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Her channel is still up but there's no telling how long it will stay up
If it's not on your hard drive it's effectively gone

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Why? What did she do?
Or is this voluntary?

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Contract violation whatever that is supposed to mean.

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No one knows. Main two theories so far are: Was looking to jump ship to the competition and was found out, or got caught smoking pot

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61GB and counting

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Thank you for your contribution to the Library of Alexandria, anon. I only have enough space to archive the 3 RFA streams.

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you better use -f bestvideo+bestaudio

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Welp, the entire channel has gone private now
only managed to download her Helltaker stream

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I did what I could, but I was doing it in small chunks and now that everything is private I can't grab the rest.

I started from the back but only got the first 10 videos. I realized too late that I should do it in reverse.


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Just saw the tweet announcing her retirement. What the fuck, this happened so suddenly, she was just doing a really fun Getting Over It endurance stream not so long ago too. WHAT THE FUCK?!

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Pika's and TMSK both still have videos where they collaborated with Magnet on their channel, so you stll can download them before they are taken down.

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Shit, sorry, I myself started from the first videos as well. The last video I managed to get was from the 10th of September.

I'm kind of an idiot because I was queueing jobs in Powershell one by one, because the option to download entire channels wasn't working. I also limited myself to about 10 connections at a time so I wouldn't risk getting flagged by YT or my ISP.

Quality isn't the best either, YT-DL even defaulted to 360p for a few. I have what I have. Any anons grab anything else?

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Either that or was actively stealing money from Gyari somehow

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I can imagine the day my oshi quit streaming and how horrible it will be. I wish you best luck Monoe fans

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there's already an archive, unless this is dolphin porn or something:


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Wait what? What happened???

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Can you archive the 3D stream? ;_;

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It feels sort of like I just got the news a loved one died, I can't explain it. It's not as horrible a feeling as when a legit family member dies but it's similar.
Worse than watching your favorite character die but way less than having your dog die.

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Magnet got the boot overnight for undisclosed reasons, current rrat is that it was drug related

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Either drug related, double dipping related, or theft. There's nothing else that will fit.

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>Just did a 100k endurance stream
>Her mama congratulated her

Goddammit. Not again...

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Someone dropped this magnet link in the main thread. Supposedly it's the archives but it could be 50gbs of dolphin porn for all I know. Use your own judgement.

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If she was double dipping then gyari just killed any chance she had to be hired in another company with that breach of contract anouncement. Or at least any chance she had of referencing her work as monoe.

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>There's nothing else that will fit.
so not rrat but just speculation

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What do you think rrat means?

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Interaction with a fan also fits, that's something that she can continuously do and likely a breach of contract if she's revealing her identity.

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Don't feel bad, I'm proud of you anon for doing your part. I was doing small chunks too so I could keep on top of errors.

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While we wait for the torrent, here are the RFA streams
Ring Fit Stream 2
Ring Fit Stream 1

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What the fuck did she do to deserve this...

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You're a hero anon.

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either embezzlement, compromised their online identities, or drug-related. Who the fuck knows at this point

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It's dumb that I have to do this in the first place.
If there's any particular stream that you guys want, I can try to find an available version on the googlevideo server. There's only been 1 stream that's completely gone from what I can find

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I don't watch voms but I tried to help by archiving some vods, I only managed to catch the last month or so though. Here it is if you want it.

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That looks miscategorized.Vtubers apparently count as live-action. And also sukebei is for porn.

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Oh.. oops, maybe I shouldn't do things at 5:40AM..

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I couldn't imagine a cutie like her doing something so criminal... Please these are all just rumors.

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It could just be a disagreement in wage/working condition and she got fired for all we know, please don't always assume the worst, anon.

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I'm just in complete disbelief...

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She was a good girl, but her streams were boring.

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Nope, in this case she would leave herself. She was planning streams yesterday, then SOMETING happened, bad enough for GYARI to take immediate action. I can't even imagine what could it be.

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She also has collabs planned ahead so it can't be a disagreement. This is more of Gyari's bad call

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Here's magnet's debut if you want to go back to the very beginning

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Here's what I managed to save.

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>>752628 here
I've never made a torrent before and it's not fucking seeding. I probably fucked something up.

Here's a magnet.


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I think I had too many trackers...


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seed that shit somewhere

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anon compiled the still available links he found while excavating youtube's metadata. Get it before it's too late. All of them expires after 5 hours

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That's just 30 peers at 0%.

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I can understand firing and getting rid of her, but destroying all evidence that she existed is a little much. She must have done something horrible.

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Mans gotta get the animare collab on Human fall flat

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>Thread about torrents
>People keep saying Magnet

The confusion.

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This is all the files that I managed to download before the googlevideos links expired. The most recent 25 streams were downloaded with JDL2 and are in 1080 all the metadata, the rest are in 720p video only. I'll figure out what to do with all the files once I get some sleep

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Hope we find out what happened at least in some form. For now I'm gonna have to assume this is on Gyari.

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Thanks anon, never went back to watch it.

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Can't believe Monoe really just beat up her boss like that over a wage dispute

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It's almost certainly not drug related. That's the silliest explanation. Not just because the odds of Moneo being a druggie feel super low. Her real identity is unknown. She could spend a week in the drunk cell at her local police station and it could be passed off as her taking a vacation. The off camera moments of vtubers are so private, that they can get up to all kinds of things without worrying about their public image as vtubers.

