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>mother cosplaying as your oshi
You just know that he probably came buckets (preferably into her) after this whole thing. I mean, he looks so uncomfortable, i wouldn't blame him for thinking about "it".

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If he didn't fuck her repeatedly and came inside her every time after that then he's not a man. She was practically begging for him to fuck her.

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Yeah, she is a female cosplayer, after all.

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I would've raped her then and there if she was my mother.

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>checks video
>he immediately closes the door and walks away
just as based

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The rest of the world doesn't operate like it does in Alabama you fucking retard. Considering how sacred parents are in Japan and how people think of chuubas over there he was most likely traumatized by that especially if he had feelings of wanting to fuck his oshi or masturbates at night to lewds.

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A hag is a hag.

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fibby bibby

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>he wouldn't return to the hole that was literally made for him

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thats an interesting way to kill your porn, kek.

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So, anyone wanna post a code for some good cosplay JAV?

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makeup should be illegal holy fuck

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t. sissy

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Mating press memes aside, a normal person would be extremely weirded out by their mother cosplaying as a streamer they watch. I dont blame the dude for his reaction.

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That makes it even worse. She knows that he can't act on his wishes, still decides to taunt him with her body.

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Yeah jokes aside he says something like this in the video, it's honestly kinda sad for the poor guy. At least it would'va worn off after a while because she just surprised him with the cosplay once as opposed to doing it for say an entire day or something. Not much time to really associate Okayu with his mom.

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If you look at her blog you'll see her boasting about spending over 5 million yen ($32k+) on plastic surgery too

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Iwish he was my friend...

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The mom cosplaying her son's oshi is all ways of fucked up. She must realize he's in some way attracted to Okayu. She must realize that's weird.
But she did it anyway.
If you look at the channel, it also features videos of the mom trying out cosplay stuff with her (apparently grade school age) daughter. She's milking her family for views in general.

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>Youtube mother using her families general interests and reactions as content for clicks
Glad to see japanese youtube has the same problems as ours.

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This thing bothers me too much I can't..

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I don't like family vlog channels and Japan doesn't get a pass for it. Even this channel is a little questionable.

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That is what the fang represents in anime

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this shit felt like an humiliation ritual, that kid will have deep seated anger issues towards his mom.

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high level post even with context

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JP Rissa

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is it because of the percentage of inbreeds in JP? or because of the soft diet they have?

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How on earth do they find that cute

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It is associated with youth

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Poor genetics, same as England.

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it's considered sexy

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This bratty hag NEEDS rape correction

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mother son incest is the best
their bodies are very compatible

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It's one of those things that's hot in porn but would repulse me in real life.

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as long as mom is hot, like genuinely hot, would it really?
I'm not so sure

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My mom recently sent me an AI generated picture of how she'd look if she was "an anime" (sic).
It was... extremely uncomfortable. mainly because she looked exactly my favorite character from Blue Archive

Mind you, I've known I've had an Oedipus complex since at least puberty, but man if she doesn't help with her weird pseudo-sexual comments towards me and about herself sometimes.

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It'd repulse me if it was my mom specifically. She's not bad looking or anything, just the thought of doing sexual stuff with her in particular is disturbing.

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I couldn't make it through this whole thing without pausing...jesus fucking christ, I haven't had 2nd hand cringe this hard to a REALLY long time. If this ever happened to me I would never speak to my mother ever again.

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Man, if this happened to me... and my mom looked like that...

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I want to fuck my mom (Mio)

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I wrote this post

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counterpoint: europeans did it when they conquered half the world

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This is one of those things that is really hot as a concept for a doujin, but is actually a fucked up thing to do in reality. The sons is visibly pissed and I dont blame him, his own mom is using him as clickbait for views.

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>Mom looks young and attractive in make up
>Mom is a gyaru
>Mom has an incredibly attractive body for her age
>Mom is literally going out of her way to make him horny
>Literally keeps his hands in front of his crotch while talking to her
No jury in the world composed of mostly men would convict him for incest.
I legit wonder how she would have reacted if he told her her had a massive boner. Surely she realizes her son has needs badly at that age?

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>She's milking her family

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you need to watch more Japanese porn

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I love those JAVs where the son has to fuck his entire family of girls, I should watch some more

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Damn that sounds gross, is there a code for one such JAV so I can avoid it

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it's fake

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thank god i dont have to walk a mile in this anon's shoes

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You guys are only calling this hot because its someone else's mom. If your actual real life mom did this to you, how would you react?

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my mom isn't this hot

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It's hot when it's someone else's mom because someone else's mom is always nicer than your own mom.

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His mom looks younger than me while wearing makeup despite being older than me.

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cute woman cosplaying as Okayu!

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I won't know, my mom is not hot like his.

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Later, this lady reached out to Okayu to record a happy birthday message for her son, probably as an apology.

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I wrote both these posts and am blatantly samefagging

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If my mom is hot and we're japanese, I be down for some incesting

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My mother is usually too old-looking but she's been mistaken for my girlfriend before when we've been out together. If she wore the right makeup, though, she'd look good enough that I'd easily crumble before her and submit to her will.

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Did Okayu deliver?