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Ayunda Risu
Previous thread >>7191070

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Risu's fat nuts will dangle above all your comments.

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Traditional outfit 2.0 update

>> No.7478454

Isn't it weird that the maker of the Live2D is using your oshi's avatar and pretending to be her to do this demonstration?

>> No.7480720

God damn she's got even cuter.

>> No.7480855

Nah, not really. It's just a model test. No one is schizo enough to be upset by this, right?

>> No.7480925

Hair down + no coat Risu may just be the cutest thing in existence.

>> No.7481076

It's a good thing they decided to update this model as well, i missed it and the rig fits her second outfit more than the first.

>> No.7481117

>She doesn't make stream to show it off and just offhandedly swaps model during the free talk like it's nothing

>> No.7481140

You're the one who's weird if you think that kind of thing is weird.

>> No.7481170

Isn't she great?

>> No.7481234

She throws a guerilla stream out of the blue showcasing her first update. Your point?

>> No.7481506

Missed opportunity to get easy money for one. But that is what I like about her. Not getting Ayunda stream where she makes cute faces on the other hand...

>> No.7481696

Yeah, it sure is great when you miss out on a something like an outfit update reveal because Risu doesn't care enough to announce it.
Fact: Risu hating numbers is based up until you inadvertently become one of the numbers she hates.

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I can already hear Ayunda's rendition of this song.

>> No.7481848

C'mon, that narrative was already getting stale last month. Come up with something new.

>> No.7481973

I want to bend Risu over a balcony and fuck her in public.

>> No.7481974

Please understand, I'm saying this because I like Risu, and it bums me out when she doesn't seem to have the same enthusiasm about special events or new things that her fans have.

>> No.7482054

Since you posted this guy art, there's a filthy indog reposting his most recent Risu lewd on twitter and shamelessly using #Gambarisu tag.

>> No.7482080

Yo this is absolute power, Dayum boai

>> No.7482148

I'm going to assume best intent here and just hope that he wanted to share the art, but I really wish he would take it down.

>> No.7482160

Risu please fix your microphone before your next acapella

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>> No.7487817

Risu, I was hunting squirrel yesterday and nomnomnomnom.

>> No.7488632

Wanna play catch?

>> No.7488748

>until you inadvertently become one of the numbers she hates.
It's a rare experience but yeah it hurts being on the receiving end this is true

>> No.7488763

I'll take that

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She REALLY wants that NUT MILK huh?

>> No.7492410

Will drop new Risu lewds later today.

>> No.7493412

lewds plural hopefully.

>> No.7493641

I mean there is one lewd but with few variant.

>> No.7494295

Will there be another cover this month after the duet and the indipendence day one? I'm really hoping there's a solo cover this month.

>> No.7495192

I love her Russian accent

>> No.7495677

A special donut from Risu.
Bon appetit.


>> No.7495887

I just join the stream and she's already out of money, what and how the fuck did it happen?

>> No.7495972

She is not very good at this. The last time she played her entire family died as well. Her reactions are adorable tho.

>> No.7497326

Tasty donuts are a nice treat.

>> No.7497391

>(Rightfully) Calls Isekai trash
>Oh I read your comics Merryweather!
Risu, your taste in comics reps

>> No.7497405

Its gonna take her a bit to figure out the stamps

>> No.7497647

> Merryweather

Literally read it as Mayweather

>> No.7497685

Now, this is something. How did she managed to lose the ID card?

>> No.7498494

She really likes this, huh

>> No.7499956

It's really nice that she can do longer streams now while being this energetic.
And now that it is over, I will enjoy this donut.

>> No.7500019

Yeah I slept in and thought she'd already be finished for sure but she was still going, very nice surprise

>> No.7500371

It there is, Hope it's Flos.

>> No.7501022

This tree rrat...
I wish I had friends

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>> No.7502985

This looks like something that I will devour everyday

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>> No.7504873

God I want to fuck that anus.

>> No.7505173

Who wouldn't adopt her?

>> No.7506073

No decent human

>> No.7506406

Adopt her to devour her donut >>7495677

>> No.7512106

Has Risu ever mentioned her opinion on watersports?

