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>Get fired from company with oppressive management
>Lets her oppressive Asian mother manage her business and openly regrets it

For what purpose?

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Oh boy how many more threads will OP make tonight i wonder.

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kys OP

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Oh boy another bait thread, whoop dee fucking doo.

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>Gets bullied by her co-workers
>Collabs with a whore who bullied her co-worker (Froot)
Doki is an idiot.

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oh nonononono

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>making similar style of complaining tweets like she did in Niji whenever management denied her something
fagoons will say this is a nothingburger
3rd attempt soon

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well she really lives up to her reputation as a retard

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>she seriously involved her family in this
I know it's a shitposter bait thread, but she should have known better.

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makes even less sense when you've heard the stories she has told about her parents before. absolutely mind-boggling that she still involves them in anything

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It sounds like she was ranting on Twitter as it was happening. Damn, why air your dirty laundry like this. Is she retarded?

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Surely making another thread will change public opinion in Niji's favor right sisters?

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This picture is always funny because she's the mentally ill one.

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Jesus, this bitch is pathetic. How the fuck she even has fans is beyond me.

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So is Vox, but hey we don't talk about it right?

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But enough about Vox

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>multi billion dollar company losing to a mere mentally ill girl
So embarassing lol

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I don't hate her but it is weird to shittalk your mom when she's discussing your vtuber business, can't she see the tweets and translate them?

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She's Asian doing whiteface? Isn't that racist?

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Gunrun please...if you have a heart get Doki on board in vshojo and get her some of the actual competent management Matara has been raving about.

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god i hope she succeeds this time

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>Business talks
Arranged marriage meetups. It's not an awful idea since her current business strategy is forcing a bunch of collabs with a ton of fakes that just want to use her for numbers and not form any actual meaningful friendships, this might be the only genuine human contact for her.

To be real for a second, I skip every Collab of hers ever since she was so open about how there's no bonding behind the scenes. If there's not going to be any fun friendships developing or recurring series why the fuck should I care? Why endure grifting twitch whores? Mint and Matara are doing a boring podcast but I'm far more fucking invested in that because it's friends doing a consistent thing together

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>I skip every Collab of hers ever since she was so open about how there's no bonding behind the scenes.
source: your ass

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A certain region of the world relates to her mental illness

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Are there any real Canadian people left in Canada?

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https://www.youtube.com/live/gsnI3zuUbTY 20:02
>"It doesn't have to be like friendships and stuff, it can be just a casual relationship between business partners [...] mutual Collab partners"
>"Especially if you're like an introvert like me, I don't have to force myself to be friends with everybody I meet"
>"Maybe you groove with someone's on-stream personality, but off-stream you're just casual acquaintances"
Before you start, yes it's a perfectly valid approach and obviously not every vtuber has amazing friendships behind the scenes, but for me Doki goes too far with having complete randos each week. I don't give a shit about that clout-chasing twitch culture fakeness, never have and one of the main draws about Corpos to me is the consistency in collabs, it at the very least fakes a friendship better than a transparent grab at numbers.

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because not everyone is a third worlder nijishitter

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There's nothing wrong with what she's doing. You just want there to be a deeper friendship behind the curtain, to which viewers are not entitled and the streamers have no business doing this for the sake of the fanbase. Their friendships are theirs to make, break, and choose.

This is why NijiEN broke the way it did: they put up the illusion of a friend group and family that included everyone only to harshly oust someone that supposedly should have fit into the umbrella. Viewers felt betrayed because they saw the environment wasn't what they thought it was. Their expectations were betrayed.

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>complain about mom on twitter

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She's an absolute retard but I feel her on this one. It's fucking hard to cut your parents out of your life, you're wired to love them / society makes you feel your family is "shit" for not having a good relation with them. But some people are just asses and it's better not to have them around.

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Their PM killed them all.

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I literally just said that it was a valid approach and that I'm personally not invested in it, lrn2read mongloid

You're correct on the NijiEN shit though, the betrayal of that concept for hostile in-house cliques was the darkest path they could have gone down.

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She doesn't have to cut her family, she just has to NOT involve them in the business.

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Last time they left her to conduct her own business she did a double flip

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>>Lets her oppressive Asian mother manage her business and openly regrets it
Why doesn't she just fire her then?

>> No.73922527

and spent all the money she earned

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>suddenly /vt/ became /TMZ/

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Not true, they left her a few thousand for Fortnite skins

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Mom is definitely trying to marry her to Altare. He's Asian and pity sad girls. Now is the ideal time.

>> No.73922667

>also never let your family get involved with business because it makes it more stressful cause it's so hard to relax at home
this girl can't be serious...

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Seems like not much has changed since that old twitlonger

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Always has been newfag

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her statements invalidate both statements from nijisanji that claimed it was livers who did it, it definitely were the managers, they have shown to have the power and tendency to powertrip about it on MANY occasions
but this is not the narrative convenient for the [insert talent] antis so the loudest schizos pretend that Nijisanji's defamation statements are the unequivocal truth and irrefutable evidence so they can derail the "stop the abusive management" to "[insert talent] bad and evil and must be removed from life"

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>Still obsessing over every little thing dokibird does 2 full months later
Antis are her biggest fans i guess cause i just tune into streams and don't follow her on xter, Why TMZ and dig into her every fucking breath for some kind of gotcha to hyperfixate and exaggerate when NONE of that will ever bring back the audience niji lost?

