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post any examples you've got, I've got a few
>How Haato ACTUALLY speaks English (Australian Accent)
>Subaru becomes a girl when under stress
>miko laughs, accidentally reveals real voice

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Haato actually knows how to speak English above 3 year old level?

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Haato real voice awakened a primal urge to levels I have never felt before

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God Haato speaking like that is so hot

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glad we all agree, wish she'd do that voice during her english streams

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>haato real voice
actual diamonds

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i know most of us have seen this at this point but i just want to post this

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>That Haato voice

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hadn't seen this yet, thanks m8

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I can't a girl that sounds like that ate a fucking tarantula live on stream

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Human Ollie is too sexy

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Her english still seems pretty shite desu. Obviously the voice was a put-on but this is barely above her usual level.

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>Rushia real voice?
>Subaru v2

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Haato does.
Haachama doesn't.

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Waitaminute there. Is Ollie actually a christmas cake?

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Holy shit Haato's voice is hot

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This is what a normal girl sounds like when she's tired

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Haato has done that voice before though. I doubt its the real one!
Here you go

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That's a really good marine impression

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does anyone have that Noel one?

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We have only just begun.

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Isn't that just her Rushifer voice? She does it a lot. That's probably not her real voice either but the deepest she can get.

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marine's real voice

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>Marine's hands typed this post.

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fuck that haato clip... I would actually watch her if she spoke like that during streams but I guess it would ruin her shtick

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That's not Haato's real voice, though it is probably closer to it than her usual voice is.

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Haachamas ability to understand English actually seems pretty decent. But her playing dumb for comedy and using a character voice while being ESL makes her seem dumb. It's evident from her success she's actually a pretty clever girl and good entertainer.

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>spidereater is calling chat disgusting
pot calling the kettle a nigger

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Go back, moron.

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Risu's real voice during No Nut November:

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It's not completely different, but Aqua starts off her sentence with her real voice and then gradually reverts to her stream voice.

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That's more like Red-kun, her male persona. Her normal voice is higher than that but not that far off, heard it somewhere.

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I didnt know many transfer students, but i would assume if she graduated from a australian high school she would be more fluent in english than what she puts on. The way haachama speaks atleast seems like it would be hard for her to talk to anybody in an english speaking country.

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This clip also has some haachama normal voice English

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There's no way the high pitched Subaru is her natural voice, no one talks like that.

>>737938 is probably more accurate

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How to hell do Japanese have so much control over their vocal range, I noticed this from comparing anime seiyuu to dub voice actors as well, very few westerners seem to be able to manipulate their voice as much as Japanese can.

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Why does Haachama's English sound a shit ton better with a more deep voice?

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Pekora slips for a second

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She sounds way better instead of with that fake cutesy voice

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Nah, this is her real voice

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japan is a fake society for fake people

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>actual haato voice
God when will she capitalize on DLC voice just like Risu
>real Miko voice
I mean her babby voice literally is her real voice
Did you ever watch that sleep talking video?

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because she is faking being retarded

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That's so sexy

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That's her Red-kun/pretending to be a dude voice, anon. I'm sure she's not as high pitch and high energy as Haachama is all the time but that's definitely not her real voice.

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I think english in general just sounds better/more natural in a lower register.
Pikamee comes to mind, she's actually fully bilingual (well, idioms and expressions aside), and whenever she speaks in English her voice suddenly drops an octave. I don't know if it's that it's easier to speak English at a lower pitch or something?

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Is that why they all kill themselves

>> No.749525

So maybe her real voice is between the "puke her guts out" and the "arigathanks"?

>> No.749588

I don't if I watch too much Matsuri or her real voice doesn't really have much difference from her usual voice. https://youtu.be/y22x7tXpqFE

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The only real thing they can ever do.

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its probably not as bad as she makes it seem but shes reading from a message it the clip so its not her words

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Red-kun is Haachama's ikemen voice so it should be somewhere at or near her lowest register. It's not her regular speaking voice.

