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Are they uh.. aware of what that paw print means?

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I don't know either, tell me sis what does it mean?

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they're dogs, what the fuck are you talking about?

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that's the shape of my dick, it just means that they rub it on their faces every day

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I don’t remember posting this

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You have a rare interpretation of them because of brainrot.
This is on the same level as saying that Aqua's concert background (using her signature colors) looked like the trans flag.

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even if they don't intend for it to be dirty i think most people understand what the paw print means and it's a bad look

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oh god the faggot op is the kind of breed that makes their pronouns as a personality trait

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I don't. What does it mean?

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what the fuck are you on about

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It means they're ruffians only which is based and true

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Are we being firegassed?

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Based echidna penis poster

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>most people
You might want to socialize with people more often.

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Dude your pasty ass is the only person thinking some weird shit.

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Man I think you just outer yourself as a furry. Using my top tier deductions skills I assume that mark means they fuck dogs in furry symbolism or something like that.

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They look like they fuck human men

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See. i didn't say what it mean and everyone already knew so my point is proven

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Literally one person claims to know it's a furry thing. I assumed it was some blacked thing as that seems to be the usual schizoid thing. You need to spend time around more real people, not on this site.

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let me guess. it's american for BBC lover like every other one of your secret slangs

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I think you should stop watching nijisanji and mix meds with group therapy

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I'm pretty sure anon mistook it for the spade, which is weird because they are a sister and their oshi is probably the queen of spades.

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this is making me feel like less of a degenerate because I can't even fucking guess what you're talking about

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lol this. After reading this thread I feel a little better about being a Mahoako fan lol

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>their oshi is probably the queen of spades
Enna isn't any sister's oshi, the company is.

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>op here's a deck. please think of a card--

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Hot take the paw print actually doesn't mean anything and this whole thread is a psyop

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I didn't know either

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playing dumb i see

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What are you implying OP? Tell the class what do you mean.

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Are people just pretending to not get this guy? My normie friends randomly joke about this from time to time

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At this point I'm just going to assume it has no meaning as you're not actually saying what you think it is.

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Autism anons calling this a "furry thing"

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these girls belong to dogs only

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You don't need meds, you need therapy

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They are fucking retarded, they don't understand pretty much anything.

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Well what else would it be? No one seems to want to say for some reason.

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and apparently asian twins in their 20's

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i don't know what to tell you anon

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nigga it's been 8 months

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You can start by admitting you don't know anything about despite trying to doxxpost

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>Ruffian paw print
They get to fuck this?

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You don't have to tell me anything. I honestly don't even know why you quoted me. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you are just as retarded as those dogs. I will never know. A mystery.

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>he doesn't know

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Kek he doesn't know

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They're whiter than this thread- no, this entire board combined.

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Just because they are living in Japan doesn't make them asians

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I know a chink or two that love Enna, actually. Probably one of the sisters samefagging a psyop in this thread. >>74111402
I can't help that's the design Enna went with, I didn't decide her sexual preference.

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Its because they touched each other softly on the cheek, loser.

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>I think most people understand
Yes, it's an animal print. They are dogs, people like dogs.

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But most don't like dogs in the way that OP likes dogs.

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obsessed schizo

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Sometimes it gets ruff

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It's their oshi mark.

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they sure do

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What does it have to do with Hitler?

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what the hell are you talking about?
Did you just out yourself as some kind of weird kink community or something? At least tell us if you're going to be vague about it.

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no, one person guessed by deduction that it was a furry dog fucking thing. that's what a deduction is. I would deduce the same guess but have no idea if it actually means anything

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Anon, please stop stalling. There's a woodchipper with your name on it and it's really hungry. Get on with it and get the fuck in.

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Anon please explain. I'm actually curious now.
If this is bait it's fantastic quality.

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Is it anti-semitic? If so, based

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I couldn't find what this dude is referring to in the slightest. Literally zero results on google.

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it's just more JP shit. what do you really expect from them?

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>"bad look"


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They're amerimutt white hags

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I do want to see them get fucked by dogs tho desu

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It exists. I want more

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why is it always beastiality and niggers with you child raping jews? you need to be thrown in a wood chipper

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>beastiality and niggers
Literally how the fuck did you jump to that conclusion??? How does dog paw prints on their face equal that?

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>beastiality and niggers
What's the difference?arandt

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Is this another innocuous symbol people are trying to turn into something? Like Doki having all 4 playing card symbols as part of her design, but everyone focuses on a specific one?

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????????? Can someone tell me how the actual fuck you make this connection? I'm not far gone enough for it.

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No op, I don't think fuwamoco was making a reference to cannibal cupcake and neither are 99.9% of people who use paw prints in designs etc. Get some fresh air.

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So what's the answer? Is this just a bait that has no real answer?

