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>Sayu is feeling like a complete failure and wishes she never spoke out to stay in Nijisanji


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Maybe if your whole personality wasnt ex niji when it was girl in niji before people would stay. She never makes content its all
>I h-h-h-pope doki reaches out to me
>m-m-matara im so sorry
>what did you just say you sub human chatter? dont ever talk to me like that

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Man she should just get a 9 to 5 job at this point, it's just becoming annoying.

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because niji is doing so well

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nijinigger, your stocks are -100% lmao

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She like tripled her ccv in the past 3-4 months.
She needs to stop looking for doom.

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oof. guess her ccv dropped again. sayufags save her!!!!! (again)

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Isn't she doing totally fine for an indie at this point? I would say it's more than fine, very few people can actually get to that 1,000+ range. Sayu I know you're here so can you just fucking chill out and quit writing essays so often? Holy shit you play shitty gacha games and people still wanna watch you, get some fucking confidence, goddamn.

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oof guess the stock price dropped again.7
Vox is a pedo groomer nonce.
Sonny is a scumbag who tried to literally scam an artist.
Enna is a bully bitch.

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What is she on about?
Does she expect doki/mint level numbers?

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Got fired from one job and made it her entire personality.

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They are free?

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What more does she want?

I'm really starting to understand why Matara won't talk to her again, at first I was siding with Sayu but now I see I was wrong with judging Matara

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She would literally be in the top 5 of nijisanji with her current ccv. And maybe the highest for the girls, what is she crying about.

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Op is a faggot for posting members content

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>members only
The mistake here is that chuubas still use membership content as it was intended.

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IRL "friends"

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She is just mentally ill.
Not the fun kind, the actual one, like shondo but not as bad.

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now I get why Matara won't speak to her

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Is this what faggots are going to start spamming now? Can't wait to see this 20,000 times a day. I'll do a push up everytime I see this.

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is she ever happy

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>Dear Diary

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She clearly needs therapy. I wonder if she's already having it because she's been in the dumps for a while, but she better keep at it then.

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Lol OP is a faggot for posting membership content as NDF bait

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The harassment and doxxing and death threats she got from "fans" of the company as punishment for having been fired from that company might also have played a role in her PTSD.

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I can save you Sayu just ignore every post in this thread and DM me on Twitter and marry me and I will make you happy again

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I can fix her With my weeeeenus peeeenus :D

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sayufags are as retarded as the NDF, who would've guess? once a niji, always a niji.

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gifterd memberships were a mistake.

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She needs a kid in her belly, that will cheer her up HAG SEXOOOOOOO

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I literally don't know because she has a 1-2K average which is very respectable for an indie

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You just know this thread was made by a seething hysterical femcel niji cuck who schlicks to vox asmr and posts sonnyscammer images.

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She's always wanted to be part of a group more than anything, being indie doesn't do that for her

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>waaa waa waaa please unblacklist me nijisanji.
shut the fuck up sayu, you are such a fucking crybaby bitch. no wonder even dooki doesnt want to collab with you for the drama numbers, you are too much of a baggage to have around as a friend, let alone as a prop for grifting views. you are the retarded who embarassed riku by being rapey jokes on an underage character from chilla's art game, nobody fucking told you to go that far you retarded bitch. if even the edgiest of man like hex fucking haywire finds you uncomfortable, you are doing it wrong. the boss wasted so much money on your models, only for you to shoot yourself in the feet for not following the most basic of rules. fuck you, be blacklisted for the rest of your life you crazy bitch.

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OP you must be the same retard who posted that dramabait clip the other day, maybe reconsider your life and swallow a shotgun

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Holy nijiseethe lmao

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Anon you can't fix m...her.

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You guys aren't understanding this.

Sayu wanted to be the poster child of taking Nijisanji down then getting connections, sponsor deals and friends. Yet that didn't happen and she's completely jealous of dokibird and mint

Yeah she's indie with good ccv but that doesn't matter to her, she wants more

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I understand how she feels, it's hard to move on from shit like that when you feel like you lost the only chance you'll ever get to do something big, and then to see everyone else succeeding and getting the support you never did. Plus all the harassment she got was probably traumatic. It wasn't even that long ago in the grand scheme of things and that kind of shit leaves an impression in your brain that takes a lot of time and effort to get out. She is allowed to feel something about it still and it's not weird that she would, but hopefully she'll find a way to move forward eventually.

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Just do mommy ASMR already please, for fucks sake you have the voice and it's not like doing mommy ASMR is any less degrading that spilling out your insecurities every two weeks

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>another exniji is well received
>doki gets sponsorships
>sayu plays the woe is me card again

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This is only your fanfic.
Sayu wanted to be successful in NijisanjiEN.
When she left there was no "super high ccv, sponsorship magnet" graduate. She was already mentally ill before she joined Niji, she is the same now. I don't know if you ever watched Kiara, but its similar to Kiaras selfdoubt problems, just worse. She really needs therapy.

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Well, time to draw some cyber donkey so she feels better

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No wonder anyone that isn't a dramafag completely avoids her. Doki ignores her, Matara ignores her, and even Pomu/Mint who always tries to see the best in everyone is completely avoiding her.

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I guess this thread is good because NDF can spend all their time here on their favorite target instead of shitting up the other threads, but OP should still kys

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Omg yes sister get that graduated whore!
Seriously though it’s funny seeing how many haters she has still

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Ahaha, for a second, I thought she was gonna end in a positive note thanking her loyal fans... well.. she didn't.