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You are thinking as a westerner, in japan it's taken much more seriously, so seriously that even a fake news about you using drugs can end your career: https://www.asianjunkie.com/2016/12/07/actor-narimiya-hiroki-accused-of-using-cocaine-was-actually-making-a-childs-candy/

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https://pastebin.com/raw/UeGa2bZy was what I could get before it privated, missing 48 of them but not sure which ones

>> No.756723

thanks man. Will you save them somewhere after this? I only got like 20 of the videos so far and all of the links are not working anymore

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>She must have done something horrible.
Nah, erasing your existence for minor shit is pretty standard, see the author of act age.

>> No.757740

Hit me with the valentine's stream, since I missed it.

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Is it wise to wait on a pack that contains everything or should i just start grabbing the magnet links posted here? This sucks shit, I was just getting into the rest of voms and now this happens.

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>minor shit

>> No.759092

was he into scat?

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That's pretty standard when someone leaves involuntarily no matter what the circumstances. Even recently Sephira Su had her channel and social media stuff wiped and she was only laid off because the company she was working for went under, not because of anything she did. Sometimes even the ones who leave by choice delete most of their stuff. Stuff usually only stick around if the vtuber requests it.

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Fuck this privating bullshit. So there won't be any more - why erase all of what was already built up? So you don't have to be reminded? It's such an asinine practice, and so incredibly disrespectful to fans.

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The other word is the important one.

>> No.760757

She fucked her fans.

>> No.760883

probably legal reasons

>> No.761152

Because Monoe will eventually come back with lots of fanfare, this is all just a move to raise VOMS popularity.

>> No.761199

Was that the karaoke one?

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This is Japan we're talking about
Being caught even possessing drugs is life ruining

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this whole "graduation" shit with vtubers is so fucking retarded, I thought VOMs were safe from this shit

just leave the content up and change the information to "retired"

no use in taking away content people enjoyed and that both parties spent a chunk of their time working on

say what you will about vshojo's content, but at least the entertainers own their characters/the streams they created under the company

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She wasn't retired. She was fired.

>> No.762982

this is pedantic
the whole reason for contracts is to create work obligation and a payment agreement, there should have a payment solution other than "delete everything and collect nothing" in case of a firing/retirement

>> No.763114

No idea.

>> No.763262

The links are dead. Can someone reupload them to anonfiles or something?
I can't even download the metadata of >>751203 to confirm

>> No.763320

Maybe she did something that could damage the entire VOMS reputation more than what he did. I feel bad for magnet bros, but your oshi probably goofed bigly.

>> No.764172

>it's all a ploy to increase Monoe's popularity
Ok I believe you!

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File: 136 KB, 441x673, Jitomi_Monoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...or nijisanji.


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How excited do you think they are to take on someone who breaches contracts?

>> No.765744

Based anon actually delivering with a 185GB archive

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She is in jail, pls stop

>> No.765904

what, where, direct me please

>> No.765930

look on nyaa

>> No.765948

She can't be Magnet anymore, so what's the point? I feel like the charm of VOMS was largely due to their avatars that are a lot simpler than the usual Holo/Niji stuff but still looked good, and also the fact that all three are in the same style and fit perfectly together. Now that's ruined.

>> No.766073

I'm sure Gyari can come up with new monster designs

>> No.766266

Probably it was contractual

>> No.766284

does this include members only streams as well?

>> No.766637

doesn't seem to have the valentine one, no idea about any others.

>> No.767079


No idea, but someone delivered EVERYTHING here, but can´t confirm about member streams.

>> No.767252

youve posted this multiple times across the site but ive never been able to even get the metadata for this link.

>> No.767299


>> No.768073

Did they really get everything? I only got the last month and its was 69GB for me.

>> No.768136

Can someone archive this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GO7tdiSxOFo&list=PLA1l9YOqM8__8v79wFV30BgSR8q2SGP2t&index=4

>> No.768537

Youtube-dl is free anon.

>> No.768918

I finally finished zipping the folders and I'm uploading the files to gofile right now 95 files at 155 GB

>> No.768977

>got caught smoking pot
Where the fuck did this even come from?

>> No.769047

I'm taking a shower but I'll try when I'm done, hopefully it'll still be up gobu.

>> No.769138

did you get members stuff?

>> No.769192

Unfortunately not, the membership was canceled as soon as they did the announcement, so someone had to archive it before then.

>> No.769368

fuck, thats the rare stuff now then. I doubt that they have been archived then.

>> No.769403

Nanashi only sticks new people in Animare. And they just had a new round last week.

>> No.769804

Why would she move to another company? She was decently succesful in VOMS and enjoyed lots of freedom. Niji isn't going to treat her better. Hololive won't take her with a ruined reputation, if they were going to take someone from VOMS it would've been Pika, even TMSK has better chances there since she's great friends with Roberu.

