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Look how happy he is :D

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I will akasupa every single member of niji if it means it goes towards plastic surgery to fix his face

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what an ugly face

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It must be racism. There's literally no other reason

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yacht+mclaren, very happi man

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Why wouldn't he?
He's getting 100% cuts from selling merch of graduated/terminated livers

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Is Riku a robot? A mask wearer? That's no human face

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is he wearing makeup?

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Thank you i feel better about myself

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Mr. Tazumi, sir, could i have my silver youtube plaque please?

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does he pay them in ladyboys?

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I can fix him

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This is why early success is a curse, just like how 95% who make it into the success under 30 list turns out to be no one and failures later in life.

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I think being a spoiled trust fund baby is Riku's problem, not beginner's luck

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Regardless of who he is.
Anyone else gets feels like that is one hell of a punchable face.

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I don't hate him, I just think he's a spoiled rich kid who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. He clearly doesn't care all that much about the organs but the actual maliciousness that's been seen in EN, JP and the other former branches always seems to come from other organs or management.

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If he were just a spoiled rich kid spending his time getting wasted, I wouldn't hate him. But he decided to play Talent Agency Tycoon and nearly got two people killed theough his incompetence.

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Anon that's mean. He has a condition called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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Aye I love this song

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I would also be happy if I had McLaren

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nah you wouldn't the insurence alone would ruin you :P

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I hate this meme asian hair style with the parted middle, I blame kpop for popularizing it. like 99% of young asian males I see in my work place all have hair like this

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Not true, Dr Tenma looks good with it

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That's a disgusting face

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It's called glans hair.

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>always seems to come from other organs or management
The company is his, if he's not putting these people in charge then that means he doesn't even check who's working there either.
Either way everything is still his fault.

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souless eyes

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almost like it's a bad idea to allow a system that lets people accrue this much wealth to exist, or something

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Hope they enjoy my funposting.

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>unironically driving a MacLaren
>in JP of all places
Holy shit he's actually that shallow? A 2023 Camry is superior in every aspect. Don't tell me he's one of those people that just throws money at trends?

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You would enjoy it for about half a year and then hate it. They have shitty handling, poor visibility, braking sucks, and shit is always leaking somewhere under the hood.

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I thought a MacLaren was a Formula 1 car

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It has an F1 engine but the rest of the car was never designed for any real racing. It's just a boutique car for people with no appreciation of cars but have a lot of disposable income.

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So in otherwords it's worthless

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Is this not weird to you guys?

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As a car it's worthless but as a girl magnet it's pretty good. Cruise around any place with girls in it and you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid in 30 min or less.

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It's a little suspicious even if he's just kidding. Which I assume is why it keeps getting deleted.

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They have an F1 team

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>blaming the system
if the organs were rich you would have a point but most of the rich organs were the ones that was already rich before niji and everyone else are still in the same income bracket or worse

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Thank you for the review Riku

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Not a single organ is "rich" compared to the upper executives at Anycolor. They are still just their slaves who get fed a bit more or less than the others.

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>it's an expression of pain

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i think there's a lot of jealousy.

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psychos look happy too, OP...

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[Optimus Prime Voice] NDF bots! Roll Out!!

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And just like that Uki was filtered.

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It's nbd burning your business down to ash if you have a billion dollars to fall back on.

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The opposite, it's mostly useless on the road, but as far as worth, it just keeps going up in price.
The MacLaren F1, their first car, was the first 1 Million $ car, but now, those sell for 20 Mil $.

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So does this mfer actually have a yacht or not. The meme is a lot less funny if he doesn't

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There, I'm a genius.

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It’s a made up meme that got astroturfed into being real by facebook tourists anon

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His face looks so punchable goddamn, just looking at this image makes me feel like breaking his face

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Fuck off back to twitter faggot. You know nothing about economics, you just parrot your favorite internet losers.

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Lolbertarian says what

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Been saying the same thing for a long time, the dude's just got a very irritating face.

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not to be mean but does he have Habsburg jaw? didn't Kronii also have this before she got surgery to fix it?

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the face of the man who rapes wosemi

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You chuds can complain about tourists all you want. The failure of capitalism could not be laid any more bare to chuuba fans than this dumbfuck has done since February.

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>The people who bought this car have no appreciation of cars.
Vapid, simpleminded elitism. Appreciating a car's aesthetics is no less valid than, say, appreciating its reliability or top speed.

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Damn, even his car is black

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His fans and livers love him too. Helped make him the youngest billionaire in Japan. Even though it's unreciprocated.

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>the failure of capitalism
>wrote the commie on his phone, living on a capitalist country
The only happy Commie/leftist is the one living on a Capitalist country

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He looks worse than I remember

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This man is so much more better than Yagoo. We all love him

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I hope Tazumi enjoys this moment while it lasts. I think he's gonna get mogged soon.

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His hair is shit and his grin is insufferable. But his biggest problem is his youth.

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>villain face

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I would say his biggest problem - and more importantly, everyone else's - is that he's a billionaire.

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everything is possible when you lie