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God, Ayunda's voice makes me hard everytime

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I expected some drastically different voices.
But I only hear variations of the same voices. IRL girls show an equal degree of variability.

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What vtubers don't actually alter their voice during streams?

>> No.750105

Just watch her roommate if you want to hear her real voice. I don't think they sound different either, really.

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Other than being amped up a bit like a radio host, I'm pretty sure Noels voice is basically natural. She's commented before that she's afraid to speak in public in case her voice is recognized.

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Coco let her accent slip during a Towa yab.

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Towa's voice is so hot...

>> No.750802

There's a similar effect with English actors. Their voices for whatever reason are usually a bit deeper in their native accent. I attributed this to american English maybe having nasally vowels but honestly idk. It could be that this is all just a cultural thing.

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>bonus Amelia saying n-word

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Oh I have something for this. The deep cut of Miko's still unarchived Thief Simulator stream.

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>that slip
actually pretty cute.

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Matsuri, Amelia, Calli and Ina off the top of my head.

>> No.751296

>(Australian Accent)
i don't hear it at all. and i watch an aussie almost daily

>> No.751314

Miko's just a professional who upkeeps her work voice at all times

>> No.751331

I'm Australian and it's definitely an Asian Australian accent. She sounds like she's from Sydney.

>> No.751332

I don't know how you can't hear it, especially on the "new".

>> No.751340

Wow, Marine was Rie Kugimiya this whole time?

>> No.751410

>Subaru becomes a girl when under stress
where exactly is the real voice here? I've seen this linked plenty of times before but it's just a bunch of screaming and panting. This is better: https://youtu.be/_2NEhsk5kQ8?t=140

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>ame clip
Warn a nigga before doing a face reveal.

>> No.751465

Yeah, it's clearly not her real voice in the OP video. Just a different one. I think she is deliberately "accidentally" feminine sometimes as a sort of meta character thing.

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>post still up
Mods are asleep, post scat

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A-am I not supposed to post faces?

>> No.751631

It's against the rules but the mods don't appear to have noticed

>> No.751641

Read the rules and sticky you newfag. You'll have plenty of time with your ban.

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Well, there it goes. Reposting the Gura one since there's no face.

Let's see if I'm banned.

>> No.751687

Guess I'm not. My bad, anyway. Sticky has now been read.

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Can't post their roommates either moron

>> No.751713

It doesn't say that anywhere.

>> No.751729

the actress was also another vtuber beforehand.

We can talk about vtubers here.

And fuck this retarded jargon of saying "roommate". You niggers had me confused for like 4 days

>> No.751784

Goddamn this place really is filled with newniggers.

>> No.751800

Go back, dumbfuck.

>> No.751802

They just have a generally higher pitch, I've rarely heard a Japanese VA doing low guttural monster voices as good as western VA does

>> No.751810

I hope you and everyone you ever loved wiil get cancer and die painfully.

>> No.752585

I wonder that too, no way even Tom Kenny could keep up his SpongeBob voice for hours at a time.

>> No.752616

come on man

>> No.752664

I'm pretty sure that Haato's actual voice came out when she was puking because it's hard to keep up a character voice when you're currently vomiting.

>> No.752991

For some of them it's the only choice they alone ever make in their life without pressure of society, family, or government. Tying that rope, going to that ledge, or running a tube from their exhaust pipe into their window. For some that's the only vacation or release they'll ever have. I can't even comprehend that, the only decision in ones life being their own death.

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>> No.753052

What did he mean by this

>> No.753162

People prefer using "Mori" to "Calli" here, iirc because people couldn't figure out if her surname and given name ordering.

>> No.753179

>vtuber puts on a deep voice instead of putting on a high voice

>> No.753395

Not here, maybe on reddit where you come from (and should go back to) but Mori, Calliope, and Calli are all interchangeable because Calliope Mori is her friggen name, you bozo.