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File: 124 KB, 537x448, magnet siu_mikan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these are the ones that are in the nyaa archive (206) but not your list(159), only 1 of the 48 is unaccounted for (and probably all member only streams)
【 #マーダーミステリー 】亡霊島殺人事件|GM視点【 #野郎ばっかりの亡霊島 】
【 歌枠】新しい歌覚えたらカラオケ行きたくなるよね【 #マグnet 】
【#01】Return of the Obra Dinn _ その人の終わりを見届ける旅【 #マグnet 】
【#02】Return of the Obra Dinn _ その人の終わりを見届ける旅【 #マグnet 】
【3か月記念】振り返り雑談 ~出会ってもう、3か月なんだね…~編【磁富モノエ_#voms_project】
【Among Us】かわいい女の子達と人狼?! _ 大型コラボ【 #宇宙de人狼 】
【Biped】ロボロボピピピ!葉山先生と協力ロボピ!【 #じとみど 】
【FallGuys】この中にもしかして男の子がいる?!【 #マグnet 】
【Minecraft:VOMSサーバー】ダイヤ集めておきたいよなって整地【磁富モノエ_ #マグnet】
【Minecraft:VOMSサーバー】ブランチマイニングしよう【磁富モノエ_ #マグnet】
【Nidhogg】にわこちゃんからの挑戦状【 #にわじと 】
【SCP雑談】ちょっと怖いけどSCPっていいよね【 #マグnet 】
【SEKIRO】忍者って実在したんですか?!【 磁富モノエ_ #マグnet 】
【SUPER DRINK BROS.】めっちゃ面白そうなゲーム見つけた _ 乱入者発生?!【 #にわじと 】
【SUPER DRINK BROS.】非公式大会!スパドリガチバトル?!【 #嘘と夢にわモノクロに 】
【Slither.io】磁富、ミミズ界も磁力で満たすってよ【 #マグnet 】
【farewell planet _ おわかれのほし】#03 機械の体でなにしよう?【磁富モノエ】
【クリスマス企画】ぼっちますでもプレゼント交換がしたい【磁富モノエ _ #マグnet 】
【ジャンプロープ チャレンジ】213(ジトミ)回飛べるまで終われない【磁富モノエ_#voms_project】
【マーダーミステリー】狂気山脈 陰謀の分水嶺 _ Vth Climb【磁富モノエ視点】
【リングフィット アドベンチャー2日目】今更だがモンスターは運動したい【 #マグnet 】
【リングフィット アドベンチャー】今更だがモンスターは運動したい【 #マグnet 】
【同時視聴】GYABANLIVE一緒に見よ【 #マグnet _ #voms_project 】
【同時視聴】Nintendo Direct mini09一緒に見よ【 #マグnet _ #voms_project 】
【新クトゥルフ神話TRPG】The Laboratory【磁富モノエ視点】
【歌枠】だらだら歌う日があったっていいじゃない【 #マグnet 】
【歌枠】雑談が多いうたわくわく【 #マグnet 】
【雑談】9月を振り返りつつ10月に思いをはせる【 #マグnet 】
【雑談】だらだらしゃべるだけ【 #マグnet 】

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File: 2.46 MB, 512x512, magnet_laugh.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I woke up and she was gone.
The worst part is that I've seen so many people come and go these days that I feel numb.
Appreciate the moment.

>> No.771465

I feel you. When I saw the news it took a minute for my brain to even be sure I was reading it right.

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File: 627 KB, 1920x1080, profile_monoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's such a waste, honestly.
She had an incredible design.

>> No.771611

>start to get into artia
>hololive CN implodes
>start to get into magnet
Which niji should I watch

>> No.771626

Call me EOP but I don't watch her, she's fucking boring, Admit it, you guys are just jumping on the hype train.

>> No.771710

I'll miss hearing her cute deep voice try to hit high notes during songs and the porn was top notch.

>> No.771980

I have a friend that speculates that the members-only stream she did for Valentine's day was some heavy stuff, and the community post announcing it I did see before all the community content was nuked, and it was VERY racey, showing lots of skin.

Considering how often the term "family friendly" is thrown around by Pika, that's probably the major part of the agreement with Gyari. While Pike pops off every once in a while with the language, it's kinda a thing in the heat of the moment and she probably gets a slap on the wrist for it every now and then, maybe a stern word or two, but then here comes Monoe with, from what I hear, a practically NSFW members-only stream.

If this really is the case....

>> No.772017

Nowhere with direct evidence but it apparently makes sense considering how anal Japan is about that kind of shit.

>> No.772074

watch kiara please

>> No.772833

>While Pike pops off every once in a while with the language
>once in a while
>probably gets a slap on the wrist for it every now and then
You cannot be serious. At all.

>> No.773094

I mean, if she wasn't too badly burnt by this she might re-appear as an indie, who pika and tmsk just happen to collab with.

>> No.773124

Monoe died for real and VOMS just pretended she got botted out

>> No.773176

Sasaki Saku

>> No.773206

I don't even know anymore, dude.

>> No.773263

I mean, the speculation was that her day job was an OL, so she probably wouldn't get into that anyway.

>> No.773418


>> No.774147


>> No.774184

This. It was the simpler designs + synergy (I hate that word but it honestly best describes VOMS) of their designs and themes. We can get generic waifushit animegirls or overdesigned shit all day long with Holo/Niji but it was the complete package of VOMS that made them attractive. The personalities + cute simple designs all working together.

>> No.774201

Pikamee told her listeners that, if/when they hear her voice again sometime, in a different form, to support her. So, maybe she knows something. We don't know.

>> No.774327

she did say that, I failed to process it though, since her being on the verge of tears during that announcement hurt me more than I thought it would.
especially since during one of her recent minecraft streams she talked about how she'd like the trio to stay together like this forever.

>> No.774382



>> No.774618

only think i know that fits in english is "Office Lady"

>> No.774620

please watch kiara

>> No.774657

Office Lady.

