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Which chuuba has the most powerful fanbase?

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Idk you tell me.
Here's a selfie.

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making this girl cry on stream is basically asking for trouble

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I would inflict violence on a person who antis watame.

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Not sure of the specifics but when the Chinese were pissed off with hololive, a bunch of fans got chinese anti's sent to jail for using VPNs to shitpost.

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Kobo's fans are very quick to shut down antis.

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An army of raving thirdworlders would realistically be the most capable of violence. Have to second that.

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It makes me sad

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Watamates doxed some chink antis and signed them up for the chinese military

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I'm kneeling.

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My favorite communities that I've encountered /here/
Selen / Doki

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Nigga Google an actual pebble lmao.

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How is Watame so effortlessly beautiful and erotic?

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She activates your Welsh sheep-shagging DNA.

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Unironically Rosetai

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Watame elicits erections in me like nobody else.

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I could scalp a thousand holocucks all by myself

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would be fucking hilarious if true

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I don't know who is the most powerful, but Watamates signed up a Chinese anti for military service after the retard baited her with a fake Anya account.

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I'd never cross a Haaton, those fuckers have insane dedication and endurance

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Fred Fredburger

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I could overcome any foe or hurdle that comes my way if my wife wanted me to

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I kneel

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After the Taiwan yab and her super long break due to her mental health... Yeah they can take anything.

Mad respects to them.

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Sora cried because soratomos couldn't stop starting fights during her lives
Some kaigai ones were even talking about beating up other soratomos during the live in Sora thread

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IRyS and her pajeet army

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35p are the most powerful race in the world

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You are making shit up.

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It's true, anon.
The one who doxx him was a chink too.
There was a pic of signed form complete with photo and name.
Watamates are just that unhinged.

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Watamates could probably get someone Stalin'd if they made Watame cry.

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i dont believe anything on 4chan unless it comes with a source. post proofs or youre a lying faggot

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impervious to anything but the priestess, relentless, unmovable

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Money moves the world and no one is better at throwing money then guras personal ATM.

Fear the chumbuds, they'll starve themselves for their lazy shark

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Starving themselves implies an additional $5 in expenses is beyond their means. They don't sound like the people you make it out to be.

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were you not here when it happened?

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Probably a tourist.
It was hilarious, that chink was trying to shit on watame just because she talked about coco.
After the doxx, no chinks dare to say anything bad about watame.
because on internet chink fear other chink the most.

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I remember some Taiwan lads doxxing an entire Facebook group that were antiing Moona too.

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Hololive unity should make us always react like this. The collective fandom should be bringing down governments moving mountains and shaking the pillars of heaven

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I would wage jihad on those who insult Watame.

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It's true, I also saw it, and it was like 3 dudes, but Watamates only managed to sign one of them because the dumbass had all of his info public
Funnier because that dude was in university and because of chinese law he can't say "i didn't mean it" or "someone filled and sent the form instead of me", he instead had to show up or get charged with a federal crime (desertion), which in China gets you in political prison in the middle of bumfuck nowhere for life or until they decide to "harvest" you. We don't know what happened with him but he did freak out when he realized what's up.

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Haatons are in a whole other level.

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It feels like she cares.

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2002 Luxiem

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2021-2022 Luxiem

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no proof. yeah this is why i honestly just dont respect south east asians and why your countries STILL cant pull themselves out of 3rd world status

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Anon op asked the strongest not the loudest, craziest, freakiest, horniest and most schizo fandom.
>All of luxiem fans are fujo chinks
Ok that's one hell of an army