>> No.7512188

Has she ever mentioned if she shaves her pussy? Moona shaved hers onstream and Iofi confirmed she has hers waxed.

>> No.7512739

As hewr on the prisuner nights. You have biggest chance to get answer than or you will get hte all might BAN HAMMER!

>> No.7512824

>pay to get permabanned

>> No.7512885

This is a good point. Look at updated outfits as a special treat for the Risuners, Treerat.

>> No.7513577

Are you that pervy entity fag who asked her that during the free talk stream

>> No.7513773

No, I'm the guy that made her laugh by asking if she was pleased by our new lewds. That's the most perverted question I have ever asked.

>> No.7513890

Nice, some guy in chat asked on her first stream back if she shaves her pubes or has a bush also he sent a supa asking her what panties and bra she was wearing

>> No.7513930

What did she say?

>> No.7514516

I do, clean shaven is the best.

>> No.7514724

First one was the supa, she said she wouldn't answer it because she doesn't have to and that he's very brave to ask that. When he later asked the pube question in chat she just straight up said to stop with those questions

>> No.7514820

This only mean she has bush but doesn't want to admit that. Would fit her as she is lazy squirrel

>> No.7514923

You're expecting her to straight up say she shaves?

>> No.7515271

Other holos were insane enough to say it.

>> No.7515969

Well Erofi and Moona did it. Also other holos too so it's not that crazy to think she would IF she was shaved. But she is not Anon. Imagine that Risu bush.

>> No.7520247

In my opinion, those kind of questions are in pretty poor taste. She seems to at least enjoy questions about lewds or people making innuendos, but those are quite a step beyond that.

>> No.7520294

Yeah keep it somewhat classy please.

>> No.7520761

> Was said about some NTR shit
> poor taste


>> No.7525112

watching her playing Papers Please was really infuriating, but I can't get mad at her because she was so cute

>> No.7526991

I think it was adorable when she was overwhelmed with papers

>> No.7528045

I'm about to do my vod reps, was it that rough?

>> No.7528665

she struggled during day 11, keep restarting every time she got penalties, and didn't realize that she has hotkey button upgrade

>> No.7528838

oh jesas

>> No.7528847

How long have you been watching Risu anon? She's pretty by the book when it comes to this kind of situtation, no mentioning other chuubas or shitting the chat with horny message. In case you missed it, a greyname monkey in the chat said he masturbate while watching Risu on her recent returning stream. Now whether the guy was joking or not, it pissed her off quite a bit, did a little ramble before banning the fag.

>> No.7530110

Holy shit!!!

>> No.7531384

I missed that, there was a separate guy from the one asking about her underwear and pubes?

>> No.7531637

It was an indog, and it wasn't a donation. So yeah it was a different guy.

>> No.7532393

wow guess I gotta rewatch I totally forgot about that part

>> No.7535385

>> No.7536065

Was that in english or baha indonesia?

>> No.7536263

I always read the chat but I never aware everytime a monkey get bonked, until risu mention it, so I assume it's on bahasa since I didn't do much bahasa

>> No.7536453

That make sense. Risu doesn't want some small dick masturabte to her.

>> No.7539351

Less than 30 minutes before Prisuners night starts

>> No.7539516

There are certain things she should ignore. Based masterbator though.

>> No.7539953

Things are looking good. I'm so happy for her.

>> No.7540101

>stop voice acting and used her real voice
why is she getting lazier in her membership? i paid for this yet the service quality somehow lower than her normal stream.

>> No.7540265

She sounds extra sultry tonight for some reason.

It should be illegal to be this gay.

>> No.7540277

she doesn't say it on stream so this is just my guess but the big collab gonna be for indonesia's independence day.

>> No.7540729

This has to be bait, right? There is no way such huge faggots actually exist.

>> No.7541192

I don't know what any of these 3 are, but I'm glad the one I arbitrarily chose won by a landslide

>> No.7541216

who the fuck is bengbeng

>> No.7541331

A chocolate bar

>> No.7541346

Okay but, are we supposed to be Beng Beng? I'm slow here, sorry.

>> No.7541429

People are divided into groups by choosing an object and then each group gets their own reading.