>> No.753416

Sorry champ, I don't post on reddit.

>> No.753484

wtf Miko sounds like Marine.

That´s not Rushia´s real voice, she is just doing an ikemen voice.

>> No.753567

Ina’s definitely up pitching her voice, but only by a little bit. You can hear that she slips up sometimes.

>> No.753890

Tsukino Mito.
Marine (she once said management told her to don´t speak too much in public so people won´t recognize her)
The lesbian teacher from Nijisansji

>> No.753983

Matsuri lets her guard down during her twitcasts.


>> No.755090

>Could post the video of Pikamee speaking in her real voice.
>Kind of don't want to because she sounds so sad.

Eeeeehhhh better not. Don't want to use such a serious video like that while it's still fresh.

>> No.755432

>How Haato ACTUALLY speaks English (Australian Accent)
Anyone who is Australian would know that whenever Haachama speaks English she's speaking with an Australian accent

>> No.757764

I love having both, tbqh fampai

>> No.758904

yes, unfortunately.

>> No.759590

it's a joke you fucking dumbass

>> No.759731

anon. Away!

>> No.761276

Marine has also said that she talks like she has mochi in her throat to make her voice though.

>> No.761616

anon, you're so fucking new that I....

>> No.761638

I'm not so sure of that, I don't remember her ever saying cunt.

>> No.761651

Considering she was crying, probably best not to.

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>> No.761767

I would spigg haachama

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>> No.761891

Its their language speciality.
The long - vowel stretch they have trained their voice since the day the were born.

>> No.761909

if she has an australian accent, does that mean she secretly is good at english? she'd have to interact with kangaroos to acquire it

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someone tell this stupid fucking bird to just use this voice

>> No.761971

inb4 Luna

>> No.762000

If watch her long superchat streams you can hear this voice when she's sad or very tired.

>> No.762168

miko breaking character

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Red-kun is too strong, I wish we saw more of it like how Flare and PPT keep flexing their bishie voice, not her actual voice though, that's why people are commenting in the chat.
My contribution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_W2wh9g3JY
Yes, TMT is actually doing a higher pitch.

>> No.762327

Is Rushia retarded?

>> No.762761

It's almost as if she went to school daily for 2 years

Hell, her english decline coincided with the lockdown when she most likely barely interacted with anyone besides her host family

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The shark really can commit to her voice

>> No.762810 [DELETED] 

So Subauru has an actual tomboy voice? Nice.

>> No.762829

No, but you definitely are.

>> No.762831

>vtuber INTENTIONALLY speaks with an ikemen voice
Do clippers really?

>> No.762851

>what is irony
>what is humor

>> No.762890 [DELETED] 

Yeah real Pekora sounds really cute. She's slipped a few times.

>> No.762918 [DELETED] 

Yeah Noel's voice seems the most natural.

>> No.762999 [DELETED] 

Yeah she's got a real deep voice for a chick.

>> No.763051

Calli and Ina on the EN side for sure. Fairly certain Ame distorts hers to an extent, but her "life story" chats seem almost the same as her normal streaming voice

>> No.763069 [DELETED] 

I can see the confusion though, since she goes from sounding like an anime to a real asian australian.

>> No.763123

>you are now aware Pekora has to be wrangled by her fellow holo-friends and staff to not speak in public because she essentially forced a -peko tick on her own speech pattern
Marine and Noel because of lack of voice changing, Pekora because she forgot to turn off the streamer mode

>> No.763187 [DELETED] 

Damn her voice is husky as fuck.

>> No.763189

I remember when Rushia did "nano desu", good times...

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File: 703 KB, 578x620, 1604029807209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

EOPs to this day still don't know the context of that haachama vid, schizo's to this day still think a couple words spoken almost decently means she's perfectly fluent

>> No.763284 [DELETED] 

>tfw you will never hear the girl at the convenience store accidentally say 'peko'

>> No.763287

It's really not that different than the Gura voice

>> No.763292

>just pretending to be retarded, bro

>> No.763307

I thought Mori was just used because it's shorter but using Calli is also fine

>> No.763365

But does he have a MySPACE?