It's funny 'cause, a couple days ago, my oshi sent a Diary log to members too
She was grateful to be here, to have us, and said she'll do even more for us, with huge projects coming soon

Feels good to choose well who to support... it helps you stay away from mood swing of depressed middle schooler

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>leaking membership posts
kill yourself OP.
>what did you just say you sub human chatter?
what the actual fuck did you say to her? she doesn't snap like that without a very good reason.
she's doing amazing, but she still has brainworms.
this just makes me wanna cuddle her even more tbdesu
yes, she's getting therapy.
might have???
get in line, faggot
yes, that'd be incredibly sexy.
do it!

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She's doing fine, a lot of indies and small corpo girls would be thrilled to be in her shoes.

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Boo fucking hoo, cry about it

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>what the actual fuck did you say to her?
He's probably the dude that told her she "just needs some fat cock to feel better" during her supermarket simulator stream.

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Gift memberships were a mistake.

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SO can we shit on DOOKIE bird now for not throwing her a bone?? Its obviously because Nina, Pomu, and Selen dont give a shit about her and never will. Isnt that bullying? If those words came out of Selen wouldnt you feel bad for her?

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I’d like to spend a solid week just repeatedly giving her orgasms.

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That's the funny thing: she had high paying jobs at Google and Meta before joining niji. This retard unironically thought leaving a cushion job at some of the biggest tech companies just to be a milquetoast vtuber was a good idea.

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>what did you just say you sub human chatter?

When this happen?

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Matara, Doki and Mint are also STILL going through it all and yet they didn't made dramafagging and pitybaiting about big bad niji their entire personality.

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she's so fucking disrespectful to her current friends and fans. dear lord. she's lucky people are staying around, although that's really just part of the privilege of being a woman

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Why didn't she keep her job and do the vtuber stint for fun?
With a Google/Meta 6 figure job you could pay for a new model and rigging every month should you want.

>> No.73512239

It's Airi and Lia, right? Not good to hang out with people who look up to Pomu and be constantly reminded of her own standing.

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This bitch is annoying you have fans and one of the easiest job and you are still complaining I can't with this be grateful for once

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>Thinking she had it as bad as Doki or mint

>> No.73512328


You don't think Matara, Doki and Mint aren't going through tons of shit too? Mint even fucking hinted that she gets hate/death threats in her streamlabs yet she's still streaming and not letting that get her into a depressing mess

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She should go back to doing fang stuff lol whatever originally landed her that job she'd probably gain more confidence that way. Like she actually made something of herself unlike these streamers that just failed upward and got lucky singing and playing games as an anime girl. I don't understand why she feels so fragile and incapable when even any real work experience puts her above most any streamer lol i dunno like they can meme on us for being wagies but at least my livelihood isn't entirely luck based and at the whim of if the particular site I got famous on stays active until I can save enough money to retire and have health care in America. Either way she doesn't have to give up being a vtuber but it might be good to get back in touch with her skills if she hasn't kept up or if she has maybe integrate that into her streams and get a new audience people love learning to code and almost no one actual commits to it so its infinite content. Just like a coding with sayu segment for like an hour or something a week maybe or doing a project or something I dunno.

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This girl really manages to get you guys riled up huh?

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She has all of the Phase hags constantly trying to cheer her up and they're doing better than most people at Nijisanji, I don't get it. She is doing way better than anyone who had a one month stint at Nijisanji has any right to.

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I was going to make a shitpost but I think one of you wayuniggers or whatever you call yourself needs to man up and give her the greatest happiness known to a woman. The anti depressants doesn't seem to be happy.

>> No.73512574

Ok, what are we deflecting from this time sister? The Elira stream?

>> No.73512596

>Why didn't she keep her job and do the vtuber stint for fun?
Because she's retarded like that

>> No.73512640

>wishes she never spoke out to stay in Nijisanji
Wait what, I thought she had to speak out because she was booted from Niji?

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Oh Sayu is pitybaiting about Niji again, it must be a day that ends in Y.
Glad my oshi isn't like that.

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They probably have no faith in it being a huge thing or the sisters have a Niji insider telling them that the AR live is a huge shitfest.

>> No.73512737

Fuck off schizo.

>> No.73512757

OP meant not going out of control and doing the rape jokes stuff as spoken out

>> No.73512775

>Dear Diary
Is this bait? Is sayu pitybaiting her audience now? Or does she always treat her membership as her personal traumadump?

>> No.73512776

Lol you still think only schizos hate Niji, how cute

>> No.73512801

>Even IRL people who I thought were my friends told me
Holy shit, I do understand now why no one wants to hang out with her. Jesus.

>> No.73512840

You just outed yourself ESL

>> No.73512867

>didn't made dramafagging and pitybaiting about big bad niji their entire personality.
gr8 b8 m8

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Sayu is proof that Dokifags don't care about what Niji does, they just hop on whatever is trendy at the time. How long until we can talk shit about Dooki? I'm getting tired of her already.

>> No.73512929

You asked a question, why attack me <:(

>> No.73512969

OP is unironically not a Sayufag, her fans actually only care about spending time in her streams, her fanbase has no presence here and you can tell because her general is slow as hell

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>she had high paying jobs at Google and Meta before joining nij
I haven't done my reps, but I'm just curious since I have seen this mentioned now and then - was this verified at any point (i.e: with photos or LinkedIn network), or was it just something she claimed?
I'm kinda doubting it because (1) she has been rather retarded and (2) someone who worked at Google / Meta (assuming she didn't mean she was their janitor or receptionist or something similar) should have little to no issue securing another well paying job after leaving Niji so she can feed her VTubing gig.

>> No.73513111

And you know what she'll say?