>> No.7541492

What are the groups again? I was playing Outward.

>> No.7541527

They are in the pinned message.

>> No.7541538

Thanks I will be crunchy.

>> No.7541598

Oh god i just remember how horrible this rig make her look when she looks to the side, her mouth is too far to the front.

>> No.7541637

Risu, this isn't a laughing matter - those are over half your members, including from what I think I saw several of the paypigs, that's going to affect you

>> No.7541685

Well, maybe their problems come from using the new donation alert a bit too much.

>> No.7541776

I had to step away for a minute, what did I miss?

>> No.7541806

beng beng economy is fucked

>> No.7541830

Look at results for the most popular group

>> No.7541944

so from the vote we know that at least 146 people are watching her right now

>> No.7541950

OH, I thought it was srs bsn for a second. Team astor all the way.

>> No.7542131

It gets worse, I'm scared.
t. spix

>> No.7542645

Spix bros, we won!

>> No.7542664

Gacha niggers should just neck themselves.

>> No.7543072

You heard her

>> No.7543467

Ah it's always fun when I tell her some lewd image facts. AMAZINGr

>> No.7544223


>> No.7544236

Chill Ayunda streams are the best

>> No.7544805

Good night Risu.

>> No.7545762

>> No.7547048

Korone Plushie!

>> No.7548786

>> No.7549221

>Reine's premiere

>Risu's premiere

>> No.7551479

Oh boy. I think this will be fire

>> No.7555064


>> No.7557408

>15 minute gap
Oh man. It's gonna be SideA/SideB? Sasufuckingguh

>> No.7557549

You have tab on your browser

>> No.7559237

I don't want to numberfag but how many people from the first premiere will actually go to the second?

>> No.7559343

Probably a sizable amount. Reine is very aggressive when it comes to shilling.

>> No.7559583 [SPOILER] 

since cover won't recieve any gift except fanmail, because nips can't stop being a creeps, I can't send some snack she probably liked in her birthday.

>> No.7559762


>> No.7560960

I think they didn't accepted food before either. But you can still post it in her hashtag.

>> No.7561541


>> No.7561678

>Isn't it weird that the maker of the Live2D is using your oshi's avatar
it is a bit weird, yes
>and pretending to be her

>> No.7563868

Brosss... I remember Risu talking about raw voice/recording thing, which stream was it????

>> No.7564191

What thing are you talking about?

>> No.7564221

Just caught up with the stream, and I'll definitely be keeping this in mind for the future. I'm consistently blown away by Risu's based taste.

>> No.7567138

Yeah. Just make a shrine and feed it to a squirrel dressed as Risu.

>> No.7567356

Risu makes me harder than a Ram Ranch cowboy.
That is all.

>> No.7567861

Fucking hell I finally finished watching the VOD, absolutely based taste indeed

>> No.7568171


>> No.7568355

I don't remember in which one she talked about them, but raws themselves obviously were in a stream after the release.

>> No.7568480

Oh is he asking about the Snow Halation ones specifically?

>> No.7568669

Idk, she has a few of them. King, snow halation, watame lullaby, shallys.

>> No.7568854

>King, snow halation, watame lullaby
Yeah she plays the raws of every cover she does in member streams after they first uploaded--
Wait what

>> No.7569878

Collab on Ollie's channel

>> No.7571341

>already a pop cherry joke

>> No.7571354

They are speaking the language of the gods

>> No.7571388

is this the best stream to ever be broadcast

>> No.7571430

Holly shit I can't belive this treerat just said that

>> No.7571448

Look at them go

>> No.7571523

I've been watching Risu for so long i can actually differentiate which one is her pops.

>> No.7571555

>RIsu will never pop your cherry.
How can I still go on anons....

>> No.7571580

Risuners I kneel

>> No.7571628

she's got some stamina, impressive

>> No.7571691

What the fuck am I even watching? This has been going on for 27 minutes?!

>> No.7571778

Dude, why am I hard? This is weird...

>> No.7571786

peak content.