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maybe bcs she just burn 200k last year so her mom being a fking normal mom and strictly looking through her finance. i know half of you don't have a parent that care about you but try to imagine it.

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>Still complains about manager post Niji
>Is even worse now because the manager is her mother
The more things change, the more things stay the same. I await the tweet accusing her family of bullying her

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Already sent to residential schools

>> No.73923524

It's all about how you consume content - you watch streams, he browses twitter.

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her manager is her mommy? lmao how do you fuck up that badly

>> No.73924459

so much for that victory lap, attempt number 3 incoming.

>> No.73924497

>letting her mom handle her "business"

she should do it on her own or get a "provisional". is her mom some kind of business manger?

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>Nijiseethe thread N°4237

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>Collabs with a whore who bullied her co-worker (Froot)
That didn't happen.

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It's just Asian mentality. She was crying because of her parents leeching off her like 5 years ago before she even had any money to steal, and is still letting them do it now. Of course they did stop her from offing herself so...idk maybe she does need to keep them around?

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Meanwhile Mint
>is getting mmore opportunities than doki ever did
>is managinig herself
>knows which ones to chose and which ones to reject
Turns out doki is just a shit person

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You know what's funny? Is that she was collabing a lot with Millie before Selen had her menhera attack about not being able to wait a day to get her cover checked.

>> No.73925462

Uh no sorry we don't want more ex-nijis outside of Mint.

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I don't know what you guys expected from a bpd menhera lol

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Yeah Doki lets her retarded chink family run her life, this has been known since before she even joined Niji. I don't really see any alternative because she has severe menhera and can't manage shit herself.

>> No.73925689

How fucking young is she that her mother is still managing her money?

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God I wish that was me

>> No.73925727

Blood is thicker than water Millie.

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>shittalking her parent on social media and stream
Not good behavior for a Chinese like her and she will never be Canadian

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she really is so fucking dumb jesus christ doki

>> No.73925815

She isn't young. She's probably 27 or older but her history with managing her own money is so shit, she decided to pass all the responsibility to her mom and is now whining about it. Pretty sad

>> No.73925994

She was the top NijiEN girl and still managed to make 0 profit. Do you really think she spent it ALL on projects? Truth is she's so extremely menhera that she has no financial awareness so she just passed that to her mother. Now her mom is telling her to stop wasting her money and she's whining about it

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Why are the Pakis so invested in Nijisanji when it's obvious Niji doesn't care for brown people as seen by the dissolution of Nijisanji India

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Rent-free, eh sisters?

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I don't even like Doki that much but the seething she causes by just existing is great to see

>> No.73926795

>she will never be Canadian
Why the fuck would you ever want to be Canadian?

>> No.73926978

Always nice of you guys to keep me updated on Doki's affairs. That way I don't need to open twitter myself.

>> No.73927349

Doki needs to be the one to establish contact.

>> No.73927691

>Not being okay with someone famous shitting on their mother after their mother agrees to help her with her business makes you a third worlder Nijisister

Glad to see fans reflect streamer

>> No.73927741

You are the reason everyone hates nijiniggers and nijisanji. Keep talking like this sisters.. just two more weeks of harassing her and your branch will magically gain all its support back!

>> No.73927766

Better than being called a Chinese on internet

>> No.73927872

>is getting mmore opportunities than doki ever did
cope. Being nina/matara's cocksleeve is hardly an opportunity
>>is managinig herself
Matara is her owner
>knows which ones to chose and which ones to reject
Matara* Knows which ones to allow her and which ones to deny her
But of course you are a doki vs mint falseflagging nijinigger who hates both for betraying your daddy riku. so why don't you shut the fuck up and rope yourself

>> No.73927916

I wish you fucking timelooping suicide mocking nijiniggers would all show us how it's done and do it in one try

>> No.73927958

I hope Lsemi Cucklock enjoys the fact she had the worst ever 3D debut in corpo history. And enjoys being aster's spare cocksleeve when he gets bored of scarle, maybe she can be passed around by the managers for a few weeks and get TWO whole songs in the next AR live
(That was a joke btw cause there will never be another AR live for nijiEN KEKW)

>> No.73927984

>How dare you joke about her suicide attempt?
>Who the fuck cares about Rushia? She kills herself every week, hopefully she dies for real

You moralfags aren't the fattest hypocrites in the west

>> No.73928040

Selen didn't sell her genmate's dox to japanese keemstar or abuse her ex husband and get BTFO'd in court for it retard

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>wutabout Rushia
Fuck off with your Chink tactics, Nijisister.

>> No.73928128

Literally everything you just said about her DIDN'T happen. Moralfags are seething

>> No.73928159

>worst ever 3D debut in corpo history
Worst 3D debut, so far. I'm betting on Reimu breaking her record.

