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Auditions Closing Soon Edition

Tsunderia Gen 3 auditions are open. Applications close August 7th 11:59PM PDT!

>Teamup schedule
>Jetri schedules
>Hoshino Char
Gunpla extraordinaire
>Inukai Purin
Mesugaki dog
>Yazaki Kallin
Certified chuuni bat
>Matsuro Meru
Sweetest person alive, high energy
>Nini Yuuna
The embodiment of chaos, bread crumb sized braincell
>Miori Celesta
Freaky Deaky beertuber, Isekai edition
>Umiushi Urara
Garbage bin waifu, savior of Tsunderia
>Orla Gan Ceann
Wholesome toxic dullahan
>Amemachi Hanabi
Wolf girl with a voice of gold
>Clip Twitter:

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She'll keep using this model, right?

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She said she made new overlays for this model so I assume so

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I can't wait to have her back, bros

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Why is Tsunderia the small company with the most antis in this board?

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Your attention please: MOOGLE MERU

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There's one one poster that types in all lowercase and the MyHomo intern, that's it.

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wait i type in all lower case...

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I hope Purin's doing well

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Watching the Hanabi karaoke VOD and the hanaorla teetee is sending me

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Bread love

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Type like a normal person, anon.

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I miss Purin...

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I wonder what a Purin/gen 2 collab would be like.

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2 bottles of lube and 3 boxes of tissues

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What happened? Last time I watched her was a dead space stream and outfit reveal

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Time for your archive reps anon. You've missed a lot.

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>check vods
>Orla skipped my "who's your favorite philosopher question"

I'm not ogey

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Philosophy is gay

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That gif is a perfect encapsulation of the Matsuro Meru experience. I love her so much

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Orla No More Heroes

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It's been 3000 years...

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Are my eyes fooling me? Is it but a mirage created by my own desperate mind? Please... let it be real.

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Boys... *Wipes tears*
Yeah, I'm thinking she's back.

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I want to make this woman a mother

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Visual novels and Pokemon!

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>weekly karaoke threads

Yeah, this is the shit. Good job Slugma.

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is orla playing a major debuff game? though she would have more watchers especially with how good her debut was

>> No.7423947

Murrican working hours are a complicated timeslot.

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I don't know if the game is a debuff, but playing long-form games over multiple streams is a debuff. People who didn't watch Part 1 won't watch Part 2 and so on. The game certainly isn't doing her any favors, however.

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NMH is pretty niche

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europoor hours pureasu andastando

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She just debuted, and she's already taking so many break days? Hanabi clearly doesn't care about Tsunderia. What a bitch.

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Why did they force the schoolgirl outfit with Meru and veto the cool idea?

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Meru wanted to be cute. She's very cute.

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They've been around the longest

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Meru is so precious! I want to give her a thousand sweet kisses while pumping my cock deep into her pussy!

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Do you guys think it would affect how staff judges my audition if I send it too close to the deadline? I don't want to see like someone that leaves everything for the last moment or uninterested, but I also want to make sure everything is perfect..

>> No.7429855

A deadline is a deadline, any time before it is fair game

>> No.7429865

Urara said herself she doesn't like last second applications

>> No.7429898

Is Tsunderia a stepping stone for larger agencies?

>> No.7430222

Send it anyways.

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Doesn’t that just mean they’re acknowledged as an agency

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Do you need to be SEA to join this group or are they just located there?

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Only Purin and Hanabi are SEA as far as we know and the company is US based

>> No.7431783

Meru isn't SEA? She seems to have a thick accent of some kind.

>> No.7431824

Are you lost? They are literally located in Los Angeles.

>> No.7431894

not SEA specifically, but you do need to be Asian

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I was told she;s chink.
Like me. I want to make lots of purebred children with Meru!

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She's Chinese(HK)-Canadian.

>> No.7431916

She's a leaf.

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Hanabi really gives the impression of a nerdy little brother that I wanna hang out with

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tomorrow at 10am pdt is her next stream

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Whichever model she chooses to use, she will still be our Meru so I'll love it regardless. Mail Love!