>> No.7571859

you are imagining this is kissing asmr

>> No.7571871

It's this for an hour, maybe more

>> No.7572102

Still going strong now. Our squirrel is /strongmind/

>> No.7572119


>> No.7572143


>> No.7572154

Lads, is the treerat ogey?

>> No.7572156


>> No.7572179

Holy shit

>> No.7572190

Great victory, Risu. I always believed in you.

>> No.7572271


>> No.7572583

OtsuPop! We Zomrades and Risuners thank you for that fantastic collab stream, Ollie! It was an absolute joy watching you challenge Risu to a popping contest! Both of you impressed us today! Congratulations to our squirrel! This experience will be remembered fondly!

>> No.7572626


>> No.7573074

Based Soo Min

>> No.7574822

Some kind of project is coming for Indonesian independence day

>> No.7574971

Yeah she did mentioned a bit about in member stream, seems like a big project.

>> No.7575698

Which one is Risu?

>> No.7576145

Side A in less than 10 minutes and Side B in around 20 minutes

>> No.7576249

Probably this one, and they might intentionally doesn't show her tail in this one art.

>> No.7576325


>> No.7576425


>> No.7576664

nice cover ngl

>> No.7576921

Man these covers making me want to re-watch Valvrave. Good job ID

>> No.7576939

Good, very good in fact

>> No.7576998


>> No.7577021

c+ tier holo

>> No.7577023

The cover wasfucking fire dude

>> No.7577024

That was not the style of song I was expecting at all, very cool.

>> No.7577048

Amazing. Sounded as great as I thought it would.

>> No.7577255

once again, humanity received a reminder of how amazing risu's singing is

>> No.7577296

Yeb that was amazing

>> No.7577321

I was waiting for this for so long and it was totally worth it.

>> No.7577598

God damn I was so starved for more of Risu's singing

>> No.7577652

Fuck I missed how exciting cover releases are, I feel like this is the first one to really deliver on the sort of hype we got from King

>> No.7577709

Tree rrat that was fucking great.

>> No.7577817

10 out of fucking 10 I've been looping alternating between each version for half an hour now

>> No.7577963

sync them together

>> No.7578084

Does it sound good?

>> No.7578252

Update: It sounds good

>> No.7578307

Gimmie a sec.

>> No.7578435

What are you using?

>> No.7578576


>> No.7578591


>> No.7578856

Now where's the faggot who said that Risu's singing is overrated and can't be compared to Suisei or Gura?

You can't judge Risu's singing ability from her acapella, she's not even using half of her ability everytime she does an acapella.

>> No.7578910

Hell, when she actually tries you CAN judge her singing ability from acapella. The fag was saying shit about how she'll never go all out in acapella because her full singing ability is overrated, then 20 minutes later Risu pulled out this shit

>> No.7579028

The fact that you fell for that and keep mentioning it 3 threads later is pretty pathetic. Anyway, I genuinely disliked that stream of Risu, but I know the squirrel is top tier. I had been watching some Gura songs but her bard thing was so bad I can't even joke about it anymore. Suisei is Suisei, tryhards gonna tryhard. She is Watame/Kanata tier when singing casually. Ultimately I'd rank them as Risu > Gura > Suisei

>> No.7579644

Yes, her singing in the last acapella was all over the place. But it was Risu singing and having fun for almost 3 hours after months of silence. I would much rather she experiment and try unpractised songs than stick strictly to what she can do best.

>> No.7580334

NTA but I'm thinking of the guy in /hlgg/ not in these threads

>> No.7581839

Tree Rat. I kneel

>> No.7581884


>> No.7581893

Kinda want to hear how it sounds if it uses Risu's voice for both singers.

>> No.7582461

>her bard thing was so bad I can't even joke about it anymore
Anon, she was drunk and was fucking around. If you watched that to judge singing ability you are doing it wrong dude. Learn how to enjoy things.

>> No.7582900

Music fags somehow manage to be worse than gameplay fags.

>> No.7582981

What really hooked me into Hololive was the music. They are entertaining, sure, but what differentiates chuubas from just going on Twitch and watching as a baj or a juicer is the singing. Risu fucking blew my mind with her 7 man song solo. Her king cover I used as my wallpaper on Wallpaper engine for a good while until i got tired of it (though i still have it in my playlist). I think discussing music is actually pretty reasonable.