Dear Diary, After that one collab...They didn't invite me for more, I am so sad again and unhappy with my life, this is the end

You KNOW this would happen

>> No.73513178

But why? Why does she deserve it? Because she was in Nijisanji? No bro, it doesn't work like that

>> No.73513212

Then where the fuck did he pulled this? It's not in the archives. Not even in her general

>> No.73513217

She is literally the only ex-niji along with u-san that didnt make any jabs at niji on stream

>> No.73513218

Fuck off beggar, noone likes sayu

>> No.73513537

>chuuba vents in members
>retard leaks members and everyone seethes because someone wanted to share their feelings with people she trusts
Tale as old as time. Kys OP, sayu love

>> No.73513637

Roach mommy save her pleeeaase. Why are you still mad her aahhhhh

>> No.73513641

It's from the community section on her YT channel.

>> No.73513669

In his mind

>> No.73513674

Matara is never gonna collab with sayu. She's too busy hanging out with her actual friends like Mint

>> No.73513816

but she isn't worth collabing with.
i'm sure every 2view deserves a collab with my oshi but if she collabed with all of them she'd never have time for solo streams.

>> No.73513871

>Sayu is depressed again
The sky is blue
Grass is green
At least she realized she's the one who fucked up, regardless of how immaturely and awfully she got canned.
I know you're reading this Sayu, take meds and stop saying and tweeting every thought that crosses through your head. Everyone gets frustrated by their corporate overlords, not everyone pokes the bear or is retarded enough to publicly blab about it or complain to another company worker. Everyone wants to fuck lolishotas and skinny bitches, not everyone screams about it to high heaven for twittertards to feast on. Everyone lurks on 4chan, not everyone is retarded enough to think the general public here speaks in good faith or gives a shit about anything but drama or finding dirt on people. Everyone feels like you got needlessly smeared by the company, not everyone thinks you're still a victim after a year of crying about it, and no one even gives a shit about you unless they are Nijiantis who want someone to agree with or if they're Nijifans who want to shit on you. You self reported on breaking rules and trying to find loopholes and shit in your own "I got fired" document and forced people to pick a side between Niji or you, leaving many fans sticking with what they already knew and turning against you when you could've tapped into both audiences. People in Nijisanji tried to help you, but you sperged out anyways. The company is immature and Japanese and fires people for their offenses or ignores them completely inconsistently based on who they like or don't like or who makes money or who doesn't, they've been doing it for years and it would've served you well to do your research first and kneel and keep your head down once you got your first slap on the wrist if you really wanted to stay. If you actually want to salvage what you have, move the fuck on from your 2 months contracted under Niji and pander to people who don't care about Nijisanji at all instead of pitybaiting for support from their haters who don't care about you as a person.

>> No.73513903

Probably just sits her channel here and there because she can't move on and will give ample shit posting material and snags free memberships so he can catch things like this.

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>> No.73513949

This is actually pathetic.
She's seething with envy from the success of others instead of working harder towards bettering herself. This is why Doki and Mint were a success, they abandoned the past immediately and started working towards the future.

Matara has a good eye, she knew she was trouble. Smart roach.

>> No.73513993

>actual friend
You mean her pet

>> No.73514072

KEK so all the seethe about Mint and Matara having fun together doing a podcast that Mint proposed all the way back in August of last year comes from sayufags

>> No.73514071

Yet another huge W for Mint and Matara. Sayu keeps sucking filipino cock for relevance.

>> No.73514090

You do realize the Niji slander forced her to start off at 300ccv, and she's now averaging 1.5k so it's not like she hasn't been working on bettering herself. It's just that "bettering yourself" doesn't fix everything

>> No.73514146

No need to collab just talk to her and give her a hug.

>> No.73514149

I stopped watching Zaion as soon as she went on a rant one time about not liking all of her coworkers. Obviously 30+ people are not all going to get along with every single other person in the company, and you don't HAVE to play into the le niji family meme and everyone knows it's not actually some social utopia in there, but at the same time why straight up admit to disliking people like that, you're basically stirring shit for no reason

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File: 93 KB, 1920x1080, 1707161943948858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sayu is NEVER gonna live this down

>> No.73514165

Sayu is retarded. If she went the Doki/Mint/Unnamed route i'm sure she would've been thriving. It's her fault for taking the side of dramafags, complaining about her numbers on stream and even going as low as whining over her own model art

>> No.73514207

Your list of talking points is really outdated, sister

>> No.73514229

So, how will Khyo and False help her with this?

>> No.73514260

Yeah she was ranting about the ones that threw her under the bus, who also all turned out to be really shitty people

>> No.73514274

And yet what is she doing in the post right now? Using the same talking points she's been using for over a year as well

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>You do realize the Niji slander forced her to start off at 300ccv, and she's now averaging 1.5k so it's not like she hasn't been working on bettering herself. It's just that "bettering yourself" doesn't fix everything
Sayu has been selling her ass to DN, falsejeet and parrot for over a year now. Playing the victim card at least once a month all she's known for is being the niji drama girl.

And you know what's fun? She planned it all from the start. She joined nijisanji just so she could make it her entire career to be a victim.

>> No.73514295

If the meds could reincarnate me into a /ss/ that live as Sayu next door neighbour where one day I got locked out of my own house because mom and dad forgot to leave the house key under the welcome rug before they go to their business trip so Sayu oneesan invite me to live with her for the entire month where one night she saw me crying in my sleep while murmuring the word "ma..ma.." then realise im probably missing my mama so she have to take care of me but because shes a dork and doesnt know what to do, she breastfeed me and pat my head and call me good boy to make the crying stop as i sleep soundly while sucking on her tits. She thought she only need to do this once until the crying becomes more frequent and she kept breastfeeding me until she realise i got an erection. Then she thought to herself "He's probably at the puberty age...i have to take responsiblity. By that, she gave me a nursing handjob because i would not let go of her tits. The meds also need to put me in a situation where Sayu oneesan brought me to the studio because she doesnt want me to be left alone in her house. During her recording session, she notice me having an erection so she excuses herself and bring me to the female lockerroom and gave me a handjob. When im about to cum, she realise that my cum might shoot at her cloth so she quickly use her mouth to catch all of my cum. Is this the reincarnation where i one day i caught her masturbating in her room because of the stressful life she have and i helped her by fucking her for the first time and she slowly gets addicted to my shotacock?? Is this the reincarnation where she bring me to the Holo island for a vacation where we have sex the entire trip??? Is this the reincarnation where during the final day before my mom and day come back home, Sayu oneesan brought me to a love hotel where she told me to wait on the bed while she gets dress up only for her to return wearing the most obscene lingerie and she start crawling on all four slowly to my extremely hard shota cock. Then we have the most raunchy bareback mating sex where i fuck her without condom to breed her????