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>I wanna gain weight
Architects, your time has come

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Guys, I have a very serious problem. I can't stop jacking off to Purin, everytime I hear Purin's voice I can't stop myself from jerking off. Her voice is pure sex to my ears, I've tried to stop watching her streams to avoid doing this but I just can't stop thinking about it, I don't even comment or anything during her streams because i'm too busy shooting loads after loads to her voice. I've tried imagining her as the ugliest, fattest and smelliest girl in the Philippines and imagine her using a voice changer and having an horrible voice but everytime I just end up thinking about her sexy voice and I can't stop myself from doing it again. I've tried going outside to stop myself from masturbating but it failed I just ended up jerking off using my phone in public and almost got arrested, I've tried hooking up with a girl I know who is 8/10 but it just ended up with me going "sex is good but you know what is better? wanking to Purin!" and I just ended up jerking off while the girl was sleeping next to me. I can't jerk off without thinking of Purin, I can't have sex without thinking of Purin. I've tried going to therapy but it just ended up with my doctor's assistant laughing her ass off while trying to remain composed and leaving the room. I feel disgusted with myself everytime I do it but I can't stop myself. Purin's dead space stream was so painful I had to skip work because of it. I can't watch normal porn anymore, I'm not even into SEA normally. Her hiatus doesn't help either because of her archives. If Purin knew about that I bet she would be disgusted or think it's a sick joke, but the only sickness here is in my mind. How can a girl have such a sexy voice ? It's just insane, I've gone fully insane.
I feel like the day when Purin dies is the day where I'm making a vow of chastity.

TL;DR : I can't stop myself from masturbating to Purin and even professional help doesn't help so I'm coming here to ask anons.

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keep it up bro

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I have nothing to offer you but this out-of-context clip.

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time to beat my dick

>> No.7442526

God, everytime she says "fuck me" I get so hard it's unreal!

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God, I want to marry Meru so bad. I want to spend my entire life with her, to see her smiling cutely at me from across the bed every morning and night. I want to belong to her, and her to belong to me. I want to send her off with a kiss in the morning and welcome her back with a kiss in the evening. I want to hold her in my arms and pat her head whenever she feels down. I want to pick her up and spin her and rejoice with her whenever anything good happens to her. I want to share the precious little moments of my life with her. Like playing with her in the bath and grabbing a handful of soap bubbles and throwing it in her face. Then we'd laugh and start wrestling in the tub before it quickly turns into a round of passionate love-making. I want to see her eyes widen up when she tries a delicious new dish I cooked that I spent weeks on practicing for her. I want to rest my head on her soft thighs as we exchange personal details about our lives. I want to pick up whatever hobbies she enjoys and work hard at being good at them, so we can enjoy them together. I want to get drunk and sing karaoke with her, and try to make up for my awful voice by picking the sappiest love songs to make her laugh. I want to spend an hour every night at bedtime pouring out my heart to her, telling her what an unbelievably wonderful person she is and how blessed the world is to have her in it. I want to spend my entire life teaching Meru how to look in the mirror and see the same heavenly angel that I see looking back; how to love herself as much as I love her.

TL;DR: I need to put a ring on Meru.

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God I wish I was imaginative enough to make posts like >>7442329 and >>7443604 (assuming they arent copypastas) How do you do it? How can I acquire this power?

>> No.7443894

You either have to be autistic or artistic.

>> No.7444543

A Rosemi Profile in Yuuna’s chat…

>> No.7445240

Autism and the inherent dread that comes from the realization that one day Purin will graduate and you'll never ever hear of her again.
Ever since I first heard Purin's voice nothing has been able to top it. It's forbidden knowledge, one that I deeply regret ever hearing the echos of. In my line of work I had the chance to witness some of the most beautiful and charming people that the world has to offer, but ever since I heard her voice I became numb to their beauty. I have been damned by her sexiness. a 7 seconds clip of her speaking is worth more to me than anything a long term relationship has ever gave me. It feels like seeing something so beautiful that everything else feels ugly in comparison. I could die tomorrow and be happy to have been able to hear her. Even in my most agreeable dreams, I would never be able to imagine something as beautiful and sexy as her voice. If I was forced to choose between losing my sight or never hearing Purin again, I would rip them off in the blink of an eye. I don't even like her that much as a person but her voice, her voice is so incredible it makes me cry. Is there anything I could do to stop feeling that way for a random girl on the other side of the world ?
I feel like just ending my life right now because I know that nothing will ever top that, I have heard the best thing that life has to offer and I'm just done. But if I did I would miss Purin's return stream and that would be worse than death.

TL;DR : I have tasted heaven and now I'm in hell because of it.