>> No.73928299

Rushia sold her genmates out to japanese dramafaggots. This is a fact
Rushia got fired for this and then ran to said dramafaggot she sold dox to in order to make up some sob story that even the host was questioning her over
She repeatedly abused her husband/exhusband mafumafu and lost a defamation case against him
She threatened to sue hololive publicly but backed out
Was SO obsessed with being rushia she changed her michael cat persona into rushia 2.0 by hiring the same fucking artist and rigger
But no she is TOTALLY like selen who
>Never once threatened nijisanji publicly
>Only ever came out AFTER nijisanji proved they were harassing her by terminating her with an extensive smear campaign document
>had her abuse corroborated by every OTHER ExNiji member alleging similar mistreatment within the company
>Only took back the things that she came up with or belonged to her "Her intro/oshi mark/fan name" all of which were public domain
>Hasn't said a single word about niji since leaving
The contrast between them is so fucking insane

>> No.73928371

I don’t have anything against Doki at all but she’s an adult and should be able to handle her off days herself. And complaining about it to people online, while helping to vent off steam, does nothing. Absolutely nothing. What does her mother do that her manager, accountant or herself can’t handle?
>it’s because she’s Asian
I’m getting kind of sick of hearing this shit honestly, a lot of Asian people generalise this shit as an excuse to enable shitty behaviour from their parents, plenty are able to be adults and have working relationships with their parents or just don’t involve them with your fucking work

>> No.73928388

Of course you would bring up Rushia. She's as awful as you are.

>> No.73928430

This entire thread is just another festering hive of nijiniggers to seethe at doki for simply existing by making mountains out of literal nothingburgers. God you are the most pathetic dramafaggots ever

>> No.73928545

>Rushia got fired for this and then ran to said dramafaggot she sold dox to in order to make up some sob story that even the host was questioning her over
This literally never happened. She never went on his stream. She asked him for advice about her harassment in the workplace and showed her room as proof that she wasn't living with mafu to dissuade him from talking about it on his channel. She never abused mafu as there is no proof of this and she never lost a case against him. He is the one suing her and it's still ongoing

And that doesn't change the fact moralfags are crying about people making fun of suicide as they make fun of Rushia attempting suicide

>> No.73928573

Suddenly? Its fucking worse

>> No.73928698

>Me when i purposefully make up bullshit lies about stuff that's public knowledge

>> No.73928720

Gotta agree with this even as one who mains Holo and oshis her former genmate. I do wonder what dox did she tell...

>> No.73928831

Show me the stream where she sold people's dox and gave a sob story then. Show me the hard evidence that she was harassing mafu

>> No.73928973

>in my opinion it wasn't harassment

>> No.73930812

the script he's reading also states that he have read the documents very thoroughly, that he can barely keep himself from cracking up at because not only it would be illegal for him to see, he he literally can't read an HR complaint in JAPANESE
only for Dokibird to state right after the stream that lawyers confirmed that the talents in fact DID NOT read any of those documents, talents were only shown Doki's medical record. for the retarded and uneducated it only contained proof of her attempt on her own life.
the entire black stream with every statement made is invalid, including the "in my opinion"

>> No.73930834

She's still living under control of her cluster B parents? Get a fucking grip.

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>Yesterday, my dad threatened to kick me out. He then proceeded to get physically abusive towards me, I won't go into much details about it since it'd be very uncomfortable for some. For those who don't know, my parents have been living with me for almost a year now. They visited me in Canada from Hong Kong before covid got serious and have lied about leaving every month. They stayed with me in my one bedroom apartment where I had to sleep on a small couch for 6+ months with no personal space as the only rooms in my apartment were the bathroom and bedroom. When my lease was about to end a few months ago, they signed me up for a contract in a day without talking to me and I was forced to rent a 2 bedroom apartment that I couldn't afford, forcing me to be dependent on them to help me pay for the rent.
I've been trying to save up money with the intention of maybe having more freedom in the future without being forced to be financially dependent on my parents. I had around $30k+ in my bank account before my dad decided that he wanted a car in Canada because he was tired of renting one for months. It came out of my bank account, all $30,000+ with a monthly loan payment of $700 for the next few months. I had no say in it, they justified it by saying the car is in my name but I don't drive and have no intention of driving due to another traumatic experience.

It will happen again, she will get another menhera breakdown moment, you don't suddenly stop being a menhera is a cycle. Her parents will take her money again and she will explode.

>> No.73931566

So the sisters are this upset that Mika got picked up by Vshojo.

>> No.73931645

>Dokibird to state right after the stream that lawyers confirmed that the talents in fact DID NOT read any of those documents
Source? Because I thought all she said was that it was only meant for the lawyers to look at not that they were the only ones that looked at it

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God, that's so sad.

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Everyday the nijisisters stray farther from kami

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File: 1.35 MB, 2048x1370, 1699584562786012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just move out bitch, lmao
just go no-contact

>> No.73932377

So we have to wait for 4 more years?

>> No.73932534

What many people with little cultural awareness won’t realize is how common it can be in any part of Asia to have a strong sense of family. It isn’t uncommon for adults to live with their parents for one reason or another, and a child’s upbringing can easily root their values in these philosophies that make detaching from the household more difficult than it would be in an individualist-leaning culture.

Regardless, this is “exploitative parent” behavior that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

>> No.73932622

It's sad. An asian acquaintance has no long-term goals other than moving back in with her parents to take care of them when they're too old to wipe their own asses.

