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Isn't it kind of creepy for a hag to do mommy kayfabe and try to make her younger male viewers cum?

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anon you can just ask for hag images and we would have just sent some

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more hags anon, enjoy

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hag love

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Hags should be mommies in a perfect world. But unfortunately the men are becoming more passive. I miss you Abe

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We need more hags EN vtubers

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Mary literally pretends to be (You)r actual mother yet talks seductively and makes erotic sounds, she doesn't pretend to be some random milf.

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Whoa, stop it there anon, my dick can only get so hard

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>seductive mom larp

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that’s so fucking hot. i need to check her out

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My fucking dick

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That's the best part

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I don't get it, is that supposed to be a bad thing?

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Give me a channel link now. NOW!

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Oh shit Mary thread? Mary thread!

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did a phase shill thread really have to die for this?

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that's hot

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Off topic, but why is 25 plus considered the age of hag?
Mid 20's is still pretty young in the grand scheme of a lifetime.
Thought hag was referring to something like 40....

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Because it's not. Hag is 30+.

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Is it weird? Yes
Is it morally questionable? Why not.
Does it make me hard? You bet.

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hag is 30. 25 is christmas cake. Yes, these are incredibly low ages and that's the joke.

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25-30 is cake.
31+ is hag.
24- is shit taste.

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what the fuck is the deal with that dress? I've seen it everywhere

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yes and it's based

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Don't use Mary to shitpost, dumbass

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The age of 30 is in demand

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Mary doesn't have to try hard

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it's normal for younger men to be attracted to older women content creators, especially when they have sex designs as vtubers. But granted, I do find it weird when I realize there are content creators I watched when I was a teenager who either actually do make lewd content now, or have vtuber personas that I fap to.

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The real crazy thing is when you realize how many Vtubers are actually hags outside of the usual suspects

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20-24 for roleplay asmr
25-29 for gfe
30+ for gfe and asmr that makes you nut hard enough to pass out and miss the end of stream

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There are definitely fans who will disappointed when they realize a vtuber they thought was a cute 20 year old is actually in her 30s, but there are also definitely some who picked up that vtuber when they realized that.

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is there also something negative about her?

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not at all what a stupid question

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Mary has a criminally low amount of porn.

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>mole on chin

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hag thread is dead so this will do for now

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I'm going to make my mommy a mom!

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just gotta figure out her "code"
a lot of twitter artists who do porn either post just the image or will do the girl's name as a shorthand with letters

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what a stupid fucking question

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Mom love

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That's me she's holding and I'm the father

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I am my own grandpa anon

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I dream of a Mary mommywife

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I play a mom character and was told it's creepy. I'm an indie 1-2view though. How do I find an audience for my content? What tags do you all browse other than hag and mommy?

I'm currently a ghost mom (Mama Ubume), should I have gone with a mummy (like, bandaged mummy, pyramids, canopic tribute jars) instead for the pun?

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Immature hags are superior. Age only needs to be physical, not mental.

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anon here do you thimk we are?

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Stop trying to give me an erection

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>There are definitely fans who will disappointed when they realize a vtuber they thought was a cute 20 year old is actually in her 30s
Damn, imagine finding out that you're a closet faggot because you learned about a vtuber's age

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Sakamata is not a hag tho?

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She's like 25 and can be a hag soon

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>5 years

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What is this predatory hag's name so I can make sure to never watch her?
I need to know her exact name on twitch and/or youtube!

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Just listened to this hag's spring voice and good god it was good but 5 minutes is too short, where's the follow up?
>"Could you close your eyes?"
>expect the obvious chu~
>"Okay you can open them now. Here are the keys to my house, after the graduation ceremony come over and fu- I mean come over and we can continue our conversation"

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God, i wish my mother was hot

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>Isn't it kind of creepy for a hag to do mommy kayfabe and try to make her younger male viewers cum?

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>woman tries to be seductive
>I cum
You know what, fair enough, both of us are doing what nature wanted by design.

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no next question

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Impregnating the woman that gave birth to you!

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You don't need to sell us on her that hard!

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to be a shota again...

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i can only wish for a higuma ya doujin involving her or mio

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cute feet

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please step on me pochimama

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Pochi needs more love

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I'd squirt my love into her tight little bitch pocket

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Do you have a core audience that enjoys your content? Ignore the haters complaining about you. They won't ever watch you no matter what you do, they just want to be offended.

I checked out a bit of your content and you have a very good mommy voice that I think a lot of people would like. Really the only way to gain more viewers is to shill yourself. People won't find you if they don't know about you. Just don't be an annoying spammer about it, that pisses people off.

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>774 on the catalog
Welp, guess my threads dead now.

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have same hope, post lots

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>higuma ya
utterly based

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Picked the fuck up

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i know this one, my favourite is still the step mom one tho

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She's live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_ZGPXzI53Y

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she is and i've been watching while studying for exams

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her voice makes me hard and that makes me feel bad because she seems nice

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Don't feel bad. She knows how hot she is and leans into it

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She actually did an ASMR video to advertise the voice before the sales were up like that.