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I Meruposted from scratch in about 20 minutes. Serious answer: Go and broaden your life experiences however you can to cultivate creativity. Go to new places (around your town, if not on a bigger scale), meet people, and consume art (not "art", but actual poetry and philosophy shit).
And at that point, if you're still on 4chan like I am for god knows why, you can join me in spreading the love of my goddess Meru.

>> No.7446519

>sad panda
>Yuuna: "I know that reference!"


>> No.7446680

this spicy noodle eating is begging for a slurp/gasp edit...

>> No.7447137

I'm gonna steal Meru away from you by offering her drugs and rape

>> No.7449264

Meru unironically seems like a girl that was into drugs and was sexually abused hard.

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What is wrong with some of you

>> No.7452596

My predator radar is never wrong, I can tell some girls have gone through shit. Thankfully I limit my ojisan actions to hornyposting and doujins instead of manipulating real vulnerable girls. That makes me a morally right and upstanding man!

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>> No.7456202

Meru stream today...I can't wait to see her again. I want to do something every day to make her smile.

>> No.7456249

okay mr. egirl whisperer, name some other chuubas or 3DPD that you can spot the signs

>> No.7456940

seconding this

Even when LARPing, once must LARP until the end.

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Orla and Slugma Sleepover

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Is Miori actually into piss? If so, based.

>> No.7459628

Holy fuck this is so much hag energy I love it

>> No.7459928

It's like I'm really in California

>> No.7460501

I want to put a bullet in my brain so bad

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>Eugenics: Overrated or underrated?

>> No.7461052

is orla /here/?

>> No.7461149


>> No.7461204

i ask because i distinctly remember one anon on /hlgg/ who made bald edits of all the holos and homos, dumped them in 1 or 2 threads on cooldown and then never came back
i wonder if that was her

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>This stream

>> No.7461365

>uwawa is a literal autist

>> No.7461427

>slugma has one hair on her left nipple that keeps growing back...

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>> No.7461460

Orla is getting more and more based. I'm starting to grow fond of her

>> No.7461461

>orla and urara both INTP psychos, urara is divided watercolor palette, orla is cup of water with all the paints mixed in

>> No.7461562

I hope artists are taking notes on the finer details of Urara's nipples

>> No.7461661

Urara is way too fucking cute. I've never been a gosling, not for Mio, not for Meru, not for Purin, but Slugma.... Oh god I'm falling for her please help me bros

>> No.7461803

bros what the fuck am i listening to

>> No.7461826

>killer body
>tiny waist

>> No.7461834

idk but i unironically feel dumber

>> No.7461848


>> No.7461897

This stream is a fucking riot. There needs to be more collab streams that are just friends shooting the shit.

>> No.7461904

this stream has been nothing but sandpaper to my brain i kinda dig it

>> No.7461919

>Orla is into luxury torture
>Orla and Slugma agree Kallin is the sexiest Tsunderia
>Slugma wants to be Purin or Hana to be young again(???)
She confirmed having a flat ass though

>> No.7461937

Is kallin a short stack?

>> No.7461942
File: 1.77 MB, 752x786, 1608872240238.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you mean you aren't?

>> No.7461950

She is asian, that's par for the course

>> No.7461952


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I feel like for every one thing I'm learning I'm also unlearning five infinitely more useful things

>> No.7462203

>Slugma is probably into hatefucking

>> No.7462205

You know when shit enter your brain but it feels empty? It's like this stream, I barely remember most of it

>> No.7462215

holy fuck slugma is relatable

>> No.7462235

I have fallen madly in love with these too hags.

>> No.7462242

Sorry about your flat ass, anon

>> No.7462320

So auditions close this weekend what kind of new models would you like to see in tsunderia?

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Do you think this stream represents the average female conversation?

>> No.7462409

100% yes

>> No.7462419

>All these hidden jokes

>> No.7462538

no, they're holding back at least 30% of the real content due to youtube. the real thing would be a lot more cursed

>> No.7462581

T. In a discord server that's literally only women talking about ships and anime men and women they wanna fuck

>> No.7462621

That ryona girl.

>> No.7462745

>Orla and Slugma both riddled with allergies
>Orla can't donate blood because it would unbalance all the supplements and whatever else she has to take to stay alive
...is orla going to make it, bros?

>> No.7462818
File: 56 KB, 262x307, SlugmaMoney.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you rather Orla gf or Urara gf?