>> No.774729

Unfortunately that's a common saying in japan that means more "wish her the best", she was trying to say that there wasn't any bad blood between them, not that she might come back.

That's not to say she won't, though.

>> No.774767


>> No.774783

And I will keep posting it, some anon has to seed it eventually.

>> No.774872

I mean it could be something really dumb like she was insecure about being behind in subs so started paying for bot accounts to sub to her channel

>> No.774933

>dolphin porn

>> No.775097

Any Magnetbro can confirm this shit?

Heck, they are going with something similar in /jp/.

>> No.775120

I mean, they did take Aloe.

>> No.775285

Please ignore this matuli retard >>773418

>> No.775337

She never breached a contract.

>> No.775398

It's an idolshit term, i have no idea why the fuck you absolute retards are using it for all the other vtubers. She got fired and that's it, there's no sugarcoating it. Gyari owns the rights and can do whatever the fuck he wants with her vods.

>> No.775831

So how much was collected before it got killed? I liked the Detroit Become Human ones, did anyone get those?

>> No.776019


>> No.776020

check nyaa, im about halfway done obtaining 185gb of videos, dunno if its everything tho

>> No.776056

im barely at 1gb and ive been going all day
i guess ill let it run over night

>> No.776124

Connection is crapping out right now, I'll return later.
Godspeed downloadbro

>> No.776172

VOMS doesn't deserve this drama.

>> No.776224

I don't think this interview is going anywhere but I guess we're better off safe than sorry. Some day, Roberu is going to retire too so we might as well start archiving now.

>> No.776239

Has anyone backed up the other two VOMS just in case? I don't have the space to.

>> No.776291

idolshit has had a major influence on vtubers and now it's a non-indie vtuber term. the sugarcoating is amusing. agree with the rest.

>> No.776417

I wish that whoever made that torrent would start seeding again.
A bunch of retards don't understand super-seeding so they stopped trying to download the torrent when they saw no one has 100% of it, not understanding they all had different chunks of it and it would have added up to 100% if they weren't retards.

>> No.776554

agreed, tho i will at minimum be keeping mine up until i reach a 1.5 ratio, at least that is if my ISP doesnt start throwing a bitch fit, doubt it tho cause im a leaf and I doubt gyari is watching this torrent.

>> No.776632

Once (read: if) I get my hands on it I'll continue seeding indefinitely, and I'll probably setup a web frontend for the files.

>> No.776654

good man, we need more like you in the world

>> No.776716

Listen here nigger, it's because of Monoe that we got see VOMs play fucking CALL OF CTHULU. Who gives a fuck if not all us us who miss her now didn't watch all of her streams obsessively. What matters is the good memories we do have. Remember the the body switch April Fools stream?

>> No.776766

>verge of tears
She broke down within the first minute, there is no verge

>> No.776831

>My heart can't

Bros, Pika crying is not good, help.

>> No.776875

did the reason of her graduation rise up yet? i feel asleep

>> No.776941


>> No.776943

Man, she was choking back tears within 3 words of starting to talk. Watching that was extremely hard. I've never heard pika like this before and I don't want to ever again.

>> No.776977

Don't worry anon, I've downloaded them already so if the worst comes to pass I'll be able to share them.

>> No.777465

>Youtube-dl is free anon.

Also really hard to use. It requires extensive knowledge of command lines.

>> No.777525

That video is making the situation far messyer than it could have been. It draws every Pika fan into the event. Nobody actually cares about Moneo. It's just upsetting to see Pika sad.

>> No.777621

Well there goes my favorite VOMS

>> No.777657

Get a GUI thing retard

>> No.777673

Are you implying we Magnetbros were not caring?

>> No.777697


>> No.777735

magnetbros just how lewd was the members only valentines stream?

>> No.777973

Apparently very comfy but considerably lewd by the end of it.

>> No.778000

I have a masters in computer science and 20 years of experience with Linux, and using youtube-dl is still an extremely daunting task.
I mean, you have to type "youtube-dl" AND then copy paste the link, how is anyone with an IQ less than 500 supposed to do that???

>> No.778019

I'm sure somebody archived it yeah?

>> No.778106

if it has been, nobody has come foreward with it.

>> No.778159

it literally tells you exactly what to type

>> No.778162

we probably will never know, pot is the best option right now

>> No.778240

Yeah, it seems to have been lost forever, we got like 206 VODs in nyaa but lost 48 members streams (basically ALL of them) and 1 regular stream due to multiple technical failures, which we believe was caused by it getting privated and deprivated multiple times, now the rrat goes that said stream had irrefutable background evidence of the firing.

>> No.778279

so youre telling me that sex has now killed another vtuber? fucking hell

>> No.778333


>> No.778343

update from Gyari: https://twitter.com/GYARI_/status/1362971050447831040

VODs (owned by collabmates) can be kepted up. it's just the ones from Magnet's perspective that are taken down. fanart and doujin works are still allowed.

>> No.778346

The fuck do these rrats expect us to believe the 'background evidence' was? A bong bubblin' up?

>> No.778360

it doesn't have the membership content, but not sure if its complete

>> No.778391

>a web frontend for the files.
that would be nice

>> No.778398

It's not, it contains 206 videos, she had 207 public videos right before the privating happening.

>> No.778403
File: 100 KB, 292x257, 1473198876584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fanart is allowed
No shit lmao, who the fuck does he think he is, God?