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Dog print tattoo is a handkerchief code for dog botherers. Op has been watching too much muck.

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What do any of these words mean?????

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Kinda looks like the symbol of a Lesson card from the Harry Potter TCG.
Can it be a coincidence? Are they signalling support for trans genocide?

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To the actual retards itt that aren't trolling, paw prints signify getting fucked by dogs. Imagine a gurl in doggystyle position with a dog fucking her, if his paws were dipped in ink they'd leave a mark on her ass, that's where it comes from. Therefore any girl with any type of dog paw mark on any part of her body, but especially her chest and butt, is a dogfucker.

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you need to consume less internet and porn my dude

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mococo would never

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>it's just porn addicted coombrains projecting their degeneracy again

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Dude I know exactly what you mean, unlike most people in the thread, but still think you're retarded.

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wew, that explains it.
I have a folder that says otherwise.

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OK well she would never willingly do that. Maybe Fuwawa forced her a few times but thats it

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ok that's also consistent with my folder.
Fuwawa you devil dog

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bro, it's not spade with Q in it, relax it's not a big deal lmao

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Meanwhile Enna went on the record as knowing about the implication of this one but management refused to listen to her complaints kek

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Take your meds

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Damn. Didn't know Isengard's army was into getting fucked by white men

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Do dogs even know what to do or where to go?

>> No.74145041

Sometimes, I think I consume too much porn, then I see the kind of coombrain on display here...

>> No.74145310

I listen to 1-3 hours of japanese vtubers masturbating, squirting and pissing per day and I felt positively normal when I saw this thread

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I learned about the Queen of Spades thing thanks to /vt/ and now this. Is this some sort of Jewish plot to make my mind connect everything in my daily life to some form of sick degeneracy?

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If I ever felt any amount of guilt over my levels of sick fuck degeneracy it would be completely assuaged by this thread.

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Please fucking explain what you're seeing that I am not. They dog girls, so the paw print makes sense. I realize im a degenerate with degenerate porn tastes but it hasn't warped my worldview, so I cannot understand your thinking. Or are you saying they eat dogs? That a chink stereotype.

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Disgusting. The only dogs I want to see them fucking are each other

>> No.74146166

What if Fuwawa ties up mococo and brings a dog in to rape her while she watches and masturbates?

>> No.74147300

I’ve known about queen of spades for years now but have never seen anything about paw print tats.

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Yea the amount of SKET SOCITY shit is weird as fuck and makes fetishes into pretty much a photoshop stamp and then it becomes the most erotic thing ever to those losers.
It's worse than those faggots who take any random image and stamp spirals or solid color/minor gradient onto eyes and claims it's "Hypnosis art"

>> No.74148059

I know I'm a degenerate for enjoying those kinds of pieces but I can't help it ok. It does make it hard to find proper hypnosis pics though

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Okay, since we're discussing degeneracy here, can someone explain queen of spades to me? Is it cuckshit?

>> No.74150134

Why are wypipo like this?

>> No.74150349

That was fucking funny, they gave the fat girl a giant cake fork too. Queen of clubs more like queen of chicken drumsticks lmao

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>one person guessed by deduction that it was a furry dog fucking thing. that's what a deduction is
I think that would be an "abduction" (you know they have that mark, and you know some general rules like how other marks work, so you formulate a hypothesis on the cause of that mark.)
But yeah, those paw marks have nothing to do with furry degeneracy except in the mind of degenerate anons.

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>tranny apologist in the thread
Guess I shouldn't expect anything else on the weekend.

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that's not true, they're not even blonde

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I hate myself for browsing gelboru enough to know what it means

>> No.74151320

That we need our handy-dandy...notebook!

>> No.74151477

Alphabet people have like 9000 different flags, you're bound to hit one of their color combinations eventually.

>> No.74151476

Anon, unironically close your browser, turn off your computer, throw away your phone and go the fuck outside

>> No.74151520

Reminds me of some fat fuck crying over some feminine colors on their national kit.

>> No.74151714

I'm glad my curiosity ends with sticking out your gyatt for nerizzler. Some things that are better left unknown.

>> No.74152261

>all these people pretending not to know

>> No.74152373

>thinking everyone is a crippling porn addict like you

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>its on their face

What does this signify?

>> No.74154258

What the fuck does it mean?

>> No.74154471

Stop hogging the treasure to yourself old man

>> No.74154537

they are leafs

>> No.74154765

obviously not, what a stupid question
i hate the retarded furry twins as much as any other normal human, but suggesting they would go out of their way to brag about being into actual beastiality on corpo accs is just ridiculous

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white men fuck dogs

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You forgot your meds today.

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why does mococo always look so sad and defeated in fwmc porn and fuwawa is always smiling?

>> No.74155145

Korone...not like this

>> No.74155906

What did niji do this time?