If this is the reincarnation that i have after i take that meds, then fucking kill me right now.

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File: 1.46 MB, 1280x720, 1683599427148238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.73514318

>her first stream when she left Niji was a black screen with her talking about her SEAnig body count

>> No.73514348

Jesus fucking Christ, no wonder only dramafags want to collab with her

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>Your list of talking points is really outdated, sister
Oh no!
Anyways Sayu is a californian SJW who promptes trannies in her discord
Dilate sayutranny

>> No.73514385

Who knows, maybe so, but why the fuck would you do that and intentionally publicly drive a wedge between people you WILL have to interact with for the indefinite future, especially if you haven't made real friends there yet

>> No.73514388

Today I learned Zentreya is a dramafag

>> No.73514410

Narcissists and psychopaths are the biggest cancer of this generation

>> No.73514411

Damn, first good post in the thread

>> No.73514428

>Zentreya is a dramafag

>> No.73514473

>follows false and hasan on her niji account since debut
Holy mother of grifting

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Oh no no no no sayukeks not like this AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>> No.73514506

Are you having a hard time picking your pronouns? Sounds like you might be the actual tranny

>> No.73514548


>> No.73514590

goddammit sayu...

>> No.73514630

>nooo you can't ask people their gender that's californian

>> No.73514664

>Picks he/him
Damn that was so hard I must complain on /vt/ about it!!!!

>> No.73514705

There's no saving that menhera and she bought it upon herself.

>> No.73514729

Ok just don't do it?

>> No.73514739


>> No.73514788

Niji antis, maybe pick your battles?

>> No.73514807

hololive lets you choose "other" in their surveys so that's ok

>> No.73514893

Maybe socialism is good

>> No.73514913

She doesn't need therapy, she needs sex and I know what you're thinking, you're thinking I'm just saying that because I want to fuck her (which I do) but the reality is therapy is a fucking scam, she needs a actual intimacy, not some random fling with someone.

>> No.73514935

They apparently are. They already gave up on the more successful ones, so now they're going back to old faithful.
KYS OP. Sayu will be fine, but fuck you for leaking membership content for the sake of drama.

>> No.73515024

You're probably right but that doesn't make sayu any less unlikeable at the moment.

>> No.73515046

AR live flop deflection thread

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File: 63 KB, 1280x720, 1694987224652775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Let's go save her, bro.

>> No.73515107

Her presence on here is minimal (besides the dramabait that Nijisisters sperg over) so it doesn't matter

>> No.73515111

So go back to ignoring her. She's been sitting quietly in her corner building her confidence back up all year while everyone else is getting all of the praise and attention for going through the same shit as her as she gets drama fuckers trying to drag her back in every few days.

>> No.73515155


But to achieve that she needs to drop several pounds and start taking care of herself. Her age is also catching up with her incredibly fast.

>> No.73515180

I would like sayu streams more if she wasn't angry at either the game or her chat 90% of the time

>> No.73515207

I didn't talk about Hololive.

>> No.73515224

you sound like a giant cuck, no wonder sayu gets annoyed by her fans

>> No.73515258

Why would one of her members share this? Did they not think it'd cause her more issues?

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File: 176 KB, 1280x720, [sound=files.catbox.moe%2F3j4k0e.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73515278

She was married before anon, she's too menhera to be fixed by getting dick. If she wants to be fixed, it's gonna have to be the hard way.

>> No.73515313

What will it even do for her? Therapy for women is just a hugbox to cry about life - same thing as zatsu.

>> No.73515321
File: 83 KB, 794x584, firefox_54uEp2337O.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon how many fucking times are you going to bitch about how you don't know if you're a guy or girl?
Holy fucking shit man. Just pick one at random then and stop fucking caring.

>> No.73515324

She's also kind of dumb.

For example, the time the lawyer dude raided her with tons of people instead of taking advantage of the situation, she clamed up and started screaming to be left alone. Then she went and leaked information to him in the most cowardly way possible and didn't get any sub boost from it at all.

>> No.73515340

Oh I'll show her the hard way alright.

>> No.73515353

Man, I feel for sayu but dumping this stuff in public doesn't help her chances any. The dilemma of needing to vent but can't do it safely I guess.

>> No.73515421

she's a woman, it can't be helped.

>> No.73515435

>What's gifted memberships
Never share anything in membership that you don't want to let slip.

>> No.73515512

hope you get hit by a car for leaking member

>> No.73515513
File: 577 KB, 220x302, 1680809391645243.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trauma dump your parasocial diary to members
>your fans just say you need to get dicked irl and get a relationship

>> No.73515538

Sayu's had schizos send her very expensive hate donations before.
The sisters will stop at nothing to fuck with her. God I can't wait until that company fucking collapses entirely.

>> No.73515552

Then she should do what Doki did and surround herself with competent people that tell her what to do.