>> No.778416

or the ring fit streams.....

>> No.778441

basically, we have to pray that some magnetmemberanon decided to archive all her member streams, and will upload them.

>> No.778447
File: 503 KB, 820x926, monoe_videos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

screenshot of the "all uploads" playlist as of last night.

>> No.778466

No idea, Magnetbros are saying that it wasn't even a lewd stream but a game one.

People believe that she either got pot or fucked a fan, I go by the rrat that she tried to meet fans or lewd fans and they were underage, which would explain why Pika ann TMSK didn't jump the shark earlier and let it pass for a while until GYARI managed to notice and then that correlates to why Pika did not stream, it was not technical difficulties but the Monoe situation deteriorating so bad it needed both girls to support/resolve it.

My guess is that they managed to convince GYARI of not reporting Monoe to the police for X reason which is very illegal and social suicide but under the condition she will never return to VOMS ever again.

>> No.778499

>Also really hard to use. It requires extensive knowledge of command lines.
this is your brain on windows/macos

>> No.778509

Made me chuckle but if you honestly "go by" that particular rrat you've fucking lost it bud

>> No.778512

that elitist attitude is why people don't like your kind

>> No.778523

That’s some convoluted shit anon. I’d rather go by the embezzlement rrat.

>> No.778571

Not that the other anon's rrat is any better, but there's not exactly much to embezzle.

>> No.778622

Are you really calling someone an elitist for calling you out for saying that copy pasting a link is extremely hard?

If you think not having severe brain damage is being an elitist I hope you never leave your meth den, as you'll find almost everyone in the world is too elitist for you.

>> No.778636

>easiest (You) ever

>> No.778670

Here, have another one, don't spend them all on meth.

>> No.778696

it wasn't lewd but still quite nice

>> No.778759

Magnet bros the Playlists are still there.
it is just the collabs from other channels though.

>> No.778791

Someone's ass, don't take it seriously.

>> No.778954

Nobody knows

>> No.779085

All the fucking "THANK YOU GYARI!!!" replies.


>> No.779191
File: 729 KB, 540x304, Ueno Cries As Her Behind Is Spanked Relentlessly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always really liked Monoe because she's very chill and charming, and I liked her design, something about her always resonated with me well that drew me to her more than the other girls. That thing she did where she blinked for superchats because she couldn't wink was really cute and amusing. I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to know her better because I hardly ever saw any solo translated clips of her, most had the other girls involved. I hope whatever happened wasn't anything that would damage her personal relationship with the other girls.

>> No.779268

What is double dipping?

>> No.779270

The other two were clearly upset about the situation, I doubt their personal relationships have been damaged in any major way.

>> No.779312

double dipping would be working for two companies at the same time while they have a non-compete clause in their employment contract.

>> No.779336

I hate idolshit and their stupid "don't tell the audience anything" bullshit. Fans have contributed money to these people they deserve an explanation

>> No.779380

makes me wonder if there would be anyway to sue gyari. at least for the people who members/donators.

>> No.779391

I know, right? Aside from the monthly $5 from her subs, it kind of feel like a coincidence that Gyari decided to give her the boot just when she cashed in perhaps the biggest amount of money she could've ever possibly imagined during her streaming career.

>> No.779397


>> No.779421


bruh, get real

>> No.779451

Wonder who drew the art for the Valentines voice clip, because it wasn't Gyari.

>> No.779461

Jesus, listen to you. Wanting to sue the poor fucking guy. It was her that violated her contract champ. Who's to say gyari is in the wrong at all? The secrecy is most likely for her benefit you know, to preserve her reputation.

>> No.779472

just get a chargeback

>> No.779485

Look, if you got fired and your ex-employer started saying why you got fired on their own accord you can sue them for libel. Do I know Monoe enough if she's going to sue, no, but I'm 100% sure VOMs don't want to deal with that shit.

Just because people donated doesn't mean they're entitled to know about their personal life.

>> No.779593

Talk of suing is just dumb but fucked if gyari is ever getting any of my money or support again

>> No.779657

>rug pull 1/3 of your fanbase by removing one of your idols
Holy shit, this is like a shitcoin you see on /biz/ but more highly profitable.

>> No.779696

>idolshit and their stupid "don't tell the audience anything" bullshit
That doesn't have anything to do with idolshit you drooling retard, that's for the company and the talent to decide.

>> No.779798
File: 38 KB, 499x338, 1564435547227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1/3 of your fanbase
closer to 1/5
and thats only if ignore the huge overlap of fans of the other two

>> No.779915

Where the fuck did you retards come from? Do you also think that hololive invented vtubers?

>> No.779955

You seem pretty mad at Hololive. Is the whole company renting free in your head?
How do you call these kind of Vtubers, then? Literally whos?

>> No.780022

They're called VTubers, Anon. Not even Nijisanji consider themselves idols.

>> No.780086

Just let people call them whatever the hell they want. Idols, Vtubers, indies, mental illness. It's all the same.

>> No.780094

y is ur pc in jp?

>> No.780233

I'm not mad at hololive at all, I'm mad at you ingrates who can't tell oranges from apples. They're talents, you don't call someone another thing just because you're more familiar with the other thing shithead.

>> No.780322

how old are you, just curious?

>> No.780467

I'm not familiar with anything of this ecosystem. I just watch whatever the fuck I find interesting to have as background noise when not listening to music or playing something.
I'm sorry I'm not deranged enough to fall deeper into this rabbit hole to learn your niche lingo skill you virtually need nowhere in real life.

