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I know you anons love your Yuri and everything, but if you honestly believe that it's real, you're a bigger chump than twtfags
>pic for attention

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i hope your house burns down and you and your whole family dies nigger

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of course it's not fucking real, i like seeing it so i don't care
don't tell me you actually believe korone is a dog girl who works at a bakery in real life
did you think avengers was a documentary?

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You know it's true anon, don't deny it

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It's not real because what they do on screen is too tame compared to what they do offline

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I think your missing something anon. The yuri might be overplayed but the close friendships are real. People like Korone and Okayu together because they laugh at each other's jokes and have fun playing games and chatting together. The yuri aspect is more like extra fan service and masturbation material, but it isn't the core appeal of cute girls doing cute things together.

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burn in hell faggot

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OkaKoro is real its just not sexual in nature which to be fair I don't really think they allude to that so its not like they're even lying about it. Most of the other pairings are probably mostly fake.

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posting in a waifucel cope thread

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NoeFure/KanaCoco are the only ones that are actually fairly real (besides OkaKoro) but shit like TakaMori has to be the fakest shit I've seen

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hey OP did you know that vtubers aren't real and it's real people behind those avatars? I hope you don't seriously watch vtubers

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No they aren't. They are all machines. Wake up sheeple!
They won't turn your frogs gay, they will turn them dead! D E D DEAD!

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Interesting relevant thing:

I doubt she just made it up. Imagine if someone asks one of them about it two years later and one of them goes "Huh? We've obviously never kissed though", this video would be dragged up to create shitstorms about lying to fans.
That said, she isn't selling it as a romantic relationship. All she's saying is, they kiss when they want to.
So, how're you going to take it anons? Will you acknowledge it isn't gay to kiss your bro if you want to, just like Okayu kissing Korone doesn't necessarily mean they're gay for each other?

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Conclusion: OP is a faggot

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