>> No.7462823

Tsunderia really is the saviourfag company huh

>> No.7462856

Honestly they would just make me hate women

>> No.7462869

Urara gf for sure, look at her tits.
Also her eyes are mesmerizing.
Jokes aside I really feel like we'd get along if we knew each other irl.
Too bad that could never happen ;_;

>> No.7462875

You better start to concernfag now!

>> No.7462885

She mentioned something about scoliosis too

>> No.7462918

urara and put her in a headlock if she overworks herself

>> No.7462997

Yeah when she said “tiny waist” I was like I don’t think that’s a nice body. Unless by nice body she means fit and skinny.

>> No.7463070

tfw no urara gf no orla gf

>> No.7463080

>Hag mommy vtuber with a laundry list of health issues who streams NMH
Wait a minute...

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File: 2.04 MB, 1575x890, 1613342906381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Slugma likes mindbreak

>> No.7463207

Now they're namedropping Metamorphosis

Is this real life?

>> No.7463222

Beware of gen 3 males!!!!

>> No.7463255


>> No.7463270

One day the Tsunderias will have no limiters and we'll reach kino levels never before thought possible.

>> No.7463302

orla has ruined tsunderia for me.
i'm going to be a prism/phasefag
tenma and rita are my new waifus.

>> No.7463434

I love you and will miss you always, sole schizo poster. I love Orla, but your autism was really funny.

>> No.7463498
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Dedicated schizos in thread are a good sign!
It means the thread is growing healthier!
A good garden attracts bugs!

>> No.7463558

Do you think Urara had piss bottles in her room? What do you think they'd taste like? What about after a week in the sunlight?

>> No.7463642

I know I'm gonna be gosling for Meru until I drop dead.
Each girl should have a dedicated schizo. Who's gonna fill the roles for the others?

>> No.7463681

this combo is mind numbing and i want to see more of it in the future

>> No.7463845


>> No.7464071

Oh god im fucking cumming at the thought of the smell

>> No.7464270


>> No.7464377

Having a one night stand with Urara! Having your heart broken when she tells you she doesn't have the motivation to keep any kind of relationship going with you! Thinking back on that night of sex every day for the rest of your life!

>> No.7464380

100%, pissing doesnt make money

>> No.7464406

Is Urara a schizoid?

>> No.7464431

Auditioned yesterday. does anyone know past criteria for people who have gotten in? What they look for?

>> No.7464472

>Sad backstory

>> No.7464567

add being a lolicon and a monster fucker and that's basically a guarantee to make it in

>> No.7464666
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>> No.7464692
File: 158 KB, 846x1200, EtbQLiHUUAUTkg_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love her so much bros.
I want to pick up drawing just for her.

>> No.7464698

Being able to go on hiatus at least three times a month

>> No.7464798

Honestly me too anon. I was planning on using some of my money to get commissions for an indie chuuba and a videogame ship I like, but I might spend that money for Slugma instead...

>> No.7465079
File: 690 KB, 732x516, 1627277851636.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No chill

>> No.7465100

Orla brings the bants

>> No.7465129
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>That was God smiting you for being a whore
Orla is amazing.

>> No.7465524
File: 41 KB, 817x699, euthanised.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate the stream?

>> No.7465540

I already miss her...

>> No.7465712

11/10 I love these hags

>> No.7465717

I lost braincells/10

>> No.7465718

Amazing/10. More of these types of collabs, please.

>> No.7465802
File: 182 KB, 1280x720, 1606518640433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7467084
File: 20 KB, 601x149, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What happened?

>> No.7467130

Nothing, it's a joke because they went full girltalk.

>> No.7467140

I guess you didn't watch the collab

>> No.7467151

A whole fucking lot

>> No.7467311

Why does Slugma feel compelled to make a stupid "apology" joke post instead of just acknowledging a really fun collab?

>> No.7467355

Because people will get curious and check the vod

>> No.7467516
File: 452 KB, 1218x236, 1615664776361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That makes a lot of sense, actually. I'm sorry for doubting you, Slugma...

>> No.7467959
File: 222 KB, 395x561, slugma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Capable of saying or doing literally anything without shitposting

>> No.7468709
File: 358 KB, 1180x622, generation 0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7468776

Didn't she enter because of Yuuna? And debuted after tsunquest? Doesn't make much sense to say she is gen 0

>> No.7468985

At one point the schedule page had her as part of her own generation that was just called "Urara" which was pretty funny

>> No.7469356

I mean, Hololive's Gen 0 have members that debuted later.