>> No.780561
File: 19 KB, 944x76, 2021-02-19-230939_1920x1080_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's been almost a day.
what the fuck?

>> No.780614

>he thinks the term idol is some niche vtuber term instead
>he thinks hololive invented idols
go away

>> No.780715

whoever keeps posting those magnet links in threads is a troll, go to nyaa and find the one there thats 185gb

>> No.780728

Nah, I am staying. Dial 8.

>> No.780774

Seemed legit too, what a fucking dipshit.

>> No.781264

Retarded newb anons tried to download that shit, they noticed that, once it hit something like 20/31 whatever percent it did not go up, so they stopped downloading, which stopped eveyone from getting the rest from the 100%, which stopped the seeding, which caused them to disconnect because it seemed like a lost cause, fucking archivist and data hoarder anons in the process, depleting all seeds.

I hope the OG anon reseeds or some of the ones who managed to download, this archive is TOO PRECIOUS, VOMS was basically the "never YAB" group and suddenly it is the center of controversy for mysterious reasons, we need that archive, it literally forms part of the early second golden age of VTubers (if you count Kizuna and the 4 big ones as first age), right next to the Gamebu pre-fuck up streams.

>> No.781292

Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering what was fucking wrong with that magnet.

>> No.781346



>> No.781387

the magnet was fired anon

>> No.781527
File: 49 KB, 766x771, 1611603801011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh fuck me I didn't even notice the correlation

>> No.781606

That level of transparency is a very Western way of thinking. Japs will keep secrets about their work and relationships from even their closest family and friends. Privacy and saving face is so important to them.

>> No.781776

This guy gets it. Magnet fucked up and Gyari had no choice. He wouldn't eviscerate his passion project unless it was the only way to protect what's left of voms.

Gyari obviously knew how this would look and that it would gimp pikashika. If magnet got canned anyway, then obfuscation the reason was Gyari's last act of kindness towards monoe. At least now she can start her redemption arc and maybe have a future somewhere down the line.

>> No.782060

get it from nyaa
Jitomi Monoe Channel Archive

>> No.782330

Yeah, that's it. I'm buying a external hard drive and downloading my oshis archive as soon as possible, I don't want to suffer through what you guys are on

>> No.782419

The fact that she was terminated though is still going to harm her for future endeavors. No entertainment company is going to want to hire her now if VOMS Monoe is part of her portfolio.

I don't think Gyari did this out of kindness, his hand was just forced.

>> No.782448

Well it's just good to have in general, for backups of your computer too.

>> No.782542

Remember, if you're buying more than 2 16TB drives then it's cheaper to just rent a server.

>> No.782722
File: 30 KB, 1349x245, Jinxtome_Monoe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.782765

Renting isn't permanent, buying is forever. get 16TB in a raid array and keep it as network access storage.

>> No.782893

What if you just want to have it all offline?

>> No.783006

Just ignore the obvious troll/retard

>> No.783101

The ambiquity can work in her favour if she takes a couple of years to build up as an indie to work past this incident. For all anyone knows this could be a case of GYARI going hardass corporate on her over a minor mistake. Unlikely, but withholding details puts him in such a position, intentionally or not.

>> No.783416

>Remember, if you're buying a TV larger than 80" it's cheaper to just buy a phone.

>> No.783645

>Remember if you buying a phone and it has a lowercase i at the start it's better to just buy an android

>> No.783859

It's not an accomplishment getting (You)s at such turbulent times.

>> No.783960

but yes fuck apple

>> No.784064

I was planning to buy one before the end of the year anyway, I'm just going to push it forward a little bit
It creates a recurring cost, and I don't get any real control so I think I'll buy a rasp and build a small home-server if I need to seed or have network access

>> No.784388
File: 110 KB, 800x450, VOMS2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wonder what she did

>> No.784635

Do it now but be wary if it's from Amazon, lots of bootleg sellers there

>> No.784883

Now everyone CARE about her

>> No.784976

She slapped Gyari in front of Pikamee and threw away his birdfeed.

>> No.785049

What could compel her to do that to her mama bird?

>> No.785123

I've always cared about her

>> No.785184
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, 磁富モノエ-Jitomi Monoe- -活動終了_20200319_【#voms_project】(ハツハイシン)初配信(Hatuhaisin)【磁富モノエ】.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm only downloading the thumbnails and VODs from the nyaa torrent

>> No.785190

Now everyone who doesn't CARE about her CARE about her now

>> No.785218


>> No.785329

Holy shit. Is this actually all of it? Fucking respect.

>> No.785568

Not exactly.

I actually think no one managed to get her member streams but 1.

Pls seed anons, I wild seed for weeks if not months once my rig gets completed.

>> No.785569

can fucking confirm
i bitched all day yesterday for someone to put it on nyaa and someone did
only downloading the thumbnails and VODs though
it's 100% working as my external blinking like a motherfucker and the file manager is constantly refreshing
it's going to make it's own folder called monoe

>> No.785570

It's 206/207 of her public videos, 1 video is missing + all her members only ones.

Also, original uploader did a super-seed and fucked off, leaving a bunch of retards that don't understand how torrents work to leave because no one had 100%, taking the initial seed chunks with them.