>> No.763531

>This dumb girl just put my drink inside a bag with my food in it
>What does "peko" even mean?

>> No.763649

i guess if i don't know the context i'll keep on assuming haachama is a secret genius

>> No.763702

Towa's regular voice is a lot deeper and huskier, I'd honestly preferred if she always spoke like that but apparently nips are homos and don't like women with deep voices so she does that nasally higher pitched voice.

I'd post it but everyone's super pissy about any roommate shit.

>> No.763842 [DELETED] 

It was posted above. I agree, though, her husky voice is hot as fuck. Don't know why nips love the really high pitched voices.

>> No.763913

this is a bit

>> No.763977

It sounds quite different then that video, they always ham it up for those "morning voice" bits.

>> No.764072 [DELETED] 

Oh shit, so it's even deeper? If you can't post a full roomate shtick can you clip the vocal bit?

>> No.764274

Noel's voice really isn't that different from her actual voice, judging by her and her roommate's menhera outbursts.

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>JP fans teased her out of using her deeper voice

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Luna breaks voice just a bit when talking to Subaru and Choco.

>> No.765126 [DELETED] 

She also broke voice in the horror stream.

>> No.765158

Subaru seamlessly going from tomboy voice to duck voice is adorable

>> No.765174

Amelia tech support

>> No.765432

I believe the rrat about these two after seeing this

>> No.765452

What rrat?

>> No.765481

Still sound like a baby.

>> No.765545

~4:30 for Coco not speaking with an accent

>> No.765766

This is almost Subaru's normal streaming voice nowadays.

>> No.765785

Slightly unrelated but it's amazing how many retarded YouTube commenters are adamant at arguing that Miko and Pekora's voices naturally sound like they do on stream.

>> No.765805

I thought there was a tiny chance she was accent sandbagging when I saw the "barefeet" clip but this pretty much confirms it. Why in the hell would they intentionally speak english worse than they actually can? How does that do anything but inhibit their work?

>> No.765824
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>> No.765832 [DELETED] 

>ham it up
It's just a morning voice, try to talk as soon as you wake up, before ever getting a cup of water.
No, the morning one is deeper.
Open wide retard https://www.nicovideo.jp/user/25440222/video

>> No.765846

Cute Japanese girl fumbling with English > Perfect English with perfect American accent

>> No.765859 [DELETED] 

Feed me daddy mmm yes

>> No.765873

Separation between character and actor, plus JPs unironically find cutesy anime voices more appealing than natural voices

>> No.765879

probably because it doesn't sound like english that the japanese are accustomed to similar to this

I could also be just speaking out my ass

>> No.765903
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>tfw 96Neko had a husky as fuck voice, but as time went on she had to adopt a more normal pitched one
Damn you all.

>> No.765914

So they don't dox themselves in public when gathering in a restaurant.

>> No.765937
File: 299 KB, 644x430, subaru smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Subaru's voice makes my dick hard. If she's a Tomboy IRL It'll make it even harder.

>> No.765976

Coco doesn't speak English words with a Japanese accent though, she just modulates her pitch. I don't think Coco's english is any easier for a Japanese person to understand than normal American English, it's just a character voice.

>> No.766007

Japs like cutesy voices whatever language they're in and Coco's flustered engrish voice is very cute. Plus opsec and all, probably no coincidence her 'real' voice came out as she was getting drunk.

>> No.766019

Nah Subaru is a totaly normafag, she talks about how much she likes pink things and dresses all the time. She even sometimes slips out of character and uses more feminine pronouns to refer to herself

>> No.766061


>> No.766175

that was 8 years ago, and there were never any slips found as Senzawa. I think her voice genuinely developed to be higher pitch later on.