>> No.7470564


>> No.7474273

Meru on Twitch!

>> No.7474753

Kallin live with House Flipper too.

>> No.7474988

ngl, I'm tired of Meru's depression shit.
Like once in occasion its okay, but like every stream is a pity party.

>> No.7475195

Been discussed here to death, but it obviously isn't good for viewer retention. However, nothing anyone does will change it without sending her into a spiral.

>> No.7475258

Meru's always been depressed even in her past self. It isn't just something that goes away. So you'll either have to deal with how she is or don't watch her.

>> No.7475282

What helped my sister get over her mental illness was having a kid, so maybe I'll go help Meru with hers and turn her womb into a mayonnaise factory as I pound my semen into cheese inside her.

>> No.7476132


>> No.7476205

its not very good
More fitting for Meru at least though.
Maybe PPP will pay for vocal lessons sometime

>> No.7476429

>its not very good
But it is both an improvement over her last time singing, and shows she's confident enough to actually last through a full song.
Yes, she definitely could use vocal lessons. But right now she needs moral support for her singing more than anonymous criticism.
Reminder: Most of Tsunderia comes here.

>> No.7476770

What are you rank the tsunderia girls vocal wise then? I’d rather them sound a little shitty but nice mixing over the opposite

>> No.7476887

Uruka > Aoi > Rita > Miori

>> No.7477230

Don't worry, once I marry her I'll take care of all her needs and cuddle her good every day.
I want to get reverse spitroasted by 2 loli Merus!

>> No.7477310

It's just the first hour, anon, after she has a chance to vent then she's good for the rest of the day. If it filters you then wait until the second hour of chat stream before you tune in and you'll get happy meru

>> No.7477318

>tsunderia girls

>> No.7477487

I love Meru so much, and I'm happy she's happy with her new model, but I just don't like it...

>> No.7477634

I like the model itself actually. I do miss the old one though, it had SOUL.
The new model lacks the smug brattiness of her old one that I loved.

>> No.7477848

Meru forgot her password and is suffering...

>> No.7477965

God, I love everything about this girl. Everything she does is a joy to watch.

>> No.7478189

>Doesn't make much sense to say she is gen 0
Come up with a more appropriate name then GEN0

>> No.7478992

Gen That Bitch

>> No.7479080

Gen "erously give Urara all your money"

>> No.7479978


>> No.7480005

You might need hearing aids if you think Rita is anywhere near the same level as the other three. I love all of them too, but let's be serious here

>> No.7480068

My mom is a wonderful singer and I'll fucking murder you.

>> No.7480362

I bet Meru's hugs are so heavenly warm

>> No.7480751

She's very good. But Miori, Aoi, and Uruka are professional-level. Those three could, if they wanted to, drop everything but singing and have successful careers with just a tiny bit of luck in discoverability. Rita, while still lovely and better than 90% of VTubers, isn't quite there

>> No.7480851

Wow, been a while since I've experienced such a revolting mental image.

>> No.7480852

not even close.
Aoi and Uruka are good, but they're still amateur tier at best. Miori is moderate tier, she's not bad but not what anyone would consider good.

>> No.7481085

Commander Gen
Leader Gen
Generation Operation

>> No.7481148

Meru's dating Rick Astley. How do I compete? His dance moves cannot be surpassed. Is there any hope for me?

>> No.7481291

There isn't, just take solace that you lost to a stud like Rick Astley instead of some faceless bald old man.

Also I wanted to mention how cute and perfect Meru's new model is. It's always a bit bittersweet though as the old model certainly has it's charm but I do like the new one more.

>> No.7481437

>that one guy who said all the indie companies felt the same and he just couldn’t tell the difference anymore because it felt like they were all melding together

>> No.7481655

To be fair I only watch those 3 right now.
Main differences I can tell
most professional and put together of the 3. most the talent is rough but keeps it professional. Luto being the only outlier, but every group needs a schizo.
Honestly best of the 3, and has the top singers thanks to Aoi and Shiki.
the most "real" of the groups, keeps things mostly open and honest to a fault. while the openness is appreciated its very unprofessional and that's a big detriment as entertainers. people want to be entertained so hearing girls go off about how depressed they are or how their dog just died gets to be a bummer. which maybe gets them sympathy but it doesn't make anyone want to come to them to be entertained.
its a fucking mess.
Uruka is a good singer though and Tenma is the best lolibaba I've ever encountered. Hopefully they pick up in the upcoming months, but currently all their talent is extremely rough.

