like.

>> No.7485366

25 years ago

>> No.7485367


>> No.7485370

Let them enjoy their youth, don’t tell them the awful truth

>> No.7485373


>> No.7485375

there's no stopping the pure concentrated autism that all ritualfags have

>> No.7485379

I love her

>> No.7485380

>how to tell me you're retarded without actually doing it

>> No.7485381


>> No.7485382

>zoomer vtuber
So Ollie?

>> No.7485385

I'm trying bro, but the job hunt is crushing my soul

>> No.7485390

Why the fuck are Kiara antis calling fan artists ecelebs? And why are they now trying to push the narrative that she hates her fanbase?

>> No.7485394

It's been 15 years, it's time to let her go Anon

>> No.7485396

That dude followed Anya.

>> No.7485399

Watch streams

>> No.7485400

God I fucking hate Nyoo posters. Stop posting that stupid fucking face you fucking homos

>> No.7485402

Ollie is making fresh IRyS rrats

>> No.7485412

I don't know, why are you talking about that shit here?

>> No.7485415


>> No.7485419

SHUT THE FUCK U-wait this UI looks fluffy

>> No.7485420


You're right- grandpa must have forgotten to take his meds again.
Don't worry, I can make my way back to the nursing home. Sorry to cause you all the trouble.

>> No.7485421

But I'm happy. I do my drawing reps while waiting for my entrance exam. I'm gonna make it for every oji-san here

>> No.7485422


>> No.7485423

The others literally cannot compete with Ina

>> No.7485424

I was a burned out fuckup for a while but I'm good now Oji-san. Joined the air force and now do contract work civilian side handling top secret tech shit for the glowies.

>> No.7485425

I like her too, but I was thinking of Ame and Gura.

>> No.7485426

any faggot that acts gay in these threads is not cute

>> No.7485428

She's having so much fun. She's relly cute, bros

>> No.7485430

>leggo my eggo
kek she's alright

>> No.7485431

>Lego as in leggo my eggo?
This hag

>> No.7485432

I don't know anon, I think you should post some proof first.

>> No.7485433


>> No.7485434


>> No.7485436

>Lego as in 'Leggo my eggo'?

>> No.7485437

>they say they love me

>> No.7485439

>Lego? As in Lego my Eggo?

>> No.7485440

>me: ogey

>> No.7485441

>Leggo my Eggo
I haven't heard that in like 20 years.

>> No.7485442

That's irrefutable

>> No.7485443

Boomers get out, 4chan is for zoomers now

>> No.7485445

Miko has Zombie PTSD.

>> No.7485452

I'm 19 but I'm not actually gay. I just think being unapologetic horny and outrageous is hilarious

>> No.7485453


>> No.7485454


>> No.7485458

i fucking hate how from the thumbnail i thought it was coco but with the style of FSN
i will never forgive hackeuchi

>> No.7485459

I love Gaki No Tsukai

>> No.7485461


>> No.7485463

Oh nyooooooo what are you going to do to punish meeeeee

>> No.7485464

Coco's brown nipples!

>> No.7485466

Why is everything funny for her?

>> No.7485471

As a late 20s, I still fucking love hags

>> No.7485473

lol your JP oshi is getting dicked by Jap ecelebs

>> No.7485477

I would like Irys so much more if she didn't have those dumb fangs

>> No.7485478

you are a faggot

>> No.7485479

Get the fuck off my internet 1.0 social media. Go Tik a Tok you zoomerfgt

>> No.7485483

Such a wise words chumbud

>> No.7485484

Ame is purposely making fun of zoomers.

>> No.7485486

Why do antis, especially Kiara’s, do anything? Fuck ‘em, watch some Stickmin or Migo, or whatever and let them sputter.

>> No.7485490

>imagine being a zoomer or having social media accounts

I bet you fuckers don't even use a hide behind 7 IPs while posting

>> No.7485494

zoom this your avocado toast eating motherfucker

>> No.7485495

Fuck you, her dumb fangs are cute

>> No.7485496

Stop doxxing me

>> No.7485497

*cums on Shion*

>> No.7485499

I said the same thing about Nene but I love her now

>> No.7485500

ooyn ho

>> No.7485501

>JP oshi
it's just Oshi

>> No.7485502

Fangs are cute!

>> No.7485504

Self-hating zoomers are the best kind.

>> No.7485505


>> No.7485506

w is less effort to hit on my keyboard than o

>> No.7485507

The Anya tits thread made me realize. If Anya showed her tits on stream every time, she could have been the ID Gura

>> No.7485508


>> No.7485509

Miko....you must....LIVE!

>> No.7485510

Hags are hot.

>> No.7485511

Irys has te best playthrough of this game so far.

>> No.7485512

We can't leave, we've been here too long. You're just going to have to deal with your mad old grandpas living in the attic.

>> No.7485516


>> No.7485519

>doesn't recognize FF
>says she got called a n00b in an MMO

>> No.7485520

Who is this? She looks cute

>> No.7485521

>doesn't know final fantasy

>> No.7485526

Hardcore Minecraft survival tip:
>Carry a spare bed.
>Carry a spare bed.

>> No.7485527

hot also ABAYO

>> No.7485529

Irys is not a gamer.

>> No.7485534

She said she played runescape

>> No.7485535

There's proof everywhere, anon.