>> No.766189

subaru is a girl too...

>> No.766236

Yeah, this voices seems more accurate for Subaru. >>749278
This one >>737938 sounds more forced like here

>> No.766347

She wanted to be a voice actress before joining Hololive, guess it makes sense that used that opportunity to constantly practice her VA skills

>> No.766488

Miko is not pretending to do a voice

>> No.766572

That Ame doesn’t really like Kiara

>> No.766588

You just have weeb bias. Tons of english VAs completely transform their voice.
You are basing this on nothing. A professional with decades of experience could definitely do it all day. Even if they couldn't initially cause they weren't used to it, they could train and eventually be able to.

>> No.766649

I like Miko but they're all doing characters. Miko isn't walking around irl talking like a retarded 5 year old.

>> No.766692

Many trans people are "doing a voice" 24/7, it's not unheard of

>> No.766711


>> No.766724

Fucking weebs

>> No.766791

yeah, but most don't do it well

>> No.766852

>t. miofa
Do your youtube reps anonchama.

>> No.766864

Literally same thing. He just pitches up his voice. He got spongebob after hearing someone pretending to be an elf for a commercial.

>> No.766986

I imagine it must be very diificult keeping up speaking in an unnatural and higher pitfched voice for hours at a time

>> No.767002 [DELETED] 

Yeah she doesn't seem to like her at all. /ourgirl/.

>> No.767008

Oh my God that interview was hilarious

>> No.767051 [DELETED] 


>> No.767084

She has said as much previously on stream. She mentioned she speaks more clearly and doesn't say her にぇ but she has also mentioned that she does have difficulties with pronunciation sometimes (something about having a short tongue?).
For reference, find her oldest videos. She doesn't do the retarded baby character in those.

>> No.767199

any vtubers that are using lower pitch, husky, oneesan or ikemen voices full time?

>> No.767229 [DELETED] 


>> No.767258

I've got another one for ya

>> No.767262

Never forget what the japs took from you.

>> No.767568

I did a double take when I heard this live. Not sure how close it is to her real voice though.
Time stamp is 1:42:12 if the link doesn't have it
It's kinda cute how a lot of them get so into games they forget about the character they're playing..

>> No.767669

I love pekora so much

>> No.767683

here's pikamee talking with her real voice

>> No.767716 [DELETED] 

I became a fan after she psychologically destroyed Noel.

>> No.767743

I don't even think Pikamee does a voice, she has gotten a bit higher pitched since her debut but it mostly seems to just be a result of her having more energy and being more comfortable speaking

>> No.767814

>noeru isu guguru engurishu
Still makes me laugh

>> No.767846

It's obvious they're not close friends or anything but it's really a stretch to say Ame doesn't like Kiara from this clip, it seems like a pretty normal conversation

>> No.767912 [DELETED] 

I was talking about the Getting Over It stream, but yeah the english battle was great.

>> No.767940

"trans people" "doing a voice" are a perfect example of how difficult and unconvincing such a thing is if you try to do it 24/7, and they have hormone therapy and voice-altering surgeries to help.

>> No.767950

>tomboys aren’t allowed to do these things

>> No.767992

Short tongue is Japanese term for having a lisp, basically

>> No.768102


>> No.768174

My dreams of forcing Subaru into a poofy Victorian dress while she pouts are ruined

>> No.768194


>> No.768302

>i would assume if she graduated from a australian high school she would be more fluent in english than what she puts on.
Evidently you did not attend an Australian high school.

>> No.768871

I'm begging someone for Towa's roommate's voice

>> No.769100

Bold of you to assume Aussies are fluent in English

>> No.769432


>> No.769558

Literally just search on youtube "haachama puking"

>> No.769568

Australian students aren't marked on spelling or grammar in exams. That says it all

>> No.769678

I don't want to get put on a list....