>> No.73932753

I.e. Asians are pussy-ass bitches who can't even stand up for themselves, or assert their own will. Goes well with them being manlets and all, I guess.

>> No.73933217

>you don't suddenly stop being a menhera is a cycle
She has a therapist now and I suspect he suggest she go no-contact with everyone from Niji. I think she'll be fine.

>> No.73933298

>Pot calling the kettle black
Rent free

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>dookieshart seething noone wants to collab with his failure outside of people that want to leech from her while Mint is still amazing friends with the larger vtubing sphere, including her nijien friends

>> No.73933351

So it's literally 99% of vtubers

>> No.73933526

Is she going to accuse her own mother of bullying to?

>> No.73933542

lol no wonder she was looking to LTG herself.

>> No.73933583

Let them have niji. Unless you want them in hololive

>> No.73933603

See >>73931428
If you read the whole thing there are some very unsavory things she says about her mother.

>> No.73933675

At this point it's obvious that doki is the problem but doesn't wants to admit it and is just blaming everyone else for her own fuckups.

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>100 posts dorya
holy fuck, pagpag hours are real
>tries to call someone else a niji falselfagger
>shits on Mint

>> No.73933774

But she was living with mafu.

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File: 3 KB, 272x80, WTKYS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rent free irrelevant bullshit
>reddit spacing
holy shit kys

>> No.73933877

>Victim blamer constantly blaming the victim for having a hard life
Kill yourself Faggot

>> No.73933892

>For what purpose?
asians IQ nose dive when it comes to their parents

>> No.73933957

>>is managinig herself
Matara is clearly using her team to help her

>> No.73934059

I'm the person you quoted, and I read that. Can't she just move out? She's almost hag status.

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File: 268 KB, 859x1200, 1684952977191835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Matara lives rent free in dookiekeks' heads
Sour grapes because Pomulen is dead and doki only has hetships now KEK

>> No.73934281

>daughter nearly ends herself
>mom is no worried and looking out for her
what did she expect

>> No.73934300

Doki is the one that rents the place she lives, her parents are just coasting since forever
Doki will never learn

>> No.73934358

>daughter nearly ends herself
Maybe it was all a lie to manipulate the public perspective, have you thought about that?

>> No.73934451

Get a life, mentally ill sistrash.

>> No.73934474

If her parents are leeching. Doki needs to grow a spine and tell them to gtfo.

>> No.73934483

haha yeah we can also safely assume at this point that niji management did nothing wrong. It's just selen being an absolute menhera blaming everyone else for her own fuckups, right?

>> No.73934541

Yep, good to see we agree.

>> No.73934753

She's Asian, not white.

>> No.73934849
File: 227 KB, 1080x1641, 1713032084411536.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe you are full of so much shit even your bulloshis refute your fantasies, have you ever thought about that?

>> No.73934919

>Everyone makes mistakes

>> No.73934965

nijisisters like you as well as your oshit le retard de Vox and swindler luca are totally innocent, right?

go fuck yourselves

>> No.73935022

A true statement meant to humanize oppositions.

>> No.73935023

They do it cuz deep down, they know their oshis secretly want to.

>> No.73935113


>> No.73935137

you can take off that wisp mask now, kurosanji dickrider.

>> No.73935219
File: 2.16 MB, 365x205, 20240401_183054.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this equates to "bullying a co-worker"
You don't even know she posted that on her own channel, do you, you catalogfagging insect?

>> No.73935830
File: 30 KB, 680x345, 1879698469542914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uh, what the hell?! I had no idea she had such a shitty life even before she joined the black corpo.

I genuinely hope she's free from both Nijisanji and her stalker parents right now.

>> No.73935981

Guess I gotta donate some more money

>> No.73936008

>what is sarcasm i don't understand
the entire state of nijiniggers

>> No.73936049

>i was just pretending to be retarded
ok retard

>> No.73936256

>I genuinely hope she's free from both Nijisanji and her stalker parents right now.
Click the link in the OP

>> No.73936340
File: 79 KB, 1077x1061, 1706585329667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>73935830 (Me)
Wait a sec, I didn't realize the tweet in the OP was made recently.
>Her mom is still there
Well, fuck.

>> No.73936385

retarded cunt kys

>> No.73936391
File: 101 KB, 720x820, 1000000616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her fucking Twitter you brainlet
do the bare fucking minimum

>> No.73936602

She confirms that her medical record was still private info though.

>> No.73936603

Maybe they have a good relationship now.

>> No.73936631

>medical record
>in canada
Good one

>> No.73936796

not very relevant considering she got so rich she casually burned 200k in 2023 alone
also their relationship clearly changed a lot in the period where she offed herself twice
but the concept of time's passage is an alien concept for anons being too busy to project their own mommy and daddy issues on the lives of others

>> No.73936842

>Nova no mention of dookie anywhere other than that force chat interaction in that one game.
Dragoons are delusional like chumbuds at this point. If pomu one of the sweetest girls want nothing do with you that should raise red flags all over it. But because tribalism exist those redflags will be ignored

>> No.73936868

It's not my fault you are so bad at detecting sarcasm.
Did that anon struck a nerve, Nijincel? LOL

>> No.73936947

the document the black stream revolves around and Vox claims to have read thoroughly was in fact not shown to them
you can even hear him almost crack up there
the production value of that staged performance was as good as their AR Live lol

>> No.73936948

gotta love when catalogfags unintentionally out themselves as not watching streams, at all

>> No.73937005

Good think mint doesnt want to get in there either

>> No.73937048

She kept living with her parents for years after this btw and only got her own place last year.
This is why I'm surprised she even left Niji, she seems like she's willing to absorb an almost unlimited quality of abuse.