>> No.7485542

>Enter thread
>Fastscroll down
>Saw around 20 retarded guraposters
>Close thread

>> No.7485545

>what's a tent for

>> No.7485546


>> No.7485547

>> No.7485553

>> No.7485554


>> No.7485556

>for once

>> No.7485557

See you on post cooldown

>> No.7485559

>an American not playing JRPGs

>> No.7485561 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7485562


>> No.7485564


>> No.7485567


Has IRyS said something incredibly erotic today?

>> No.7485570

Zoomers are retarded with social media stuffs. It's amazing that their retardation is almost the same level as boomers

>> No.7485572

Absolute shit taste anon. Fangs are the best part of her. I want her to bite my stomach and arms until I have bloody marks everywhere.

>> No.7485578

but why? the respawn point doesnt matter when you die permanently

>> No.7485579

I don't have oneee~
Wat do I dooo~

>> No.7485581

I miss her...

>> No.7485584

Why is Ollie overlapping IRyS to leech off irys song

>> No.7485587

And that's a good thing!

>> No.7485589

to be fair final fantasy is trash

>> No.7485592


>> No.7485593

Watch this

>> No.7485596


>> No.7485597

>> No.7485600

Hate it.

>> No.7485603

Fuck you, I've been on the internet since before it became what it is today. I remember playing Trade Wars on old BBS.

>> No.7485610


>> No.7485612

You need to play one or two to figure that out, though

>> No.7485616 [SPOILER] 

me and gura

>> No.7485618

Irys is so big compared to the chatbox that it looks like she's towering over us.

>> No.7485619

>Rank: RPE

>> No.7485623

>> No.7485624

Time skipping thru the night.

>> No.7485633

Why is the thread so goddamn fun and comfy right now?

>> No.7485634

>Wants to go camping with Gen5 but isn't certain it'll work out
>Believes Polka is the best in Gen5 at nursing people whereas Botan is the best at handling sensitive subjects
>Sees Nene as a reliable woman who isn't afraid of bugs
>Wants to make Nene curry. Nene made her food before and it was delicious so she wants to return the favor but in a way that is healthy, as Nene has a habit of removing veggies (hates potatoes and onions and peas especially)
>Lamy reread Made in Abyss cried upon finishing up Volume 10
>Compared it to the literary masterpiece Hunter X Hunter
>Wants to build terrariums
>Ina spoke to Lamy about Ame's terrariums and got really interested in it herself
>Is thinking about doing small ones to represent Gen5 now
>Is a huge fan of The Walking Dead, is currently on Season 9 -- loves Daryl and Negan
>Recommends Makers Mark for whisky as it's her personal choice and favorite
>Also Glenmorangie if you want something different
There was not much outstanding today. Lamy talked a lot about food, what certain regions grow, and replacing cookware.

>> No.7485637


>> No.7485638

go back to that facebook thing

>> No.7485639

No, boomers stay until they die and zoomers leave, that way 4chan will be gone in a couple of decades

>> No.7485640

Is this the best stickmin playthrough so far?

>> No.7485641

Which one is which

>> No.7485648

Nope, though I'm unmarried.

>> No.7485650

I manually crop this image everytime as an excuse to see her asshole.

>> No.7485653


>> No.7485663

low IPs and people talking about a stream

>> No.7485664

Because today was a good day

>> No.7485665

Best EN one so far. I liked FBK's more from the JP side.

>> No.7485666

Ironically enough I'm fine with it on Mel, but something about it on Irys makes me hate it

>> No.7485674

It's still funny to me that Ame thought Sonic Adventures 2 was a 2D sonic game.

>> No.7485675

i hate henry so fucking much

>> No.7485677

Man Im going to miss those, her little updates and shitposts were pretty cute

>> No.7485678

Who is your oshi?

>> No.7485680

What will I do when she's gone? When I've watched every VOD over and over so many times that I know everything that happens? Everything will feel empty... but for now I will appreciate every second I spend with Ame.

>> No.7485681

maker's mark is cheap swill but ok go off yukimin

>> No.7485683

What the fuck lamy is based? I wish I got into her in her early days

>> No.7485684

Alright, she is pretty cute

>> No.7485686

Based af

>> No.7485687

Ame (Gura too for that matter) would be around that old zoomer/young millennial cutoff point, they're pretty zoomzoom but they'll still look down on this generation's "kids" for a number of reasons.

>> No.7485689

The way IRyS mispronounces pretty much everything is pretty great.

>> No.7485691


>> No.7485694

that's an hairy asshole

>> No.7485697

>W-where are you gonna expand?

>> No.7485698

She just did

>> No.7485704

I fucking hate nyooo posters

>> No.7485707

I ship it

>> No.7485711

>joy buzzer
>is that going to bring us a lot of joy

>> No.7485712

Hags are Love, Hags are the Life.

>> No.7485714

I want Irys to give me JOI...

>> No.7485715

A hairy asshole, not an.

>> No.7485718

>Shitting on Luna's favorite whisky
You're in for a bruising

>> No.7485719

IRyS has pretty good threads for whatever reason.

>> No.7485721

hag love

>> No.7485727

>One of those prank jokes

>> No.7485730

You just baiting them

>> No.7485732


>> No.7485733


>> No.7485738

>all ojisans are cumbuds with their shitty cunny images
>also all wizards with 0 romantic and sexual experience
so that's why you like cunny so much. you never had a proper romantic relationship in your early childhood days so you're cognitively fixated in that period of your life, which is why you find cunny characters attractive. shame.

>> No.7485740

I am neutral towards nyooo posters

>> No.7485742

sus ඞ ඞ

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