>> No.785665

>Japs will keep secrets about their work and relationships
>Privacy and saving face is so important

oof, no wonder the country as been in the rut since the 90s. Gotta join the rest of the world when it comes to transparency... which America has already done since 1776

>> No.785756

No problem at all. We can get the torrent requested for seeding on /t/. There are threads of people regularly willing to host them for a couple of days.

>> No.785836

I recommend reading up on how torrents work.

>> No.785844

Anyone can confirm which video is missing???

Pls tell me that it is her cover of 【歌ってみた】テレキャスタービーボーイ/ which was downloaded to hell and back so I can confirm we backed everything up.

>> No.785940

I don't think he thinks he has control or can say no - more likely he realizes that there are people who would feel awkward if he didn't specifically give the go ahead.

>> No.786020

Pretty sure that one's even been mirrored on youtube. Don't sweat it.

>> No.786065

no telecaster b-boy is there

>> No.786079

afaik no one has figured out which video is missing.

Unfortunately that's in the torrent.
"磁富モノエ-Jitomi Monoe- -活動終了_20201229_【歌ってみた】テレキャスタービーボーイ_covered by 磁富モノエ.mp4"

>> No.786118

So, is Monoe fanart still allowed without the VOMS tags?

Some other anons were going mad yesterday because apparently GYARI was requesting takedowns of her fanart or the artists retired it for reasons.

>> No.786237

is it her valentine member stream that's missing or is that there?

>> No.786290

yes gyari has even confirmed you can do fan art of her under a different tag

>> No.786321

I think it was some stream which got privated and made public back and forth several times, no idea why that one specifically but anons complained about it not downloading despite best efforts.

>> No.786369

No, none of the member streams are in there (or if they are there's more public streams missing).
She had 207 public videos last night, there's 206 videos in the torrent.

>> No.786370

Got the tag?

Learning to draw, wanna make a /vt/ worthy fanart image of her, not even a sad one, just a good one.

>> No.786431

here you go fellow magnet enjoyer

>> No.786454

rrats are gonna say that last video was the cause of this mess.

>> No.786484

shit sorry

>> No.786539

Is that the stream where she slapped Gyari in front of Pikamee and threw away his birdfeed because she was smoking pot?

>> No.786572

K, thanks, gonna save it for future use.

Monoe's "death" has finally motivated me to not wait for shit, it comes at any second or never arrives.

Gotta do drawing reps RN.

>> No.786601

Explain to an utter shameless newfag who only visited the original /jp/ threads a few times, I can glean that "rrat" is for conspiracies and the people who make them, but what would the "ogey" be for? The results of a search only bring up the original footage of Pekora saying it.

>> No.786645

Some other anons said that they got some, but they are scattered in many magnets of variable size.

Monoe is shattered!

>> No.786724
File: 23 KB, 114x114, B1F6AF58-01CB-4F58-AB42-5CE19AECD07B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.786760

I understood rrat but never ogey

rrat is...



It's just gossip.

>> No.786771

pls peko

>> No.786796

im only downloading the thumbnails and mp4s from nyaa

>> No.786948

pls seed, I can't download right now but I am encouraging anons to resupply this archive as many times as possible.

This reached /hlgg/ level 5 trumphet, and it was not a big chuuba...

I don't want to see the massive shitstorm a chuuba like Pekora or Kuzuha would cause if decides to graduate/retire.

>> No.786964

the original meme was Pekora saying "ogey... rrat" which everyone posted over and over again because it was funny
globalfags took rrat and turned in into narrative

>> No.786966
File: 1.24 MB, 500x600, ogey rrat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty much what it sounds like

>> No.787038

where can i rent a server with that much storage for less than $20 a month?

>> No.787054

I'm downloading it to a temporary server since my permanent one is out of commission for some months, but I'll be seeding there as much as I can, and once I get it into my permanent server I'm seeding it permanently.

>> No.787107

Thank you, although I'm still not sure what the ogey is for. Is it just for responding to the rrat with?
A piece of text in MGS?

>> No.787189

wasn't expecting someone to download this on the same debrid service I'm using, good shit fellow debrid anon

>> No.787219

Thanks anon, I shall do something similar with my average hardware once my Hard Drive arrives.

I shall not forget Magnet, she was the only VTuber I liked, no idea if she will ever come back in any form but I enjoyed it while I could.

Magnetbros, be strong.

>> No.787314

>tfw happened to catch her one late night when I was just getting over a long university paper
>ended up watching a ton, even more than the other two VOMS
>the first to die
Sometimes it doesn't all work out. Sometimes life is bad.

>> No.787366

this Gyari guy probably tried to get in her pants and Magnet tazed him right in the balls or some shit
I don't trust this guy

>> No.787411


We still got the mastermind behind this mess tho...


>> No.787469
File: 256 KB, 578x645, 1613742124657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you be this new???

>> No.787528

He's gay anon.

>> No.787642

A guy jinxing it?

>> No.787678

maybe that's why

>> No.787811


That post was minutes before the announcement

>> No.787923

around fags never relax

>> No.788065

Why? You'd be way better off finding cheap 2-8TB drives to shuck since the vast majority of your storage is going to be cold storage- you fill up a drive and then you can straight up remove it from the cluster and put it on a shelf somewhere until you actually need it. I'd rather have 2 8TB drives for the sake of redundancy rather than rely on a single 16TB drive that'll take 16TB of data with in the event of a drive failure. My ideal would be to devote something like 2 separate 2TB drives to archiving the entirety of her channel (or 4TB drives if her channel exceeded 4TB) so there's always a backup copy. I feel like the real data hoarder strategy is to find whichever HDD has the absolute best price/capacity ratio and buy as many of those as you can, there's no real benefit to a 16TB HDD as you will hopefully never need to store a single file that exceeds 2TB.