>> No.73937049

Just tell us you don't watch streams

>> No.73937077
File: 94 KB, 480x480, 1659143892792196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why endure grifting twitch whores?
>oshis doki

>> No.73937128

I hope you guys are right. I don't want to see her go through shit again.

>> No.73937243

Attempt 3 soon, this time with disowning her parents!

>> No.73937313
File: 385 KB, 645x437, are_you_for_real.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you going on about?

>> No.73937387

>outs himself as a catalogfag
People call me crazy, but I honestly believe she's willing to cast a lifesaver to any liver that leaves Nijisanji. Even if they haven't been on the friendliest of terms. Simply because she that nice of a person.

>> No.73937500

Roach is using her to help roach's numbers

>> No.73937561

I'm glad Gura and Doki makes retards like you seethe in agony

>> No.73937590

Then why isn't she collabing with Mint and Sayu?

>> No.73937656

Because they don't need a lifesaver.

>> No.73937659

>she doesn’t know

>> No.73937696

According to who?

>> No.73937777

read her tweet about her father breaking down crying

>> No.73937855

Their CCV and not not having a hatemob after them. I believe the reason she doesn't want to collaborate with ex-Nijis is because she cold turkey cut them for the sake of her mental heath, which is a good move, but if someone's career is on the line she'll spare a tweet or two to help them out. Because she is this nice.

>> No.73937859

She made that up btw

>> No.73937864

Maybe because she doesn't want to? Does she owe you a reason? Like maybe her therapist advising her to cut people (good or bad) associated with one of tue lowest points in her life out of it until she feels ready to invite them back in if she ever does?

>> No.73937939

>dookiefags say she will collab with anyone taht wants to collab with her
>ask why she doesn't wants to collab with certain people
>uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck off chud
lmfao fagoon truly are paper tigers just like their oshit

>> No.73937979
File: 107 KB, 680x524, 1712344539090413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73937989

And 100000 other delusions you keep on having, Nijisisturd.

>> No.73937998

Opinion discarded

>> No.73938014

If your oshi was a vtuber instead of drama you'd be a happier person.

>> No.73938052

>gura mention
Rent fucking free. Do you think everyone who watches holo talent is a fan of your oshi? This is reddit hive mentality. Go back

>> No.73938060
File: 670 KB, 695x620, 1695138372674223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but enough about dookie

>> No.73938100

Let me guess, it was revealed to you in a dream?

>> No.73938104

Is it really digging into her life when shes posting it all on twitter?

>> No.73938187

So you can get fixed up by a doctor every time you get injured without going bankrupt

>> No.73938205

Seethe harder, retard.
Get a load of this LARPer.

>> No.73938227

That's probably why her mom and dad won't leave if we're being honest. She's too much of mental loose cannon to be left living on her own especially when this isn't the first time she attempted suicide. They must be fucking scared of leaving then finding out their daughter died because of an overdose.

>> No.73938301
File: 595 KB, 664x807, 1713083129953288.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your company is a paper tiger. Where did the billion dollars go, Riku?

>> No.73938319

>an overdose.
Or worse: of a delayed song cover

>> No.73938348

Go back

>> No.73938367

She is straight edge you threadwatching dipshit.

>> No.73938388

And what exactly made you want to dig shit from before Doki even joined Kurosanji? Do tell.

>> No.73938407
File: 19 KB, 400x400, 1689995199753988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no argument
I accept your cuckcession cuckgoon

>> No.73938426

Self limiting beliefs.
She attracted into her life what she was used to, and as expected she attracted her mother's unhealthy behavior into her life.

She needs to reject this belief and turn it around into its opposite.

>> No.73938462

Are you daft or just desperate to pin every post on the same person? As im reading this thread im replying to the posts. Clearly, i am about half way down. Schizo.

>> No.73938491

>Yesterday, my dad threatened to kick me out. He then proceeded to get physically abusive towards me
>There's so many stories I can tell of the messed up things they do while they're here such as how my mom loves to hit my dog because to her, "it's fun"
I could believe her parents mooching off of her and being annoying, asian parents are like that, but these seem kinda exaggerated. Would someone who clearly loves her dog as much as she does just "get over" someone beating it "for fun"? Or your dad physically abusing you? And this was only 4 years ago, not 10. Come on.

>> No.73938512

Taking prescription meds is no longer straight edge. Taking Tylenol or anything that's manufactured doesn't make you straight edge. Drinking doesn't make you straight edge. Sorry but you are nothing but a boot licker of a fan have some self respect

>> No.73938545

Who would she blame when youtube itself takes it off the internet?

>> No.73938575

Where was your argument? You stopped reading mine at "Does she owe you a reason?" and then acted like I didn't give you one immediately after that.

>> No.73938668

Where was your argument? You stopped reading mine at "Does she owe you a reason?" and then acted like I didn't give you one immediately after that.