>> No.769706

imagine pepeloni in boganchama voice

>> No.769737

List of what, people interested in vomit porn?

>> No.769780
File: 23 KB, 1200x630, chrome-incognito-featured.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Use the sneaky chrome man, no agency in the world can find you, it's like you don't exist.
Don't be so paranoid, you'd probably be on the same list as "people that enjoy Jackass" with those search terms

>> No.769789

I'm so glad everything worked out well for her in the end, now she can do 30 minutes streams of just making gorilla sounds at bishies in twisted wonderland.

>> No.769824

She does regular streams of proper games for the last couple of months now.

>> No.769896

She keeps pitching it up over time, compare early debut to now and its extremely noticeable. Shame cuz I'd prefer the huskier voice she had in her roommate's vids. Though also because she wasn't as comfortable speaking back then so it had that sort of nervous awkwardness, instead of speaking more loudly and clearly nowadays.

>> No.769927

I know anon, I even clipped her BOTW stream, just pointing out how far she went.

>> No.770026

Fair enough, just thought you might not have looked in a while.

>> No.770090

Not strange for rushia she always looses her cute voice once she starts to get angry at the game.

>> No.770325

the anime dub industry is notoriously lazy and nepotistic anon. they don't even try these days. you have to either go outside of what funimation and the like does, such as looking at western animation, or go back to the 90s and early 2000s anime dubs if you want to hear actual talent. the voices for Jessie and Misty in the pokemon dub are the same person for example and she somehow managed to pull off them saying things at the same time.

>> No.770435

that really doesn't sound all too different from her streaming voice anon. she's just giggling and talking under her breath.

>> No.770609

sounds like artemis

>> No.770630

>How Haato ACTUALLY speaks English (Australian Accent)

Bullshit. Sounds nothing like her

>> No.770666

there's literally proof in this thread of the character cracks

>> No.770675

that was 8 years ago and recorded on a phone. also kill yourself for posting that video even if they only ripped the audio out.

>> No.770693

Clearly a bit. I bet the haatons enjoyed it

>> No.771972

Is cunt like '-desu' for Australians?

>> No.772667 [DELETED] 

Don't you know, anon? Tomboys that secretly want to be girly are top tier.

>> No.772720 [DELETED] 

>using chrome

>> No.772747

if her roomate wasnt so fine, i'd honestly believe she was a man

>> No.772892

that makes it even HOTTER

>> No.772994

bro, wake up

>> No.773347

That little "I'm spiggin it" is the cutest thing ever

>> No.775837

I pick up this, AWAY

>> No.775955 [DELETED] 

I still respect some VAs like Scott McNeil, but the industry is definitely cancer.

>> No.776570

holy fuck

>> No.776808

I'm convinced this is the only real "forgot to mute" moment. Everything else is a bit.

>> No.778548
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, 1613650143348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm not sure if we wanna do this on stream
>Why not?
Something about Ame's voice here is so pleasing

>> No.778806

i've heard her do a mom impression, and it was so frighteningly accurate that it conjured the image of a 50+ yo wrinkly curly haired lady with an apron and sandals too close for comfort

>> No.779282

I mean she regularly does that "deep" voice to emphasise something or to act more goofy or whatever, doesn't mean that it's her actual voice just cause it's deeper than the one she normally talks with on stream.
Listen to Korone and her here:
Korone talking is deeper and less energetic that usually, Miko is almost the same.

>> No.779532

people latch onto the "real voice" vs "staged voice" thing a lot but im pretty sure it's more akin to your voice at a party vs your voice after it's over.

>> No.779582

holy shit panik dragon is cute

>> No.779859

At those times it really was as if Towa didn't want to be a yonkisei anymore.

>> No.780091

The real Rushia real voice is when she got mad over ARK crashing.

>> No.781286

how fucking new?

>> No.782250


Notice how she went into a random note here and quickly stopped. I assuming she went into her "real" voice and caught herself.