>> No.7481815

I don't care about professionalism. The hag stream today was one of the best I've watched in a long while. I'd consider myself quite entertained.

>> No.7482143

The most family friendly seiso EN Starter.

>> No.7482179

>I don't care about professionalism.
watch pippa(Phase) and luto(Prism)

>> No.7482600


>> No.7482760

I just avoid the menheras in Tsunderia desu, the rest of the girls are really entertaining. I can't stand Meru's streams for that reason.

>> No.7482896

Mio's singing is better than all of them...I don't deny that they can sing but their tone isn't nearly as nice to listen to and I'm not the biggest fan of Aoi's voice.

>> No.7483043

Mio isn't really that good... I don't get where the meme comes from. Like sure she's trying harder than the other tsunderia girls and it shows, but she's still extremely in the mediocre to decent tier.

>> No.7483061

She's puts on the happy harder on YouTube so just don't watch her Twitch streams if you don't want to hear it.

>> No.7483093

My oshi Hanabi is the best singer.

>> No.7483156

We are talking about her singing right? I think you need to get your ears checked, anon. She may not be the best of the best but within smaller companies her voice and skills are better.

>> No.7483165

NTA, but her vocals are absolutely phenomenal when on mixed and mastered stuff, like her duet with Aoi. Her singing voice also has a kind of je ne sais quoi that makes it stand out among other singers. She might agree with you, though. I think she said that she couldn't really sing, but could make it sound like she could sing with editing and even called herself a scammer, IIRC.

>> No.7483262

Those two are actually my favorite from their respective company.

>> No.7483371

I feel the opposite. I somewhat like her karaoke streams but all her mixed and recorded songs sound terrible.
She's good enough on those (far from professional though) but God she's even worse than vshojo in personality and she can't shut up for 5 seconds with the sex jokes.

>> No.7483459

This honestly just sounds like you have a personal dislike for her. Miori Love!

>> No.7483522


>> No.7483560

Remember unitybros, all our girls are out there loving and respecting each other for their craft so we should too

>> No.7483581

Meru is so amazing. I love her. I want to be with her forever. Meru love!

>> No.7483607

We should merge all the threads to promote unity desu.
Nothing gives purpose like having a common enemy (kawaii)

>> No.7483710

Kana Love!
Char Love!
Purin Love!
Kallin Love!
Meru Love!
Ria Love!
Yuuna Love!
Slugma Love!
Mio Love!
Orla Love!
Hanabi Love!
Tsunderia LOVE!

>> No.7483774

fuck the rrat, none of the girls even follow her

>> No.7483805

Mio, please display your lovely barefeet on stream

>> No.7483842

I love Ria, not her roommates. Her graduating from Tsunderia leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, but I don't really wish her any ill will and I probably would've done the same thing she did.

>> No.7483845

>Orla follows her but none of the rest do
Orla not based?

>> No.7483905

What artist would you like to see be be papa or mama for gen3?

>> No.7483917

Char Love!
Purin Love!
Kallin Love!
Meru Love!
Yuuna Love!
Slugma Love!
Mio Love!
Orla Love!
Hanabi Love!
Tsunderia LOVE!

>> No.7484074

It's not every stream anonchama...
I find her talking about her feelings extremely sobering and honest but to each their own. It's not like she's sitting there wallowing in her sadness asking for a pity party. Chat asks how she's doing and she's honest and acknoledges how she's feeling and wants to improve, moves on and has fun the rest of the stream.

>> No.7484126

I swear to Christ, I'm retarded and keep getting Mio's stream times wrong. I thought she was streaming at 9am PDT tomorrow, not 9pm PDT tonight.

>> No.7485134

Miori membership time.
How drunk will she get?

>> No.7485312


>> No.7485627

now now, let the people with functioning ears discuss singers

>> No.7485661

Totally hypothetical question. How would you guys feel if a tranny debut for gen 3?