>> No.7583440

>I think discussing music is actually pretty reasonable.
Oh, it is. But going nuclear over some bad performance during casual singing is a bit too much. It doesn't even feel like a discussion, more like baiting and shit flinging.

>> No.7583486

Risu wasn't serious or practiced in her most recent acapella, same way Gura wasn't serious or practiced in her most recent karaoke. Not sure how you can judge either based off of that

>> No.7583549

... You do realize what exactly you're saying right? You DO know being able to play a song on the fly is a skill right? Have you ever heard about a certain man called "The 8bitdrummer"? I'll even tell you m8, he does Hololive songs blind. He predicts songs without any prior knowledge of it. It is a good way to judge someone if they can quickly recognize the song and play along.

Inb4 " Lyrics aren't the same as drumming " stfu you predictable cunt

>> No.7583664

Please don't falseflag with my boy 8bit. Anyways it's a skill but that's not singing ability mate

>> No.7585268


>> No.7585846

yasashii suisei from one of her acapella karaokes

>> No.7586652

Jesus christ Risu, sometimes I forget your singing voice is pure sex too

>> No.7586890

It really is

>> No.7588166

R.Ratman got baited by Risu for the pop off

>> No.7588210


>> No.7588884


>> No.7591476

I honestly can't decide which Kakumei Dualism version I like better. Side A really shows off Risu's deep and sexy voice, but Side B has her POWER.

>> No.7593002

I think Reine sounds better in Side B so it elevates the cover as a whole a bit higher

>> No.7593508

She's questioning the colab with Ollie

>> No.7595994

Side A > Side B. Risu has power in the lower range that Reine just can't match.

>> No.7602798

i feel like they did better in each other versions rather than their own.

>> No.7603374

Same feeling.
It's obvious in side A with Risu voice. But i think Reine voice was way better in side B other than in side A.

>> No.7604373

Probably it's because Nana Mizuki's part is harder compared with T.M. Revolution's part

>> No.7604881

Yeah, they are both wonderful and no offense to Reine since I think she is quite good, but these covers made it clear that Risu is on a totally different level. Risu sang both roles much better than Reine did.

>> No.7606738

That's why I prefer B as a whole, to me Reine's voice was great but sounded a bit strained in the higher notes that she had to hit for A while B was a more comfortable range for her. Risu sounded incredible in both. As such, B was overall the best as a duet (though which one was best for Risu specifically is up for debate)

>> No.7608391

She did said in june free talk iirc, for original song at least we need to wait for 4 months, so it's probably next month, right??

But anon here said there's possibility of solo cover.

>> No.7609690

Risu talking about the Costumes on Reine's stream right now.

>> No.7609864

Risu is here. Get in.

>> No.7609932

what happened to her voice

>> No.7610149

She jwu

>> No.7610264

I just got back, what did they say about making the cover song so far?

>> No.7610612

Shit I missed it

>> No.7611374

I like Risu's voice in SideA
boyish girl's voice is cute

>> No.7611430


>> No.7611931

4 months was the minimal time. I wouldn't be too optimistic for release next month.

>> No.7612519

I feel the opposite.
Risu sings well in both, but in A their voices have different characteristics, not just in pitch like side B. Risu plays Nishikawa's role a lot better than Reine.
So it's like side A was a cover of the original song while side B was a cover of the bandori adaptation.

>> No.7614839

I like both, but A sounds more interesting

>> No.7616825

Oh, it's a rare public Ayunda appearance.

>> No.7616979

Silly squirrel, the only thing you could worry about is how people will be unable to walk with their knees destroyed.

>> No.7617119

stop looking sideways or fix the rig already

>> No.7617401

She is too cute, I can't

>> No.7617409

I made an epic fan art, how can I force risu to pay me and use it as her thumbnail.

>> No.7617473

Post it shortly before she goes to look up art for a thumbnail, I guess.

>> No.7617504

>pay me
Heh, nice one

>> No.7617798

Risu's tracking is way better than usual today.

>> No.7618218

did she finally break? what happened to her voice?