>> No.782812

i'd like to note that everyone in chat was spamming "cringe"

>> No.782945

guess she doesn't want people finding her out???

>> No.782970

the fuck happened?

>> No.783241

Monoe was fired from VOMS

>> No.783282


>> No.783545

No one knows, the only reason given was "serious breach of contract"


>> No.784083

I like her normal voice better, she should use it more often

>> No.784481

Stop being a faggot and lurk more

>> No.784847

You say "bro" or "dude" in America, "mate" in England, "lad" in Ireland, and "cunt" in Australia.

>> No.784872


From 5:30 and on is way more blatant

>> No.785143

the board's like 3 weeks old and my complaint was about usage happening on day 2

>> No.785317

Where are you geting this 'bro' and 'dude' nonsense?
We only say 'senpai' and 'nigga' here in the US

>> No.785496

Oh I forgot about f a m.

>> No.786344

Her voice was closer to her "real" voice on the stream today, compared to usual.

>> No.787118
File: 1.18 MB, 1920x1200, NANDE YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This will always be my favorite freakout moment.

>> No.787158
File: 589 KB, 1152x1200, Nostalgia Critic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damnit I forgot to post the good shit.

>> No.788134

God Ollie is fucking perfect.

>> No.788515

What the fuck is the context of this?

>> No.788680

the end of her ring fit stream

>> No.788684

It's so funny yet so relatable.

>> No.788920

Real voice is probably somewhere in-between

>> No.788956

I really like that Ollie's "ara ara" voice is basically her real voice but more seductive.

>> No.789300

I want her to collab with DankPods.

>> No.789325
File: 816 KB, 976x1080, watame10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fat rolling during biggie and smalls fight
>get bopped by powered up smough and then freaking out

Dumb dairy cow had it coming

>> No.789398

excuse me she's clearly mid rolling

>> No.789423

That's actually kind of hot damn

>> No.789504
File: 191 KB, 1280x1851, 3 (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mid rolling still as bad as fat rolling regardless anon I admit she's got guts going in like that still could of at least put on a havel ring or something. God I bet she'd need two havel rings on her nipples for her massive knockers.

>> No.789709

mid rolling is scrubshit, this is true, but it has way more i-frames than fat rolling which is nearly impossible to properly dodge with.

>> No.790119

I'm pretty sure her voice is her real voice.

>> No.790391

Noel talked about how scared she was when she went to the comiket with Marine. Marine was talking loudly with her very recognizable voice while pretty close from the Hololive booth.

>> No.791418

I remember Moona also broke out of character at the end of her Ring fit stream. Blessed game, making them to tired they can't keep up with the characters.

>> No.791489

It's very slightly pitched up.

>> No.791579

This is undeniably an OZ accent.

>> No.791589

I call bullshit on humidifiers helping you when you're a streamer, it's better to actually drink some water.

>> No.792609


>> No.792638

Kiara, you fucking autist.

>> No.792659

>"mate" in England
Oi. We only sez blood and bossman.

>> No.792714

I haven't heard and Indo girl with a naturally high pitched voice yet. They all sing and vtube with a character voice but in reality, their voices are husky.

>> No.792815

Anon... you need to look outside of the English Dubbing scene, they're not professional VAs for a reason


>> No.795242

marine impressions are the height of comedy

>> No.795340

There's clearly an accent, you deaf?

>> No.795428

Haachama just did Red voice again for a moment, 59 minute mark

>> No.795455

She's gonna do it again

>> No.795517

So from what gather, they just pitch their voices a bit higher. Doubt some of the deeper ones in this thread are the real voices. Pitching your voice that high for hours long streams will destroy your voice in days.

>> No.795580

my mother and sister do that on the phone every time
it's some sort of bullshit evolutionary mechanism to sound more fragile and protection-worthy or something
literally auto-mode, the difference in pitch when call gets hanged up is visible

Subaru said about this too: she can do cutesy ASMR voice if she puts phone to her ear

>> No.795667

She's using it to sing, not just for a moment

>> No.795675

Here's another (you) you deaf cunt.