Say what you want about Selen's lawyer, but he did a great job handling her whole situation,

>> No.73515560

Heh, so much Nijiseethe in the morning already, they must be terrified of the Elira stream fallout

>> No.73515594

Roach mommy doesn't need to go collab with her. She just needs to hold her through the night.

>> No.73515615

SincroKnights is our fan name now.
she's mildly autistic.
this. keeping /ss/ up is a real challenge sometimes
she's a tester. she worked on google adsense, siri (with crapple) and is also a known genshin tester (and an official partner, made an ad for them, etc.). as for linkedin, she has one under her streamer name.
corpocucks aren't fans. never have been and never will be. those who were fans of her as Zaion have followed her.
>She joined nijisanji just so she could make it her entire career to be a victim.
no, she joined because she believed them when they said she'd earn more... you know, to pay alimony.
>who promptes trannies in her discord
says the one sperg who's been at this for *months* instead of just picking one randomly.
she isn't unlikable tho
aaand there it is.
>she needs to drop several pounds
she's not overweight tho
we're reaching kiaraschizo levels with this one.
it's a members only community post you blind fuck
>and surround herself with competent people that tell her what to do.
it's in progress. yes, watch streams.

>> No.73515631

The issue is that Doki had no trouble finding said competent people because they came to her. Sayu does not have that luxury

>> No.73515640

don't care. hololive is the barometer for what's acceptable. if they do it then it's ok.

>> No.73515671

Nijisanji has nothing to do with Matara, Doki, and Mint. Leave them alone Sayu. They don't want to associate with you.

>> No.73515678

I will be very disappointed if it's just a shitty dull stream without any yabs. But the sisters are in full damage control even before it starts.

>> No.73515724

Niji has everything to do with Matara, Doki, and Mint

>> No.73515741

OP is literally and unironically a nijisister.
They have literally held the most retarded grudge of all time against Sayu since her termination from Niji.
It's beyond pathetic.

>> No.73515742

You can stop talking now.

>> No.73515763
File: 259 KB, 1446x2048, 1677840944979150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i miss zaion.......

>> No.73515770

this but unironically, I've never seen a chuuba beg her fanbase for validation more than sayu only for them to fantasize about her getting fucked by other dudes

>> No.73515779

Based and Roachpilled.

>lawyers, managers, accountants, PR people coming to you
That's not how it works, anon. That's NEVER how it works. Once real money is involved people's hearts turn to stone. It's not about finding "good people who will care of her", but competent professionals who will actually do their fucking job.

>> No.73515805

>Sayufags shitting on matara for ignoring her
>Now she proved to be right all along

>> No.73515834

Its actually insane how easily offended you people are

>> No.73515843

What a waste of model it was...

>> No.73515863

Nijisanji doesn't mentioned them and they don't mention Nijisanji. Sayu should stop trying to get with people that don't want to be around her and to stop throwing shade about it.

>> No.73515882

>whoa bro nijisister alert bzz bzz unga wunga niji deflection thread *shits himself

>> No.73515895

Go get ready for your stream, Elira. I'll be there soon. ;)

>> No.73515943

Yeah and Sayu didn't get tens of thousands of dollars on her return stream like Doki did. And you're still wondering why she couldn't get the help that Doki was offered?

>> No.73515969

>Based and Roachpilled.
so is leaking someone else's private troubles, innit, sister? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn9LU-u-rYM
then turn around and accuse Sayu of doing it.
such based, very roach, wow.

>> No.73516015
File: 378 KB, 1062x972, sayu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning yourself into a cuck to own the nijisisters
We did it sayu bros...

>> No.73516030

Sounds like she needs an accountant first and foremost then.

>> No.73516038

>who were fans of her as Zaion, followed her
Can confirm, all it took was one of her FE streams and one collab with the Feesh and I was sold on her.

>> No.73516071

sayufags...is this real?

>> No.73516080

They literally had a secret discord she wasn't invited to. Not as bad as Doki no, but I see no reason go think Mint had it notably worse.

>> No.73516119

least convincing falseflag

>> No.73516123

>Be Sayu
>Debuffed by Niji slander
>Barely make enough to get by
>"You should hire an accountant"

>> No.73516133

You won, king. Keep making sayutrannies seethe.

>> No.73516151

Already on it, trying to make as much Fanart as i can

>> No.73516157

>Sayu's fanbase is literally made up of cuckolds
Why doesn't she just open an onlyfans? sounds like she'd be better at it.

>> No.73516178

Early Ethyria makes a ton of sense when you know there was an Enna, Millie, and Reimu only Discord. Nina checked out of many of the collabs early and seemed to be disinterested in everyone. Just look when she leaves the first Phasmo collab, it's still up.

>> No.73516201

>Pick he/him or she/her
>Proceed to go on with your day
Now, that wasn't so hard was it?

>> No.73516205
File: 96 KB, 250x224, 1711674187985590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My goddamn sides

>> No.73516245

That was a falseflagger who got like 8 replies calling him a retard

>> No.73516250

Sayu is fucking pathetic
All she tries to do is grift from her past life
Being a former Nijisanji doesn't entitle you to be liked

>> No.73516251
File: 184 KB, 725x900, firefox_gnFyMQriA7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. It's conveniently missing out all the messages asking what the fuck was going on and why someone would randomly type that in /ss/, and they never responded so it's clear as day that they were false flagging.

>> No.73516286

buy an ad sayu no one gives a fuck

>> No.73516289

hold up, is that stuff about her true?
and you still watch her?

>> No.73516297

Take note. This guy's a sayufag. The mindbroken kind.

>> No.73516306
File: 48 KB, 609x374, 20240412_123711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah and she hung out with them in Japan so she's friends with the clique now

>> No.73516320

I'm sorry can someone translate schizo for me?

>> No.73516336

Anon…she literally said she have/had a husband in document against Niji. People that support her already know that.