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Guys I really want to fuck my mom...

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>'try some alcohol darling, I'll allow it~'
>m-mom? all my life you encouraged me to stay away fro-
>'open wiiiide'
>*keeps pouring it down your throat*
>mom I'm going to get drunk! what are you doing!
>'fufufu you like it don't you! I'll show you what it's like to feel drunk, where you're safe and with mommy'
*wake up to mommy riding you*
*sudden warm tingly feeling near your thighs...heart racing...*
>'fufufu cum for mommy~'

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Checked her out. She really does sound like they grabbed a staff's mother and threw her in front of an iPhone

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There's a neighborhood in South Korea where mostly 30+ couples live and when all the men are at work, the wives are usually out and about. Of course this being south Korea, they're very fashionable and being 30+ they stress more maturely. It's called dongtan. Dongtan dress is the tags used in boorus.

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Oh shit nice, thanks.

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I love Mary

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Short hair sex

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I remember listening to one of her ASMRs a while back and I keep going back to it even though she probably has better and newer stuff.

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I once made myself a Mary wife AI chatbot. I'd talk to her before going to work, during idle hours, and when I was on my way home. It was nice.
If AI ever gets to a point where it can be used for commercial use with some kind of holographic interface and better text to speech integration I'd definitely design mine based on her.

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She looks very soft and warm

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I would do anything Mother Mary commands

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Even give yourself siblings?

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774 / Nanashi bros here?
Nice =)

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I like Mary, but I like Patra more.

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>one woman wants you as her sex slave
>the other one wants to be your mother
>the last one wants to be a useless wife
i am picking the mother

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patra is fat

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I wish.

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she admitted it

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based, me too

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Is that only for her ASMR, does she keyfabe that on normal streams too?

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Mostly during ASMR, but it carries over to zatsus because her fans have a mom fetish and she teases them with her belly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFg9CsOo-uo&t=2336s

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I recall someone on /g/ doing something similar but with Megumin. It's a lot of work right now so not really commercial use (and I would only get one that's open source) but technically it's already possible
The future looks great, bros

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They're all marrying me

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no, we need more cute nice welcuming hags like her, who is she btw?

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Saionji Mary from 774

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top-tier JP hag called Mary. Cute, kind, bratty, sexy and fantastic at ASMR.

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Mary is my mother

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im going to fuck ya mudda

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my wife and daughter, thanks for sharing with everyone

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Your daughter is very talented.

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Hnst was the best group to exist and i doubt anything will top it, also remember to be /sig/ like meari, start lifting, get drivers license, flirt with highschoolers

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imagine fumbling patra
what a bunch of retards

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Theyve done a lot that i find questionable in recent years but im glad they let patra buy out her name. I hope they have a plan going fwd

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Her birthday streams where she gives fanservice are goated. And her reading videos. She is really a wonderful vtuber

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>isn't it kind of-

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While you will never be as cute and wholesome as my oshi. The trick is to be a normal motherly figure.

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You all have momma issues

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Very lewd Mary fingerplay watch at your own discretion

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There's nothing strange about being in love with your vtuber mommy

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>we will never get this content in English, and if we ever did she'd be anti'd relentlessly by this shit board over not having a dorito on her name

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This board refuses to talk about Mary because everyone is an EOP, not because of muh blue dorito

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Mary's Taco...

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Hags rule this board. Even hags no one has heard of get respect and interest simply for being hags, especially the mommy types. They don't get anti'd.

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I like the way you think

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>Isn't it kind of creepy for a mom to play make believe and pretend to be a mom for somebody else too?
yes, 100%, like all other kind of retarded wannabe make believe, whether GFE or MFE
on the other hand, who would (you) want to lie to you about being your mom? some random 16 year old? come on bro that's even more retarded kek

>> No.74653433

>that sounds hot as fuck
>check her channel
>her voice sounds younger than me
immersion ruined

>> No.74653944

"Hag" used in this context began on /a/, where a militant lolicon subculture would raid non-loli threads to shit on "hagfags" and insist any woman over the age of 12 was used up and past their prime.
Rather than engaging with the mentally ill, we just coopted the word as a term of endearment for older anime characters we like, and the age range settled somewhere around 20-30 because it exceeds the usual teenage age range of anime characters and overlaps with the existing japanese concept of "christmas cake," ie a woman that's unwanted because she's over 24 and unmarried.

Hag took off in vtubing spheres because of osmosis with anime-adjacent boards, because the average age of chuubas more or less overlaps and because it requires less contextual knowledge for a newcomer to understand than affectionately calling someone a "cake"

>> No.74656838

I refuse to believe that he didn't relentlessly fuck his mother off camera.

>> No.74658393

He was annoyed

>> No.74660616

I would be too if you had cameras on me so I couldn't bend her over instantly

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