>> No.7485813

I'd say Mio and Aoi are definitely on par, and any difference between them are more or less subjective. With Uruka, it's apparent that she is primarily a musician. While she can hit the right notes, she needs to work on refining her singing, such as controlling her vibrato. I'd put her a step below Aoi and Mio. That being said, she still mogs most holos if you judge by singing alone

>> No.7485942

If they're cute, I'll fuck them no matter what.

>> No.7486079

Do they sound like a girl or like Artemis?

>> No.7486322

Should I trust her?

>> No.7486548

It's a mobile game.

>> No.7487264


Artemis at best.

>> No.7487976

ok i'm gonna say it. i like slugma because of her massive tits. i wish orla had the same size

>> No.7488241

Mio's tongue noises...

>> No.7488452

Mio is so cute, bros...

>> No.7488787

Drunk Mio Surgeon Simulator guerilla

>> No.7488886

She's so fucking hammered and she's still drinking...

>> No.7488983

>She has another stream in six hours
Oh no.

>> No.7489011

Does she? I don't think she does, but I can never wrap my head around her schedule.

>> No.7489101

Hanabi is clearly young and not very experienced, but she has a ton of unrealized potential. If she keeps working with Miori, I could see her getting close to that same level

>> No.7489341

I love Hanabi's voice and she definitely has potential, but saying Hanabi's the best singer when lined up against Mio, Aoi, Uruka is a little bit wishful thinking at best

>> No.7489619

Honestly any girl can be improved by having tits as big as Slugma's

>> No.7489907

Miori was such a good pickup. Her brand of chaos fits perfectly in the company

>> No.7491101

>That skeb
MMM good use of our donation money.

>> No.7491225


>> No.7491674

I can't stop thinking about Uwawa with abs princess carrying me

>> No.7492839

yes but it is every SINGLE stream. It gets old fast.

>> No.7493292


learn how to put the emphasis on the right words before you expect others to take you seriously

>> No.7494332

Which one?

>> No.7495666

The new one on Mogu's twitter.

>> No.7495769

I'm glad I woke up when I did.

>> No.7495933

I want to kiss this dog, I want to marry this dog.

>> No.7498422

I appreciate Orla's modest chest and Urara's gigantic slimers equally

>> No.7498556

Meru is so insanely sweet, infectiously cheery, and cute yet sexy, it's unreal. I can't get enough of her.
I want to marry her and make her pant like this every night of our lives.

>> No.7499109

So this is what ojisan hears every day...
Captcha: SXNYA

>> No.7500111

slugma balls lmao

>> No.7501769

Orla Minecraft

>> No.7502058

If I'm a fan of both Orla and Urara does that make me an AssGoblin?

>> No.7502132

I'm tired of Orla shilling

>> No.7502798

I've fallen in love with Purin and I can't get up!

>> No.7503709

Yes, but can Aoi or Mio play the Otamatone?

>> No.7504587

I love Purin so much, bros.

>> No.7504871

Getting close to the singing level or the horn level...

>> No.7505159

How long did it took since Gen 2 auditions closed till Gen 3?
pic unrelated

>> No.7505203

There weren't any Gen 2 auditions

>> No.7505385


>> No.7506642

Just hearing her voice does funny things to my brain

>> No.7511078

Get new material buddy

>> No.7511477


>> No.7512700

Her lips look so kissable and tasty

>> No.7513395

Gen 3 will be around october/november

>> No.7515542

>Urara's playing Civ again tomorrow
Absolutely based

>> No.7516890

I started playing Civ 1 again because of Urara

>> No.7517021

All that time. They literally finish the rigging in one day

>> No.7519469

You’re not considering the time it takes for the art, assets, practicing, and everything else they have to do.

>> No.7525203

Hanabi Saikoro Saiko

>> No.7525251

I love my boyfriend Hanabi!

>> No.7525493

Bros Hanabi is really cute...

>> No.7525847

Stream got delayed an hour and a half. We can be certain she won't learn her lesson

Drunk Miori is so loving and affectionate. I try super hard not to parasocial but my god, I just might fall for the gap Moe of how sweet she acts to her beerpals
>I want to get a kiss from Miori and hear her say she loves me

>> No.7526218

Hanabi puts a “S” in every single word she speaks.

>> No.7526234

The deadline draws near. I hope you guys convinced your Asian girlfriends to submit an application.

>> No.7526830

My girlfriend is already in Tsunderia.
t. Yuuna

>> No.7527339

Meru and Yuuna Biped COLLAB

>> No.7528604

yuuna and meru screaming together is kino

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