>> No.73938742

>it came to me in a dream

>> No.73938772

Considering she's /here/ I do wonder what she thinks of threads such as these? Does she just avoid them or does Doki feast on seething sister tears?

>> No.73938797

martyrdom at its finest. She just wants to be the victim so much that she puts herself in the position to become one easily

>> No.73938802

Well if it isn't the delusional little Enna/Elira avatarfaggot? How's life in mental asylum?

>> No.73938890

>How's life in mental asylum?
But enough about dookie's immediate future

>> No.73938940

Its almost comical how much of a 180 dragoons have made since their oshi has attempted to off herself. Even a year ago you would have them spouting shit akin to wishing death upon anyone male selen collabed with but now all of a sudden they are trying to take the moral high ground. Completely laughable

>> No.73938945

Stuff like this happens in anonymous boards. Get used to it.

>> No.73939023

I am aware. Its why i called out that schizo replying to every post as if they were the same person

>> No.73939054

>Even a year ago you would have them spouting shit akin to wishing death upon anyone male selen collabed with
You got this a little confused sis, it wasn't dragoons it was voxcucks after Reimu left them traumatized

>> No.73939059

She probably flicks her clothes reading her dragoons bullshit and tribalism

>> No.73939102

No, vox's retards were worse but dragoons were literally nuclear every time she collabed with anyone male, especially those outside niji

>> No.73939134

Clit. Typo I hate this fucking phone. Can't wait until I get home

>> No.73939179

Keep dreaming, incel.

>> No.73939215

Yeah I saw that.

One can rightly love their parents, but I'd argue involving them in business like this is a dire mistake.

Hire the services of a professional business manager, not family. Family works cheap because of the stress they cause you need the money for therapy.

>> No.73939224 [SPOILER] 
File: 56 KB, 827x502, Screenshot from 2024-04-18 10-53-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seething about doki and dragoons /here/ isn't going to change this

>> No.73939226

To be fair, she pretty much replaced her fanbase. When the #WhereIsSelen thing was happening there were like 10 dragoons on this board keeping threads alive for 12+ hours.

>> No.73939251

>trying to tap your button while your parents live with you, never work and have forced you into the living room of the apartment you rent
Im beginning to think shes so crazy because she cant even do that

>> No.73939298

But enough about fagoons

>> No.73939308

This place isnt a good indication of her fanbase. Most of them come from reddit

>> No.73939420

But enough about Enna and Elira's pathetic fans.

>> No.73939478

Sayu would literally cream herself if Doki agreed to collab with her.

>> No.73939487

This place is a good indicator of Nijisisters astroturfing like their goddamn lives depend on it.

>> No.73939521

Them and dramatourists

>> No.73939585
File: 47 KB, 157x216, 4564564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone with elira pic calls others "cuck"
Lmao even
Aren't those vermins went to billibilli for their pedo vox?

>> No.73939698
File: 296 KB, 2400x1600, 1690781024780756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>esl post

>> No.73939767

this is the same father that cried in front of her btw. God i hate asian parenting so much.

>> No.73939775

Those threads had 80-120 IPs. Yes some of them were tourists but there was no trouble keeping it bumped except late night. Every dragoon I know is still a dragoon, though she did pick up new fans after the termination.
As far as I know "Selen unicorns" were confined to very early /nijien/, like 2021, and were probably just falseflaggers. Nobody gave a shit in /HAHA/.

>> No.73939833

>mutt's pain
>slop as post pic

>> No.73939913
File: 779 KB, 624x560, 1691729466415779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KEK dookiesharts keep seething when being called out. Just as menhera as dookie herself KEK.

>> No.73939987

It's been two months and sisters can't come up with a better insult without revealing their obsession with shit. Why is this?

>> No.73939997

ohnononononono dookiebros

>> No.73940073

Shit taste...

>> No.73940213

What? Wouldn't this make more sense with Pikamee/Henya?

>> No.73940239

>Shit's been number two months and shitsters cacan't poop up shith a butter shitsult shithout repeeling their poopsession shith shit. Wipe is shit?
Huuhh?? What did dookieturd mean??

>> No.73940249

If doki accepted me as her boyfriend she could tap her love button as much as she would like. But I suspect that she might be lesbian. She could live with me free of charge. I had the blessing of inheriting a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house when my grandma passed away. Her parents however can stay at her old building. I never knew having a decent sized house would be so boring when you're the only person living on it.

>> No.73940302

She would cream all over my lips

>> No.73940347

Shes probably dogsexual if anything. The only wiener getting close to her snatch is her wiener dog

>> No.73940400

Birds actually, and now robots.

>> No.73940444

>is getting mmore opportunities than doki ever did
Mint literally has zero sponsorships and zero merch. She is probably the only vtuber ever that has doubled her CCV but still lost income because she is so shit at taking advantaged of her position

>> No.73940494

Not beating the allegations by replying like this, shitster.

>> No.73940507

She technically has merch... with vshojo

>> No.73940555

I donno if she has sponsors but her Matara collab launched with merch. She's also making $7500/mn just on Youtube memberships. She's probably making more than in Niji because it's not split 2/98 or 50/50 respectively with the corpo.