>> No.73516351

>200 replies to a bait thread
Many people give a fuck apparently

>> No.73516354
File: 3.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1691941764933055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy newfag.

>> No.73516357

try and find a girl thats over 30, lives in cali. and hasn't been in multiple relationships, its not possible

>> No.73516364

why do you support her though if she has a husband? wtf?

>> No.73516386

she's divorced, it's not a secret

>> No.73516389

People realizing she's not fit as a corpa vtuber?

>> No.73516391


>> No.73516392

Nina has a good nose for business. She just knew the three of them would implode eventually and didn't want to be part of that.

>> No.73516400

I know she had one, she has one again though?

>> No.73516410

And what does that have to do with what I said?

>> No.73516422

don't know about others, by i'm very well aware that my fav chubas are getting some, and i don't really care, since i don't donate them any money anyway

>> No.73516431

The man was an actual deadbeat, and not the vtuber kind.
A worthless leech.
Everyone who gives a shit already knew this. He was part of her community before joining Niji.

>> No.73516443

From what I recall when she started calling vshojo a clique a member made a polite comment out of concern asking her to be careful. Something like "please be careful". She told him to fuck off and banned him although probably not permanent . Its hard to tell what would set her off.

>> No.73516447

it's a really funny copypasta, yes. someone made it after the constant
>my roommate
she started expanding business recently, that's why she can afford to take a week long vacation.
plus literally no one gives a shit about it once you're in. if I had to guess she's just taking advantage of some gubmint program
>All she tries to do is grift from her past life
not true, watch streams.
how new do you have to be to not know about her divorce?
address the argument, roachfag. why is it not okay for Sayu to mention that the roach had some insecurities while in niji, but then it's okay for the roach to insinuate that Henya has self-harm issues?
it'd be kinda hypocritical of me to expect chuubas to be single when I'm not, wouldn't it?
>good nose for business.

>> No.73516452

Matara fucking shilled Quinn. She fucking boosted up the motherfucker that doxxed Sayu to nyfco trannies.
I don't care if there's no definitive proof it was him.
I don't care that the boost fucking failed.
I don't care if she did it at the behest of Enna and the rest of the shit eating clique.
I don't care if she learned behind the scenes that this motherfucker did actually dox her and subsequently dropped him like a sack of bricks.
I don't care that Matara is currently boosting up Mint with her bullshit podcast. If anything, Matara is manipulating Mint - at best to join Vshoujo when Mint very likely has plans to audition to HoloEN4, at worst to reindoctrinate Mint back to the clique AGAIN after they traumatized her.
Matara is a narc, a hypocrite and a sociopath. She deserves to go down to 2view status and forgotten, same as Quinn.
Fuck that tankie cunt. Fuck all of you ITT who fucking cheer for her.

>> No.73516455

>Source: I made it the fuck up

>> No.73516480

Women are only happy while being dicked down. Otherwise they actively regress to menhera

>> No.73516487

It makes sense sayu is so depressed when she has to deal with annoying fuckers like you, anon

>> No.73516489

never marry ringrrats, sis

>> No.73516507

She doesn't.

>> No.73516535

that was mildly funny, I'll give you that one.

>> No.73516589

You bumbling retard I expressed my wish for matara to reconnect with sayu and help her. Then the guy made the comment "based roachfag". Your reaction to it made me sure that you are a sayufag through and through. The rabid dog got mindbroken by a picture of skinny fat thighs and snarling at everyone.

>> No.73516610

Nina and Reimu had the same problem, but with Nina it was even worse since she was traveling with Luxiem while Reimu was just Vox's cock sleeve. Both of their fanbases dwindled because of it. Eventually Nina apologized for it and built her fanbase back up again but I won't be surprised if some people swore her off after the Luxiem off collabs. I remember some white fox gachi Reimu had dropping akasupas until Vox came around and then he vanished. I'd say Reimu has gotten further away from Vox publicly, but who has really seen him? He was featured in Mario Kart and that's it? He did some non-Youtube streams?

>> No.73516611

But enough about Sayu

>> No.73516625
File: 121 KB, 1000x584, 1706061510197947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It must suck to know that your fans have godawful taste in horror videos

>> No.73516667

Another day, another sayuschizo thread

>> No.73516686

NTA but Anon, kindly fuck off if you're going to be like this. People are paying money just to get dirt on and kick a mentally ill woman and you're just upset that you got caught in the crossfire. I'm thankful to Matara for Mint, but she's still a snake for shilling Quinn.

>> No.73516692

Ninafags had nothing to fear though. All the Nijimales are a bunch of betas that act like divas.

>> No.73516734

>still not addressing the argument
so the roach is a hypocrite and you're okay with it for... reasons. got it.
I'm really curious what broke OP's mind this much to keep seething at her

>> No.73516747

>Matara is a narc, a hypocrite and a sociopath.
If evil why hot?

>> No.73516776

She essentially ignored her content and fans for possibly two months or more in favor for milking Luxiem and traveling. I don't think any fanbase will appreciate that regardless if they had sex or not.

>> No.73516804
File: 1.31 MB, 850x1200, 1700484319347013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn be manipulated, gaslighted and have all your value squeezed dry from you by the roach
Mint has it good... I'm jealous...

>> No.73516861

>plus literally no one gives a shit about it once you're in
Then remove the question.
>N-No we NEED to have a question demanding people's pronouns on entry with they/them as a valid option because... w-we just do, i-it doesn't mean Sayu is a trannylover

>> No.73516897
File: 162 KB, 1280x720, 1702764055564815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't care if there's no definitive proof it was him.

>> No.73516913

>leaking member venting post to get (you)s
shit thread, go next.