>> No.788221

You really asking the retard that suggested renting a server as an alternative to buying a harddrive why he picked a stupid capacity?

The answer is clearly because they have no idea what they're talking about, they have severe brain damage, or are trolling.

>> No.788511

Holy to the fucking shit. Just youtube-dl <video code>
You fucking retard.

>> No.788645

Not even video code, you can just slap the url there and it'll work.

>> No.788664

Yeah definitely a jinx

>> No.788911

I'm not putting you down with this, but your post and the mention of "data hoarders" really brought to mind what the future might look like in those dumb shows about it. I'm just imagining one of those houses filled with boxes of paper but instead of paper it's hard drives, hard drives filled with thousands of hours of a long dead and forgotten cartoon avatar playing games of decades past.
This makes me sad, please remember to watch some of them once in a while anon.

>> No.789012

Data is valuable. I am preserving culture and history. Historians and anthropologists will be grateful for the trove of knowledge I have archived for them.

>> No.789082

If you're serious then context is important, add a writeup explaining what is contained there.
But really it just bums me out that no one will enjoy it and it'll just be sitting in a dusty basement in a stack of similar drives.

>> No.789172

>fifty thousand years from now anthropologists in the post-ruin world find Anon's home buried deep in the wreckage of the old world filled with archaic storage media. They manage to get a single file working. A drawn character sings a song in a dead language, her nervous laughter bringing sad smiles to their faces.

>> No.789231
File: 433 KB, 1024x1024, Patriot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't make me sad at 1am
If there somehow is anything left it'd probably be some random still image they have no clue as to the meaning of, like this.

>> No.789519

There are few things I hate more than the passage of time

>> No.789650

It’s usage has changed so much ever since /hlgg/ came into the picture. Originally you’d just say “ogey” to someone being stupid and someone else just responds “rrat”

It didn’t have any particular meaning other than Pekora

>> No.789669

Full 1080(?)p video

thumbnail art

thank me later

>> No.789677

That makes a lot more sense, thank you anon

>> No.790339

If the uploader did a super-seed and left and those who got the pieces for the torrent also left then that torrent is as good as useless

>> No.790367
File: 652 KB, 2048x1538, Magnet_END.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Invest into preserving your favorite chuuba archives for the future and beyond
>World collapses
>Machines rule the wasteland
>Machines die out after 10000 years
>50000 years have passed
>Humans have somewhat rebuilt and find themselves searching for relics of the pre-collapse past
>An excavation finds the entrance to a bunker looking place
>The outside of it is Rusty and pretty fucked but still sealed
>Open with homemade breaching tools
>The inside reveals a collection full of data servers filled with information of the pre-disaster world
>Tons of info, books, propaganda, memes
>And lots of anime
>Everything is in full condition as the servers and CPUs run AIs which were used to restore damaged content
>Servers use thermal energy and are barely running at 100% condition from the lack of outside interaction
>Techno experts from allied communities rush in to try and copy all data into the data cores which machines used to run and have exponentially more storage than these old servers
>Everything gets archived and server place starts to get refitted as a museum to the old world internet and culture
>Some idiots accidentally push a wide wall ornament and it crashes into the ground
>But behind it
>A door
>Enter room
>A computer with 3 monitors lights up
>Red, Green and Blue lights energically light up the room
>The computer asks for a code
>Retard futuranon just enters 123456789
>Wallpaper is 3 triangles 2 smaller ones seemingly behind a big inverted one
>Future femanon finally finds light switch and flicks it while futuranon browses PC
>Average /a/ user room is revealed
>Lots of anime merch, figurines, manga and whatnot
>Everyone contemplating the discoveries around here
>Futuranon and femanon see a small hard drive behind PC
>Connect it to other screen
>One folder
>Name is Magnet
>Decrypt using future wacky hardware at hand
>Open it
>There's a ton of videos in it
>But a single image file stands out
>Other image folders include detailed information about this mysterious character
>Even a detailed profile sheet
>It's name was
>Jitomi Monoe
>Years later, a cultural religious cult has formed around your once insignificant Oshi qs a messiah of the old world which was misunderstood and carried a deep message
>Her Cover of 歌ってみた】テレキャスタービーボーイ/ has become a common prayer
>Japanese gets somewhat deciphered from all your archives and is now the lingua franca of the new world
>Everyone hails Monoe
>Holy crusades and wars are fought under your Oshi's blessing
>The Holy warriors carry her figure and face as Banners to represent her stoicism under all conditions
>Magnetbros are the highest order of warriors of this techno-religious post-apocalyptic wasteland
>The entire culture gets developed around magnets and her color scheme
>Denying Monoe is reason for inmediate execution
>TFW being a data hoarder caused the world to become weebland and adore your Oshi as an almighty God of stoicism and love

>> No.790441
File: 8 KB, 960x76, 1594104706849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

upload 0

>> No.790477

Is that the link from nyaa?

Is is dead already?


Damn, I wanted to download and then reseed later on.

>> No.790505

This kind of stuff is why we need time machines

>> No.790950


>> No.792222


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