>> No.73940615 [DELETED] 
File: 143 KB, 338x360, 324232.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder for sisters - your idol - ugly pedophile lmao.
Now cry and report this post.

>> No.73940625

>this retard unironically thinks that sponsorships give fuckton of money
LMFAO if sponsorships were actually that good in terms of making money then we wouldn't be seeing random 1view shitter getting sponsors.

>> No.73940667

For most asians, especailly SEA, they dont care about anything but skin colour, so even an ugly white pedo is still an improvement compared to the dude down the road

>> No.73940712

It is very strange how in literally every single situation in her life Doki is the biggest victim

>> No.73940743

If sponsorships actually never paid well, we wouldn't have huge streamers/Youtube channels shilling Raid Shadow Legends or NordVPN.
It's almost as though they all have different contracts and they pay more to big content creators than 1views.

>> No.73940821

Realistically, how hard would it be for me to find a wife in SEA? I'm not fat and I'm white but I'm in my 30s and still live with my mom.

>> No.73940853

I mean if you didnt notice the BPD redflags during her "my parents abused me" pity arc waaaaaaaaaay before the whole bullying fiasco thats on you

>> No.73940871

Depends if you can promise them and their family an easy in into your country. But id honestly believe it would be pretty fucking simple

>> No.73940919

If you move to sea and have your mom send you about 200 USD a month so can convert that in sea currency then you could even wed some rich prick daughter in Indonesia.

>> No.73940956

She's probably very bad with money.
Is mr man still in the picture?

>> No.73940974

Really not that hard. If you can do as >>73940871 says. Probably much easier if you're white or at least st minimum olive

>> No.73941014

They always say marry lighter, so as long as you arent full ass brown, you should be fine

>> No.73941020

Well then good to see we agree that dookie isn't big, seeing how she's almost a 3view shitter already and getting mogged daily by Mint

>> No.73941095
File: 633 KB, 909x1031, 1707808984939832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Daily grassroot attempt #1665416541631631+
>Still NijiKEK is hemorraging subs
>Niji is locked in 3view and Low Finana numbers
>Still can't let it go the fact that they are a miserable bunch of fujos
Do us a favor and an hero already sister

>> No.73941096

You can be black you just need to play in the nba or be a multi record label rapper to Wed in sea countries.

>> No.73941105

Can you stop bringing mint into your drama mud flinging fit. Thanks

>> No.73941146

She's just not a grifter.

>> No.73941155

Yea, money is always a great incentive but to truly make your future wife's parents happy, you need to be as light as possible

>> No.73941181

Is okay to flaunt dookies numbers at shitty sanji but when someone is getting bigger numbers than doki its a problem to numberfag?

>> No.73941190
File: 230 KB, 421x423, 1686530376483523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong fagoon? Can't handle Mint being inifinitely more succesfull than the bpd menhera dookie?

>> No.73941252

Not them but
>hates fujos
>likes doki
? ? ?

I know mint comes /here/ so i dont want her suffering anymore. Stop trying to rope her into your fucking drama campaign

>> No.73941320

>Stop trying to rope her into your fucking drama campaign
Rich coming from a fagoon considering how much you fags have been spamming her chat about mentioning your failure of vtuber until she literally told you to fuck off during the Shinkansen stream.

>> No.73941352

Women amirite?

>> No.73941378

False and all other dramatubers thanks for more ammo for another week. See ya next post in which you seethe they still call you Nijisis.
Seriously you should all kill yourselves, the dramafaggotry will never end huh?

>> No.73941394

I dont know why you think im a fucking dragoon but knock that shit off too. I dont watch grifters

>> No.73941424

Mental retardation or nijisister?

>> No.73941451

Definitely a falseflagger but too coherent to be a sister. Id say its a dramabegger

>> No.73941462

Sounds like a big fat "not my problem". Imagine beating this almost-dead horse three months straight and still going.

>> No.73941507
File: 500 KB, 680x381, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mental retardation or nijisister?

>> No.73941513

Beating the horse like her mum beats her dog

>> No.73941595

Which she laughed off and continued looking around. Revisionism is the new sis tactic since they have lost every other battle, I hope that volcano actually makes a good tsunami, it would be a world cleansing act.

>> No.73941641

That dog dick yeah mine
That robot and cockatoo dick also mine
She loves my dick too much

bird dick and robot dick

>> No.73941673
File: 1.89 MB, 1576x1060, 20240316_104911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You forgot to call her fat, sister.

>> No.73941772

So is okay for you to rope everyone else? Nah nah. Look if pomu doesn't want anything to do with her there must be a fucking reason. Even mumei axel and altare cared more for her than pomu has.

>> No.73941845
File: 76 KB, 688x354, Movie_i_see_dead_people-769472.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>literally told you to fuck off during the Shinkansen stream.
Do...do Sisters just live on a different existential plane of reality or something?

>> No.73941853

Probably because part of mint's problem was selen too. Theres a reason she hasnt said a word to the dramamagnet. Last you youre getting form me today. Off to work like the good little slave i am

>> No.73941939

Short answer: Yes

>> No.73942254
File: 34 KB, 227x222, 1707331660061029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do...do Sisters just live on a different existential plane of reality or something?
Schizofrenia is a hell of a disease, Münchaussen even...