>> No.73516954

I literally said why I think it's in place. falseflag harder, bitch.

>> No.73516964
File: 22 KB, 112x112, sayuwukek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>troon can't decide if they're male or female
>posts about it every other week desperately begging to be let in because they still don't know which one to pick

>> No.73516983

Why doesn't Kson help her anymore? Why does she have to reach for the roach for get anything done? Is Sayu retarded?

>> No.73517040

Yeah, why YOU think it's in place. And I'm saying you are coping.
Projecting much, sayutroon? Your oshi is the one who respects xey/xem freaks like you.

>> No.73517076

>sayu bait thread
>somehow devolves into another roach schizo thread
it's like it's almost weekly with it kek, just move on holy brain goblins

>> No.73517140

why is it okay for the roach to leak and insinuate that Henya has self harm problems? the clip is above in the thread

>> No.73517166

Post her feet

>> No.73517167

so just pick one. Why is this decision so hard for you that you have to keep bringing it up? I just picked male and never saw anything like it ever again.
The only possible reason I can think of for you being THIS upset is that you can't decide.
So which is it? Are you mad your preferred pronouns aren't in the list? Xer? Xim? Furself?

>> No.73517223

so true anon that's why literally no one has commented on that clip in /vsj/, /999/ or any other place that includes henya except for you cause you can't get past social queues kek

>> No.73517232

Mint and Doki had succesful redebuts.
Matara and Kuro are in VShojo.
U-san focused on music and had concert recently,
Meanwhile all Sayu has is hanging out with False and Depressed Nousagi.

>> No.73517290

too busy sucking her toes sorry
both /vsj+/ and /999/ discussed it, tourist-chama.

>> No.73517336

whoresemi lucacocksleeve

>> No.73517365

Yet another strawman. It's nothing to do with how "difficult" it is to press a button, the fact that that question is there at all with they/them as a valid option is an indication of Sayu's belief system, one which I do not adhere to therefore I speak out against it. You should learn to grow a fucking spine, Sayucuck.

>> No.73517370

Based sayucucks

>> No.73517423

Where's the Matara AI dog vocaroo

>> No.73517439

man you are one mad sayufag, even the comments on that clip don't care kek

>> No.73517467

Honestly wouldn't weird me if doki, mint, matara etc are ALL in the clique and this is all just a publicity stunt while Sayu is the real victim

>> No.73517471

>my oshi was a victim of harassment
>I don't care that there's no proof this person harassed her, I want to harass them back
you're the worst kind of fan or just a falseflagger

>> No.73517474

That "fuck you" came from the soul, good job AI-san.

>> No.73517491

>moving the goalpost yet again

>> No.73517514
File: 156 KB, 900x900, 1710165358385687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so just pick one, xir.
I'm sure if enough people finally agree with you, they'll add it to the options and maybe you'll finally get the self validation you desperately crave.

>> No.73517544

>Sayu is depressed
>I'm depressed

>> No.73517562

>sayutroons are redditors
Lmao of course

>> No.73517598

keep crying sayufag, all you do is make yourself look even more retarded when you do this

>> No.73517605

this is so fucking funny here's your BASED /here/chuuba sayusisters

>> No.73517607

Man you're boring, all you can do is project and deflect. I'm sure you genuinely believe the Hasan watcher commiefornian is secretly based and that there's a perfectly good reason for demanding you give up your pronouns. Your delusion is sad, really.

>> No.73517624

Now that you mention it, getting brain bugged by Matara doesn't sound so bad

>> No.73517670

I accept your concession.

>> No.73517675

Absolutely mindbroken sayuRAT

>> No.73517686

Don't worry, I'm sure she appreciates your feedback and will add your preferred pronouns in the next rules update. You can stay tuned on the rules page until then since you've clearly been stuck there for months!

>> No.73517698

>sayutard seething about Mint
lmao you fags are so hillariously pathetic

>> No.73517728

Damn, SDF is this really all you got? 3 discord raids and sayu is STILL losing in this thread.
You have to do something about it...!!! Quick call DN and falsecuck!!

>> No.73517763

anon she streams at euro hours.
You're just screaming into the void right now.

>> No.73517775

is there just like 2 sayufags here going schizo or something

>> No.73517790

she wishes she had normal eyes like that

>> No.73517887
File: 232 KB, 365x405, 1705482560851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've never been in love anon? Is it a crime to admit my feelings for Sayu? Please just stop posting this I learned my lesson I'll never open up to you guys again

>> No.73517906

NDF so unoriginal the only thing they do is replace Niji with their target du jour to come up with "new" pejoratives

>> No.73517940

Best rigging in Niji which actually doesn't say much.

>> No.73518104

It's not the rigging, it's the pilot, you can tell the Zaion model has the same stiff rigging as the other Niji ones

>> No.73518160

It wasn't the rigging. It was Sayu actually putting in the effort to learn how to puppet a vtuber model.

>> No.73518166

>admitting both that there was no proof and your extreme bias
Points for honesty, but you do realize how stupid this is, right?

>> No.73518278
File: 25 KB, 356x450, 1646360257768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if you make fun of the clogged toilet that is sayu you're a sister
Kek lmao even SDF isn't sending their best

>> No.73518324

Are you perhaps a kouhai?

>> No.73518326

it paid off amazingly with the Sincronisity rig. I guess I'll be making webms in the next few days.
>phasecuck still triggered Sayu refused the offer

>> No.73518338
File: 2 KB, 154x89, fuckkyobtw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.73518363
File: 24 KB, 290x290, 1635392355365.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course the sayutard is seething about mint and matara... I wonder if Sayu knows how much she fucked up with EVERYONE

>> No.73518392
File: 185 KB, 300x300, 1704285241595198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All this thread has accomplished so far is making me want to shoot to her.