>> No.795698

My friend's a voice actor and has had a few small parts in video games. He picked up one of those goofy humidifiers you wear on your face and he says it really helps after long recording sessions since they do a lot of screaming and other stuff that's rough on your throat.

>> No.795729
File: 658 KB, 800x800, 1604727564399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck you sit with that pointed to your face?

>> No.795801
File: 2.91 MB, 1908x1146, 1595000220104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the fuck do you talk in it?

>> No.795891

I want to wear a mask like that but filled with Ollie's feet sweat.

>> No.796011

If I pull that off, will you die?

>> No.796031
File: 417 KB, 1000x667, 1604755730271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>probably eats spicy af food all the time
>not to mention country is hot
Stop I can only get so erect
>yfw that's how average Vtuber looks like during long singing streams

>> No.796076

It would be painful.

>> No.796103

Also Japanese naturally increases in pitch, I think. I'm native in neither ENG nor JAP but speak both. When I speak ENG my pitch very slightly drops but when I speak JP my the pitch noticeably rises.

>> No.797403

Words have fixed pitch accent patterns, はし isn't はし isn't はし

>> No.797705

I love and hate that I've never seen this particular clip, but I can still tell which voice is which holo

>> No.797854

dat fucking doog

>> No.797972

>tfw native language has pitch accents so nip pitch accents don't cause me any trouble
feels good

>> No.798150

>Do clippers really
want to get views? Yes.

>> No.798172

they kill themselves because of their insane school and work culture

>> No.798243

Japanese suicide rates are a meme:
even though it's still quite high (18.5 per 100k) just compare that to latvia(31.9) and russia(31), it's much closer to the us which is at 15.3

>> No.798405

damn, Marine was a cute loli all along? I only cared about her hag persona though

>> No.799846

what the fuck

>> No.800030

It's basically the per capita thing being taken out of context. Which is funny because Amerifags never want to talk about the per capitas in their country that actually matter, since it's "problematic."

>> No.800059


>> No.800556

Didn't they recently changed how suicides are counted in Japan? Like there must be a proof like as a suicide note

>> No.800850

red-kun makes me hard as fuck

>> No.801879

Don't know about any such changes. The suicide rates in Japan peaked post 1997 and post 2008 which were both major financial crises, and the highest peak is around 26~ per 100k. If you look at the rate of suicides year by year after 2009 it seems like a natural gradual decrease of a few percent each year. If it was indeed a change in how the statistics were counted it would've manifested itself in a large decrease in a singular year.

>> No.801937

I wonder if Red-kun has a MySPACE

>> No.804127
File: 12 KB, 319x298, woah mama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.804436

Tom Kenny has been doing the spongebob for almost 21 fucking years, i'm sure with that much experience he could do it all day.

>> No.804670
File: 54 KB, 600x863, 57a6ceae9bb0e19ec2c00065ee181129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That Haato clip just shattered my perception of reality.

>> No.804868

I can never get Mr. Krabs out of my mind when seeing shit for detroit become human

>> No.805124

man why did this have to be a 1 time sponsored stream. I wouldn't mind more storytime streams of this.

>> No.805205


>> No.805295

It would be very danjyarasu

>> No.806408

we do not care

>> No.806879


>> No.806945

just do it fagget, this is 4chins

>> No.806988

she also did once during haachama cooking

>> No.810351

women habitually increase their voice pitch
my sister and mother do that every time on the phone

>> No.810457

Imagine using a squeaky voice over this

>> No.810458

Fuck off retards.

>> No.810570

I was raised by sole mother, in a family of 3 women. I had to fight a feminine habit to raise my pitch until my mid 20's and it still sometimes surfaces. My voice kept breaking late because of that too.

I hate it.

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