>> No.74156385

Fuwawa's tits are way too small here

>> No.74156529

Do you ever wonder how people end up like this?

>> No.74156611

oh god.. do they own a dog?

>> No.74156705

Yeah, me.

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blue's clues

>> No.74157915

Brainrot at it's finest.

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>most people know
>bestiality and getting fucked by dogs
no anon, most people aren't into bestiality enough to understand zoophile dogwhistling

>> No.74158634

Isn't that a cat paw print? Usually the dog one has the markings above the toes for the nails since they don't have retractable claws.

>> No.74158870

lol this nigga dog don't have retractoclaws
lmao get a refund

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>> No.74162728

no, VERY close, but no
bbc junkies get a black queen of spades tattooed
dog paw is the tattoo for zoophilie junkies

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SHEESH put me in that screencap fr

>> No.74163329

Anon, I...

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>> No.74165720

Coomers are a disease

>> No.74166172

Isn't it like a new year's game, where the loser gets their face scribbled on?

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Fuck the stupid 'fucks dogs' meme.
This is my shit

>> No.74166446

Race baiting mixed with cuckshit.

>> No.74166584

Why would FWMC need to fuck dogs when they can already knot eachother?

>> No.74166645

Everything is sexual if you make it.

>> No.74168672

You are correct, most people do understand what it means. You evidently not being one of them.

>> No.74170185

this is too degenerate

>> No.74170227

That's literally shit.

>> No.74172217

Zoomers were a mistake, please find some grass on a highway and touch it

>> No.74174209

Hell yeah

>> No.74175463

i aint clicking that shit nigga

>> No.74176761

Dog blowjob and/or pai/naizuri

>> No.74176973

>Mococo with C cups

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nijisister femcel hands wrote this post

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Yes, they do.

>> No.74179734

I searched and urban dictionary says that is when a girl leaves a spot of blood on the toilet seat when she's on her period.
And another definition involved zoophile.

>> No.74180175

this thread is literally like 5 zoophile nijisisters and a few dozen angry and confused people who aren't degenerate enough to want to fuck animals.

>> No.74180902

didn't we used to have a way to see how many posters were in a thread?

>> No.74183479

>op just outs himself as a dogfucker while trying to bait.
Pretty funny shit, but can we ban Canada from posting on 4chan please?

>> No.74184351

>actual retards
>Not having the same coombrain as beastiality enthusiasts is being a retard now

>> No.74184684

>Therefore any girl with any type of dog paw mark on any part of her body, but especially her chest and butt, is a dogfucker.
I'm so confused. Why would you dip your dog's paws in ink? And wouldn't that just come off in the shower? Have you ever actually encountered woman with a pawprint on her butt?

>> No.74185283

its been a day and I still dunno what it means then again i havent read the whole thread so it might be a good thing, my guess is its some kind of fucked up coombrainrot shit

>> No.74185385

Don't bother. It's not worth caring about.

>> No.74187796

Speaking from experience, you freak?

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Does it count as YJK if they are actually dogs themselves?

>> No.74195976


>> No.74196009

something something white girls and dogs

>> No.74196345

bau bau cover of this song when?

>> No.74196840

No, Anon. The vast majority of people are mot aware of your niche community of bestiality cuckolds who edit anime girls to have pawprint tattoos to signify they are ‘dog-only’. Return to reality.

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put me in the screencap

>> No.74197557

This is the thread. This thread had such astounding levels of coomer brainrot faggotry that I am taking a break from /here/. for those of you who weren't trolling, meds.

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this thread is proof that /vt/ is filled with tourists and newfags
the dogpill is quite tame compared to some of the other things i've seen on this website
all of you have to go back

>> No.74197936

kill yourself

>> No.74197971


>> No.74198031

Yep. Bunch of normalfag niggers most likely reading this post from a phone.

>> No.74198469

Bro what? most people here don't even know what it means lmao

>> No.74198701

Congratulations on finding The Thread.

>> No.74202446

Then we shall educate them. A bunch of anons are now aware of it and won't forget the implications, so the thread has worked.

>> No.74205956

>for those of you who weren't trolling, meds.
Wait...I'm confused. Which side are you referring to? Because the way I see it there're 4 types of anons ITT:
1. Anons who unironically "knew" what the mark means and were completely open about this fact
2. Anons playing dumb while "knowing" what it means and acting like they don't (trolling)
3. Anons who realized what it "meant" after reading the thread and then continued to play dumb (trolling)
4. Anons who genuinely had literally zero clue what the faggot OP was talking about (normal people) (me)
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean (1) needs to take their meds?

>> No.74206147

The fact that you allow random coomer shit like this to take up space in your brain and not just forget dumb shit like this after "learning" it says everything about (You) and nothing about the "tourists and newfags" here.

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