>> No.73518456

Go join phase or idol or some other 2view agency then.

>> No.73518462


>> No.73518467

Roach mom is just not the same
>I say this as I jerk off to fat roach tetas again

>> No.73518519

The only conclusion I got from this thread is that Nijisisters are going all out to distract from Elira's return stream

>> No.73518546


>> No.73518552

pretty much.

>> No.73518594

Checks out

>> No.73518606
File: 1.62 MB, 850x1261, 1683539551612967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Momma roach should make Sayu cry on stream and then comfort her in private with the mics still on.

>> No.73518666

>sayu is depressed and crying that means we have won
Sayufags really think this is winning?

>> No.73518709

you've definitely won when even your antis are paying you

>> No.73518772
File: 7 KB, 339x51, 1698377480533224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But no one talks about her biggest tragedy of all

>> No.73519017

Also the classic
>I hate that faggot Kyo and that bitch Finana
>Why won't any in Niji acknowledge me?

>> No.73519071

>Mint very likely has plans to audition to HoloEN4
>the last corpo I was awful
>I know I'll move to another corpo, it doesn't matter if any corpo can potentially fail with just one single bad day considering how fickle this industry is
>I'll also have to drop my character again for yet another model I don't own
I love how this schizo babble always falls into corpo bullshit. Makes it way too easy to detect when it's just people talking out of their asses.

>> No.73519253


Not surprising for a communist Hasanfag

>> No.73519286

but enough about matara.

>> No.73519289

This post is basically saying that she regrets not having more time at Niji and that despite her gains she still numberfags and gets sad when the numbers go down.

Her mental state makes sense given:
>once married that didn't turn out well
>kicked out of Niji in a whirlwind
>gaslite and harassed by sisters for over a year
>backstabbed by indies who turned on a dine (admits this is what upsets her the most)
>tried to off herself
>didn't get the same support as Doki
>likely blacklisted by corps despite gains
>the feeling of "being on the outside" is a slow burn

Sayu's got a lot going and things are looking up but it's clear she needs more healing. More subs or superchats won't fix that.

>> No.73519343

Kek, do any sayufags/whatever your name is know what she's referring to here? I'd like to watch your oshi as she seems funny but her accent filters me too much unfortunately.

>> No.73519407

>Sayu's got a lot going and things are looking up but it's clear she needs more healing. More subs or superchats won't fix that.
we'll be there for her just the same.
back in the early days of genshin the meta was filled with shotas.

>> No.73519416

After Matara personally experienced the wonders of capitalism, she realizes it's a far better system than communism and she never shilled Hasan.

Sayu is the average bargain bin SJW Commiefornia resident. She gets no respect from me

>> No.73519486

>After Matara personally experienced the wonders of capitalism, she realizes it's a far better system than communism
I could tell you how it really is but I'd get a 3-day for it.

>> No.73520182

No, I know. She's changed. Sayu remains in California so she is stagnant

>> No.73520268

>She's changed.
not true. she's the same champagne socialist she always was because (her people) always benefit from communism. yes, it really is that simple.

>> No.73520352

but enough about sayu

>> No.73520537

Sayu isn't the correct ethnicity for that, (matara) is however.

>> No.73520543

It’s just part of the menhera vtubing experience, high highs and low lows, constantly thinking the grass is greener on the other side. It’s sad that the brainworms hurt her because she has good friends like Rennie and even Shiina that stand by her.

>> No.73520646

I thought Matara was white?

>> No.73520699

She is, no fucking idea what that sayutard is talking about.

>> No.73520755

>I don't watch news or keep up with the vtubing industry
This is the same woman who is best friends with falseeyed

>> No.73520763

tiny hat.

>> No.73520862

What are you on even about?

>> No.73520867

i doubt she actually had a 6 figs software engineering job, it was prob something like HR or marketing

>> No.73520878

Its the same retard who thinks everyone in nijisanji is Chinese even Mint.

>> No.73520908

Don't let them bait you into saying it, retard. They know exactly what you're talking about.

>> No.73520971


>> No.73520993

they're probably, too. the "momos" are too well organized /here/ to be authentic.

>> No.73521179

Safe to say there is a significant overlap between momos and sisters

>> No.73521220
File: 58 KB, 194x194, 1687365018938592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sayusharts are /pol/tard tier schizos

>> No.73521245

She's just a very depressed extrovert with no support group whatsoever. She needs help. And yeah, I agree, it was cool at first but this and her sharp tongue absolutely make her too hard to watch now.

>> No.73521587

I will shoot her with my cum

>> No.73521794

Do you think sayu sees men looking away from her IRL and she thinks to herself it must be a nijifag secret agent?

>> No.73521844

KEK wouldn't weird me, she's schizo enough for that

>> No.73521873

>men looking away from her IRL
she's too cute for that.

>> No.73521874

>no support group whatsoever.
Damn she doesn't even give a shit about her own community? Falseyed? Depressed nousagi? Parrot4chan? All those indies sayucucks bragged about for collabing with her?

>> No.73521947

Sayu doesn't try to be friends with others once she got above them, she's the textbook example of a leech.

>> No.73521974

>nijifags could be here sayu said to herself
>with a vtuber model you can stream anywhere you want
>that bitch at the diner made me repeat my order to her twice, hehh must be a nijisister...

>> No.73522096

Holy crap Nijisisters are running wild here, it's funny to watch

>> No.73522126

She goes outside?

>> No.73522127

With all that mental disorder, she must be amazing in bed. Than I remember her ex fled so even the head must be mid

>> No.73522160

and proving the GURRAT right once again
self-admitted starfish

>> No.73522280

Let them vent, they're about to have to deal with the Elira return stream and AR live flopping