>> No.7618434

Welcome to the Risu fanclub newfriend

>> No.7618448

no amigo, it sounds weird even for ayunda

>> No.7618517

She was trying to sing Slipknot song Psychosocial during her singing practice turned out it hurts her throat so 1 week without stream after 1 week break she released new cover with reine. Squirrel metal on the way. Stay tuned on her channel.

>> No.7618601

is this fixed yet?

>> No.7618658

Oh no, not the young ones. Put me there if you must.

>> No.7618659

Not really, but I feel like it's less noticeable with her 2nd outfit for some reason.

>> No.7618870

maybe they realized what's wrong with it and fixed it for the 2nd outfit, at least the mouth tracking is better for this one

>> No.7619187

Imagine Risu singing in the shower hnnnnggg

>> No.7619447

Okay i just join the stream and i have to say this, didn't covering that song messed up her throat or something? Because even for Ayunda, she sound so weird.

>> No.7619780

she's high on dopamine

>> No.7619831

I have no idea what she's saying, but she sure is pretty.

>> No.7620021

No. Probably because of the fake laugh that laugh sound really hurts her throat.

>> No.7620041

So many good Indonesian artists, and choose this... mediocre for a big event.

>> No.7620072

what the hell is that

>> No.7620171


>> No.7620229

> Andi Adinata

Well probably singing again.

>> No.7620271

wtf is this shit, they did my sqrl dirty

>> No.7620354

So what is Risu's iconic bgm? Her intro/outro?

>> No.7620391

her intro is trash desu

>> No.7620413

popipo no contest

>> No.7620534


>> No.7620568

Out of Topic

>> No.7620638

Of course our memlord squirrel would know all kinds of shit like that

>> No.7620663

It's not, clearly you're not watching the stream.

>> No.7620702

So is Risu a /jp/ oldfag, or did this eventually find it's way to facebook?

>> No.7620759

yes and no

>> No.7620801

She was confirmed to be here long before /vt/ even existed. And who knows what she did before the debut.

>> No.7620811

I'm not asking if Risu is HERE. I'm asking if she was (T)HERE years ago when that meme was more relevant.

>> No.7620825

The madman, he actually did it

>> No.7620840

> 2015

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, reary???

>> No.7620841

Holy fuck.

>> No.7620854

Fucking madlad, thank you so much, man

>> No.7620885

i was the OP for several Risu threads in 2020, no idea about before that

>> No.7620889

Shit what did I miss bross??????

>> No.7620907

1k was dropped

>> No.7620910

Someone actually donated 1k, followed by Risu cringe.

>> No.7620920

Holy shit! What a legend!

>> No.7620929

SIX wtf, he did it first, While I still funding it till next year

>> No.7620941


>> No.7621081

someone got that BTC sells, my retarted ass keep got scammed by doge

>> No.7621259

Risu is literally shit posting rn

>> No.7621299

Risu shitposting ASMR stream when?

>> No.7621363

She did like 3 of them. And yes, I need more.

>> No.7621719

Thank you my cute lil squirrel

>> No.7621785

OtsuRisu! We Risuners thank you more for that comfy stream, Risu! Everyone had a good time talking about the Kakumei Dualism cover! It was also a pleasant surprise to have Reine drop by and share her thoughts with us too! Every one of us enjoyed our stay this evening!

>> No.7621798

I wish I was the floor.

>> No.7621829

Shut the fuck up SMP

>> No.7621856


>> No.7621904

Ogey SMP I'll let you pass this time.

>> No.7624510

Possible guerilla week next week...

>> No.7624568

Or no stream week...

>> No.7625814

This is Risu experience. Painful week of sqrl withdrawal followed by overdose.

>> No.7626317

It's been like this for months, yet we're still not used to it.

>> No.7627472

What was it like in /jp/ back then?

>> No.7629879

Fuck you eggs, not gonna let this thread die before it reach the bump limit.

>> No.7631557

Bump limit is actually like 310 suprisingly

>> No.7633680


>> No.7633854

The mouth tracking is the same

>> No.7637991

>> No.7643289

>> No.7643648

That's a nasty ass turd

>> No.7643837


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