>> No.73942782

Wait besides being supporting genital mutilation to children and being a duplicitous whore she bullied her co-workers too?
I'm gonna need some proof for that just to add this on her list.

>> No.73942865

>everyone makes mistakes

>> No.73942919

He's one of our resident /nijien/ subhumans and he's been doing this for years. He always flags as a lazufag, usually Elira, and shits on Selen, trying to start drama about shit nobody cares about. Probably does it for different livers too under another false flag.

>> No.73943046

>Twittard dramaniggers dogpiling her
>proof of bullying
I don't think that's what Anon had in mind.

>> No.73943079

>Dokibird is doing her thing and distancing herself from Nijisanji
>Nijifans keep obsessing over Dokibird 24/7
>Dokibird doesn't even care to acknowledge the Nijifans' yapping
>Nijifans enter Maximum Seethium REEEEEEEEE mode

>> No.73943108

If she felt publically going "everyone makes mistakes" in her chat, you can just imagine what shit was going on behind the scenes.

>> No.73943208
File: 414 KB, 1080x641, 1711987282801137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any actual proof besides your fanfic deductive reasoning, Sherlock?

>> No.73943783

>takes a "rest day"
>still doesn't have enough backbone to refuse work on the rest day
>Doesn't actually get any rest days

....How many years and breakdowns is it going to take before this retard menhera(not saying in insulting manner, all chuubas are retard menheras at this point) finally rubs her braincells together and realizes she actually needs TWO rest days to have one real rest day?

>> No.73944189

I like Doki, but I don't trust this bitch with anything independent after what's transpired in the past 6 months.

>> No.73944391

Ok, this level of falseflagging is so into negative that I am gonna give a (You) to try again anon. Or to at least admit you are an ESL faggot.

>> No.73944511

>The pakis
Nigga pakis barely watch Dragon Ball how do you expect them to watch vtubers?

>> No.73944555

>Part of the problem.
>Referred positively to her twice.
You know, have you just considered that maybe they don't want to force things since both of them are free to do whatever they want now rather than forcing a duo for clout like the roach with her?
3 episodes and the argument has always been "Mint" repeatedly. So much for a 2 people podcast.

>> No.73944614

Woman are forbidden in Paki do to anything except being raped and staying home. Unironically.
You expect them to not use fujo as escapism?

>> No.73944656

Can someone tells him NijisanjiEN audience mainly consist of Americans and flips? They're the ones who are migrating their western bullshit into the hobby.

>> No.73944950
File: 381 KB, 2048x1408, 1692841082014542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sour grapes dookiecuck

>> No.73945338

>NijisanjiEN audience mainly consist of Americans
Big if true.

>> No.73945372

If the Doki situation taught us anything, it's that this is more than highly probable.
No matter how much ass you try to kiss she ain't sleeping with you.

>> No.73945480


>> No.73945501
File: 119 KB, 785x499, 1691400011650458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73945653

Nijinigs in a nutshell lmao

>> No.73945781

Yeah they are destroying dookiesharts, holofags and dramanigs (all the same trash btw) :)

>> No.73945962

>...in my delusional fan fic

>> No.73946047

Who are you quoting? Your mother with dementia? KEKKAROO

>> No.73946131


>> No.73946144

Depends. I remember there were currency charts going around after Elira's comeback stream showing something like >60% coming from USD and JP being 20%. On the other hand Sonny's BD was completely pag-pag currencies.

>> No.73946193


>> No.73946241

But enough about Enna, rumao.

>> No.73946244

>This is why NijiEN broke the way it did: they put up the illusion of a friend group and family that included everyone
I'd be shocked if anyone other than zoomers believed that, it was so blatantly fake

>> No.73946403

>newfag Nijinig cant even follow his own reply chain

>> No.73946436


>> No.73946477 [DELETED] 

Fingers crossed that Doki takes on Cruelty Squad in the future.

>> No.73946568

Ok well Hololive does the same thing and tons of people here believe it.

>> No.73946597

Eh, I was able to suspend disbelief. I genuinely didn't expect them to be driving each other to self-deletion attempts

>> No.73946606

then why are all of the superchats in taiwanese dollars and yen?

>> No.73946683

So that would be a no to having proof then?

>> No.73946723 [DELETED] 
File: 242 KB, 2048x1641, IMG_6653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here have some doki feet

>> No.73946750

Because Mainland Chinks use Taiwanese VPNs to get on YouTube.

>> No.73946759

Hololive is actually good at it tho

>> No.73947202 [SPOILER] 
File: 231 KB, 935x701, 1712282173721555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Opens up 4chan
>Skip over /vt/
>Opens /d/, /aco/, and /trash/ in separate tabs
>Find Starscream_in_a_Diaper.png
>Pic related

>> No.73947263

Bro, this is sad girl company tier.
>no meds, no docs
What the fuck.

>> No.73947299

Niji had everyone fooled as well, you're gonna feel stupid when all of Cover's secrets come out into the open

>> No.73947391

>had everyone fooled
had the sisters fooled you mean. Nobody with half a brain thought they were a good company after seeing the shit going on in JP and KR, let alone the garbage they kept putting people like Selen through publicly.

>> No.73947860

that's treason to the glorious heroes of the CCP

>> No.73948772